The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1930
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Served by the United Press UE COURIER \'OL. -XXVII—Xo. H-l THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ^thevUi^rald^ M^ssjpjii Valley^.ea.'ler. _ _ HI. YT1IKVIJ.LK, AHKAXSAK. TUESDAY, SIOPTK.M HIM 2, 1!):!0 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS qj [Lindberghs Arrive at ilk-raiding Birth of Hrilain's 'Fifth New Jersey Airport: TETKKBORO AIRPORT. X. .1.. Sept. 2. (UP) —Colonel and -Mrs. I Cliailc.s A. Lindbergh arrived here 1 today aflcl a. nn irr or no nu , y !iflcl * Ili8ii> -' mi " ™ ] HH \\-t- sl^U JR 'ionic, Pcnna. LIT ill ill! I U They were iorced down last NiL-lu Mt-L.lL.1 UL.UU UlB^at nellelonle by a fog. They wl: ; Governor May Issue Call Anyway, However, In View of Wide Demand. curome from Detroit to Ni'-.v York Hearst Expelled from France, He Announces ,,_,._.„ LONDON, Sopl. 2 (UP)—Wi'lism : l.n [LF. ROCK. Sept. 2. iUP>_ ! Randolph Hearst, American pub- i A spnc:;,l session of ;iie IfL'isto-.iirt ! lisli-.-!-, issued a statement today an- i t" aid (iintilh sliicken scctcms of uou:idn[< he had been expelled I 1 3 ! ) l )eal ' t ' 1 ! probable today.; from France because Ihe HearM j following the action here ycster-1 newspapers published the .secret j nay of the state drouth relief com- Ui'.glc-French treaty of 1028. "I! being a competent journalist : and loyal American can make a man persona non grata in Fiance 1 iliinl; I can endure the situation withcnt loss of sleep," Ilranf:; ila'.emcnt said. mittee. A resolution was adopted ininn!- inoitsly by the coinmitlee requesting Governor Harvey Parnell t:) call a special session to cnac: sp?- cial legislation providing funds fur county mad coiiatrf.ciion as a mea- Mire of relief to comities hit luini- est by Arkansas' summer, which burned up crops anil bankrupted scores of farmers. I'arncll O]i|inscs Sessin: Darnell Upimsc.s Srssinn 1 lirnr n n r Although Governor Parnell h-> = ! II L i] ! 'IH t frowned tipan a special session th>> I {If fj f ijil I iiction of the committee.may In- 11 L. IJ L. UUU Biylheville Compress Sec- j oncl Las! Week, Third Since First of August. a fluencc him to reconsider his earlier stand, close obseivers of il-.c administration said. A drive for funds to be n?ed .by the Red Cross in relief work ii: the drouth stricken cocmies was decided upon yesterday, and asecj distribution program was alsc planned. I The gravity ol the problem'; fac- ] ing the Red Cross was exphiir-d „ by Albert Evans, assistant disaste: ! ' b b ^'" ni "B '° open up. Gin oper- reb,--r director, whose report map-: . „ ,- ,?. ai ' e l )r ™«:»"S " 'a!-' ped out the plans to be foilo.v.c', j ;"" tneri !allcr "»"• <-' f ltle »'™*- and by hi .sorganlmion. I a ra " ld '"" easc by his organization. Willi receipts nt t ; ;e " Iess last wpek of 3:l5 local co-u- l " <"' "I- I nmmm '5 Bullets Fired by Deputies Fatal to Alabama Y/oman MOI1II.K. Ala., Sept. •_'. (Ul')-Mi.-.. Theimii Women, '^-year-old I'.ullit-r, died In it ho.spllitl heiv to- frran pistol wounds sulfeml TiiiMMluy fro:n the hands ol Dcpiily .Sheriiis T. II. Sullivan nnd C. f.'. Lane. County Solicitor Hart ChambiTlain announcrd unlay ilu 1 murder ch-.irt;r-.s will be plan-d aiiaii:,sl tlie deputies. Argentine's Minister of War Resigns Post AIKRS. Ri-pt. 2. (UP) — MiniMU- of Wur r.eneral Uns ,1. today. There Live IX'C-n m.iny rumors of »n impending eu.inel cilsis since n heavy guard wa, established last t South Second stieet in :,l he residence o i'resl- , |( f „ ,,.,„„ den iipollto Yrlgoyen and in thr ]ltmyll , K j,^.,.,. nm{}w , s Cintn '* ta| ' company, and has office nnd other cmtinmenl here. Actual opening has Ijeen held up iiendliui comple lion of tlie 10.000 bale sign-up campaign, but with approximulcii- 9.5CO bales signed at the present lime it was hulit-nted that the goal | ivn'.ild be reached wllliln a day or' two. Hen i-'. Phillips, government boml- r>\ M i D i L '^ closer nnd [iruder, who has been Cl Uwyer IMUSl KCUini employed liy the American Cotton In Ai-l^nnqnq In Sorvp c '°° 11(:rnUvc Association to be in 10 AI Kansas 10 -JGI\C chavQ( . of tllc locii| orrk . e _ l![is hci . ti Murder Sentence. llcru (or f-oiuc time, f.imillarl/.lng himself with the local situation, nnd is ready to start rcu;i\!nt; rot- lon as soon as he is given the word Ten Perish As Fishing Boat Sinks ! Cotton Si^n-U|) Campaign Near 10,000 Bale Goal; Quarters Leased. The Ulytheville brnncli office of the .Mid-South Cotton Growers ns- .vjclutimi will be open fur business before Ihe end of Ihis week. It in:ial Nelson (ill the llrltlsh Columbia i-nusl yesterday, accordlnn to I .tdviu-i Icdny t,, Hi, I'ncillo Steam- I . k hi]i c»ni]i:i:iy, owners of the I Must of Hi,, urw of 13 men on I MIC flsiiing ijoal were u-slecp when | Ihe prow of the fleshier cut thru ' the -forward hull, und were bellev- i ^TrnT^hT Lnltull ln::n tlie liahbut boat Orient sunk „ .. _. £t^*i'* l!ie freighter Ad-|tvldlO LOlllaCt-ifltet After Plane Is Reported Over United States. Ihe boat .s;ink immediately. i Three men from the Orient werJ ' picked up In life boats from the freighter. An extensive search for other survivors failed lo disclose anylhink but wreckage on Ihe surface of the water. GLOUCESTER, Mass., Se;)l.- 2. (UP)—Tile Gloucester coast guard rudlo slatlon reported shortly after 1:30 p. m. c.s.t. that, repealed attempts to res-lstablisli commimi- jca, Not since 11:29 n. m. r.js.l. had the trans-Atlantic plane's radio been heard. At that hour the Question Mark broadcast . its position lor approximately 35 minutes. It i was then over Maine. LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Sept. 2 iUI'i—Officers left here today for ]Detroit. Mich., to return Mis. Vio- l<:t Dwyer. 35, to (lie state penlten- tlicrsnfter. Kudora, with -173 tales, -.vas the Mr. Evans said tlie Tied Cros? would operate solely on an emer- i Msis, tendering its aid t; j families that are found to be in actual want only after all olhsr rc- iief methods have been exhausted. The Red Cross likewise will it- felf distribute feed tor livestock find food plantings. But Mr. Evans slr'essecPlIiat. like emergency relioii .'ecd riisirib'ilion v:ill not he mack' on a wholesale scale, but only after investigation of the individual cas* at hand. All work will be handled lliioiiuh loc:U Red Cro^s chapters. Determination of family needs will be made by the local chapter and forwarded to the state headquarters for authorization. "As rapidly as these needs a:e determined Ihe local Red Cross committee will receive a credit authorization covering the amount for which they say they will obligate i only Arkansas compress point The "fifth lady of the British Empire" was born, and traditional, tinic--!a!lov:ed ceremonies c:nipe:eu with the m^c'.' 1 r:i devices of tele- Sjraph and radio to announce the event to the populace. Upper left by the Memphis headquarters. The present depressed condition li:iry to b'cijin serving a seven year|° r tllc cotton market, coupled with setuence tor the murder of her husband al Duncan. Mrs. Dwyc: 1 wny ni rested in Detroit los'. niylit, endiiiE a three '.ille las', week. For; Smith, with 193 bales, and Pine Blulf. with 173. ceivc over 100 bales, according to the weekly summary of the Arkansas Cotton Trade association. Receipts since J\ugust 1 at the principal compresses- follow: McGehee, 818; Eix'.ora, 531; Blyihs- \ille,. 3G3; Hme Blufl. 271; Fort Smith, 207: Helena. !'J3: Forrest City. 190; Little Rock. 18!: Texar- kai'.a. 122; Hope. IDG. West Memphis has received 301 bales this season. Jonesbsro oniy you see the Royal Standard being rai?ed at Glamis Castie m Scot- j ive»ks \carch' for'her" land, where the Duchess of York, wife of tile second son of King j Leaving her home (o surrender daughter. Almost sinuihai'.'ously, as • a', '.he stale prison for women Mrs. Gcorgi-, was blessed with a pictured bclov.. a salute of 41 guns was fired at the Tower of London by thc Honorable Artillery Company. Home Secretary J. R. Clyncs, right, v/aiting at Airlie Cnstb. received the good news by "wire. cooperative's |)lan for a cash 1 Itrachpil Land at 10:30 i NEW yOKK. Sept. 2. (UP) — Dlcudonne Cosle and Afatirice Bellonte today became the first avl- I alor.s to have flawn westward from ' i the mainland of Europe lo the mainland'of North America without a slop. j When at 10:30 n. m. c.s.t. they ; _ I gained a landfall near Cape Canso, Thompson TrO-'" ova Scot ' n ' nn( J came flying down „'' , the Novu Scollan coast lliey had nc- Clll LrasllCS to ] compllshed Ihe thing which many, n r -ri i | beginning with Nungesser and Coll Ddorc 1 nOUSailUS. j and reaching down throuijh a Ion. I tragic list had attempted without CHICAGO. Scpl. 2. (UP)—The 1 success, death o! Captain Arthur n. I'agc.! Al noon they were believed lo b". Leader lulvnnce of 90 per ci-nl of Hie pre.v ; brilliant airman of the U. S. Ma-! in the vicinity of Halifax nnd bar- cm value of cotton placed in Ihe rlne corps, cast a feeling of sorrow | ring diUlcnltles shor.ld reach New l°:lny hilo the ranks of fellow fly- I York after dark tonight. crs turning homeward from thc • icnlh annual national air races. 1 1 „_:__ Will E operative expect that the lilythc-| Captain Page died lust night of j LlL 6 lo » "J" 1 r pucl, has urouseti niuch interest ninoni; cotton t'rowers of this vicinity, and officers of thc co- na-yi-r disappeared. The woman vl " [> otricp vvl11 !>ni"lle a large vol- j injuries received when leading thc Total receipts for the slate last i week were 1.9G6 baies, making the lo;al since Ai:git5t ! :i.-!«! J J. A-. tin j date last year the season's receipts amounted to 8.253. Shipments from Arkansas shot her husband at (heir home January. I lime, some placing the figure ' the -seasin at i Reach Nonvegian.Pprt i Wifh ' I nun DETnoTT, Sept. 2. (UPl—Jeal- ousy of Soniuel H. Frank today w.ii said by police lo have led to thr apprehension of Mrs. Violet Dwyer. .15. said to be wanted l:i Little ! j Rock, Ark. i TROMSOE. Norway. Sept. 2. (UP police said she had Jumped a , —The sealer Bra'.tvaag arm;-:! bond of S7.IXW while at bbertv here today with the bodies of S.ti- pending action on an appeal from onion Auguste Andree. Nils S;rhi:l- a ssven to lf> year sentence on a . Leachville 31, and Marked Tie', i Hurricane Not No\V Near berg and Knute Fraenkel, and [ho relics of their fatal balloon expe- Land But Government fli ^; ^.j^f ± »J^« Warns Shijjs. | The Brattvaag was accompan: I by the Michael Sirs. Norwegian i fisheries inspection vessel, abjan' themselves and which will be tin-; ^»"i""<='"» .""'",."'* "4-4 T" day aho:: dci'vrillen by the national or^au- j f;, 0 r *T, F , . ,[• . T' A ' , ". 5 , | lo Rico 1?atlon '' i to i°2.087 and IcaviiK- a stuck"on i FW1 . lh °| Hold 4-H Club Meetings Today and Toniorrov/1 hand of SG.2G2. as compared with ?3.305 a vcar 030. Boys and Girls 4-11 club meetings i in Mississippi county are taking on renewed interest as fall Activities begin this month. j Miss Cora Lee Colenmn. home ; demonstration agent, and J, E. j Crilz, comity agricultural azent. ore at Brown Spur and Half Moan _ tcday for meetings and n similar jGlimCS Lumber CompBTlV """ ana R. N. McLeod Will im will be Wednesday. at Armarel | WASHINGTON. Sept. 2. (UPl — z\ trojiical hurricane centered to- :t 100 miles south of S'or- and v.-ill probably pass the island of Haiti to- Ill(1 UllitMl Slates W' n ™ !) ' ; '-''» J-eportrd today. 1 :ie tiistr-i'bance is moving north'.vestward a; a rale of about 400 miles per day over the eastern Caribbean sea. thc bureau stat- j ed in advising camion to all ships j in the vicinity. Kecause oi the location of the disturbance Ihe weather bureau did no! expect to foimation until tile hurricane an- proachcs land, perhaps in thc vicinity of Jamaica. charge of Imir.p. murdered her husband. The was aflirm?:! Align 1 !! 11. it was said. Mrs. Uwyer who was goiiK under the alias Pcggv Lamb, lias waived c>:lr;ulilion. Frank, pollre said, became angry whf-n Mrs. D'.vyer forsook Ill- field in the Thom]ison troiihy race j yesterday. His special navy plain failed him and crashed In front 01 [iiorc than 70,000 spectators. The accident occtirrcd as he rac- Officers Tomorrow KORT SMITH, Ark., Sept. 2. (UP)—State officers will bo selected here tomorrow as the American Agree Upon 25 Cents for Ginning and $1.50 for Wrapping at iVleciiny. Polnselt county farmers will pay ?S cenls per hunditd pounds for company for that of another man [cotton ginning' nnd S1.50 i>er bale at a party Sunday. He accordins;!' i for wrapping, this action was taken ' t('U police she was wanted tiin'|ai a iner-lini; held nt Marked Troc where si:e could be found. lIvToiidny nfternccn. sixmsori'd byl TIIRC was so far tihcad of hts live rivals in the rich Thompson Ircphy race that spectators were confident he would win when suddenly his motor failed ns lie rounded Ihe home pylon. He tried to wing onto thc field for a forced landing but his ship w.-is slipping rapidly. It smashed lo pieces directly across from ll'.e stands. While attendants were ptillhi-; Page's smoke blackened form Business sessions were held today to be climaxed tonight by a parade, dances nnd a midnight show. O. L. Bodenhnmcr of El Dorado, national commander, delivered thc keynote address yesterday. Commander Eodenhamer said the legion will "take care of its buddies" in all of Us proposed movements. He attributed the legislative achievements of the legion on behalf of disabled veterans to Ihe early support of a record rnem- utiiuiei uuit'JuiMi; receive further in- j Light InjliriCS, OllC Death from Drowning in Arkansas Lnbor Day. Desert Tribe Liberates j 4-Year-Old Son of Sheik; Erect Structure. BUDAPKST. (UP)— In Hunjnry six ciliCb, Budapest. S/cgcd, Pecs, LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 2. (UPl — A Fair (latch The contract was let today to the i rirlary International. '• Lumber company, with R. ' • j N. McLeod as contractor, for the i RABAT, Morocco. (UP)-During' Lonc O ak school which is to, 15 months the rebel, warlike desert i rcp i acc lrlc . structure now in use. i tribe Alt Chohmanes, kept prisoner W ork on the S4000 project will be- I in a mudwalled dungeon the fourU in M oncc and completion is I year old son of the Sheik Si Larhi ;i lc! , c(1 for t > 10 opcniiv,- -if th- win- ' el Zahari el Arairl until they re- j [pr tml , November 15. i leased him a few days ago. j T | lc lu , w [rame structure will he i The child had been kidnapped : modern, built according to the • because of his father's friendship. i Kta t e department of education along with his tribesmen, with the | |>i nru; . ^m, library equipment. ! French aulhorili-?s in Morocco. I There will also be a three room: Liberation of thc boy follows ne- i tencheroge building (o be erected ' iictialions over several months car- , f rcm [] !e material in the old struc- : ned out by a tribal leader friendly u, rc with less than .1 thousand dol- j lo both parlies, (he Sheik Si AM. ( i^rs for other material. I The boy was formally turned over I The three teacher school now ' to Commandant Blanc, in command j has a four acre plot, which is to, of the 13eni Mcllal region. ; be made into an up to date play- i '.ground, as three acres were recent- i ly purchased. Thc grounds have ! been made intact by the moving of i Treasure Ship "Egypt" a c:um y road b - v ° rdc i' °'- ^ conn- : ty judge, George \V. Barham. 1 BREST. France. Sept. 1. (UP)—I Tne district, which has for its' The sunken steamer Egypt with '• directors. James Cathey. B. B. '• millions of dollars in gold in her : tIcti Sf and J. W. Fields, will receive i sirong room has been discovered' ai(1 from !llc st;lle loa n revolving ! off the Brittany coast by divers' fun( ' for tnc ncu ' school. Mr. and I of the Italian salvage ship'Artigllo. :XIl ' s - c - s - Baggett and Miss Lois • The divers are expediting their j Fields are teachers for the 165 pu- • eHorts to get into the strong room P : ' s - i ^ ...... _______ ______ ..„_.., _____ i Debrecen' Miikdx und Myiresyhw.-i! i Deaf and injuries fallowed in tin jlinvc Rcuiry Clubs afli'.iatcd with : uclkp ° r 'lo'i'lay crowds in Arkin- Divers Locate Sunken before October gales from the scene. drive them i Bovs Fined for Viewing Fight from Nearby Roofs A group ol while boys and ne- groes accused of/ malicious mischief [ '' were fined five dollars each by'' Judre Graven? In police court (lilsi) morning. A part of each line was = J • the special committee of Ille move-( • mem to reduce these prices in | north/MSI Arkansas and Pemiscot i nnd Dunkltn counties of Missouri. A committee was also appointed! to confer wilh officials of the Ar-! kansas Pc.wer and I.i»hl company | in r.n eff'—t to gel a reduction In power rates for operating gins.' Hohnan of Minneapolis, flushed across'the finish line for first plac.* !• ut " : "" "^ '"" """ wl "- ll:r - . ,land the $.n.OOO prize. His average i L&l " l """ ut - 1 "oticnnamei 1X>"H- !s[>eed was 201,,'miles per hour* ^™\^^~ ° $ ™ n rate held up pe]'.<iinp Eicrt behavior. Tiicy are alleged to have cllmVx'd I same n for opi'iTit G.. Little. : hospllalizatton program from Conj gress and oilier minor measures, declaring thc organization will be In the thick of every light for the universal draft. ! Farmer's Car Overturns is wauled as is. n C ' 1 T I I P.' • n; nre wells. I 1 -' 1 "' J'UnHCl joekcl UlSCUSS-. ...-, .,. . c:i:,;rman of the, c s Characteristics of ^"-' on lop o! biiildiiws near (he Maiuj< ;omml1lc !'. E - IJ - I' 0 ." 1 of Tyron/a . . ' ^Irrei athletic arena last ni?ht to! am' Smith Johr.scn of Marion, also 101' 111 talk IVloilclaV. watch f'C fi"ht card in progress ' members, attended the meeting! on Highway Near Manila at the stadium. According to no-. when ginners from T}-ron^.a, Markc,. | with larger crowds at each lice property owners have objected ' T^ 0 - Lepanto and r.?vrral smaller; ice and Hie Bible study class Glenn Jones, Kennelt, Mo.. j farmer and four of seven negro : cotlon pickers he was bringing from Memphis to help gather his crop, were injured when Jones' car overturned on the Manila highway Sim?as yesterday. I Eight, persons were injured lu-r.^ ! when two automobiles crashed heni j on. The machines were ;lemc.lishe;l j but tlie passengers miraculously es caped death. Five of th^ persnni | were removed I" hospitals, serious- | ly Injured. Officials were investigating the accidents today. A car driven by Lucian Gr.nn a'- tempted to pas sanothcr. slrikiiv.; the cncoining machine driven bv Frank Goo<!win. Elmer Evnns. 11. was killer! near Knglantl whrn he went lo sleep while driving his automobile. Elmer Giroson. companion of Evans, was only slightly in- j Engnsh'chamiel Iwo years ago. \I •! r I • Ti -vT t^re'^rimrin ,lc:m Casterr.n jumped Hot uii:it j «.-,.. ~ ,...^ ,-,-.. , i i. v ni.1.1 mi; ujui.. ^iLituy Lilies tlUH- {. i j ii" to Ihe me of ihcir roofs as "free |ccmniunities of 1'oinsott county and • bled in attendance today, the evan- • L g ,'., - , . 'cats" for tl;e fight card claiming K «S'. In (TrniuliMd countv. werelr n irsii^ m ^i\ n , *< ,K^ T.-;«I n,.«, i The white man received cuts or that, rrxif? were damaged by the; a! ;° prese youngsters an:! tlv boys nnd ne- " lc pi'U^ ...-..,>,. ..,.., ,,. •_., in.ii >m .a n-u u> U IL- npv ',.„„., __.| f n _. r . fi,.i.i» ntncc _rce, have been warned before to,P'»E « the lowst price named in Samuel f, Joekel. D. D.. the Rev. i ^ ad -?h cdr 'ne^roe™ o ne o them P off the slruclurcs. | thejemtory _ ,xcep: m_ Crmer.den I C __ar,er_ D»yU and the pastor, ^Ln^ec" ^,1^ °em "and in Craighead county, were gelistlc meeting at the First Pros- i, , T1 \ C tt *"c man received cuts or resent. I byterian church is going forward " ls hand a " d , onc 0( , the , nesroes price agreed upon for wrap- in its activities led bv the R»v \?™ sov ? vcrly 'Derated about the French Swain Leaps To Death From Piano! jthe territory ,?xcep: in Critlcr.den I C Grier Davts nnd the i county where It is Laid $1.25 is i Marsh M. Callaway. . . | being charged without a meeting The subject tonight will b; "The ' Drmses - ^tO^•TPELLlKU. France. (UP) — Deciding ti imitate tlie aerial sui-1 cide of the millionaire financier •having been held there. Rich Princess Weds Mechanic One of the negroes was driving t'nee ot a Revival" for a sermon 1 .,, , ..w 0 .-..» ...... ....,...,, especially directed to church pco- i lhc , Joms cnr and lo ^. co » (ro1 °» Pie. The Rev. Mr. Davis will lin ,\ ».??'?„ °',:™- ,^'SZJ 0 ^ I-owcnstcin who dropped Into ,, vo the'. Labor Federation Opens Meeting ai Pine Bluff PINE BLUFF. Ark.. Sept. 2 (UPl —A three days meetings of the annual convention of the Arkansas m ,, t |i,tprt hortv !State Federation of Labor opened " ls mutilated bod), today. Matters to come before the con-'-r «M r i 0 1 will be the discussion or; 1 oo Many Loyote Scalps In case there should he any • doubt as IT why he chose to kill' himself, the ?uicirlr left a me?snge rtatinrj he had been disappointed in love. He added that he elected to jump from a plane ns Ihe sur- i est means of meeting death. A | letter addressed to the girl who. crossed him in love was found on j Egypt is 400 meters down,Labor Day Accidents ! Pie Tra>nor. captain ana third snd lies on h?r side with sandy I i.iurl sbwly covering her. Cause of Many Deaths'SM"^' j when he met of tlie Pittsburgh Pirates, got the right number OXFORD. Eng. (UP)—I.a7y law- .RALEIGH, \. C., Sept.. 1. (UP)—J24-yar-old telephone operator i yors and ofncials are responsible i , r * :l vi <>^nt deaths during the! Cincinnati hotel. Anyhow, J Eva Hclnier, above, in a Miss for tr.c technics! language in of- | lal)or daj ' * 1 " cfc cil<1 liDiiday and at Helmer now flashes 'nothing but fie:al rloeiniipiit'; lhat the laymar doesn'i understanrl. Mr.<. H. O. Cor- IIT to'.rl the Insli-.ii'e of Pnblj.* Adminls'ralion, In rerommendini _ iniurcs had been reported , busy signals when the Pira!c.<Tcomc iin Noitli CurMinn ai-.ri Virginia' to town. Yon see she's gm'ng to •todav. Mrs. see Pie e's gning Travnor. And the five day week, the imemp'.oy- j C ause Arrest o{ Quartet j ment situation, and the lending of 1 *t««in.i no:sib!e aid to the state government and other agencies in rclicv-; ing the present unemployment sit- .^ TOPEKA, uatlon. I for i—Kansas cncoun-' new In rackets I n the .'-tatc offered SI a head ] coyote scalps. Four men were i , ports, crashing into n ditch, id thc negr< at the local <tay a solo and there will be special' music by tlie choir In the service., to begin at 7:45 O'clock. , "The Mind of Christ" was thc, l -. I theme used oy the Rev. Joekel last | "evening when he discussed four.n • rL 1 c - Aft characteristics of Christ: boncs-v: Kaln l-neCK5 fire Alter sit 'bv" l c'hr?n r wh^i rSd iSUOO.OOG Loss at Chicago riLVffiS^To'SSl CHICAGO Sep.. 2. (UPl-Rah, right even In the face of opposl-! earl >' loda >" = h «ked Chicago's most !ion and His willingness 16 tacrl- nlsnslrous lire in three years after fice. In closing tile speaker dial- i II had eail ^ d approximately SL- lenged the ch'irch people to bring . O 00 -" 00 anmagc to a candy com- thesc thing's into their lives. Thc life sons each mo"rn"ing"be'<''irini'ng"at i E *ploston of eight storage tanks !0 o'clock f-prayed the district with flaming Prayer services are to be held' : f soli "° Bnd ?"• For a llme the I on, Wednesday and Frl- i f ". e threatened to spread over a to a ^ to ' i pany. a box factory and a Great "of c'hrisMs being stud-' La * :es steamship line commissary series of 45 minute ie s _ 1 bullciing. , ' day afternoons during the revival | wlde S! * tlon , °' tne , ; at homes of Prcsbvterians. ' ^ an ffater front Firemen fought I - . the Hamts from both land and water. ! Brother's Death Calls Local Men to Kentucky An American hustond is prefer-1 K . H . Matthews was called WEATHER Automobiles figured in every fa-j you'll iiave (o n,;rcc he made a fair catch. rti.ton today .for the funeral ser- from I the second story of a b:;ild- |\ias offered in an effort to rid Ihe I Cafl |s;aio of thc pests. - [chanic. Caffray, Reno. Is'ev.. garage me- - - i Ihe minimum was 71. according to vices and Mr. Matthews will ac-1 Fiancis Carpenter, ofRcial weath- compsny them home. er observer.

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