The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNK 11, 1930 BLYTllliiVlLLB, (AK1C) COUH1KH NliWJ Classified PAG5) SEVEN- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for consecutive Insert lorn: One time iwi lino 100 'IVo times per line per day .. 08c Three times per lino poi day . 06c Blx limes ner line per daj ,. 05c Month rate per line 60c lllimimic charge 60c Ads ordered for cnree or olx llniM mid stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times tlie i\J appeared »nd "<jiu>lment of Mil made. ill Classified Advertising copy siibinllled uy persons resldinc out- Bide ot tnc city must be accom- pnntcd by caslu, nates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising orocred' lor irregular Uu>ertioi)5 lake Hie one time rate No rcsponsnmnjr win be taken for more than one incorrect In- icrllon of any classified ad. Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction 1S3I FOKI) V-S FOKDOIv nidi Trtmli, 19:i(! lifcnsc, Xciv I'ainl iV Scut Covers $::os liW3 I'OItl) V-8. N'ew I'ainf & Scat Covers. jN'cw Tires ?27f> 13H3 CJIT.VUOUiT Molcr A-I. A TllDOU. goud buy 5285 i'j:u CHI;VKOI.I-:T c o u r E with Humble Seat. Motor & Tires O.K :'... $113 HI O N K V HACK GtlARAN'I'IiK \Villi livery It. & G. or Square Deal Car "l!(icu;li( From Phillips Malor Co. Liberal Allowanrc On Your 1'rcs- cnt Car l.oiv Finance . Charge Through U. C. C. Clciiic by and try any uf the above Care on our 18 Hours Money Hack Guarantee. Open Kvenin;s fnr Your Convc"- i<i:ce. Drive by Lots and Get Acquainted. Call S15—815 Cur Dem- onstration or Infill ination. Ask fur Grave;, Sliauks, Calvin "r PHILLIPS USED -'. ,:'.:/5tli & Waliuii' ", /'V/.i'iionc : 8IO or Sit '• " '\ Open at Nillht Ballcries' Business Directory |g uycrg j ^ {| ayc ^ Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN Mrs, J. J. I»ai is — spencer C'oreeJicr Call «i-\v for nupolntmcnts We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans. A few used desk fans for sale cheap Rarksdale Mfg, Co. Car to Fit Your Need At Reduced Prices f CIWVKOLlvT CCUI'U PHONE TRANTHAM TRANSFER, • CO. ' Moving 5Cc room'iip. Pianos $1 up , ;: PHONE 964 " ' :-:.• •; All our 1936 Patterns' ': WALLPAPER now on sale, at greatly reduced prices. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. 1931 FOB I) aiAs'iTi; I:OACH .. V-R CODl'K .... For Kcul Four room Junilsliort IIOM.W. lliri'f room imCunilstat house, subnrb- nn with garden plots. Apply CiiH- vcwil Mlliiy gtiitlcm, North o;i Highway 61. l'-pk-15 IQ30 1'ONTIAC SUDAN' 1030 1)E SOTO Kl'DAN —'1'HUCKS— in:u cni:vi(i)i,KT I>A N KI. TKUCK 3 CIIKVKOI.KT TIIUCK $191 V-8 !('• TON WANTED — f.U, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to SS ton Aluminum, Idu Ib. Brass, 2c to 4Kc, tb. Copper Wlrt, 4c to 5c Ib. Radiators, 4>/jC Ib. HIDES & FURS ,WOLF AKIAN PHONE 176 128 E. MAIN WIY CLOTHES NOW! 1'ay out of your litmus. Ci;O. MUIK, '1'nilor 201 N. 2nd FREE GASOLINE 1,000 Oalloii-s to Ik- Given A\v»y FREE To Our Cuslorncrs! Kvct-y nictuher of our Gasoline Dividend (!lub i*;in win from 1 (o 25 Gallons. When you buy gas :il Bailey's ask for ti menibcrsliJ[ c;inl. It tosts nothing:. HARRY BAILEY'S At Missouri State Line 10i3 I'O It 1) TKUCK Sl'ltlNGITKU) TKAH.KK, Dual \Vhrels S 3 roojn luniuilml ii|Kir(iiu>iit ivil'.i . bath. Newly decorated. Telephone ,t wnlur tree. Mrs. Dt'lle Wood, 120 Uougan. call 7S5-J. 11-ck-lf Cool hjdroom, •105 N. lironclM'UV. JO-ck-lt Six room unfiiinlsheil house. 903 K. Clicrry. phone 283. 10-uk-U a n lee I'l'lcc Furnished IJooms. ble. Call 'J7-J Be k!3 Cool front. HF.DROOM, Keasou- :ibh\ Hull. Call 280. lit'ktl 8(1 '"-'in hoii-si', funil.'iln.'d or n-'ivd. 2 b.lllis iiud : 'li u 11 Walnut, c. J, cr.i "i ;it. :r Shops HOLT'S HAUmJU SHO1' Mil S'Jiilh 2nd St. IIAIUCUT 20i-, SHAVE 1S C _ ]i:illi-Close 8 p.m.—shlno Salesmen Wanttxi Bars Belting •: . . t at --- . HUCH AH K H V Ull'l— A law, — , iuiiininn))i>-}>- ndopinl | JV (hi- ctmin- ' " has put an cud "( (l l»»|ioi'iloiK .mid lu«l ri uis™l several I'mlmtaiuMitx and suicides, To eombnt eliiiHli'stii (jiiinWiiij- lic '» s . wlilch are cjilulti ID Kprlnu "!'. ndk'leiitly the Huinnnl:m IX') )llrl1 '"' 11 ' of Justice 1ms ! l' ft ' l!1 ' l>"!l( v o squad on fin. na ftiul beltlni; |» liuiuniila wllh -Ilii' "'"'" " s ""' '»»'"«« "O-inen' 1 I'Xci'jitliDi of Ijoilliit: on iitcc linrs-i ""' Ulllll ''l Slnlcs. l ; 'w llir linn' in u ..... anla'.l ; hi N'iKI) ...Men from luvniy-nv '•'sty yrarv ulil \vlin wnn'ld h , "•I'-.l In Imvliis u'Ul, i,•*'!;,' „. . ''Islilf iHisIn^-s of (lu-lv cuvii.' ' *'• a "" M ): ;in<l fliili'riuliiiillini tj .si!.'o;'ocl '.• i !:ief factors, (i C. IIUimuLINCl co. 1 u - , Hliuiiiiln»lon. 111. iuy Others To Choose. From TOM LITTLE I'hone Shoe Repairing QUAI.ITV SHOE SIIO1' •' Men's Hulf Soles OOc, 75c, SI Men's Rubber Heels USc, 35c, 50o Men's Full Soles and Heels S2 Undies' and Children's Half Soles 50c and Gfm Quality HatcrlHts Laces any color. Free delivery service. 3 FREE Shines with half sole. Shoes Half Soled, 65c& up Strings with job, Ic extra SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TJ1UE JiMJK SHOU SHOP Next to B. T. Worthy's 5-rooiu unfurnished, house. Oil Park. Reasonable. Call 280, [i-ek-tf. .4 HH>m house, furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. Edwin llobtnson. Call 21-I-W. '.G-c-tf 3 l-'UKNIHHUH lloo'ms. modern. Sink in kitchen. 8M Ifra^n. COOL kc(l''oui]ij>, rKisoimble. Mrs. Jennie Craij;, 77(i. . 000 Main, Pliono (lini mil 1 of 800 fimillicj. Onlv u 1 i- jiiru nrnl aiiply, (.-;in <':\m i>r inoiv ivccklv. Nn nisli IT- 'il. Wiile to;lay. limvl.'inirs .. AKI-'-aT-X, Mcnu/.ils, 'IVnn. I,. '' li^.i Iniunn'.'iiiljl, , iJiilr; in iJiiohimvii mill (he fltli-s, Riuuunlii'it tiuuunci- Iwii'led ol (he must cli'sunl . Hi," royiil fuinily'K fiimmer rcslapiu-e In lln> niount.Uns, and Cunsiuntn, on the mark He.i )i:i(l the liiiibltlun of fum|i,'tln- even'n Monte carlo. " I'lUllnmriirs tlrustln net Ion wa:-' ntiiffj by ih,. )»,..(. nun ihe s ,i m . bliiii; nninia has •iwuninl aliinuiiii; Drs. Wert & Weri OPTOMETRISTS Over Joo Isnncs' Blow "WE MAKE 'EM BEE". Phono, 6M , .'... INGllAM apiirtmcnt, Piii'klnnsl Co. Inquire 28-ck-tf < room unfurnished houso at rit Vine. Call 208-J. 2-eV:-tf 3 i-oom FUliNISIlli'D iipiiilinent, inoili'vii. 1111 A.sli. Mrs. (Jooi-KO MiUti.cws. Call 201. ck-lf Ti:e di'feiulants. Mrs. .Minnl- Oil-mi mil Wiicluivln Hani; A- Trust as tl:c co-executors or tniMiTs III e'niii're of the;u : , O f W. K Oleim, (lecciisi'd. are li;>re- by v.iiriuul (o nppeur in (In- Mil- '"<• Court of lilytheville, Arkan*'"\ Mi.wteltipi Cntuily. wllhln lliiily dny.s :md answer the eonir |il:iiin«il ihe iiliiintilf. w. M. Burns. V/itmys 1115- ItniKl, us clerk of snld conn, and the seal fnertof on this third diiy «l jniie. 1038. Frank WhlLwoi-lh, clerk. •l-ll-lit-25 2 iHHirncmiK or a t\vn room fnr- nlshcHl apart nu-nl. licasonalik-, Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 llcarii. QNFUUNIKHED 4 room nparlment with Intli. Call 327, or 55 nt nleht. l!-ck-tf 508 N. dh " Room Apartment, 4 rooms furnished. J. If. Smart. Call S05-J 2c ktt FumLslinl 3-room House. Fifdi St. Couple Only. bullion contnlns 3000 beauty liarlrus. hnirihx'fisei's 1 , manicurists', nu:l niassiitje ebtablisluuciila. Knitlinp; Classes l-ucsdayii ,< 2::m Prlilnya, M w>.i INHTIJUO'I'IONH PHI' 1 !'' OUUKKS TAICKN roil "IIEHNAT" YAKN Mrs. Leslie Il(«>|n't- M'U A. 0, Ualoy Phone 7HJ si-iuVK;K ON Washed RADIO'-REPAIRING A t'onuilcto l.Inr, ol TulifS uuil I'nrls •HUB HARD & HATt'sny co. I'llONR 4?« Now Loculcil nt 101 North ScconO ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU IION liOWAUDg, 1'roprlclnr inalifs iii rebuilt Tyiicnrllers, Aililln ff Mncnlnrc >in) culafors-lteiialriiig—I'arls—Kllibun.i Always in the Market .for SCRAP IRON WOOL 'Rags, Mexalj" '^'~ Hides & Bones Hlythcyillc Iron & Melal Co At EETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Clime Tom Jackson's Service Station 221 W. Cherry Call M8 For Sale 4?CO credit on new Plymouth or Dodge nt 20 per cent discount. Call 158 before June 13. .2-pk-9 Living room suite, riig ?"d lamp. Sacrifice lor small cash payment. Lciirini; town. E. J. Griham, 620 Walnut. 8p kll Golden oak, quarter sawed, paneled office partitions. Eno\igh to jpnkc a beautiful division in n stoic or oflice. Bargain. Thomas Land Co. Coupon good for $50.00 payment on new I'Vmull Tractor. Will take $25.00 for it. .Thomas Land Co. FOR SALE—Used Ir.c Boxes and Klcclric Refrigerators. Broadway Sales Co., Ill S. Broadway. $!2!>.00 Credit on Kciv Chevrolet or used ear, value $400.00 or morn, lo buyer having no trade-in, G'^rl discount for cash. Box "AR' 1 Courier News. dh tf Good Used Trucks I'.'. Ton I'onl IMS— J'j Ton lord rick-Up !Mi— IJJ. Ton Chevrolet !!>.vl— J!i Ton international AH Iiavc Gooil Hlakc Bodies Delia Implement Co Certified Potato Plants Tomato, Pepper <fc Bgg Plants «. C. Hawks Cor. I>a):c & Main cr 520 Miidison BEAN A: TO,\fATO STICKS. ; .V fi IT. IX5NG, Hie EACH CHICAGO MILL. Eggs, Poultry Baby Chicks DAV OLD & STARl^TJ any day MAU1LYN HATCHERY Barksdale if g. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 10 A U, A 1.0N K— SnilYICH STATION TOIl YOIW CONVIiN'lF.NCK' SINCLAIR GAS AND UJlilUCATION WVSK.'I'HUUY in bluivgo of Service Du^arli I'.. U. .JOHNSON ii'i „, ol' Hotly Dcimilmcnl. Dm I M IMiniii;. Cii. Anil ire hitnilli. all l,?':idin» Hranil-i cf High (Iraili- Cnal— Similtl, (iiril Hcarl, llrllllnnf, niin:lh'i'ltu, elc. — HADIATOU ItlU'Alll — 1101) V WOKK -ruNDKii woiik — OI,ASS INSTALLED —AUTO W, T. BARNEH: A I'lymouth Dealer l'HONH'888 HEAR! If you have a biiriiil •ii.s.sociiilion eorlillc«to of iiiiy hind on ,yom- loved onus wliuu ihoy pasa inv:iy, we will nocopl II nl mil valiiu on the runonil, you Iniy us nm'eli us JGO or more in COBE FUNSEftAL'HOME , ' v . i'HONK 2(i! TH uw / ME6BS THIS SAWALLA LAMD IS SO SURROUMDED WITH BIGi REPFILES THAT MOBODYCAW GIT OUT, BUT I AINT OOMNA BELIEVE IT ,. TILUl FIMD OUT FOE /, MYSELF - Jmv ™ ^$m MIGHTA BELIEVED THAT VARW, IF OL' KIM& WUC 1-lADW'T SEEMED TBE QUITE SO INTERESTED IK) OOOLAJ...MOT THAT 1 GIVE A HOOT" —. ABCUT THAT-EUT- ON TH' OTHER HAUD - IF THERE JS A WAY OUT, IT'S HARDLV LOGICAL T BELIEVE HE'D LET ME GO WAtJDHClW AROUMD ALL BY MVSELF HE'D BE SUSPICIOUS AM' HAVE A • PLATOON OF GUARDS COGGIW ' 1 MY HEELS y l!y Hiimliii' ' uaii ny NtA SCRVICC. IHC. BOOTS AND HER I1UDDTES •, SIC,-TH' KlKJG SEKIT US TO ACCQMPAMV TOBEVER. SPECIAL, ESCORT- Character Loans from $100 to $2000 i-cpairt over n pciiod ol 12 to CO inonllu. No. red tape "nd low government interest rale. Sec E. C. Robinson Lumber Co SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co, Wall Paper SALE 103G I'ATCRRNH THEARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone -10 - STOVES STuiiliD FOTl SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Li Black But I treat You White JOHN BUCHANAN— PHONE 507 GUARANTEED ELECTRICAL WORK, reasonable. Flank Ga- Ijlc, IMionc 218, Osccola. Real Estate PAIOIS rois SAI.K TERMS UEASONABLE Located southeast Missouri ETHEL B. THOMPSON Cnrntlicrsville, Mo. Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry .- , 511 E. Main FOR. SALE CHEAP—HOUSES at 700 W. Ash; 337 & 339 S. Division, with paying tenants, BARGAIN for quick sale. Part cash v.ill handle. Mildred E. Cox, R. R. 1, Box. 24-A. • . tRE MORE ! OWE \i\MO ? i IM MS 1 V\tto,0\vi£ \w wy \-te\,.oue 110 MX SOKs^S , Wi 1 IW MV \ . WET TH' \KS NR'fc \AEKO ^? /.AJ i<\ lALF THE PEOPLE IN TOWM DROP THEIR -WORK Ll TO INVE^Tlf-ATE THE TERRIFC EXPLOSION? THK ADKKMATIi! — rw ' L*\t.\Mr\^^\v\ ^ BY lift. SfRVICE. IMC. T. 1.1. BtO. U. S, PtT, OFF GPHRE& MILK NORTH OF TOWV IHEV COMP U TO A E1& HOLE IN TT-iE &RSW6. By Cram i^BOV. THAT!;' ^\GULV ONE MAM 5£EM? TO.I6JQW WHAT HAPPENED FRECKLES AM) IHS^ KKIKNDS W ^ypiot-nki Y, KFSSF'i MCALLISTERS TRUCK MUSTA SLOWIM' .XFLOS-IONJ UP. HE'S AM OIL WELL SHOOTER.SEE, AND WfiS _ .... j GOO QUARTS' OP NITROGLVCERIN '.OVER TO MV-VVELL ATfoYF ROCK.FOOK FGLLER- MUSTA HIT THE BKIP&E. U. S. PAT. OFF. WHAT DO ^ v<M y V/E YOU DO | GET ' R|D WITH THE: J OF IT; RUBBISH S WHAT YOU GATHER I ELSE IN SHADY-y CAW YOU SIDE? /I rr,>,,rnj THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS ) MATTER^MAN! V/HAT i-TIME i WAS--rHE COL-^—^ LECTIOM MADE OW / ILL (• LOCKWDOD STREET/ HAVE TODAY? AMD V/HERE WOULD THAT RUBBISH BE? ' ALL-THE TABLE SCRAPS \ V/EU -, IM LOOKIWG i 11 ARE DRIED AND BURWED... \ ^ sc *^ £ BONES THAT ' THE HEAVY STUfrp . | S / V.'ERE LEFT RUW THRU A GRINDER/ Ity Blossct- ' RUBBISH CAW AT \ M C GOOSEY'S! *>TE / 4 • U^.lr' 4^,v» W ±-^M\i m:$Mk>L THIS IS O I/TMOST IMPCRT- AMCE.' I V/ANT THOSE BOWES. 1 THIS MAN WWS TO IF HAVE SOME BONES ¥• % iWV

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