The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1939
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1939 BLY.THEVILLE, (AUK.) COUIUEH NIfi\VS LEIGH-live Off-Stage Lovers Vivien and Laurence Keep Mails and Phone Wires Busy 11V I'AUI. IIAHIilSON NEA .Service Staff t'orrosrioiuleiil HOI,bY WOOD. — In Movletown, tt'jiere extra-marital attachments are almost as common as love •scenes, the devotion of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier has become something of a romantic idyl. , . Also, there Is an elempiit of pathos which brings sighs from the cinema's sentimentalists. Although separated — at least, factually — from Hpi'bcrt Leigli U oil nn n and Jill Esmond, Hie nc- tress and actor have received no prornisos of divorces. Fvee-aiid- cnsy Hollywood realizes that a di- vcrec In England is not such a casual and amicable proceeding. mvoitcK HUMORS CAt'SK WOI1 ItV But several inbvje executives, who' naturally don't want 'tlielr stars laniisliert by sensationalism, liave been made jittery by rumors of divorce plans, late in 1937, during the making in England of "A i'ank at Oxford," Metro wns alarmed by reports Ihitt Hal man, a latyyer, was contemplating personal legs! action. When Olivier came hero last November to co-star with Merle Oberon in "Wutherlng Heights," Hollywood • heard that his wife, Miss Esmond, would file against iiirn during his "absence. No other reason for Ins presence could lie imagined, because Olivier heartily djslikes Hollywood. Several years Bgo, after sonic unhappy experi-, he vowed in Interviews that. he never would return. 'His boss In "Wi'itherin'g Heights," Samuel Goldwyn, was dismayed when Vivien Leigh soon showed up here. It was said—and since has been privately confirmed by her— that she came only to be near Olivier.. Certainly she had no idea of of tho worthy grand nmlron. Accompanying them were Dr. Bggan, Mrs, John Thweatl, nnd Kirs. U, Q. Wllklns. Mrs. Lillian Frecnr has returned from B I wo weeks visit in Shrcvc-! port, La. ' j Mrs. Slelln Vclmer nnd Mlfs nosn lx)ii Cooke, of Memphis, spout {Sunday with their parents, Mr and Mis. M. O. Cooke Si', Ml', and Mrs. Charles Thwoalt niKl clai'filitrr, of pliiiUimaogu, Tenn., lifivc l>cen .spending their vnciiticn with Mr. ThwciUt's piu'- ciils, Mr. and Mrs. William Tnwcull Mrs, Frances Milfllu. who lias been visiting in the home of lici broliier-in-liuv, j. i. Mifflhi, and fniliily for the past six weeks .lett Wednesday morning for her licmt in San lieniaidino, Ciillf. Mrs. John Corkran and daughters, Ruth and Helen, have leliunpil to their home In vorl Sinfih, Arl> PAGE F}V9 Collegians Gel a HcauLy-J'ul Welcome tr.p,c. (Continued from page Onei licen one ol the most repulsive methods employed by iriifflckei > In the drill;, lie said if could be pa.ssed oiil in such "plcnxnnl" wa>s —in ice cream, candy, drinks nnd tobacr/o. lie cited the ease of n prominent druggist in ii mld-u'ostct'i) I'lly. a (iicmber of 'he city schpol Sppts'f * A IwK "Histoije gpots h/Ark* nnsas" la to Up i^bllstied Ihlb' f,|iil>ii)cr by Ihc Arkansas Chapter, or Iho Uiiiltc) Daughters ot th£ ' A i|iilnlctto of collcijo bpmillivt, liruilmn; ul the Niw York World's Tnli welcome with beatiuly prl/.e winners from us many colleges, when they iirrived lo'be hoslrj^es, loo. I3olng Ihn by Mrs James B Clark ol Blyi. Ilievllle, state president " Written by Miss Clara B EncJ' of V(i|i Bin en, the liook Is said lo* be nn authentic of VMf hlstoilcfll A[]oti Iti (his stole vihlcrl" Mis* Eno has been woiking on fort In ati effort to have pop(eb of, the book. In si.ll libraries, s,choo|s, at (he 6un riiiniisco and New Yorlc 10,111 and 111 as many honics- &S ptr-slbjc, the blate U D C. ha^ set n pilco of CO (.cuts for the" book, Mis Cl.irk said ;; it UBS in 1905 when Miss Eno)' who Is \\o\\ 75, was appointee! Cra»(oid County vice president of (lie Arkansas Hhloilc Society lhat she began icseaich woik to whlcli »Jio hns given much lime i* Her findings have been accepted by nnllpiinl fioiips, Inleiestcd In old iccou|s, and it was this en-. IhiiiluMIc [espouse which prompted hei to continue hci research and lo HI lie fi book of the historic spols. 1 Hpcutiiic Arkansas is known to be 0110 of (lie most pooily advcltisgd The romance between Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, pictured I'liy •! mi'inner »i -HI- cnv scniic-i ' Kl '''" lo rllil!tp " I0 1 <"" >y 1Ucc ' lmlllv "» u -> ' 1 ' 1 ' !V1> Ixl ' llsc H «'1T. I'nuluo, Hoscimny liesl, Illinois • 1 " (l> l es '» "w cpuntiy, tlic United Lonrd! who was convicted on a «•! ra i'» Prlor-U-nliy, Jowa IT.'f Sully noujlns, Nm'.JnmUm «eli>|) Mwrt Jefl lr> light, mo rimicwi V^s to"",,,°L T kn f°" f p?,S narcotic act charge niter it was Ii, Goodwin, Ohio sialo; Marcla Connell, MichlBm U.; 1 Marlon Elaine Ulsbeii;, Chicago U.; A(le!nl)<e I , C |,i,i<llnV ti! cso historicipolsIn cllsovercd that school children had Siilmrai, Mlnne.sola U.; Juyoi D. 1'mnckp, Wisconsin U. nn eftoH to eventually have them' ir £ <r. wrv*tf£« B « — — • ..••.•.,••*-— x^yfoJx'^ .„ college on wnosc campus 10 found in a convincingly romantic movie "still," is another reason'why Hoi- I Hc j. cs of-^ marijuana* lywood directors Inul a few tad moments In the production of "Gone ' growing. With the Wind/' , ,. ; was Luxora Society — Personal Oalherinc Tennyson of Arkudel- Dr. Iluhnan said a Greenville, Miss.,' official asked him not lo speak about marijuana In Orcen- I vilie because people there knew | SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON ASM: A Lil'c ol' Trust ptiln, Mrs. W. L. Wallers, Mrs. .nothing about llio drug. He snid Louis George, and Mrs. B. S. Crich- he accompanied the ofllclul to u BV .H'lLI.IAM IJ. (ill.llOV, 1>. 1), field, of Osceoia; Mrs. Tom Cnllis, negro physician in the city \vhoi nuil Mrs. Edward Scagrnvcs, of told them (hat, a recent, slaying Killlov iif Kings have been, like other lllglilowcr; and Mrs. 11. D. Eberdts had resulted from 'use of .marl- pie. good nnd bad. liul there is of Baton Rouge, La. jirnha by a negro man • nnd Uiul « eertnin cilffercncc between tho dcflnilc purpose lo apply lo moilcrn rule mid riilcis nil Unit we me told concerning iniclcnl kings. : Here In our lesson we hiivc Ihu Ice cream and cake was served its use was prevalent iimong ne- goodues-s or badness or kings, nnu I story cf a gcod king, who tried •,„. ,, ,...,„. _r ...,_. ,. .,,— - the Bcotlncss'or badnosi of cnmi.iion to ilo whnt was right rill liis cliiys. after the selection of prizes with gvoes there, playing in "'Gone With the Wind," or even of being tested for it. Gossip had it, that, while, they were together In Hollywood, two divorce suits would be filed in England. ' The tension eased when nothing so sensational happened. On llic night of Dec. 12, Miss Leigh was one of many visitors at the Selznick lot when several partly renovated old sets. were fired In simulation of the burning of Atlanta. George Cukor, (lien the director, ,' met her that evening' -aridi.thought Tlie tension .cased again on March 8, when Olivier set .out for New York to ''appear .with Kath- aiinc Cornell in "No Time for Comedy." ' COAST-TO-COAST AFFAIR It is since then that their devotion 1 lias won Hollywood's wistful admiration. Everyone in the "Gont With tlie Wind" company know.' that Miss Leigh and Olivier - exchange letters;or gifts every clay, that they frequently talk by telephone. For OJivicr's birthday on May 22,- Vivien sent a personally tnscrolierl cake by airmail. Filming of the picture soon will bo completed in rough-cut form, Biid Miss Lei?h has been promised a vacation of about a month while !_rmncK decides upon necessary additional scenes and retakes. It was announced that she would go to England and bring back her 5-ycar-old daughter, Suzanne, but site realty is not expected to B" farther than New York City. Olivier will leave the New York play about the time Leigh arrives— there, and lie IOC will have a month's vacation. Both arc clue back In Hollywood early in August. While she is busy with revised scenes of GWTW, he will be nl work on the same lot as the star of "Rebecca." These jobs over, both expect lo go to London. The actress wns not very popular with other troupes. Being M> attractive and such a gifted player, her negative olf-slage personality r<-inr.rt -,)] n, r move conspicuous. PLAYING MISS O'HAHA IS TOUGH .TOU Miss Leigh has been more agreeable here. People at the studio say that she would have been justified in. assuming a complete, Garbo- e?oue aloofness because she probably lias worked harder and under a prcalcr strain than any other actress in picture history. The !-.ct lights and color problems, the variety of emotions and •he painstaking respecting of f>o many 'scenes have led several p\ members of the company, includ- V Ing the director, to the verge « breakdowns. The English girl has been in almost every scene, and the hours have been exhausting, o'uce she answered a 1:30 a.m. call, worked until 4 p. m., happed "for two hours, then worked again until 4 o'clock the next morning. .bile lives with an English secretary and R couple of servants in a small house on Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills. She has entertained a few times, but (he actress Is lonely. She thinks of England yith the ineffable yearning that Scarlett had lor the broad fields of Tara. Luxoni Literary Club A very Interesting meeting of the Luxora Literary Book Club wns held in (lie, hcme of Mrs. J- B- Gatliings Thursday evening wilh twelve members presenl.. Afler routine business and receiving a new member, Mrs. Tom' Caliis, inlp the club, Mrs. John Thwcatl, program leader presented the study for the evening. "Mucis", in a most unique ray. She had previously requested the members to come dressed representing some scng. As an intro- duclioiulu the study, a history of music reprcsenialive of different nationalities was given by Mrs. rhweatl, fclldwcd by a .contest of partial -recordings lo be recognized by-lhe.,members. Mrs. Lcm.T. Stan 7 (otd-Jnadettiitrhighesl/- score", '"with Mrs. Hilton Stcphcnson coming second. ••••••' ••'..'-.... . During the social hour, the hostess served nn iced drink and cookies. high honors going to Mrs. Elliott Dr. Holman .sa|d that the marl- people, in degree lit least. A king's He rciiltal lhat tho religion of u Williams, « crystal boudoir lamp; juana or hemp plant entered Ihe goodness or badness may have liii-' people l.s Hie most Important second hours, Mrs. May Thompson, united status from Mcxjco, com- iiinisc effect upon h's klngiloin and thing In Us llic.The religion of linen luncheon set in Fiesln de- ing acres! the Rio Oiamie;; |,J H people jusl becmise of |he place Israel, as we ctm clearly see, wns sign; thirti high to Mis. Louis,«ard In Nc.w Orleans, which or pow er mid privilege Uwt he in Us mtral content'and ' In Its . , George, a bass wpod Iray; and cut'was a cenler of mtirljunnii Iradc 0 ...... ,„,, Its i splrllnnl Ideas far in iidviince of to Mrs. n. D. Eberdts, a clay i"! !i I't'iv.. anu im:n moilns (in The history ot the kliigs uf Is- the P«|jiin idolatries of surrpinullng ' k c peoples. Yel Jsrnol in lliis '||tjlo ier mud that the people 'occupied wns nations nnd oilier times, Some of "hvny.i subject lo tho Influences (h( , m weye vcry Kon ^ n ,, tl so]no 0( | ronl u, c:iu siromjc^ [mn p 3wcr [ul . . . , lherm;s jug, done'in red, bottle- the Mississippi valley. He said Ih.U ,. ac i illl( | J II( ) B J, | s vc |y , imo |, H gourd design. ' St. Louis oycnlually became n ecu- tllo |,| slory of (lie kings of oili LiiMirans Go Vacationing '" "lanjiiana tralfic. Dr. Holman gave nil inlercsting Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bowed left'J lis l'"' i(: account of innrljunim-'or. ( ,, p|11 ra . c bad. Some of them imllon«. Tlicre mis'nlwuys tlie ten- Saturday night for Memphis wh,cre ll ' c hemp plant. He said it .was • -held lliclr position and authority '. tniicy toward : ldol[Ury, and where ,le us well a, umUers of («HU ll,al was as, One of (lie first things Asn did, tou ,| sl , from oll(Cr ant SHill therefore:, was lo lako uwny the n, c jm foroian alturaand dealroy all the and aecompunluUls of Idolatrous worship. At the smne time he urscd up;n the people posllho Mips Eno, who lb the daughter of Adnjus Eno and lmenl tlic law and com- ininidmenls of Clod. . Hut his vlijor mid intogilty \\eio uol mniillc.slcd entirely In Hie fiiilierc of religion. -He proved r ii fill OIIB nnd cireotlve lender In (lie defense of the; nation; in -building up fcrtlftet cities, urn! In giving the nnlloii .pence, tl wns no wonder [lint, under Ills rule, tlic kingdom of Judah built well and prospered. • ncclluit, wns bom hi Vnii but spent much of hci In schools of the She hns rc- Idcd In Van fhiren hince she ro- tiincd (licio lit Wi nnd since .lien hni, been actively Idcnfincd \ltli chic gioups of her county and Mule. —' Mus cluik :>nd Indav that orders 01 booto may bo given lo nny chuptei piesldcnt. / weeks trip sponsored by the Arkan- tas Er/Jcat^nnl Association, tlie " L ' *' .itinerary of .which,will Inchiclo^lsuVs-jW"!. 1 of" Washingloii,.'6r:'C.;''•tlVe : » Ncw ,_.i",_ York World's Pair, and Niagara Palls. ,[..„ UJ I their ollicc for selfish or Ignoble ticcs, It. wns Ihe moral and physi- ., ; tln and A.slnlii : formation ion. He e> hvcd power more than a[/ - tl iiK'i^wiwm.'5s . antl they v-'lslicd -to 1 >f"lTie"c l hrl5-' c - x l''°'' / 'heir people rather ; I plained ' thlit' tb - scrvc llicm: . ' • ivil health mul welfare of tho pco. Rev, Harrison Holds , Driver Grove Revival An eviiniicllsllp iiicctliig is • being held til-, the lirlvuv Grove school by DID Roy. Mr. Harrison, of Os ccola, it \yfls unnnunccd t°<'ay An liivllntipii has bciin c^ cd'to tlie public to nUeml these trrvlccs- wl)|oh - beujii . tit: elgh o'clock each night. lipcr, mare cakes HuMKo The Dainty Cooking Fat , "It's WoiulcrfuM" and ! sister, Miss Catherine Tennyscn, c( Dinncr and Tbeatcr Party Miss Marlha tCale Bryant had Ncw York Worlfl , Fai nm , NJ!>B . her guest for six o'clock dinner , as tllc pr | ncipal itinerary, dur- saturday cvcmng followed by a theater party A Ian Jones, 'Bobby. ** We have no kings In our Auierl- ' plant and "hopped up" on ine|can democracy, but what is Iruc .,,.,..„ ^ , . /, , (drug, claimed to commiiiie wilh concwnlng kings i.s tine ot slnlc.s- Arkadelplna, left Memphis .Sunday j Go( f or lhc F . a| ; cr , nm , ftll(1 1)0 ,j{| ( , ln , ls ,„ - >lr moclcrn Carter tour for Washington, ae s , ljd (|lnl oiiristiaiis woiilil tlcinocrallo life, Soine of lliem l|re have nothing lo do with tills hash-1 to serve their country and their isli inspired type of- religion mid fellcwiucn with high tdcnls of Ining a len days trip. Mr. and Mrs, B. O. Wilkins and ,,. . .,,,„, j ,, C '" < i a ,? 0; I children, Ann Claire and B. 6. Misses Adcll Hook and Mary Al en j lca Mon(J fo , a molol . , r| Edrlnglon, of Osceoia, and Miss., tn MnsrW Sh:als, Ala..' returning . Mountain and Cliatta- Miss Bryant also had as her guest fci-i 11 :picnic supper Sunday night, Miss Margaret Terry, Frank Angelo, L. H. Askew, and Bob Wiggins, all of Memphis, Miss Mary Allan Edringlon of Osceoia, and her sister, Mrs. Julia Owen. Tlie party niotorcri to Barlield and en-i joyed the picnic spread on the onnks cf the Mississippi. '' ';'.''.• " '' T ' - ' Cclebr.ifc.s Birlhday 1 J/'.W. Spann, one of the few snr^ viving pioneer citizens of Luxora', was honored Sunday by his son, Louis Spann and family, wilh a birthday dinner in celebration of his 88th birthday. MrT SPann is active still in l;cking alter his farming Interests', drives his car, to Muscle via nopga, into Memphis Thursday night for the performance of "R:- fcerla" by Memphis Open Air Theater cast, returning home Friday. Misses Eva. Mable and Echia 1.,,,,-^ , M .>i. ij^t ^i u|u> U n George accompanied Mrs. Mary I nt in with their ideas of cpposed the- "faith healers" tcerity nnd devotion to lhc-c:jn- (ypes wlio used hasn'sn. He re- momvcal. Others (liiiik chiefly of iciTCtl to Homer and other ancient themselves or of their party, and greats of literature and other fields degrade the. offices that Uicy hold who believed that finer results by shameful practices ot comipli:n were obtained in various under- and profit in office.. Jt is this fact takings by those under the iiiilu- Lhnl gives meaning nnd. application cnce of hashish. for today, to llic lessons from The Japanese nnd Chinese re- ]|vc s 0 | ancient kings. We cnght to; Sliiblcy, of Ncw Madrid, Mo., for a-weekend lrip to'Vicksbiirg, Miss. H. A. wise and daughter, Miss Nora- Wise, left Sunday imrning "Orcat tuitions have slept them- jecled hashish— or marijuana— be- study tlicsc lesson' ciiiisc ' Ihat type of opium did nol I — cotic. They preferred, he said, me dreamy, peaceful effect caused by iise ol opium or tlie poppy. a vcry for Huntfivllle, Ala.,' where Miss Jane Wise will join them for a four days (rip " to" Washington, D. C. Marvin Spann left Sunday aftcr- sclves out of cxislcnce In centuries past by the use of narcotics," 13r. Holman ' said. He declared Ihe challenge of marijuana is real, that np:n, accompanying his mother, j it 1ms been estimated Ihal as many havin Mrs. fi. L. Ccx, to her home in Bobp, Miss., for- a visit. Mrs. H..W. Spann and Miss Florence, accompanied their niece, visit cf four weeks with them, to | her home in St. L:uis last Sunday. growth of his Home town ,' v " ' l """ ,"""•.,''"'- ,""' ^"'" seen Luxcra gr:w' from a J ^" and fqmily several rtnys be ore 111.... mo j or w m, them lo Amanllo, president of the Mississippi County Bank, located at Osceola-Luxora, is 10,000,000 people in the United States are users of the narcotic inel Ihril Us spread nuisl be slopped. ; W. W. Watson Purchases Residence In Osccola liny river village to a town ot progress along religious, educational and business interests. j Sixteen guests were present to' Dr. and Mrs. B. B. ISogan arc SS wiiii I "Happy Birthday" 1 surrounded . by' 88 candles—with "Grandpa" Spann | occupying a seat of honor at"the) head ol the table, were his sen L:uise,- H. A.. Wise, Miss . Nora Wise, Mrs. Mary Spann. Miss Net- Tennessee. " Von t tidbit ^^irl KenlucKy and Announces Birlh of.a Son Alincimcerncnt lias .been received dt the birlh of a nine pound son tie Gray and Mrs. J. C. Johnson, lo Mr - «"<» 'M". George Shlbley of - - ' late 01 Washington, D. C. - - 'CoPnerti, Tenn. He has been Others present were ilire's grand- "anied George Wayne. daughlers 'Mrs. Bliss Yancey, of M f s ' ghiblcy will be remembered Hughes, 'Ark.- Mrs. R. U Cox of' 3 ' M 'ss Adele George. Bobs, Miss., and Mrs. R. D. EberdU | . * * of 'Baton Rcuge, la. Two "great- j- Miss Peggy Siliman has returned grandchildren, Gladys Lee Cox and from a visit with her aunt. Jlrs. Marvin'' Spann. Mr. Yaucey. Mr. Fred Small, and family, al Salem, Cox and Mr. EberdU. 111. magician, 107, On RonA ROME (UP) — t'ano Fortunala claims lo be (lie world's oldest magician. He's pr:bsbly right since he Is 107. His assistant is his daughter, who Is a mere 80. They still lour Italy, earning a tew lire J D. Wilkins were co-hostesses. Mrs. Spann was assi-sled in scrv-l Mr. and Mrs. B. Thwcalt cf ing the guests by her three daugh- Chattanooga, Tenn., have arrived ters, E1U Yancey, Gladys Cox and , for a visit with lhcir s:n, John , Tliweatt, and family, j Miss Margaret MofTitt, who un- I dcrwent a sinus operation at the A s'-n was bcrn to Mr. and Mrs. Baptist hospital, Memphis, Mon- Thomas D. Wilkins on July 11 al I day, is resting very cciiiforlnbli ; . lhc Baplisl. hospital, Memphis. The ) V. C. Williams of Miami, Ha., is baby weighs four and one-half visiting for several weeks in the Elizabeth Eberdls. Son Is Horn CooksL Sjiol in Ton-n W»tch Society Pat* Of Courier News F«r Free Show Guesti Last Times Today KK1SEU. July 19.— W. W. 1 (Buddy) Watson, county tax assessor, lias purchased the residence on East Keiscr nvcmic in Osccola whirli was formerly occupied by tlie laic J. W. UlKdes nnd fainity. After the building lias been re- moilclcd, Mr. and Mis. \Valson and family will make lhcir home •Ihcre. Firsl ice skates were marie by tying the bones of animals to the botlrins of the feet. Early cxanipl&s of vciiecrc;! fnr- nilurc can be Iraccd back to ancient Egypt, when it was made f-:r kings. pounds but lias not yet been named. * • * Large Parly al Scout Kill h'.ine of his cousin, M. c. Cooke Sr. Mrs. E. I?.. Began was accompanied home from the annual Mas:n- BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys \i bscVache anil \cg |iam* are inskin* you rnis«r.iWe. don't jii*t complain am ! do nolTiinc adont lliern. Saline i/A]>e warning von tKal j'oiir fcMtipyi'nc*! *(((.?Jon. T!i? kultieyi »re N'oturc'f chief w»j-oJ l.iVin? eiccsj aridi an^ poitonoiu waite oul of iHe h!(>o<I. itoit v^ople p;i« about S pinti • rfay or »l)rtnl 3 ponnvlt of waste. Fre<|iiciit or jc^nly pijuapcs »itri »aiaTltn« and bnrriinR sfiom thpre nisy IH toinetlrlrit Twenty-eight guests attended the Ic-Kastcrn Star picutc at Bntcs- aftcrnoon bridge party at the scent i ville last Thursday by Mrs, Loui.-c Hut Wednesday atternoon witli Thompson of Fort Smith, worthy Mrs, Charlie Th:mas, and Mrs, T. grand matr;n of the O. E, S. ot Arkansas. They motored to Monette by doing card tricks at village inns. Out of town guests were Miss Friday night for the official visit , JATHBOHE, . VIRGINIA FIEIO • LIOIIEI.'ATWII.L BAHBABA OliEIL IF aram^iiuf News A: Selected bl Admission Mstiiicc ICc & 1 Ki'glit Ific A- 36c tf He ) don'l «ot kidn S .5 § . • $ ' 5 ' 5 $ 5 FKiCAY, JULY t\ 75 GOO!) UKASONS Why Yoti Khonld Attend Matinee or Nijjht S ? $ % S '$ § 5 Billion Dollar Logs c poison! . Don't ^ait. Ais^ y Hilt*. ^eJ yftnra. Th l Jot p for o ' . ra. They gi\ft happy relief anH'wil l.S Tiiilei of kidney tuWa Cuili out no:*' wait* from Ihe blood. Gel Doan's Pills. Jacliic .Coognn & i!ef)y •\ nrablc A'so sender! shoris Adinisfion Matinee !0c S: Me Admission Nighl IGc & Sfic PEANUT BUTTER, Johnson's Quart 19c MATCHES True American Regular Sjzc PINEAPPLE JUICE iw? NO, 2 Can ,., PICKLES Sour or Dill Green Beauty MACARONI OR SPAQHETti Lpng Snow White CRACKERS Fresh and Crispy ; ,.. 2 for ?c . . 2 for 25c< - Qt. 13? . 2 boxes 5c 2 lb. bpx 13c POTATOES/UJS. No. 1 Red 10 Pounds 20c KRAUT Libby's No. l\ Can Best Gra»Je . . r . can lOc SHOE STRING POTATOES Ready to Serve. , .. .. «n 9c COFFEE Chase and Sanborn Regular or Drip .. lb. 24c Green's Pasteurized Grade A. Milk Delivered Fresh Twice Daily COCA-COLA, Buy a Carton of 6 Bottles for. . 25c CORN FLAKES Grand Prize 8 oz. Package SOAP Lux Toilet For Hands or Bath PEARS Argq in Syrup No. 2i Can ...^ TOMATO JUICE Grand Prize No. 2 Tajl ... 2 for 13c .. 2 for lie - . each 18c .. 3 for 25c MILK, Amboy, 3 Large Cans 18c; 6 Smaii Cans 19c POTATO SAJ,AD Minot Ready to Serve No. 300 Can . £ach 15c PEACHES Argo in Syrup No. 24 ...' „ ea?h 15c TOMATOES Hand Packed Standard '„ .. 2 for 15c SALT liti). Package "Avery'V.....::^ 2 boxes 5c Si'E(J!ALS—KI-YTliKViliUj; J5AKING CO. > DATE PECAN DROPS ..:. dozen 12c LADY BALTIMORE LAYER CAKE WITH FUDGE ICING each 23c INDIVIDUAL PECAN ROLLS ..,....: : - .. . each 2c CHEESE PARKER HOUSE ROLLS :.. dozen lOc LARD, Loose, Pure, Bring Your Bucket.... lb. 8c LARD 4 Lb. Bucket Pure ,..:. 38c BUTTER Best Creamery lb. ?8c BACON Sliced Rind Off .,., lb. 23c BEEF ROAST Swift's Premium lb. 23c CHEESE 2 Lb. Loai Swift's -..,.,... 44c FRANKS ^ WIENERS -.. . lb. 18c HAMBURGER MEAT . ib. 15c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE . lb. 13,c OLEO Gem lb. 14c; Dixie lb. 19c D.S. MEAT Best Grade lb. Ik We Deliver 104 S., Division Street. Phone LSI C. L. NABERS GROCERY & MARKET FRIDAY, JULY 21; SATURDAYj JULY 22; . MONjbAY, JULY 24

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