The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1951 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1951
Page 15
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TBTJWTOAY, AUGUST », BtriHEVlLLE, (ARK.) COURIER Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams THIMMM HAVE BKJLARSe M6WTS MAOB Of THIS CLOS FOR CLOSE -~»AL*O GET THAT MESS OUT Xj OF THEBE.'CSRAW'MA WOW'T BE ABLE TO SIT IN TH'S5AY WINDOW FOR A WEEK MEYER'S I Jolly I Baker, L Boy PSays I There was a young tride, quit* tad, Her biscuits turned out kind ft bad, But her man, a nice guy, Meyer's Bread learned to buy. And now they are happy and glftd. REPAIR SERVICE All appliances: refrigerator*, freezer*, ranies, and washers. RidttM and small BppUancem. All amr work t» K«ar«nte«d. Adams Applianct Co. What Don't You Need? j OW rickety fnmitmre, worn clothes, fishing equipment anything on earth that yon don't want is worth money In I trades and swaps £t H & M I Sales Co. Bring tt down— ll find fomethlnc yon DO H&M Sales Co. 117 T. Main Fhone 6X59 WILD WEST £ CHARITY STANDISH BY CHARLES JUDAH X STANDISH decided she really was becoming abandoned, fighting, kissing strange men and not a bit repentent either. ''I'm sorry" 1 did that just now, or no. 1 guess I'm not sorry, out It didn't mean anything, at least not much." She stopped confused. Ken grinned. "I see Maybe it's the altitude." When Charity was comfortably settled, gazing across the breathless moonlit loveliness ol ner valley, he stretched out beside ner. and told his stop? as If tf were ormted in the sky with stars (or letters. He did not tell her much about himself, but he did describe the life he lived. Tales of trade with the Pueblos to the north and the Navajoj to the west and at trade and fighting with the Apache's on both sides of the border. It was a life as tree as the ranges of the Territory, as untroubled as its .mountain meadows, as limitless as its deserts. Charity looked behind h«, to the east The sun that she Had watched disappear behind the mountains the previous evening was peering over the edge of the mesa. , "Will you loan me enough money to get home?" she asked "I don't loan money to strange women," he told her with mock severity, "but 1 do sometimes return stolen property. How much did you lose?" "1 only "want enough for railroad fare, and It U a loan." After a short argument they compromised. She would take the S440 she hud lost, but the money would be paid back, "111 donate it to • home for fallen women." he threatened. Charity grinned- "Considering how I've behaved tonight. I'll jusi consider it an investment." He fished out $450 from a pocket and with tt a pair at dice that he Get The Best Car Service! AU MakM and Modeli! No matter what kind of oar you drive, you'll lava money by jetting the personal service at T I Seay Motor Co. We'll car« for voui car ma you would yourself * T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. CkrysIer-FIynottti Dealer III K. Mala rh>ne 2m taa torcea oul of Duke's clenched fist, following the fight "Take these, too. as souvenirs. You rould do wonders with them n Ohio" She smiled wryly. "I wouldn't :ay 1 did so well last night." "You did while you used those dice Roll them." She threw a seven. She repeated the fast a number of tiroes. Always seven "See what i mean." "No. 1 aon't see al all. These dine are obviously loaded. But [ didn't take them to the Pour Aces." "Of course not I did. Remember when I picked up the dioe before you got real lucky?" Charity remembered "Well when I gave hem bark they weren't the same ones." Charity continued to roll the dice thoughfully She was remind- ni nersell that those dice and their owner had saved ner from servitude at the Aztec. She should be grateful, and she was: but she wa? disappointed too. and suddenly very tired. Too tired to choke hack the words that welled up Against her will from atavistic depths deep within her being. "So you're » cheat—like Duke Rogers." * * • • "E was unperturbed. "1 got to .town last night—Jeeling good I have a pal here. Doug Kent, best friend a man ever had." That'» what he saya about you," .Charity interrupted. "You know Doug? But sure you do. You and Angel were talking about him at the Pour Aces. SweL guy. fsnt he?" "Go on." said Charity. "I've owed Doug some money for tt couple of years; I had it and figured I'd pay up and we woulc have a celebration. First place looked was the Four Aces; heart Doug's name, so t listened. What 1 heard didnt make sense. Doug losing $5,000." wny aoesm rt make sense?" Charity asked wearily. "He's a ambler, isn't he?" "Ho\v well do you know Doug?" Charity poked absently at the ire on the ground. "Not very well, guess" "I didn'l think so. It's this way. Jong's not a gambler. Thinks he s. but he's not He's a farmer who got out West. He ought to ettle doxvn and grow things." v « • CHARITY laughed mirthlessly ^- "Are you trying to tell me thai Jouglas Kent would be nappicr n a ranch than gambling?" "Sure he would. He likes .animals, has a way with them, too and you ought to see him as' I've ,een him. when he comes unexpectedly to a field that's really ;reen with some crop or other ie'll iust look at it and then, generally as If trying to convince himself. He'll curse if. but his eye.' say more than his words. Trouble s he won't admit what's in his eyes. Something happened to him when he was a kid in Carolina never did tell me. naturally 1 didn't ask." Naturally 1 did ask and h« told me." Charity said softly. Ken looked'at her out of eyes :hat turned hard and wary. "Maybe you're the girl." His voice wa? not friendly anymore. "As 1 was saying, Doug's not a real gambler Win a little, lose a little was his way. But he kept out of debt. Said debt had ruined the South that it wasn't going to ruin him. So how did he lose that $5,000?" "He was drunk," said Charity firmly. "Sure. Funny, too. because Doug never drinks much, and not a drop when he gambles. Besides. h« knows Duke's crooked." "He played before at th« Four Aces." "Little stult. yes. Duke's honest on that. Duke saves his tricks for big games, or strangers, or guests from the Aztec. Doug knew the Four Aces was all right for a small game. Besides, he thought he and Angelwere good friends." "How good?" Charity asked. "Just good, though maybe she'd like it more." "1 guess she can hav« him DOW." (To Be Continued) • Shoe Repair Helps You Look Your Best H-fl LT€RS |U<JL!TY SHOE SHOI WANTED MEN and WOMEN to foB«w !««<ft on RotpKal Insuranca GrMt 4«man6 — Good Pay SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Ctisto*i work for gins, ilfaift mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to '/< inch thicknew. Frank Simmons Tin Shop • 117 South Broadway Dion* ZMI WATERMELONS WHOLES - HALVES - SLICES As Low TtiA Each As 1 3p only 3 e Lb. Not Iced *>- ^ 4cLb. Ice Cold BlytheviKe Curb Market — 130 E. Main — -fp^j When In tht Hospital friends send Flowers _ £f t Send You Cash !&.• ""^ See United Insurance Agency^ 1 10« B. First St. Blylhevillej "Everything in Insurance" At Ixmer Rates A. T- nlctrfra HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Place Your Order Now! We.Accept PMA Purchase Orders Blyfhevi'le Snvbean Corp. Phone—6856 — 6857 MAMA GET J FRZCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOHEB Il'x the Jewels THAT EXPUMMS THE GLOVE MRS, RAMBLE'S CABIN WHEMOUS LITRE FRIEKO PINCHED HER. KKLA.Ce/ HE SWED OUR NKXSl IMAGINE A-JYOME CALLING HIM A RAT/ ir MQSTA BEEN A TRADE RAT.'THEY ALWAYS tKCHANBE iOMejxiWG- FOR. . WHAT IHtY SWIPE' "Whil« I'm a doctor, It may surprise you to know 1 do not smoke cigarets or recommend any PRISCILLA'S POP The Gloved tynd BY AL VERMEER rou OVEK-L-O IT, SON! YOU'VE GOT A ONE- TRACK MIND 1 HERE Mr.*. OTHER WINGS BESIDE 1 ; HITTING n'MALLKY ami RALPH LANE TLL. DO E-V&RSTHIMG I CAM, INSPECTOR, BUT Mfr'S IN BAD £>MAP&. HA* HE ANY FAMILY OR FRIEMD&? CAPTAIN EASY Af Emmelt's House BY LESLIE TURNER McTlGG'S FRIEM05 ARE 7 WHW *BOUT HIS 6EOFHER, RESPECTABLE PEOPLE-... I WfcsH ? WOIJIP EMWETT HELP HE'P HAME MO LWDEEWORLPS-J HIDE H[W ? CONNECTIONS TO HELP, HIDE Hll* HEREl WH"ii HE'D BE RECOGNIZED FROM NEW* PHOTOaKFORE— GOSH, BESIDES, THEV CMJ'T GET N.OMG ' W6VEE SEB ENCH OfHERl ID LIKE TO TALK TO HIUl MMWW. WAIOIA COME M.OUG ? GREW CHESRR.COUIOWT 11115 'AW TllL .WORM?- BUGS BUNNY Put Your Neck In TH' SALES CLUCK <&<KIC> THING IN 5GLUN' l£ T GBT VER FOOT Take Your Pick BY V. T. [1AMUN EH.WHUZZM; \ VER..OR TH' SOSJ?TH VE FIRSrOMu? /OR FOURTH, NOMWTER... .T^viEST ALL ROADS LEAC Nothing, No Nothing > C OOK CHEMICAL CO.: Kills Bugs Like ] REAL'KILL BUG MLM W" ri **~^?if^? \-^f, v "~-^^^far" .,•> ..^- "\ // ^& [HIS ^ET si^'t^: ^c^ * ^ V^T * PROMTS MOLD AMD MILDEW GROWTH, TOO IWJIH5 5IIVERHSH ROACHES ANTS CARPET BEETLES HIES SPIDERS WASPS FLEAS ' qf. *2.9S 90/j

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