The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1949
Page 10
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TEN rAmc.) counrEK TUESDAY, .TULY 12, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION JHUf r*u p«c JIJB« (or cousecutK* iOMmODi Minimum ciitrg* We I tloM pel Hn» ttc I «m*« p*i Hue p«r day 12c 3 um«* p«r Line p«r Qay "c • litnw p«i line p«r day ic II lint* p*t line i« r day.,.... 5c Monto p«r im« *** Count rir* aterag* woids to th* tine Ad ordered toi llir?*- 01 %u lime? and »iopp*d otxor* expiration will oc ctiarg- t« 10: to* aumbei of time* itie »d appeared ana adjustmem ol Dill made All OlisslilM Adrerttsmr cnpj sub- nmtea ay ptrsnns r*stair,g outsit)* m tn* cllj must b* accnnipaiilftd by caib Rut** may easily De computed from (hi- a DOT* iKOit AdrcriiAJn£ pniei toi irregular insertion* tstM- ttie one Mm* ubl*. No responsibility wtJi oe taken las mor» than mie incorrect insert inn ol any ciaswried aa AM au« are rfstncieo to tneir proper c taw in cation <ty(e and type Hit Courier if.<;rrT« ihr rlghi w »dlt or iwject any «a Apurtmenf f<w Rent apt. 1'h. j-toorn rurnisnea apartment, npwlj decorated Cla* equipment, electric re- l rig era tor. good furniture K Simon, ph ai»2 «;2y eic ti -IOOITI furnished apt Refrigerate! aitie (an couple only I'll 415'2 01 i 62i-ck-ii 3-room lurnlshed apt Kiectrlc re- Jriserfttor \: stove Automatic noiwatei rirater (jnM rocatlon Call Mrs Edf-nr P Horum Ph "3123 7,3 ck II 1-room furnished apartment SB 00 "per week. Phone 6213. 7[-uk-li Modern 2 room furnished apartment Couple or single men onlv Phone 565 or 25yy 7.9-irk-tf a-furnlshed npls, hot v.'Mer. ntitltles lurnlstied Heasonaole. couple on iy. 1601 Wesi Ash. Ph. 2919. 79 pk 1 "" 3-toom apartment. I'Jv 96?. Business Service Directory Auto Supplies arid Services Curtun* (juinaered ana stretched J*h 6259 6,21-pk-7 [21 Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. w« c&n nil an TOUT neea< Get genuine part* imm OUT com- plet* tm» ELLIS POULK. (JWNBR & UPKRATOR South HiRhwflj fil ai Steel* Hn Phnn* 3tr«le 49 CHAPMAN HEHV10E STATION Alftln AC uinstnn Phone LJMT.I iBUlty tire*—BU? LEE T1RKS AUTO AND fr'UHNlTUJUE LOAJUI Prompt f erwn* i »*rTic* Oener&i «'ontrict Purcna** Corp JO* South 6tb FhOD» *JJ 4iJS-ck-tl Services Mutt» you i nome prettj rui »prini ,xy«rt Rug Clcantcis ti«rvlc* L» jourr ' FKEKLESS OLKAiNERS Kx elusive Child 1'ortra.HB l>y Bob CulJi&oii I'lione 2-iW. T,S-pk-8.8 it oa at I'luuumg o 1 KklN'B STUDIO oour service lj«-ck-li ( senice, Sir run my O'BiUr. Rtgls- ea R ion tie cocitei Hire World I en neti stocfcdai* njo<«l lines I'wentj jsiine Ctiampitiiiii, lour generations Pn 24u« 823-jik-Vj2a PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 20'^8 Rlythcville or 407 Osci-ola 5-2 pk S-2 Kor flit ij-pt» piuinbliiK wortc ca" Hiry Atyers Ph 6:U9 0 14 pic fill . l-'or /aiitidry work and coinnioii s?*'- HiK IPC llessic Henderson 2 block-i from MOOJC Hios- Hioie, 7;H pk: IjlJ) Typewriter TYPEWRITERS uoynj -smith Crtrnn^ ana KtmjQjt DON" EDWARDS i'lif ryp«wrltei Man liu N Srcnntl Si Ph«ne 1,'Ztil For Sale. Misc. Loans Money to Loan L*O you aeca & IOAD ED repair 01 rr- model/ No ctn*-[} payment nn mnrt- fmj«. no red up* FHA APPROVED KA'l'S. 5^, ASK FOR DR1AILS Max Logan, Realtor **hon« 2031 Lynch BulldJnB ' BLjtbevllte Ark FARM LOANS See us for on« of the best long time, easy payment farm loans to be had. Low vale of interest. Money to refinance your farm or help iii buying one. RIALES LAND CO. Office across from City Hall Phones 3322 or 4139 7-8 ck tl di' strawberry plants 1*22 Jainl- 6,n pk Tin HOOFING .AND SIDING Gel Ward's low prices! lop ciuajuy ai « Joiv prJte \Vurd'* isiiiLiiii rooliiit; »nd smiiia 15 i«borato]-j :«stt<i Gives IOLIK. IIHKI service Ktay^ iriytiv auct cQioctui Convenient mnntn- y terms Hooting, a wtde variety 01 styles, rnjnrs ann wfclKtils Choose .odriy ini wn aiiraccive tinns^ at low MONTGOMERY-WARD ti;l6 cK tl ruompaiiu 5th at Walnut Phoiw 4453 The Name to Know FOR QUALITY USED CARS «.s & art wcliler. electric lorgrr to strip iXHinnier. ctrlM press & emery. DHIIU snw ant! rip saw. ninn- n^ Eiincnine. '.< jtlm-sp 5 op mtitoi i n innior, ana lni5 ot sinnlJ tools ,vill sen 11113' piece oi nil nt a burg LI! n .1917 Plynioiilh l-dcHii Sedan, blue in color, bus healer and 1!M!) Arkansas license. . . .$1 195. I!MI> Ford Super DeJ.uxe 2-door Sedan, healer, '49 license $UW5. li)i*i Chevrolet -I-floor Sedan, equipped wilh radio, heater, and '19 Arkansas license.. . $1050. 1910 Chevrolet Special Del.uxe -l-dttor Sedan, ycmd heater. ...$595. 15M7 Kord V,-Ton Slake, tops in appearance and condition $1095. I!M*i Ford I-Ton Kxpress wilh '19 Arkansas license ,<1HM5. 19IH Kord (j-Ton Tickup. Mil Arkansas license. . . . only $815, 1910 Kord 1-Ton Kxpress. . . .-Special. .. .$595. 1911 Kord I 1 ,2-Ton Truck, extra clean, M9 Arkansas license.... $(>!J5. Business lot on North Hiway 61. Near Corner. Ph. 2957. 7-7 ck If 4U Acre* of good land, Vi mile ol( 61 •iignwRy uood gravel road *\ mile torn city limit Has nice 6 room home ina oarn. mall and srliool bvis route.i KLectrlcUy and phone AC r vice and umilnjf water I'tils is » enotce lartu Mm good terms Also IIKVC beveial »lr« iu:n«R in u>w/i lhat win curry IW% ijl Loan. BKRT ROSS. REALTOR 209',j WKST MAIN PKONK 2415 or 3316 7€-ck-13 BJ.VTHKVILLE RKALTY SPKCIAKS WKST KND-—M»rKtierUe .Street, a room, city water Priced S2000. AKi; STREET, Near ficliool, 5 roota nome. Priced JJSDO Terms. NORTH lOlh tirocfry store OniidliiR in home, corner lot Only H.725 "ATTENTION BUYERS lil and FHA —We build, you plan nome, on your lot or our lots PHONE PIBLD 2394 New modern house. Floor furnace, electric not water tank, electric OE -sink fmrt m.snwftslier. 78 \ 151) fi lot Wear school Call 741M4. E P Kousli osceou, Arlt. 1 9-cl£-l6 Fruit stand stove and market on Alain Highway. Doing good business. Offered at bargain for quick -sale. Gates- Worthington Co. Realtors, 115 So, 3rd SU BlytKeville, Ark I'd. 2751. 7-12 ck 7-17 Safesmon Wantsd LONG NKKDKD INVKN*TION Established company. Rvery ho **ciory, store, farm a prospect, l price, tons profit. Exclusive. Fine outfit No deposit. In formation Rent All Mall. Write 351) H C Building, Ret Comet Inc., I.ltileton. Colorado. 7,12 pk for Sale, Misc. He 7|H price rule. Art: Used furniture • I bn iitovts, clot lies olnsnis, ni nov. a Ill's hike mid other Items. See Mrs. Carl KeuLfj' v.\. ILOW 611 Short iiLvaie. Ulythevllle. Ark. J9 pis 7' 13 One -1.2 HP Champion outboard motor. I'D. S5D. 7 12 pk IS USED CORONA ADDING MACHINE, In E\i-el!eni condition . . , RIM! K DArguin. See K»mbo «l Hubbaifl Hurrf- wnre Co. 7 12 ck 15 National Window Guards furnish .si Ion 1 1 slurdy l)nr- riers against burglars. Ask for an estimate at BUII.DKR SUPPLY, li\ 7 C., ph. 2-134. G-2S ck tl STEP j.o the phone n»tl_ f\5t etna Foam nitf and npJinlsteTj !_le Ueal'* i'alnt aiore 1 Ne?.' Slumlord Brand, I piece toilet corn pi tie with scat Rnti fittings SlHI crKte*i, s:i5.95. Phone 3456 or .1765 t-tilt. MfCTHrv me; J'one '^391 or -4152. Plums. J. E Ktnrli. ]' , n ol All base on gravel road 7i7-c;k-tf il«5 North i pk Here's This Week's Special! 47 Studebaker 1495 ('nmmander -1-tlonr Si-dan nt prrMlinR ronriilinn, ritj rlrivm, pfti with ovrrdrivf, r;uli'>. and r. Ome in anrt ?ief it I'M i IhiicU l-dnor Sedan. 2.1.0(10 actual miles, cily- rfriven, has new (ires, radio atul healer, performs like new. . . .Sl(i95. 1SI.I7 Hnick 2-door Sedan, cily driven. 2:!.IHI(I acloal miles. e(|uippvd with I'. S. U«>«1 Master tires, radio. and healer. . . SIK!I5. 19.IH DeSoto l-door Sedan in tip-top condition. IIKS both radio \- healer, an idea! family car. .. .SI 125. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, engine overhauled and in fine condition, new paint .... SS 15. 1911 Buicfi l-door Sedan, a real value at only S925. 1912 l)<id^e llj-Ton Truck, has lols of amid service left... S31I5. J94II International I'ickup Truck ... .only S32S. Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Salesmen Otho Stanfield W. J. "Bill" Wunderlich Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Walmi( a! llroadwav 555 for Service :>o« ComHUtm Also new o 8] Highway illon "Fete tlie 731- i OULMl Good COIi- Plumber 1 ' I'hone 7;8-ck-tr WHIZZE2R UIKK. clieap Call 2055. 1'J ti Federal meat display cases rimtdry scales Mf«u tiliicks, one ',=; ar^e meat chnnper. one [fl^eci-ralst all mUiuoneti display new . r UxH. All arc practically ritfce Pii a9t» 76 ck il 5-bnrner t sed only t more all cook range ATTENTION 3. -I TON FRIGIOAIHK AIR CONDITIONER $179.00 Ideal for home or small office. Call (ill t or come liv 512 No. Division. 7-9 pk 7-IS For Sale. Real Cstaff Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANC II interested in Buying or *eiMng ««* Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. B Joyner jlencoe Bids;. Phone 819 For Salt, Keal Estate Cnod 6 room frame and Ijath in restricted COUN{V CLUB AREA ADDITION. New servants liouse, .several other out buildings on acre of ground. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOME yet it is in town. Priced ? 10,600. % 10,000 Gl Loan. BEAUTIFUL 6 room house •ind oath on LOO I't. corner lot an KENTUCKY AVE. Screened front and back porch. This is a nice home and extra well Priced ?8,800. Gl Loan BRAND NEW MODERN 5 room bungalow. Floor furnace, attic i'an, disappearing stairway, 5 roomy closets, concrete walks and driveway. Lot 75 x 190 ft. out in Country Club Drive Addition. Nothing was spared in the construction of this roomy home YOU'LL LIKE IT! Priced $0300. 100 r ;i Gl Loan. JOHNNY MARR Plinne Vlll or 2596 11 if South Second St. OPENING IN BlytlievILIe lerritory io )«d salesman. Car necessary. Give ;e, experience, lines solil. All replies "pi confidential. P .O. Bov 275. Paris '• 7 12 pk 7:13 Notice Notice SEPARATION" KNDS—Mrs. Join: Port?! hugs tii-c -1-year-old son, who iThi'cl by jjlatie from Germany, at 'ortlaml, Oi-e. She said visa mixop ept him in Germany for n veiu- ftej- .she joined nx-GI husband in Sic-yim. <AP WuepUolo). Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection VII W ASO St OLEKCJOi. HOTK1 BIJ1L1 U«(j l-'liVKD cameras ro o SI-KEN b STUUio Help Wanted, Male >'Rctory k. allied luiici anrt Uiuldc; 01 I'laim ir>j nvei iweniv yrwrs GERALD W FUGLE 1118 Wpst Kentucky SC Phone 3109 WiLtiled men to sell sensational n? pOJio policy. Coniiirt J. D Ford. 5W Soutliern Nat'] Bldg. Little Rnck Call 5-U151. 7,11 C fe 7.IS ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blythc- ville. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 7-28 WANTED EXPERIENCED TIMBER CUTTERS Can use men with either hand i power saw experience. C»n make good waHPS Will contracL by thousand Gooi cftnip.s See HOHAC VENEER fc I.UM- HEK CO. INC.. Carvuhcrsvillc. Mo oi our Kopre.MMHativv, ,\!r. Kenneth Ha!]. 2UJ Scoit Street. I'h. 2.13. New v\i;idr]cl, 7:11 tk 7 H Personal For So/e Caterpillar D-7 with t-iPlant-Choaie ivnraulic Wide GRU^P. 24" ^rous- 711 pk 7, IS Wanted to Buy tli» ties t price paid tor CHIOKENS- UUh Asn Street tirncery ,v Market .'i W AStl g:7 ck tJ WANTED: 26 ft. trailer, will pny rasli. Phone 111 Mnnlln from 9 to 3 tiful .(-Dedroom nrinic on Ax CRll f B JOTN'ER ph 32U5 6)17 pV 7)1 HJR first almanac in this country came from Bradford Press in Philadelphia In 1687. BEAUTY SHOP tn Luxorn Phone J.srpols. Ark.. KfUhryn [Jimb T. I. SEAY offers you these truly exceptional buys in in good used cars. • STOP IN TODAY • 1!)11 Koicl 2-diM>r SvdHii. has new raulnr. ne« rnriiHlor, and a new paint ,)<>!>: a veal buy at SK1I5. 1!)11 Chrysler <l-(f«iir Sedan, completely i etnnditionert, new tires, new painl job. radio, heater, and seat covers SWio. I!»:i7 Kord l-rf<M>r Sedan, imw offered a( a barxain price of only S225. 19:57 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, newly painted. R car well-worth I he money. I!) 17 Chrysler Coupe in fine running condition, equipped wilh radio, healer, and a new set of lires. I!M7 I'lymonlh Special Del.nxe 2-d(Mir Sedan, has all the Ihinvis you want... .brand new tires, seat covers, radio, and healer. 19IK Mack Truck. 2-Ton Model with 1«1 inch wheel base, excellent condition, verv Rrxid tires—sec it vnur- self. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2 122 Wanted to Kent or three bedroom iinfiirnlshctl i>y permtment (amlly In nice t(yrlioort by Au« 15. A-l rcTcr- . call -1368. 7,32 pk l,\b FUHNISHED APARTMENTS WANTEIJ Tin en nr lotir roonis by family ot [our Have hi nature tor month old banv I'erniRnpnt resident, .steadv Ln- ronir Best references Contact* E-'arl 'I'^onipson RI Courier News or Cobb i-'mieiaJ Home Filler 4 o'ciotrk For Kent, Houses • room nrnlshfd hon.sp Rlrctrlc rinprfttor and slovn 550 Mrs. [Joycl 4897. Ynrbro 77 pk 1-1 3-rooin house. Phone 6255. Private Hooms Hnttroom— private bath rhnnn -1643 1,3-pte-B.b Female Help Wanted t.>cptJpnt lucninr; for ladt "- r t i title \\'ritfl or pnoiic lf•n^n. Apnrtm«nt 179 -Wie ns quartern. Pl\f>nc 6629. full rs Ar]te For So/e, Cars & Trucks Save Money on These USED CARS 1948—Jeep. Low price. I!)'J2—Kurd. Exceptionally good buy. 1<M1—Koril. A Bargain. 19-10—Chevrolet. R a d i o, leatcr, a truly clean car. 1941—Chevrolet. A bargain L941—Pontiac. Radio, hoat- er. lil'17—Kaiser. Radio, healer. A real buy. 19-10—Plymouth. R a (1 i o, heater. 1!MO— Buk'k. Radio & heater. 1!)4(>- Clievrocl. ]ij ton truck. Steel bed. Good "825 x 20 tires all around. Also several others to from. 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway Gl Phone 2142 G-16 ck If 5I3U MORE TOR YOUR CAR Thal'B tlAt Otlll Hwrnson now ollcry ynu ft5 Rpcclal tratle-ln alJn^^ncc on the ircliivse ot ft l!H!i Hudson Arnrrlc.i'p "•I-AEosi. 1 car ypc it. rtrlvc tt this •K lit. IN HARRISON MOTOR CO 517 WC.SL A.^ll. IllyltlSTLllc. 76-ck-lS Oil] Trnflp Flints for Mic oUl-fa^uioncd E«ri- iopian suns are supplied by t;ie fliiH-knapppr-s of Riamlon. England, \ anc^tovs tnndc arrowheads before thr Romans invaded the British Isles. Read GcniriPi News Want Ads Drive it in ... or Drag it in . . . We'll Trade for More 1M7 I'lymonlh 2-door Sedan in A-l condition, has radio & heater. . . .SOT-i. 19.'i2 Chevrolet l-door Sedan, Hie price is mighty low. 15111 DcSolo l-door Sedan, equipped wilh radio, heater, seal covers. .. .has new paint ... .Sliil-i. 15)17 Ford l-door Sedan, in excellent condition, has healer. . . .make us an offer. 15MS Kord -1-doxir Sedan, (op condition, equipped with healer. . . .you'll like the price. * Many More to Choose From CABOVERS— CONVENTIONALS— SHORTS LONGS— PICK-UPS— PLATFORMS— STAKES Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway & Clhivkasawlia 1'hone -1422 The Weather Is Hot But These Prices Are Hotter RIDE ONE OF THESE FINE CARS -, OUT WHERE IT'S COOL 1SII7 Chevrolet Kleetmasler Town Sedan, city driven, has healer, seal covers, and M9 license. .. .$1395. 1917 1'onliao "8" 4-door Sedan, low mileage, has radio, healer, and defroster. . . .a real bargain. 1911 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, in perfect condition, blue finish, has healer and seal covers. .. .only $795. 19M7 Ford Tudor. . .SPECIAL. . .$295. 19.15 Dodge Tudor. ...Sl'ECIAL.. .§175. 1935 Chevrolet Tudor. ..SPECIAL. ...$195. 19.15 Chevrolet Tudor. . .SPECIAL.. .$95, 19,12 Chevrolet Tudur. . .SPECIAL.. .$75" Many Others to Choose from EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always .\\ake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Need a Truck? Get More for Your Money At Lee Motor Sales .ISM 7 Chevrolet Hi-Tim Lung Wheelbnse Truck, has bed, S25.\20 tires, )!)!!) Arkansas license... $1195. JSM7 Chevrolet \>/ 2 -Ti,n Short Wheelbase Trutk with 2-speed axle, 825x20 (h'es, a very clean truck. . . .$895. I!) IK Chevrolet Short Wheclbase 1(4-Tan wilh 2-speed axle, !)00x20 tires on rear. .. .only $795. 1SM1 GiMC 1 ".,-Ton Lonjr Whecll>asc Truck, has a good bed, an excellent motor. . . .a bargain at $195. HM7 3/4-Ton I'ickup, has slock rack, 4-speed Irans- mission, very clean... .5875. HI 17 3/4-Ton I'ickuii, low mileage, excellent condition. . . . SS75. I!i:i9 Chevrolet '/z-Ton Pickup, dean, has perfect motor... .^SOS. These trucks have been carefully reconditioned and are in excellent shape. And, of course, each may be financed through GA1AC at a very low cost. LEE MOTOR SALES 3(1!) Kasl Main Phone 2U5t Get the Best Value in USED CARS 1 !)-JO Aleicniy 2-(I()i)r Sedan, h;is new motor and n«vr paint.. . .only SS7S. l!)l(> Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, equipped with radio, healer, and new while sidewall lircs. . . $1195. 1011 Clicvrolel 2-door Sedan, new tires, and new paint SK15. Ittli) Kord Sedan Coupe ulio, heater, and seal rovers. 19-12 Dodge i/i-Ton Truck. 1912 Plymouth 2-door, new painl. , 1010 1'ackard l-door Sedan, new painl....ynu would he svisc In see (his car. 1!)47 Lincoln Sedan Coupe. AND MANY OTHERS STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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