The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1948
Page 11
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MONDAY, MARCH iV, 1048" OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Br/miEVTU.K (ARK.) COUIUKR NKWS XXJ 10 SEE THIS.' I PUT H6 CLOTHES WAV BACK SO HEP HAV{? TO GET LIP 70 GET THEM AW NOW HE PUSHE THE ~ , i LU VJA.GUR VOL) DIDN'T EXPECT ME HOME SO SOOflf-~- H&H-WEH.' ANJD THIS IS OSCAR CAMNOM.TH6 6/V5.EBA.LL SLUGGER 1 DlSCO\.'£RgD/~-v<j 60UNSD FOR THE BIG LEAGUE TRAlMlMG CftMPS -«~ SORRY WE'LL BE ABLE TO ST/W HERE ONLY A F ; eW DA.YS/ HOVJDV, MRS. HOOPU! VOO LOOK . Llkfe A ' DO EM6RY- TrilMG IN M.V ATTH6 STATE FAIR.' AR IS AL.YM/VYS THOUGHTFUL—OF- BIG STOMACH - A4ac/Wr»ur Lifts Ban On News or 1 Candidacy TOKYO. March 15. <UPi—Gen Douglas MacArlhur lias instrncied his censorship division io permit ihe Japanese press lo publish any Am- rncan political attacks against hiiii emannting from the United States. H was announced today. Col. M. P. Echols, MacArtrmi-'s press nkic, made public MacArth'ir's order after Kyodo News Agency reported that allied headquarters censors had suppressed some incoming cable copy from the United States reporting the activities of • nti-MacArthur clubs. Kyodo, one of the largest news agencies In Japan, services Japanese papers throughout Die Mauds Earlier, however, Echols said that «rmy newspapers and radio stations would not use dispatches on the MncArthiir-for-Preslrieiu controversy because ii was not "straight news " Tills ruling Includes dispatches on the activities or nro-MacArthur cJBa n iza lions as well as anti-Mac- J^mir club.?, Echols said. Missco Savings Bonds Sales Exceed $55,000 A total of $55.527.25 In U. S. Savings Bonds was purchased by Mississippi 'Couiitians during month, the Treasury Department announced today. Of this amount, $10,000 was Invested in Series G bonds and the remainder in Series E bonds Series E bond purchases last month In Arkansas totaled $2312423 of the total of $3,538,574 invested in all .series. Ti jHone Sondbcro. Shriber Fried Chicken ..; Croppie Dinner -BEER- 7 Days a Week! Blahchard's Cafe Poriageville, Mo. Owned By Stanley Keller Porto Rico KtLN DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Door Phones 4677—2986 Buck Meharg Product 401 E. Main Si ••«'','"',; : . s '',"" Vi t".';;:""';"" 1 lor "" •jHK put ihe j.uic !„-, ol paner m her pocket and hurried out o( lom/nys room. She wenl into he, bedroom, crossed lo the closet opened the door and selected a .o t tweed sun. Her linscrs were j ^te7,ouse 1)1 ir )> '!j h ha^ er3 stooped down for shoes n 11 , drcsscd ln "be bathroom, not looking ni herself in the mirror, nol warning to look at herself, | not wantj,, g to admit what il was sue was goinf; to do The garage was open. S bc smcllcd oil a ,,d g rcasc '. and ^ Uea,. fresh smell of wet cement « she opened the car door and Mid behind the wheel. The key was in the ignitlion, she turned it released the handbrake and Pressed the button that started the car. The roar of the motor was reassuring. * • * r Jp!E receptionist looked up from book with a smile and "Thank you." She stood up straightened her blue tweed skirl Picked up her pockclbook, walked across the room to the paneled onk r e th »t '«' to Knos Barton's Enos was sca ( cd Dc [ lind his wide mahogany c |,. sk . Scci ,, im ..there,-handsome as always, with : his graying h;iir and youthful face and rtcep brown eyes, brourlu back a Hood of memories to Ann. -She had come into this paneled room with her father on various business dealings. She had come here with Laurie and without Laurie, finding out exactly what it was her father wanted her to do as far as her yoimg sister was concerned. Enos Barton stood up, greeted her with a smile. He said. "This is an unexpected pleasure, Ann " blie was jjlad lo sit down in Die big chair lie waved her to. 'How's (lie country" he nsked silling down himself. "I've ticeii me,-i,mi K to gc ; down. Got some stuff I wa .u to go over with Hush — How is by ihe way?" Oh he's fine. Fine," she said, a liltlc breathlessly. "And we want you lo come down. Whenever you can. y uu know „,.,,„ She.sounded a lilUe loo ragei. she realized abruptly, because Enos lurried in his swivel chair and eyed her keenly. "Enos—" She slopped suddenly, nol knowing exactly how to go on and Knos sal there, watching her. turning a silver pencil around and around m Ins beautifully carcd for hands Ami all at once Enos looked worried. He leaned forward, said in a quiet voice, "There 1 * nothing wroiiR, is mere. Ann?" She laughed jerkily. She was swept will, ll, e desire to make Enos her confidant. Hul caution lugged at her. held her bnck. She didn't know exactly how Enos filled into Ibis picture "I'm not—sure," she said slowly, and her lin s crs tightened over the little scrap of paper in her pocket, "l-ifs about Lnuric. Enos. "Oh! Laurie." Did s |, e only imagine sl,e beard relict in his voice? "What's happened to Laurie, Ann?" "She thinks she's fallen in love." He said quietly, "With this young—what's his name?—Bishop?" Her breath quickened. At least Enos wasn't going to deny his knowledge. Was lhat good or bad? She nodded. "y ra . Tommy Bishop." "And you're concerned because of. the will 1 .'" • * * A GAIN she nodded. Then she said flatly, "Why did Tommy come to you. Enos?" Once again he played with (h« silver pencil. "I'm not exactly sure why he came." Enos ,„,,) s j ( >wly. "But 1 II toll you this, Ann, I liked him." And then be seemed lo r.-.ich n OensioH. lie leaned forward over the desk, "I had a Rical deal nt admiration lor your filher. Ann. but we «'dn t agree about I'-:-.! will. Not ix-ciiuse I thought il was unfair to Uim-ic either, but btciiuse il wus io unfair lo you." "To me . . .?" "Certainly. It K j VCK r jalll . ie a whip hand she would never have I'atl otherwise. "Laurie?" Ami looked at him incredulously. "Laurie. Don'l you see the advantage she has. If it comes to a =howdown are you going to retnse Her rnnrriafie if she can convince you it means her happiness?" "Nnlurally nol." "Of course you wouldn't, Ann I ve always prided myself on my judgment of people." Knos sounded just a trifle sententious It's seemed incredible lo me the ongths to which Laurie will go to gel her own way." "l.aurie may be spoiled," Ann said coldly. "But I don't Me, Enos, just whal you're driving at." "Ann. have you ever visualized the sort of man l.aurie would fall m love will,?" He was watching tier while his slender well-groomed lingers lurncd the silver pencil back and forth. "I have Let me tell you what ! n mf ,, p wilh Older—1 figure d—considerably older than she -distinguished anil with money, too. Laurie would ligure the money Rom | insurance against fortune hunters " "Well. y,,M couldn't liave been less right, could you?" "But I wonder." Knos said slowly, "if I was wraiiR." .She blitilu-d al Mm. "M'roiiR?" she echoed. "Bui of course you were WVOIIR! Tommy', in his twenties, he h.isn'l gol a cent, he's distinguished lor noth- ini!'. He hns no family, ,, o bark- ground . . ," 'And what proof have you " Enos said gently, "thai Laurie loves this boy?" (To Be CiiiiliniicKI For Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2513 JAMES STANDR1DGE Norris Printing Co. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L. MABRY «23 MISSOURI ST. PH. J627 Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS TWENTY MILLION GARDENS ..... Tht Government has asked for that amount _ it is the answer to higher and higher food prices. Raise your own food! We have complete stocks of garden seed. Order now! HELP CONSERVE FOR or V OTHERSr-WITH UR OWN: .ARnF\ ndned and Held you b,w you miy h <i , S(0re v" ^ ™ St complete between Memphis and St. Louis lon seed! -germlnn SEE US ABOUT YOUR GARDEN SEED NOW! WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU PAUL BYRUM The Seed Store" " Hi-120 East Main St. Ulyllieville, Arkansas Spring Planting Oats \Ve have Spring Oats, Alfalfa, Pasture Mix!tires and I.espedeza. I,a\vn Mixtures for All Kinds Field Seerf, Come to See Us- Biythevilie Soybean Corporation 1800 W. MainSf. '- 1 * Phones ... S. J.COHEN Oontractor LYNCH BL06. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Phone 3646au£2S25 Handled With Care Prom the time your family's c | 0 (i, c « roach us-to the time, Ihey are returned to you tninmculalcly clean, they get the best of care. Fabric, color Hnrt design pl»y « p sr t )„ ne . lenninini! the methods nnd ingrs- (llents v f me In cl(!«nlri)t. Our results satisfy! Dial 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 220 North Second Street PAGE EIJTVlll KHKCKLKS A HIS FRIENDS Jlller, By MERRILL BLOBSKS "Meet my father, George! You niul he have a lot in common—he's always had wonderful ideas for making ,\ (nt of money, too 1 ." 1'KISCll.LA'S I'OP Charlie's twinq for j little qa Mind if I >Vll!l( 'I'l'HtS C'llll A I, VERMEER Don't get too close, Prisci/fe. The onions '5 water; VIC FLINT Circumstantial DO VOU KNOW ANVONE MISS 51ONE, WVIO M/(ARi AN ACMY OVWCOAT AND A GRAY MAT WHO MIGHt K4W W4NIEO 10 KULVOOR BfWIMHt? VE5, iOU WtARS A COA1 AND NAT tIKE THAT »y W1CHABL 0'MAU7EY und RALPH LANt WASH TUBF1S MO...OWLVnWROMS^ WHBEK. SOME OtD L^P V ^ TRIEB TO WtfiUE WITH HE 1HW THIS MUST Bf SCHlWZti Mow I'nit. 1 SOME 1DIOT 16 ALWAYS GEITIWGOtJR. NUWBER.S COWPU&EO! ir 1HM 6TUPIP SCHUL1ZE HM) ftNV COU5IDERMIOM HE'P HWE HIS H1UWEEK. LKVSIJE TUKNEg-.j RED RYDER SUrPERl WAIT. tCHS. IU ORftR SOW£ FISH SENT UP TO TH 1 WARTMENT'. One Gmdilimi YE.LLOVO SKSOVJ OFFER RYD&R A. By FRED HARMAW THAT Gotp FOR LtTti 's SAKE. DUCHE-65' K'tL PAT OFF THE MORTGAGE OJH£R FATriER-5 T DOfJ'T 5T1CK YOUR HE.\oiKs A COYOTE HOLE,RE.D-' VOL) NEED A (3il,<) TO I F. 4I.1.KY OOP On Ynur By V. T. HAMLIN &*£'< TO OOP. f ID LIKE TCJ5EE ^H*T TH£"KKJ».vr VOU DO W(TM OK ^5 MV6IC CARPET:.'P, c BOOTS AND 1IKR nUDDIKS \Vlial (o [)n! By EDGAR MARTIN VV MOST CftVV A SUT \ OOM'X QUVvV HOW TO A^\!x ?OS

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