The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1948
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVB Jews Raze Arab Village of Taha TfirwDoy Attack OIM of Heaviest . In Palestine "War" JERUSALEM, March IS. (UP) — Shock troops of the Jewish militia H»g»n»h virtually rawd the Arab villase of Taha, near Haifa, last night after a three-day mortar, machine gun and rifle attack, a fovernment communique said today. Hagan»h destroyed U houses and damaged 10 others in what was described as the largest-scale Jewish *tt»ck since the United Nations decided to partition Palestine. The attack began Friday ntgnt with a "warning" mortar barrage. Hr.ganah called upon the Arabs to withdraw or be annihilated, a Jewish source said. Arab defender! held off the Jews through Saturday, but finally withdrew. The communique said Hag- anah made no attempt to cut down Arab* fleeing from the town and it was believed there were not serious casualties. The fighting broke out Saturday night when a Jewish column u'f armored supply trucks ittanplcd to lift a two-weeks Arab siege ol the Jewish settlement of Gat in Die Negev Desert region. The Jewish convoy was iittnckcd by Arabs at Faluja, Northeast of Gaza. The convoy broke through, with 10 Arabs and seven Jews reported killed. The Jews returned early Sunday and demolished the village, blowing up the three-story city hall nnd 10 other buildings on both sides of the road. In the fighting here, and In other fighting around Gat. 30 Arabs »nd seven Jews were reported killed. Haganah claimed that the siege of Gat was lifted and that agricultural produce from the farms was shipped to Tel Aviv for the firjt time yesterday. Blytheville Visitor Negro Killed On Highway At State Line MOM McCorkle. 47-year-old East St. Louis, 111., Negro was killed instantly at 9:30 Saturday night when he was struck by a car driven by James Field of Portagevllle, Mo one-fifth of a mile.North of the .Arkansas-Missouri state line on Highway 61. According to Missouri state Policeman H. P. Wickham and H. M. Schmitt of Haytl, who Investigated the accident, the Negro was struck while standing oil the highway and apparently was not seen by the driver of the car. The Field's car. a 19il Chevrolet coach, was traveling South, the officers said. The officers quoted Reids as saying that the Negro WM standing on the West lane of the highway and thst he did not •« the Negro until a few seconds be for* he struck him. H«ld» told the officers that he twerved to the left In an effort to t<xit» the Negro but that it was t *?£• The N*™* bo^ rolled pnto.the hood of the car after being hit, the officers snld. Dentil was attributed to a fractured skull t,? 0 J?Tt St W85 msrie - The °">«rs termed the accident unavoidable McCorkle's body was taken to Steele by a German Funeral Home ambulance following the accident •nd was returned to East St. Louis yesterday. James Riddle and Doyle Bnrnett 3 ' * erC Pa5SCn *"' ta Political Announcements The Courier News has he jmtnorlzcd to announce the folio tng candidates, subject to t general city election, April e- a been FOR ALDERMAN (First Ward) Jesse M. white Harry Taylor I-. C. (Bud) Posey Jr (Second Ward) J- L. (Jodie) Nabers FOR CITY CLERK Larry Kneas \V. I. (Bill) Malin COUNTY TREASURER Prank Whltworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Leslie N. "Dukie" Speck Johnny. Jr.. was calling his wares for Philip Morris and Company, cigarette manufacturers, in Blytheville today pinch-hitting for Unreal Johnny on radio fame. Johnny, jr.. is 2< and four feet ive Inches lull. While in the cily ie called at the city Hall anrt will nakc an appearance for the Bly- liovjllc Junior Clminbcr of Com- nerce at the meeting tonight In the lew clubrocms. He was accompanied lo Blythe- 'llle by M. B. Penrod, Arkansas nanager for the tobacco firm, and K. J, Jones of Jone.5boro, district Tomorrow Johnny will cull his -wires In Oscepla and go from there to West Memphis, Forrest City and uack to Little Rock, for the weekend. Johnny's real name is Monroe Bayer and he has been with the company for seven years Car Backing Into Street Blamed for Accident Billy Wilson, Blythevjllc Insur- uncc salesman, narrowly escaped serious injury early Saturday night when the ear which he was driving overturned in the 800 block on Chlckusiuvba as he attempted ' dodge another car. According to a report of the accident. Mr. Wilson's car, a 1947 Plymouth sedan, was traveling west on Chlckrisawba when a second car backed out of a drlvewp.y Into It-s path. Mr. Wilson stated that as he ssverved to dodge the car his auto hit the curbing causing It to overturn. Mr. Wilson escaped from Hie accident with only a broken finger, but his car was heavily damaged. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS See Rough Terrain in SMOKE (Continued from 1) to watchmen have been assigned keep the fire under control. Chief Head has pointed out vhat there ts virtually no way to extinguish the blsze aside from letting it burn Itself out. Tlie pile, which Includes .-.iK-diist, wood shuvings anrt old tent, stakes accumulated during the war when the manufacturing firm he'ti n contract, to turn out tent stake.? for Ihc Army. Sawdust from there operations was burned at flint but stopped when complaints gre\v regarding the fire hazard and tmiikc nuisance. Two Other F1r« The fire has always been n source of approximately the same amount of smoke Hint filled the cir over the weekend, Chief Head said, but the wind until now has carried the smoke generally .southwards. Flames, burning IY;, n beneath the pile, have broken to t'v surface at mnny points and last ni-jht sparks were flying eight to 10 feet "Ho tin; a,r from on.! portion of the pile. This marathon fire is burning ;n the heart o[ the inj, section n scant two blocks from Alain Street A spark falling on the roof v ,f a frame building >>ehlnrt u.e residence of Bryan Noll at 120S Holly resulted •n slight damage to shingles late his morning. Only other fire here over the v.ockC'id was „ s ,.. VjS [jr.. „„ Noil ,, First otrcct which tu-cmcit cx - t.,l E ,c^rda 5 , No d: , mnge Plane Carrying Senators Forced Down in Maine ,™ S i ALBOR 0. Me.. March 15 (WP)-Rcpi,bllcan presidents! aspirant Robert A. -raft of Ohio and fecn. Owen Brewstcr. R Mc cs Sichth^^f^g^:^,;" swing through Maine developed ensne trouble ana made a forced lamllng on the ice-bound Kennebec nor'lvas'' °' "" SCn<Uor * wns mlrt . T fiJli- l C .f" 0 !' Clmirm an John i. i-jark of the Maine Aeronautics Commission, who was rivlnKTtR to the University of Maine at Orono where he was to address the student Ada From Sheepskin to Sheep Tfc*r» (rad»t« in our town. Good honest tkmkmg, ye«...biit most folks w tn t tram high Khoo) into Arming. No harm in th«tt But I «dmir« »«t«r»ni lik« Dick Newcomb... Who'« 23, but going to college under the G.I. Sill of Rights. Intends to b« « ih«p firmer—but a bettcr- hifonn«d, more scientific f»rm«r, witk more know-how! A«d Ttttnn Ilk* Dick «r*n't l«i- tt«f mrthiHc ntttrfer*. What littl* hookt . o, ronvers.tion » r d in o««- 'torvKl g|, M of b,,^ with , [lfl>4f Seems as if, j ust by having th e i r education postponed, th.y'vt put « hiffher val ue on it . . «nd on things like temperance (th«tg],», of beer, for inslanec), imdcrsl.nd- 'ng, and good citizenship. A,»i from where I sit, when Dick his sheepskin— h won - t have , t e much time. He'll bo an eve, better ^^U FOUNDATION Unil »OCK, AKK, Deno . unces America for Russian Love Fust electric trackless trolley coaches in the United States were Meyers Gets 20-60 Month Prison Term WASHINGTON, March 15. <u,P.) —Maj. Gen. Bennett E. Meyers today was sentenced to serve from 20 months to five years in jail for Inducing a wartime associate to lie to a congressional committee. Federal Judge Alexander Holtxoff Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, March 15. (UPJ— (USDA) —Livestock: Hogs 5,300; salable 5,000; compared with 13,000 last Monday Uneven, mostly 75c to $1,25 higher than Friday's average; spols up 51.50 on weights over 160 Ibs; sows, SI higher. Bulk good and choice 180 to 240 »«., $23,50-J24.60; lop $2450: 244) to 270 Ibs., $22-$23.59; 270 to 300 Ibs,, J21-J22; 160 to 170 Ibs., (23." 130 to --- a- *»-^-»!i>iu< , ; • ' MONDAY, MARCH 15, 1948 Negro Deaths Funeral services for Euless Terrell. Negro, 64, who died in him home Saturday afternoon, will be conducted tomrorow 2:00 p.m., at tne Enochs Chapel Methodist Church by Hev. p. s . Snaw , pa stor, and burial will be iu Ml. zion Ccm- i\iu'' T ^ surviv «t by his wife Lilltc Terrell and two daughters. Gaston Funeral Home l s In charge. ., TI| T c , <K ''™" t milj . Inhabitant of the Indo-Paclfic islands, climbs palm trees to get the fruit. of Air installed in salt Lake City i 0 28 was second In command Force procurement. Meyers goes to jail Immediately to begin serving sentence. Meyers was convicted by & federal court jury on three counts of subornation of perjury. He had faced n possible maximum sentence of 10 years In Jail on each count. Meyers was convicted Friday of fndusing Blcrolt H. Lamarre to lie to a Senate Investigating Committee about the general's connections vJSd.!ta e o Avla " 011 E!cctric cori> " Lamarre said he was the ••dummy" president of Die corporation . in salaries to Meyers d'ur'- >"B the war. Meyers, Lamarrc said was the real boss of the firm Lamarre himself has pleaded guilty to perjury. Holtzoff said that the new trial motion by the defense was not based on any matter which had not already been considered in the case The court maintained that it had' jiven more than usual leeway to he defense for the cross-examination of witnesses. Meyers did not testify in his own defense nor did he call a single witness In his own behalf. His face was ashen and his 25-$18.75. Stags, $14-$16. Cattle; 2.900; salable 2,500; calves' 100, all salable. Modest supply of cattle finding active inquiry and strong to unevenly higher prices in most Instances. About 30 loads of steers offered; a large share of these sold. Several loads tow good to average choice steers, $27 25-521 50; and a few loads, 28. Low to lop medium steers. $22.5fl-$25; medium to good heifers and mixed yearlings $21-525.50; about 25 per cent of liifht supply made up of cows- these following th e general strong to 50= higher trend in steers and butcher yearlings. A few good cows, $21-$21 50; common and medium beef cows $17.50-520; camiers and cutters' largely, $14.50-517. There were 319 active combatant vessels in the United States Navy on January 1, 1947, Ihe petroleum industry ranks only below agriculture, railroads and public utilities in capital in-' vestment. Utah ... , s nsl ' J" u "ty manner was gone as Holt- WMf slowly began his sentence. • Annabene Bucar, left, 33, of Clairlon, Pa, reined her position Von, M, E "; S ' Emlms5 ' ln M05COW a »d renounced her American citizenship for tne nuM i«» singer, Konstantlne Lapkto. she secretly married n month, ago. She said the Russians ,re -fine pcopte" and that she ta co~a American foreign policy "i s directed these people." ,,,ter o " - BLYTHEVILLE ARMORY Fri. and Sat., March 19th and 20th HICKS BROS. INDOOR CIRCUS Auspices Blytheville Jaycees 20 BIG TIME CIRCUS ACTS Headed by the Following Stars PAT »n«. IIARIUSON DUO-Cycle Calculator,. ALICE AND HER AERIAL B.\l,LFT I-ATAHSJTA-Heel and Toe Catch BILLY IRWIN— Table Rock CLOWNS AND MAXY MOKE. of the H.H- ADVANCE TICKETS XO« ON SALE BY JAYCEE MEMBERS , - -., ^,,.^..., I IQJH;, >VJJL> CJJII 15. disowned his daughter after read,,, 8 newspaper accounts ,,, 8 newspaper account- of her action. Annabel is the eldest of his « chitdren. (N L Te.cph7o !i NUMBER 412 OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OP BLYTEIEVILLE. ABRANSAS' SECTION ONE. That Section seventeen (17) of ordinance number 472 of the ordinances of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, be, and the same Is hereby amended to rend a s follows: "Section Seventeen. That hereafter every person, firm or corporation operating- any motor propelled vehicle for the transiXJitatlon of pawengers for sas, shall pay to the city ail anm'a'l license fee 01 One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150.001 per vehicle; said license to cover the period of one calendar year between the first of January and the thirty- first of December. PASSED AND APPROVED: Mar 2, 1DM. E. R. JACKSON. Mavor Attest: FRANK WHITWORTH. Clerk f Thousands ASSOtTED HtAVKS C VV CHICKS fi Guaranlt* N*ovy Ireerft No ^<,«..»r,« FOI r«OMrr SHIPMENT ATLAS I _ ^ tUStNftt 9 0 , n Eft 0.50 . . 1000 - $68 50 W( T CHICK CO. Dtpl. 5 AR SI. Louis, Mo. 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