The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1939 BTATHEVILLE, '(ARK.y COURIER NEWS > ' PAGE Figure In Mass Marriages 100 Weddings In One To 'Graduate' Students In Marriage Education BY A. W. O'BRIEN MONTREAL, Quebec, July 19 — One hundred "model couples," rig- Idly (rallied for a year In a sequence of marriage preparation courses, will be we'd !n a single ceremony In ancient Notre Dame church here on Sunday morning, July 23. Slyled to .offset', waves oC unfavorable publicity abput the marriage Institution, the 'muss marriage will highlight tlie/'joclst Congress, meeting of voting,'Catholic workers from Canada,'tl)e United States, and Europe. Following.} I will come an every-tliree-ihoiitiv.'check-up on the newly weds for : five years. Then Rev. Father Henri Roy plans to draft ji sort of textbook on marriage preparation and its results which will provide a guide lor future generations. Father Roy is tthe Joclst movement rounder. The name is taken from Initials of the association's French name, Jelinesse Ouvrierc Cathoiiquc (Young Catholic Worker). The 100 couples were selected from thousands or applicants in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Their curriculum of courses included such subjects as morals, economics, and medicine. SURVEY SHOWED IGNORANCE Last year Father Roy .started promoting his giant marriage scheme to prove to the world the Importance of careful and serious preparation for wedlock, lie hud been conducting a survey on matters pertaining to marriage. Here were his findings: 1. At least 50 per cent of the young people marrying today are not morally prepared. '2. Al least 20 per cent are not financially prepared to assume responsibilities of marriage. 3. In the great majority of eases', young people do not realize the importance of marriage, considering it an event determined by chance alone. 4. Tlie average young person knows little or nothing about (he necessity of or the procedure ot preparing for marriage by studying all the aspects or the venture. 5. False ideas about marriage and lack ot preparation is responsible for the vflst majority of separations " : "and: broken homes. The labor class would--not ; be so poor, mentally -mid morally,'if parents had'known their''duty'and lived up to it. The; report• on the \ survey, was circulated' throughout '- the' 'Joclst membership and an invitation submitted. tOTJoinMhe mass marriage.*-' ' " ' :' • : '. ';•' ' For the last..three nioiith's, training discussions have been taking the form of. • group lectures',-Wio-i mixed^-boys. "and"'-girls,?' if'or' 'boys only;' for girls only, and for individuals. Father Roy has toured extensively lo interview and lecture to each group and lifts been accompanied continually i>y s Dr Donat Voghet, well known physician and psychologist. FROM 17 TO 25 Ages of the young couples range between 17 and 25 years/ ';-.The future husbands earn on an avei- age of $25 per week and all are reasonably secure in their jobs. The ceremony will begin at St. James Basilica where the couples are to receive Holy Ccmmunion in a body. This vrilll be followed by registration—legal procedure required in Quebec. A hotel breakfast will be an intimate affair, with friends joining the couples at their own expense—the ccuples being guests of the Joclst organization. One hundred automobiles will carry the couples lo the church Brides will wear white veils rmd gowns, while the grooms will al be dressed in blue. At the church, the center aisle will have prayer-stools for tin couples, their witnesses, and tin celebrant priest In each instance At the church door, red and pin! flowers will bo distributed by Joe ists to the guesls. His Excellency, Msgr. GcVrges Gauthier, archbishop or Montreal, will preside at the ceremony and bless the unions, prayers will t>c spoken out loud throughout the ceremony and the Mass that follows. After the service, a luncheon will be held at St. Helen's Island —the honor table being occupied by the couples. Sets of rosaries, personally blessed by Pope Pius XII..will be presented to each bride. The grooms will receive crucifixes. "History and our exhaustive survey and personal experience," says Father noy, "have convinced us that very few early marriages ever fail. In youth, one is eager to succeed and gives all his energy to that end. When the mature years have been reached the young husband has stability—and firmly implanted Ideas. "Courtship is the barometer of marriage—if the future husband is not moral and generally irresponsible during courtship, it is folly for the girl to expect him to change afterwards. I know ot young men who took oul oilier girls a week before their marriage. They don't change. All of these 100 couples have been thoroughly prepared —they'll make f\ go ol 111" Famous among "mass marriages" are (hose held In Italy uml?r sponsorship of Mussolini. Newlywctls who figured In n Rome wecldlni; of 100 couples are pictured above In church. Notre Dame, where mass mar- Rev. Father Henri Roy •iage will be performed. proxy for Cupid. superintendent of the station i lomising scedjings have been developed and we hope lo have enough seed to send out lo experimental stations in other purls of Canada." The new varieties of potatoes wlfich have been developed by the Dominion plant pathological laboratory, working in conjunctior with the experimental station, will be tested exhaustively before there is any distribution."- ' It was said, that it will be two or three years before it is possible to complete tests and dcvclopmeni and recommend a variety to Canadian growers. Romance "Across the Board 1 ASCOT, Enj. (UP)—Kose o! England,.: Engaged,, Congratulations These were the-'name's-of the first three horses in one race here. Read Courier News want ads. Typical of Ihe prospective brides who will be married en masse in Montreal is Hide (Nation, 22, whose fiance Is n 24-year-old foundry, worker. Canada Hopes to Create New Polato Varieties I FREDERICKTON, N. B. (UP) — Disease-free potatoes which would mean the saving of millions or dollars in Canada are believed not to be far distant, several promis-} ing strains having ben developed at the Dominion experimental station here. . "The present year will see further expansion in the development or potatoes resistant to mosaic nnd other diseases," said C. F. liailcy, CHILLS AND FEVER Here's Relief From Malaria! Don't let Malaria torture you! Don't shiver with chills and burn with fever. At first sign of Malaria, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless quinidinc and iron. Grovc's'Tasleless Chill Tonic actually combats Malaria infection in the blood. It relieves the freezing chills, the burning fever. Helps you feel belter fast. Thousands lake Grove's Tosleless Chill Tonic for Malaria and swear by it Pleasant to lake, too. Even children take it without a whimper. Don't shiver and burn. At Ma* laria's first sign lake Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. / I all drugstores. Buy the large size as it gives you much more for your money. REQUIREMENTS Tires, batteries, radios, heatm and oilier products for your car can be bought on (he Firestone Budget Plan for snrnrisin^y Jilile cash outlay and terms so small you'll hardly notice them. 10 [LECTIONS; IMBP SITS se Of New Democracy Parly Acids Element ,0{ tlio 56 scuts now held by Liberals. They no doubt IMO counting considerably ou defeating an orniinl- willon wonkcm-cl by the split tic- twfou Prime Minister Kins, nnd 1'rwiile Mitchell P. Ifepbnrn. It fci believed here, however, that <lo- syllu Die rlfl ' between Hie two lenders, agreements have been between Individual mum Uncertainly s which assures support ot the prot'lni'liti Quebec oilers a situation which virtually defies prediction. It wn:; . reported several times lust year OTTAWA, Out,. (UP)—Tlio np- caraiK'c on the |io!Utcal horizon f W. D. Harrldge's New Dcjjio- racy parly lins Injected tin elB- lent of uncertainly us lo Hie pill- ome ol Ihe new general election -rumored for next full—but n poll C veteran observers here Indicates hut (Jiinndn Is tendril for another ilbrrnl administration. It Is conceded, however, that . . — — Time Minister Mackenzie King }™™ s . of Quebec- people, nnil Ihey vlll iiol enjoy the majority In llic lmvc (nke " ft determined slum! rc- thal Quebec members, who were not confirmed parly men, might form tin independent bloc. There has neon no further Indication or it, however, tind the slntus ol the province remains n matter for conjecture only. ((iipbru Fears War The Liberals gained n. sweeping victory in tlio old province In 1035, but nnothcr ol any like magnitude Is not considered probable. Troubled rondltiorts abroad keep Ihe of ivar constantly In tho . will be wulelirrt with im-! usual Interest, hew. Tho presence' ot n new leader ami also New Democracy, which some quarters ns- seit was Inspired by former Prime Minister H. U. lienneU, may offer some problems to Iho Conservative purly. Althoucjh Dr. 11. J. Mnnlon was . elected to the leadership by a fairly substantial majority,' he has still (o weather (he acid lest of party popularlly-u urneml election. As fiir us New Democracy and Its lineal lo the unity is concerned, some observers say (lie Conservatives may find themselves In n position similar lo llmt or (VXi, when 11. II. Stevens liioke from the. party lines ami formed the vecoii- cU'Ucllon organization, Stevens upllt the Conservative vote which ve- cultcd In an 'overwhelming ilefeal. Gome believe (lint In Iferrldge, dle-hani Conservative supporlets of lioimett may see n lilsdplu of Canada's elder statesman and as a result shift their allcglimec from the old party to that ot (he new. icxt parliament which he htis eld for the )»st four years. : -' ' Some quarters sny the old Ijne iarlles will be forced to minimize •asl differences to present u soiue- vhat united front to a coinnjoji' oe—New Democracy. The opening uns of the New Democracy cam- >algn have not been leveled at Iho iresent admlnlstrallon bill at tno ild political order. Mcrrlilge lias jlcdgcd himself to forego party olillcs and allack Canada's prob- ems from an Individual iispcct, White the Liberals are prepared o defend themselves against llie utbursls of the new party leader, iiey refuse to become unduly wor- l«l. The heavy guns of tile Libra! campaign will be pointed vcsterward to combat an advance if the Cooperative Commonwealth 'ederalion. •-. Socialists May Gain In British Columbia, Alberta ind Saskatchewan, Liberal leaders orcscc Ihe encroachment of EjO- lallst candidates. Predictions say hat the C. C. F. wll capture nt east two seals from Ihe Social reclil parly In Alberta and will cut the Liberal representation In British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Manitoba Is expected to Maintain its present position. i The Conservatives are conccn- rallng on Ontario and Quebec. I.n the former province the Tories predict that they .will win gardlni; Canadian parllclpallor Both major pnrly leaders acceded (o the Quebec iitlllude against conscription In llu> event Canada becomes embroiled 'In n conflict, bill lliere Is also n ulrong feelluB among the French people against any participation whatsoever. It Is believed that party foreign policy win guide Quebec vote returns. In the Mai-lllmes the Liberals are conceded the loss of possibly five seats out of their substantial majority there. Of the 20 seats In the Mainlines, 25 ol them have been held by followers ol I'rlme Minister King and, even though they lose five ol Ihem, will continue lo keep n compilable mar- Bin. l''ycs on Conservatives Progress of Ihe Conservative 1'IIONK 205 FOR YOU 11 POULTRY British roads have a total mllc- igc of 178,000, with a speed llmll of 30 miles per hour enforced •10,000 of these. Big Trout Really Caught ' But Trophy Gets Away EXETEJ'V C«l. (U) 1 )—IV J.>Wells caiight, the Ilsh nil'right—II was llio trophy lluil (jol awny. After ealliii! u trout ho caiiglil, Wells learned ,lo Jib sorrow It would have won him 1 4 • new casling rod offered for, Ui« biggest catch ol Hie season, '>/i'/ Y Although ho had photographs and witnesses, It, was n case of "corpus dellcll" so far as /winning (lie Irapliy was concerned, and he didn't get It. VISIT TWO FAIRS FOR ONE FARE '90. 135. chili In ali-c cm anil In ilccpl.ii) <ns, bcilh chsrgcs cxlta ,,., Two monlfo' rclum limll SEE THE FRISCO AGENT FRISCO LINES RENT Vail GOING OLfAVE AllCJIT N.JOHH? What's Happening in Your Own Home? Old Mnn'Mooii may lie nu old to ro- mnuco but it's foolish 16 catrust him wllh llic protection ol your home. A sure tt'ny ami a clionii .way. to pro- led bolli tiomc and eyes Is—use loU of UK 111. l.'leclric rntci nro so scaled tliul llic more you usb per month the . less you pay per unit. Use it freely mid. enjoy rull.'proloctlori of your home nt nil times. Arkansas - Missouri Power Corporation LETS CRACK bt JHNT WIDOOT LIGHTS,Ttot AINT NOBOCY WMt 2-50 WATT LAMPS AWILL BURH ALL IMWr) PC* LtSS Tlt/W PEMY-ISHT IT ( ( WORTH THAT Nice, fat hens and fryers & other poultry at all • times. STICKLER-GOODWIN CO. 400 F. Main / PALMOLIVE 10 VAUGHAN GLADIOLUS BULBS For only 10* and a box top from CONCENTRATED SUPER SUDS Litttn to tbi Vtiici of Firtttont. 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Get a supply.,. and send for your "Quin" Soanenir leaspoohs ipdayl I ncrcsre 5 dif fcrcnt —one for each QuJn, \viih likeness and naruc oil (lie handle. !ach is full siscd—• 6 inch- csinlcngthl Pjlmolivc,Dcrl.N-70l,JccscrCit),N.J. I Send me, pojtpiiU ."Quin" Icjipoon (s). En- Cfttcthaillsr closcdfmJ .Mncoin (i> ftotn -. c , , Ctij Stel Offer good only in U.S.A. and Cantdi, and expires Complete D S*( I'almoli*vc5oip. (Check spoon* wimcJ and send iOf i—i v ' anJ I band for rich spoon.) U Yvonn « j D AnnsUft | I {Please print nin\c and ijdress ctoatty) [~1 EmiU* I AMnu DMarU | I fh, ' c^i- QC«H« I July 31, t939. FOR ONLY 150 AND 5 WRAPPERS FROM CRYSTAL WHITE LAUNDRY SOAP Think of ill This auractirc 14 KT. polj phic inrnal ring for only 15( in coin and 5 Crjsul White Laundry Soap wrappers. The ring Is beautifully embossed, with your own iniiial in script in the center. And best of all, there n no limn—so why not gel a ring for biny, the children and yourself! 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