The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1946
Page 2
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PAGE TWO " BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ear Ago Patrol* Ordert ••* Ma*. History ir WILUAM t, FOX. I.'.ill/r rr*m» staff C«rrMpand««l NE^f: YORK. April 25. (UP)—A year fco today three patrols of the American First Army disobeyed an'."order and parlayed it Into the HOW famous .linkup with the Red Army, oii the Elbe River in Oermsmy. ' i-—•.., On ipi'li,^, Tats);.! was a m«m- l;Er ct7oh'e of 'those patrols which met tire Russians and made history. Four patrols started out that day irnd three got through. Uul/.lhe Russian and American aimieidid'. not first meet at Tor- Kau o«i the Elbe as has been so widely 'reported. '•nie.'Jirst contact came at Leckwitz at 11 '30 a.m. when the group with lit Lt. Albert L. Kotzebue, ol HoiKtaii, Tex., met a lone Russian hcrseipan, Tho-next came at Torgau, 4 1-2 hours later, when 2nd Lt. William D. Richardson, of t-os Angelei. Calif.,, greeted another Russian \vhile-both hung precariously from destroyed At Tlie Hoflpkak Blylhevilie HwplUI Admitted; John William Chunn, city. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Beasley, >py. a son this morning. Dismissed: Mrs. Qulncy Davis, Cooler, Mo. Charles Seymore, city. Walk ftfrMpltal Admitted: •, Mrs. R. W. Btdwell, city. Bunch White, city. Mrs. B, B. Alken, city. B. a. Aiken, city. Mis. Leroy Ellison, Steele, Mo. Mrs. L. U. Wood, city. Thomns Laden, sleele, Mo. Horn <,i Mr. OIK! Mrs. Orblo farris, Holland, Mo., a daughter his morning. Born to Mr. and Mrs. I,. M. Shinaull, Hornersvllle, Mo.,' a laughter tills morning, dismissed: T. J. Crowder, city. Earl Moltclte, city. Dorotliy W«Bncr, Hayti, Mo. Mrs. Bill Fitzgerald. Rt. 1. city. Mrs. Belt O. Wells' and baby, Keelc, Mq. Hussell Rlules. city. Memphis Baptist Hospilal Admitted:. Hatlie Maloncy. clly. W. W. Watson, city. R. B. Purvis, city. George Blake, Osceola. Mrs. I. L. Jones, Lenthvlllp. •Memphis Mel.em«re Clinic brdken girder of bride £011. th e Elbe. The- third came 45 minutes later at ctonzsehwitz when the yroup conuujSnchd by Maj. Pied W. Ciaiz, of FrTcmlFhli), Tenn., encountered :i troop of Red cavalrymen. I wa> in Craig's patrol. Wei*had knifed through about 25 miles of German forces, capturing- towns and prisoners am witnessing the final stages of the Third';'Reich's collapse, which came nbout-on V-E Day two weeks later We'had all disobeyed orders, but we through. The-, night before when we were briefed, we knew these would be no ordinary pntivls. The orders Two Cntortoin Club Mrs. i,. T. Burnham and Mrs. Joe Thomix'iun were hostesses, at the Buiaham home Tuesday to 17 njembers of Yarbro Home Demonstration Club, In addition to Mr.s. Edward Akin and Mrs. Mflr- umel Coulter. The entire group sung "March- Ing Into Georgia" and a po«ni read by Mrs. acne McCinlre was "Jimnoilallly." Roll call was answered with quotations from "Mother" 11 was decided llmt Mrs. Albert Hollingswoi ih assist Mrs. Cornelius Scherer with minutes and Mrs. Hurnliiim •drinonslrnlfd bed .'.plead ami nig made with stock I nj; loops. Mis. Walter Barnes gave; "A Man's View on Woman's Admitted: Mrs. J. C. mown, Joiner. Memphis MeUiuilLsl Hospital Admitted; . Mrs. F. J. Coluinan. Hollni.d. Mo. Coming Events FRIDAY Junior Fellowship meeting. 3M5 p.m. Read Courier News Want. Ads. lo F«iesa, then, to Kreinity. where we met n Russian general, anil then the party really started. The next morning one of several - - .... .^:,~, f : WACS '.vho had shown from j?ol..C. M. Adnuis. command- . Jp ,,,„[,„, t | lc evening feasting, ing Uie 273rd Infantry Regiment.. awa i CC | 1 ed"nic In- tickling the bol- wcrcvery specific: We were to try | lolns . of l>lv feet while a whole to fiijftl the Russians, but we were not to'go be;-ond three-to-five miles of our lincj Tlie 'orders hnd come from \cry up. They involved high '^Political considerations. Wovchnse lo ignore them. It \wis f a cold, foggy morning \vc shoveti off across roomful of Russians laughed. She stuck a glass in my hiuid. and we clurtcd all over again. Tliere was cnn.stcrnr.llon back In our lines, us we later learned, when Ihc news reached there by radio. After a yood deal of confusion, uieii,; we snoveu on across tiic i tm stiaigh'.ened out, and ickcly wooden bridge over the Muldc .,,„, bacxl (lliy ,, 1C b ,. ass Hivcr« at Creusen. Outposts held the other side and freed Allied prisoners of war eddied [(round ns. Nervous, .staccato 'small arms fire echoed along Ihe valley and there was rf distant booming of artillery. \V<t, started before dawn and by mid-morning we had captured a coupit -of companies of 'German soldiSJrs without too much trouble and Ca military .hospital at Wur- zcn. %hich -we used as a prisoner collection point. i. .Inj|iide!d Yn" ,(>ur group were Jack ' TysoS of Coliunbia. Vn.; .1. P. mns.'rof.i.^lue '.Springs, Miss.; Van D. Rytfr of clnrksviUe, Tenn.; Dyvon :t. ,,Shiyer,~ Sr.. of Lnkclund. ria.j^Carl !_,. Robinson, of Lancaster, S. C.: Otha N. Phillips, of Qult- man^-.I^a.j Tiioains P. Howard, uf LakE^j Comoraiit, Miss., and Frank Hutr,-of Washii^gton. Va. V/f lind,'jiist'" cleared the town of ClanzEChwltz . when, suddenly, i tlie teathvehiele-ground lo a slop.! Evcrjpne gaped off to the right.' •Tilers, near a cluster ol parched trees^.. was a group of horscuien. Everyone gasped: "Russians." : • Tlrey miLst have seen , us at the „ sanie^.tinie.'-for they spurred their hors^ .aiitl;. came toward us at full gallop. • We- mingled in a milling mass of 6ii, mn ip.B>: cussing. iMck-slappinu , guys." "AtiieVlkicnskl" and "Tovar, ich"r-u.-e yelleil in the only Rus- sian^u'e--knew, while they pointed lo themselves and. said "R.usski." We swapped cigarettes for'vodka and ~they remounted and daslied off. 1 We-.-moved -on to the E'be, first hats gathered at Torgau. We hnd'fouled m> the higher pol- tical plans and H was a tossup whether we were Vierocs or villains. "My first inclination," Maj. Gen. Edwin F. Relnhardt. commander of the 09th infantry Division, told nc Inter, "was to courtinartlal the whole'.crowd." Uiit, after the damage was done, everyone relented. 'That's (he way it goes," Reln- hardt. said, "if things go well, yon gel decorated; if they [!o wrong you get courttnarllalcd." KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Mile« of Kidney Tub** Flush Out Poiaonou* Wasto If yon ]invennexc«ssof nctdsln yoiiT-bUxid, your 16 miks of kiilney ttiWa n>»y be oven- •wovked. '1'ii cs e tiny lilt c rsn ii J tubes B re work- luff any mul night to holp Nature riil your »>t>l«ni of exco^i np[Ja unit iHUdonaiij-waale. Wh«n disoniorof kiilney function vtiiintti roisonnua matter to rcinum in yonr lilool. It ninyrausd » a KKini; backi! chi-. rhv Linmlh-i ra ina, Ifg i^ins, loss of p«p arid tuerKy. s^'Unir up riKhls, swcllins:. piifiiia-ss undvr tlio t >y«j, icn-Jachca and ilizrirtt^.<t. I'rniitcnl orjjcanly fjs&.tgt-s wilh KHKU'thi^ iviu] hurtling inn.?. tinea slipwa ll>prr H aomctliiug wronrwith your kidiit-ya or bladder. 'Kidneys may n«<l help the Btnio a» bow- tla, ao ask your .tniecist for D.wrTs FilU a tUniii!Anfc(JEiii>;lic. lucil successfully by million* for over JO years. UO.TII'JI rive happy relief nnd \s-ill help tin* 15 raitej of klUney t poiwiigu* wut« fojfn youc ' tubes flush Wood. G«l JOE B. EVANS -, Certified Public Accountant •Member of the American Institute ol' Accountants I ANNOUNCES " •"••. 11'« opening of his office in - Room 202 Lynch Building, Blyrheville, Ark. Phone 3661 t * SATURDAY BAKERY ^SPECIALS BANANA NUT 7 Inch LAYER CAKE - ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY Don't Soy Bread ... Say HART'S Bread HARFS BAKERY Blythevilfe People Appltmiice." It was announced that the club had profited from Stanley Demonstrations. Tti« next nettlnc is to be May 12 with Mrt. R A. Social Making Yarbro Woman's Society of Clu-la- tlan Service met lust Thursday afternoon at the home «f Mrs. n-eil Bean (or a social session. Mrs. George Bunch wan in charge of the. procedure and after sonys a prayer was offeted by Mrs. CJenc MeOulre. Mrs. Edtjar Swafn was appointed supply chairman. Other chairmen nptwlnled were Mrs; Ernest Prench und Mrs. Uunn. Mrs. Carl Bean was u guest. j The hostess served a salad |jlutc ulth cold drinks. WASH TUCBS THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 1046 That Name Again BY LESLIE TURNER / SHE MEl'EK / A'.EXTIOHED HER I FOLKS. HOR WHERE VEAH. HEE B£IK'C5 THE LOtIS HU61HS Of A WEALTHS M1LUOMIBE, SHE PON'T HACDW Kf MEMBEIZ US ? SN«5 MBNTIS. I HWEKT SEEN HEK WiTH HIKi LATEUJ- SHE KNEW EXCEPT THAT CPUED SNAC.. 50METHIN6 Otic l.ako I.nst ! lake. Slie had DRA/.II., fiid. lUPi—Mrs. Her-1 hud gone, for the day before it' of name fish man Enutierl lost her live-acre farm | wns out in back of her barnyurd no Idea to where it with deep blue water chocked full name fish. Hesldenls told her that it probably had broken through into one of the deep mine shafts which were formerly operated here. L r , O ' fr'M IBERTY CASH Gi Blytheville's Food Headquarters 501 West Main Street Phone 2763 MILK I'd, Carnation or l'ev*ly. l^arge si/« cun 9c (G to a Customer) Polmolive SOAP Regular Si/e .'! foi 20c Hath Size 2forl9c TOBACCO I 1'rince Albert and Velvet in tin lOc Cigarettes All Popular brands. Pkj;. Pkg. 18c FRESH PORK WHOLE HAMS Ib. 35c FRESH MAYROSE COTTAGE CHEESE Ib. 23c EDAM RED RIND HOOP CHEESE Ib. 59c OLD FASHIONED CHEDDAR HOOP CHEESE - - Ib. S9c FRESH SLICED BEEF LIVER - - - Ib. 29c FRESH SLICED CALF LIVER Williams 12c Ribbon Cane, Gal. Ib. 49c SLICED V* POUND DRIED BEEF Pkg. 22c ALL MEAT GROUND BEEF Ib. 28c . . $^75 Degerminated 2 Lb. Bag 5 Lb. Bag 1 0 Lb. Bag 25 Lb. Bag 15c 33c 55c $1.21 SUGAR 5 pounds 35c 10 pounds 69c Maxwell House, Folgers, Canova, Old Judge COFFEE 1 Lb. Glass Jar 32c «r Dried FRUIT In Cellophane Prunes . 16c Peaches 37c Apricots 45c Pears . . 45c Apples . 52c OHIO VALLEY, No. 2 Can BIACKEYED PEAS 16c SALT MEAT FAT BACKS Ib. 15c SMOKED CURED BACON SKINS Ib. iOc JOAN of ARC, 46 oz. Can TOMATO JOICE 23c LAUNDRY, 3 BARS SOAP, Yellow 25c LADOGA, CREAM STYLE, No. 2 Can ^/kg*, kg A f COHM 15c LEAN BONELESS BEEF CHUCK Ib. 35c V-8 JUiC! No. 2 Can 46 oz. Can 15c 32c FRESH ALL MEAT PORK SAUSAGE - Ib. 35c KELLOGG, 6 01. Pkg. ICORH FLAKES i - BIRDSEYE, 12 oz. Pkg. OYSTERS - - - 98c 6c House's Stuffed, 6 oz. Bottle 49c Spanish, lOoz. Bottle 65c OLIVER 6 Boxes MATCHES 25c BIRDSEYE, 1 Pound Pkg. PEACHES - - - 31 c BIRDSEYE, 1 Pound Pkg. SHRIMP & OKRA GUMBO 56c BiG JOE, No. 2 Can 15c MAYFA1R, 16 oz. Jar DILL PICKLES 29c BIRDSEYE, 1 Pound Pkg. Blackeyed Peas 38c MEXICAN STYLE, No. 2 Can Boone tonniy Beans - - 13c LARGE SiZE BOX BISQliiCK 33c IN LIGHT SYRUP, No. 2!/a Con POTATOES SWEP 25c BIRDSEYE, 12 ox. Pkg. OKRA - - - - 28c JOAN of ARC, No. 2Vi Can TOMATOES - - 17c VEGETABLES FANCY QUALITY, Special, Lb. TOMATOES 25c JUMBO HEADS LEnUCE 13c LARGE CRISPY STALKS CELERY 12c CALIFORNIA WONDER, Lb. BELL PEPPERS - 25c CUBAN, Large Size PINEAPPLES 35c TEMPLE, 200 Sire, Doz. ORANGES - 29c BOX WINESAP, Lb. APPLES - 14k SUNKIST, 432 Size, Doz. LEMONS • • 19c RED TRIUMPH, 10 Pounds POTATOES - - 39c SNOW WHITE HEADS CAULIFLOWER 23c CARROTS, Crisp • Bunch 7k

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