The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1930
Page 3
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rUKDAY. LWCKAiriER 20, 1930 Bl,YTHEVILl,E, (ARK.) COURIER NKWS THEVILLE'S INDUSTRIAL' AND PAOR TlUUCr. O. i'. Trade, Build and Invest In BlythevilJc City of Optimists ' Your Cooperation will help make Blytheville mightier. "Beau Ideal" is Another Foreign Legion Thriller H™ , ''Continued from nn^e one) Carried Old Bank's Notes I 'he First Slate Bank, which: ;sed its doors with other mem- banks of the A. B. Banks chain November, 17. was organized re following failure of t!» Ciii- IB Bank of Csceola in January. I. and lock over liquidation of Citizens Bank affairs, paying | positors forty cents on the dollar their deposits in the defunct in- :tutlon. The item of $85,482.35 listed in e asiets of the First State Bank "Loan:j & Discounts "B", are ites taken over from the old lizens Bank and secured largely real estate mortgages on pro- r!y in and near Osceola, which ;re still in the process of liquida- v;hen the First State Bank :sed its dcors. Of the $22.175.92 led as "Due from Other Banks," 9.912.7G is due from the Ajneri- n Exchange Bank & Trust Commy cf Little Rock and $2.203.11; om the Union Planters National] ink If Trust Company of Mcni- A. B. Banks & Company of Lit= Rc:k held $18.000.00 worth of ock In the First State Bank and similar amount was held by the cine Insurance Company of Lit: Rock. A. B. Banks personally file:! S1CCO.OO wcrth of stock, and j tares totaling $500.00 ouch are list-1 I as belonging to Geo. Hayes of tile Rock and J. J. Davis of wneville. Ark. The remaining lares totaling S12.COO.CO were held • wording to tte inventory, by the iJhvrtrig- local stock holders: C. D. 1'ers, . Geo. D.- Balloue, Cromer »ros., H. H. Cromer, John W. Ed- flngtcn,' C. M. Harwell, W. E. Hunt, i Utuce Ivy, S E. Murff, Ixion Sulli- Im, Driver'Gin Co., Leon G: Sulli- l.n. and C. L. Moore Jr. i principal voles. "Sin Ship" could - have been an excellent film. But in its i)!c.s?nt state, It Is just a bit bclov.- average. The story itself mi handled in such to hold an audience's l interest right to the finish. Wol; helm, the hard-boiled skipper of i a trading schooner, Is converted j to righteousness by Miss Astor while she and Ian Keith, her crooked partner, arc making a getaway aboatd V/olhelm's ship disguised as a minister and his wife. Mary is so impressed by the change she has made in Wolhelm that she decides she also wants to go straight, tu-. is prohibited from doinij so by Keith until the lattsr ,3 shot- by a detective who has followed them to their hide-out. As the detective has no warrant for Mary, he allows her to go free and she sails away with Wolhelm. I-oretta Youn.r n n rt H a 1 v h Forbes, romantic lu a J H i n " U e a u I d e ,3 1," are shoivn above, while, brlow Tester Vail i; pictured bat- niiig 2 mutineer o n the drsert. F:rb=s also was s tarred in "Beau Gcste. By DAN THOMAS NEA Service Writer HOLLYWOOD.—The French Foreign Legion Appears to be gaining considerable 'favor with producers - as a background ;|or th.eir pictures these days. We ffave Been nil HERE IS BEST J HEARS Much Loss Illness in County That J\ Year Ago Washburn Reports. That there is less Illness in Mississippi county this winter than there was at the same time last year is shown In a comparison of reports made to the county health unit. .This fall has been a below normal season for diseases, according to Dr. A. M. Washburn. At - the same time last year thtre were numerous cases of meningitis, scarlet . fever, diphtheria and measles. At 1 the present there is one case of scarlet fever at LeachvlUe, one case of typhoid has been reported this irs. learns of this from Loretta month and there has been but on* Young, Forbes' sweetheart, and sets recent death from meningitis which " "—' '-'- '-'-" J occurred recently at Leachvllle." out to nnd his friend. wit |.irls Uphold Cotton Production Reputation in 4- H Competition. (LITTLE ROCK. Ark.— Do-othy livlllsaii, 13-ycar-oM school girl of lowah, Mississippi county, placed Icond to Earl James, 18-year-old lulh of Putaski county, in the 1930 Itton production contest of 4-H lab members in Arkansas, accord- It; to an announcement by \V. J. Trnlgan, stale club leader of the in -}hc two. such productions ast few weeks;' and understand here are two or thieo mori-in the offing. • •' i. , :- ,- t -.' The most recent'.lo nuke'. HI. appearance is VBeau Ideal, 1 '. a.jieqU;! to" the highly praised "Be»u O«st«," made as a slient him several years ago. "Beau Ideal", was made by Herbert Brenon, who directed "Beau Geste." and there it ohfc rrian of the original cast, Ralph EWbte. back, again. As you may rememter, Forbes as John Geste T ,va-s the only one of the three Geste brothers who survived the terrific battle In "Beau Geste." Save Legion Fort "Beau Ideal" carries on fror there. Forbes is sentenced to 10 years in the penal battalion for having killed a superior ofBcer dur- Isricultural Extension Service, yes- Irday. iMiss Dorothy Bowers of Dell, lississippi county, placed third in 4-H club production contest. I Miss Davidson's yield from one fre surpassed the yield obtained the contest winner. Earl James lit the yield from her plot was |.lued at 512.40 less than the value James' crop. I James produced 1,025 pounds of I it from one acre planted in Row- i 40 variety, which was valued $118.54. Miss Davidson's 1.078 R-unds of lint was valued at $100.08. Ihe yield was obtained from her j re of'Half and Half variety In | lulh Mississippi cctmty. ] I Samples of each contest bale! l;re graded and priced by the Mid- [ Imih Cotton association and the Icards were based on money value lorn each acre. the fifth year that the nlcst has been held and Missls- Inpi county has won first place Iree years. Miss Blanche Beall of iison, Mississippi county, wis •varied the state title last with li acre yield of 1.570 pounds of lit. Evidence of what the drouth farmers generally is seen i:i a mparison of Miss Beall's record lid the 1931 record yield. trip as guest of the Chilean lilrate of Soda Educational Bu|au will be one of the rewards tlie new cotton club champion. Ilifl Nitrate of Soda bureau, Vep- 1 sen ted by W. L. Me Arthur of I tile Rock also will present gold latches to the champions of the counties where the contest work |as completed. Two watches will awarded to Mississippi county lirtlclpants, a champion in each •strict. Ing that battle. Lester Vail, who plays the role of Otis Madison, the American pal of tho Geste broth- From then on there are the usual i battles that might be expected in a film with a Foreign Legion background, and in the end both Forbes arid. Vail are freed for their part n'savlnj a Legion fort from cap- JT .'-'-,- . - . :. : AltHimsh Brenon did not do quitejts good a job vith this production BJ ha did with "Beau \ '! the film otters a .good eveft: entartainment and should a'imohey-maier. \ • ':. "iSln Sh|p" Just Fair . Another of this week's previews Milch' we ,caught was Louis Wol- heim's first directorial effort,'"Sin Ship." Wolheim's direction Is above reproach, although he Is entirely out of place as the leading character In the picture. In our opinion, Wolheim doesn't belong in romantic roles. Mary Astor is also mis^Hst- In her role of a woman of the streets. Although she did some good work, there is too much of a refined air about her to make her part con vlncing. With the proper players in the IEEDJF RELIEF Churches and Civic Organizations Extend Help to Community's Needy. HAYTl, Mo,—The ' citizens nrc very ocllre In helping to k«p the golf from the door of poverty- stricken citizens of Haytl and the vlclnty. The three churches of liuy- ti, Methodist, Christian and Baptist, have joined In working lor a. common cause. The members divided the town Into sections and worked each section thoroughly for anything tlmt anyone could give, from food to clothing. The Lien's club, Frisco club, National Guard unit, city council, and the schools showed a deslro to help In this work and each has a representative .to assist En any possible way. The high school furnished the proceeds of one basketball game for t h i und. but because of the financial ondltlon of (.he school funds this ractice cannot continue. Anything collected by these or- anlzatlons Is placed In a commun- ',y store to be distributed among he ones that need help. Any applicant for food or clothing Is required, to place an application with one f the ctore officers and If the ap- ilicant'a condition Is critical enough o require help, it Is given. Members of these organizations lave solicited wood orders and nrc giving employment to several in utttng wood. This wood, if placed on a passable road, commands a price of BO cents, and If it Is de- ivered It brings a. dollar per rank. Wood at this prlc« Is cheaper than coal and several citizens of Haytl have placed a standing order ot so many rants of wood each week until this depression is over. welfare association has been or- Defunct Canilhersville i Bank to Pay Dividend CAKUTHEKSVILUJ. Mo.-Saiun Glaus 1 O.-IK limy nol be as full ns in the past bul the old neiH is to rcncli Carnthersvllle on schc'.luleil time yet <tespl'.c rumors lo t h o contrary. ' The defunct Citizens Trust rom- Ipany of this clly, which clo-swl on Mny 10, will i>ny a 12 per cent dividend to Its cU>|x»ltors in the next few days. This will amount 10 330.<13.05, whlcH will be paid on nil common claims and 527,181.34 will be paid on preferred claims. I For the past three years there has been a decline in diseases 1 in the county with the exception of meningitis. , This disease climbs steadily for 1 -several years "In a -lp.- cality and aftisr reaching »' peak declines until-(t U> almost'«ttnct n'Dr.' Washbum's opinion : this peak was reached -h«'fe^In : -i929..".".'-.''' ; With three', cities • of tulartrili re- Iiorted In Misitislppt: coiiritjr th« iunty health -unit 1 haS Iss'ujd i*rn l.nga to persons skinning rilibito is DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE HEADED? It is very important that you know these facls. Periodical comparative statements compiled 1 by a competent and reliable public accountant will establish the trend of your business. It Is just as important to know your losses, as to" know your gains Without complete control of your business, you hardly know your, destiny. The reputable accountant reveals as he finds it. A, G. HALL, Public Accountant. 213 W. Walnut St. Bonded Blytheville, Ark. The order Id pay there claims was made In liic November term of circuit court, which closed Inst Monday. The chocks (a be mailed to the former depositors of thh defunct bank will come at needy time. very Company Underwrites Bo:icls for Mississippi River Structure. The Florldii Uros. Co., of O. r ccola, has unierwrlUcn Ijonds for fm- nncliij; a $800.000 bridge project between Prairie Du Chlen, Wisconsin, and Miufjueltc. Iowa, across thn Mississippi river, work on -which is nlrcudy underway. The iww bridge will be financed by $350.000 first mortgage bonds and £150,000 In debenture bonds, bear- Ing G'.v and 7 percent interest, respectively, the larger part of which will be taken care of by ferry revenue, according lo the Crawford County Press, u Prairie Du Chlen publication. Thomas P. Florida . went to Prairie Du Chlen November 2<J where all the necessary papers wsri Klgncd, Including the completion bond, Men were put to work about December 1, clearing the right of way • preliminary to putting in all underground and underwater cc-nei^te foundations, on which day and night crews will work to complete this winter. Steel work for the proposed structure Is under construction at Ihe mills and will t>; available as soon ns the piers are completed. The bridge Is scheduled to be finished by July 1, 1931, with favorable weather conditions. Construction work is bMnf handled by J. Max Ylngllnf, of Dallas, Texas. BIG BOY ENLISTS BURLINGTON, Iow». <UP>-The average stature of the United States army went up a fraction with the enlistment of John O, Appel of Winneld. Appel is 8 feet four Inches and weighs 189 pounds. He was assigned' to the coast artillery in the, Philippines. janlzed; The officers are Dr. W. J. president; H. B. Masterson, vice president; Ernest Lefler secretary, and T. A. McNail, treasurer., '. Ttujra are two cases In the south ern -'part 'of the county and on< wfc: reported here today. Uiit,' precautions may be taken B'gtJnrt' the" disease. : Courier .News Want Ads. A.S. Barboro&Co., Inc. . .... Bly.thpviiie, :Ark. • : ; ' .Wholesale • FRUITS — NUTS — VEGETABLBS BEANS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty years. Phone 920. Second and Rose. I The 4-H clubs In Mississippi livmty are under the leadership of D. • Carpenter and J. E. Crltz Irm demonstration agents and Cora Lee Co'.eman, home |;lnonslratlon ngetii-. "What A Life—-" says one brake lining to another, 261 stops in a day's work. No wonder we wear out." KAYBESTOS Lined Brakes Stand the Gaff. Dixie Service Station Phone 3I5 Ash & Bw.idwaj Negroes Believed Still Hiding in Depths of Ala-! bam a Swamp. OATHKIHNE, Ala., Dec. 20 (UP) —National guards and citizens were (ill seeking tiirre bank bandits the Bognc Chltto swamp near ere tcday. A fourth bandit, Jesse L. Hardy, Uliis David J. Drown, 2-1. White- •illle. N. C. who said he led the obbcry of (he Marlon Junction unk Thursday, gave up in exhaustion late Friday. He'd had nough of the business, he said. The remaining trio still held to he cover of the swamp and unless hey have burled their treasure they still packed nrouml a sack containing some $5,000 in silver coins weighing over 50 pounds. SUPERIOR COAL COL Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 Business Associate COAL S1PSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal Co. 1 Office Phone 107 Residence 717 WE DRY CLEAN OR DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 COAL and FEED Kentucky and Alabama Hcd Ash Coals. Delivered Anywhere. Hay, Ear Corn, Oats, Mixed Feed. Special Prices on Car Lots. C. Is. Bennett & Co. Phone 64 Chicago Mill And Lumber Corporation A successful housekeeper these days is a business woman. She has to be. She has her budget-systems and account books. She fig'ures closely to keep expenses down. She is a wise, shrewd buyer. She wastes neither time nor money. She knows exactly what she wants and where to get it at the most advantageous price. She'll tell you that she is a diligent reader of newspaper advertising. She considers it a trustworthy business associate. It brings her cleaner food—improves her personal appearance—eases her daily task—helps take the humdrum out of life—tells her when, where and how to find things pleasurable and profitable— makes it possible for her to get one hundred cents' worth of real value for every dollar she spends. Every one can profit by reading the advertisements in this newspaper. That's the one best way to keep in touch with the lowest prices, best qualities and newest commodities that stores are offering and manufacturers are putting out for your benefit. Remember, you can depend on advertised products. Read advertisements. They'll help you in lots -of ways. _--_

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