The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE .TWO NKW8 SATURDAY, DECKMBBK 20, 1030,= LAKE STKKET METHODIST =\VEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Meaning of Jesus Eor Peace Society Monday Tho First. Prtsbylerian church will have d'. Christina; parly" for its adult - Members ui 'the 1 , social rooms of. -the church at 7:30 o'clock. Bits of News Mostly Personal; F. Klrshner, ami family. On Sun : rlny, December 28, he will occupy I i «•••» pulpit o7 the First Presbyterian , church as Is his custom when vis- ; King here. ' ! Mrs. W. Leon Smith and children I Mill leave Monday for Pino Uluff • where they \vlll visit Mr*. Smith's j Charles A, Slubbs and his luolli-! parents. Mr. Smith, will 80 over: Will Open Suulio W. J. I.c lloy, Pastor Sunday school 9:45 A." M. Pleaching 10:50 A. M. Eptvnrth T,c?.guo, G:30 P. M. Preaching'. 1:15 P. M. The IntemalioMLtl Uniform Sunday School Lesson,for Dec. 21. The ! .Meaning of Jesus fcr 1'eace. Luke 2:S-20. The Royal Neighbors will have a' er, Mrs., p. L. stubts, have gou: io Christmas Eve. Cr.rUtmas party" at 1:3<) o'clock. . "Tuesday The beginners, primary, Junior Farniinjton. Mo., [er a ten days T. G. Sea! and O. P. Moss arc| visit with relatives. j rolurnhig (Oday from n two days Dr. and Mrs. C. T. Morris have] business- trio to IronUin, Mo. and interni<'dlate aoi artments o' ns their guests Mrs. Morris' pat- j Miss Nellie Johns, who attends the First Christian church 'Sunday - wits, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Selscr, of '• UnlMi university. Jackson, ftnn.. School will'hare'a Christmas party, Shreveport, La. • : . ; ' -| arrived last night to visit her-par- at the hall at 3,:30 o'clock, Groups Formed ' ' For Programs .Officers and app'rlnte'd leader of the semigroups pf'the Men's Club Of the First Presbyterian church meet at. the church .Friday evening for a conference, with the pns- tor, the Rev. Marsh M. Callaway. Leaders selected for seven groups, with seven members in each division, are: Spiritual Life and Evan- gusta, Ga., lor a part of the Chtisl gelism, Roy Walton; Foreign Mis- mni holidays. Mr, and Mrs. J. A. Ulmer will! cuts, Mr. and Mrs.'N. Johns, lor spend rest, week in Springfield,-JI1,! the holidays. Farnsforlh < Black nltendod ijlo Cert Lynch Jr., arrived today business- In Memphis yesterday.' ' j from the University of Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Risers will I Columbia, to sp;nd ten days with go (o JackE:n, Tenn., next week for, his parents, a visit-with Mr. Uogcrs 1 . parents. ' Walter Qrsm left yesterday afternoon for Hamilton, Ohio, having been called there because of tkc critical Illness of his brother. Mrs. John B. Lane will no to An- Miss Sallie M. Crowe will go to Batesvllle, Ark., Wednesday for several days visit with her sister. Tom Mahun, who Is a student at: Western Military Institute nt Alton, | III., will arrive in the morning for| ' By W.H. E. GILROY, U. D. Evening fiuhject: 'The Light; toiler of The CoiijregaHunalisl That Led thc Wise Men lo Christ.' 1 j Discussions of peace have a ne* The cvnilnj service will be "A i status irr the world since Ihe slgn- Star-Llglit Service" very realistic, ing the the Kellogg Pact. By inal You arc cordially United tc all our;Keliogg Pact, In which 'almost all Sunday services. . the nations of the world have , . legreed lo renounce war as u metn- | FIRST I'HIiSMYTKUIAN C1U,'IIC]I> <„, al settling'infonational disputes Marsh M. Callaw-ay, faster : t he world has definitely approved Sunday school, 0:45; A. M. Ray; an ideal, even though the world Wo-lhlnglon. supt. "A Class to n]ny st ni be ,. atner Jnr / rom lt tn 'tjir> needs of every individual", practice. Ohurcii, u A. M. sermon sub-' The Manger and the i Throne". Louis Echols will sing a ChrWian Endeavor society, C:30 ' Christmas pageant. 7:30 P. ^^.' • I was glad v.hen they said, let The cynic and the thoughtless crllijc may se < e r in this a futile jjes- lurc of nation^ still al bottom very, '' ' us go into the house of the Lord". mtlllarlsllc In'spirit. He may e'veu, go so far as to regard it as a piece of hypocrisy while the-nations'still spend so enormously • upon the," „ 'maintenance of armament ahdiuuV ,, itary establishments. a visit with his parents. • Mr. and Mrs. Alvlii Huffman and sicns, George R., Crocket^, Home! Mr. and Mrs. Cecil While plan daughter, Jetlyc Claire, left today Missions, Torn £ecoy sr.; Christian' to spend a part of the Christmas fcr Princcon, Ky., for a ten days " . - -i. ,.,.„. , -,., ... Education^ and Ministerial Relief,' vacation at Clarksdelc, Ark., with I stay with relatives of Mrs. Huff-Bourses In harmony, voice, sight hark. My Soul', and the c'.wIVs , lore, or without value that tne na- Ernrsl M. Jones studio of music, to nilST METHODIST CHURCH ! But all progress copies through : I 1 . Q. Horic, Pastor ' lfl e contemplatjou and pursuit, of '• Sunday school, 9:45 A. M. : unrealized ideals. M?n see some- Chinch, 11 A. M. Sermon sub- thing as a desirable end today that ject: "A Christinas Message". Mrs. j tomorrow or the day utter they ; cjr.orgo • M. Leo and Mrs. P. • Q. j will come -a. little nearer attaining. fea,lui-f liorie will sing a duel "Hark. H is not without meaning, (here- J. Nick Thomas; Religious Education and Publication, Ross Stevens; Stewaitfshlp of 'Possesjloni, T. J. Mahan; 'Christian Social Service, R. F. Kirahner. For the.morillily programs next • year a»ch group will be In'charge Mis. White's parents. Mrs. J. \V. Binford and daughter Mits Fannie Mat', of Brownsville, Tenn., arrived yesterday lo be with Mrs. Edwin Robinson and family following the death of Mr. Hobin- spn Friday morning. of a meeting with ''the first to b«| R.- P. : Klrshner transacted busi- held Friday,' January 23. I ness ln'"Mcmphls Friday. Officers of tho recently •'formed. Dr. nnd Mrs. L. T. Smith ol Chl- organizalion are: Zal B. Ha'rrlsoij, ! cnyo visited Mr.' and Mrs. J, H. president; R. F,, vice! Fisher' 'Thur^hy and Friday en- president; pi*ie Crawford,., secrc: I routa . j ram - 50ul |, em poinU toPrett- tary; H.. A. Smith, treasurer.--, V erlcktojrfi.. Mo,, where, -they will •" =•' " '- •' •* "' • - ' - . 'the holidays.- Htnsoa-Vinfey. . " ', M!is BobDle '-lee King,, .who at- Miss Dee .Manley aud Mr. Floyd j t cr ,j s y lc p ar j s ], Bc i 100 i qj' W'nros, Henson,..both-.ofih.(>r.5.. werjp marjrisii ia.,._ w i[U^. avt ivo liomo Sunday by Justice' 1 Oscar" Alexander today • • . In this ''.city. : .'''.'•'.- • ~ i i, -~ * • ' , • • • - •' * , *•' ' To Hav*JXrhas lo spend the holidays villh her sister, .Mrs. Samuel • .F. .Morris, and family.!';. •' Mrs.>'.'H. 'A. Burel, of Atlanta, o HartJ Xmas Pqrty.;. . . , /l - .- , .- Mrs.i'jH. A- Burel, of Atlanla, The Royal;Neighbors'.*i.Hihr|Ve,a Ga./arrlvcd 'insf.night to be. with hrlsnnni-.jiji.-n-. r '''''.•..•"'v,-'^:]her faUier. R. !l. 'Ov.-eii, of Lusor.i, ay evening'Hi^i' . ••• •{"•.-'"^ I who . is In a. serious condition at iring will'ten; ..:.•.-.-;• .,;i • ;i't\ [he 'aivihevllle hosnltal. Ch day fering if BlyUievillfi •-.; , •;'.-'. -'; :; :' An Interesfihg ''.-iitei liirtiirierit has ! the 'Clifford hospital. -'Fisher, who nllemls Joriesboro college: at Jonesborol has been arranged by the comrqlltee in returned home for the holidays, charge. v ''''',''•';'•••"' •-'•'{ Mrs. Robert E. Lee King will ar- i riva home Sunday- night from Mon- Doreas Class to Have . , roc> u ^ wllcr , S , 1D has ^^ sisjt . Easiness Session Sunday. •, : ; ••- ing her daughter.-MK. Roy A, Dean The Dorcas Sunday school-c ass and family.for. the past len weeks, of the First-. Baptist- church' ,\vil • Ml55 uufc scott of Memphis is have a brief business session Sun- j j he guest of ' Mr . aiui Mr5 V - c Han day mprnlng. - preceding th ?] ;cl*s5. | a ,,a family for several days.' to which each memheOl urged to) ifo, Matlha'.3aker..siudent nurss & "* IK| -, .,,.,. v ,,., " .;;:., • i" 1 .'. 1 ? 6 .Blylhevlllc hospital, has rc- Cirele'2-rf--Ui<.- Wiin.4n'6_-Mision-t j - --judge; c."L. Mo:re;who has been ary union _ pi tre .TV™, nannst •, cr(iicriuy ."ill for Several i^e'ks, is church will not meet Monday ac- ila better. cording lo announcemont made by [ Mr. "and Mrs! E M. Huffman and ihe chairman, Mrs. T. H. Haynes. | Dilly dallies molorert '<o Memphis ' ' ' i Friday fc:- Elberi Huffman who Is Ccuncy Council L>; Hiring Parly Today. The coiinly council of farm women, made up oi officers ol Woman's Demonstration clubs • thrut out Lhe counly, is having n Chrisl- man. Mr. and Mrs. Rusroll Farr two sons, of Mcmpllis, will arrive Wednesday to visit Mr. and Mrs. T. H, tlnynes for several days. John Mahan. a student at Vaii- (levbilt university at Nashville, Tenn., arrives lonlght for! a teiv days visit with his parents. ; Miss Evelyn Blythe Is 'spending the weekend In Osceola as the gue. i reading and a free clnss in .music anllicm will be: "Glory To God Jn'tions have set before t.icmselves ml nonrcc.'nlion. Is to. bp opened' In The Highest". •• - . the ideal and goal of the outlawry Cantata, 4:30 P. M. Bo(h services broadcast this Uty about January 1st uy : Ernes', Mahlon Jones, well known tenor of thk city. Mr. Jones re. Kt.CN. cently was district winner in tlie; 'Ihcvo will bp no night service. Atwater Kent radio audition in; . this section of (ho, slate.' He rc.- celvfd a degree at, the Henderson Conservatory of Music and was au FIRST BAPTIST CHUIiCli Alfred S.- Harwell, Pasto/ Sunday scJi'ool, 0:45 A. M. .-. (Of war. over Laws Are Not Enough But war cannot be outlawed simply by the passing of laws and by the making of agrements on pa- p(r : . :The outlawry of war'and the .,__ instructor at the conservatory while; Church, 11 A. M. Sermon suU- iest of Miss Florine Qiilmi. attaining his degree. A member', icct: "Tie' Baring of Jesus'! Mrs. J. W. Morse, U Sty Louis; of_ the choir of Ihc First Metho-' Christr.ra: music bv the choir, 'i •rived last night for a .vslit wltjv.dlst Ciiurch, lie is well knov;n here.; B. Y. P. U's., 6:15 P. M. :..! >r <lniiGht«r. Mrs. Otlo Kochtilzky;) " ; ' ' Cantata, 7:30 P. M. ari hei and family. County Engineer 13. N. Wllsor. Qf Osceoln, atemled to business here today. Carleton Smith arrived .today from Br'anhiun-Hughcb- Military Academy, SprlivghiU. Tcnu., to spend Ihe holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. SmiCi. Former Local Men Talk Over Hot Springs R^dio; - Two former Blythe'vllle citizen- i n i IO V?" IE participate in the broadcas'- -' "-• Spt FIKST CHRISTIAX- E. K. LATIMER, Minister • Bible iclirol, 9:45 a.-m. ; - ' I'orship and commuri; .Hoi the rado sUUon Del! and Osceola Win County B, Y. P. U. Banners The D3ll and Osreola B. Y. P. U.'s ;, until six months ago.'imstorj . and now pastor of the there, is broadcast each third Sunday morning. : . . - CHURCH Services are held each Sunday agreements, may emphasize the desirable ideal and set standards 'of action, but. these only emphasize.all the more the moral and spiritual work on behalf of peace that must go on in all educational and religious enterprises. Nothing happens in the world without adequate cause, and if men desire world peace, they must establish the conditions that make it possible and that make. it necessary. How-arc these conditions to t? established except through the In- flence of ihe spirit ol Jesus Christ? It is not by chance that he has become known through.. the ages as the Prince or Peace..Here'-inV; pur Christmas lesson the : story 'of his ! moinliig-, 11 O'clock,' in' room: 1M of birth is set in a drama of peace.and ' '' the Hotel Noble.; Subject for to-1 good will to men'. The^ glory r „ • morrow: "Is' ths Universe Iriclurt-' to God in ;he highest IS Springs and forni'rly superinte:,'-. M^™ 1 ^ At °" 1C ^^ ''' ^"^ '" "" ™ '"' an ^ ac "- r l.,-..l «r *u- nl...l Ml- _-»_'-.- *.1UIUC11 IL.Xl. Firs- Methodist Text: Luke 2:8-ZO And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in tlj? field, keeping watch over; their flock by night. And, lo, .tlie angel ol Ihe Lord "came upon them, and the glory of • the Lord .-shone round atjout Ihem; and they were sore afraid. 'And the . angel said-'imto them, Fear not: for, behold, I briui' you good tidings of great W. wJilch shall be to all people. For unto you is born Ihls day in the city of David a Saviour;' which. is Christ the Lord. ' And Ihis shall be p, sign unto you; YeY shall find Ihe babb wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly • there was the angel a multitude of the ' • r" 1 rfficiotioy banner went to Dell and _ ~TI \~ the Osceola group won th3 attend- USCeola MaSS M?ehflg, •mice . | W;!l lit' D 1'^£ : -The Cfesceola ynlc-n wrts-ln.pliar|ej'.^:' ; , «!" il&ft KellCl of tfie program on "Love 'Gifts."j"^ ' . - - i-_i—i'- Jllss Erma Sumners cohduclcd llie| OSCEOLA. Ark.—A pi devalioiial on "God's Gifts" with i issued. Friday, by A. S. Rogers, may-! Mi;s Marlhii Ray leading In piny-! or of Osceola, urges cilizcns to at- cr. Th? song "Sllenl Night" by | lend a mass meeting at Uie courc- ivenibers frcm Osceola, a duct"Why: house, at 2:30 o'clock Sunday nf-. which -keepelh that :therein truth foreven'- 1 '-"' Wednesday -cv3ning servide;- 7:45 " rt> | O'ClOCkr -.«•! J--. • •• "...j ,-- *;-JiE'-)''"Sunday school, mi '- ' - —'—-' All are cordially Iny'lted. mas party at Lsachville today .with the Leachville group as hostsss. 'Miss Cora Lee Coleman, count Friday In Memphis...' j Mrs: Harry Brooks and prayer. Mrs. j llas be( . 01 ,, e necessary for 1M. 1. Sunniers, made up the pro- cmccr [ e[i nc tion to be bkcn bv i LUTHERAN C11U11CH If. j... 'Klclndlrn'«t, Pnslor Services ai'C held at the S'.. Stephen Episcopal church. Sunday 'school nnd Bible cl.iss, 0:15 a. m. Divine worship, 10 a. m. Sermon Miss Edna' Katherlne Hale, of „„„, Hoi Springs, will arrive tonighl lo E |l>cople in behalf of-the deslitut;-oP spend thc liolldays with i->r par- : .Members of the Wilhplm unlnn the town and surrounding country, hcmo dcmonstralion agent, is at-! cms, Mr, ana Airs. £.-A. Hale Sliei wl!1 l n "«cnl the program al thei tending the all day affair. I Is a- mcrnbcr of Ihe high school! " ext 'o= ctin 8. to be held at Dell.I 1 faculty there. ' r 'ie Rev. James Limsford. ot Huii'ihan r.ttracllvely arranged house. - • ' ' The 23 girls remained for Ihe « 5 1 ™. the about at one o'clock and in the -morning i an appetizing breakfast refreshed' them. | S • * I Fraternity Enhrtnins. i The Kappa Alpha "Phi fraternity memfcers were hosts to a dance at the v.-hen nished A wei lo .pnd Chrismas; R. , thevic.pital. from Ely- '"oppcrs Satur-' BRIDGED By W.M. K. McKEXNKY ; high-curd Iricks than tliat Secretary, American Rriilgc Lcagu^iby the original bid. North |a number of frientis wilh a. brjdge die licit ij.-ho is Mrs. Taylor's honso guest and Mrs. Clovis Croci ]kclt of Osceola. ' •: XIws Mildred Woodrun of Etowali shown I spent last week-end «ilh Miss ! Jamie Nichols. Misses C'meiia and Durrani Executive WiH i apt to w,«k nis good sound A t,, U'l l dn S nnd losl tlle confidence of his Jum P bld absolutely cirinar AUtOmODlle ' partner. " ; tl!c bidding be kept open When psychic bids bid absolutely demands tluu South went to four hearts and NorMi ?™. p :. I 'ook the declaration lo six spades. H.ilt: 9th Grade — Othcl Feed Kathryn West. Ludic Geavlin, J.irnle Nichols, and Lucl Dunavent; lO'.h Grade - Helen wesl. Bob Mn wll , confiml , „,,„ Rt . Crews. Ailepn Rowlrs and Hehriora Ca.vsaday. Mr. Harmon Wilfoir was a Blytheville visitor Sunday. topic: ."Blessed is he offended in me." thai is not irilo all aspects and relationships ' of life.' It has its rise and beginning in the love that creates a peaceful attitude in individual hearts. ' "Love Eeeketh noi hei- own," says Paul; "is nol .easily provoked." lave is ihe antithesis of the hate have occasioned war and violence. | •Need Spirit of' ; Jcsbs It is liecesssry today that vre should link the spirit : of Jesus definitely 'wilh the movements of peace in 'the modern 1 "worlrt'' r 'Are Christians gcing to be'indifferent, or backward, or blind, in aivrfage when Ihe very institutions 'of 1he •SECOND-BAPTIST CHURCH K. 7.. Xc-.vr.nm, I'asinr Sunday setioo!. 0:->S .a. m. W. M. lircli* servic;" If' a. m. by the i ncn "J' r. Sjibject. "A Christian Hoine." The evening seivit; will bf given . . our Christmas program, the sub-1 regardliig Ihe issues that c.xisi in world are, turned toward.theiquest jn t i lc of the -goal that Jesus prc-emi- has set for'human relationships? There- will .. — never, perhaps, be | complete • unanimity aniony heavenly host - praising ; God, and saying, . | Glory .to God in the highest, and on earth .peace ,?ccd will. .toward.rn*n;' ' : And jt came to.- pass v as the angels were gone away from Ihein- ' into': heaven j the' shepherds snid one to another, Let us now go. ^: even'.'unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass. .''. whlcli .tlje;'Lqrd hath made'known unto us. : : .- And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the 1 babe lying In' a'manger. • ' •• .And wh'en' they, had £Een it, they made known abroad- Ihe say? ing; which'was-fold:them concerning this child. Arid all 'they that-. heard' it wondered at those things which were'" told them by the shepherds. . : But Mavy kept all these tilings, and-pondered them in :icr heart. And thc shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God fcr -3 all the things that they ha<3 heard and seen, as it was told unfo them'! There will be those .who' fe,el'that .peaceful attitudes .can..est,al^i:h ..a "f the ideal Itself must"rjeiennine'ac- ^peaceable world. " '" ( Ijon who will take the attitude > In the great cause of peace in America there have b^en men like William Penn and Johal ',',. Woolman,' who took Ihe exlreni?: !| pacifist position, and there havfcJ I'. been men like Abraham Lincoln, to whose lot it fell lo assume c] chief responsibility in K time Both types are still found tfr.'.J': No one can douut th: beauty of the ideal to which Penn and Woolman gave their personal '-''•• witness. No one. on the other liand^ ' can doubt that essentially L:ncb!n : -'i, was a profound lover of peace. -,J •We cannot all agree upcn t'nc method or the philosophy ci prao-.- tical action, but we can all co~n- ana greed and lusl of power and | of Phonal non-resistance .and of dissension that through.-the ag(!s ' willingness • to suffer and Ji ~ rather war. There die than to participate in bs others who, seeing and pursuing .the ideal and working for it. by practical ways and measures, will.not fele that the jwar. Botr Christian conscience entirely for- bur land. ject ci the playlet will be "The Star I a world of nations still mililaris- of .the East." This program will b3 j tically organized in which the worth your coming to see. I higher and purer ideals are secS- bids the use ol force against force. They will take the view Uiat certain Christian 'warriors have taken si that force itself can be consecrated to purposes ol peace and righteousness. Two Types of Pence Lovers The debate between these types can never be fully adjusted, but i secrate our hearts and lives to it, would mean great deal if all wr.o profess the name of Christ v»ere definitely devoted to the at- l LJ Ljl^^ • Got! of Peace and to the task of ; peace. He who does less than tins, lias never understood the meinliin sainment of peace. It Is certain! of thc Christmas story or brougiit.j [This program -is under Ihe direc- I in K expression and atlainment. that only peaceful dispositions anrt ' the reality ol it into his own life.' • —~ ~ - tion of Mrs. Hatlie Smidy. MRST CHURCH OF THE .NAZAREXE . 110 .Cherry Street A. T. lie Anally.' I'.isfor" Sundny'schoal. 9:45 a. m. We have a class 7 and a good teachei 4-H Club at Pawheen '.' Reorganizes for 1 931 The! Pawheen Doys and Girls 4K : in the western part of Miss- Conrad Beavers Signs Up Again Witn Army ;r issippij c'.unty, has reorgan: . I 1931 wilh the following c i _..- ... - -—- --"• .^ ff j5' 3 . rs: I er, has recnlisleti in Ihe United j rates reasonable.' fir Trn'ornrnioii. •' | Oito \Vade, president; David Halm, s , a . es army . uiroiigh tlvj iocul re- write Fairmount Hospital, 4911 Eas' 1 iorning worship arid sermon, 11 ! v ' ro president; Izala Cnde, secrc-; cru iting slalion. He has been ECiil | 27th. Kansas City Missouri " -, 3ck. Enbjccl, "Look and Li^iV • trir S- a J 1[i treasurer; Klmer Cude and. - r - v '•_' j . V. IV S. 6:30 u. in We liree Miss Dorolh . v Swain, sponsors." !i« ^m ftf ^M IHi •• ^ HB •• •• Ot ISE. 7^"f . . . . ° \ TUlr. fn-rtt,., ,,^11 mmif f I-m thlrH 1 • .J-"V« ••> WT «7>~^T Tr¥ • V <"V m *r* ft l *• that you will enjoy. C. E. Cobb, i yierintendent. ^iorlliI:! o'eloi N r _ nil the 5'oun; pcoplc'to be present, j Tnls Kenneth McAnally, president. i Fr!da y o[ each moi Evening worship and sermon, 7;3p • o'clock. .The subject, "Sec Jesuii.". j There will lie no prayer mestina; ! or Bible study Wednesday evening. • D3C. 24. - ; We will mecl the next Wednesday evening Urc. 31st. and coniin- Conrad Beavers cf this city, bro- iize .d tor , liicr of Ross Beavers, city treasur- to the Guard and Service company,.' • Fort Lcavcnworth, Kan., after hav- -...; ing already seived ten years in the :•.'.• service. | MATERNITY HOSPITAL—For un-| fortunaie girls; secluded, private. tne th ir d --,-,. ^-^....-..j, —i^. ^*.- t . i.nvtvuiiiiii i.. i» w. *. rtT ' uc with our Bible study. The los-j Gnodfellows Benefit Show i WEST S— 8-4-3 H— 1-108-7 factory, heretofore used for the production of Durant automobiles. Is now completely divorced froni Durant Motors, Inc. At Lhe same Da Vanx revealed n new coalition. Col. Eibert J. Hal of Liberty motor and Hall-Scott fame has joined with him in the] D— 10-5- formation of a new ccmpanv- ivhic:-. : * will mamifi-r'-" • / .--•„; C— A-Q-2 to be known a:i . .. -The Hrit pub. . - v . ! t .. ; at the time c' ' . . ... .--...-- ••]••;. j mobile Shew in Ncu York dimn> ! the first week of January. ° i NORTH S-B-K-Q-J-S H-K;-r,e D—R-Q-1-S-Z C-Q-7-6 | thc only suit that had no', b-n-n; ibid, therefore you v.-o'.ild"';'::- ! cdly open a diamond, which is _.\\\\ E*ST i cxnclly what this player ci:i. ' S—7-5-2 ! Ol course, with the iliasn-,:;'. '• K—64-3 . oj)eiiing. the grand Mam Mrs. C. L. Nichols and d^ii;hrs. Dorothy and Doris r,[:mt la" ctk-eiul in Blythcvlik ils [lie iifs'. of Mrs. If. E. Wcc.lman. Miss Margaret Kobinron who is Hie 3rd chapter. We welcome all to : come nn:l bring'your Bibles. The pastor will have Ihe -services. charge of Sunday At'lcmooii i j Doc. 21sl —..2 Shows—at 2: ' and '1 O'clock j gl OWN YOUR HOME If you are paying S20.00 per month rcnl for thc homr you live in, at llic end of ten years, you will h.ive. paid out SMCO.OO, and will havo nothing but a large batch of rent receipts to show for your money, but if you deil wilh me, nl the einl of that lime, you will be the owner of Ihc home in which you live.'s thc difference. I have more than twenty-five houses in Blylhmllc from nhitli you can make a selection. If interested, sec me. C. J. Evrard BH ISS EB TXi SEt OH BK OB E3E 1 -3££ Picture—Program SOUTH—DEALER S-10-9 H-A-K-C-&-5-Z D-K-S Kathleen Michie Heads , ... ,, _ . , ,,,.„ „ Cl . „ „ | All Money Received \\ ill Cc Meele tastem atari Turner Over to the Goodfel- STEELE. Mo.-By a special Sis-", ] OW4; Club of Blvthcvjllo. ;i;'n^aty.i to elect r.ut of tir.ic.j Stcclc Chapter No. 330, O. E. S.! elected Hit- following officers for! thi> -r.Miing year: 1 Kathleen B. Michie. Worthy Mat- '. ron. ! Ocovgc Lycn. Worthy P.itron. ! Ida Howiird. As:=rci^te Malror.. i Cliarles I 1 . Hc'.vard. Associate pal-! rcn. T^:\ Lyon. Secretary. : Georgia M. Beit. Trcnsurcr. i Hu'ih Edwards, Conduct: :ss. | E=tei Collins. A5so:inte Conrtu;- '. TA Thc riuldiiij tV.c ceabr. cpcnccl thj open th» jack of clubs, Wo.,t \\f.\'.;< win wilii the ace and icatl .1 dm] and before thc declarer o'.ihi - : .-i in. his opponents woulii i oin heart. S'-ir 1 .!; '.vcul i off Hiree chits tricks. ! South, TRKMBLADE. (UP)-At-! Wdclliw • •e!le Pir.ard dlscov-jto cue"spade. Tlie players were us-i Although the psychic , , oi ?l rr, UYI of Ir.R the o:ic over one .-.y.-icm and! en successful in this lunrt. n--, ^.:01eCK s?:ci,ccii>..this rcqulicd ihc b;clriir,j ,o be Ut me mini you r.oi to foc;::!-.;-'^ s.m ro a jeweler at jkerit onr-n. Sauth llioii went 10 two. enthusiastic over this <yi-o 1.1 bv " v " hearts, showing nothing fiufr.Dr in ^dmg. , n h i to be assayed. Ki ivr W; ; l-'-.Xo-a 44. Keif or \~,.' PARIS. (UPI-Ari*tl;ic 'iio oobdins- tapestry UK-UK:-, «:H!act for two heroic 1-,,. n .',. '<•'• thc I/,-ai:itc Co;:ncil Clu.mi ::t Gcncv;1 - , , ;1 , v-OlOS illld HoadttCneS ; Also Comedy and Cartoon. , ,-. ! 1 T IS ' 'ilii: MOST SPKEBV Atllll. — 10 and 25c. j.'-r Ki:.Vil-:iiy KXOUN. i Glifi A!,riO IN TAWLETS. Kentucky Small Ego 85.75 Kentucky Lump 8G.25 Zeigler - - 87.50 F l • O i \ ^T »• •kiipire - - oi)./i3 Montavallo Genuine 12.25 B OWHh & KILLINGS Phone 76 New BSytoille Feed & Coal Co. Phone 196

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