The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 20, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOltTHEABT ARKANSAS AND 60UTHKA8T MISSOURI VOL XXVII—XO. 237 Blythevillc Courier, BiytrievUle Hern 1 d, BlythcvUle Daily News, Mississippi Valley Leader. m.YTUKVU.Li;, ARKANSAS. SATURDAY, DECKMRRK 20, Called Italy's Fairest Osccola Men File Iiiterven-' (ion in First Stale Bank Proceedings. OSCEOLA, Ark.-An intervention! has been filed in chancery court' I'.ere by depositors of the First, [ State Bank of Osceola, whlchc' pas?cd into he hands of a receiver. on December 10, asking that they : be permitted to co-operate with: Walter E. Taylor, stale bank com-' mis?lcr.?r. and Herbert Parker, re-' celvcr of lhe closed iiistilulion, in Mquldati'ii of the bank's affairs, and that thc commissioner and re-' ceiver be require;! to submit to- them for ;!:.-ir consideration. judg-| nient and approval any proposition I connected with thc compromise or; compounding of any of the bank's claims, or rights or liabilities, and- 1 that they be permitted to be heard j in court fither In person or by] coun 1 .,--! rn any such propositions! before (hey arc approved by the: court. ' : The intervention Is filed by a i committee competed of A. F. Splese, i C. U. Ay-err. Harry Brooks, W. R. j Dyess nnd W. E. Hunt, empowered , by a veto of a majority in value of tho bank's depositors to'acl in their, behalf. Th? committee is reprc 1 sentcd by attorneys C. E. Sullenger • and A. F. Barham of Osceola. Claim Loss Unnecessary ; As ground for their action the huerveuors state that it is Hair in-, formation that the assets of the, bank are of such value that if the' liquidation is conducted in a rca- lonahly efficient manner there should be no appreciable loss to I ' or '" a ' lan(l most, famous for its brunettes, fair Mafalda Mariottino, the depositors, that they are fam-' pictured above, has been proclaimed "Miss Italy of 1930". Slie won naticn-wlde beauty contest in competition with hundreds of other girls and is 'the daughter of a pronilneul Italian lawyer. SINGLE I Mississippi City Finds Only J Browne and Billings Claim One Inslitulion Opcral- i Heavy Loss Because of ing Today. I GREENWOOD, Miss.. 15:*. 20. j (UP)—Four of (he five Greenwood > banks, including a national bunk, Defective Report. Homer K. Jones and company, Memphis. Tenn., auditing firm, was mimed defendant in a $50,000 dam- closed today followlnj heavy | age suit nicd In circuit court her withdrawals. They nre (lie Wilson Banking I company, tlic Security Bans', and ! Trust company, the First National | bank, and the Greenwood Bank and i Trust company. The belief that the lour iustllu- i lions would reopen Mcnday was i expressed by some, although dcfi- ; ntie word by bank ollicials rcjtird- injj the 0]>ctiinu was not ylven. The Bunk of Parly Leaders Revealed As Secretly Trying to Discredit Senator. WASHINGTON. Dec. 20. (UP)— Congress approached holiday adjournment today wiih politically sensationally revelations flowing from t!;c Nyc campaign Investigat- Blondes, Pfd., is showing a steady gain on the Italian beauty market. that lh?y arc residents of Osceola. nnd have for many years been' connected with various lines of bi:siiMrs in the town, whereas neither the state bank commissioner! nor the receiver appointed are; residents of this town or territory! and are unfamiliar with the hank's! affairs. , I The intervenors state further that, they are advised that the bank: commissioner contemplates the sale . of the bank and its asucis or that tlicsy contemplate the com, rr-'n'lse .or, Tonuoundin? of -various! "claims of.the .bank against persons.! firmr and corporations who are in-j debted to it, but that they are notj advised to the terms upon which; such a sale or comprcmir*? or com-: pounding is contemplated. Members! i mi in gi S oss e .:Shin Sinks Following Col- sioT in Fotj With Finn- Tears at Wedding isn Steamer. Dorothy Sebastian HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 20 (UP)— Wearing a six-day-old beard, 'Bill Boyd, 33. screen player, was back in Hollywood today with his bride, Dorothy Sebastian, 26 -also of the ! films.." . • " ' ~ f .'•'.' ' '.- .-.'" lug committee hearings. Charles I. Steugle. 'editor of a farm paper published from (he plant of thc Fellowship Forum hare, has informed the committee that Robert H. Lucas, executive director of the Republican national committee last summer sought secretly to discredit a member of his own parly. Senator George W. Norris, Republican, Nebraska. i Thc committee, Invcsligntlng lhe TV7' j.1 source of the anti-Morris fund in \\ltlljthe Nebraska primary campaign, today questioned W. E. Murray, an Investigator for the Republican national committee, who said he had been sent to Nebraska before the primary by Franklin Fort, Nov.- Jer- COPENHAGEN. D?c. 20. (UP) — passengers and ten num- of the crew of • the Spanish . of thc committee offer their s erv-i stealner Oberon were missing today ives to the state bank commission-: a »« th e vessel sank In a collision er and the receiver to the end thatch th e Finnish steamer Arcturus. (he bank's assets may not be: Four passengers and 32 of the squandered cr dissipated by an in- 1 crew were saved. The collision oo jiidicious liquidation or ill advised ; curred in a heavy fog. The Oberon :a':c or disposition of any of the in- [sank in three minutes. An earlier stitulion's assets. j report of the captain of the Arc- Tlie Osceola Times today carriesi turns to the local .agents of the formal notice to the depositors and | vessel expressed the fear that bs- holclers of claims against tile clcsed ' tween 33 and 45 passengers and t>auk that proper legal proof of -crew of the Oberon had been lost. such claims ihall be filed at thei -bank within four weeks from this' Abandon Ship at Sea date. I LONDON. Dec. 20. (UP)--The Invenlorj- Filed | British steamer Glendcrry was An inventory of tlw bank's at-; abandoned after a collision with fairs filed by the bank; conimis-i t h3 British steamer Heworth off the sioner in the chancery clerk's of-!N 0r r 0 lk coast last night, fice here ar. of November 21, 1S30,; Tnc crev ,- o f the Glenderry were lists the following assets and linbil-. transferred to the Heworth which' sey secretary of the committee. . Murray said he reported to Fort a'fter' his Nebraska > survey . thpt .Senator Norris couid! riot : 6e'beaten They were married in Las Vegas,! In lhe primary or lhe election Nov., yesterday by District Judge'. Murray continued that Fort was William E. Orr. Miss SebaStianj greatly Interested in prohibition wept profusely throughout the j and that some of his reports con- Lion Cubs Adopted by Dog 'eslcrday by Browne and Hillings, inc.. engaged In the Ice. coai and feed business In cltl;s of lllyibe- vllle, Osceola and Forrest Clly. The complaint, tiled by the pliiln- llf, through Harrison, Smith and Taylor, local attorneys, alleges lira thc defendant auditing flvm mnde defective audit of the plaint lit ccrpoi in Ion's books In April, ISiai), resulting in an ultimate sacrllki! of ibe plalnlirt's assets to meet the demands of creditors, to the extenl of 550.000 damage. I The defendant firm, further aver? :he complaint, through Its agents i"d employes negligently, careless.}• and without first having skillfully examined the plnintlll's books ami In violation of contract reported to plaintiff that its business was precarious condition, that Its employes were nils-managing lis Justness and misappropriating Its tune's. This report, so made by the defendant, the complaint continues, was communicated by its om- •iloyes or agent. 1 ; to the crcdllors ot the plalutlll and by reason thereof lilaintili's credit was destroyed nnfl it was forced to sacrifice Its nssots lo meet the demands of Us creditors. Thc defendant, although at the time mentioned was and Is now engaged In the auditing and accounting business In Arkansas, has failed, neglected and refused to designate an agent iu this state upon whom process may be served, the plaintiff alleges. These Hirer lion cubs weren't orphan* for Ion? after Ihi'ir mother had di'iu'iicd (hem at Ihe Washington. U. C., /«». They were milcklv adoplcd. as this picture shows, by' u setter do.; who Is filling the rolt of foster-mother. Store Manager Forgives Theft lor Mania-in-La\v CINCINNATI, O., Dec. 21. (UP) — "Why did you steal them!" the manager of a downtown department store asked a. shoplifter today after his arrest for stealing a pair- of women's shoes. "I've been out of work eight months," the shcplitlcr answered, displaying a building trades union card. "Who' did you steal them for?" the manager asked. Christmas Savings Trustee Find Many Anxious to Participate. . "I wanted to give my mother-In- bank ' lww closed. Marcus Evrard law a Christmas present," the man who " s lnislec ls Issuing the certi replied. "Greater love hath no man," the vvo " ki bc redeemed from any mer- manager said, "you may go." Remove 8-Foot Gar From Lake Near Pine Bluff i PINE BLUFF. Dec. 20 (UP) — A monster alligator gar tipping the scales at nearly 300/pounds; which has made its home -in Atkins lake near here for many years, has been captured by Game Warden Albright who Is r/dding the lake ol gars-oiid other rough flsh and restocking It *ith game fish. .,„,, ,, ... , , „ W - 1 h tlc mn > or ^ ° [ down pvvr """<:'>»»'» expressing their vvllling- 'less lo accept trade ccrtincates I! ;0 ls f «' .. ng « lnst . Christmas sav- ln(;s doposlts '" lh c First 'Nallona' flcates. announced today that the\ . i Reports of Eruptions of: Llttle - chant presenting (hem, The Pnrkhursl-Marsli Music company, (lie Hubbard Furniture company, Aaron Roscnthal, the Nsv, York store, and Joe- Applclmtim arr among the merchants In addition to those listed yesterday who liavf agresd to accept the certificates. Mr. Evrard said. .Any others whr so desire may take them, ho said. nnd redeem thein with him svhcr. the bank reopens. ; to convert thol- Christmas savings' -accounts intc «rt •[-, ill l 'rstmas savngs' -accounts intc IVlarapl Keach London by j merchandise has been evinced by W.,,. „£ A m ,i — 1 — First National depositors. 'tints 'far Way of Amsterdam. I'' LONDON; Dec. '20' (UP) Erup- E ar feet long. «tisnore'thn' eight • depositors. 'tints' far Of the more thin $-1,000 eligible .under the. plan" account^, lolalln? ceremony but said her tears were tears of joy. "Its Just a habit with me, I guess," . she said. Boyd's whiskers were necessary for a picture on which he starts work Monday, he said. The actor previously had been married to thc . late Diana Miller and to Eleanor Faire, whose final decree was signed a. month ago. Miss Sebastian said she was divorced six years ago In Birmingham. Ala., but declined to reveal her first husband's name. cerned that issue. Former Manager Sues Morgan Utilities Co. IIOJLEG1ED Results of Yesterday's Vote Announced: Organization Meeting Later. Aflairs of the Chickasawba dls- i trict chapter, American Red Cross, will be administered during the "°» s c f H« volcano Marap! In'Java ,, nssignKl lo - Mr ,; Jj'crc reported t« hava killed 105 U|UI1 2 m M T , |a „• persons, dispatches to the DaUy; Iar assignment of accounts nn,. Early Adoption Indicated for Program. Branded as 'Inadequate". WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 (UP) — The >.cirate today receded from its final amendment,'; to ihe' administration's }110.000,000 public v.'bfks relief bill and moved to expcdlato Its passage over criticism that Hie v.-hole program was "Inadequate" and "a tragic disappointment". The senate receded without a record vote upon the last three amendments, including tho Couzons provision, which would have 'com u [wiled payment of highest prcvall- iuj wages and employment of lo- tal labor on the projects provided for In (he bill. • . The other provisions stricken out wouK 1 have made available cer- lain unexpended federal' 1 aid road, funds to Alabama and Georgia without requiring thc slates to meet the approprlalions. . .;Scored by L-iFollette President Hoover's program -TITO'S described as wholly inadequate and arousing false hopes by Senator UiFolleltc, Republican, Wisconsin, on (he floor o: the senate today. LaFolletle said he would not ob-. struct passagu of the adnilnlslra- tlon's SI 111,000,000 public worKs avid load bill, but felt that it failed to meet tilt situation. Drouth Bill to Hoover The drouth relief bill, carrying an appropriation of $-15,000.000, re- cx-lvcd the final approval of congress yesterday, and now awaits thc signature of President Hoover, who . had contended that - a $30.000,000 appropriation was sufficient. The principal provisions of tho drouth relief,bill fallow: - . "Thc secretary of agriculture Is hereby. authorized, for the crop "of- 1031, to mako advances or loans to farmers In the "drouth and slorm stricken areas, where he shall find an emergency for such assistance exists, for the purchase of seed • '.Jj and .suitable crops, fertiliser.-feud- if for. work stock : and fuel arid -:oil: ^ for., tractors used for crop produc- •.. tiori,- arid for such, other purposes .-3 Incident to crop production, as miiy^'* be .prescribed by Ilia secretary" 'of'-'; Two Goldsboro, N. C., Banks Close Their Doors OOLDSBORO, N. C., Dec. 20(UP) —The Bank of Goldstnro and the Goldsboro Savings Bank and Trust comit'-ny, affiliated institutions, failed to open'for business today. A statement signed by O. A. Nor- wrod, president of both banks, said I poor collections and heavy wlth-| drawals had forced directors to; close the bank. Herald from Amsterdam said today. TllD , nM ^ nrst cn 'P" 011 . the report Thursday morning In ot and i spending-of the trade certificates to be Issued against them before Christmas. A lava stream 200 yards and 25 yards high traveled sis miles tiuur the district, converting a largo area. Into a wilderness. Ninety persons were reported killed in a second eruption which inlllcted great damage. - • Poincare Still Gains PARIS, Dec. 20. (UP)—Raymond u Poincare, veteran French statesman F Duncan VnTmnr inr-nl ™nn ! next twclve months by a "board i»'ho has been scrlosuly 111, conlin- r.sijuncan, lornier local man- . ..._ _. .,._ f _ n _... ,,__ i I IO H ,,-. nn :^ f t vf , nr , t ^ t^\ n ,. Assets in the 6tai - consisting of following: Mrs. j 1 board bow. Loans and Discounts A . $110.600.78. The Heworth, 2,855 tons, proceed- Loans and Discounts B . d , Yarmouth. Overdrafts 7,3u7.70 B"nds. Warrants and rp . . , «»ri r\ scrip 13.455.33 Iwo injur-'-d When tar XI Hits Train at Crossing 3,725.03 14.250.00 22.115.92 10.CG4.6-t: RUSSELVILLE, ARK., Dec. 20 3.297.eo! (UP)—George Ramsay and his .; wife of Griffithvilte, Ark., were In Tctal $211,510.83; a Iccal hosoltal today painfully in- Furniture and Fixtures.. Banking House Due from other Banks . Cafh Cash Items Liabilities j jurrd following an accident late Capital Stock $50.000.00 last night when their automobile Surplus G.OOO.OO'struck a fast freight train at a ager for the Morgan Utilities company, filed suit in circuit court I J ' w ' " aaer ' AIIS ' " mrara noc ~ here yesterday against the utili-;L° r ' Mrs ' ^; ,; s ; cr " ber ^ E. D. ties firm for $600 alleging-breach f"^"' f £. Burner J A. of contract Lcecn ' T - J - M ah an , -Dv. Paul F. The plaintiff alleged thariic"wasl Ti E l ™.. and . Ro ? employed as general manager of: to gain strength today. Gas Explosion Wrecks Home, Kills Children CHICAGO, Dec. 20 ch'ildrcn were killed (UP)—Two and their mother seriously injured when an DF RELIEF Contribution of $100 by Cotton Exchange Received; More Casb Needed. Although the response to thc ap- , . ... . , P-als of thc Goodfelloivs club for explosion, believed caused by gas, monoy ccntrlbut | 0l , s ^ graclua n y -•eck,:d a one storj' brick building lllcreas | ng lh[! fuil(ls of the rcl[(! f today. the Ice defendant's plant and two cotton gins,! other businesses! period' here, in Nov. 1929 for of one year at a salary of $200 per month. In June, 1930, he Results of yesterday's election of coard members were announced by Roy Walton, chapter president, who said that no date has yet been set for thc organization meeting. Presnit officers of the are was Uischorgtd without'cause' the I chapter ' b ^ idcs Mr ' Walton - ar complaint alleges. The plaintiff j "£.,- R< ^^.!' eVC ^. .^" declares he was unable other employment until August 16 i and seeks $500 for the period in Lemons, treasurer, and T. Ethel Wilson, executive sec- I rctary. GUI J JUIS - v,wv.»'U OLI ui'-rv o- mjt 111,15111 no in rtl a ""V* V;L>,H.O v*'"'-' nJi HiU J/Vi iUU Hi i -,, •, — —. . ,,' __ _, Undivided Profits 13,317.05. grade crossing near here. Ram- : which he was unemployed and £100' . ; , ,, , i, „ , „. . ! say suffered a sc,ilp wound and'for expense involved In securing Alc?xcn . dor . =>»" ilr s. Paul Upton . . .- ......... ° tt£r(i t 'If* fntvimittrm tViflt nnniTi.nlarl Dilb Payable, American Exchange Bank and Trust Co.. Little Rock. i.'is wife was cut severely about > another position. the face. Ark ................... 15,000.00. - ' " ' ! Fort Smith Grocer Dies Harrison. Smith and Taylor represent the plaintiff. were the committee that conducted yesterday's board election. MO, (oerdraft) 2.874.H 184,328.09. With Bullet in Brain ! Ford Cars Collide at Total $271,510.88: 'f.h'j Ringling; Circus Owner, Takes a Bride Chickasawba and Tenth FORT SMITH Dec 20 (UP)— ' JERSEY CJ.TY, Dec. 20 (UP) — The deposits are further inven- j Albcrt A p uc i; e i't gg ' Fort smith Two fwA cors collided at the i —John Rinzling, circus owner, and fellows: '• grocer who was shot Thursday 1 intersection of Chickasawba Avo-' his bride, the former Mrs. Emily ludvidual deposits S69 ' 339 '^. night ' fcllowins r." ouarre) witV nllc - OTCr Khich Highway Gl ] s | Hang Buck. New York, a widcm. J^mcs Scovillc. also of' Fort Smith. I I out «l through this city, and ! *»° eurcute '«Uv toRiuglings died last nlrtit after living 2l! Ttmh str(:et - about "«"» hours with a bullet In his brain. : Mrs - Ro >' Gaines, driver Phvslcisns expr^sed amazement I cf " lc maci'.ines was Puckett was not killed instantly. The prosecuting attorney indicated Public Funds Savings Deposits Cashiers' Checks Tulal are enumerated as follows: And the public funds en deposit Dead Timber Drainage District No. 12 Grassy Lake nnd Tyronza D;aiiiage District No. 9. 3,697.79' Roland Green, county ! U U C • Treasurer . 25 16434 nOIfl Services °N£ « DrRlnag !'.' i ^ ct 3 W ^ : For Mrs. Sarah Isbell E'lb District No. 1 of Drainage District No. 3 „!,,,, • first degree murder charges would jbe filed against Scovllle. today • Sarasota, Fla.l estate to spend their' of cne'h'rteymoon. sli"htly; They were married yesterday by. shaken up. ° j JI ayor Frank Hague. Ringling was ; \&s. Gaines was driving north ! a lv ' d o^' er - : on Tenth street and G. W. Schnld-1 f r of Chicago. 111., was driving i , s t_i irr- O 1 west on Chickasawba when their I JHchsney V/iriS SmaCKOVBr automobllos struck according to : Mivr.valifw reports, Mrs. Gaines' car sus- '• iwayorauiy tallied the most damage, a smash- i • • EL DORADO. Dec. 20 (UP)—A 321.79 • J. E. Montague, City Treasurer 3,784.52 O.-cecla Paving District No. 1 1,602.30 W. W. Shaver, Sheriff and spirited thrce-comered race in the ismackover primary election lo se, lect a Democratic candidate for mayor was won by W. her rrme in the Prfde Addition at "18JOF Ramon FraHCO a KnT^ RfWIn00n 8Uer | Will GO tO ArgentinelH^^ce^dg^ wiih a' piu; Funeral services are being held' ~~ home this afternoon I LISBON, PORTUGAL, Dec. 20 allty of 57 votes. He defeated A. F. McDonald and >» . OlJll VtiT ttllCrilE SHU • «> v«i» * *i,mj HUHIL. -.inj inn,im_njn ; —.—-, — .., --,-,-_„..„, fc^^v, *.v !_, - , TT..V.«- Coilccor ..!. 10655.30 "with the Rev. Mrs. Hudgens off!-! <UP)-MaJOr Ramon Franco and.' Dr ' Joseph jlughes. Halr'.i Kocncc State'Treas- elating. ! his mechanic, Pablo Rada, among urcr '. 27,500.00 Interment will be made at Norlh the rebel Spanish aviators intern- Wardcll - Whit'tori R-nd . Sawba cemetery; Tl-^ Cobb Under-: ed at Malfra who were authorized Mt-.intMiancc Diarlct No.2 4,822.11 taking rcmpany is in charge of fu- by the Portuguese' cabinet to I Total ... $7814103 n ^ rfl1 plans. leave the country, will proceed to SEVILLE, Spain Dfc 20 (UP)— .The deceased Is survived by her, Argentine. The other flyers will go The father of Antonio Moreno, film (Continued on Pago 3) husband and two sons. [to France snd Germany. C j ar died here today MornnoV. Bather Dies Be A GoodfelSow! Tin's nussage is addressed lo those citizens of Blytheville and vicinity who,"ho matter how their fortunes may have been affected by.drouth, industrial depression, or bank suspensions, are 1 eating thro? square meals every day and enjoying'the comforts of .1 warm home and adequate clothing. A good many hundreds of your neighbors—fellow beings dwelling in this community—-have neither food nor fuel. Refore the winter is over their numbers will be greatly increased. You, Mr. and Mrs. Comfortable Citizen, \vill be more comfortable if you know that you are doing your share to prevent any man, woman or child in this community from going without the bare necessities of life. Let the coupon below bring you pface of mind in this time of. difficulties. Fill it out as your means permit, and mail it with a check for your initial contribution to Fred Warren, treasurer of the Goodfcllow?, at the Farmers Bank and Trust Company. member of the Bivtheville Enroll nu as a Goodfellows Club. To support its work I will give each week: the first-of each month. Phone No Sign Here Address Pledges are for the period of the emergency, which apparently will be at least until next Hard) or April. If you are not in a position to make a weekly or monthly pledge simply send whatever cash contribution you are able to make now. N. B.—The best help is to put a man to work. If you ran furnish a job, if only for an hour or t\vo, call Phone No. 208 and a good man will be supplied at once. organization are still far from adequate lo meet the present dlfii- cult situation. C. A. Cunningham, general chairman of lhe club, stated (his afternoon. The largest single contribution to the club was received- tuday in the- form of a cluck from the Board of Trade and Cotton Exchange of this city for S100. Members of the body voted yesterday to contribute the sum and A. j. Hnnga .treasurer, placed a check for the amount with Fred Warren, treasurer of thc Goodfellows club today. Smaller checks and cash contri- buUons are coming In slowly at the club headquarters. Workers ore hopeful that thc response to the appeal for money will be large enough to allow immediate attention to thc most Imperative needs of thc organization.- Judge Anderson Will • Resume Bench Dec. 29 MEMPHIS, Dec. 20. (UP)—Judge Harry B. Anderson will reopen the United States district court here December 29, it was-announced today. The court was closed In November due to the house Investigation. The judicial fate of Judge Ander-' son now rests with congress. Tha house committee, together with corps of special agents of the department of justice, were on tlielr way to Washington today. Son of Rich Ns Family Admits Murder NASHVILLE, Teilll,, Dec. 20. (UP' —Richard M. Acklen, 22, son of a wealthy family here, recently making his living from the lic>uor trafr: fie, this afternoon confessed to police he killed J. Hadloy Mosley, no-' torlous bootlegger. Acklen made his confession after a long grilling by police, giving- his reason for the slaying that Mosley had threatened him with death bj- cause he had entered his territory and sold whisky to some of Mos- l:y's customers. Negroes Uninjured in Grade Crossing Collision Six negroes, crowded in nn old Ford touring car. escaped injury when their machine collided with a Frisco motor car No. 898, at a Divi- |sion street grade crossing at 11:50' lO'cicck this morning. | Tiie motor car, arriving here on its daily run from Jcnjsbovo on a Differences Adjusted And Chicago Man Freed!? 1 " 5 ™ ~ branch Une > w « appr<acn- 3 sing t::c crojsln; ing I touring car Steele Mo Phil ay were settled to reports and wealthy I the crossing, 1 rious injury ig slowly when th2 pulled in front of it. possible se- le had y, re- tll= (I »« chergc of leaving thc scene of an accident was allowed to continue ! Census Bureau Reports were adjusted late yesterday. Rustic Fnn at Steele 13 Dec. 20. (UP)— of 13,252,622 panning bales iof cotton, excluding llnlers, gtniisd, I from the 1930 crop prior to De- |cember 13, were reportea '.r.lay by I the United States census bureau. D n strnvpfJ \\v Flamoe This ccmpcres with 13,450,733 ycu ° y rldlne * ba i e s Btnil ed pricr to December 13. STEELE, Mo.-The Rustic Inn on 1 "»; ^J 3 ^.^ ™°* '" th3 South Walnut strict was deslroved Bm= P erl °<' ° f 'S 23 by nre about 2:30 Friday mcrnlng.; The origin of the blaze Is unknown.! tur> ifiirn It Is thought that started in the I WUAInr.K barbecue room In the rear of the' ' building. The loss is estimated at! ARKANSAS-Generally fsir t-i- $2,600, with one thousand Insur- : night and Sunday not much change anco. in temperature; . . !

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