The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1930
Page 3
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AUGUST 30, 1030 CLASSIFIED ADS TWO cenw g word for first In- •ertton and cue cent a word for each gubeequtnt Insertion. NO »flvertlieinentt«kuu lor less than We. count tn,e wordi ind send tbe Phone 306 FOR SALE LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1930 Model Ford Roadster New 'I'ircs, Paint and lop ccod. Motor mechanically perfect. lluy this one ami save depreciation. Only 1920 Moilrl Ford " Standard Coupe. Thoroughly reconditioned. Good tires, paint jnd upholstery. A real buy at 1020 Model ' International Truck. (Jowl Molrtr, Tires, Starter, nailery I anil Generator. Just the truek lo mike money will! Our USED CARS arc guaranteed 30 days. Make your selection and eall 811—TODAY. $3C5j SZ75 $133 Used Car Dept. I'HILLIL'S MOTOH CO. Authorised Ford Dealers SIl TODAY Used Car Bargains 1 1329 Ford Toiirins 1 1920 Ford Roadsfr 1 102D Ford Tudor 1 1023 Chevrolel 4 Door Sedan 1 1920 PcJitiac 4 Door Sedan 1 1027 Pontiac 1 Door Sedan I 1320 UcSoto Roadster LEE MOTOR COMPANY 120 East Main Street BLYTIIEVILLK, ARKANSAS <tylftfi HA iJ'JUU.UU &CC(\ fifl «pjOU.UU 497C flfl V" ' J«UU FOR SALE—121) acres timber land within 10 miles of Blytheville. Sacrifice for cash. Taxes $1.25 per acre. P. 0. Box 124, Blytheville. 25pkl FOR SALE—(For few days only). Dr. McCail lias moved to SI. Louis and lias placed his lioiric in my hands for sale. Choice location and rare bargain. Let me show it to you, if interested. G. G. Caudlll, Office"phoi:c 797, residence! phone 186. 28c-tl | OLD KENTUCKY natural .leafj [lark tobncro; guaranteed best quality; chewing. 5 pounds, S1.50; I 10 pounds. $'2.75; smoking, 101 pounds, $2.50; pay postman. Ken-1 lucky Tobacco Farmers, LaCentcr,' Ky. 30pkl ey separated, promts- Iho Ihealcr; and for Marls Karrell, and ojAiiue. A llollywd "opening" Is bally, o IrtmnMnt. It Is a magiiiEI- lit cxaggatlou, an BlA'tlttWILLK, (AUK.) NEASEK>YlCE*« PAGE FIV* ERNEST LYNN FOR RENT FOR RENT — 2 or 3 light housekeeping. S'hone 818. rooms for 1020 HCTTII 27pkl . IIKCIX IIIJII [1 TODAY I>X.t UOltlMlMt i •crnnrlo lirltcr In Holls-wiiniJ, (ft Iti tn\e niih ANM-: wj.\'n;ii, uiio, bc- KlnnliiK ni im tjitru, him pru- Krri«xf^ rrtk'fill}' und fs (" nr.-nct 111 unc of [hi. Inrucflf «lu- dlnx. AriTir llvrM \Ulli (tvu ulbrr K*r]K ( 5)ONA .Mllltltls lltllc ml lic':i,l. imd 10VA IIAIU J.l'.V, n r|lll<-t K'rl »ho lit vrrjr IjUirr imil \\\in hii* Lnil n traKlL- love <-\iK'tlrnce. Uvti imj .^liiitii nri' I'XlrnA, Iml MDIIII \ "Tiljr (xcnA[,M]:tllj nnj Mvn \tiy r:ircl), nncl tliTu IN nnulbur icctiion fur Iicr drh|i|initrlic>'. 1'AUI, i'OI.r.tllll, ivko \vrtln n rinlly iniivlr ooluitlti fur n nf nruhiinpf ra, ^hnrrx Dnn'M npnrlnifKI u-ltli hlui. Untllfr ni'fi- ilrnlnllr iiicrlM Jvvn im l llnuji-inrj utic <U<y, nnil [hrx Tlln Inlo n movie netor niinin) 1-'IIA.\K -MAUI1V. Al ilBlit ul i:vn .tlinirj cuhtrn nnil liurrlfO n^vny nnil llvn nlniiifil fnlntM. Collier [:ikc» lirr liiiinr. I.nlf Unit iilj;M Aline \VIn- Irr Irli-lihonr.n HurliLior tu rimic TriKht iivt-r. 1-S-n !in» Irkd to lake l>oKi>n, I^in IrtirttH (lint Muntt hnn nre- Vfnrrd ft, Lilt Kill IH NlruiTRlhlK vi hen hv nrrJvrN. The Oac[»r lid- vIsvK lh;U li\n t>u ' inkcn <c> Uic Ji(ix|i[, nnrl the nrxl dnj Kbe la ri-iiorlril fmiirovtnl, • Thn* Ktinie ilny Cullk-r rtiC'illlnleta ^laiLryi vxti.> h the nimi \\]in knit lirukrn KVJI'II hrurt, nnil lip iiulls hi* nonr, SOW CO OX WITH TII10 STOIIV CHAPTBIl XXIX "Y ou b 'e IJi-uto!" said Dau, and fio cat on Collier's bed and laughed, and watched llio ollier's agonizing strusele with Ills collar button. "Jolniny tells me tlio slory's all over Hollywood," Dan said. "Here let mo fii Uiat collar for you be forn you tear It apart. Paul sighed in relief as Dai £na]i|ied tho intractable collar In lilace. lie sr.ld. wllh some concero "I sure hope it doesn't set Ic Eva. 1 wouldu'l like lliat a btL' "Who saw it?" "Why, Ihcrc were two or Hire reordo around, I guess. 1 didn )iay much aUeuliou. 1 lold hlii] wanted to FCC him privately, bu he tried to duck it; so 1 put it n to him right there." Paul stoiiBC and went to work ou his tic. "Aw, tell me what happened, wi you?" Dan cried in exasperation. "That's all. Ho said it wapu any of ray business, and 1 sal 'Yes, Frank, I guess that's righ only I thuught It was kind of fu ny'; and thcu ho tried to tell u where I headed In. He thou; he could set away with It, but h made a mistake." "Good!" Dan exclaimed, and 1 glanced Into Paul's mirror straighten his own lie. ; llu diila try to lake a punch at you, did lie?" And Paul grunted. "Xo such luck." But Dan, surveying the other's long arms and broad shoulders fondly, thought: "I'm glad Paul didn't hit him." Frank Maury had It coining, all right, hut ho was glnd Paul hadat jot itlo trouble. They went ol' to dlautr Ihen, and wondcrliil director; you can't lako tluit itwtiy (vom him. If ho hftd dono Ililn picture,'now," Bho Bald, meaning tho ono they had como to see, "It would hnvo been a grcal plcliirc. Hut Iho best yon cau Buy for It Is thai It's a good one," ;ircas agcnlry nud , -facto you nro," said Collier, nlly. It la iiteco of night as| a , ul | lo Br i uu ed al Dan. "Marls la lonsand Buns, and a :nlllng masks llunkcd hihitlon. 'H reiiiliulpic," Bald Dan as Iho a corner and llicy it shire, "ot n plcco ribbon burning In And Annetmllcd nnd agreed. Except thai Is much noisier."\ * v :kcd |o car a block away •and ihey jltercd along in llio as usual. Dan," ho explained reason or oilier." "Hollywood's Uu gods glvo mo a to Marls, "cim't see Sloan, for some pain," Horimcr muttered. llo glanced, ns ho si:oke, ul Anno Winter, bul Anno gavo him LI puzzled glauco atid wns silent. That was Iho moriilni; ho IcnrnrJ lhat Amalgamated hud rojccled bl» jlol; but nloug wllh llio rejection hud co'.iiQ tho rcqucsl lo Iry BOIUC- tbliiK else; 11 hail Ju s l missed, had been voted down only-nflcr n alory conference in which llicro Imd liecn conslileriiblo dltrercncu of opinion. Dan ciiractcd litllo cnmtort from lhal; a miss, ho told Collier, «:n as good ai n mile. "Well, send It around, my buy. Somo oilier studio'll be mire to tulio tho of OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Alien* \l'.f L WILL V. / V-, W<3? ' COURSfc *tf{eV'RB'</OUR TAijG5i ^ /W' Mod CM PBT'BM ALO*''--*- TOR A VJBBK OR SG!-~)li CAUPL6S QM Soi'"*—A»- ,—,, .^ a ^r'COMPAQ a ,*« M ^Jj ^™«£ ""* * MUC H; RHLIBF ^ AMP] \ w*^***™*^ -TILL -iMfe^ AM T WAke UP AM. •* WOKJ t We -fa 'f^> Ji", V LM VoMR CHOPS ' IC&-BQ* 5«gA ' - ' , |||5y M, I paUY UJAMTTc, W{ BE LA IP'UP FC" -* J ^ .% S BlCa OWL'S CUlS /^ ( LABOR JVW T WITH ALL as clllicr Bldo ot tho at slrelchdd from Names woro crowd through a inhone, ami lliere ?e; nil half way down 10 lino of ma h was a radio an- ounccr with If! microphone who Id duty foV hij invisible nubile. Dau said, t'.sfeulug hi3 hold on nno's arm: "Itwon't be long now atil Ihey'ro siuliDg your namo irougli that this asking you o step up to jio milio and say ello to your fan." "You'ro Euch a comfort, Dan," \nno said, and sb Innghcd. They were late than Marls Farell and Coilieii and Marls was latod because SK had been "an- .ounced." ) "Tho litllo glrtgot a big hand," 'aul declared, 'j fed liko a big ihot myself no\1 . . . There's jarry Sloan." 1 Anne Gwung hn head, following Is gaze. "Wherl Paul?'' A FTEFl the plcturo they went to "• Henry's. On (lie way homo wllh Anno, Dan Bald eomcthiug about sccliiK her Sunday, but filio told him that Kva was to return lhat day from tho hospital and sho thought sho and Monu ought to spend Iho day with her. lie began to liuni a song, nnd .10 looked expectantly at Anne, liop- ing that Bho would sing; but sho was not In Iho mood. When he iisked her, sho explained that Blic was tired. "And still a Hide nervous. Dan." lie know lhat Bho still had Eva on her mind. Paul Collier had been. Invited to fipend tho week-cud out of town at one of tho beaches. Uu an impulse Collier laughed (llfgiisieilly. "Aw, BO on oul and play icnnia." llo said, elyly: "How aro you anil Marls iMtiug alone?" p.MJI, returned cnrly (hat nooa: he wan trying t ahead" hi* vacation, which lln;o hlH dally column would nni'ns usual. "Mall for you," lie said when IXin Dau telephoned Marls Karrell, nnd on Sunday ho played tennis with her. Later in tho afternoon they went for a drlvo among tho hills and they had tea at a lllllo road- gido Inn. Maria was an agreeable com- "Across the atslj there. Sec Iilrn? believe lie's aloiu—no, that's Herrick with 1: B aloiii- him, U tlo head man at 3rand Uiiiled." During iniermUIoo they ran nto Rlonn ontsidi. Tho dlreclor paused to pay Amo a smiling compliuient on her appearance and Collier Introduced Gic oliiers. Sloan uurmurc-d a few vords and ono touched him on tho shoulder then and ho nodded and moved way. f "Seems funny not to seo Sylvia Patterson with him," Paul murmured. "That was kind of tough on Sloan wlum Sylvia got married right after bis wifo divorced Lim." But Mnris nodded her head mid said wisely: "I don't think Garry panion. Ho was glad Ihal he had called her up. Sho made him tell her about his work, and when he bccamo deprecating and ucssimistlc she laughed at him. "I'm sure you're Roihg to do Borne- thing really fine, some time. You see, I've been talking wllh Martin Collins. Do you know wbal be said about yon?" "No." "He said, 'II (her don't Eiioll this fellow Ilorimer he's going lo wrilo some real picturo stuff.' I think Martin Collins ought to know whit he's talking about." All ibis was pleasant; it fed hi pride. On the way back sho said, "Yon know, you're tho strangest person, Dan Ilorimer." Ho had been driving along in silenco for some minutes, the wind ruffling his hair and whipping his tio about his neck, n.iH now as Lo him. "How's Hint?" ho asked. "You're moody, aren't you? was in love with Sylvia—not really, turned, to look al her tmlotmiy ho !. thought, he was, I think." I sensed tbat oho had been studying" "Why do you Eay that?" Dan wanted to linov. 1 . "Because," Maris replied, "no man can really love a woman who loves his art tho way—you're laughing, aren't you?" she said, and she uiado a face. And sho Insisted: 'But Garry Sloan is an artist—a real artist You can dlsliko Garry Sloan—and many people do, because ho takes himself, so seriously—but he's a .Maris laughed and gestured with lu-r hand. "Up like this ono minute, and the next—way down hero." "Am 1? I never gave it much (bought, Marts." "I suppose not," and slio said nothing more about it.' At her suggestion they played tenulB again two mornings later. FOR RENT—Seven room house at 1030 Walnut, three bedrooms, two baths. If 1 '' 11 " 1 Sept. 1st. Call 087-W. 28iikl FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining ball). Private home. Pho:i2 479W. 30cM FOR KENT—Five rcom house at 1321 W. Holly. Call S81-W. For Rent Two stores on Second street, also colton oft'ice up stairs willi uortli skylight. Grand Leader building. Apply on premises. I. ROSENTHAL FOR RENT—McBride apartmenl, 4 rooms, balh, garage. Furnished or unturnished. 800 Walnut. SOpkS FOR RENT—Nice front bedroom for rent in private liome, one block ot high school. 811 Wahuit, street. 28pkl 2nd, 1S30. NOTICE On account o[ the tent not gelling here in tin?e. th; meeting for the Church of Christ, advertised to begin in icut, will have ils beginning in the CcMirt HOUKI anditaiium., Services at eleven a in. and at;'antic liplit 7:30. tend. dent at 10 o'clock a. in. September Aug. 25, Sept. 1 FOR RENT—Two lurnished rooms. Mrs. Ted Green, Phone G5fj. J NOTICE : From May 1 to September 1 i>u r dental odlces will be closed iach Thursday afternoon. j Dr. I* II. Moore. : Dr. H. A. Taylor, 1 Dr. H. S. Davis- V. U. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips lo Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special tales on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 FOR RENT—Two large bedrooms, convenient, to balh, 1122 West Main, Phone 551. 21pkl FOB RENT—Light, Housekeeping rooms, furnished, 700 West Walnut. 2Gc-tf Furnished aparmcnt for rent. See Jiininii! l/edbeHcr at Saunder's Store. 20c-tf OCEAX MR SERVICE BERLIN, Aug. 20.— A (riuis-At- eicven a in. and at' 'antic air service between Berlin You are Invited to at- [Seville and South America has been 30pkl | proposed by l!ic Deutsche Luit I Kaiisa and the Comnania do Navi- NOTICC gazion Oerca Espanola Colon. It icLs wui DC ruciivca on [lie would be a combined airplane- ne Oak school binding al Hie: dirigible service and would trans- oflicc of the Coun'J' Supcrinten-1 pen passengers from ncrlin to HER BUDDIES «l SAFE! ennio In, and Kurlnier, il|i|iiug open Iho laiBo nnd laughed nhorlly. "I know what this is." ho s:ild. 'Tills Is rejection day—and ho "What la It?" "My famous play," Dan said. "1'ho ono that'.H Icon lilcklui lu'outid liveadway for la tlicsc many months. Come, home lo papa 1« roost. Oh, well. . . ." llo read tlio letter that accr:n- auleil the mnnuscrliU and Landed ; over to Paul, and \vheu l^ul end It ho observed: "Well, your agent thought hl|;lily t It M least; and 1 guess the uarkcl in New York (s all shot lo deces." ' Ho fald, "I guess you just don't Ed the bleaks, Dan. at It. will you?" "Bun. I'm going to tnko a Intli." He wcui oil to Ills room. omlly. nud Paul ptekcd up Iho iiaiiuscrlpi and settled comfortably nnd began to read It. Half an hour later, when D.iu liail leisurely bathed and dressed, Paul v,-;is still absorbed In tho i>lay, and ivi:en Dan made Homo joking remark about It ho stirred tlcntly hi his chair and ghiuced up lo say that ho didn't waul lo bothered. ''It's a damn good play," he said. "I dich't know yon had it in yon. No fooling." he Insisted at the o'.k'r's skeptical smile; "this Is great stuff, Uan." He snt up slralghl llien lo reach for a clgarcl, and wllh Ihe llgbled match In ills hand he paused lo liv?r j lecture. "You give me a bis iialn—worry- ing alout what thn Etmllos tblnk q( your Etutt when you can knock out something like Ibis. No kidding; If I could write like Ibis I'd hava Hollywood eating out ot my ban*. 'Yliero'd you net U"> IdeaV" 'Women's night court In New York," Dau told him, 'I see. Well, it's somo story! flua along now, my boy, llko good fellow, ami Itl your Uncla Dudley finish K" ^--o D« Seville by plane and ncross the Atlantic by dirigible. EVANSTON El., Aug. 29.—Police nn Evnn.ston's hallilng beaches are very pure of mind. Because Mrs. Albcti Slrolimeycr, -10, wns slrctcli- ina a bare arm and shoulder out of a curtained automobile paiked at a beach here flic was arrested and fined $5. Mrs. Slrolimeycr said she was wearing a raincoat nt the lime. FOR KENT—Large bedroom convenient to bath. '214 Davis, Phone 893. :>9|]k3 FOR RENT—3-rooin apartment. 701 Chickasawba Ave., Phone 274. 30pk3 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed hy competent while woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S- Lake St. I7ck-tf WERT He Makes 'Em See] I WANTED—Reliable man between ages of '^5 and SO to supply old •established demand for Rawlcigh Good Health ProiUict. 1 !. Surety Contract required. Company furnishes everything but the car. Good (profits fo r hustlers. Write the W .T. Rawlclgn Company, Memphis, Tenn. or sec me. G. W. Matthews, Liixora, Ark. 26ck9 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 Ingram Bldg. Blytheviile, Ark WANTED—Sleeping loom in ]iri- vatc hoir.o. State price \>CT month. Address "O" Courier News. 29pk3 PERSONAL SELL YOUTl PROPEilTY. farm, business or residence quickly for cash. No mal!c r wlicre located Small ccmmissinn when deal is jclc;cd. Write today (or free ch- fcviplion blank and pnrnailais J D. Baker, National Bank Bldg. Dallas, Tex, " SOpkl ...SOELW.EQToOi A SHOT AT SHOT 6C-J, HUH 1 ? =P-1 SET A ktCli COT OF THE LOOKS LIK6 A SEATTLE PAPER LET WE A UCOX AT If, VMILL VES...\iiE THoOeuT If •• A BOMB THAT ME886 MC^NT To 8L US ALL OP V>J11V1...(3ES... YOO (AOST Llue To READ GEE.' THAT PAP6C S6E.V.S TO SET A RISE DOT CF HIWi SOWS AM B,-pM)-^; ^=*ir-5

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