The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1938
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 29, J938 (ARK.) coutiik NK\VS- /"i UZZEII STILL His Position In Chicago Brain Trust Coiilinues I o Be Hazy Looks Good Ship-Shape Again On The Spot' Hy JOHN ICS AIWliLKS, Miireh 2&.--AI1- IlKiny <l'ush-'em-in> Tony) La/ ,,'f'i'U'i, Ircsh out of tlic Aineiiuiti ^ , leasing where he did oonsiilcrable 'Viecond-basiiiB fnr the New V'ork Yankees, is .strictly on the spot this season. liic latest rrcrnk, lo the Chicago Ci:t:;' train Inisl lias Iwen the ::olircc of n grout deal of worry to those bascr.all addicts who east thctr let wllli the Cubs end ;i good many more who don't. Bisscsl .source of bcftiddk'mi'ii', Is 1 a-.:-.-eri'K oiticial capacity. • The Cubs, although nosed out ol :i ceuple- oi pennants, were coins alopjj in spihhlly fas]iion under Manager Clinrtey Grimm i.r.d his vi$hl-li:ind man. Catcher Gabby IJnrtnclt, when Owner p. K. Wriy- Icy up and signed the Sail l*inu- ci::co Italian. I '.i*"/.cvi ivai; to be a co;i?h and Utility iJilicldcr mid noltiiiy more. In practice it was worked Out tliut, wjiy, Inil Ihcre are ( who still believe otherwise. They contend (hat Ucfore Hie season is halt over will be llic Mr, 13i« of tlic team. All concerned have noon work, lug together smoothly, tut sooner cr Infer Ihcre aie bound to bi difficulties.-VU present, Grimm. Ifart- r'l licit and Lazzori form a sort of v brain tirst. It's the -,ame old Lusincrs of two heads beiny bel- li r than one. Shades of (he Gr;.;-.rmi When a Cub taller strolls lo the plate the big three go into a huddle nod clcculg wiiether the batter Ehoiild hit away, or wait the pitcher out. It's had remarkable results so far this season. The Cubs at tins stage of the yamt. are far and away the best conditioned and BEST club 'o Irain in California. None ol the three parties 'concerned have been much <ii>. i c', by Ihe storm of controversy. They won't discuss it and from all outward appearances there appear: to, be no reason why they should. It's all very complicated. It's evident that Lazzeii feels out of plffee and •liic're arc bouii'l lu be times when'his decisions a'.c regarded as just so much hay. When that happens watch for '.-0:110 fire^ £ works. Thiit briiii'o Hie uroblciu down to the chances of the Cub:;, and when the Cuts' chances arc discussed it becomes a question of Pitching. Outside of the '.wirlint' tl e p a r t in cut the second-place Bruins arc a match for any club in the league. If it came down to eases, (hey probably would rate .1 Khtulc the best of any argument. Vets in Form Again i > iiirry French and Curt Davis, whose failure lo deliver last year considerably hurt (he Cub:;' pen- jianl' drive, arc back In ton shape mid are counted upon by Grimm to aid his other trio of .'larlcrs Tex Carlctou. Charley Itool nnc! Hill Ue. Piay Bryant and Roy l j .\rmclce runvnlly. have the edge on tlic remainder at (lie sfalT. Bryant lias a year of major league expc-riencc .behind him and may ;;wn oe r i-cady to take his turn as a slai'l- " 'V'lg Hvirler. while Parmclce :>ceni; . (() Irjic lost the wtldiicss that made him 50 ineffective last, year. Clyde Ehmiii is another lu-lrler in Bryant's cla.'s. Prize icciuil is Kcrby {lijtc, up /rcm Mollnc in the Thrce-1 League where he won 21 and lo-,l live. fli:jt: also led Ihc loop in ilrikcouis niMi 257 for the season. .M E|)perly. also a Moline yrad- iiati.; Bob Logan of Indianapolis and Hc*cl Kimu.iSl, Milwaukee, arc Ihc other yotmgotcro (Jriinm v.lll carry. iiartnclt of course will handle most of the dnlics behind the plate. Tlie Oabty pile &;ems to B<> en forever, and' Ills play in tpring cames indicates he'll bo go ing on for at least another year. . Echiml Hartnctt will be Jim O'Dea and Bob Garbar!:. For a while, at least, Hie inneld :uul oulor garden will be miuiiKd ^»-''.v vetciaiis. Jimmy Collins, re' covered frc;n a broken niikle. will handle llic initial sac!t. Billy Herman Ir, back at second and rhil C.-\varctta Is tack In the uutnel'J. Bill Jurge.7 lias sliorlsts]) all so'.v- cil up and Grimm is counting Stanley Hack to cover third in right, handy Inshion. (•nlau o» Up^rarle I a7^eri will aid a trio of youn? tiers in backing up the above named foursome. Steve '^taner i V.ack from LOR Angeles nnd Bol: J>y MatllrJ: is up from the same club. The third member ol I triD 1- Anthony York of Tutea. If Cavarelta stays tu the Infield as n reserve for Collins. ih« sanw \etcran cast from last year again will be on hand, Angle Galan has been burning up the spring circuit and Is a dend cinch for Ihe left iield berth, ilie r ormer £au FranciscQ la<l could do r.o better than" .252 with the stick last year hut unless he fadfs \vil!i| warmer irenther, he ;-lioiiW cornel up' into.the .3G.O class asaln. Center field is slill a toss-up between Joe " Marty and George Etalnbnck, while the right £idc of (he outfield Ijemaiee-. Jim Asbill. up from Jersey City, •Coaker ' Arlplett. Alrinphls, will lie carried as reserves. BY JK11KY 1IIIONI>riliM» NKA Service Sllorls Wrilei- A very briin:;ngc In Cairo means that American coilcge boys will be' unavailable for the Olympics liv ID'10. Maj. Jolur L. Griffltli, at his desk in Chicago, shakes his head and jxprcsEcs (iravc doubts tilong the same lines. Various and sundry college presidents, A. A. u. officials, street, car :oiHluclors, and var.uum cleaner talesmen, nil have made utterances ,o this'.same effect. This, as a. result of the Intcr- i 1 ?.! 1 ' 0 ' 1 '^ '- Olympic C o in m i 11 e c switching the dates for the 1310 I'okio Olympiad from midsummer until September. (The excessive humidity in Tokto diirliHj July and August was given as the reason.) And now as we give tlic matter .\ little thouulit it appears as cvcry- nic says our collegiate athletic talent will be unable lo lake the boat ride but the collegians them- ;;cl vcs . . . ? I'aint a Sornj ricture by fnr the giealer p;>r- lipn of our Olympic athletes arc recruited from .the colleges, our athletic Invasion of Tokio a couple of summers hence won't get to that proverbial first base, say the gentlemen who pull tlic slrinKs and manage our Olympic aflairs. Why, how can we net anywhere in Nippon, they ask. Tlic toys have lo be in school . . . they won't lie- able (o make up their work in time to graduate with their clabs . . . the schools won't give; the boys n leave of absence, and allow Iheiu to start the first sctncstcr'a month or live weeky late. ' It is lo laugh. Inkc any 100 eolbgc athletes— nsk them, /mnkly. if they would mind graduating a lialf year later in order to sail to Japan as a member of the Olympii; team. Ask them it they would mind misiiiif classes for (he first semos- t:r of the school year in order to enjoy a trip (he like of which Ihcy I minlit never nyain hnvc tlic" op- I porlunlty to take as long ns they ! lived. I .lust ofMinml, «ljoiit 00 per cent I of tliein, or lliercabouts, wouldn't mind nt all. llow Aliuiit a Poll? •It woiild \K only Inlr lo sny, , however, that students 'In-Uiu pro- fciFiional schools, such ns medicine, law or dentistry, might nnfl it im-1 |),T:sible to iuleniiDt tiieir scholiis-" tic work, but few others 'would' ,' balk. ] Naturally. 11 lot of the boys -lo lake, a wholehearted Intctest In their clarsroom effects, and they might reijrrt tl very luucii If their 'decree xyiis held up, a half year.or ro. .' But the rosult';, we're- Ulliilfliig, would bo nniusiuif, and lUleht biltiK a lot of red faces lo the brass hats, ii someone would conduct a poll among our college athletes— As to whiHhrr they 'would or would not take (hat .'boal.rlilc if llicy had Ihe opportunity. '.' • Zebras Keep Chick" Came In Mind As Drills Open PINE DUJFl'TArk., Mar. 2Q-1IC- W'li 'IS and 50 eiiiulWiiles for'tlie 1938 I'lnc Ulniv simtor lilgh •school football snnud reported to Co'a'ch- e.'i Allen Diuuiway iiint CicoiBc l Terry yesterday afternoon for'Ini- tial wmm-ijp exercises In tlic.tlrsl drill of the lwo-\yeek's spring .priic- i lice. • The Zebras will fnce one, or i Ihcir toughest svliwUilcs' In several years next full. »Among the new ,op|iojiciil« will he Uljlheyllle Ml: t\"il. Tin. and Hope, Tlic' Ulythcvlll'p chicks, cdnsld- ereil here to be piobnbly Ihp lOiigh- foes pn (lie 10.18 schedule,' rb- ceiitly eompleled n lwci-\veek> drill With 45 cundlduU's Irom wiiieh to i'hi»sn ropJiiccincnl.'i for Hllais lu^t by graduation. (.'0-CU3 Vrli: lln^-H \VCLFVILLE, N. 3. (Ul')-(;«-eds at M;\f(\;i University put tUliisi; on » |:ayi,nj basis here wl^ii fo\- si "\Vcck they foot'cd all tiie cnlertiitn- menl bills for liielr mnlo '.bliiw- mntcs.' •-, ' -..._. •• '. - BARBER SHQP 'Va«l|''K. Varkcf, Vro'p. . Oltiifcf Ho(el llldg. or Klcctrio niinlcurlui; 1 cunitc I max 'CL A GDJEFUU 1/07014 VALUE It's easy io PAY more.. . but where can you GET more ? Irishman Defeats Gorilla Dugan; Mexican Sub- clues "Yellow" Another of those- hecltc mal llcs tliul usuiilly wind ui> with Iho spccluloJ's ready lo luk^ 1 imrt was slaijcd by Kddje Malonc and ucirlllu Dublin here last nlsht with Miiiono llunllj' bfinir" ailjuds- cd Ihe winner. '''In 1 Ciorlllii iiroved ;is unruly us /.mm' of dm oihcr "bud men" who have uppcai'cd h«'0 pnd on Bcvornl ott'iKiloiiK wlieiv he wns losscil Into the III|M «,- rliigblilcri; he was In "hoi water" with Iho specliitors, Am| as u piling climax he singed, u scene with Hcl- eree Mike Merouoy lx;(oro being TRYTHE TOBACCO THAT'S CUIRIGHIFOR FAST, EASY ROUIN' w»\'«d from the ring by Commissioner Nell) need, Mnlone used flylnj tackles, a Hying iimrc mid body pin to ta,ko Uio inillnl tall in seven minutes, Ungain scored thb second Ih U minutes wlUi tlio e/Tebllvo crsb liold and Mnlono Juially gained Uio deciding liunbjc In 12 minute? wlllx body Bin. Haul UOIICK, Mcxlcnn hoavy- wolglit, hnil cqiiijMUtulvoly littlo IroviWo in Uirnunr buclt chlng i Leo, tlio "yellow peril" from the I orient, in the, preJIniiosry"mutch. Ii-Piwa used tlio reverse too hold lo. nccounl <or his first, (all In 2(1 niliuilcs. Leo was successful In llip sceojul eel-to when lie claraii- cd Vc-m with l!io Japanese lex lock mul body pin In six mlnulw. in another eight minutes Loixra eol Iho crab hold on Leo ana tlic 6crnii wns over. Salmon Are CUwilied $ At Marathon Swimmeif NANAIMO, B. C. (UP)-3latUtlc4 recorded by the Padno Biological' 6t»t o» here rcvea^d that salmoij -~..... v ,. .* v .v mvca^u iimb saimQQ oi) the pacific coast may riot ba speed Wnjs,"^ ' W )$n incomes 16 marathons, they c'au n«^--ii;. iutdl ( su\nc]o almost 'any i RflTnmlnrrp 'ft't* 4U, 'ri... ' the ' PRINCE ALBERT T«t NATIONAL IOY SMOKE disease has caused Brent Ip-ss lo 111,9 banana Industry Hi llio iinsi few years, jj,, t !j 0lv „. new typo of bnnauu, Immune to l«la Might, luis been (Icvclopcd. B&mon-aptri?, Sockcye, qhuin, Colio) and Pint-. wqrD otecijv^ by clamping dated' aliynlmyii 5 (rjp. ia^ bn (heir jail' each day. was found t between ' io to 35 'mllej Dr», Wert & Werl OPTOIHTBWT8 Over Joe Isuc*' stor* -W* HAKE 'KM 'Sir'. '"' Phori* &U Special introductory Offer To Acqijaint Yo^ W^h Our N?w Octane WitJt ^e purchase of 7 or more gallon* of t|iu new Gaioline A 2 Gallon Can ol Hi-Grade Motor Oil For < A | a ^ SAVEON GA$ CO. Does home n Liftine"? ituii A11K r.M.vl,-*' ninlnrrnriiianiifarlnrerd who liave umdcts costing more than a new LaSallc. Yes—it's easy lo pny more—l>ul \vlu-rc would you get more? Where voulil yon get more performance? More comf'iri? More safclvV More style? More prestige? Barring Cadillac, you'll look long and liard to find even LaSnlle's crjual, lei alone its superior, QiYTHEVILLE 117 B. Main S<i—licforc you go above l,:iSal!e in price— Itclter look ,il LaS.-ille. l.a.Salle is really a great and dislinguislicd in all ways—ami its price is so low that it i? a genuine li.irgflin. AVliy tiol conic in today fnr a demonstration? f.'j. 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A new lamp can light more than a earner—-it can shine into the hearts of all who see it. Glassware, a new table, porch furniture, all can enter into your home's face lifting. ( Look about your home as if you had never seen it— and follow the advertising on these pages!

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