The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1939
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JULY 20, .1939, BLIITHEVILLIS, (AUK.) COU1UKU NEWS * ^ -" J *-- j: V - 1 S ^ -^" L. '~ " \ I ' * ' * "''J'-'O *< 'o*' *"• $'t " V.I <* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION.- Dally rate per JJiio lor consccu- llve Insertions: One time pa- line ........... ...I0o Two limes per Hue per day — 08o Ttirce (lines per line per day.. . We MX limes per line per day....05J Mouth' rale per line ...... ...... 60c Cards of Thanks ...... ..50o & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered lor Ihrcc or six (lines and slopped before exnirii- tion will be charged for the number of limes Die add appeared and J20 acres near Blytlicvillc. Improved. $60.00 acre. • Thomas Laud Co. 18-ck-Z-l of bill made. All classified Advertising copy tubmltted by persons residing out- lide of the city must be accompanied tiy cash. Rales may be easily computed froiu above table. Advertising ordered. .for irregular insertions' takes the ,on? time rate. No 'responsibility ..iwiU -be taken lor jnpre than one ^incorrect insertion of any classified 'ad. For Rent Well appointed and furnished 4- room apartment. Piioues 101 :mc 57J. 19-ck-i; Cotton office, Grand Leader Building. Thomas Land Co. 18-ck-24 Milk fed' fryers. Battery raised Mrs. Russell, N. W. Corner Holly and Division. 18-pk-8-18 BUS STATION ASH STREET. 1st, For Sale 20 ncre.s on bayou 2'.i miles of Blythcvllle. Well improved. Non- •c.sUtent owner. $G5.00 per acre. Terms. . Well 808 Hearn. liighl at High School. K room cottage. Owner moved away and says sell It. Price $1250. 2 acres and 2 collages on Highway Cl North. Right where the Overpass connects the old highway. Fine location for home or for Filling station. .$2250. Terms. Tboraas Ijinfl Company 18-ck-24 Red, Duroc brood sow with eight pigs. Charlie Franklin. Brogdoil, Nonh 10-ck-tf Weldim EXPERT KLKCTH1C AND ACBTyi,KNK WELDING K .line and heavy welding and Barksdaie Mfg. Co. I'lioiic 13 <ir Kcs. 101!) Lost WARNING OUUF.Il Mrs. Violet M. Musgnive Jean lioince Miistjim'c nro tviinu'd to iipprar In (he Chancery Court for the Clilckasawbu District, of J Mississippi Coiuily, Arkansas, vvllli- Jln llilrty dny.s from this dkite, and I answer a coiupluitil filed against them therein by Home Owners' Loan Corporation. Dated this Dili dny of July, 1SW. 1IAHVEV MOHIilS, Clerk. Male puppy'. Black cars. 2 black spots on back. Howard. Call 133. Ftilr white shoes. Were placed in wrong car in of Farmers Bank, Tuesday afternoon. Please return to Courier, Uelci and Attorneys Expert Should Estimate Need For Repairing Tin' s,miccs of an expert lire Ecnernlly needed lo dcttciiiiine (he .extent ut Hie mcdcrnluillon needed when ati eld house is bomjhl with tho Inlcnllon of inotlemlxlui! it, i 1'Vrteral HousluR Ailmuilslralion ! official* say. Umler Jj'llA's Mod- iCinUiUlru Credit I'lun, funds for modernl/.iilton wsrk may be ob- luiii.mxc; Nclice Is Iwrouy given Unit Soiiu 1 of (lie Hems lo .check In ap- pliciilion hns been imtdo for n pw- ' Gold fish minnows. Day and nlghl. E. L. Keith. 416 No. 6Ui. 113 E. Kentucky, 4 rooms with bath. Newly papered and paiut- «1. S200 doivii i>a'y;nenl, remainder to Include principal, Interest, insurance and taxes, payable monthly like rent. Harvey Morris, phone 128 or 500 2-l-ck-7-24 BUILDING ON: Possession Sept. I My Stucco home and 2 acres. Has 5 rooms and bath. Blocked hardwood floors. Phone 252 or 347. Paul Byrum. 23-ck-tf 100 W. Kentucky—8 rooms and 2 baths. Will put in condition. Thomas Land Company 18-ck-24 Newly decorated 3 ment and 2 bed room apart- rooms. E. M. Cans for Jug Fishing complete Guaranteed won't with straps, leak. 7!6 cents each. Raymond Brooks, ' Stccle, Mo. 9-pk7-0 Notice . . Eaton, 113 Chickasawba. 11-ck-tf 3 room furnished apartment. 119 Chickasawba. Mrs. Ramsey Duncan. n-pk-21 4 room unfurnished Miss Ellse Moore. 1013 W. Walnut. npartniunt. Call 227-J. 11-ck-tf Fishing License FOK TOUIt CONVENIENCE, WE MtK I'lIlirAllKD TO ISSDK YOtlK FISHING LICENSE AT STOKE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE GO. I' I ion e 35 Washing, Ironing ixpert washing and ironing. Cheap. Rough dry ami finish. C quills mil to erect a one story wood building on J^Jl.s cue mid two cf Block 32 of the Mlyllic Addition to Hie City of lllyllicvillc, 19-ck-21 i Arkansas for use as a cafe, by W. Polkcs, at tlOO South Franklin. Permit for the crucllou of said building will be issucdl ihirly Jays from dale liero;f, unlc.w protest is jl.OO. One day service. Willie Green, behind City Ice Plant. Bell Notice Upholstering and Kcflnlshlni:. M. Tomlln, 214 S. First Wanted 4 room house or apartment, • furnished. Mike Lane, LOCK) Truck System. Phone 50. 19pk-22 Personal filed as provided by Dated tills .July (i. 1939, JOli CAUNBY, C-I3-20-37 City, linainccr. Some "f the largest and iuo:;i valuable timber forests of Ihc world arc north of latitude GO degrees. Mining nnd i\shwg imUis- tris also nourish there. PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Alain & 1'iist I'lionc Ml PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock (iiianmlccd Jlral Price* Kirby Drug Stores nuccls, doused drains, slicking Icors and windows, broken 'sash cords, nnd weather sli-lppluB. Tlio irospci'tlvo purehitter of an olii lojne should nlso BCC If (lie Imsc- Iwiu-cls Imve shrunk, mid making NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 Kur Prompt i,mmdry iitul Clcmiing Kervics pliister, cspcilall) examined.' The at the lop of door frames, should be checked lor timcks, niul nil exposid lines ilioiild be examined to loam whether' or ncl Uicy tire properly Insulated. Tlio lake above Boulder L>am contulns enough water, when full, lo rover Ihc onllro slate of Now York lo a depth of one loot. Cheat Billaln 'has the ' j>,iiic? second highest, Germany (bird highc4 , nrul Until recent -limes, 11 \>as a common belief- that lightning hiu-ted down thunderbolts: ' • - Antiques and "old masters" to- lulllij! to 55,01)0000, In value are stolen c\eiy ycai HOLD TOBimillNG - By Clyde Lewis Inlcrnal Hcinorrliouts & Syuuitoais Internal hemorrhoids (lint do iiul iirohwlo are odcntlnira a» Illusive; iillmenl since thoy are usually nut puluful. They aa> lrf()ii«>ll.v Iho basic of much reflex siifferini;. Some of the inw.l i-omnion condlllwis Hint are ciiwccl more or less diiodly by .Iniernivl Ifauoirhotds as well us oilier nvlal patholnsy are: lilth blood prcfsiue, digestive dlslurb- nucps, exlrcmc nervousness, dull low-backache, buck of Ililchs nirhc, lusomulii (fjerplessncss) iiiirt constipation. It Is fully nnd dangerous lo defer or neglect oxamlim- liou and treatment lluit will relieve and cure this allinetil. Blylhcv.illc, Ark. Drs. Nies & Nies Clinic 514 Mnln 'ttl. W 6 room furnished house, with ball). Will rent to couple without small children. Garden and Orchard. Good Residence.section. Write Bos "W", Courier News. 14-ck-21 3 room modern, furnished, apartment. Mrs. Ilcnlcy, 1315 W. Main. 13-ck-U Cool, south bedroom, convenient to balii. 611 W. Main, Call 280. 21-ek-tf Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. 1'hone 102. 15-ck-tf 2 or 3 room'-; furnished apartment. Newly dc'cbra'tc'd.' 914 "Hcarn. 3-pk-7-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. SimoiV phone 764. 3-ck-tl MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. New OSTHEX Tonic Tablels contain invigorators, stimiilanls. 73-year-old doctor says, "I take Oslrcx my- seir." $1.00 size, special IcKlay Me. '.[ not delighted, maker refunds his price. Call, write Kirby Bros, Drug Store. Ice Arouse Sluffglsh Liver, wnrk of) tic bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains nnd that sour, junk feeling. Take one box o. KIRBY'S ACTIVE IJVEK I'1I,I,S 2:>t-. "at all Ktrby slores. ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICE COLD WATERMELONS Dairy Office rooms. Sutlbury Buildins. See Graham Sudbury. 27tf Minnows For Sale Minnows and fishing canes. 300 E. Main, Phone 800. G. C.-Hawks. 24-ck-7-24 SatLstactdry quality and -service i Dairy products. Cattle free 01 Bang's Disease, in-best of. physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowery 002-J, for Ilalscll's Grade A 5 Milk. Cream. Country Butler', Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders Inspection encouraged anytime. Hilsc-U's Dairy Promised Land, Route 1 Goldlkh Minnows B. F. Brogcloii, 310 GOLUPLSIt MINNOWS Damon. Cor. Rntlroad * Ky. Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Rcasonabli rates. 803 W. Ash. Phone 863. 22-ck-t For Sale or Trade Suburban grocery and market, for sale or trade. Well located, established business. Write Box "P", c/o Courier News. 28-ck-tt Good Lighting System Helps To Make Sale Modern merchants arc uslnff glareicss illumiuatloiv 1 for stores ii increasing numbers. Special spot lighting, in addition is scmetimcs employed to stunulat the sale of featured merchandise Under the Federal Housing Ad ministration's Property Improve mcnt Credit Plan, funds may b obtained from lending institution to make permanent additions, repairs, and alterations lo business properties. J. L. GUARD , Optometrist Only Graduate 0[itnmc- Irist In Blytlicvllk-. Glasses I''iltcd Ciirrcctly Now I.ucalcd nl 101 North Si'riiiiil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU l)Oi\ KI)\VilllltS, I'roiirMor All Mukts of lU-lmill Typpwrllcrs, Ailillnj; Maihlncs ami C'nk'iilnlors—llciinlrhiK—I'arls—Hlbljons •"Auollici-.ncw hill?'My fjosti, Mtimio, you'd Ihink I didn'l Jmyc lo \voik for my money i" In Norway, countryfolk leave out food on Christmas eve for Santa Claus; food for his reindeer is left in the barn. - • BRAVE KNIGHT CAN YOU STOP? You would not slarl an ocean voyage without life preservers. Gooc brakes are your ''life preservers' when you drive. Safely Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safely Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Ford ABC Brake~Adjustment. Including adjustment of Brake Rods S-j.35 or cables & Hand Brake. I (Replacement-parts not -included) Safely Seryice No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and REUNING JO& FORD PASSENGER C,\US Disassemble entire brake system- Free up all brake cams—IS STALL 8 NEW BRAKE SHOES—Adjust clearance—Adjust hand brake—Adjust brake rods—Lubricate cross shaft—Adjust pedal clearance — Road test—One additional adjustment after delivery COMPLETE, INCLUDING LABOR AND $n.05 6 NEW BRAKE SHOES....!? PHILLIPS HORIZONTAL ] Sir -— of Ivanhoe, hero of the novel "Ivanhoe." 7 He was a brave knight of King 13 Small .wild ox 14 Pertaining lo weight. 16 Olive shrub. 17 To run swiftly 18 New wife. • 19 To darn. 20 Indians. 22 Pedal digit, 23 College girl. 24 Senior. 25 Spendthrift. 28 Winged. Answer to Previous Puzzle 41 Seaweed. 44 Electron, 45 High. 49 Stair. 50 Furious. 52Plaj)t part. 54 Maiiners. 30 Musical note. 55 Lyric poetry 31 Eight-sided niuse. figure. 56 Monster. 32 iluby. 57 Jfe defeated 33 Units of work. all -^— in a 35 Mama. tournament. 36 Transposed. 58 He married 38 Skin of an eel TTTT-. 15 Goes to excess jlijsiNfa^Bggj '"j**""- 23 Urgent. 24 Sir Walter • • wrote his story. 26 Ascended. 27 Olcoresiii. 28 Gnawed. 29 Gibbon. 34 Barometer line. 37 Proportion, 39 Falsifier. 40 To make a sweater. 42 Microbe. 43 Case for religious rejics. 46 In line. 47 Theater box'. 48 Forsaken. 49 Membranous bag. VERTICAL 1 Existed. 2 To contrac.t, 3 Awkward feliow. .4 To grow dim. 5 To recede. 0 IJTissilcs. 7 Jockey. 8 To freeze. 0 Man. IQSheltored side 50 Thing. 11 To ruplurc. 51 Dorbeelle. 12 Father. 53 Beverage. I 5th Sc Walnut Phone S10 BY FRED IIAKMAN HUMlV PLACE LOOIC MURDERED. BUT BEFORE HE K\LL&fl—LOOK.' ACROSS tHE BORDER TO HEXP HAS LIVE.T) ON TrtlS &P/VJ1S) UWD GRANT FOR. VEARS . OUT) 6AU\MR.-DBM>.' RptWO UP WJU1 dOfe OUTIAO 6AMO REO RfDE Awo LITTLE- TO BELIEVE THATOOOLA IS THE PHANTOM'S 6IRL FRIEND, GOVERNMENT A6ENT G.I.TUM ACCOMPANIES HER TO DR. WONMUG'S ', ARRIVING THERE JUST AS, MLEY OOP SHOWS UP, CARRV- IWG THE LIMP FORM OF AN UNCONSCIOUS MAM . SOSH.'...'WHERE \HI,GNW! TM HERETO AM 17 OHHELLqA PUT THE CUFF& ON MOUR BI& ' ARE VOU HERE DOIN6 HERE? ' — — OH.NO YOU DON'T! DYA. \S HBV/ THISJK TM SONMA SIT / WHAT'S t\\ HE|?E AMD WATCH VOU ) TH15'ABOUT, COMMIT SUCIPE? BDGAR MARTIN VASK TUHKS BY KOY CUANB )WW VOU'RE OLO 80V. VOU SW VOUR. WIFE K A SIATOE KWAU WHO KWOWS THE SECRET OF RETAWH6 VOUTH AW& BEAUTY? HOYI OLD 1)0 VOU THMVC 5HE \<,,}m. I TELL W SHE 48. SWE'S 60T THREE OT.AVIO- CWLBREU, OME. V«UE OLD! WOOL EVES A6MU, VftW SCAWP.' ISA WOW! ik\ T^iE OMLV VMHE K\AM OH round Their Necks FRECKLES AND HIS FR1KNDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEK US'LI. PAY $30 A WEe< FOR. THE BANO- — THAT WAXES NU&BIM A DEBIT/ HAVE TO DITCH HIM A.S4IM. IM . J ~K> DO AFRAID.' THAT' I KNOW, BUf AS LONQ AS MES WITH us? THESE SALS AROUMO HERE WON'T ewe us A .TMMSLE.I THIMK \ye ALU JUST HOPPED OFF TtfE-' BACK. BMO a= A PLOW/

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