The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1966 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1966
Page 2
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I Page Two - Blytheville (Ark.) Courier News - Monday, May 9, 19M Examine Your Motives! (MrNausht ByndicaU Inc.) DEAR ABBY: Our son has invited a 16-year-old girl to a school dance. He says he has to buy her a 5-dollar corsage, there are cheaper Ones, but Kepi's all the boys are buy- inflheir girls the 5-ddllar kind he doesn't want to be different. 1 say he doesn't have to buy her any. I never had a corsage in my life. Why should tjiis girl be better thin me? We are poor people, Abby, but our son is good looking, popular, a good student and athlete, and he runs with the r'kih kids, so he has to dress lite they dress, and do what they do. lisay it he want* to live high and mighty he should gel an after-school job and earn his .own spending money Why should we scrimp and save so our boy can keep up li'ith the Joneses? My husband says the. boy .can't work because it will interfere with his.sports program, and he wants his son' to have a happier childhood, than HE_ had. I say he 'is spoiling the boy. Who is right? CONNECTICUT MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Are you really concerned about "spoiling" the boy? Or are you determined not to be bested by tbe.girl he pjcKs for' himself. ("I never had a corsage in my life. Why should this girl be better t|in me?") Examine your SKitives, mother. Almost all children-today have it bet- tec than we did. If your ion ir a good boy, don't beat Jjm over the head with your frlrard-up childhood. A five- dollar corsage isn't going to '-change your standard of llv- .ing. I'm with father. < DEAR ABBY: My parents jvere both killed when I was three years old. At least that is what I have been told. I' have lived .with my grandmother ever since. I'don't remember a thing about my par enls so I have asked my grandmother questions about them, and every time I do, she says, "Go do your homework." Or, "Isn't it past your bedtime?" I wonder why she doesn't want to talk about them? I am almost 14 years old, and I have never even seen a picture of my mother or father. Why do you think my grandmother is avoiding the subject? CURIOUS DEAR CURIOUS: I don't Know, but I'm sure she has a good reason. PerhaPs it still makes her sad to talk about it, Trust her, honey. Be patient and don't press for answers. In time all your questions will be answered. DEAR ABBY: We are friends with a couple who take their ill - behaved, two-year- Old EVERYWHERE, whether lie's invited or not. They even brought John to Our wedding reception! They made no apologies when they arrived and found themselves the only persons there with a child. It wouldnt' be so bad if Jsh'h weren't such a terror. His parents never punish him for any thing. He dumped food all over the floor, stamped it into the rug. then ran around hitting everybody and scream- Ing. He spoiled the occasion for me. What can we do? Next time we invite these friends, .shall we TELL them to leave John home? Or should we Astrological * Forecast * . By CARROLL RIGHTER you after and setting up an appointment. Show you are well-rounded In understanding all the var- ,ous facets of such interests and you gain more backing thaii you send them an anonymous donation for a baby-sitter? Sign me the president of the "LEAVE JOHN IN THE LURCH SOCIETY," or j u s t plain ... BUGGED DEAR BUGGED: If you want the company ol this couple sans John, you will have to spell It out to them. This may cost you their friendship, but if It did, from your descritpion of John, I'd say you made a wise choice. (P. S. You can always pick up the friendship in 14 or 15 years!) GUNNING FOR STARDOM—Faye Dunaway has gone from an off-Broadway play to the first rungs of a promising movie career in a year. She has an important part in "Mister Innocent," a film shot on location in Florida. Xhe low-priced high-price car. Low-priced became It's.a Calallna with a sticker that's within, reach ol a lot of low-priced car buyers. Hloh-priced because It has the Pontiac name and everything that goes with it, Like a full 121 Inches ot road-leveling wheelbase. And 60 mora standard horsepower than ihose low-priced cars oiler. And steady Wide-Track ride and handling. With luxurious PontlH Itotcr Civilian Interiors you practically sink, up to your knees In. (And, oi course, standard safety Hems like a padded dashboard,) All backed up by. Ponllac's legendary resale value that makes such exciting reading In tha record books year after year. Makes you wonder why anybody would buy a low-priced car when you can get a Pontiac Catallna for the same money. •Mam laslur«r'« lunuM retell Brim lor CrtillM >• la< at 0 luaoested dealer delivery And ha Wide-Track Pontiac Catalina (A big, powerful Pontiac for less than $3000'.) :etallna ?• and <-door Efldanj and J. and 4-door ha'dtoe) arf ell leu then MCcW. Thaifl price* Include aiclin INno eharoei. Transportation charge j, slala and local tares, ecceiiories and optional equipment additional, what those who dwell under your roof have to suggest, you find that much relief can come from present pressures. Put such in motion. Take it quite easy tonight. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Getting the information ybii require from your paper or other periodicals is easy If you study right columns, pages, etc. Get in touch with relatively new contacts. Good pals give fine ideas, too. GEMINI (May 21 to June 51! Making arrangements to get al your interests working better through the aid of experts is McNauiht Syndic*'*. !««• must make the request up To determine your forrout, note paragraph opposite dates, which include join With date TUESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES! Until midafternoon all kinds of chances are present for you to get the backing you need from j-- °v;; , nat . d a very down-to-earth omcial but ^^pated. ^ ^ ^ II you pay more attention to best wiy to proceed today. 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