The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1934
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Served by the United Press VOL. .\.\.\l—NO. emi^igp^coioRiER i O niyllieville Daily News lihtlievllhj Crurler / Mlssbslpnt Vaileyj/-ndi-r niyllievllle Herald •ib'vmcjleralrl HI- YTJI lOVlU.K, A UK.-\\S.-\S. KlilDAY A); •\liCJI £1. lf);|.| SINGLK COl'IlOS FIVE CBNTS Helen Keller Pays Her Debt Cin'SBJILLOT: Failure lo Pay Poll Tax Disqualifies Alclermunic Candidate, Board Says. Nairn* of al) c-an<lid;iies fur tin- election here April 3, placed in nomination hy peiiimn. with till? exception cif o. Slionyj. were listed on the ollicial ballot by county election commission.'!-^! h-i-e this i-.fu-rncon. A petition on behalf of Shonyo as one of three candidates for second ward alderman had been fili-d wilh the city elr-rk Lm ihe elei-ilon board r-Insid 10 pui hi*] name on the licke: v.iien a di.s- i covered lhat he was not a quali- I Tiod i-Ii'ctC'i-. not lulling |«id a ! P"!! lax last year. Williams Given Place , j On the other hand Hie board . ordered Ihe name of .Marion \Vil- : l!ams placed on ihe ballet as a I candidate for lirsi ward aHL'iinaii. Members of ihe l;oard said thai while a petition nominating Williams was filed afler expiration of Die legal pericd for nomination il should jo on the ballot. They said in explanation Ihal Ihi- ge:i- '< ml custom here was to allow petitions lo be llli-d iimil 10 davs) before ihe election, even thouali the leiin! filing period expires "]5 days before. a;id thai UK-J- would foiiow custom hi Ihe maltrr. Election ollicials wore mimed for BJyilicvillc and ton-its in ihe Chickasatvba district o! the county, with oflieials for the elections ai Liixara and O.scioli: to b" named OL a conference between — Opniji-inniiy siir-!i a.s rarely occurs lo re]i.-iy a faithful friend; has conm lo -Helen Keller, risht, f;iuied liliml deaf mute. >frs. Aim.! Sullivan Macy, left, wli» lias devoted her life to aul- fnc Miss Keller, now is almost PAI^ESlAKiCONCESSIONS NNED DEVILS S| n?iSIT "!,_. ! PrW OF™ (IF ^T^cn^T^n^™ 'mm ,M , St.-ivisky Rt'ljollion Nation. Plotter) Convicl lo Sol Up New I'AIIIS. M:iv. 23. la.-lic- (UP>—A hu>- plu: to tei/e ihr famous Inland prison colony, lib- il.-i ili'.-iiX'ra'.r fVloji.s. ntitl thnii cltuon.i (if a republic i:d t'iday lo A!exandie Hlav- *;::i-i(l(' banket 1 whose frauds involved mnny public, men. i-vidi-iH'e \viis inicovered liy iJir parliamentary commission In- H-siii;aimi; ihe frauds. 11 was coniaini-:! in an exchange of letters bi'tween S'.avLsky and Jean Cialinoi. mcmlier of Ihe chamber of deputies liom the prison colony :i'.-ca. Siavisky is believed to have had Ciahiiot txiii-.oned for betray- liifc' his i;aiuj after falling dc:-j>cr- a-.ely in love with Arlcllc, Slavls- ky's bi'aiiiifnl young wife. The u!r:s was fomented in 192.">. SiavKky vnj. M ; t | [0 have planned lo make Hie prison colony, ex- lending iln-ciii,')) the. i.sliir.ds off the con:,! lo Ihe. mainland, an independent nation, with him- >.eli a.-, ;-..-; hi-.-wl. He had p:;n;s io pick an army j from among the convicts afler [sailing to Oiiiana in a chartered I steamship and landing MilTicienl ; forces with machine ymis on the to take :ru> settlement. There were r,oo soldiers nnd po- Hce in Ihe area then, bill moM were busy on in-.uine duties. Oalmol fell in love wilh Mrs. Stavisky and tin- ploi was atan- ddiicd. - - - —.^ uriv.L-1-u blind ami licr proiu^co lias uii- W. F. M. Ferguson, hoard chair- l devtnivn licr care and is teacli- man, and inlerc-sted persons in f '-- 1 kl -— l1 -" "--"• —•>• Hie. QscL-ola district later lodav at Osceola. i Elerliun officials iYanifd The following were named Jo:- Blytlievin?: First ward— Judges Hairy Welsburd, 11. c. Holder °Ivy Crawford; clerk.s. Rcbeti Grimes. Floyd Acton. Second ward—judges M. A. Isaacs. ROSS Stevens M' I-'ilzsimnions; clerks, Mall Scruggs Toi:i JOJISA. Third ward-judges.' Frank Linisford. Harry Lay«>ii • •lack Homer; clerks, u. W. Mill-''ins, j-Jetchec Kiny. I The olficial ballot includes a« candidates: R. L. Knight. Ross Beaveis ami s. c. Craig, cilv cierk: Sam Manall. city attorney- Five Armed Bandits Seize $26,000 Payroll BROCKTON. Mara.. Mar. 23 lU P) -Five men, armed with sub- innchin? "inis. sawed-off slxiiRiins anr! revolvers, waylaid a U;I:K e.-r ''! a uiisj- indnslrial district lo- day and escaped wilh a S2G.OOO rhoe factory payroll withnnl Hr- De Priest Petition B a n k h e a d Measure's j Gets Needed Signers Adoption by Senate Appears Assured. WASHINGTON'.- Mar. (UP) — bit! J. T. (Jimi Hall and Harold stern- berg, second ward alderman, and E. R. Jackson, third ward alderman. Submission of Ihe ijrono'al fo>- creation of a police and lire civil rervice commission here WAEHIKOTOlf. Mnr. 2^ lUf't— The De I'riest peiiiion lo force an Invrstiijation of ihe ban on n?grors from ihe house restaurant was completed lodiy. The 143ih s'unature was added ounjjoiiuis 01 tup Bnnkhoad bit' T h --_-—<•:••"" ™iu>. for limitins next years cotton" U,' I. ' 4rJ . lh •> ; « 11! "" r <' ™s added crop, now before the senate after v ,. J , ur n <'l'rr.imtative ,De m ., passage by His house claimed in C '' t '' 1il "™ ! <" ol «!>P home ac- passage by Ills house, claimed to- con ,;' rtnt- tli.^,. Krt.t -i. . . colilllS thry hail a the measure. clear inajorily Forty-fire votes were eounlcd in suppoil of the bill. This w insure passage under ordinarv votcrs ai the April 3 clcclion was 'cmnstaiicps'rTiid backers of'the bill made certain when the conmiis- j rieclnre several senaiois not vc toners said II would be. placed on | consulted win vote for it ' me MI.OI. a petition lo submit I Wlii.'c the bill was cxpecl-d to eirciibned here I )>afs the .Tnaie without ditflciilty Ihe proposal was l:isl vear ' it was believed there would ... ]' I 11 ""- 1 lii'i.fMd m u»iy ivo members of the Loan! (considerable debate. ot much .i|.|:ear.d for u,e meeting, w. K time cmiid lie devoted io il to-lav .M. M-nsnson of Marie and John I become- or imanimous ronsrni bt-rTo'r nTi*'' '^"i 10 ' W ' Cn ' " 1!1 "'-l as ' ic<1 " 1<lnt lo l»Ei" consideration mrsof the board here todav. A.! of a conlroveislal Louisiana nom- ponnniltes. defended Ihe Dragline Operator .Hurt LUXORA. Ark.—Waller Thresher. M. dragline operator for Brown Construction Co.. was severely Injured on the works near ' here Thursday when struck by a loaded shovel. Ho stii!cr«l a fractured collar bone and severe ehest injuries. B. Smith of Oaeeo!:i. ..„. member, was noi, present Indicative of thc usual lack •--vest In - other 2 P. Thr till, which wonid eliminal-- tin's j-enr's cotton cto] , - ------- ..... ~ v. city and town elec- 000 balc.s ,, n , per tions. no petitions for nomhw- cent pit, tax on all h, excess ^f lo 10000-,o lions Manila had Observations sent lo the board, it was revealed thn morning, and Die commissioners Inrmselves were undccidod w'heiher I>.'il is to Imve an election or not I-aicr Oscar I-endler. Manila aii'i Hlythevilie attorney, lold the com- ;m^:o.-iers that candidates at Manila had informally teen given authority by rovui officers to qu n l- ify by paymetit of the dolla ill's fee by Moiulav. thai amounted, has already passed the ir fil- New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 23. (UP)Cotton closed barely steady open high lo-.v cio^ Mar .... 1187 lisa ng.| ugi May .... 1104 119G 118C 1!8C •July ... 12M 1200 1108 1199 Oct .... 121,1 I21S 1210 1211 122! I22C 121!) 1220 1229 1230 12-J3 12->5 Dec Jan Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Mar. 23. (UP) — There was a dreary live-hour session 0:1 the stock market today in which trading reached a new'low! for the present period of imcer- \ NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 23 CUP* U>inJ I" m^rl cf/Xrtl- T%»«r>r- *7n.... J • _ fm If.. _t _» .1. . *-iJr I Spols closed steady at 1210. olf5 New Orleans Cotton tainty nnd stock prices flo-jndered in nn irregular manner. , A - T - and T 118 1-4 Anaconda Copper .... H 1-8 nethlehcm steel .... -10 1-2 Chrysler 51 j. 2 Cities Service ... 3 General American Tank 38 3-4 General Eleclrie •>] •> a General Motors .'."" J 6 5-s Interr.ntional Harvester 41 —Cotton closed steady. Mar May July Oct [ Dec. •• Jan I open high low- close 1189 1189 1183 1183 "0-1 119Q lisa 118!) 1201 1207 1198 1202 1215 1211 120D 1214 1523 1223 1220 1221 1225 1229 1225 Midwest Uulitles Montgomery Ward N'ew York Central Packard Phillies Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds . 5-lfi SI 5-8 35 5-8 5 1-4 18 7 5-8 1!) St. Louis San Francisco 3 3-8 Standard of N. j 45 j. e Texas Co. 2i 3 R V. S. Sti-el ...'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 5| -—-•" i f-i—i liCi-llJ bixits closed quiet nt 1200. off X. Chicayo Wheat May July Ufay open high low clos" 8V 1-8 87 1-2 8fi 7-8 S? 1-8 87 1-4 37 5-8 87 Clricac/o Corn open high i on - c | osc 50 3-4 50 7-8 M 3-8 50 5-8 52 .1-4 52 7-8 S3 1-2 !>2 1-2 == by C. B. B. ;~ Yesterday's outburst in this column might be criticized on the grounds thai, however indefensible may be the blocking of street cravings by railroads, there are numerous greater outrages against Ihe general welfare, more worthy of editorial indignation. After all. 15 mlmiies out of my life is a very small matter to me or- anyone el.-e, and (he same thins can be- said of most of ns II is an unflaucrlng chararierisljc of human nature, however, that we are easily stirred by small things that affect us directly, while gr?at issues that have no easily recognisable personal bearing upon us nrr likely to .'cave us cold. I get hopping mad a tout a few minutes delay in getting lo nn office thai could easily get nlong without me for a much longer period of tin-.e. but I can view with comparative dispasslon the injustice's of an economic system ihat has marie paupers out of millions of Just as good people ns I am. Anyhow, a little hollering, even If in no world shaking cause. Jomelimcs produces results, or al least I hope so. Mr. ,;. n. Holland, general agent here for the Frisco, dropjvd in this morning lo say that the t.iiho.-ut was as 87 i_8, tii'frt as anyone of ihe unsatls- | factory conditions prevailing at iRlyllieiilic crossings, and (hat they wer.^ going to be corrected Train crews will juggle their cars else, where, when possible, gate operators will be more alert, am! till it is hoped, will be well. of Bnitalily Air« Wisconsin Invosti Grous. Movie Rainbow Among Ilia avlalloii nolnblcs nt 1 tlio Sonata uirmail Investigation ' at Washington wiia Jimmy Wcilfill, tlio famniis KIICCI! liter, shown lier at a hearing. Weilcll is a partner In au air service ni Shreveixjr', I,a. PROTESI ClII IN mm TRIPS Monticello Sludcnts Dc-j maud Accounting oil MADISON, Wl.v. Mnr. -J:i. (UI>l A ]ei;ishnivi- rommltlee In \Vls- , unlay wcin b :u -k lirhlnd se.-, listed ,„, dcalh (•erllllc.iles slate insane hospital Imnaics lo thi-li- KI-IIVCS In rct-ent Ti'.-limiuiy iln,i |iuiii<ni» UIIMV ivctr li'.-ix-d und Innuented nniil il:i'V bi-eaim- violent nml then weie .Hen by Riiard.s who --yd u kli-k o:it of u," was one of ihe mnny prompiiin! Mich acllon. Two wllnew;es whose nwnrn les- Ims noi IKCII disputed acld- .-ii this charge lo a loiiy list of oilier abuses which separate in- "MlBiUini! Ixidles reineM'niing the Bovernor and the lexlslalure Imve MibslHiulatr.d lo Uielr own saiis- irieliim. Another testified lo seeing a. l!alleni choked lo death In a pro- cfxs veferred io by iiUendnnu, ns "necklnu out." The. coinaiiltee a<l\L<ed Governor Scliuieileninn Hint live other Iniiintes al Ihe same ii:stiluilon appareiuly died from ctlecl.s- of brutiilitles practiced up- c:n them there. The Bovernor Immediately approved a wholesale <-l<nn-om of iKTMinnel In the hos- pilal and nppnlnlcd a rnimnltlce ol his own to make further in- i estimations. Comprroller Calls for National Bank Reports Athletic Funds. MONTICELLO. Ark.. Mar. 23 .U P)- -Students al Monticello A. nnd M. college remained In their classes today and Pn^iOcnl. J-raiiK liorsfail lo!d Ihe United Press tills, alieinoon lhat nn aeeoiimin? 11 athletic funds is belli* n:,it!e for ic siiidrnis by the jiur.vir. When il was announced thai the A. and .\i. baseball team amid not make scveml scheduled trips this season becauye of tin- deplet-1 cd uililelic lima, students called a meeiing yesterday and protested. A student committee lold school officials and John Riclmrdson, a irustee of the college, al Warren, lhat they wauled three ihingv 1—The baseball schedule played through. 2—Accounting of the athletic funds. 2—A student council. At Warren, Richardson told; United Presr. today that the meet- in!; with thc student committee Inst nighl was "veiy pleasant." hut thai all-.letic funds were in- siimcicm to carry om tl-.e base- kail schedule as plaiir.eil. "This" he said, "caused the studem.s to hold lli« merlin;; whirl, has bren described as a strike." "An incomplete boird met here last with Hi" committee and it was decided Ihe .students may try the. slucient council p'.;m. There has been no objeclio:i to that. "Of course it will have lo be approved formal h- |, v the school board." All students were in claws today nnd President Horcfal] said "they did not miss any classes." He said Ihe studeiils did noi refuse lo do their work In thc dining room but Dm thev Just slopped temporarily so (hey' could alteiul Ihe school merlin- today called upon nil national bank* to report, their condition ns of March 5. This is the. first lime since 1331 ihnt a. call lor reports on banking conditions has gone out In the -March quarter of the year. The law requires at least three calls a yrnr hut, ihe comptroller may make as many more as he sees lit. Resumption o! the March call was believed Lo mark an cflorl lo publicize tin' improvement In banking conditions over the past year. The report ns of March 5 this year will show a comparison with conditions exactly a ycnr nnd 11 day previous, when President Roosevelt look office in the mldsi of ;i n.itlon-wfdc banking crisis and found it necessary immediately to close all banks. Kniilunil, Mm-. a:t iU l'>—IXn-ulliy Kind's Clolden Mil- founht Ills wny to victory In ll:i- O/nml Nnlfoiml Mwpli. t-lian- Indiiy. dcfi'iitliiK n lield nf an other Iinnix'i-s In Ilie world 1 .'; iimsi dllllciill nice. . NKW V(MK. Mnr. 23. IUP)-- Mrs. MnrKiU'ivic MerrlnKi'r dis- •liwd luilny she held u dekel for •l>1>i-uxliiiuii<ly $iri:i.UM on Ciolden Miller. wliincL- til the Cirunil Kn- .luniil .sli'cplei'liuse ill Ainlree, KIIK- niiil. Tin- ticket rust her $a. Kile wn.s dolnj; her housework when •\vs of her t;uoil fnrtuiii* euine K> •r over Itic rniilo. Mrs. Merrlu- T Is llu! wife of a New York reMnimmt phef. I'elno l.eliumnn Mm. V:rKlnliv —Him Mine, Is freo lo pursue ber carcur nnd, rumor Buys, io wed (iuorso llutl, inovlo lieadllncr. Slie la uliovvn in Ctiicago court, wlier* ebo won n divorce from E. J. Lcb- rnnim. Jr.. department itoro chief. walvltiR alimony aiW galn- i"K ciisui[i> of her two-year-old Steeplechase Hold Services Today for Oldest Native Bovn Resident of City. OSCEObA, Ark., Mnr. 23—Mrs. J. II. bhcddan, Ili, n life long resident of Occoln. illed nt 7:30 Thursday nlghl nt her home line following a lane Illness. The funcrnl was planned for WO this nflemoon nl the Hn|>- tlsi. church, of whl;h she was n meinlier. with' Hie llov. E. I,. Cole. Hie imsioi-, and (he Rev. fi. C. Moorlieud. pastor of the ^fellllld- 1st ehnrch. offlclalliiR. Pnll bear- Vlrclrila 1'lno— ers were to lie Gill Muslin, John R. Miller, Tal Tomiate. Cns Brandon Jr., Hale Jackson, Hen I5ul- Icr, Guy Hrynnl. and G. 11. Se- li-aves. Interment will be at Vloet cemetery. Mrs. Rl-.eddan wns bom In Osceola March 2, !6o8. the daughter of Joe and CvnlnAi thyiumti Iii.ln Wllllnmson. Her name wns Annie Elrwibclh. At her death she was Ihe oldest nallve. born resident of Coast Guardsmen Kffect 141,230 Bales Ginned in Mississippi County Mississippi county ginned 141 231) running bales of cotton exclusive of linte-s, from the crop of 1933. according to the preliminary rerwrt of the bureau of the census. This county cinned 18B- 732 running bales from thc 1932 Top. The total for Arkansas was ] - OH.2C1 liaU-s ginned from the 1933 crop, compared to 1.283.432 bales from ihe IB32 crop. Cotton ginned In leading Arkansas counlles from the 1933 nnd 1932 crops Is reported as follows- 1933 1032 23,871 37,635 43.257 66.324 51.247 74.475 17.430 24.120 21.249 24.111 17.732 24.388 2<i/!82 35,410 38.362 44.126 IC.S23 2C.333 22.297 33.551 . 30.867 38.022 141.230 186.732 28..153 42,105 38.588 56.872 . 35.212 45,868 22.3S7 27.I8S Clay CrahiliFjid . Crilfenden . Craw Faulkner Greene- JacVsoti Jefter.son .. Lawrence .. Lee t,onoke .... Mississippi Phillips .... Poinsett ... SI. Francis While OFFERS mm McKcllar Would Bar Participants in 1930 'Spoils Conferences.' WASHINGTON, Mar. 23. (UP) —A revised administration airmail liill. which would deny new contracts to any operator who participated in alleged "spoils conferences" with former Postmaster General Walter Drown In 1030, wns introduced in the senate today by Kennlor Kenneth D Mc- Kcllar (Dem.. Term.) MANTEO. N. C., Mar. 23 (UP) — Tlie enntaln niul crew of nine of Ihe d.-'hliu? Iraulcr Norvn Julia, stranded enrlv today a half mile south of Cnrrllnck Ijeach liRht. iveie rescued by coast guardsmen WASHINGTON. Mar. 23. (UP) -Chairman Hugo L. Black of the senate airmail Investigating committee sus^cstcd in Use senate today arrangement of court nctlon between thc governmeni and companies whor>e airmail contracls were cancelled. Black suggested a government suit for "damages from fraud" a.s one n-.iy of bringing the case into thc courts. "',1'- Black said he thought Ihnt while ordinarily a company could not sue. the government Ihfre might be an a\cnue through the court of claims. Burro Stages Comeback Fn New Mexico ALBUQUERQUE. N. M. (UP)— The horse may no; be coming back, bill (he burro ts. at least In Montana. Sawyer Stores, Hillings. Mont., firm, recently .v-m an order here for a carload of burros, in sound healih. broken for riding, suitable for children. A search of Albuquerque, and suburbs resulted In a shipment of loss than a half down of the beasts of burden. Rescues Off Coast Today. Atlantic . , inrrlcrl lo John Ilnyes Sliwldnn. nnd lo them were born nine children, six of whom .survive. They lire Dr. W. ,J. Slicddim. Lyman Sheddan. Mrs P. p. Travis. Mrs. Arthur Webb, anil Mrs. Tom M. Sheddnn of Osccoln. nnd Nfrs.Hfir- dln Dostlck of Wilson. Walter Card Is Manager today, loss. The vessel n total All .tlioanl Saved NORFOLK. Va.. Mar. 23 (UP) — The auxiliary schooner Charlotte wns reported aground and heloless In heavy sens off Femvick Island on the eastern shore of Virginia this afternoon. Coast guard headquarters said nil person.'; aboard had been saved nnd the const uunrrt cutter \fascniilln wns rushing to the stricken vessel, n-iilch was reported leakln? badly. Fairbanks Bet Points to Reconciliation with Mary ATNTREE. Knslaiid, Mnr. 23 (U P)—NTany indication.'; of n reconciliation between nouslns Fairbanks and Mary Plckford were supported by the motion picture actor (odav when he said he bet " on IXJIIP Easfle IF.. ID (lie Orhii'l National steeplechase boeansc It reminded him of a horse once given him by Miss pfckford. French Beverage Slump Hits Native Treasury (UP) ~ Frenchmen are The United states Naval Adad- cmy originally was located In Newport, R. f. from wines and show n total fi in tlio categories of nl- .surtax on spirits. ion n, v ----- . , , r-mius KC nclUStry fcr thc P Kh * OVCTnmc " 1 ted only SG3.140.000 francs, tre in crease beiin 2.267.000 francs. Consumption of alcohol and PEflCE IS LIKELI If Osceola. On March ISflu, she I'ajjc Increases and 1 lout- Cuts Announced al I)c- Iroil Today. WASHINGTON, Mim 2.1. IUP) — Iterovery Administrator Hugh S. Johnson has won some concessions from niiloiiiohUv miiiiiifncluicrs In the Mrike 'llsputc. II was snld In ninhui-lliitivc (mailers todaf. Joliiuon liojK'd to win similar concessions from (he labor side In :i sesslnn wllli union lenders. On this unsls Im wns snld to be lioiH.-ful of achieving a compromise agreement tlml would lift Hie Immcdlnle strike threat. AiuhiHUnlive quailers snld Ihe iinnnifncturere hud yielded somc- wlmt. In their previous stand. May Snnml.w Klcrlluns 'I'hc nature of the concessions could nni lie connrmcd hut II ap- iwnred Ihe. compromLse plan ecu- tried mound projiosnls for u government supervised election lo give all workers In nutomolnlc plantt n clour cut choice between American Federation of Labor unions nnd t'ompaiiy unions. The union lenders, headed by President William Green of Ihe A. P. of L. and William Collins, met In .roliiison'.-i office nt 2:30 p.m. today. Tho administrator, nctinu »s I'rcsldcni Roosevelt's In- lei-tiicdlury In thc strike crisis, expected lo sec them nt 3:30. Join in Wajte llonst . Mar. K). (UP1—Ap- proximately 00 per cent of the automobile Industry, exclusive of Ford, Joined hnnds todny (o mnke Its strongest challenge to the American Federation of Labor in the farm of .nay increases und n, lion workers. '• Ford, whose plants are not directly .Tilfectwl hy the strike threat, announced rceslabllshment of thc sr, dnily minimum "wage several days npo. ''ay L : l>. Hours I>awn The move. Initiated by ihe Oen- ernl Motors Corporation nnd ef- fec.llvc through Us 40 plants in 20 clues, came ns a counter argument to the claim of the federation, now before President Roosevelt, that thc Industry had failed to live up lo the principles of the nntlon- al recovery net. of Lee Wilson Store I Announcements posted in Tho Hnlck am! Fisher Wnller Card, formerly head ol (he men's and shoe departments of ihe TXT Wilson store, at Wll- pon. hn.f been made malinger of the entire store, succeeding C. O. Wllllnmson. Mr. Curd went to Wilson (en years nqo from Slccle. Nfo., where he Ihe manager ol Rosenberg Mercantile com- The Lee Wilson store, which Includes (irocr-ry. hardware, furniture, wearing apparel for men. women and children and variety store department. 1 :, and Ihe warehouse nnd nllinc station. Is Iho In northeast Arkansas. A number of chances \ mn |, nen made in the nrrannemont. with liie ladies' ready-to-wear department moved lo (he balcony with \flss Alice George, of Cairo. In clmrge. Pennsylvania Park Will Commemorate Well T1TUSVILLE. Pa. IUP) — The Drake Well Memorial State Park will be dedicated lirre iritliin (he next few months. The park Is a monument to tlio first nil well drilled in (his country nnd is on the site of that well. An attempt Is lieln^ mnde lo secure a fund of siu.OOO by public snoscrlplon so lhat the dedication ceremonies may be appropriate to the park's importance and widespread Interest in It. A four- day program. Marling on Drake Day. Aug. 27. is being planned. The invitntion committee has al- Body plants showed Hint the work week would he reduced to 3C hours and that raises in the hourly wage scale, would r.lve workers tile same wages they enjoy under thc present •10-hour week. 'Hie plan. Instituted by the largest I'.-ouj) n-llliln the National Au- lomoblle Chamber of Commerce, wns expcclcd to be followed thrti- out Ilie membership, it will be innde effective ns" soon as' the bookkeeping technicalities involved can be ironed out. Miss Mame Schult of Caruthersville Is Dead CARUTIIERSVILLE— Miss Mame Sclmlt. daughter of the laic Judge and Mrs. Hina C. Schult, died yes- . terdny at her home here follow- ; ing nn illness from Infectious pneumonia. Sho wns sick less than a week. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete pending the arrival from Oregon of a bro!h?r. Ulna, who is expected to reach Cariithersvllle tomorrow. The deceased Is also survived by another brother. Louis, of Cnrulliersvlllc. IWlis schuli v.-as well known at Blylheville and oilier nearby towns where she had n number of friends. • *-- ""- im. LiiviMiuuii vuiiiiiuiice mis ain g less alcohol every- year. ntt ay invited 3 number of dls-. Statistics prove it. Tax returns for thigulshed guests, including Pres- ] £™'\," !l ; v thanks for Ealtllf "' 1933 reveal an increase in the yield idem Kooscvelt. Governor Pinchot "' H ' * "'• eSS1>3 ° ou tlls card from wines and show n mini <rmn ,„* r* , ..„.,.. ^, I read. Kaiser nemcmliercd Guard Rlt.EY. Kalis. (UP) — Henry- Swart, a farmer near here who served as Kaiser Wilhelni's bodyguard 30 years ago, recently received a picture card from the emperor. -My thanks for faithful Govrenor Gcoi-ge White of . who formerly was a resi- dcnl of Tttusville. Plans already have been made the state as a gift from the . " — -• iv mi.- AtnLv ji.-> a Kin iroin tno 205 MO franco "foS""^? "."M" AmCTtcan Pelr ° lcllm I " 5lUlli( '- Tllc WEATHER Arknnsas-Rain or snow, colder in centrnl nnd south portions, near tax tt-.e special tax on spirits, previously well over a billion francs, showeii a decrease of 63,091,000 francs. Lincoln Clock rrirta LINCOLN. Neb. tUP)—An need. dnughl , In north and ceivtral portions tonight. Saturday unsettled probably rain or snow. I Memphis and vicinity— Cloudy tonl?ht and Saturday, r.lln or fiio-.v. colder. here weatherb- I r. Norris. Gcrver.

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