The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1936
Page 4
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"Jt AGE FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK,)' COURIER .NEWS BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK. Editor H. W. HAlNEs, Advertising Mamget Bole Nitloiial Advertising Representative*: :Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Clilcago, • Detroit, St; Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Evsry Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter' at the post ofltcc at Blyllievlllc, Arkansas, under «ct ol Congress, October 9. 1917. Served oy ihe Unlieri Press 6UB3UKIPTION RATES By earlier in the cuy ol BlylhcvlUe, ISo per week, or $0.50 per year, In advance. By mall, wltwn » ranius ot 5U mites, 13.00 per year, $1.50 lor six months, 15c for tliree months; by mali in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, J6.50 per,year; In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. r Advice lo Republicans , Republican, oratoi'.s at Cleveland ' this -week have outdone and perhaps undone llicmselves in their abuse of ; the Roosevelt ndmini.sti'alison. 11 w;ts ' hardly to have been expected thai Hie , New Deal would receive compliments ; at the hands of the •opposition. But « we have a feeling that il would have ~ been better campaign .strategy on the '•• part of- Mcssr.s. .Stciwcr, Snell, Hoover . el a)., to have placed sonic restraint , upon the bitterness of heart which apparently animated .their words. For the voting public, while not altogether snlislied as to the .soundness of all New Deal policies, most emphatically does not share Unit fanatical hatred of the -president and all his works which ssjenia to obsess the He- publican . leadership. The electorate might have been impressed by a soberly analytical and objective criticism of the administration. What they got from the 0. 0. P. spellbinders was a Hood of unreasoned condemnation which served -only to obscure any considered and well supported attack lip- on Rooseveltiaii acts which any of the addresses may have contained. A fttrflier ami even more significant weakness of the Republican position, as disclosed by the convention .sijcechc-;, is the almost complete lack of any specific program to offer in substitute for, the one that is condemned. If the Republicans arc seriously propo's- ,ii)g that this country K 8hc\yc the Nqw 'Deal and go back to the'old one thifl -pi-ev;uIt\H)c&jic 1033,'then they;'might' as" well'shut, up bhop. They'll get no 'votes to speak of for thnl proposi- /ion. And if they claim to have a new and better program they ought to let the public in on the secret. For while the people of the United States may not be fully tatisiied with what they have they arc not going to trade it for a lot of meaningless generalities, which is all the Republicans have offered them so'far.. Worlh W niching The troubles of Premier Leon liluni ami his new government in France should be wcrth close observation here in America. This is because Monsieur Blum contemplates a "French NRA" as a means of settling the vicious industrial strife facing the nation. . In many respects Franco faces industrial and economic problems idem- OUT OUR WAY , HE'S GCW& TO"\ BE MV COMPANY, NOT YOURS' AMY OP S'OUR SMART CRACKS/AND VOU'l L GET SOME SMART CRACKS PRO.M ME -AN 1 THEY'LL MAKE vou SMART f AW-NOW.USSEN- \ IP HE BRINGS A BOX OF CANDY, ' LIKB WE U5UAILV DOES, I'LL SAVt VOU SEVERAL PIECES — MOMEST/ GO ON UP TO YOUR ,ROO.V\ AND READ-WILL VO11 PLEASE j ' lical to. our. own. The Hhnn .government wants a 40-hour week, vacations with pay, and collective bargaining. . Thus the Blum three-point program will mean a test of the very principles that labor seeks here nnd which it iichicvcd to n degree under the lioosc- vellian NKA. In any event, (lie I'Vcneli sittialion will bear wiik'liing as ii t'outl Ijil of history in the jnnMng,- The New 'Inlanmiionnlhni . 'Die farjiiPi-s 1 : wives' of Die world are doing their Lest to break down the ' isoljiiionisl policies of "nations. They're doing it lhroiife'l) v their new organi/.a- lion, tlii; >VKSpcial,etl Country Women, which just hiid a'titnioiit of 7,000 ilele- Kales, Tcnrosenl.ih ! tf •: 27 nations, Jn . • r These- wpiriuh" proceed on tlio theory that problems" of farm wives lire idim- tical the world' over, that hoine-mak- \\\K is universal and tliat peace is indispensable to humanity. , Accordingly, they arc goinn about cementing the world friendships throliRli tlieir own channels— by cx- chiinjrc of farm handicraft, compilation of an international cookbook, and oilier such projects. This movement at least promises to yet at the heart of 'world amity where it begins— in (lie .home. In 'n small way, it in atitrUni ''a program thai may have big •results. Position: Didn't Count The right "honorable" ,f.' If. Thomas, forced to resign in disgrace from the British cabinet, has been found guilty of Betraying official secrets of the 'animal; budget message so-that his closest'friends might insure themselves against increased taxation. . :: : • The liritish people are «iid to bo happy over the ending of the scandal, because the Thomas affair has turned out a perfect advertisement of English; justice.'. ; Jr-6r. neither the po- , litical position nor':';•• wealth: of". Mr. Thomas, a fonner colonial secretary,- inniicnc'cd; the courts in the least;,' JlV.l .' Tlioniaii migl'il havc'-liccn plain John" Smith for air British tribunals cared. Thus,. \villi justifiable- 'pride,'-': the' British contrast the Thomas case with the Stavisky trials in France and the Teapot Dome ali';>ir in the United States. And who arc we to .talk back? This present, loose, tipsy, cocklail-party generation cannot be the last, word In Ihe story of alcoholism. As sure us history repeats itself, a revolt is due. a change of public atttlmle born out. of disgust n-ith and fear of the intolerable estate \vc now are in. —Rev. Harry Emmcrsem Fosdick, New York City. •» « * The American penal system that operates to -make fairly decent men bad, to itmfcc bad men worse, and then lo turn them all loose lo prey upon society. | 3 the lasl word in social stupidity. -Judge Joseph N. Ulman, Baltimore. QI»K B> n»SHWICE. me. T. M BEC. u. s. MI. t,ti. By William? 5URE ; TM GOING TO wA ^~~, ROOM-WHV SHOULD I \ ""v^ WANNA SEE VOl'-R COM- \^^ PANV? tOURSE |R I HAFTA r^ COME DOWN FERAGLASS CR WATER, AND HE SEES ME, I ANP SPEAKS TO ME, AMP ^WS HELLO, I'M 60MWA / SPEAK TO Hlrv\, AIN'T t'-t J ^ SURE I/M' V^. SIDE GLANCES By George .Clark "OMori-y cloesn'l mind. Lcl (Item play with his stiimji THIS CURIOUS WORLD ? e ± iam Ferguson S^tf O*'6DVNEA £*tlCC t lfC ~ /%"BIG ROOAV'j N ™ CKRCSBAD ^ NEW MEXICO,' lt> 4-, 000 FEET LONG AND ( UG.HT BULBS ATTRACT A^OR.E: INSECTS AS THE POWER IS INCREASED UP TO 2OO WATTS,' BUT, BEyOND THAT THE GLARE KEEPS THEM OFF. BLACK SNAKfeS CAN CRAWL, _ UP'THE TRUNK. OF": A TREE. Carlsbad Caverns National Pink contains the largest, series of underground caverns yet explored 'anywhere in the world. Stalagmite fcnnnlions ran-jo frcm tiny needles to'hunc hummocks 62 feet liigh, which, scientists estimate, have been. 00,000,000 years Jn developing ilal Foods. Exposure .To Sunlight, Also Provide Vitamin D For Baby HV I>K. MOUKIS i:cl'U;i, .Ir.urniU of the American Mr:liral Aswinlton, .iliii ot Hy- iim, tlir llc:iltli Magazine Sri important has cod liver oil been found (or growth nnrt development, that it is commonly Riven to chickens, cattle, rtugs, and other animals, a> well us lo mnn. A*- I Imvc already pointed out. il is especially iuvportnnt for the iv.'c'r.fciivo mother, since she must, supply vitamin D. calcium, and phosphorus not only for herself, bal for the growing baby. In audition to taking cod liver oil, however, ihere are other ways i" wliloii the baby may get the vitamin D ihat. it, requires. Most "pcrialists in diseases o! children ill! In-! nevertheless, that babies are ftctci ,,ir with cod liver oil lhan tlity arc If dependent on fonu- diu-r method of setting "taiiim i) into their bodies. m KPneml. tto not object -e of cod liver oil. \\-hich r-, best lo give just bc- tafi. In rare instances, :!i-el seriously to the oil ic limes have indigestion, premature babies need "if vilamin D lhan do mi, i'.'', 1 " 1 "'' "" fl '" Mlc '' cases of Hi, ,;; lin . preparations. ' ; . n: "ivnarniions which may irti-^ 1 -""'" 1 arc ll ' osc o! ir '- u MI,,, uenjterol or vIoMorol. n ,"re !''!' ?' ,?"""" D ls '»« ch ite',, " l , """ CCKl 1iv(>r <"'• tl«, '7> .! ,. po , ton , C5 :- u !s best '""' ' (ioclor It is understood, of course, that Use baby alM gets some vitamin D_by exposure LO sun ravs. Sun baths should aliv.iys be given lo i the babies \vhcn the climate pcr- ; mils. They should be exposed I gradually, however, permitting ionly a portion o[ ihc sosy to have THURSDAY, JUNK 11, J936 by Jean '.Seivwright © 1936 NEA Service, Inc. DIWI.V man: TODAY <;AH, i:\iMKi-i-, :, mh ni,, uit , fci'i-mnr II .I.'xH.-ri.T. cojii,, ,„ ft r \° >"rli imil—ilijf In u »r»kr ,,f l.,.L—Is JilrrJ liy .IIADA.IIH l.jy.lj'lTP llnilirlrlur lit ,ui rXflu.Ive ,)u,u -<I:ufiuiM. urnvvK Irjinirrinm-iiliil UN,] illlllrnlt lu woitt t,!r " l " >1 "" 1 MHtlKK HAH<;i||UVl':S, yoiinir •irllsl, I, Inlvroslea In <M\ „ J »»••>•« lu-r trivially mlvlrr. I'r," i|i]'»ri> kiir »!•!.« HICK SKAHM:.*, u-iuuf «II«T, HOSJWIAKV. ><:,» '"•', "> ..... »';'i« "I itrlmol. <MI<'Y.'l'i", J 1 '"' Arl: "'""' J1ABK (IIAI'MA.S, ImiK „ ivniuIvriT r«. lira, („ n,,,l l.|« ,„,, IMne ft ,h c Illlllll* lit lll|. 'frill-ITU' J!|J1|,,E Cll J ..rh M,,,,,,.!,, |1 K . ,I,M I. vTonh,, t 111- ilum /.ill know. |I M - »],,.,.,. nln.iiw i.f Ills „!„.,., <;„," ',,,; rmiilfiil airncr of a! r |i"nm-r(> HI'J.V MAM,. .llnilrniK. l,|«,.| |°'S «oi'. If rrnrenriilliiK llo '1'rnrrrn rinu- Jiany. Jlnrlj <-.inli,k'« In kr K frli-ji,! nl,i .IH1I IIOSKUKH, „„,, ,,-rl.r "V ,",'' "'""> '""' iu-.i,,|'.'i|i.-r (u vs <;,,irs ivi.rk , .VOW III) fl.v WITH Tl'li: STOIIV CHAPTER XX V /BAIL'S spirits drooped as she stepped into the elevator again. IJita Cordcll had spoken so hopefully about Ihis chance yet nothing had come of it! What would she <Jo next? she did not i signer like you would really mm a fortune (or her?';, "Madame Li KG tie evidently doesn't think that." "Wei!, I'm taking you lo dinner tonight. Come oh! I'm ravenous." Later, as they lingered over the dinner (most of the tables around were • already deserted) Natalie said thoughtfully; '.'Some people say you have a better chance of setting a job if you still have one. ir I were you, I wouldn't tpll anyone you've left Madame Lizette's unless it's necessary.'' "All right, Natalie," Gail agreed. "I'll lake your advice. It's been awfully good of you to tell me who's who and where io go first." She folded Ihe sheet of paper with its list of names and slipped 11 into her handbag. .' • « ' »;'' * ' ' JJUT in spite of Natalie's practical advice, Gail came home the next night footsore and weary. She had made dozens of calls, hut evidently no ona wanted her serv- , There was pigeon-hole, but letter when the liuxir £>lie ClKl not' i 7 ", 7 ' ITUI-H uic g, want to tell Derek. She knew llanded ll lo her, Gail did n his solution would be an immedi- lcr to op<m if ale marriage. He'd insist they a ranch so far as she knew. Then •suddenly, she remembered hoy/ her father had said to her one day when she was being lifted to the saddle of her fat little pony, "You ought to be a gootl lijvsc- H'oman if you take after your mother. Many a lime I've seen galloping over your grand- '™ /other's ranch! « » a HE telephone tinkled. Gall's amber eyes glowed. Had Derek got rid of his guest unexpectedly, she. wondered, taking down the receiver. But it was Dick's voice she heard. "So yon got back sooner than you expected?" Gnil said. 'You're going to slay in town for the evening. Oh, you have your car Yes, . could get along somehow and that lie wanted to lake care of her. Bill (here was Derek's work. No, lie must not have more responsibilities now. crowded, and - were shaking their hats on the floor as Gail reached the door. The streets The lobby,.was men nnd women were spattered hailstones, and the few people still outdoors were racing to cover. The sky grew lighter and the crowd thinned away. Men and women started on their way again, keeping close to the huge structures as though .seeking protection. Gail left the building.* * * JT was almost halt past 0 when Natalie came to Gail's door. "Aren't you going to cat tonight?" rhe asked. "I should think you'd want to have n big celebration after the boost Rita Cordell gave yon." . . "Boosted me out of my job! That's what Rita's article did for me." "Whnl, you mean thai Madame Lizclte lira] you? No, Gail you can't mean that!" "That's what happened. She was furious." Quickly Gail told of her eventful day. '•the did EO-nrirt-FoY'''i'li6pc' : sl;i gels it in the neck! ..Doesn't she icaiiM'thaf having a brilliant de-' lot After her bath she slipped into a negligee, picked up a magazine and began to read. At last she dressed. Natalie had a date and would not be home until late Gail decided she might as well have dinner in the clubhouse Derek had gone deep-sea fishing with an old friend who only came to the city about twice a year He'd wanted her to join them when th::y returned and go to a thcnler, but Gail had been sure his friend would prefer the evening alone with Derek. '"." ' As she stooped lo pick up her handbag she saw Ihe letter again. . A moment-later she sank down on the couch. "Oh!" she cricci "What next!" The missive read: Dear Miss Everett: As I understand you are a daughter ot Ihe late Peter Everett, I presume you arc the owner of 'the flancho Angelo. Although it is rather rundown, it is just the sort of place I am looking for. 1( you will consent to an immediate sale —v/Ithin 10 days—I am wi !o oder you SIC.OOO cash. Please let me know your decision at once ns if you do not •icccpt my offer I shall have to find another place. Yours very truly, Re;; Hall. "A ranch!" Gail exclaimed, ,'^I didn't knov/ Daddy had a'rnnch!" She wriiiki^l^litfiV'b'RSw^t^ia}; jo .remember. . His. relatives were ill easterners. He'd'never' bought ing with Rosemary at the Langs but why don't you go there now? They're all out al EOmc affair— yes, I'll be ready—-goodby." They met .in the foyer and as Ihey walked toward Ihe swinging door Dick's eyes grew bright, for '-ail looked radiant. "I'm so glad ou'i-c back. Did you get along all right with your business?" she exclaimed. ' : I guess ro. Gall, r wired tht -. information to Dad and that's why ho cailec me back.. It's been pretty hot driving today and I came down at a good clip, but it's worth ii. all to be with you, You know I'm still as crazy about you as ever." "Then you haven't taken my advice." "What was that?" "To find a nice girl and marry her!" "I've found the girl, but she won't promise to marry me. What would you do in a case like that?" He helped her into the. car. "Forget her!" declared Gail. Then as she saw a shadow darken his eyes, she patted his arm. "Listen, Dick, I'm terribly excited, so you must excuse me!" "What's up?" "Wait till we'reach the place where we're to dine. Then I'll tell you all about it." Presently they were seated at a (able and Dick gave the order: Gail handed him the letter from her purse and said, "I'm wiring ihis man he cat) have the ranch the minute I get the cash." "But, Gail, you'd belter go slow Dad owns some land Better let him find about this. in Arizona. ,„ out if this is a fair otter." "Oh, but, Dick, 510,000 is a fortune to me. I could slqrl on my own if I had it." While they lalk-cd—apparently ,EO" conftdun- Ijally-TrGail idid.-not scc,Dereji:.ind his companion enter tirtfl-tiuin. (To Be Cpntinuiii) the sun for n few minut:'. 1 ; at- first,! and gradually increasing the area exposed until the whole body is mined. ' ' Not more lhan 10 or 15 minute; exposure should Uu giver at first, riiis may be increased later" until be whole body is exposed .to mild sunlight for as an hour.; In winter, wlien the rays .corn- ig from the .'tin have little vita-' nln D value, tlie doctor may •cconunciid instead the use of ulificial ultra violet rays. Mcsl recently, vitamin D. has ;cen prescribed In the form of- 1 rradiated milk products. Those, examined and passed by the Committee on Fooris of Ihe Amcr- cnn Medical Association, will bear abcls indicating the amount of vitamin D. units that they con'"in, and it Is possible to com- vrc these units with those of --orl rer oil. But, even though a quart of ssiss, 5 r &,»%' r --r «, ,r r& -a E ~ CHURCH EXCUSES = By G. W. .Mother says as .soon as .she is some one, for c»c has "cm .lay- able -she Is going to church and < ;;,„ hn , ,„ , , * turn in a complaint: Ishc' ; iays i ' S h °" lc for " 1(m «- '™5 time she would hate to complain, for j antl llonc ° r thc members have there is no question but what p ™' come and bothered her. Of she i s a' member of one of thcj c °urse, none of them know us for best churches in the world if not we have not been to church since the best, it is the least trouble- that it gets all it needs. ' ! vitamin D that . \ve moved here. Mother is not really sick, and 1 thii-k she is acting rather foolish, aiie has not been out of the house, sinco her ' this apiouh't of milk , „. tetter to rely on cod liver oil or viosterol. - -- to dig for gold or something. As he lias been gone so long, and » D - ^". of a varmint out of the hills : OUR BOARDING HOUSE I through. 'With Major_Hoo|)k tin ; it Hf'.u:! fere lYi f . and M,. Announcements Tnp oxmricr News na.i i>ecn an- thorized to make rorm'a'i an- jnouncement ot the loHowln^ can- idldatcs for public office, subbed I lo tho Democratic primary ncxl :Auroist 11: j For Reprcsenlalivc in Consrcss ZAL B. ^^.\RR^Ho^f For rrosccatlns Attorney O T. WARD BRUCE IVY DENVER I,. DUDLEY I'or Connlv .luclgc G. B. SEGfiAVES VIRGIL GDKKNE S. I. GI,AniSII For Shcrifi ;,„,, (; nt | C( , lnr HALE JACKSON JOS S. DIU.AI1UNTY E. A. (F.U) ]UCE For County Treasurer ROLAND GREEN HUGH CRAIG For nc-Elccllon Tor 2nrt Term >or County Court Clrrk MISS CAREY WOODBOTN I>or re-election f or second term lor stale senator LUCIEN K. COLKMAM Foi•County Rcprescnlalive IVY W. cnaWFOHD Fnr CPU n(>- Assessor R. L. (BILLY) GAINES * Per Re-electioii to a 2nd Term TLJM&' !M CM THIS "SULLETIW FROM THE "6REET1XJGS, §{ VVWERE HE F(LLEQ HIS HDUMTAIN PEI\) AT T.ME-DESK, AMT?V • /,• "FROM /\ MIGHT "OF CONFERENCES, CHAMPAGME A.MD CAVIAR, WITH. Blfi "POLITICAL X MARKS •ROOM SUITE THEM FOR THIS

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