The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 6
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I'ftGE SIX Dooley's Facial Foliage Now Missing; Slolc aiif Smith Are On Cnr<J Tei,]|H'r;nm'iU;i! Artist! 5i'YTIIEVlLF,E, (AUK.) COURIER NE Hv Krenx N-y-Wi Id Mind] but Minus his whiskers l>m eight pounds heavier llinii nu |,i.s lust nnix'aranrc in :i :im: David Dooley will (•«•< i Hoy Welch in the femiiri' iiiutrh nil Monday night's wresilinp card :u <hc ;uiii- firy. The show. murk inn il: ( . le.-.nmp. tion of v.xekly l>Tlijnii;mei.-, alu-r an enforced luynff rjf « vcvk ,!„,. to repair work at the armory, w present on,, nf tlic bf-M offniir here since uw.'.ilini; .-.tii^rd comebuck last Mumm-r. pnimu'i claim. In addition to ;ho Drxj finale Johnny Smie. Hi,rough boy \y):o kic'trrl Knlehel off ' the him heie IS TO weeks ago. \vill ir.cet K:i!|ih Smith the J.-ICX'SOJI. Tfllll.. i*l;tmliaiMP\ who lost to Roy Wi'lclt l!i:re wn'Ks a«o here. They will s\ra|i ,j:-i|,s : ,n,l Mmvs In n prelimimiry <.| an limn or less, two 0111 of Him- f ; ,]|s. -i-,,, main go. as iiMml. will he cn-er the- two 1-oiir time limn. n vo , J1U „, Uiri'c falls, muic. Is Shavrr Sinner Whether Dooley has IOM C MI with the Home of D.iMd. Mii'ious iect of which all Ix-whi.skereii aili- U-tes claim to be devout mi-mli"is since visiting the barber shop is •not kno'Aii. Promoirrs insist however that even if n 1>;,. S aroused the Ire of the whiskerite.s it hnwrt crnm|>e<] h« style in the rlnc i n fnel some declared thai Dook-y is now going better thnn e\vr ' n',. is reiwrlert lo iiave finally beenm- to disgusted with tactics of o;i- ponenis wlx> grabbed him by tlii' whiskers aiitl wljicd n]i the' imp that he decided to let ihem try it on n clean shaven chin iusii-; t i of the foliage that formerly provided ix-rfect Imntlfnls. With or without Die facial f,, r . Dooley is one of (he fn.sU-4 inolineti to upoenr here. Whcih-r ihc wight lie hn.s n<M«! has slmv- ed up Dooley remains to !ii> «xm. Some ohserH'rs believe u "'111 give him a B ood chance to even his score win, Welch who bowled over Dooley alont with others In elimbinn to the' lot, o! tne scrambled cars, arms mid lens that have shown here. Schoolteacher and Kicker In the preliminary Smith wll! p.-abably enjoy something nf ;, weight advantage over Johnny Stole but the latter is accustomed 10 conceding pounds !„ ,,,, )sC 0 , his opponents. Smith gave the fans who have been wallinc to sec bad boy Welch pushed over something to cheer about, when lie won his only fall from the Canadian here with nn airplane spin and body crush that put Mr \\elch out for some minules The school teacher displayed 'n nir knowledRe of jrips bin was a ht- Ue shy on holding | 1LS OW11 wl|I) Ueich inn,,. roushiiiR end of the game. Whether he can h:i,idle tin- smaller but none Die ; r . w „,,,„,,.,,. Stoic remains lo be seen. EARNSHAW V=S IW BtlMG) AW CPERVfiC HIH6E1.P HE At\'D GECPK6 A'AV Hrr IF Trie/co - -r,\e SOX. V.UL ,.** CWfT The Great Maii-A Slory That May Never Bo Written Again »V HIM, NKA Sjwrls KUIlor CLKVKLANO, Ohio - -Wh anytaly ,.|.sc ,,my tell ym 'ball KCHMMI is hi mil . 1 .saw it IJIJ...M ,„)•«.!/ ,(,(, rc , ' St. IVlriMniiK. HII wher,. • - mn flKine of u ma,, ,.,,.,."" lnlu .snick ol , two igoii,.,, ,., wlddlrd lo (he plate (n (,'.,'•" Iluciilii'. 1 neld, SWIIJIB ill a ••i.'.'k ):(fl:cr's offorlng. niitl drove r The .scoir of cnini-rns , ..... ,- iiiKl iiml siill, have heen' i))",.',.' liulf Hour Ix-forc the nj- t ..,| M .] - r , om U]( . wremlntl ii, NOTICE OF THUSTKK-S S -\! F Dcfaidt having been made in the iwyment of the debl.s nm i odl!<-,- tions secured by that certain deed wa'T -T C "' Ct1 °" M; >5' "til. HNSV^ES? i = I ini;s. plm-.oaraph sand other graphic records of early American archi- todbyb Hffi •\ .... -™% .'4% Anton t'eriiink man «|,,, a,,,.,,,,, (fc-ttiri! gathered by the historic American ISnllcUnss survey will be i-xliibili'd at Hie National" Museum in April. Tin.- survey. orlBlnully sponsored ! 'V the Interior drjinrlmem os a CWA project, ijlvfn.. jobs to nu: pioxlmately I,(TOG urchilccls ,,m[ How du store ijlovi' iniionnl . . 11( ., ol . "Ki: Alaska. .V(-;u- v miK ]l;ls more t''li.-i,li,,ues t!,ui bliltu. , | (ir.iriMiu-n. cojntjrhrs ; display rniiglnii from Indian Pueblos c.f ihe old Homhwesl lo • I covered brlilscs of Ihe Civil VV:ir Period. The operations of ihe Historic American Buildings Survey hiive been decentralized into '33 clis- irk-ls liimifilioni Die romilry and the GX.'iibilion will be a eolhetion .of ibc district exhibits, each dis- ' Ii'-' represented individ- Graphic Architectural Records to Be Shown WASHIXGTON. lUl'l — I) faw - Tile English shiic horse Ls the heaviest in u, e world. It is of the ' same bleed as liioso used i>y ir ' ' "' " >L ' , house, his [ at " P \ huppy smile .'JK'wspaKiimn Mancl Yn 'h"r," .','', IJ; 1 ;""" 1 '*'»"l ihi' Ciii-ni M ; ,.. The crowd, five ilei-p . IM -II tin- su-ps Y.lim- In- i s i,, J,. ,'. from ( to cliiKuul -• i. In hushed t-x|K-cliiiii-y. * . . Hi'lhj. Itarling" H is iioi so nnicli ivlmi hi- -v . what he doe.s. A linj,, ..., iiri'd lady from Duhiiqur bi. ,: excitedly from the crowd's. M:,; n.s ihc hero iip)x.-ur.<j. She tt* •: ")> lo the 1 iiabe. 'Hello, ilarling," .says the <;;••. -Man. Minting iin arm affectio:..iH ly alxinl .shoulders. "Whui <. : ;i do for the innrnma?" iottl liaMliiill writers s/-ml that thf-y can't see. ary up Tin liltle ludy wuni.s her m-|ji."W 10 take n picture of her with rhe TiH' UC|»|C1l- IIIHl ||[s i injure ready to .shoot sr- ( s'.ands liapjiilv "nnkiiiB «|> nt Mr- Omit Man. He .smiles drnvn ,r. lirr, hiii:i:iiu; her close to him Two bashful buys luiver :'i«,iii the tliiiiunc us the. Great. M;,,, breaks oiien » !«»: coiHuiniir -., 'Ihi-n- It (!urs: One. o! the new bats lie likes icttir ili.-in ihc othtrs. Me minces KAvanl Hie piate, eanu-rns follow, L j ln -'- A rjerllil is Ditcllim;. PasL ._ JMr.iiylil ones riiih-. ilinvn into the I i;rnovc. | The 1 Oreal Man lel.s a couple IKI.'S, luuks al the end of his bat. SALE Nnllec I? hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, hi compliance with Ihe terms of u decree rendered by tlie chancery Court for Ilk? Chicl!iisawl, : i District o.' .MLs- flsslppi County. Arkansas, on the 27 day of Pobruary, 1B34. wherein Nclll Hc-ciT, Cjdn. of Jjimc.s Klvli! Howl & ,ietr Roland, Tru?.t;e was I'lainllir. No. .53^1. and S. A. Williams and U/z!c Williams y t iv nc- fendants. will sell nt public auction to the highest and b'.'sl bld- w, for cash, on a credit of three months, at the front door of the Court Home, between t!n hours prescribed by law. In the city of lily the ville. Arkansas, on ine -Dili day of April. ID:H, the followin" real (fltnte. (o-'.vii: "1.01 three 131 iji w k 'C', liar- ro:i ft Lilly Addition to the City <>< niy'.lieville. Arkansas." Said Sale will !« had lo satisfy ;a!<l decree in Ole Mini of SMo u *illi 10 r ; tnlercst from Feb. 27 1334 •I'lie jwrciiascr in W id aa i c wll i «• required to execute toncl witli ipprovrd security, t 0 secure the jayir.ent of the imrchas; 1 money. )r.<) a li.-n will be retained upDn : 'M\ prujicrly as additional sceur- ty for ihe payment of such 11111-'«(«• money. Wi'iic-vi my hand and the s«al of said Couri. en this, the 22 day "' March, 13^, R. I.. GAINES. NCI,, nfcnuT" ln Cha '^s brand-new wliiie you like my i;n. nsks tlie Malie. t-. (m ,. hit lo ii sjwrls writer "What did he kids :isk.s. Il (Iocs Kieifc ilke one of ii-'i •• stiff, smiiil-boy gloves in i (B 1: ^ - x . I'.ess und whiieness. conlra-:in7 with tin 1 uiltil and tattered lo:i-i,r , . pounds it on Hie plme. The nest w.c is Just a trine above knee I'ilili. rixhl in the old alley. l!anB! And ii ikk-s und rides. a tiny whin: spr-ek dL'-.'ipjM'ririjig in liu> remote outfield. New jjlove, new bat, inn ihu ."ame old Bribe. Tims does me nasenaii season npesi as usual in ttic south. Bui tins is a story nliom il ih:,i never iiiu.v IK \vritu-n ayain. !Kusk Ox Estimaled | To Be 40,000 Years Old I FERGUS FALLS. Minn. IUP> — ; flu skull of a musk-ox, estimated us hand into it .s times, tosses it into ihe dirt picks up ihvee hais, m : w Chilly, too. feels Uiein oiil, one by vmi !„•;„• heie on il anil -Nine recently ,, :ul ; University 'of Minnesota 1 -' :iS '- s Cdli "'««u ti:e skull's our. said ii indicated thin Mt .' imi! ,, f Anton t -eolo- jre and then advances to the phuc lo tafci; an arctic climate «t liiat time iis cm. Ihe noml 1nr.wr.. o;-< r-. n'litc musk o:«-n are (iiovuhl lo in from .,f the duiioui. -.there lliave freiiuenfd arctic GU-ACAiNTRED .Vc«- niifl Comiiln, Line of Paints. New mid Complete Line of Flshlnc TaeUe Oenuine Akiddcn [ amp Parts 'iuc K HARDWAREC(). H r - • H. HntHeld) and Mnr>- E H-it- field. his wife, to the undcreicnnl a-i tnislec. ns the same apiwars ol record in Book "S-l." page MO „• tlie records of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Mississippi Ce-'in- IV. Arkansas, ni Hlyilieyille ;.,„: the owner of the delit liav-i,,, ,,- inested the undersigneci to advertise and sell ih. properly described in salt! deed of i.nist -,11 ol Mid indebk'dne.s.s havlno ,,vi- turert by defnnit In the payment of a portion thereof at the option of Ihe owner, this is lo give notice that we will on S ?™KDAY. MARCH 24TH. 1934 within legal hours, at the front (ioor of the Court House in Blv- tneville, Mississippi County Arkansas, proceed to sell at" public outcry to the highest bidder for cs»n, the fol!owln s described property situated in Mississippi co ;l ,»i\ Arkansas. to-wii:_ Lot Three of Section Thir'vITO: tlie south fifty rods and six and one-half fee: of UT Two of Section Tliirly-two- West Half of Ixit Pour of Section Thirty-two: and the south fifty rods and six and one- half feet of the west forty-one rods and sis and one-half fee- of Ixil One of Section lliiny- two; in Township sixteen North, Range Thirteen E.i~i containing 101.05 acres n-o-e or less. All right and equity of reocinp- tion, homestead, dower and ap prafaal waived in said deed o: tru«t, but the sale will be made after due apuralsM as provided bv I (he laws of (he state of Arkansas ' The title Is believed to be good hut we will sell and convev a« trustee only. ' This February 28th, 1034. KANSAS CITY TITLE A: TRUST COMPANY, Trustee, By John Henry Sinllh, Presidenl. ramrch & Qannaway, Attys. 1-8-15-22 Courier Newj) Want Ads The wise old owl sits calmly by, Unruffled by (lie hue anil cry— For, after all, he knnws those birds Can't make cars run n -\th empty wards r.onli(-jnj '.Iio rrrrr& anJ ^rixtucli ol Judge Essolene by performance not promises.,, by facts not claims. Make]your own test... in your own car ... in your own way. That's ail we ask. We leave it to Kssolenc to do the rest. [Eiiolube Motor Oil in the rrnntcajc CH,,|,;,J Ki,olene to ,/o i,s very but.] AT RtSGUlAR M GASOtlNE PRICE Smoother Performance o T COMPANY C.pT. LOUISIANA f- C. Jones was Plaintiff, No. 55-10 and Pinkie Sistrmik, Emmeu Mor-' fis Trustee of Enst Ark.ins:is Lumber Company, and Unknown Heirs of Will Sislrinik, LX'tense^l, were Defendants, will .--ell ai public auction to the- highest mid best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three I'u, «l the front doo: 1 of the Conn House. IiiHween [lie hours prtstribc-d by law. In the CHy </f Hlydicville, Aritansn-i. on ihe nu, of April, ISI:H. I hi 1 followiny Krai eslale, lo-'Aii: Ix>l ntlecii dSi liloek Two '2i of IfolliiH.ti-r-Sii-jnyo Addition 10 the city of Blytlie- vllie. Arkfinsas. Said Sale will be !:.ii| 10 saiisfy jsnltl decree in !);<• s!i,» of S18985 | with 8'.: interest from is' , : Tile piirrhascr ;il .said sale «-ill I lie required 10 execute bond with approved tecurity, to secure the p.iyjimi: of i!:,, money . and a Ufii will be retained tiijun jsaid prniifriy as adiliilonal secur- .'lly for the pnymem of siicn pur: chase money. | Witness my hand and ihe ;/ ,«: said Coiirt. ,,n thLs. ihe •>•; ',i'., v '.a'. Man-h. 19:H. ~ n. L. GAJNES, Commissioner in Chancery.! HI! !!"cd, any ; 0r plaintiff. " | 22-29 ''. -MARCH 22, I03J. <HTT Thursday & Fridal . 2:30, lfl.2r, c 6:45. SHE REFUSED TO CHEflT A CHEATER... COMMISSIONER'S SAI.F Notice is hereby given that' ihc I iniieisigned commissioner, Iti com- • •llnncc with the terms of a decree ; endered by the Chancery court °r the C)iitkas-n«f?;a District af l:ssi.ssipi)i county, Arkansas on the •lay of February, 1934. v,r.erei;i. 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