The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1938
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1938 BLVTHEyiLLR (AKK.) COU1UDR NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line; for cousccu- Jvc Insertions: Onp tlinc per lino IQc Two times per line per dny .,.02c Three times per line per day ..(Hie Six fiiucs per Duo per day ,...05c Month ratp per line liOo Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Mlnijmmi charge 50c Ads ordered for Uuce or' six limes nnd stopped before esplra- l',iiji) will be charged for Iho nnm- •j'er ot limps the add appeared and Hi'f&Umcnl ol bill iiiatlc. All classified Advrrllslne eopy iUbnilttccl by persons residing out- Bide of the city must be accompanied by cash, nates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes tl\c one time vale No responsibility will be tnken for more than one Incorrect Inscr ttori of any classified ad. Business Directory , JIaiTv Huikv's CURVE IN CAFE tiuod Kood at ((m»\ 1'rices F1UCS!! UKKU'OOT Crappie KEI'AIKS Gsiragc ppcvatcrt by Floyd' Harec'.L Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Hnibmtl. iM". I'hours 5-F-4 & MS Hatchery For Sale Rafw Chirks I* 315 <WlU on Plymouth lomlni; w ' Um for $ 100 - w!11 51 North, 1'hone 111. Tailors If you iifed ;i Tnilor. see Cicorrje Mulr, "lilylhcvillc's Only Tailor." Main & S. H. It. Piaiio I'kinos Uiucil :uid ropninxl. CuH Ucotgc Ford at \\';K!O l-'iimlluic Co. I'lionc 155. Used Fu mi lure EASY TKHMS on li'scil f-rlgld- aire.s, MayUnj Wnshevs, Ddco liuhl plsuil.s & radios. K. 13. Ciee Sales Co. uptown, ti rooms and batli. •I room sevvauls house ciu rear of lot. terms. Write Box "A" Courier News. 21-CU-4-21 \VH lil'Y & SK1.I, HSlil) I'UHMTimi; IIL'Y NOW - - PAY NBXT FALL HUBBARD Nc.\l (a «o(V Hold To Sellle An llslale Two nice hou.H'S, now rentinc for $2a.f>0 jier innnlli. $300.(10 'down balance like rent, U. C. C'nnipbcll, Adiiilnbtriitor, lie So. Pifinklln. 10-ck-l-n •10 or (JO acres of land. D. H.~0ar- ner, Armorel. 12-pk-l-ia MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. • "Tin Work SNYDER'S TIN SHOP Mclal Work for 2Q Years Valves. Blowpipes, Seed Dim; ALL WOliK GUARANTEED Moiiey Iliick Guarunlccil STOP-A-LEAK Knnf Conlinj; .--•Also Plailic Cement 322 No. Gth ' riione 400-J Coal My Coal Is Black But I Treat You IVlitfa, LOCAL Col I on Seed DTpTufoTTf COTTON SEED Oiminalimi Test SS per tent SCO I'cr Tun al I'cc-aii raiiil, Ark. -10HN E. 0/ZEl.I, 2l-ck-4-21 Several llumlvcd Ituslu-ls LAREDO SOYBEANS DELSTA BEANS al'-o ;i lot of D. P. L NO. 11 COTTON SEED TliPiJc (MiHon sect! were pimmd on our <nvn private gin. Not a hale or :iny ollirr cullon gmncd oil t giu but Hi!* one variety. C. F. TUCKER Beans . . . Seed fOO Inishcls nf larcdo lirans. IH-lla rmrienieiils, liir. Call 802. Notice I'reeinan I3rotlirr.s. Valnters ai Papcrliangcrs. Phone 32!. K\|Vcrt Kadiu Service PARTS, TUBES, Hardawrty Appliaiice Co. Hciiry Werner Main & 5lh . phone 233 Batteries BATTERY SERVICf J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Jnckson's Th'c*''Zclincr Slipper Shop..Kel! '.'"Paris . Fashion Shoes, by ;"*">' c?i:i?A* -^, _•-.•- • Strayed or Stolen One dark hrau-n inavc iniilc, wcigli 1000 poiitxis and one dark browi horse mnlc aljout 815 jiounds. Notif T. W. Chancy, IU. 2, Manila, Ark Sporting Goods iennlne soutlieiu T,ovodo Soybeans. Threshed early. Uccleancd, S. 0. Dobbs Avmoi'L'l, Ai'k. Box •) ll-pk-4-11 'OU SALE—12 goml yoinifi mules. cash or (prills, c. I!. Whistle. (I lilies south of 8-pk-'l-8 Hny—Soybenns—Oats Seed Corn—Milch Cows ^And Tractor Work. See \V. L. Talc, Armp'rcl, Ark. For 'Kent: Main." Ucdroom •' 6ii W. is-ck-lf Newly flccwnlcd [iimlmeiii. 108 \V. Kentucky. 1'lionc <jU3. ?.'H*4-1 3 room furnished npiirlinenl,'new- ly (trcorulod. I'liqiui 785-.1 after U P.M. Mrs. Ui-lle Wood, "ll-ck-tf 3 room fnrhlshcit house.' Couple only. W. M. liarllelt, 50jJ No. 5i!i 2Q pk-31 4 room iipailmcnl. l'iiv«tc balh. Mrs. Wlfiiwm, phone 'J8t). 20cl:U IM iicivs land, lour ; nnd harn. in Ihilf Moon coimmmUy. It acres of nlfaUu. Sec Ikirl Magrrs. Dell. Arkansas. 2.t-pk-4-21 Cotnfor[i)blc bedvoiun at Wnlnut. Vlipiie 351. 515 W. ___ 23-ck-tl C'oinfoi-ljililn hrdroom. Phone B7J-J. Call :il 025 W. Main. 17ck 4-17 Moilem 3 rorin npiirtiuciit. Newly tlccoratert. Uiifurnlsheil, Corner Main and and. Also husluoKi *ulld ing next lo Ki'oscr Slore. t Simon, Phone 704. 3-ck-tf Comfui'lable lifdruoin, 1017 \V nut,' Call 102. 19-ci:-U To Buy Agree on Love; c A3so Furniture? ip volume sel of Stnn r diirrl IRpferpiiw: Books with loose cat binder. Call 230 or 192. 15-fu-ta Room and Board Sleam heated room wiili -board 803 W. Ash, phone 151. 12tk4-l'i Nicely furnisiico raonvi. Hoard if desired. Phono C02. 112 E. Chcr- as-ck-4-28 S25CO Win-Ill nf !.IS|5!) KUHNITlJUi; AU l\^iUCfi U ml I us Kcpniird \VADE VllKiS'ITUlUC CO.. IM AV- Alahi FftDtlc 155 Found Uiathcr folder with 3 keys. Own or can have, same Ijy pnylni; cost of this ml. Black leather key liolilcr contali> Ing one key. Owner can hi|ve same by paying cost of Ihls ud. Courier News. Mclal key ring with 13 keys. Found near High Kchool. Owner can have sarno by paving cost of this ud. ' - Beautiful Mayo Kleliiut ami 'landsome Ilutuphrey Iloyarl o\ Ihc movie.*, shoivn (l;iiicini; above, must havo come lo agree.' nient on (he mnltei- of rearranging Inrnilwc. in any event, they've announced they will be married in August, just as soon ;is his divorce frorii Actress Mary. Philips liocoines final. Miss Mclhot divorced Percy T. MoiKan a year ago because lie. ivmild not permit her In move furnishings ; around In Ihcii' Personal All kinds of Khrub (rlinmln^, Arnold, 317 Hrauhuy. '.Kj- Kir^y's Active liver Pi Arouse Sluggish Liver* 111 *» ' f'l'i 11 I'M !•' \ >'t "»t *5 f <\Wv 01 jntir J'JK !tr\ \\kit • uoo Tllli. iiotiunt KM WMI Rail Linemen Develop Lingo AH Tlicir Own ],INCOI N, Neb. illl") - linlli'oml illinium (hi'ouuh yc.iu, or us:>i:e linvq ilevi'lopcxl » |)lcluiT.siiiii> Itn^o that- Is licncrnlly InminprehcnslUlb Ip olliers, O. V. a»ait|i ()f l,lti<:olli, writes In the pevltxllnil. American Speech. Sunpp. einploycil f<"' 117 ycnvs by Uii> Durllngtpn, wild ono i)h('».se used IhiiiiUflioijt Die' Middle Wiwl ' on Ihe rullroiul sy,sleiu Is "Give her NclmiskH," whlel) meiuii (o till lu ((hi aroiuul \v i:vl i»)le. lie ixiluled out thai Ihe Jurtion of linemen Is Icrne ni)i| u;;ii:il!y refers lo tout Inn clullos or tools, ["us- exniii[)U>, (ta> wiiiji "rntlroiid" menus to miy llneninn, "Tre,ln eomlnn. elcnr ll>(i irnrk." "Moolr-y row" inniiu Iho Hup- mau eiin'l hook Ills idriip. A "waretl slnni" is n safely belli "illBliil'V lools" icier' (o knives iuul fnrks. A foreman ollen Is tpnneii tli(i "nmln SO.IICCM" lind svliei) i> Iliicinan aliouls "liiyilijIH." 'hu Is wnliiij Ills felloes (a uet anl of tlie \viiy. frequently hi the literature of Hie undent Greek?, mul |« >c- field Scoils, .All Varieties. Onls, Soybeans, Lcspcdm, Alfiilfn, Ally Quantity. Wliolw»lo &.. Hctail W, 0. HKEVKS so. n.n. at. 'aVtucviiic, Ark. phone 65D&SG9 FOWIJJR DRUG CO ' YOUR DKUGGIST Main 4 1st ' I'tiunc 141 The !>}ipnge iiHlushy Is uiuoiiu'. Ihe oWcst pi\ tni-tli. U Is men- , Crescent Cafe |)INK . , KVKKV NKllll' llOl I'll I)ltl'lM!Cil(! & Kd'dilc cooked sienks Ml U'luthni/Uriincls of Hcer, Wlilskeys. wiiwu .Ulii I'llllllps Oas vt Oil 21 IIOI'IK SlOUVKJli - ' / Mlulnyuy Ul I'liono 17 Holland, Mo. fAGE_ a (i i tlw Old HAMI District LTON ' ' '1'UNU " " Corp. ELECTRIC * WELDING Barksdaiq'Mfg. Co. tltCTfllCAI. &' '"I'lif C 111) jjii: WALPOLE'S k- Klcctcital " nil COTTON SEED 1), /', ^ L, - ///I ((([iralcd. <Jcrinlnal!9n mh m : 'l\t ]^t\%. I iirailuc.vd :oyiir U:|lc nvi i\erc (in irour liiii]. I jjiiara|il|-e ililjt' jjecjl 'lift tuoil n.s Ihu bvst qli|ai|ii|ljlc. A r F. 708 or CQTTQN I). (•: V r^o. u I'lrsl, Yvnr Ff«iu Uricilcr Cuslom Clinucd BRAXTON GILL l)dl, Atk. Now I.ocakd at 101 .Notlb" Stcond . " ADDING MACHINE fc TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU'""" DON EUTVAItWS,' Prplirldtff C»lcol»lcrs—|<cpalrlnif— i'tut*- Ulhbonn 411 tattn ol ftchullt Typcirr<«r«, A^illiif Mac^luff Mi t'nlcMlnlors—ltc|inlrliiK—rails—Kllp Complete Slock Goldsmith's Bnsebnll Goods Just Arrived! SHOUSK-HENRY IIAIIUWARK CO. Dark Continent ffe i HORIZONTAL ! I Piclured " continent. City near i Cape of ' Good Hope. 13 Early. 1-1 Capilal'ot Egypt. 16 Tree. 17 Sharp. 18 Sun pcrsoni- ' Red. 19 Four and five 20 Pitcher. 22 Diagonal. 24 Collected a reserve. , ' 27 Affected with anemia. 31 Bronze. 32 Age. 33 Slir. 3'1 Possesses. 35 To 'bow. 36 To lip. 37 Constellation. 3 T Exists. V30 Dogma. 40 Mover's truck Answer io Previous Puzzle 41 Wine VCSEC!. 'I;'! Paradise. 4G 2000 poundf. •18 Debates. 52 Barley sirup. • 54 S mukling. 55 Bcllo\vs. 56 'Rilkativc. 58 Many —-s arc found on this continent 59 A northern cqunlry on this continent VEUTICAI. 1 To query. ' ••/ 2 Enemy. 3 Eggs of fishes. •I Interior. D Performed. 6 Citizen. 7 Arabian. 8 Kind of dajtRcr. 9 In lent. 10 Kimono sash. 11 \Vxis victorious. 12 Born.. 1S Ozone. • 3'; 21 You and I. '" 23 Data. 24 Desert in Africa. ZfiTo lacerate. 2ti fionc's.'. 28 Chief. • 29 Unoccupied. 30 Valuable crop in Africa. 32 Aurora. 3") River in Egypt. 3G Five and five." 1 39 Strong- laste. • •10Lea-hand- - •.'• •'. Page. •42 Wise men,. 43 Region. 45 Dormitory. 45 Powder inRrcdient. 47 Auditory. 49 Diamond. 50 Sea eagle. 51 Tuvf. .13 Self. 51 Alleged force. 57 Exclamation. HY V. T. HAML;N WHAT'S fHAtlWA 7 V'5AV AK1 DAWN OF A MEW DAY 'FOR ME-NOW THAT I'VE QOTIEM EiP OP OL' ROUGH,TOUGH ALLEY OOP.',-<;,/.. lEXCnEMEWT;-— L p OE| I SAW 'IM GO MYSELF.' WCXJLDW'T KNOW HOOTS AND HER BUDLMBS HY KOGAR MARTIN l \T "\V\OUSf\SiO WASH TUUBS \ml Wash lias Sunk $9000 BY ROY CRANK SET FO' DE 810 7 ; JVE 5P.EMT WEAKLY f 9,tX>0] ALL TH' ENTERTAIWER.S WILL ARRIVc TOSSQR^OW. IMJUST GOIHQ'OUT FOR.'A 'FINAL CHECKUP. GOODNESS! -ruses'? ]!Y i^lElJUIL!, KLQSSEU O3^)M (r-if-*.: 3 - t4 W-// PRETTY ecoo ourprr "' YOU HAVE '. MY VOICE OM TMAT RECORD YOU MADE SOUNDS JUST V* ME! SAY.' 1VE GOT AM ' I-'M 6OMMA DEBATE FRECKLES . 1 VV.VMMA 8F AT MY BEST- BUT FACING AM AUDIENCE MIGHT GIWME THFr JITTtRS -•• 1 MIGHT FOROET WY SPEECH I \ \ / WHY COULDN'T WE pur TMIS MACHINE \ I BACK O)= TWF- : CURTAIN |[J THE AUDITORIUM ) I WMERE NO OME'D SEE IT, AMD PLAY THIS ( \ RECORD WE MADE .' I COULD PpETEMD j i TO BE SPEAKIMQ , BUT ONllY MOVE *' jT ^ ' MY LIPS' ' '- < -- 1 :'SURE! AMD ~*?m GOSH, IF PEOPLE'LL ^IIMK You W 7 You COULD 1 ARE DONG THE TALXMS .' . \ DRESS rr- UP IN TMIMK IT'LL FOOL "EM? / MYCLOTMES, ITD EVEN FOOL ME.'

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