The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1944
Page 6
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BIX BL*tIlKVlLLE, (AKK,) COURIER NEWS Farming Experts Will Make Talks Arkansas Farm Bureau r To Hold Convention . At Little Rock Outstanding authorities on several phases"ot agriculture will appear on programs of tlie Commodity Conferences- to be held In Ullle Rock ill 2 o'clock Monday flttcr- licon, Nqvembei 20, as a hart of (lie program ot the 10th annual convention of,the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation to be held November 20 Sijjl, 21, nccoidlng to an niinounce- iperit made hj I? E Short, president of,?,the. organization. sHnternatiovuilly known authori- ties'oil World prediction of rice and cotton will appear on conferences for producers of each of those crops. They are Fred J. RosElter, rice, and P., K. Norrls, cotton, both of the Office of Foreign Agricultural Uc- latlons, U. S. Department of Agriculture. Kecent developments In the mechanization of production and harvesting of eacli of those crojjs will be featured on the conference programs. Under the leadership of Clyde Carter, manager, Arkansas Rice Growers cooperative Assocla- .tion, Stuttgart, there will be a discussion in the rice conference ot 'developments in combining and drying rice, while (here will be n discussion In the cotton' conference under the leadership of Joe Walker. Assistant Director in Charge, Cotton Branch Experiment Station, Marlanna, and J. E. , Adams, Superintendent, Delta Branch Experiment Station, Stone- ylllc. Miss., on the results from the use of check cultivation, flame cultivation, defoliation, and the use of mechanical pickers in the production of cotton. Leon Garol, De Witt, president, Arkansas County Farm Bureau, will serve ns chairman o[ the rice conference and W. T. Jones, Madison, president of the Et. Francis Comity Farm Bureau, will be cjialrnlau of the cotton conference. A talk ivljl be made on the prospective effect of quick freezing on the fruit and vegetable industry by P. D. Jiogors, Commerce Department, Tennessee'Valley Authority, Knoxville, fenn., before the conference of fruit and vegetable growers, where llierc will also be a dls- cus.sjon.on the results. from the use of federal-state inspection of fruits and vegetables. Rex Ramsay, Nnsh- ville, president of. the Howard County: Farm Bureau, will serve as _ chairman of the conference. ' Tlie livestock and dairy conferences under the chairmanship 01 Charles R. Colemtm, Osceola, and H.: A. Goforth, Fayeltevllle, respectively, will each be held In the form of a forum according to Mr. Short. The theme of the forums -which, will he participated in by farmers -from . the several sections ° r ', tMc ''-'?, tl "«.'will be factors ami pojlslcs, affecting livestock and daily, development and programs. , . In?a;. conference on tnia\' health and hospilalizatlon a forum will be participated, in by representatives pf-the Arkaltsas and Pulnski Co'nli- lv Medical Societies, the State Hos- pilnl Association; and the Community Group Hospilalizalion Plan. •"It is our idea that the participants in these various conferences fill make recommendations to the resolutions committee for the con- vention.of. the organization, which, In turn, may be incorporated in that committee's report to the whole convention for its consideration In the development of n program for the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation for.the ehsuing year," Mr Short said. . The general sessions of the convention, which will be held In the Joseph T. Robinson Memorial Auditorium, open at 10 o'clock on Monday, November 20, with the annual address of the president R E. Short The evening session of 'the ' [n-st day's program win be a membership forum. Ralph B. Jones State.Commissioner of Education! w.- R. ;Ogi?, Legislative Representative of the American Far m Bureau Federation, Washington D C., and Honorable Wilbur D. Mills Member of Congress, Second District of Arkansas, will appear on the program of the Tuesday morn ing. session. The Tuesday aftcrnoot session will be devoted to the bus! ness affairs of the organization ac cording to Mr. : short's announce ment. Pilot Your Own Plane? Reporter Finds There's Nothing To It By DAVID-A, STKIN NEA Slaff Corresponded! ST. LOUIS, Nov. 1C.—tf anyone ells you that you can take-off and hiid a plane ail by yourself with- mt any previous flying experience, ipllfVe him, I know, because I've ust done it, without ever having jeeil nl Ihc controls of a plane bc- ore. When I climbed Into the llltlc fro-scalei', (lie Instructor simply ;ald, "Take over." He pointed out i red-knobbed throttle. To gain peed, hi said. I should pull the hrottle forward, (hen simply rc- 'crsc the process lo sloiv "down. That's all the Instruction I was given before I tnsied the craft- out o the runway, The plane had an ordinary slecr- ii(f wheel. When I h« ( | gained n peed of about 50 miles nn hour, 1 vas-lold simply to pull the wheel oward me. We rose skyward, To urn right or left, I turned Ihc wheel Jiul as I would In nn niilo- nobile. To land, I simply slowed lown, pushed the wheel forward, and the tricycle landing gear took care of Hie rest. I had flown this ircoupo without the Instructor hnv- ug so much as touched the con- 1-ols. Alter.such n flight, you won't be full-fledged pilot, of course. He- ore you cnn solo, CAA rules require U, least eight hours or dual In- Iriictlon., But once you have ex- jcricnccd the thrill of lifting a fly- tig flivver into the air and brlng- ng her down safely, you'll have « low and exciting impression of the wsslbilities of postwar private fly-1 " Many times its own wci'hl water Is absorbed by the mat 0 , leaves and moss that covers the ground in a forest. .ci i w f.iu unit If you suffer from rheumatic pain or muscular aches, buy C-2223 today rCal "-"""'ing help. 60c$f & - ep. c$ : Use only as directed, t'irst bo tie purchase price is refunded If >QU are not satisfied. Got C-2223 ANCE I *• T •n 1 gliursday — Friday — And Saturday Night* 9:30 to 1 O'clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE , I Admission 60c Incl. •*fjv , * ^ TlJUHSDAY, NOVI5AIJJHU 10, You will be able lo fly to places hut now scein remote. Vacation •esorls, country clubs, remote lakes i ml beauty spots now outside your line range will be within easy lying distance. Just as the nulo- nolillc influenced the growth of suburban communities, the dcvelop- ncnl of highways, nnd the expnu- iion ol such allied Industries as High Schools In Texas Revamp Spanish Course AUSTIN, Tex. .fUP)—Texas, once he scene of blllcr conflict with vlcxlco, now is grooming itself to ic on Iho friendliest terms with .ho republic across the nia Grande 'iroii"!i hew educational policies. Already Spanish Is being taught p • students In (he. third grade In lenrly 30 Texns elementary nubile chools. nnd there arc mo'rc than 5,000 members of Pan-American J'oruins In Ihe state where prob- ems of Texas nnd Mexican nationals arc discussed at regular neetihgs. ' Newest innovation in the Good Neighbor policy Is the revamping of the teaching of Spanish in 7'cxas liigh schools. ; Under direction of Miss Myrtle Tanner^ director ol •Inter-Americail education in the stntc department of education, n new course of study Is being put Into final form for introduction In schools at beginning of the 1345 full term. "So many students study the required number of years on Spanish' and then when completed, the student is unable to speak the Inn- gunge," Miss Tanner snld. "We are going to try to eliminate that full- ing by starting on the imaginative Journey from the student's home. After obtaining basic knowledge of Spanish words \ised In the home, family nnd market place (lie mythical trip W ill begin." • Along the route, the conventional stopovers will be made, where IM student will acquire hew words for his Spanish vocabulary. The first year course of study will end it Mexico City, the second year beginning there and progressing into Centra] my Soulh America ami to Caribbean Islands. Customs, folklore, songs nnd dances will be studied nnd 'learned. Special recorded lessons will sup- pJeiBcnt the course to aid pronunciation. Third and fourth year Spanish classes will be devoted largely to steel nnd oil, (ho popular nlrplanc Is sure to Imve (nr-ivnclilng ef- lects. Air htgllways will hnvc to l)c Ijulll, complete with landing strips, air service slnllons, hangar facilities, and "ncrotcls" where yoil cnn find n place lo sleep nnd a bite lo oat. Air dr-paitmml stores will, offer parts mid supplies for your flivver i.liine. you'll want ah Inexpensive hangar In your back yard. Millions of inim hours of employ- ilifnl will lie provided by (lie growth of private flying. NOT riilll'IiCTKI) YKT The post-war llivvcr plane Itself hasn't yd been perfected lo Hie point where John Q. Cltl/.cn will Ijc satisfied thnt it has cvcry- IhliiK lln\! he v.antB in nn airplane, liesl proof that manufacturers themselves aren't 100 per cent snre of their market Is the number of <|iilzn<vi mid questionnaires they nre distributing in order to find out. Moreover, flying conditions are not all they should be yet. There must be more airfields, better nav- IfiHtlon iiids, Improved .servicing facilities, low-cost hangars. Air enthusiasts point out that private Hying Is now sit IliC'samc singe of development as (ho'automobile in the iniuicdinlG posl-Wprlcl Win- I dnys. "they foresee devblopincnt of air highways and flying facilities following the same pattern that marked the growth of the aiitomo- livc industry. Manufacturers of private planes Imve concentrated their efforts on safely, and emphasize splnproof factors, ciisc of control, and stability. They point'out that town min-klngs, nil-parks, and navigation aids should make it possible for anyone at Uic controls of a plane to fly safely after passing a pimple course In rules of the air and map rending. Surveys have Indicated a vast future market for private planes, Price Is H major factor. The public wants a practical, snfc, Inexpensive plane. Two major reasons given by peojile research, blending more Into the literary nnd cultural phases of the Spanish-speaking people. • Many Texas educators are lending their assistance toward limug- urntlug the course, which also -has been boosted by aid from the Coor- riinnloi- of Intcr-Aiiierlcnii Amirs. In Snn Antonio, Tex., schools the new courses are being offered tills year as an experiment. who Indicate no desliu lo own a plane arc Indifference and fear, li KMCOH'KKS POPULAR Helicopters have captured Ihc public Imagination, with an overwhelming percentage indicating n preference for llicm. Ensc of land- Ing and parking, ease of operation, safety, utility, and economy nre given as rcnuons for (tils preference. Surveys show that CO per cent of prospective buyers wnni planes for recreation, nnd only 35 per cent want planes for business, Including commuting. A vast majority expect lo pay at least $1,500 for a "coupe", and $2,000 for a four-passenger "sedan." incidentally, nlrcraftcrs' sci- nn important market,fpr '•llmou- slnc" type cabin planes, with room for nl leMt six pflttcngers and a pilot, "chauffeur." The four-place family sedan .type of plane''lias been given preference by most prospective buyers. One- of tlie most disputed fnctors In post-war aviation forecasts Is tho disposition of wnr-lrnlried airmen toward private flying. Some .see In the 425,000 men'who have had fllgJH experience a tremendous market. Others believe llicy will have had their fill of flying still other (iranps believes Hint men who nave flown Liberators ano Flvlns; Fortresses will liflvc no desire ' for llttld "puU-putis". New Cream Deodorant Si'fcly helps Stop Perspiration 1. Do« not ittimc skin. [)<,„ not lonlrcsjcs or mtn'i sliirts. 2. Pievcnts unJcr-aim odot. Helps stop pcispintlon safely. 3. A putt, while, antiicplic, stjrn- IcH viniiliiiij; ticlni. 4. No iviiiinjt to dry. Qn he used right ifccr sluving. 5. Awirjcil Approval Scil of Amcnon InttituuofUunilci. in< — liai.-nlcss to fjbric. UK AlnJ itg Osceola Man Suffers Wound And Loss Of Leg ' T-s Samuel D. Kuss of Osccoln is recuperating at McCloskcy General Hospital, Temple, Texas, from n wound received Aug. 23 in France, which resulted In Ihc loss of his right leg. In acllDn in France since the invasion of the continent In early June, the Osceoln man was wounded when nn 88 millimeter shell exploded near his nrmore,] car near Par!!;. '" in 'the Army fo, the past four '«;. T-5 Kuss, who is 24, is the of Mrs. Minnie Rnss of Route Lilxcrn, and was a member of he Second Armored Division. ^aratrooper Injured Frank Rhodes, son of Mrs. J. w. Rhodes of Osceoin. in training with iifiUroopm nt Fort Bcnning, Ga. uffer«1 a break in the small btine ust above his ankle in a jump "iltlay nt Fort Bcnning. BREATH FREER I 2__-lrors in each nnstril Hshrink mcrabrnnw,'cold sliiffcd nose opens. Can- lioniUsoo'ilynsdircctol. |P£NETRO Nothinn j la /lilil! ... Jus! Miss Colt Will Offer Lecture Member/Of Famous Barrymore Family To Be In Memphis MEMPHIS, Nov. 16.—The histrionic ability which has made the Harry/nore clan the "Royal Family" of the singe, screen and radio, now manifests a fourth dimension with Kthel Bavrymore Colt's success on the operatic stage. First of her famous family to embark on n singing career, the young mid charming Miss Colt, who appears a I the Goodwyn Institute on the evening of Monday, Nov, 20, ,is the second attraction in the season of the Memphis Town Hall, has had a wide range of experience in the theater. She has appeared on the legitimate stage in musicals, vaudeville, night dubs.atid radii). , Now, 'in ndclltlrn to her operatic career, Miss Colt is making a series of appearances on the lecture platform and tells how "A Barrymore sings for her supper." . . , . • As a child, Ethel Barrymore Colt had no'.desire for n singe career, even:lhqugh thp.'faniily on the rna- Imiarside wiis steeped In the-theater. However, she early became familiar with the world of make-be- lieve, bolli backstage and a's a member of the audience. The first role In which she saw her famous mother was. tlml of "Camtllc." The first role in which she saw her uncle, John Barrymore, was "Peter Ib- belson." Het* uncle John also took her to see Ihc motion picture, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr, Hyde," In which he played the tlllc roles. Accompanying them were her two hr6thers imd all Ihree of them would shudder at the behavior of Die horrible Mr. Hyde on the screen and then turn and look at their handsome uncle sitting beside them, thoroughly Unconvinced that they were one and the same man. And John Barrymore, who whs visiting them had lo tell thein some quiet lltlle stories lo put them iistijep. Miss Colt relates many of the interesting and amusing incidents tiiat have happened to her and lells ff.'jcinatlng story will! her lecture. She will illustrate various points of llit' story wi'h a few songs from her repertoire. CAIIH OF THANKS We want to thank all of our friends for the many expressions oi sympathy shown during our recent grief over, the, death rof bur loved one, Lieut: James A. Walker. Each card, letter and personal call wa: Irensiired more than we can ever say 'Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Walkei . and Family) Rmd Courier'trtwf THE GREATEST ATHLETE IS FINISHED WHEN HIS G3 WEAR OUT/ YOVR CAR HAS MANY POINTS'OF WlAR-ANV ONC OF WHICH MAY "ffNISH'fT> THC.OiWfR./TSCTS' THE MORI WEAR IMCRIASCS AT tVtrW. POINT/ (JUS CHASSIS ALONE (IN AVCRAOS CARS) HAS 25 VITAL POINTS REQUIRING SPECIAL LUBRICANTS. SEE YOUR ESSO DEALER / lf= YOU CANi GIVE f/£ A UTTLE EXTM T(ME ON YOUR CAR. ITU HEtP A LOT / POWERS THE ATTACK PONY WASTE A DROP.' WARNING OKDEn 11 Ihc Chancery four!, Chlcku- s:iwb:i District, Mississippi Couu- ly, Arkansas. J. L. Turner, PJalntlff, vs. No. SS40 Hcltle Doyle Tiinicr, Defendant. The defendant, Keltic Doyle Turner, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff J. L. Turner. Dated this 23 day of Oct., 1944. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Plf. C. P. Cooper, Ally, ad Utem. 11 [9-18-23-30 M Fmsr JIOflOFA' USE Pieyaralions as directed .Saved Sugar' for 1'jlc liOSTON (UP|—Rfadlng of war correspondent 'Ernie- Pyle's sour life at the front without sugar, Boston City Hospital nurses made a practice of putting Jeftover sugar into n Iwx. saying, "This Is one for Ernie." The hoard never reached him, however, because the ship on which It was sent was torpedoed In the northern Atlantic. Chicken Dinner Sponsored by . Viirbro I'. T. A. YARBRO SCHOOL ,i Friday, Nov. 17th 0 to 8:30 V. M. J. LOUIS CHERRY NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Blythevlllc, Ark. SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, and all work Is guaranteed to please. Let our expert feigners help you with your floral needs. T^FLOWERSHOP F.T.D. Service We Deliver Anywhere P&. 4« Mr*. J. M. (BUo) William*, owner . Glencoe BWf. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call tat fcx check-lip without cost or obligation. BATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP Ut E. KenUckr rh«u tut Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTSI BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2911 STANDARD 'OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA •> •f ,-.'•. LET VOUR CSSO DEALER 00 If.' CARE 5AVES The OVERBUOOK CO., Inc. Ballimorp, Jh Here Are A Few MORE ^TO-GET ITEMS This Merchandise Will Be On Sale Saturday 14-Qt. Milk Pails 65c Green & Yel. Drop Cord, ft. 5c Gillette Thin Blades, Pkg. . lOc 1-2 Bu. Measures 19c .22 Long Rifle CARTRIDGES Per Box RADIO BATTERIES (VERY LIMITED) 7.50 Double Sockets 19c Heavy Iron Cords ,. 1.25 Current Taps 25c Light Iron Cords 90c Extension Cords 75c Heavy Iron Cord With Switch 1.50 Several Sizes Yale Padlock Fine Grade PARLOR BROOMS PUNTERS HARDWARE (0. 726 W. Mom Incorporated Phone 575 GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! , 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing *nd Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 MOD1WPOETZ TIRE CO, DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHfC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY EXCEPT CANCSR) OFFJCE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Mite BlytheTiUc, Ark. PJIOB* M21 Planters Hdw. Co., Inc. home of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, Blytheville, Ark. -T>~^«r~r^T <'''' r <>f j tyvy

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