The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 16, 1948
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VOL. XI/IV—NO. SOO BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS «« DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHEAST *IIKAMRA« •.«„ «-~ „„ ^"^ T " ^ Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Vallev Leader Blylhevilie Herald 350,000 Idled In United States By New Strikes Soft Coal Production y And Packers Hardest Hit in Labor Strife By United Press Nationwide walkouts in the toft coal and niout industries today idled more than 350,000 workers in tlie biggest strike tie-up since last March. Another 5,000 workers were on strike in the newspaper and other industries. The number of workers idled in strikes was tlie largest since John L. Lewis' United Mine Workers struck the soft coal Pits a year ago. The coal and meat strikes were the first industry-wid. walkouts of 1948. The meat strike, Involving more than 100,000 members of the CIO United Packing House Workers spread across the nalion at mid-' night, culling meat production ir half. It disrupted operations at about 130 packin gplants and slaughter houses In the major production centers. In the coal strike, about 247 MO «oft coal miners in 11 slates walked oft the job. Industry spokesmen expected i. complete shutdown involving all 400,000 of the nation's soft coal miners by nightfall. The two major strikes opened under the shadow of a possible tie-up of the country's railroads ^j weeks from now. ^Jhree operating brotherhoods representing 125,000 engineers fire-' men and switchmen, filed strike notices Jan. 27, hut the walkout was delayed two months when President Truman appointed a fact- finding board to investigate the negotiations. The packing house strike is tlie first big walkout to support demands for n third-round wage in crease since the war. in the pending rail walkout workers seek their second postwar raise. The coal strike was in support of union charges that mine operators "dishonored" the 1947 contract by refusing demands for old-age pensions. The steel Industry, one of the main consumers ol coal, said it had enough reserve to keep blast fur- 20 Cities in State Protest Telephone Rate Proposals LITTLE ROCK, March 16. (UPl —With the protesting towns now numbering 20, the Arkansas Public Service Commission was to begin a hearing today on the application of the Southern Bell Telephone Company for rale increases amounting to more than $1,500,000 The opening phase of th e hearing %" IH dev °t«! to presentation of evidence by l!,e company, cross examination was lo be limited to clarifying questions . ™ e tow>5 which have so far en- lered protests are; Ho !)e , R,,.^ Fawlt^i'i 1 ^ M "8nolia, Benton, Fayetteville, Eureka Springs, Mena "«?"• Springdale, Gravette. K n .' El Dorart0 ' _NQRTHEAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHKAB'I M1SSOUIU Bl.YTIlKVIM.K, ARKANSAS. 'I'UKSOAY, MAltCH 16, in-ts ville, n tle Rock, , Nashville and Van esti ,ed in COI "l )an Vs "i-sl witness was ion manaRcr W. p. G thc He mg income suffered a 08 per cent decline during the period 1940-1947 Hie firm he earned 51)25.911 in 1940 last >Pear Lnst year's fig urcs we ,. e computed on the last s i x months of the year due to the effort of the company's operations of the seven-week system-wide strike last summer. Lawson to Head Jaycee Contest Members Lay Plans For National Event For Cotton Pickers Douglas Lawson was named chairman of the Ninth National Cotton Picking Contest to be held here this £?" a . 1 a "cctlng of the Junior Chamber of Commerce last night in ' at Pi(tn The club also elected two Blytlic- ville girls to participate in the Cotton Carnival in Memphis In May Miss Lonnic Jo Har B ett. daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. J. J Hareclt ira* named "Lady of the Realm'-' ami Miss Mary Wood was elected a "La- dy-m-Waiting." As "Lndy of the Realm," Miss Hargett wil take part in the. week long activities at the Cotton Carnival May 9- 16 . Mlss Wood spend one day there that week and among other, activities, will take C ° tton Carn 'val parade elect «» bJ' acclama- Hoi ' cama- tion last night, succeeds James Neb- Washington Jittery as President Prepare* To Ask for Powers to CopeWithCommun TWKI.VK PACKS /sm l.ylr C. Wilton M sufl Corrmpondrnl ^^ u/iourx,^., WASHINGTON, March 16. (TJ.P.)_Tll Washington was startled by (he I unexpected White House annouii- cement of appearance personal presidential before Congress, it loosed a lot of speculation. Secretary of Slate George C. Marshall ,.-.. ---v »-«•"*.»! ( o II (JCHfJlK to have renewed | Dlllz)! ' ic » """ck by Russia and has asked the sovernmcnl Ices Committee Marshall was ~ administration picas for universal military (raining. But that is a long range project. The capital recalled that officials Shd official reports recently have stressed a -Mor- tage now of military manpower a"d Officials in Sweden Fear Blitzkrieg; Rush Plans for Big Defense Program By tVedtrlrk l.nudim United rrnw SUf< forr«|wnil*nl STOCKHOLM, March 16. -U.P., -T,, 0 Swedish general M.I, , rwa * It, of weapons, especially fighting airplanes. Reports that Mr. Truman might nsk Congress to revive thc draft net were accompanied by rumors the Soviet union had demanded military alliance with Norway, Sweden and Denmark. None of these were continued although they circulated among responsible members of the House and Senate. The State Department, said 11 hud not heard The request for more defense »p. ; full defense plun now proprlallons was marie yesterday by ; worked out by the hliili Chief ol Stuff Gen. Ilelxe Jmi(f and ! "" - R approved by the Swedish Military slate of defense. Beige said Sweden was unprepared lor a lightning attack »nd urged: More Fortifications. Swifter construction ot mll- llnry airfields. 3. Coinpleinenlnry inllllary traln- ng lor scripts. 4. Improvements of civilian certain age groups of con- rie- An demands on Scan- I scarce mllltiiry supplies. j Jung said the possibilities of nr- pre-: "led conllict had grown so grenl that Sweden must reorganize her He said a survey lor H man Jurors Hear testimony In Rape Case on a OSCEOLA, Mar. 16.-A jury this morning in lhe o .,ce<,la District o? Mississippi ~ County Circuit the Court, began hearing testimony m the case of Herbert Raymond Lane of Osccola, charged with rape At noon tcstimonv of two prosc- eiit.iigand two character witaets- es had been heard. The trial is of th „ '° COIISUme l!le remainder ol the day. Lane i s charged with criminally assaulting « n in yesterday afternoon's , C s the following justice ol the' p vPn cc , nscs v " e d| sP°scd Floyd Slaughter, charged SSin'sfrt^S^n/ John "Sri "sS ger, settled and appeal dismissed' antl Dean Stnrch, charged reckless driving, settled and appeal disroiss- Th c j ury p anc i includes the following: C- B. Banks and o. A. Looncv of Tyronza, Archie Gainings Jr Williams of Bassett, J. Junior Chamber of Commerce were discussed last night Proceeds from the 20-act circus will go for con- on of a children's playground nous P0rll °" of the JW-e club- One of the circus acts, a knife-' | thrower, performed for the clnb at I the meeting. Thc act featurcs Te \ l Oiton, who ouuincs t| r his daughter. Alice, with knives Or- bh l ndtl°de < lr th<! 5a " 1C Uli " K Whl " Johnny, the four-foot, five-inch 24-year-old who calls for Phfun Morns on the cigarette firm's radio program, wns present at the meet- of any dlnavia. Marshall and others have Pared the way for Mr. Ti „. wtn grim statements that the En- j defenses. ropean situation become., graver by the day. The President told Ids news; conference last week that his confidence tu world peace prospects had been shaken by recent cvenls. This followed the Communist take-over in Czechoslovakia It is reasonably certain Mr Truan tomorrow will urge faster congicsslonal action on the first «,300,000,000 Installment of the European recovery program. It has passed the Senate and waits House approvnl. He also is expected to ask House Republican leader, to keep separate the funds for European recovery and for China, Greece and Turkey. Outside the Par East and Europe the mily critical area cstine"' fOTCien rclatlo "s is In Pal- The'April 18 Italian elections generally are regarded as Ihe immediate test of how far Russia might go in encouraging native Communists lo kidnap another European nut-on. Mr. Truman has committed the United SUI-, lo a tremendous stake in- Italy's freedom and independence. On Dec. 13 1947 m connection with withdrawal ' of American troops from Italy In accordance with the pence treaty Mr Truman said: "~7— - v ?-*-2M.-. "If. in the course of" events It, becomes apparent that, the freedom and independence of Italy are being llueatcned directly or Indirectly the United states will be obllgcrt to consider what measures would be :ice of] 'cnse and crealion of stockpiles of wns being .... command. Swedish Oefc-nse Cumu-ll approving Jung's proposals, Insisted Ihere was lltllc possibility of Imminent armed conflict but indicated It IhroiifUi war liaii drawn much closer lo Scandinavia since events in Czechoslovakia nnd Ftnlnnd. "H Is nblvlons Hie Soviet Union very pm'-icsefnlly Is busy itnilllii K Uigether Its own system of .security In Kiirojx; and It seems likely the Soviet Union will not hesltale to resort lo very brusque mcihods" a council statement said. "As for ns Sweden Is concerned. Hie incrciislni; as!«rcsslveness tniisi be considered to meiut the IKissIb- illtles of war have Increased." appropriate for the malntenar peace and security." World War III Under Way, McMath Tells Jaycees in Blytheville Meeting Sidney McMntli of Hot Springs, p.osccutlng attorney ot the Eigl, teenth Judicial District and possible gubernatorial candidate .s,,ld here last night that World War III has already begun. Mr. McMath told the Junior Chnmber of Commerce mecltiig here lust night that "our way of life today is In as grave a danger RS when Hitler'., legions marched in Europe." + SINGLE COPIES FIVE Reconstruction Plans Gain Momentum as Europeans Act to Stop Communists * West Germany Admitted to ERP And Spain May Get U.S. Aid, Too The Garland County prosecutor, who two years ago led a G. I. faction to a political victory over former Mayor Leo Mclaughlin's machine in Hot Springs, stopped here I on a tour of various parts of the ' With these others in mind, here have been line.s: I. The United Siales n-llilarJly strong if it, ] s talk tough. It should be. made clear Although he tins made no official announcement of his political Intentions, Mr. McMnth has been pointed oul ss a likely candidate for governor this year. Mr. McMath told the Jnycces last night that World War III had'Al- ready started in the United Stales and was ,being "waged in , the hearts ftnd minds of men." H was, he.said. the.conflict,between Communism and democmtlc government. II Is a "nn-i-iiarlrr fhrhl," he said. "\V« have as much rcspon- slbillly In this »ur as we had carrying a rlfk in thc last war," Mr. McMath pointed oul. He said that if lhe American pen- commilmenls and | pie don't accept the responsibility ™'?£ onj c officillls of citizenship, "Ihen we don't de'•IK along these serve our way of life." must be going to to of with *n . ^ Ralph of Joiner, Lee Wesson nf ilson; O. W. speck and E B . . speck and E B Cnitcher, all of Frenchman's Bayou: Russell Bowen. James Driver and Joe Hire.s. .-ill of Luxora- and s' W. Puller, D. S. Crane. Vcrnon V,ton. Aubrey Cowan, John H. Hook Ray Morgan and R. c. Van Wev' all or Osccola. Henry Scrivener of Lcpanto W A. Matheny of Etowah; H. E. S!,->n-' lorfl. Bowen Thompson, A W WilK anclR.L H 0l ,ck, a llolLn:<orn ; .;nd C 15. Wood jr., Charles Colcman Haggard Crews and Charles Elkins i all "f Osccola. Russian premier Josef Slalln by a strong United States that Communism has gobbled up cheaply all that can be had that way. 3- The United States apparently cannot hope to check Communism further with so-called half-wav or cheap measures. 1. Western Europeans must have confidence that we will sland back of our sn.COO.OOO.OOO recovery investment with force if necessary That kind of talk looks toward a short-of-war showdown with Sta- Mn and These is European Communism, [become msiderable support here units." ng. Jesse Cain and Bill Dimawny were inducted as new members. West Germany's Red Boss Ousted From Council Job riS A ^? FURT> Germa »y, Mnr. 16.1"'" 1 orclcr Iholr " rer>rescntaVlves"Vo v,^ , Relma " n . Communist casc "P tn western Europe, notably OIL t We - s tern Germany, was Ital 5' antl France. ?v^.« d -i fr ?. m tllc Bl7 ' ona! Economics The ConfmunlstsTr iBank Robber tion as "a playback of the F f * tactics or 1Q33 •• rj - -i*... , - «J-»..*wii*inr\, IL'A.. iM'JTCn Ib Kemiaiin, a former Rhur coal | <OP>—Agents of the FBI and sher- MlDr ft nri t*mif*nr.l, — t: __ - ;*»••,- _rr- . . •««•••_* . "As long a-; we need belter schools, roads and systems of communications, we are not making democracy work," Mr. McMalh asserted. On the European Recovery Prog- rain, Mr. McMnth said the pressing reason for It was a military onc-- so that European countries can resist Communism. Wealth l,i es i n Ability "But." he said, "we can'l solve School Proposal Wins Approval Jaycees Endorse Improvements Planned by Board Plans of the Blytheville Schnnl Board for Improvements U) Ihc city's grade schools and for build- Ing a,, new hlRli school for Negroes were approval by members' of the Blytheville Junior Chamber ot Commerce In Ihe orfwnlwitlon'.i rlnti rooms, Fifth and Main Streets, last night following an nxiilnii-itlan of plans by Mnx B. RcM, president of the school board. The. Jaycees earlier hn<] gone on record fnvoriiiK construction of a lew high school with tlie Improvements to be financed with a IniRer bond Issue than the S325.000 contemplated by school officials at this time. The district has n maximum egal borrowing limit ol $425000 based on present property valuations, for UxHlion purposes, In the district. In explaining lhe school program lo the Jaycees, Mr. Reid said that lo borrow » larger sum limn proposed at this linle woultl auln- Tax on Taxicabs Flat Annual Fee of $150 is Provided in Unheralded Session The city Council, in nn lmlll ,,.. a de<l .special XK , ilm> , , lliu . luil ,, „ city ordinance levying an nininiil privilege lax on opcniiors o f i, lv i. cubs uml buses In lllythevlllo and reduced the amount from „ 5 || ( |-,, K (lilt $150 per year for nVrl/whlpI" It was disclosed yi'.slorduy No announcement wns'.'mule n t the council's ucllon until „ ],.,,„] advertisement appi-nri-d In u,,. <jonr- d'r News. Tin- nini-ndmcnl was diili-d Mar. 2, one week bHori' ihi> ilnr Mnreh incodiiK of UK- city Council. Tire ordinance, prior (o aim>nd- inenl, was the subject nf „ rjhiin- • Court, still, thiil wns curried Ihe Arkansas Supreme Court by liixlciib operators who eharueii thnl the privilege license fee, were too lilsh. Ob Owiirra Win l.iiws-ill The original orillniiiicr levied n fee ol $300 on Ihc Ihsl vehicle 011- enited In the city, $201) on n,e second and $50 (or all othra. lie-, n ,..., „„ lore passage ot this ordinance the | Scnndlnavla lo sujinoi I Ihe Western fee was »M> per vehicle. The suit brought by Ihc c »li operators wns dismissed In Clinticery " usc " IC Court by Cherry or Chancellor Jone.slxiro Francis W. for \vimt ol on tin- reconstruction of Western fc-uro;ie agreed nnnnfmnmly to acl- nm (he American, lirlllsli nnd I"'encl| zones ol Gcimiin. Inlo Hie IMOKram. Tlie decision In seek entry for Western Civriniuty was K'lifhcd nt a reccni I/indon Con- icrciirc of the Ihree powers. Knrdf-ii Minister Josr Citcirn da i*!llU of r.>r(u K :il usk|. c l thp enii- fi-n-iu'e t« study "at an o-J-xir- tlllie lime" (I,,. m| m ltUni< r ,,f SIWI.'M In ttir f.KI'j He suld Simlti iMluhl not br k^pt lililtflnitrly "unt.-fldr llir- {'(intiniiit M-ork itf Kurii|w»n e< iiuonili- rrcdnxtrue- ll.iii." Conference miurlns buw.ed with n-pnrts Unit lhe su-yenr nillimry nnd ecomimlc iiltlaiu'c lo be sinned i ul IlrnsM'l.s tomorrow would !><• <:x- I piindcd. pc-rhnps to embrace Western Kurope Iroin SimndlniivlH lo the Mcdlle'-raneau. Intnnned dlplnmalic .siniree.i sulil lulhercnee of Sweden, Dennmrk antl Norway lo lhe Western bloc would do much lo hall Russian expansion. Advisers here Indlcnled Hint Britain wns bunking heavily on tmvia lo support group. Repmt.-i thnl ('urtugnl would pro- tit Spain Into Mnrshnll plan setup Senators Delay Tax Bill Debate Lawmakers Prefer To Wait Until After President Speak* WASHINGTON, Mar 16 /UP ruman", hnri been scheduled to lo I lie equity. The iilnlntlffs app cn i w | ., lhe slate Supreme Court, which ' sllol ' l| y «'tci' the opening ot Hie cnmc lust week from Madrid. On Mutn put forth his proposul it-Id that lhe ordinance wns Invalid I _ s< * l *ond session ol the conference nt nnd ordered Ihc chancellor to rc-j 3:l:i I'-"'- w'lh Foreign oiwn Ihc case and determine the ' Kmcnt Devln of Ilrltaln niuouiiL-i to he refunded llu- cnb oiierntors by lhe city. Chnncellor Cherry has tnken no acllon ns yet. When he dors net on Hon." he nald the hlghci' court's order, it will In- | fi-rence ouglit Secretary presiding hope some day that Spuln may Join thi!- group In Iho specific task of volvo only selling thc nnioiinis lo be refuiiried and will not Involve the nineiuled ordinance passed Mar. Should cab ourriilnr.s. ob'ect lo the new flnt-rnlc privilege (if SI50 per vehicle, n new suit would have to be filed by Ihr-in. ccimomtc reconslruc- I ndil thai thc coti- l" he open to nil countries. I Invite (he conference to study at an opportune miimeut the admission ol Bpuln to lh ! ,-, confer- Seiks MlllUrj AllUncr Ihis problem by just giving away >™tically reduce the Jmirls awill- money. Our wealth lies in the n - lnblc for operation until me district of our people. We must supply - woul[1 "ot have money lo npcrnle . Europeans with oui know-how." j the facilities It would He also said that "European have after ntrlcs must adopt, to some degree i P lctcrt democratic government. They the larger program had been corn- Independent for the idea that if we take a firm position and mean it the Russians General Meyers Seeks Release Pending Appeal WASHINGTON, Mar. ] 6 . <UP,_ Counsel for Maj. Gen. Bennett p Meyers today asked thc U. S. Court of Appeals lo release the retired Air Force oificcr on bail pendine appeal of his subornation of r»r jury conviction. Meanwhile, the 52-year-old Meyers wns serving lhe second day of his '0 months lo [ivc years sentence *^ will be transferred later from District of Columbia Jail to rcclernl penitentiary designated by the attorney general •Meyers, thc Air Force's No wnrtinio procurement officer cor.Mctcd of persuading a business associate to lie to Senate itivcstl-i- tor.s. A Senate .subcommittee siid Meyers nmcle S150.0CO In * ar *?„. fits out of a Vandalla. o subcon tracting lirm he allegedly o»S. His attorneys already have notified the appeals court that will ask a review of ihe casc. miner and concentration camp inmate, was barred from all sessions or the Economics Council, which An?i B A St nl| - Gcrm --» bo<1y In thc Anglo-American zones. His removal came after President Erich Koehler read an article in a German newspaper quoting him as "describing all (hose who work tor lhe splitting of Germany ns traitors." four other Communists in the council kept their seats. House Agri Committee Shelves O/eo Tax Bill WASHINGTON. March 16. (fj! —The House Agriculture committee voted 16 to 10 today lo shelve legislation to repeal or reduce federal taxes on olccinargarine. The motion to table the proposed bills was offered by Ren. August II. Anderson, R.. Minn. The committee action was taken at an executive session. Some members expressed the hope that. Ihc committee's attitude would prevail and that no effort would be made to bring 11,, the controversial legislation -orj,he resl of this session. New York Cofto-> 2 was they Mar. May July Oct. Dec. open 3355 3386 3.113 3032 2D7.9 high 3402 3417 3345 30G" 3008 low 1:30 33G2 33G7 3407 Under Arrest in Texas TEXARKANA, Tex. March 16. ifr " officers today arrested a 32- year-old former com-iDl who purportedly admitted robbing the Buffalo, Tex., Citizens Slate bank last month. He was identified as Bernlcc Leo Franklin, a native of Crockett. Tex. His recent residence was given us Texas City. He wns picked np at n Texarkana ni;:iit club shortly alter midnight lod:iy. The FBI said he had 5800 in his possession. The agents said, however, that whether it was part 3! thc $2.350 bank loot is nol known. must! J a*>'C«s Sanction Bo;iri) ri.-in.i economic i At lne conclusion of Mr. Reid's talk, lhe Jaycees adopter! n rcsoln- The internal problems of this i. 1cx I >rcs s | »K confidence In the country can and must lie solved or ', members i'" 1 Hie prof-rnui for atom bombs and planes will be of i lm l >rovc "icnU! tlrst at the grade no avail, Mr. McMath declared. ; schools and the high school lor Ne- Junior Chamber of commerce! *"£?',., ,„ I set good examples for other groups „, , y , mills cnn bc lcvi ^ «« in solving local problems he said j"' lax Bml " nre "«dcd lo He lauded the Blyihei'llte Junior I , B ° , salllrics Bnd °l''cr expenses, Chamber as being the most active ! ±± g J™™ . ! or . Ac ^ rc[ l" lrc in the stale. He pointed out thai the seven wars the United Stales has fought throughout Its history name marked n continual fight against riict.llor- Laney to Cffer Solutions to Road Problems LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Mnr l(j. (UPl—Some general suggestions fo: nlsm B«fn- >nd j- 0 Fel R n 'MlnlTcr Cieoi'ges Bldanlt Hon-iht lo find n ew slKfiers for the Dvc-nntlon, 50-ye»r pact agreed on Inst week at Brussels. l>" Mr.ln .«nid that Simin, a coun- Iry with •!H,000,000 InhiihlianU and •.•onsldcrnnlc resources, could not be kepi "Indefinitely oulslde lhe ciun- inon wort: of Europcnn economic reconstruclion." His K''vcnimcii(, he said, warni- •--:-. , W asoclntcd ILself with the Anglo- .is were .rnVseTSy by ^"con^r 1 "" W™"'"" Cnv lie- Lunr-v "» the confeiencc work by the com- The xovcrnTLd h( . wou,,, I ™"o",,n,r"^ "' l " C """ W « 1 ' Ills rccomme.idntloii.s In nn nddresi-' <-'eini,in /.one.s. solving ihe lilghwa, Arkansa for tomoi] postiioned Ing. ow morning, had been ""111 Thursd.y mo rn- Tliese decision came a* Democrat met' to develop * Und on the Republican U ' U It support for a"' flghT cosl to *4.000,000,000. ...fa f^" °y * h e H hold th« ., rio»e on the theory hat the iow« figure would w t enough nSiSSJT. tic support to ps,., the bill over the exacted presidential veto Nearly all Democrat* appeared ready to support „ moye u> cut t«- ** by $4,000.000,000. But they ,"d.,. ey ,l iey had been given no signal thit President Truman woul ' t Truman would that much-of a cut aprov.' The president's' jieUtenanU In th«" ftTh ,",'"" m " de no «tt«mpt to ttnch hL, excew profltj, ta cew profltj, tax pl, n lo the bill. Their $4,000,000 «ot»i ent would follow the pattern ol Se Republican bill In providing for ,n "crease o( 1100 in personal txemp- Hon s nnd allowinj; husbunds and -«- to ihe Little Rock Rotary Club Thursday. "I am Imrdly prepared to make any Iron-clad proposals but in generalities I will suggest remedies," Lnney snid. He told his press conference he will Inlk of the cdncnllon and I plher problems [nciiiK the slate as lo leave office next "My suggestions are In no wny ! HCTln spent his entire morning I mixing- lo Swedish foreign mlnls- ' lor Bonocstcn Uiidcn, Onnlsli Foreign Minister Gustnv Rnsnmssen Hire's Foreign Minister Scan Mnc- llrlde nnd Greek foreign Minister | Cuiutliinllii 'J'snldnrl.s. Uidnnlt •ipenl the morning lalk- House Rejects Move to Roil Rentals Back . WASHINGTON, Mnr . IB. rup>— . ihe House (odn he prepares January. plalform nnr) ideas," Laney said. -.-ntlrcly my Motorist Fined $25 Dan vcrnon was fined S25 and costs in Municipal Court this morning when he pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while under the influence of liquor New York Stocks 3378 3307 3026 2970 33.18 .1053 3000 Soybeans Mar. May lee,s f. open „. h . chicajo) high low 1-30 .354 Vs 3«',t, 3*21, 3131,, p.m. Sleeks: A T and T Amer Tobacco . ... Anaconda Copper . B3th Steel . . Chrysler 3en Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Soccny Vacuum . , Studebakcr Standard of N J . Tcx-s Corp Packaid ' W 1-4 60 31 i-a 30 3-» 51 ship. Osceola and Blytheville C. of C. Leaders to Plan Little Rock f xhibit incnts. Mr. Reid said. He was referring to a ptnn outlined at an earlier meeting of the Junior Chamber of Commerce by Karris Simon. Holy Land Quiet; Report of Truce Widely Discussed JERUSALEM, March 16. <UP> — The Holy Land was qulel today, coinciding with reports lhal a truc Bolh Bldault and Hcvin will leave Pnrls for Brussels tomorrow lo sign Ihc Wesiern Kurope pact agreed on Inst week by Britain, France HelKlum, lhe Netherlands nnd Lux- cmbourg. The treaty will be signed at 5 p.m. in the, Palais Uc.s Academics i -signcrl "voluntary in Brussels. The Icxl will be re-1 'or rent Inci leased in Ihc capitals of lhe fl<c 1-nrtlci-intliig counlirics 30 mlmites Inlcr. Alter the ceremony Devin will return immediately to London. Ulplornallc sources said ml O f Devin's morning inifo wcrc ntmcA ed a pro- by Rep. Blylhcvillc businessman. Mr. Simon bnlwccn Arabs and Jews wns in liic I llt drawing Ihc Scandinavian comi- advocalcd Immediate construction '"~ '" " " '"'" ' ' of a new high school by borrowing the full $425.000 and delaying expansion and Improvement of present facilities In other schools. To pay off . bonded Indebt- Officials of the Blylhevillc CrS Of f^nntrnrrfn ' nd | cdncss, Mr. Simon also suggested j Increasing debt service requirements j from seven lo nine mills. Mr. Reid ; staled that this could nol be done , -• •"Wlljl£ HI 11JC 11OICI Noble tomorrow night to plan a Mississippi County program to tic given before the Greater Litllc Hock Chamber of Commerce nexl month. The program will describe Mississippi County and Its pr"H,i-,, Similar programs fealurin); fnt counties in the stale "' »' l it that the every lour months by ihi Hock Chamber. are held seven-mill debt service requirement wns set up when Ihc last bond issue was floated but that this amount wns no longer needed lo pay off thc balance of the debt, which is now 1108,000. Three-mills would be sufficient for tills, he said May Refund Old l)chl If the contrnct holders of the existing bond Issue can be persuaded to waive the seven-mill rcqulrc- I mcnl, four mills would be freed and Iwilh lhat amount thc district could i borrow $200.000. Mr. Reid said NASHVII.I.K. Tenn.. March 1G. 1 Su Pcrlntcndenl, ,,f Schools W H (U.IM—TWO unmasked white men) Nicholson said Inst night that a held up the Bank of Goodlctt-sville i sllrv cy has showed that more Ihnn 32 l-« (, U "'"" llor "' of )icrc °" Hie| hnlf of "ic bondholders would waive making in the Uniled Nations under Uniled stales auspices. S^mc souices. however, laughed at talk of a Irucc. They said it would last no longer than the rare four-inch snowfall that covered ./e- nisnlem lost niRht. Not a single shcl nor an explosion v;iis reported throughout Palestine yc.slciday and the .stutic quiet continued into hours. Commanders of army lhe early morniny Arab tries Into the Brussels pact. "Talks which take place on the fringe of lhe conference may turn oul in be of considerable (frealcr significance than official conference work." said a highly placed French source. ''However, It mny be Komc lnoml)s before their results and significance arc actually apparent." Report* from Stockholm that lhe Swedish general stalf fenred a slid 1 den Russian attack led observers lhat major decisions may Bonfc Robbers Obtain $5,000 in Tennessee 51 1-B VI 1-2 12 7-8 SI! 11 3-8 Louisville highway this morning j the seven-mill stipulation an ? escaped with an estimated' With the district operating with w ,, ... , . i S " S<:HOOI.S on -»,c s. W. M. hclrinx, a.vsl.slnnt cnshlcr.' said the robbers rifled tlie cash fire Damages Box Car | empty car. they would r.e "occupied on import- lions were cabled Paris F,l Khoury, Syrian delegate lo Die Unlled N.t- tions. Tlie Ar:ib I/-a;;U(r's polilk'rtl com- mltlce. consisling of the lorelgii ministers of thc seven Arab League .'.tales, will meet in Beirut today lo discuss Ihc Security Council's de- bale. It was belicvrd they may roach .1 decision on what solution would be acceptable lo Arabs lo replace parlilion. Thc Arab decision will be transmuted lo ihc United Nations by League Secretary Abdul Hahiuan A7,xam Pasha. A7zam Pnsha was scheduled lo rc- UIIT. lo the Uniled Siales aflcr thc Beirut meeting, which wns ex- pcclcri lo lust lhre« days. Brussels pact. Combined with Western Germany, ihe,e countries would present a solid from against Communism from tin' Arctic. Circle to Ihe African Gosnell Exceeds Quota In Red Cross Campaign Cutfiiell resirtcnls have exceeded their quota I,, the Red Cress financial campaign in North Mississippi Counl.v by contributing a ta- lal of tiifi. it w «s reporlert today This raises the total to date in thc North Mississippi County drive to M.02H.47. The Gosncll quota was set at $15. George Hamilton is drive chairman at Gosnell. t7n,in ,-, i — --—. »>I-I-M-C t*y nep, Helen Gahngnn Douglas, D., Calif. Mrs. Douglas offered a comptet. substitute for li le rent bill which thc House Is debating Under the sutaimite tenants who klre.dy have *'"""'' """'"ntary" leaws providing rease of up to 15 per cent would nol longer be obliged to pay Hie lncre«se. After voting sown the Douglas substllule. the House moved ahead toward almost certain approval of the Republican-sponsored bill to continue rent control Tor another year. Mis. Douglas*'substitute called for rent control extension to June 30 1950. The present law expires March 31. Even the Democrats who opposed the GOP bill conceded that it wouM pans. The Republican measure con- tnhi 5 a controversial provision to give local rent boards authority to raise or remove rent ceilings hi their ureas. Most Democrats denounced the "home rule" provision as a "fraud" on thc public. For all practical jjur- pose.s. they .Mid, If. would end r»- Ihcr lhan continue effective rent control. Although he had no hopes of success, Rep. A. S. Monroney, D.. Okla., said he would offer an amendment to give the federal housing expediter veto power over local boards. Both lhe present rent aw, and the extension bill passed by Ihc Senate. Rive thc houjinc expedller such veto power Weather Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Colder to- nlRht. Minimum tills morning—57. Maximum yesterday—«. Sunset today—«:08. Precipitation, M hours lo 7 s.m. today—.74. Total since Jan. 1—MM. Mean temperature (midway b«- Iweeii high and low-60.5 Normal mean for March—51.2. Thh D»U Lwt Yew Minimum this morning—M. Precipitation, J»n. I u> ttiis d*«* -J.S*

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