The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLR (AgIL) COURIEB NEWS £•' .Social Calendar SATURPAY'6 EVENTS J. A. leech IjoBtCiS lo —.- luncheon complimenting ¥Hs Ruth Whitivorth, bride elect. ,5|illdreii of Confederacy meeting, with Mrs. Joe S. Dillahimty, 2iK> pm. Mifs Virginia-Terry to Wed Renkert Wetenkamp. .ijr. and Mrs. E. M. Terry nn- iwmce the engagement of their diiighter, Virginia, lo Mr. ncnk-erl Wenkamp. The dale of the »cd- dtag, which «ill be solemnized In Apfll. has not yet been set. i',Thc attractive bride-elect is n graduate of the city high school. ^Kd later attended the University M.. Arkansas, RiyettevlHe. where she specialized in piano. She has {Sittimied her Inured in nniuo ifld Is active In (he Muiic and A«l club here. She became u lumber of the PI Beta Phi ?o- rprily when at the \uiivei-sity. iCS Jr - Wetenkamp, who is I he son of Mrs. Claire Wetenkamp ut Memphis, received his later cdu- lation at Christian Brothers college of Memphis. For several y.ears. since moving here Irani Memphis, he lias been coiuicctecl with the O. O. Hardaway Couou Uanpajiy. 'E»Urlaihs club. '-Mrs. J. F. Lent! had the Thiirs- aay Contract club members and limes. C. c. Wood, Paul dreen- »«1!, Lloyd v. Wise, G. K. Grear, Meyer Grtber and Joe. S. DlUa- riuiity as her guests at the couu- m club. .Jn the card games Mrs. Baker .Wilson won lingerie for club honor? and the guast prize, hosiery. Sent to Mrs. Meyer Oraber. IJJA. congealed salad was serred JSJth nut bread and Philadelphia cheese sandwiches, olives and cof- IK. *0l Care Club Ott Sapper Diner. •-Mi-. «jd Mrs. c. C. Wood and _,,— »., OAH BlONDELL \\A5 B=EH HER. HUSBAND, GEOR.GP „ CRUIE HAO „ WORN THE SAME CAR Liixora .. Society — Personal | • ••• >- '•• U, tHHL'b On the same day Mrs. Elliot Pas, tiiiotlicr (liuiyhur, mul her son, Klllot, jr., leu f Qr their home I at Prescott. Ariz., alter u visit here. W. 1-'. Krnpf left last, Friday to- Piisaclcna. Tex., wliere lie joined his nii'cu, Mrs. Ch:ir!cs Manila *' V. ^. U. lo Visit Mo., • •• 11••«*!•**vwt of (he Baptist "cJiurch *-iii go to Mo., Sunday evening to c*ure.h B P v OBr « m ,r at thc Bapt!st -^ i 5' • p ' u ' meeting. .jTOA Tlpton will lead the pro- i. ". Missionary nd these, will Uike parr Walpolc, Clyde Wilson Pose, Houston Caudle , aue, Wikon, Estellc Hawks Em' - tions with the CWA, in the ollicu ol Russell Bowcn in Osccoln. A ^laj.lct, J'^licn l|\e New Min is uj, :vu Mrs. W. K. Hayes was laken lo Flint. Mich. . . . aen o the Baptist hospital at Memphis - ~f ••-• «iiitJv<iini mui JJL -•* •rr-jrr-"! -;|W«VIL m^- new .^m- i"' ] UgiHcr, Mrs. Illley P. Knlghl fo~ Jsicr AJTlVert ' In Town," will (H-| an wa'»in«tJOH by physicians who prk'scntcct ul the Unptisi chinch mt ""- tln ' f »" L - n - Bits oj News Mostly Personal Sara l.ou McCulchcj), who k 111 it the Memphis Baptist hof.pltal, •,i better today an<| will probably eturii home tomorrow. Mrs. John SmolhiTinan 1ms re- tiinii-d from 11 two weeks visit In ItK-kman, Ky. MKs Oiiui.- liutrlilm of Manila, who has been attending West 'iVtmeivscc State Teachers college HI Memphis and who has been lorced to discontinue her studies Ijeaiuse uf eye trouble. Ls visiting her .sister. Miss Clarice Kennedy, it Ai morel, for a week. Cieorp,e Williams of Memphis pi-ni a pan ol the week with Ms 'iiJiiily :it Annorc'l. Cicorce W. Durham i.s ill at his Home because of eye infection. Mrs. K. K. I*atinicr is nn\v much inprovcd tollowliiK two weeks III- L'.SS horn influenza. .1. I'. I-'rieml. who has hecn ill from inal.tliu fever for .••cvcriil lays, hus rcovemi. Jiinmie Tanner ol Helena, who i'.li Ills mother, Mrs. W. 13, Tuner is" visiting hero, Ls 111 from measles. They will remain here thiough nexi week inslcad of s;o- iii;; home ihls weekend a.s lirsl planned. Mr.s W. I,, llnrliev und son, JiiL-k, have gone lo Krnscit. Ark., to l)e with an aunt of -Mrs. llor- ner Mho Is critically ill. Mr.s. Farnsworlli Black and ...nighter. LJelly. arrived last, night lo be gucsls of Mrs. Black's mother, Mrs. A. M. Hint, until Tuesday. Mr. Black will come over Saturday for the weekend. Mrs. Butt, who had been in Memphis several days, accompanied them here. FRIDAY, MARCH . . Mrs. Jce Ashaln-auncr and Miss „. • —* " i «i*.mi>iii:> m.i.- /^jiiiu.aiinei ami AIISS iiiesday by her husband mid ], cr Thchmi Dudley left Simday niuht dnilClHCT-. Mrs Iflloi. o if i.. ,- !„,. iv....... ._:..:.. ,. . f .'"I"'"' lor Detroil, to join Mra. Ashabran' », i ' " . Btomeyer. »nd . Miss Edna Donus Ls reported do- tonight. Jliss Evil Oeo;-ge is cli- r " i'v^i/iKu ut. jcnerson _, - — - and Jlre. M'lirrrtcks. Dr. Bond rctunifd hom Thomas K. Hudson « ct e Ulythc- Sunday iciurned neic viilc visitors Wednesday. ' , _. . ' bli 'isc l>arty Tuesday aUcruo'ju ini' I'oplw Coi'liCr Club p,rtj-. '! the home of Mra. F. P. Jacob, in i Ark l.n,' B ' T " nncr of Helena. j Gr ' dcr - I <VrK., houseguest of her mother I A "'- ;lllt l ilrs- J. N. Hunt - M . ; . r ; if _ J - Malian. and other rela- • c °»'-panied their niece. MI-S. Uob , --- tvans Bero' has return-il to his i T ^ 5le ray Luncheon club. entertained by Mrs. J. - . rs o Taylor to her home in liuerucs.,, for Mr.s. c. w. ot a •-T 7r"-" cu " c '«o. -" r -s. i^. \v. Milflln, Mre ix, llls Mincncon »as sen-ed at a table' Spa!m ' Mlf » Elizaboih Spann and tUfcrl H CentCrpieCO Of Innnnllr i .AllS, F. M l^nnric nt«.,,,^nj . L. ITOI'I '"" ' SLSlCr ' Ml " S - Uo " arct L:i Camie and J. U. AUev of i im *_ land visited here Tnetduy Mr aim Mrs . Joc R li( . The Woman's Missionary Soci"l yof the Methodist church .served lo ^o members of Hie I.ious club Wednesday m nonn. Mrs. l>ete .Scott has returnee; fiom Dyci-ibnrg, Tern:., where she miderwetil „,, operation. She is doing well. F. M. bonds attended itu •• aturday night l, cr r. and Ted Km, s])cnt lh(1 ' Horncrsvillc Society-Pci-soiia ,i tliclr sisters, Mrs C nll( | Mrs. Fanuer . Maud. Oil,, ' . . ,, fo- « visit with their parcm* \I r ' •„•• MJ< • ' R. n,, rt &S market! the places ..Hosiery Wi « Mri m for i ---••• j win, * 1.1 uv^ 11 (.['I Ul IIT riand Mrs. E. G. Cope, and Mr. [Charles P. Kenncll. son of Mr MofS'.'and Mrs. T. X. Kenncti. wciu mnr- rc and ned Saturday inuiniui; ut tin- hand-! home ol the bride's erandinnlhrr. OelphiM, Meet. ..Mrs. oito anil- noni .-.-I Mrs. rs. T. w. ii: itev c N the : Gaines, pastor of the Mcthwksi church, performed the ccicmouy Beth young jwoplc arc j;ii'dii- ales ot Horneisville high .••ehoal Od,m, a m, i. lv ilh •"'•-• Miinay [tichai-rison Jodie Richardson " lB ' U ;l " (l Sina of was told by Mn MUahwity before a meeting. Wins- twin eUujhtei^, L nnsrs 'i 5 l7 lna . "'«»''!' society. Later li'u-y . . clore attrndcd suite Teacher colic:;? 1°' of Low Oik e S.|at Caiw Oir.uileaii niul \ikan--i-,' "" " able Siatc college ul Jonw-boro the Mrs. Kenneli is a talented iuu- ,iician, li.i/tnx won lir.~; y:uce in Mic Uunkiin cossiuy litrcary s-icrt her last year in |,1 S U - c continued her study Misses .\foy , „„,«„» E rn< " c school in the Co)du-.itci- ton- fohdalioti. while his wife LS fourth _ u- ftUond'th, burntaj ol "^ 5choot ^ rc eet.'ri!,: M00 ooo g«ve Z^OO ittwenb but on- VKaJioa since grade school;, Sradc teacher school lierc. lasses. In Uodoiv it U possible to ' r™-.—"^ •* «^ . (KAaiuic 10 cMmt ' more bicycle* than motor cawat lome oi th« busiest traffic P**- • ; • -. ; • i i' 11 -m In the Central Mrs. W. E. nuflln, Mrs B K Runin and Mrs. w. u. Rufliii "epped in niythevilie ]ast Friday. Mrs. J. Uilher young ami little daughter, Luna Doris, an- viytu-.* Mrs. Young's parents. Mr. and Mrs. EL. Caraway, at Manila this week. Mr*. Raj- Sloan and little daughter returned to their home at Col- llervllle, Tenn., Tuesday' nficr two weeks visit with-Mrs. Sloan's par- .....,,. , .. -••• -^l^nl Saturdu; • r "l uilh his brother. Odir Tav'- ln ' "' Loi.o O.ik. Lloyd Tlio:np.von baby i Richardson nr.i o ,. wiiu Blue Star Ki Us Itchy Ringworm ' V. 1 "•"»'<"•' Blur St.ii- Oinlmcl Holland News Notes Mr. and Mrs. C. p. Jenkir.s er- lertuined about 30 guests uilh a parly fiance ai their home west o' Holland Saturday. Mrs. Bill Browning oi Luxur., was i he euest oi honor at an informal party given by Mrs Harold Ci-a-.vford Wednesday cvei:;m: at the home of her mother Mr- Siiin Docker. Basil Edu-nids of St. Loui.- s-pi-r I he week VM \ »t |,omc. He w',, .•)rco:ii[Kinicd by Willet Raid', and by little Jackie. Abbott, rwvii „; I St. L<i:ii.s. Jackie reinaiucfi lo>- i 'i-Mendid VLSII with Mrs. Kdii.-irri-' Bill Oakley jr. of Cooler i>r.:l I Hiwvcr «vre in Now Madrid 1 1; ,->,. day mi bU-sitie.', 1 -, Ornl.'e fit-.nus has returned I:,,- .••cicral weeks visit with n-la'n!" in Arkansas. Mi-.-s. .M. | { nailcy is i-x-|x:i-!.i! :,,. "'turn this wrek from Me-m-..iv ' wi-hrn she tins s]:c-nt [wo t,.;, with her daughter. Mr.t. Fl.,,,,..,- Mrs. Prirc Taiurn. who h.i, I-. . M'l-iously ill witii tonsilltls. i s ';.„'-. Mtfs Vera Hii-h;,, rt accomi\,:,.-v Mrs. Johnnie Philhps of s-.v . Miss Wadclto nf yu- c |p a , K \ [.;,.' Up Khoury of ll-iyn IH'MI--.^" last 1-Ylday [o uitcl-.ri ;,' ^.".' Mr. .iml M:-, Ernesl Wcrk, . *^f. Mo. wore m;ests n: M -' i.d Mrs. John .VorUiern \Vrri:.,.... Appruximately a year are i^ue Mbrarie.! In England ( Tresheasthc mouth < ..Srotlics the Idroat Hrmorrholrts inirM r , Ir( .,i without tho Id.ifc. other r<-r- lal diseases treated. Varieoscd veins (rcxilcd non-surclcaily. DRS. NtES & NfES SH W. Main Vhonc 98. W.lch! Don't * Klin, ..'lammed „„ Price and W.lght-An Ilanfed Cash I^ Sli B AVith tVh ,>« rchase , LIBERTY CASH GROCER! Specials for Saturday anri ivionday SUGAR. 10 Pounds 4fV LETTUCE, Large Firm Heads. Ea. 5c GIiEENS, Turnip or Mustard. Ktincli 5c TOMATOES, Fancy Ripe. Pound 8c L »rge Bunches. Each 5c Fresh Garden. Pound 4c HELLJWPERS, Fancy. Pound JUte NEW POTATOES, Pound RADISHES, Bunch UEETS, Large Bunches. Each Gc CAULIFLOWER, Pound GREEN BEANS, Texas Stringless. Ib 9c Pound EGG PLANT, Pound 12c SHALLOTS, Bunch 4c POTATOES, Red Triumph. Lb. 2*/ a c CABBAGE, Texas Green. Pound 2c GRAPE FRUIT, Large Gc; Medium 4c APPLES, Large Winesaps. Each 3c ORANGES, Dozen 15c ONIONS, Red or Yellow. Pound 4c LEMONS, Fancy Si&'e. Dozen 1 9c FLOUR, Wilson'. Bcst.JSKl'Ja.Wg KRAUT, Libby's. No. 2% Can 12c SPINACH, Ark Special. No. 2y 3 Can 13c HOMIN Y, SXoaf or V.Camp. No. 1 5c KIDNEY BEANS. Joan of Arc. Can 7%c CHILI or Ta males, El Toro. No. 1 can 9c CORNED BEEF, Libby's. Can 17c STANDARD, Pot. Mea^J^iennaJu; SALMON, Rosedale. Ked. Flat Can lie PICKLES, Sour or Dili. Quart Jar 15c TUNA FJSH, Every Day. Can lie MACKEREL, Salmon Style. Can 8c PICKLED PIGS FEET, Quart Jar 23c CATSUP, Golden Sun. 14-0/. Bottle lie MUSTARD^ Marco. Quart Jar IQc WORCESTERSHIRE Sauce, Canova 13c PEANUT BUTTER, Peerless ; CATSUP, Libby's. 14-0?.. Hottle 17c CHARCOAL, Heat brand. 7 Ibs. 2 for 15c SOAP CHIPS, Clean Quick. S-lb. pkg 32c CLEANSER, Sunbrite. 2 for 7e FLOUR, Hi» c [{ Unn y t ' *-*£ g* ...... «r MATCHKS, Pet Brand. Box 3V 2 e STERLING, Macaroni - Spaghetti 3Y 2 c OATS, Good Luck. 55-oz. Carton 14c BRAN FLAKES, P os (s. Pkg. IQe CORN FLAKES, Miller's. ^; r &.-.^c COFFEE, Sunny Brook or Canova. Ib 27c BRAN FLAKES, Miller's. Pkg. 9c COCOA, Our Molhurs. 2-Lb. Carton 17e MtLK, Van Camp. «i Small or 3 Lgc. 17c COFFKK, Morning Bracer. Pound 18c Peanut [Cutler, Sunny Brook. &/ z oz. 5c CK ACKERS. All Crisp. Lb. lie; 2 Ibs 19c SOUP, Phillips. Tomato or Vegetable 5c COFFEE, RamcrLane. Pound 24c SALAD DRESSING. WESSON OFF WUI > Mayonnaise ., ~ aauiN UIL » M'»r. 88, vuiue All f op 49c RedHcart. PINEAPPLE, Libby. No. PEACHES, Libby's. No. COKN, Royai Gem. No. 2 Can > Rosedale. R.T 2V, can 18c PORK & BEANS, SOAP, P._& G. or Crystal W. 10 for 27c or Life Buoy. SOAP, Woodbury's Facial. PALMOLIVE BEADS, SUPER SUDS, 2 Packages Regular. Bar 2V 2 c GINGER ALE, BLACK PEPPER. 4 oz. 7c: 2 oz. 3y 2 c SALT, Jefferson Island. iy 2 Ib pkg SUGAR, Brown or Confectioner. Lb 5c TOILET TISSUE, Watdorf. Roll FLOUR, Mary Jane 12 Jbs 47c; 24 Ibs 85c 9_LKO, All Brands. Pound 9c SURYP, Staley's. 5 Ibs 26c; 2y z Ibs 15c SORGHUM, Tennessee Made. Gal. 59c MEAL j __ 24-Lb. Sack 41c CAKING POWDER. FliLo. 2-lh. ^^ SALMON, Uoscdalc. Mcd. Red. Can 16c SNOW_DI{IiiT, 3Lbs. 37c; fi Lbs. B9c HA1V1S, Swift' Host o r Cho|).s. S, Nice and Lean. Lb.'li LARD, n cst Compound. PounH FRYJERS. Milk Fed. Full jjACON, Sliced. Swift or Armour. Ib 15c SAUSAGE, Hamburger, fine for Meat.Loal'. Lb. 8Vk ESK. No. 1 Wis. FiiH Ih 2flr CHOPS, End Cuts. Lb. 15c «EKF ROAST, Tliick Kil). I'ouml Slioiililrr C'liHl, 1'on 15c 170 fed. Full dressed. Lb. STK lj 'itund. 1.uin m SALT MACKEREL, Large Size. Ea. 15c PICKLED PIGS FEET. ilor

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