The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHBVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION OUJ7 MM fm •»• n* M0MOUUV* m- Uc .... a cuuft pa ttn* p«r <U> a tinm p«r UB« pw w ........ • CUBM p*t uju p*r du ......... 1c U umw pit un» pw O*y ....... *e •Matt DM UB* ............... Me Count nv« *T«fac« wortU to tb« Unr A« nrorad lor UITM or «u cim« and •topped Mian *ipintloo wih •d (or to* niuntttc <a umw p»r»a ana •dju»uz*«m at oil) m*d* All IJHitiflH AdTtrtisiat oops »ub- «iiwa 07 pcnoai raid&c ouuidt ol ecu city fflutt a* *coozap*ai«d t» putw ay o« oompu from . oitui lot irr«cuiw lOJtt- IMMU i*Jt«* lfl« on* tim» r»t«, Ma tMpobiitUUty will D« eaten for nor* WAA ooe Lncon-w* IBMTUOA at tnj iil>i>ITii~fl MI. . All *cu u* r**«ict*o to tfliir propel eiiMiiicAUMi, >ivi* tad typ« '»• Court** ICMTVM Ua* rlchi to wilt m reject ftnj ML Apartment for Rent 3-room furnlahed apt. 407 Lilly St. Inquire at All S. Lake. 4[9 F K4j)3 3-room lurnlshed apt. Close tn. Ph. Apt. Call 4255, 4.7 pic 3 lurniibed npu. 407 Dougan. 4[12 Modem cabins and apartments. Ixutt ey Court* Pfc yM 3:24-pk-4|24 5-room modern furnished upC. 1504 Hearn. Ph. '^yo». 4;6 PK 4;J3 One room furnished apt. $6.00 • eek, :t!lS £ .Mo, Ave. 43 pk 4,12 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now Available »t P001.E MOTOR CO. w« e*D till *ll your need* U«t cenulD* pan* from oui com pLet« iln« • U.L1S FUUL2. OWNER It OPERATOR Soutn Hl;hw>. p 61 «i ijteeli. Uo PhnDe Steel* id CHAPMAN SESV1CB STATION Ualn & uuUion Phone Uon't endftnger youi lainlly vltb Unity tlrw—BU^ LEV TIRKS Loans 4DTO LOANS FURNITURE 1XDANB ljulcjc i'enoziallzM! 8errtc« U«n*rftl L'onmet Furchute Corp 1M Bo Fifth Phnnr W2« Money to Loan DO you D.MQ • toftn to repftlt ot r* oeltl? No dnwn rMTment, no mort •«,• no rad up«. PHA APPROVED KATB i% uas. roet DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor n>on« ao34 Ljnch Bulldlni • lltn-TUle Atk Utk« your noma pretty Cor spring Kxp«r* Rue OlemnlAE fierrlcc la you •« PEERLESS CLEANERS rbOn% 2433. B!yth«Tllle Services Kodklc rm«aAB. OH1KMJCB STUDIO l|«-c«-i Rent sanders. Refinish you «wn floors. Rent an electr sander from Wards. Econon ical! Free instructions, Mon gomcry fl'ard. 4-7 ck I will «errlc« m limited numb «errc« m mited num tloclts »t my home. Clock* or nil . will b« «ccepted Industrial, no • nuq.ues. Pcrpetu»l. cMendar. Upton 125 W. Mo. Ph . Plena* oil alter 5 p.m. PK 4] Services HOUM morlnx. Short or long 6U- uc«. Plenty o[ equipment and exper- nee. L4T«llnff ftud foundation work rgll r'oley. 413 Kast Shoil Asri. Phone OS. *i7-pk-517 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2029, Blytheville or 205, Osceola 3-14-ck-4-14 ELECTRICAL AND REFRIGERATION SERVICE ST.ABBS BROS. New Location: 410 E. Main Pbonc O»y Si« Nl£hL 2559 Tractor work for hlrf hy hour 01 re. I'd 3981, •(,< PK <;!6 insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Polland Agency Planned Protection UUNCOI HOTEL BUILDINO Ot W ABB BT Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Koy&i. bmitD. nn t'nruote DON EDWARDS me typewriter Mao 110 N Second lit Phone J3B2 For Sale. Misc. ii6" blnde Hxniler Ante Fan. FracLl- iuy new. See at 109 East Kentucky 'none TJM. 4,7 pic 10 Third Beam allachmenL lor H A: SI o iu middle buster. 11»" ho I to/tin, omng coulters, pnugc wheels nnd trip eel. A. B. Dlxoii. BLythcville. nt 4 4|7 pk 4|10 ONE EXTRA GOOD HEBUIiyi' USED HANO: CASE REF'INISHED; PEKrTiCT LAYING CONDITION: ATTRACTIVE PRICE. BROOKS MUSIC STORE, 10V EAST MAIN STREET. TELEPHONE 4|7 11 Chrysanthemums and Dahlias. Fh 4]5 PK 4|I'J Assortment uf ice boxes, 50 :o TOO ,bs. Good condition, also oil cook ranges. Priced reasonably. Ph. 2492. Goodyenr Service, 410 \V. Main. 4-8 ck 4-12 FERTILIZER We have ceveral tonB of 3-S-IB thai ava not been spoken [or. PLANTERS COOPERATIVE GIN HIUHWAY 61 SOUTH PHONE 720 Plumbing new and used Also plumb- IK worfc done LJ. C Rolllson, Phone Jonn-Ueera miadicbuRt*r Q A H Uura«tte Phont 70^ 3|S-ck-tl HarrowB for snte Let 115 sharpen your ou'.'i now Avoid the rush. Henry Weslbrook's Shop 22A N 1st, Fhon« 4161 NlgM Phone 4132 One 4-burner New Perfection Ol cook siove wuh oven, One - OR* finished rtcsk-HmRtl-Sihtahtft lor otrice 01 den. Onp.-19H9 Chevrolet conch-nipan Cash sale only. Will sell ^separately Phone 3142. After 6 p.m. phonp 2340 SOYBEANS. ORden nnd Arksoy. W Whistle estate. Phone 2652. Rosc- &Hrt. 4;4 PK For This Week Only • 1939 Dodge 625 USED CARS At Very Special Prices 1948 1'ord Super DcLuxe 4-door, heauliful blue, clean inside and out, low mileagt, has had excellent cart, equipped with radio and healer . , . $1595. 19-10 Fold Super Del.uxe 2-door . . $995. 1941 Ford 2-door . . . only $795. Kill Ford 2-door . . . special price . . . $595. 19-10 Mercury Town Sedan, new paint . . . $495. 1937 Plymouth 4-door ... $195. 1941 Ford 2-door ... a real value . . $G95. ' 1041 Mercury Sedan Coupe, equipped with radio and hcalci.. .only $895. ompany at Walnut Phone 4453 femo/e He/p Wanted WANTED: Lady with some knowJedg* of hwkkeeping and desigrnjnif for position in florist shop. Write Box DBF c/o Courier News. 4-8 ck tf Help Wanted, Mai* Sewing BUCK1 -». "»«ed button.. olM MM ul || Bt A|ma B,^' urowder Phon« 35aa If no an'"«• «" «• N 5th St 31 Personal DRAW $75.00 WEEKLY ;ainal commissions «n<i email token _ tola In Belling roof lealcprooflni; direct to Industrial, commercial »ntt arm building owners. High prices new rooitnK create live market for this economical compound. Exclusive territory. Minimum supervision. Home every night. Enjoy own business. Write: A-JO, Box 1766, Cleveland, Ohio. 4|9 PK 4110 miaut* pbo(o>utic BTUU10 For Sale 01 Trade 1 Ireah S year old Jersey cow Several Ireao ana springer heifers Montnlj plan tor ol. J. w. Bl.ckwell. Steele MO. Phon« I(JK) 3] For Sale, Cars & Trucks 19*8 International pickup 3!< ton ™. «49 for Information. , 4;» ck 4|l« l''Jt Kord Flck-up truclt. Good^on- clltlon. Cheap SOI N. 6th 4;« PK 4|13 NEED A CAR? For Safe, Misc. Culbertson Community Cen- .ev "Building". 1>4 miles North SLute Line, Highway 61. \ViIl ncccpt bids until Way 1st. Set: Mrs. Homer A. Smith Route I, Box 200, Steele, Mo. /a mile E;isl of Commuiiity Bldg.) 4-0 pk 1G DorWisoy No. 2 soybean ed. St-e Bob Shipley or J. O. ICdwards. Ph. 23R2, Lea'ch- ville, Ark. 4-9 pk 16 General Electric Merchandise For Sale New 4 Cu. Ft, Deepfreeze. IIB5QO New 6 Cu. Ft. Deepfreeze, S58500 New combination sink and electric fllsrtivnslier, ^300.00 Klcctrlc Itoaster. 133.00 KJectrihroojn rnrpct sweeper J3000 Portdble electric Ironer. $35,00 I'lione 772 for Information Rt nn hickftsHivhA. 4 g ck-16 PIANO, mefllum size. In Mrst-i^li condition. BnrRiMn price. Cnll GeorKe i-'ord. phone 2059. 4.9-pk-13 Electric Ice box. gas stove anrt rndto. ' Heeh\irg 3 H.P. motor, cost ^137 05. will sell for 590 cash, rhone 1170 or 4 Little hone spotted Poland China gills, and ^ males. Ph. 4:126. 4,6 pk 13 For health nnd style buy a Spencer pnone 4:1112 before 8 am. or niter 6 p.m. Mrs. John H. Long. Spencer Dealer 4,6 PK 4[13 Black Cocket pups rhim* 2406. 2 row Farmall J-"20 Mlddlebusters 1 inch. Joe Conner, 3 miles Enst o Hlway 18. 4.8 pk I For Sale, Real Estate 4-door Sedan, unusually good condition, has '49 license. All set (o go for only Other Real Values 1936 Ford (2 cars), both in very good condition, each has '49 license, special price on each car ... §395. 1936 Buick Coupe, has good lires and good motor, equipped with both radio and heater .. only $525 1939 Chrysler Royal Tudor Sedan—molor, tires and body in good condition, hns 1949 license . . . $1,95 1940 Chevrolet Special DeLuxe Tudur Sedan, has new paint job, body, motor, and tires in excellent con_ dition . . . $825. 1939 Ford Tudor Sedan, has practically new motor and tires, equipped with radio & healer . . . $5'J5. 1939 Ford 1-Ton Truck with 1948 Mercury molor, body and bed in first-class condition, has new 700x16 S-ply tires . . . ?K95. 1947 Buick Super Tudor Sedan wilh radio, heater, ant) seat covers . . . very low mileage Guaranlced lo b« in excellent condition, and offered at a verv good price. 1942 Dodge ^,-Ton Pickup, mud grip lires, excellent condition . . . $795. OTHO STANF1EI.D W. J. "BILL" WUNDERUCH "Wh«a B«U«r Car« Art Built, Buick Will Build Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Grocery and carage completely stocfc- ed. SGiyu. \Valfc out 54.500 less shop equipment. ;{ nice living looms In cUitlrcl. Lot 00 x 210. Abstract on pro perty. D, D. Cixnnon Rives. Mo. •IS PK BARGAIN 5 room residence. Two rer (al houses, chicken house bam, nice orchard, strawber vy palch, one one acre o ground adjoining city limits Priced SG500. H. C. Campbell Phone 444R or 2930 -M-ck-U One nice J-room Bungalow, on beau- lul corner lot in Pride Addition. This ous« IB a very desirable IJ-room liotne, iced to net!. One new J-room Bimnalow on Clark ircct, recently rc-decorRted. In «client coiidULon. Price J2250.00, with em.s One 6-motn home on Lilly St., nice mit-in cabinets nnd floor coverhiRs. his home U A real bargain and wllf e shown on ly by appointment. \V. M, BURNS, REALTOR Phone 3361 Z T. Hdbbard Phone 4129 Here's a Real Special! 1946 FORD 4 door Sedan Has '49 license Tou'l) find many other non»t-to- Cocxlneu T nines in U^ect Cars at 61 Aio lor Co. IJo yourBell a fftvor and &e« VIA Detor* you d«cldt. 61 MOTOR CO. North Highway 61 Phone 2142 3>-ck-U 1B41 Bulck tudor Gedfttielte. Ph. 3223 C. W. Ramey. 4|5 PK 4(12 WANTED: A mm experienced In plumbing maleriaia and hardw*r« A good propo*lilon will b« offered the right man with chanca for advancement Addreu Manag«r, Box 100 ttievill*. Ark. . 4]l-ck-tl For Rent, Houses 2-roojn Louse. Smith's Store. Ar- nprel road. Tlu 6604. 9 pit 13 Notre* ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 2-14-ck-4-14 We repair v/atches Try us (or faM services Moort's. 306-308 East MalB Street. 3|12-pt-4|U Advertising Gains Noted By Newspapers in U.S. NEW YORK, April 9 (fl>>—National hdvertlsing in newspapers in February was 13 per cent, greatei than in Ihe like month of 1948. Pi-inters' Ink reported today. The trade publication said it was the 43rd consecutive month that a gain had been shown over the corresponding month for the preceding year. For oilier media the.comparisons were: magazines and business papers, up five pe: 1 cent; outdoor, down one per cent; radio, down live per cent. Practically new Dodge tire and wheel, lost two miles south 01 Little River Uin. Reward. Call Haiold Wake- ileld, ph 888. 415 c)c 11 Business Opportunity Passport Forged OTTAWA. April 9 t-Pi—A jury Friday convicted Sam Carr of con- 1 spiring to utter a forged passport for a Russian agent. West End Cafe, 1914 West Main. Good location. Doing good business. Owner selling due to ill health. Can contact owner at any time. 4-5 ck 12 FARM LAND! We nave several cash buy- rs for farm land, who will ake possession January 1, SJ50. RI ALES LAND Co. Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T. Barnett E. E. Williams 332iJ — Phnnes — 4139 Blytheville, Ark. 4-5 ck tf Private Rooms Mice, front bedroom. Private bath Men only. 603 Weil Main St. Phone HJ'J 3.31-ck-u Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS in mt«r«*tw u> Ot K€l1lD| * Noble Gill Agenc\ Cecil Earls — — F. B. Joy tier REALTORS Glencoe Bldg. Phone 3131 Wanted to Buy for highest price* bring your chlck- n* to Purcells Grocery. 1J5 Lilly Street 4,6-pk-JO Bedroom, convenient to hath. All W Main. Phon« 3325. 3;Jl-pk-413U Bedroom adjoining batb Ph 2338 Ben-room and Kitchen privilege* M desired. Fbon* 3353 30S *-ake arRe comfortable bedroom, close In Men only. 310 W Walnut. 3|26-pk-4|26 Hefp Wanted WANTED: Couple to do house and yarn work and feed A lew hogs. House *nct hghtn furnished. Good salary for rlgnt party L. B. Fletcher. Gideon. Mo. Phone 2670 and 26S5. 4,9 pic 16 Insurance W« buy used rumltun Phone 2MO For Rent OBTEEN'S STUDIO all occasions. Lost l-OAt Mon. nlfjht pr. of child's pink, shell rirtu RUMPS. Reward. Return to Al Sullivan's Restaurant,. ^3 CK-13 Can you top this? $10,000 Life Insurance only $5 A MONTH* * (10 vear term age 29—foi 20 year term §7.85 monthly) Maximum policy ?200,000 Continental Assurance Co Agency Dept. A-1913 310 South Michigan Ave Chicago, Illinois AGENTS WANTED Lots For Sale 3 choice suburban lots on ! Highway 61 North, lot si/.o Sox'200 and 100x200. Kast fronts, large pecan trees. In new Country Club Drive Addition, just north of Camp Mmiltne. See or call— JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for S*rric» Phone Res. Ph. 2596 10J E. Vine St., & good 5-room home nnd 2-rootn tenant tiouse nn same lot for quick sale only $5,tAHJ. Terms, DeaJrabl* homes on Kentucky, Davis Lake, Tenth, Sixteenth. Pnde Addn., anfl Moultrle Drive, $2.000 to $20 000 BLYTHEVILLE REALTY Phone 2094 4,7 pk U SEE THESE FIRST! TRUCKS-CARS 1948 International '.4-Ton Pickup 1395 1947 Dodge li-Ton Pickup IMS 1941 Dodge ^i-Ton Pickup 1050 11)40 Ford '.4-Ton Pickup '. aio 1947 Ford Sedan Delivery 1295 1940 Dodge 'A-fon Panel 545 1948 International l',i-Ton Long Wheelbase Stake 179b 1946 Chevrolet I'.i-Ton Long Wheclbase 99b 1941 Chevrolet Ui-Ton Long Wheelbasc Stake 650 1946 Ford 4-door. equipped with healer Jt scat covers $1295 1941 Plymouth 2-door, has radio & heater 850 1939 Plymouth 4-doot 525 1937 Plymouth 2-door 295 EASY TERMS See Ui Before You Buy Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway & Chickasawha Phone .1422 That's Our Motto! We spare no effort In providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service, which means extra convenience to you. Pee! free to call on us at any time. Prompt delivery service. Phone 507. WOODS ' DRUG STORE $ 25 nr more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition, on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This, Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. WHfN MINUTES COUNT The prompt and efficient service of Owens Pharmacists solves the , problem Every prescription ftlled with meticulous care Free dellT- ery service. Phone 5021 OWENS DRUG STORE Where Customers Bring Their Friends 'More Used Car Value 1 1947 Chevrolet 5-Passenger Coup*, has radio, healer, defroster, and 1949 Arkansas license.. .special $1495. 1940 Chevrolet Town Sedan, heater and 1949 license. 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has healer and 1949 license. 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan, gieen color equipped with radio, heater, seat covers, and 1949 license. 1941 Bukk 2-door Sedan, has radio, heater, and defroster. . . .$895. 1910 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, equipped with healer. 1912 Ford 2-door Sedan, a real clean car. 1937 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, a real bargain at only ?495. 1937 LaSalle Sedan, radio, healer, and 1949 license ...1295. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Buying! Buying! Buying! We Need Cars At Once ANY MAKE OR MODEL Highest Prices Paid! No Waiting— Cash Is Here For You Drive By Today and Our Appraiser Will Buy Your Car At All Times We Have a Selected Stock of Used Cars & Trucks Small Down Payment — Easy Ternis You Can SAVE MONEY When You Buy— You Can MAKE MONEY When You Sell LEE MOTORS ALES, OLDSMOBILE — CMC TRUCKS 311-317 East Main Blytheville, Ark USED CARS Are Our Business, Too! —SPECIAL THIS WEEK— 1937 Buick Be sure to see this car tomorrow! 5475 19-17 Ford Tudor equipped with radio, heater, while sidewall tires, DeLuxe upholstery . . . only . . . §1495 1939 Ford Tudor, has new oaint . . $595. 19-18 Mercury 5-Passenger Coupe, maroon, fully equipped . . . §1595 1939 Chevrolet Panel . . . special $375. 1910 Ford Coupe . . . now only 5325. 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan 1 door Sedan, Demonstrator, has new car guarantee . now at a big discount! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY Firsf at Walnut Phon. 4333

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