The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1946
Page 3
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_THURSDAY,'APltll/2!», ,p; (AUK,) COUK1KK N U KIRBY DRUG STORES MAIN AT SECOND — BROAD WAY-DIVISION *<•...< " ...••' BLYTHEVILU: '>AfcKAW«A!B Walgreen Agency Bring This Column With You! Swamp Root Large $ .98 Bromo Seltzer .49 Rubbing Alcohol Pint .47 Zonite Antiseptic 60c .47 Haley's M&O$1. 00 ,89 Antiphlogistine 65c .53 Fountain Syringe 2 qt. .83 Formula 20 Shampoo 2 .49 Formula Hair Tonic .79 Epsom Salt 5 Pound .29 Polidcrtt Denture Cleaner 60c .49 Williams Shaving Cream 50c .49 Po Do Shaving Crecirs 39c .27 Bayers Aspirin ICO tablets .59 Sal Hepatica 60c .49 Nervine-Saybrook $1 .89 Absorbine Junior $1.25 .97 Sloan's Liniment 35c .29 Jim Wade Athletes Foot Remedy 60c .47 C-L Nose Drops Lge. .39 New Peruna $1.25 .98 Sulfur 1 Lb. .22 Fitch Shampoo 75c .57 Camphor Ice Stick .09 Yeast and Iron Tonic .79 _ „, , ^ Wampoles Preparation 1 P. D. T. Spray 25c Brewers Yeast Tablets , Sulfur Ointment Tube Jergens Lotion 1.00 Skin Freshner LaDonna 50c Mexican Heat Powder Terro-Ant Kolor-bak for Hair 1 Walgreen Aspirin Tablets 100 Ammoniaied Mercury Ointment Gem Razor Blades t Alka Seltzer 60c Black Draught 25c S. M. A. Baby Milk Ipana Tooth Paste 50 Colgate Tooth Paste Band Aids 25c Feenarnint 25c Doan's Kidney Pills 75c 4 Wcy Cold Tablets Mineral Oil Pint Walko Tablets Gold Medal Harlem : Oil Capsules Cashmere Bouquet , Soap 3 for Thiamin Chloride Tab lets lOMg. lOOn 1 Blue Jay Corn Plasters 25c .02 .19 .49 .23 .79 .39 ,25 .19 .39 .33 .23 .21 .49 .19 .89 .37 ,37 .19 .19 .69 .19 .49 .47 .29 .25 .19 21 Drug Store ' Bring This Column With You! Paris Green 1-4 Lb. .18 Orlis Mouth Wash Pt. .49 Orlis Tooth Paste .29 Nash Chill Tonic 50c .43 Tyree's Antiseptic 60c .49 Fleet's Phospho- Soda 60c .49 Memntholatum Jar 30c .23 Aviator Playing Cards .39 Plex Make-Up Sponge .12 Mar-O-Oil Shampoo .79 Magnesia Tooth Powder .29 Gillette Tech Razor .79 Castor Oil Pint .49 Caroid & Bile Salts $1.25 .98 Milk of Magnesia Pt. .39 Mineral Oil Heavy, qt. .79 Porters Healing Oil 60c ,47 Nervine Miles $1.00 .89 Tichenors Antesep- tic 60c .49 Octine Eye Wash .49 Pinkham's Vegetable Comp. .89 Peroxide of Hydrogen .09 Lysol 60c .49 Baby-all Nurser .27 Baby Bottle Warmer 2.09 .Pepto-Bismol ^ .46 VitalisSOc .47 Q-Tips25c .19 D. D. T. Spray 50 .39 LaPactic Pills .31 Anacin Tablets 1.25 1.11 Tee! for the Teeth 50c .39 Mexican Heat Powder 60c size .50 Conti Castile Shampoo .39 Absorbine Jr. 1.25 .97 Pepsodent Tooth Powder 50c .39 Sulfathiazole Ointment Tube .23 Blue Gillette Razor Blades .22 Energsne Cleaner .33 Carter's Liver Pills .21 Stationery 1.00 Box .89 Massengill Powder $1.00 .89 QuinOil Tonic Fitch .33 Zip Depilatory .57 Fresh Deodorant .47 Ex Lax 25c .21 B. C. Powder 25c .19 Sal Hepatica 60c .47 Milk Magnisia Quart .59 Saf-Kil Rat Poison .54 Hand Spray .49 Prophylactic Tooth Brush 50c .47 Turns for Indigestion .07 Quinine Sulfate 5 Gr. Capsules, Doz. ,34 [in To Ask PAC Inquiry Indicates Outfit Is Getting Orders From Behind 'Iron Curtain' WASHINGTON. April 35. (UP) - Hi'P. Join, K. Hnriklli, 1).. Miss, siiul yi'simluy Unit Invest Juniors "I tliee llmisc' UiiAniiTlfiiii nctli'l- tu-.s cniiimllliv in v •viuvkfnK n|>" on llic no |H ,MI [nil net ion rom- milliv. Unnkin .suiil the I'AC Is 11 "Cuiiiiiiniiist l'Vi)iil Movement." "Iiutlrnlion ure Hull (his ollttll Is netlhiK Inslnii'lions from behind tlic 'Iron Curlitlit; " he siilcl in n MlltlMIU'lll. He -suld he v.mild ;,<,!; the committee i,, iiiuliMinke u full rieclMWl mvrsiiKiiiion ,>f the I'AC when the House lecom-enes next week. Kniikln also railed upon I'lvul- dnit Tinman to dlM-haruf Hecretury of Ccmimrivu Henry A. WallilCL- «•!>[>. he said, wus working "hiinii in liloir" with ilu> I'AC. "Wiilluec's spr.vh In (he I'AC cominU'in in tlalHonua ntld hii oilier iillni'ks <m ilomomilie inein- "ui'Bhl tu be siil/icleni ncitice L<> I'CI.S of CllllillV:^." Uanliln Killd. Trimum adinmislrulimi infinitely everyone thai he j.s doiu K Ihc more harm lhau BOW!. Hebraskans Set For Annual Square Dances LINCOLN. Neb. iL'I'i— in ihe -spring, in Lincoln, lanrie.s uener- "lly mm to ihonuhl of winnre (Inuring ,ind the nnmnil festival scheduled Inr May 1], believed It) be the only one ol its kind in the count ry. At .|«o ],;,..,! di\ncei-.s, as well :IK eiitliUKiasts from near-by towns, are exported to join in Ihe fun tbi.s year. The celebration will I'llv. th,. Nebraska University coli- seuiu. but sponsors have wnrneil s-Plnled ^ )>aitlct|>unl.s to sliuileii l"elr stepj ^lui „„[ j,..,, u . t , bevoiul tliclr allotled si|nilre.s. Calls Now Smi^ Tin- leather-linked Callers ill] ure 1 uii'olii men. Most .)[ them were lenied hi Hie (oil; dauee trailitlun ami U'ained I tic intricate calls from Ihciv fathers. This year, they have mcivased the strain on their' viical '•"ids by t;lvliiK slnulnn culls, such us the popular "Dutfalo cial." 'Hie se\'ci]-i)lece orchestru also Is a c'ily i,|..,;rei!aUoii. Mrs, N. n. H"od. pianist, hiuid-iilcked the dmiiiiner. liddlers ailO savophon- IMS tor their ability to keep exact lime. Anyone who "Jumps the beat" "f tries a lillte K.vneopatlim uulo- inaticiiily i s (llsinmllded. 'I'he Nebraskiiu.s generally fuvur Ihe Ine-iind-easy infuiinal coivbov dances, lavoilics. of (heir levereii Pioneer forefntlujr.s. Sninc new Kuulnmt nunibers, replete will) l:-'w.i and enilslcs, also ure done bin they usually are considered lo,> sedate fur ihe Midwestemers. Wamcti In (ilacbain C.'osiiiineji are di'slimed for i:»ni dm and match (li,. lircp/.ly splrll of Hie dunces. HVCII ui relicarfals. men dressed in blue Jeans anil biliLbl cowboy shii t.s-.prefcmbly I'cil None, however, siicu-l the nun- dy hluh-hi'rlcd bo.ils. <>!<!-I'ashtnnrd t;liii:hain and call- c" iiiinl ionii dviwses. many of Ihi'in sldclied from [lower print hiiRs. lire Ihe order of Ihe <lay for women. 'I'he annual fesllvnls were stalled in KM Thy (he Lincoln Council •>! l:'i'tk aiul .Square Daiici 1 clubs, ac- eordiiiB |c> M^isier ol Ceremonies \\'.il(er o. l-:rns(, r rhe celebrudolis ,sutieri'd relatively lltlle from war- lime rc:,lricttons and liuve bcc'DliU' li"ir r populiir each year. '['he folk dance revival callKhl on hi ic aboul .seven years ai;i>, when a church Kroup look it up. I'Yom ibe nrici/'l li\ r e couples who danced in a basement. It has |;ro\vn (o llliae than 'JOO who mi'et twice " nioinli ut their II clubs. An annual generation of Mi.flDO,- OWi kilnvviiit-hnur.s ivill be iivovided by Ihe Hoysen dam In Wyiniilm:. construction of which will bei'.ln In ORDER YOUR BIBLES NOW For Mother's Day Gifts or a Gift to Your Church in Mother's Memory We sper-iali/e in IJHih-s. and ..ITcr Mi,, wiliest cllliive uf styles the licsl iiublisliers. Write for c:ilal,i s . Let us semi y< ..... nc (if Ibe most popular styles; at Ihc price ynii want In pay I BSBLES ARE FROM 60c to $60 [phis sales la\) C-bureli and Church Srlmnl Sllpplics; KcllKliius and N'oi.-rcliiliiius IKioks for Children and Ailulls. BAPTIST i\Iiiil Onlei's Our S SOS-303 Capifol Avc. ,, iu f l; „,,,„, A , h:l ,, sas Early American Old Spice Shave Lotion i . Per Bottle 1 Old Spice Toilet Water Bath Salts, Bath Powder Or Soap. Each $ I BUY IHTERNATiOHAL POULTRY PESOS 1 PAGE THREE ' EAGLE STAMPS YOU* EXTRA SAVING 1 Lb. Con SALMON, Chum - - - - 26c WEAR-EVER; 10 PADS PER PACKAGE CLEWN6PADS He DUKES Pints 32c KBISPY -SUNSHINE 7 oz. Size lOc CAMPBELL'S No. 1 Can tomato 3 for 25C DELMONTE r seedless 1-Lb. Box 17c MAYFLOWER cr Pints £j r dill chips 23t SUR-MAR, CALIFORNIA 46 oz. Can E JUICE - .... - 41c Cashmere Bouquet Palmolivc Bath DEL^MOhfTE FANCY 3 for 271 OCTAGON CLEANSER . . 4 for 16c 2 for 19c| SUPER SUDS Large 25c ••> 1-Lb. Package evaporated - - - 39t GOLDEN POPPY, in Syrup No. 2Vz Can , Dakota whole - - - 27c JACK SPRAT 15'/2 oz. Can and BEANS - - - - 9C PUREWH1TE 5 Lb. Bag !, Omega - - - - 38c 7Yi oz. Pk s . DINNER - - - - lOc JACK SPRAT 46 oz. Can JUICE - - - - 21c i< *!»i 6 Lb. Bags r oak hardwood - - 29c MORGAN'S Quarts 33c Quality MEATS I'lIRK rCH'NTIvY ,STY1,K SAUSAGE LB 35 I'UHK, (iUOUM) »AtI,Y GFO'JNDBEEF LB 28 AI,I.-:\1K~\T ! BOLOGNA LB 28 MAI,I>' OR HALF. FRESH I'ORK HAMS LB 35 S.MOKKD " FAT BACKS LB 19 Fresh-Fancy PRODUCE FRKSH STRAWBERRIES QT 39 U. S. NO. 1 TRIUMPH. 10 LH. BAG RED POTATOES LB 4r N'KW TKXAS GREEN " CABBAGE LB 7 FLORIDA JUICY, 5 LB. BAG ORANGES 39 FRKSH FIELD—2 EARS FOR SWEET CORN 15

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