The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1944
Page 2
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CAGE TWO BLYTHKVILLB (ARK.) COUllIEH NEWS Loiene Bentiey Is Bride Of Sergt. Earl Schackai Ann£unce>Aent Ijas teen mndi. of the marriage of Miss Lorcne Eentley, daughter of Mrs I M RenUey arid the late Mr. Bentley, to Sergl. Eariu Schacktil of Blytheville Army Air Field and Nc\v Orleans,- La. The" wedding \vas~*solemnlzed on the night of Oct 7 at the home of W P Hale, justice of Hie peace In Csceola, who-read the single ring ceremoiiy Ihe 6ride wofe address or bark b-o\ui crepe, with luggage tan accessories. Mrs Schackai attended Bljthe- \llle High school, and how ts em ployed •;at Southwestern Bell Telephone Coinrniij Sergeant Schackai, the son of'Mr. iii({ Mrs J Scliacluil of New Orleans, was connected Vilih n ratl- i<nd firm in J^cft Orleans prior to entering, the •Army.' Air Forces. He and his tjricle nov, are making theli home* \\lth hei iriolliei at 1907 West Ash Street • « • Mis. Us ley Entertains Yellow dahlias and chrysanthemums efiecthelj decorated llie 11\- iiift room of Mis M O Usrcy's home jesterdav when bhe was hostess to members of the Mid Week. Club and three other guests Mrs Jesse Tajlor, Mrs W D Cimmblln and Mrs toy Welch Following the two-course lunch- con served at the small tables bridge was played,,with high score prize among club members won bj Mrs Karrj W Halnes and high guest prize b> Mrs Chamblln » • • Octette Club Entertained Mrs J O Ellis entertained hiom- Leis of the Octette Club and two guests,' Mrs John Reihmtllei and Mil Jimmy Hichardson houseguesl of Mrs Jaines Hill, vesterdaj afternoon for luncheon nnd bridge at her plantation home at Bai field Coloiful Pall Bowers decorated the entertaining looms while the cen- tciplece for the luncheon table wns fo nncd of a bouquet of scllow chn- snnthemums arranged in a nun fliss bowl Following the two course lunch- ton, bilrige was played, with high -coie prize among club mi-mbeis HOD by Mrs W M WcK ;(-» n, K l second high by Mrs Man, m Mis Richardson reeci\ed high guest \ • • « Mis Pease Is Hostess Mrs Jtylllard H fense entertaining members of the Thursday Night Club last night at her home on Heirn Street, also 1 wns hoslew to ' hcce og'er guests^includlng Miss Mdrv Sp-iin U^ M | S5 Mnlgnret Shaker,and Miss Jane Branson A dessert course with coffee Ma*; s^ned and prizes were awarded Miss Usrey for high score and Miss Shaver for second high * * * Budge Luncheon Given \, Mrs Hunter Sims pitted bridge Jllh members of the Thursday Luncheon Club jesUrdaj afternenn when they met with Mrs R p Kir*hner nt her suburban home on Highway 61 North A two course luncheon has sen^ oil at small tables arranged in the King room which was attractive!} decoialed with Rill flowers In the bridge Barnes played diir- ^Tfie-nnernoon, high score prize ^as won bj Mrs Slins and speortd ntih by Mrs C W Affllck Schools To Close for Thanksgiving Holidays Schools, m Blythevjlle will close wl 30 oc!ock in thc »'(«noon on Wednesday, No\ 2g and remain closed until the following Mondi s a,orning in order that both students and facultj members may ob- 'erte the traditional Thfmksgi \hig holjday R was announced today bj w , B Nicholson, superintendent of the schools Dates _of the Christmas holldajfe will be announced later. ' At The Hospital* ! , ,Walls Hospital Admitted: Mrs Percy Smith, Yarbro Mrs B B Akin, city franklin Burton, steele Mo Eeforcs ^Harris cits Mrs J E Bowling Armorel Dismissed: Qons Nell Gentry cltj Mrs Jim lAim, clt> ^Memphis Methodist Hosoilnl Adrnitted: Mrs Harold. Splcer, Osceola Turkey.ShSjId'Be Slow-Roasted 5-i, Mandarlh saiicc is special By GA'YNOR 'MAI)i)OX ' ^tA hlaff Writer .Turkey's too; valuable . to lake chances with Its .rousting. As It now ppks, we'll, have : onough to give each,civilian about 3 pounds this year, after the boys Hi service get thelr^ . . .• Here's some, good tiivkcy talk by Kathryn B. Nlles, ho'inc economist of the Poultry and.. Egg National Board: ' '. Cook, by dry heal In an open pan. No, water,'Is added to tlie pan no.'cover,is used, and no basting .Is done Equipment a shallow pan and rack. The shallow" pan allows the heat to ; circulate around "the' bird A rack at lensl '!!• Inch high, raises . the bird off the bottom/ keeping it out of the pan juices. For a ,- large turkey, the 1 . 1 broiler pan and Us rack are excellent > for rousting. • ' ' • ' Roast Slowly . Roasting slowly lit low temperatures means less shrinkage,:, less loss of Juices from'the nleii.l-, arid assures better flavor nnd appearance. Use all oven temperature- bf 325 degrees. P., or moderately low for the average' 1 sized- tiitkey,' niid 300 degrees, or low tcriip'orhturc, for large tin keys At theic low temperatures, any .roast needs little, if any attention as .11'. cooks. :Ah S to 10-pound bird will require about 3 to 3',C hour's a 10 to U-pound bhd aboUt 3'X. to 4 hOms nnd a 14 to 18- additidn to roast turkey, pound bird, 'I'/jHo 5 hours. Knowing nljbiit how long it will take to roast the bird.Is necessary so thai all foods for the dinner may be ready nt the same time. .- Plncc the (rimed' bird breast side flown an the rack In the pan. Seasoning the'outside of the bird Is Useless since the' seasoning does not penetrate the ,sk!h, ami the" "sailers" will salt and pepper anyway. .Cover with a clean white Cloth moistened with' melted cooking fat. Thc fat-inolstcncd cloth holds the. fat and keeps the bird greased, for basting. Hoast unlil half iloiio, place bird breast side up, replace cloth over top of bird. Remolstcn cloth with fal If It is dry. Continue roasting until clone. Remove the.'cloth the last'20 to 30 minutes should the bird nol be browned 16 stilt. To know when the bird Is. cooked to just the right turn', - iniike this' lest: press thc thickest part of Ihc di-umsllck bc- i.wceh thc-fingers, If guile soft, the meat Is well done. : . ; When dinner Is set for n definite hour, thc wise Itonioinnker will start the bird about a half hour iihead of schedule. Then: is always the possibility Ihal the bird mny take a lilllc longer thaii estimated, And most , ImpoH'nnl, , :il allows ntnplc lime for making,gmvy,, removing the tuibsing cords, nnd ailanging thc blid on the plattei. Mrs, R. c. Blackwell, at their home at Armorel. ' Skcet Robinson of England, Ark., Is spending several days here as the ft'cst of Mr. and Mrs. Cialr Mills and family, Mrs. Percy Smith Is resting well at Walls Hospital where she was removed yesterday after suffering a fall at Orabcr'u store, where she WHS employed. The injury to her leg Is not believed to be serious. Mis. Robert Forsytlic of Amarlllo Texas, has arrived to spend two weeks here with )io r sister, 'MISS Ruby Huey, and her aunt and imclc, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Fisher and family. Mr. and Mrs. l.eon Smith and daughter, Janocl, are In Memphis where Janoel will undergo a tonsil- Icclomy. Miss Elynor Pcaso of Memphis will iii-rlve tomorrow to spend the weekend ns the guest of her slsler- in-law, Mrs. Wlll«r,|, H. Pease. . Mrs. William n'olcn- will return lodny from Criiivfordsvllle, Ark where she -has been-viulting her parents for several \veek.v. Miss Margaret Dolen will leave tomorrow for Memphis where she will fipend several days. Bits of News Mostly Personal Strgl arid Mis Jnmei, E Thompson and son Jaiftes Ronald, nri Ivcd Wtdnes-dny night fioin Tnmpa, Pla . to spend theli 15 rtay fiiHonirli \\lth their pnlents Mi and MrS E O Thohipsoh and MI and Mrs M L Mrs Annie loon and daughlci, Mrs Tony Wulteis, both of Cn|,c airardeau Mo, arrived today lo be the guests or Uielr duuglitVi anil shier, Mrs Paul Grccnwcll and family Tlicy came especially to sttend the mass to be said tomoi- Vow morning at Ihc Cluiicli of Hie IfiuTiSCniate ConccpUon In celebration of the Grcenwcll's 25th wedding iihnhersnij Mrs. John P. Hoffman Jr., and infant son, John in, have returned ierc to be \\lth her parents, Mr. and Mrs Smith Brackin while her husband, Sergean(, Hoffniau Is ov- rseas Mrs Hoffman and the baby !ia\e spent the past, two jiidnths in Lancaster Peiin , with her , husband's fnmllj ••'•-..' Ned and Dun Wllfotd,. four-yrar- old twin sons of t!ie Rev. and -Airs. S B WiUord are rccnpcrnting at their home on West Mniii. Street alter ha\ing been scrloiisly ill \vllh diphtheria Miss Henna Parler, \\ho.has been julle ill for the past week -at the lome of her aunt Mrs. Clnir Miller and famil>, will be removed to Mem- NO ASPIRIN FASTER sepli Aspirin None better. " rc ™ DcftandSt Joseph Aipirm Wise Americans Now Fight Bronchia! Tmtallon« Otic (o Colds — Wilh Buck)ej''s "Can, ~>ol" Almost instantly $ou pet the surprise of your life^coitfhfng > eases — rl?ht away it loosens up thick choUng phlegm— opens up clogged branchial tubes— maVes bfeathlnK ' There's rerl tconftmy In Buckley's „ —all tnedicatlon-nb syhlp Half to . one teaspoon fill will convince the •"• most skentlcal •> Oet Buckley s 'Can«d6U' Wade in • • vU B A, the Oough Mixture that .i tn Men In Service Corp. Vclberi Mayher, son of Mr; and Mrs. James Mayher of Route 1, Blythevlllc, Is going to help his buddies celebrate Thanksgiving with' a wing,'n drumstick and a Thanksgiving prayer. He I? a member bf Ihe niess hall staff at an Air Service Command base In Britain which Is planning a Turkey Day dinner to compete with Mom s He wlil help 'prepare thousands of pounds of gobblers, dicssing- mashed potatoes, uraniiDi-ry sautL celery, pie, coffee nnd hard cindy Hcfore entering the' Air Torces iii February, 104s, lie was 'employed as n foreman for s. O. Shaw * * - •Sergl. John P. Hoffman whose \vlfc. aiul son make Uie:r :iome herd wJtli her .parents, Mr. and ^rs Smith Dmckln while he Is overseas, recently wrote Ills wife, cf meeting his brother, Tech. Scrgl'; Billy Hoffman somewhere In India, wheic both are stationed. Thi two brothers, who are from Lancaster, Pa., . hart not seen 'each' othci in more than a seal. Scige-. nut John Hoffman ni rived In India about two months ago „: Nutrition Group Holds Meeting Here Yesterday 'Thirty five representatives of various towns throughout North Mississippi County attended the meeting yesterday' afternoon of the North Mississippi County Consumer Nutrition Council held at the home economics cottage at Blythcvllle High School. ' ' | ; Addresses were given by Miss Mae Holfncre of Little Rock, field airefr- tor for the War Food Administration, nml by Miss, Prances Bailey, district chairman of ,1110 Consumer Nutrition Council. Introduced by Mrs, Freeman Robinson, president of Die North Mississippi Cotmell they spoke to the group on the subject ol carrying out a diet survey of Norlli Mississippi County, with the object of increasing the present number of school lunchrooms, anil of generally Improving thc nutrition standards of the county. A slate wide project,.a similar survey has already been completed In two counties of thc state and Mississippi Cpiinty Ims Ijcen asked to make the .survey representing a plantation comity. . • ; Miss Cclla Mlcrs of Manila was named as' chairman for Ulie. forthcoming survey, whose finding's will be used in every, way possible to promote better nutrition 'hi the 1 county. • • . . , A nominating .committee composed of Miss Emily Dale'Gray, Mrs: Freeman Robinson, • Miss Cora Lee Colcman, and Miss Camille Robin-' son presented 'he name of Mrs. R,' E. Van Hobser, who was elected t6 serve ns chairman fur the county council during 1945, succeeding Mrs Robinson,, who hns held the position for the past two years. Following'the close of the afternoon's program, a tea hour was j Seaman Suffers Injury Bernard Albert Brackin, seaman •c In the Navy, son of Mr. and lis. Smith lirackin of lilytlicvlllc, s In n Naval hospital at Shoemaker, Calif., where 1 he recently Jiidorv/cnt an operation on Ills ]cg because of an Injury received while on shipboard off the Florida const everal weeks ago, Although his condition Is satisfactory, Mr. Brackin will be con• ilied to thc hospital for severe! K'ecks, he has advised his parents, 9,000 ibs. FJsh Seized CHICA06. (TJP)-Nlne thousand pounds of fish caught out of season •lake trout from Michigan.waters -were confiscated by the Illinois Department of Conservation when Iwo men attempted to dispose of the fish on the Chicago market. Die two had crossed Lake Mlclil- an and clocked In the Chicago •Iver. Each was fined $300 and the confiscated fish were sold for >3,TOO, thereby adding $4,300 to ,he stale game and fish fund. It was the largest penalty ever levied *or fishing out of season. FUIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, J9'H phis- Baptist Hospital tomorrow, for treatment nnd a possible operation She will be> accompanied by Mis. Miller, who will icnintn wil|i hei , Louis '•-LJrich, a student at Um- veidlty. FnycUovllle, nilived home last night to spend thc weekend with his'paicnls, Mi. an,d Mis. B A. Lynch, and. his sister., Mi6.-RobqrL Porter of Deal born. Mich.', who Is visiting hoc (jtirclits Mrs: Elmer Potts ,of. Gary, Intl., has arrived for n visit'with her pai- cnts, Mi. and Mis HoUbton,Caitcr, nnd her sister, Mre. Clarence Cuin- mlngs nnd Inmlly. Eugene Dopier, who iccently was wounded while on duly with ths; Niivy, hos uriiied in Little Rock, wheic he Joined Mrs, Dozlcr at thc home' of his parents: They plnn to conic,here within the next few ilnys torn visit with her parimis, Mr. nml How To Relieve "Bronchitis' Creomulbion relieves promptly be-' cause it goes rlglit to the scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature' to soothe and heal iaw, tender,'Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle/of Creormilsion with the understanding you must like the taw it Quickly allays the cough or yon are to have your money back. « CREOMULSION forCouehs, Chest Colds. Bronchitis, 2 'Iropa In bach noslrtl elirink incinhrhncfi. You bro.ilbo easier. Caution: UEO only cs<lircc(ecl. Got PENETRO NOSE DROPS Chicken 'Dinner Siiolisnreil by Yarbro P. T. A. YARBRO SCHOOL Friday, Nov. 17th 6 to 8:30 P. M. fe countrtM on mwtt tione At HOKUM'S DRUGS BUILDING SECURITY TWO WAYS ,. . She Imihh security for Amoricn through her War production work. And elio builds security for hcrstlf and f nniily through her thrift hahits: 1-Sl.c huys War Bonds regularly - and holds them.' 2-Evcry week she adds Irj n thrift Recount here.} v YOU CAN t>0 IT, YOO The First National Bank Rational bank in Mississippi County rpHE finest Clirislrans glfls'ofall J-are the gifts l| la [ J ;ce[ , „„ p y . ing— Viclor liccorils! Comq in to. day — inatc.'j-ouj-c'elcclioii earlyl Here Are « :• Few Choice Selection* '• APPLIANCE COMPANY 208 West Main CORRECTION Our Advertisement in Yesterday's Courier News Listed '/a Bushel Measures at 19c each. This should have read: i Bu. Measures'---each 1-.19 Planters Hardware Co. Incorpor rted When Shadows FoJJ- The perfume ottnclianlmcnl every drop .'of this foicinoting frogroncc.holds ^omclhing for you. II is truly for on evening bt lighh ond shadows. Clings lor hours. "Aflcr Dark" pcifume i accompanied by two beautiful satin "Undic Sachel Pillows" lied wilh blue satin ribbon, asicm* bled and altraclivcly packaged for your gifl giving. j~> .. 1 PURSE PERFUME-2 PIIWWS»3«« Miss Whifsitt's Shop "Set What'n NCVF At AVhitsllt's 1 Some Consolation AKIION, O. (UP)-Nicholas Klein of Akron iccently was compelled by robbers to remove nnd hand over Ills trousers containing a bankroll of $3,000. The tomtits overlooked a $500 Wll which Klein had In his vest pocket. •W-7? rf'>-*f t k s^/| lield, wlien refreshments were so red jy girls of tlie home economics class 'n the local.high'school. Quickly Beficvfes Distress of A little Va-tro-nol, up each nostril effectively and promptly relieves distress of head colds- makes breathing easier . . . also helps prevent many colds from developing if used in time. TryitlYou'JllikelttFo!- low directions In t old«r. V1CKS VATRO MOL DANCE k Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nights 6:30 to 1 (yciock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLEl : ' :; - : ! •••'.•.: .Vk iv; •::;: Admission 60c Incl. f ax." MO alhn IMMMCH Fm<| ( -;,n lost MCWxil Try our "Own Made" ICECREAM Ole Hickory lnn| Airan Inn MARGARET'S BEAUTY. SHOP 104 S. FIRST j>hone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems MODERN KQUIPMENT KXTEHT BKAUTICIANS CHRISTMAS CARDS and GIFT WRAPPINGS have just been received . . . \ Choose gifts now while stocks are new and complete. The Gift Shop Modern & Antique Glfta MOSS BRYAN Visit Us In Our NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. 'Chrysler rifiilef'-Tarts <t Scrrlce ,.121 E.-flhlji Tlidne 2123 AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative 206 Lynch Bldg. SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, are remembered, always. Our flowers are al- iraya fresh, and all work la guaranteed to please. Let our expert ieslgnera help you with your floral needs. FLOWER SHOP F.TJ). Serrlc* We Deliver Anywhere Ph. MI Btri I. M. (Mao) WUUims, owner Gknco* BIdf. JUST RECEIVED New Shipment of Priced 6.75 to 8.50 ALL ALADDIN LAMPS HAVE ALL THESEFBATURKS: Light instantly. Hum common kerosene (coal oil). iJurn 50 hours on a gallon. GO candle power light. Light is white—like sunlight. It's safe. No noise. No smoke or trouble. Simple to operate. Last for years and years .... HEUB'S YOUK CHANCE- HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. dontmnom Sfeowt Every Oaj Itox Office O]>«MI» 1 ;4^ rihow Starts 2:00 UHTSN 1O KLCN l:t* «JM. \t:U pjn. 4:M : ... Last Timfe Today And the Angels Sing with .< Fred .MHcMurruy anil ': Dorothy l.iimoui' Paramount News and Selected Short '. Subject * Saturday .4 Serial "Black arrow" 3 ami Sliort COD. Showfnff Saf'day 1:00 to 11:19 Sunday acid anlBttfl GODDARli Sonny TOFTS ^Paramount" Ncw-s and Selected " '.;':- l-'v Short Sabjects Cbntlnaooa tihuwliiic Sun. 1:15 to H *l M»tlnee« 8»t. * San. Onlj Opetu each night 6:45; lt»rt» \ Openi BnDd»j 1:00; BJ*rt« 1:11 C»ntlnnom Shows 8*t. and Ssn, S«ri»lji Miht Every Ki£h« E«tj» honored on th* EZTJ. Last I'ime Today Five Graves to with Erich Von Slrolicim and Francliot Tpnc Selecicii Short Siiliject Saturday ^Trail Serial: "KaiiterK of Glinsl City" C ami Sliort. Con. Showing SalMaj- i;00 to ll ; 30 Sunday and Monday ' GRANDEST PJtOCUCTIOtl RAW GENE TIERNEY DON ^ECHE CHARLES COBURN ^ Fo\ Sews and Selected Short Subject Continuous Showing Snn.'I:lS to 11

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