The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUR1KR NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1938 Advances Ideas For Ulili/.- ing Unused Space In Some Homes Why' not add a room to your home this spring? you don't have to go In for expensive remoutllng or alterations; because it you will look nroiinii, the clinnces arc yon will find some wasted .SPACC that can easily be made into a useful, convenient, extra room. You know, of course, the wonders that can l;e wrought in cleaning out, basements und putting in rumpus room.?—but did you know that a little Ingenuity will turn a smnll pantry, a liltle- uscd hallway, or a closet into a cozy breakfast nook, an aUrarit- Ivi- powder room, or runylje a Pnl I in on bedroom? For Instance, a narrow table with bench miming lenfllnvise down one side of (lie room -like the t.ide (null's nuil wall seats now so popular In restaurants— will help convert unused rpacc lu- lo a eoiH'iJjiciil lltl!i' )«c:iklnst nook. In making this transformation, you Ciin use uluss lo obtain many striking decorative ef- tects. Ijiif,.- minors on Ihe i/p- JJOfllP V.'lll) Will five ill) air >il : iKiciousnw.s and will rdit lilts and sparkle. I'fiwiler Kfjiiui Cr perhaps then- is a large clothes close! right oil your en- tiance ball, where- such odds and inds ;]:, old rubbers, \voru-ont raiixxwls, golf nails, lenni.'; rackets and a genera] hodve-podsje jij.'.I will ncciimuJale. Why net elenn (his r.-- out und j Kivc Ihe junk man a thrill? And why not giro yourself ,t Ihrlll ami plena- your guests no did by i imttJnK (he clo.set ijito a down! stairs dre&slng room, or even a [nn:dl extra buth. TJ;C Jii'st step, of course. Is to yw ^ tjcw con. PAINfiNOW and pati far it .,p.rf . monthlij income/ L C. Robinson Lumber Co, rlinne UK) kucick o'.il the shelves und panel (he walls with mirrors. Thi> not only makes the room look linyer, l.ut Is quite a help in solvlni; the j problem uf mlu|iiul<* daytiuie Hlu- inlniiliou. If yon are inulilnij a dic.ssiiu! roc/m, u Itllle ingenuity In selecting the furnWiini;:; and nri'iiJH'hVi ihem bi a .spar:e-tuvlnij jniiniier Hill i/|)e;j iihnosl millm- ! Itetl pu;.slbllltles lor maklm: tin! room 01.e of Ihe most u'trnctlve In Ihe entire house. N'iu'i-1 lleilniom Up 1 titj.-.s you i-ini <io ll/f? .Mum; with a dies;lui5 room all your </«n. II not completely covered ullli iiiiri'iir. 1 ; the v.'ulls ol your dri-.'.viiiv, room i.hould, at kast. be !iHii-riiu.'i!y pimi'lod with (Jjein; toe It Is heie, (jf all places, that you want in j.tudy yourself und con- fliler Ihe entianclnii possibilities uf <lres.s ajid iouke-up. Your yoiuiij son or (hnifjiilof wlshlni: :i room of their own will I.e delighted with a snviti I'ull- iiinn hid room that ean readily be made from a tiny upstairs hall- nay. Or If you prefer a imullcui flfeit, why not llx this i.|iace up like a ship's cabin? In either CHS';, use mirrors lo ylve the elfecl ot spaciousness and to guiti a brlyht, cheerful «luios|)hero. And for the r.ed, an Ideal type Is one that (Minus down from the wall—like the ii|i|ii-r berths in a sleeper. What youngster wouldn't level In such an nrrnngcjiiciit? FROM ONE TO A HONORED Fill your home with lively txauly borrowed from the gay outdoors! Spread sunshine n cheer everywhere. Let nature provide tlie motif. Pick a color— any color. Whatever delicate petal shades or bold, daring tones you select, Pittsburgh will matcli accurately ' ,,, ,' :1C am «wn-to,, K l - cololful Klst « to Pa'nlBl floors. WATERSPAR rings new beauty to woodwork and trim. And with these qmc-c-drymg finishes any room in your home can be redecorated in a WALLHIDE For beautiful walls and ceilings. Wide variety of soft-tone and semi-gloss shades. FLORHIDE For painted floors. Gives n gleaming beauty that won't scuff off in a hurry 1 WATERSPAR ENAMEL For woodwork and furniture. Quick drying. Easy to apply. SPECIAL TWO WEEKS ONLY-ono W.lltild., on* Flo,Kid. on« W«terj|>«r Enamei will be offered at lh« special money-living prieeol HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. ' PHONE 32 19 Years of Service and Square Dealing Simple Bui Aitractivc Famous Arcliilect Presents Plans For Home Builders Service the regulated sunlight. ventilation and ample „ . .if possible. Generally, windows should be open night and day during fair weather and whcij It Is cooler outside than Inside. During hot. sticky weather or long «Y KOHEKT (JH/VLMEltS 'The Small Homes movement Is most effective step that could be Inken for the protection of America from the possible economic and social storms of the future." That statement, by one of Am-. erica's sociologists, provides Ihe reason why the nnt.lon's leaders in economic, social and financial circles have Joined vigorously with the building industry in Hie development ot the Small Homes movement. In other words, giving Mr. and Mrs. America, their ' small son, Johnny, and his sister, Betty, a safe, attractive, comfortable homo in which lliey may live economic^ ally is one of the most vital Jobs Hint can be done for the country. Mr. America wants p. home In which he cnu relax out ot business hours. If It's close to golf, green, fields and rolling hills, so much the a27 Ensl 15th Street, New York better. For Mrs. America, it must ( Cit 5'. wlil furnish monthly to mem throughout Housing Question Box Q. The floors of my house show i rainy spells the windows should be signs of "sweating." How can be corrected? A. It is evident that your floor is unusually cold and is apparently of concrete or some other masonry material. Warm atr containing a relatively high percentage of moisture will give np or condense some of this moisture on the floor, producing what appears to be sweating, when It conies in contact with the cold surface of the door. This condition U not ensily controlled. The most feasible remedy is wcll- closed, as the outside air at those times Is likely to be more moist than the nlr In the house. Q. Will cutting additional win- clows in an old house weaken the walls? A. Not necessarily. It will deppm! greatly uixm just where the windows are to be placed and what striieturul members are alfuckd. Cure should be exercised to sec (hat no bracing members are cut or, if so. that adcmmtc substitute reinforcement Is Installed. Where studs are removed, bridging must lie provided over the opening and additional studs installed at the sides of the opening to adequately cuny the load. 1 suggest you consult a reliable builder on this matter. wavered in his Interest In the small Jin which Mr. and Mrs. America and house. Today he Ls architectural l their family lived today. Especially advisor to the recently • "' "'- ' ' " ~ JIomc-Bullders' Club. formed ' s this true of (he roof and shut; . The . Home-Builders' Club is ... 'organization national In scope, de signed for cooperation ters on a small home such as The roof of this home is parllcn- archUccls. builders and builtling materials dealers throughout the country. The club, directed by Harry L. Ornff. with headquarters at scope lie- Inrly wo " slllt * <1 lo U»e mineral- wlth 'local I Sllrfllcei1 ns l ) "»lt shingle, not only 1 building becailse of the tasteful and attrac- 'tve nppearance and color so well uc a home first of all comfortable for her family; then a pleasant place in which to entertain. For Johnny und Betty. It must be reasonably clo,se to schools, parks and friends, and with room for parlies. Today, with the stimulation of the new National Housing Act, Mr. and Mrs. America find it more practicable than ever before to build and finance the smnll, medium-priced house or to modernize Die home they already own. Such far-reaching organizations as the National Retail Lumber Dealers' Association and the National Lijin- ber Manufacturers' Association tire leading the way hi the attempt to hring such homes within rcuch of as many millions of citizens as possible. It's a building movement embracing all America, the significance of which cannot be exaggerated. One of the country's outstanding architects who has interested lilm- in the .small house is Ran- dolph Evans of New York, designer of many large public buildings throughout the. United Stales. De- •pttc other preoccupations of IDs bers throughout .the country a portfolio Including new home designs by Mr. Evans and complete working drawing of at least one house each month. ; Above, is one of the homes, an attractive and colorful southern colonial, designed by Mr. Evans for the Home-Builders' Club— and for Mr. anil Mrs. America. It Is generous in the size of its rooms', with an ample living room and dining alcove, kitchen and entry on the first iloor, along with two comfortably .sized bedrooms nnrt bath on the second floor, all conveniently reached through the central hallway. A very attractive feature, of the living-room Is the provision of full-length windows for easy access to the little garden hi the rcnr. U|istairs, there is much more than (he usual closet room to delight the heart of the afore achieved by these shingles but even more because of safety. The lire- resistant quality of the asphalt shingle provides comforting and lasting protection from roof sparks -,nd roof fires. For a home of the above type, one of the various pleasing shades of green or brown available in Hie nineral-siirfarcd asphalt shingle s suggested. As a parting'word of ndvice, Randolph Evans suggests: "See mentioned Mrs. America. And yet, . . , overall, the cubic foot content of Ihc house is slightly under 16.000 feet, making it an economical home to build In any section of the Unit ed State-s. Tasteful, harmonious, well select- ^tn.* -\T t^. . ' "—^"". "ninujuiviiA, wen select- sion. MI. Evans has never ed color Is Ihe keynote of the home A new roof costs far less than you think .. Let us estimate F. H. A. Financing E.C.ROBINSON * LUMBER CO. lu i r our local architect.' He is 10me-builder's best, friend." the Inspect House Before Painting Before a frame house is given a of pnltil, Hie siding and corner boards should be Inspected, joints liny have opened as a result of stresses and strains set up during ihango of weather. A few nails Iriven nt the proper points will as- ™t in keeping out moisture t\m\ jrovide better iasulation by mak- the house tight. CWPLETEPUIS OF SPEED Majority Of Mortgage Requests Accompanied By Specifications j WASHINGTON. 1). C.-The vast majority of new-construction IJOIHI> mortgages Ijeinj submitted to the Federal Housing Administration for appraisal are accompanied by adequate plans and specifications, a reversal of the situation in the early duys of the pro-iram. Administration olflclnls attribute the Improved condition to a number of factors, principal among which Is the educational inlluence of the application of localized minimum construction requirements a 11 d property .standards. In view of the expected increase in the number of applications involving Ihe construction of new houses costing $«.ooo or less, the submission of adequate plans and specifications is of great Importance. | "Lenders, builders, and architects have come during the last three years to appreciate the neccs-1 slty for submitting carefully drawn ' and complete plans and specifications," an PHA official staled. j "In Die early days of the program one of the most frequent causes for delay in processing casca was the caliber of the architectural' drawings and omissions in the' .specifications. "Time and again it • was neccs-, sary (o delay action on cases until; additional Information could be obtained from the builder or the architect. Foiiwintely, one or two experiences of this sort,were quite sullicient to demonstrate to the builder or architect in question the necessity for making plans anal specifications conform to standards.. "Some few cases are still subject to delays for this reason, und some few sets of plans fail to meet minimum construction requirements in one or two respects. In general violations of this kind are of u minor nature, and we nre often able to issue Ihe commitment with the condition that the plans be changed to meet minimum standards or requirement*." Much of'the Improvement is attributable, also, to the conferences with building groups which have been held throughout the country. Builders have, come to appreciate the importance of good design and sound construction, particularly in the field of -small-house construction. Roljinson's Drug Store j New Color Scheme Undergoing Modernization Freshens Old House ^ I KOjImon's drugstore is to haw- rjciKifnlin* will .,'vc i house a S U 5,.Tto I heT! Ul!lIlli r °" t " C «'»W «C«!& apjS.ce I is s fr ed u, i modc ''" ! "'''' Wo ' k A fresh color scheme will make unv ••'-•M lo?,t V,", lie mnojel ' '""""•• )ook ••»"»>•<"•• °" c f '»«"y Oder, M, M 'T' ! V" 1 ""-" li "" <Jht " s '""" "°«"-' »»<! )""«W "y Wi.'i(loj ' •" ; "-' 1 ' ''"'"• " lvhile - '""-' »"»"<"•» w-'i'e painted .' " ' ''lack and window boxes were a Kcpurs are also be-in- m:i:le, sui-h bright red. The front door was also reenlQrrinu the bricks with new red. .Sated'' lil ° illU ' lk *' '' ;i " '"'' "-''"'^ f'f repninth:. n h«msc may The builr'm,, i- „ . ''"' l)i ' li ' i " wi "'"I" 1 the Property 1m, iiic LiiiK.m,, h n .,,. m ,,| ,, y A T J)| . nveIlltlU f . rcm pl!jll ul (|ie ',, V(( j '" era! Housing Administration. V How About Remodel Ben T. Mays' Hearn Street House The residence of Mr. and Atrs Hen T. Mays, at 1020 West Hearn .street, Is being remodeled into a more modern residence. The work Is expected to ue completed in another week. Partitions have been moved to change the .size of rooms, closets are being added to ench of the five bedrooms, a down stairs bathroom is being added, the house is being replastered and painted throughout. The outside of the house was repaired and repainted when Mr. and Mrs. Nfays purchased it .some time ago, Head Courier News Want Ads. SPECIAL WHILE THEY LAST 1938 Models BATTERY SET R. C. A. and ZENITH RADIOS at our WHOLESALE COST $Q99 ^ LATE MODELS IN USED TRADE-IN BATTERY RADIOS BATTERIES ONK LOT OF USED ELECTRIC TABI.K and CABINET Values Ui> In $15 RADIOS PHONE 100 AHtANSAS We- Oo The Re-3-t $4.99 $7.99 $9.99 $14.99 HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Main ,fe Fifth .1. \V. ADAMS, M E r. Phone 233 Your Kitchen? of on-' tti.sfomers ;trc> ;ny tlioir kitchens or niakin;;- oilier improvements with low i n L(> r (!K I loans. Wo can liclp yon oh- t;iin a !o;,ii iimt jilan your \vork. Consult us. UEMOJ»ELIN(;, OJ{ CON'STRUCTION ON I'HA TURAJS. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. —PHONE 40— BEFORE YOU PAINT... INVESTIGATE! fp^ioo^ , . , .. iresh and new when il s firsi painted on, but how will il look months <?WP J hal ' 3 ' he T^slion! And in Sherwin-Williams SWP House Paml you'll find ihe answer... longer laslmg beauty and protection that you can c,e/ horn only Ihe highest quality paint made. Drop in for our free color card today. SHEKWIH-WILUAMS SWP HOUSE PAINT Per Gal. in 5 Gal. Cans Finance Your Painting with a Federal Housing Loan SHQUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE PROGRESSIVE STORK" J. W. Shnusc Phone 35 Wilson Henry SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS

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