The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY DECEMBEllg, 1930 BLYTHKVIU.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEvV'S PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS .Two cents a word for first liiECrtion and one cent a word for • each subsequent Insertion, No advertisement taken for less Uian 5flc. Count the words and send the cash. '- IMionc 300 ANNE AUSTIN 'HIE BUCK PIGEON 1 1 It AVENGING PAC8OT MIJ«Dlie BACKSTAIRS* FOR SALE FOR SALE— 1 tAngorn Goat,, cart and harness. Clias. Bright, Phone 940-J. '• l7P'-k20 FOIl RENT—Two roo:ns and bath, fuvi]iiilic-d or iiiifuiiiishL'd, close! in. 100 West Asli St. lOC-Ti I i . j FOR RENT — 2 room /urnlsJWd aparlnient, steani-iieated.'' 201 \ Lake,'Phone 443. 18C-K22 j FOR RENT — Four room house; newly papered and painted inside.-' On paved street. Garage. L. Fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. 18C-TF FOR RENT—3 room luniished apt. COG- N. 5lh slice;. )6n-k21. IN DELL—FOR RENT—3 room house, 58.00; 4 room house, $11. L. Fowler, Phone 388 or 150-J.-. • . . ' ' > 1CC-TP FOB' REN'T—Furnished apartment, private talh, 207. North fjftri str«t. Also 20 acre fcfr'm'for'"'sale, adjoins Pride addition. Six room \ liDuse,-several outbuildings.. 'O..-S. ' BaggeU, phone 846W.-'.'- •-13p'ik23| FOB RENT—Slseplhg"; ;"fpairi : ; in steam lieated home on Main st. Two young men preferred. Addresr, H Courier News. 19c-ktf FOR RENT—Sleeping room ''.convenient to bath. 201 E. uavb. Phone 25. 19c-k23 WANTED , WrtNTHD — Family Wnsliinijs. -Washed nn f j ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF I 'umr:l to nis apartment iiKiii.N HUH* TODAY KI'l-:i.'IAI, l.>'\ ItSTtUATOlt MIL'S. rtni!. Lmtnu dinni-r «nk l'i:\\v CHAiy Ilir Similar >Urr JUAM- Tl SHI.m U imirUrrril HI LrM^o. 1,-IS lirr lEif Jaleftf. MndlnfENi Su»- HAM.MOMl. In lint ntlh Mln, IIICIH <U:M Hulpb «ame la M(a'« liuu»t fri'in (ho, nn'ieen by I'Ol.l.y 111-: A I, R and kit brother !ilnl, .vlinl Mm' lu her brilrnnm *vtlli n Kiln nun .Uaklin hllrnrcr shilfn trinii JCIIR!-: MA11S1IAI,],. .Ml:i'« Inndlunl. to whum Ihr im!d ni> irnl. ilhd llril. Suspicion nUi, r<-J>l« on I'T.OICA M1I.]:H, In Min'a rloiet nl Ilk? tlmr nf [Tic niLinlt-r rr.-iitliip n nnlr li:-iiil. Inn which IN rrnlly from imvi'i-:!! ni'iiAoiji:. nb» cnmr troni >Yw Yurk-rn Join Mia. nnd ivliiirci I'r/inj urrufcei ill thr mur- itrr. r.VHlA, Min'H ninld. fni-r Ml:i hiul tnirtK-il horrlblv nnd tu uliiuii Mln-lr[| nil hrr inonrj In nn Mllcnlti! In ^uiiiiirtikjtlp. '• Ihr/n'Tfcnlly clcnrvj. H:il|ili, hnu'rvrr. npprnrji nnd irll* I'rnn; thin hr In rnrril of hl« lnt;illintlni, fur Mln. Tlir Illumine nf Ml:i'« Jrnlt,. ILillih. in ml- Mln'>~HII|.. llnil. In |br nlllL- liril- r t-vhlriifc Ilinl S|irni;ur wn» i\hn« iilri-ni))- K'inf, flmtn Kalph. nnd furcf* film tn rotu^ \tllli her. lit- iiriimUe* DUI 10 crini- lo tlir pnrlr, nnj Inxlrnd >;or.i to .1 rlu<:i|i bnlrl In M Jrink ir ',1." Thi- nc(T innrlitDi: lir rrrll/fJ« lie lote» I'cnar. nnd \vrllc>: n nnic in Mtn, ivba bad nlrrnil; iminiNrd In ninVrjr him, lelllnu *lrr Itr )• IbrLiucll- Hf "»)*• I'pnny rrry hiiinbla (n ninrry h[tn. ^lii- nrninUfi lo, n'rd llten CH![N IB .NOW en OX WITJ.I .TUB STOHV CHAPTER XXV11 fT was nearly niriq n'rlocit Monda; '** inortilng, and' Dundee- sat nlone in tlie district attorney's office, Inv lisllcnlly awaiting Hie .arrival of his clile(. Coroner Price, with the approval of Captain Slrau-n of llie homicide squad. liad set the Inquest into llie murder ot Jnaulta Leigh ! Scllm for 10 o'clock, ahrt there was I ivrjcli that Dundee wished to say to ll:e district r.ttorney Lefore tlial ^o;ir arrived. \Vhra tlic ihoroushly tired and youni; detective had; re lats Sun But lie v.'as content now to bi-lloie that Nlla hersc-lf liad unsealed the envelope she liad inscribed. "To Be Opened in Cfiso ot My Dcalli" . Why? . . . [lad tli= been moved ijy an Impulse ID glu- a clue to the Identity ot the person of whom she stood In 'tar. but had stilled llie CTIIAWN had s:ild. lei. lhai Iho littlo ro^L'SVfHiil itc-st: dad hccn In a fairly orderly condition, before lila big. ofliclal liands bad clawed tliroush It in :;cai'cli of « eluc or lie gnu llself. . . . Well, Slrawn ad been properly t-hiiHiii'.^d \\l\cu luiulce had produced ill? will aim Lois Dunlap offers lier a Job to or- Kiuitzc. a l.llllo Theater In llanill- Ion—which tho fair Nttn would certainly have described as a lilck town and whlcli she wouldn't have uccn found dead In If eho could linve helped il"—and tlio district Qllorney grinned at his o\vn witticism—"mil Brondwny Nltn ]UI:I|IB at U. Her rucketcc-r aweello 1ms a luiiB iii'iii, however, and Kiln sets lieis. Justly enough, urobnbly, but I wish to tlio Lord eho hiul clioseu some otlier town 10 hide In. Lola POULTRY WANTED—Market ccs, any fiuantily. Mariivri Hat chcry. 210 S. Fourth St. " 9C-TP ;-! ila.v aflernoon. alter having seen Hammond co:np.!etcly "Why did she slick It .way In a Dunlap Is Ilainlllon, tho (Inc5t woiniin in but she's too damned |irnmlscuu>is In her friendships. AB H Is now, Bomo of tho best friends ! linve lu tho world nro mixed up In this mess, even U It Is only as lack of new cuvelnpus. if S!:L- \VMII- iinr.occnl victims of circumstance—' 1 d It to he Found?" Sirmvif had tic-1 Unlll then Dundee bad let his namicd Irritably, am] hail not beuu [ chief express bis pont-up convlc- ,iona without luterruption, and In 1 Iced Sanderson's courtroom train had llttccl him admirably for ions speeches. Uul bo could keep sllenl no longer. "Thru la what has been worrying me, chief." he Interrupted. "Captain Ktrawn has glren tho papers very lupeased by Dundee's suggestion: I she did not waul I.ydla, n dusting the desk, to ECO U and ie alarmed." Yes, lie had lici;:i liusj 1 tnoiijili, )ut what, actually, had lie to show 'or his lnduslrj'7 lie liail n'orkeil up three good casej—ilui firsi against- Lyilla Carr, llie hccoud against Dcster SpruEiie, :::iJ the third against Ualph ilaniumuil— only to have iliotn knocked to Pieces 'almost as fast as ho had conceived them. Of course l.ydia Carr mlyhl be lying to Spr.'igue an nllhi. hut Dundee was convinced thai she was telling the truth and that ebo hated Spraguo too much to fake an alibi for him. Of course there was always Judge Marshall, out— Through the closed door came sounds which Dundee presenily identified as connected with Peuuy Grain's arrival—tho emphatic click of her heels; the quick opening and shutting ot desk drawers. The down-hearted young detective debated the question of taking his perplexities onl to her. but decided against it. Sli= probably wanted to hear no more of his theories, was undoubtedly burning with vlgiiteous indignation agalust lltlle real Inlornir.lion, but the trulh Is 1 am alra.ld one of you friends was not on Innocent vlctin ot circumstance." IJIstrict Attt/rney Sanderson sa down abruiilly In tho awivcl chul at his desk. "Just what, do you mean, Dundee?" "I mean I am convinced that one OUR KOARDTNG HOUSE ot Mrs. Seltm's was her inur* LOST AND FOUND LO3T— Ladies black felt hsti^Rs- \vard for return to Kirby-'B?)! Drur; Co. 19c-k23. PERSONAL any pastille complicity In Mm because of nnlph Hammond. the iHiii-ibr of N'ila Selim. lie had found : i telegram from the district attorney. died in Chicago: "CAI.L.KD CHICAGO SERIOUS !L!,N1£SS OF .MOTHER STOP RE- TL'liNINO HAMILTON EIGHT TEN MONDAY JIQIiMN'O STOP SKI" IJV I'AI'ERS YOU AHE ON SEI.I5I JOB STOP GOOIJ BUT WILL GIVE 107c of receipts to unemployment relief. Haircut 25cr Shave loc. Wort Guaranteed. C. WATCH .YOUIt ! SON." . STEP— SANDER- DON'T FAIL to see'our display'ad in this paper today if you don't want to miss the best treat for Christmas dinner. Fisher's Bakery. Well— and Dundee grinned rue- en on tin. 1 job al\ , *fitcbcd.;)il step" 1 .' At. any. vale, he bad been .thnrou^li. 'he '•' congratulated liiro- self, ns lie \s 1 etglied the hig tnanlla envelope containing liis own traaa- scrjption of the copious shorthand 19ck20j notes lie hail laUen durins tlio first LC::DCN. IVP> — The 'popular word "tariff" is said to !icive- : .heen taken frntn the Arabic, at cne time tariffs being in force only at Tarifa, near GibraHcr, where the Moors levied taxes on ail ships entering the Mediterranean. fl. German airplane builder is ex- pncimrntin^ \vith a lo?.'-\vmg monoplane having stabilizers at tho ends of the wing lo prevent spins. hours of ihe InveatiEallon. A smaller envelope held N'ita's telltale rheehbook. licr amazing lust v/ill :::id tealatiitm, utid the still more startling note slie tiad written lo Lydia Carr. The last two Dundee had retrieved from Cana- vray only this mnrnlns, nfler tiav- ing submitted them to tlie fingerprint expert on Sunday. CarraAvay's report had ralhor It was a decidedly unhappy young detective vrliom Sanderson greeted upoi) his arrival ;>t nine o'clock. The new district 1 attorney, who had held office since November, was a big, good-natured, tolerant man, who looked younger than his 35 years because of bis freckles and his always rumpled mop of sandy hair. But those who sought lo take 'advantage ot his good 'nature In the courtroom found themselves up against as keen a lawyer and prosecutor- as could Ije found' In 'the whole state.. ;. "Well, boy!" he grettecl Dundee genially but with an undertone of solemnity. "Looks like we've got a sensational murder on our bands. It's not every day Hamilton can rate ~ headline Ilka 'BRO-'DWAV I5EU.E MURDERED AT BRIDGE 1 —to quote a Chicago paper. . . . But I'm afraid there's not enough mystery in It lo suit your tastes." Dundee grinned wryly. "I've been pretty down in the mouth all morning bccausa lliore'a a llttlo too much mystery, chief." deier, but I'd liko lo tell you Ibe 'ivliolo story, and let you judso for yourFclf." "My God!" Sanderson ejaculated. Slowly ho drew out n handkerchief aiid mopped his freckled Urow. "If I hadn't had a good many years of CNr.crlenco with criminals, Dundee, I'd say 1i ia obvious on tho fact) of it that none of those four men — Judge Marshall, Tracey Miles, Johnny Drake. Cllvo Hammond— coulil have committed sVich n rlieap, sensational crime as murdering a hostess during a bridge came. . . . Not that I haven't wanted lo commit murder myself over many a flashed that nr him at tirst. for it proved other hands than Kita's— AUTO PAINTING We will .arrange time payments. Get our prices and save. Genuine Duco W. I. Denfon Chevrolet Co. 18C-M6 -ml his own, c.C course — had bridge game," ho ndded, with the irrepressible humor Cor which be was famous. Then he groaned, the rueful twliikle still In Ills eye: "I'm afraid we're in for a lot ot gruesome kidding. Why, last night. In the club' car of my train, three tables of bridge players could scarcely play a hand for wisecracking about tne dangers ot beins dummy! Well, boy, DOW lhat I've talked myself past the worst shock, suppose you. Give me tlie low-down. Hut 1 «-arii you I'm going to lake a yaw- erlul lot of convincing." : Painstakingly, aiid in' trie 'greatest detail, Dundee told tlio whole story. He was interrupted fre rjuently, of course, scofiinyly at first tltcn with deepening solemnity uni respect on tiic part of llio district attorney. "Lot mo sco the plan of tho house again," he said, when Dundee had flnUliFcl. "Also lhat .tabli you've worked up showing tbo approximate time and order ot arrival ot the four men. .- . . Thanks! . . . Hmm! . . . Ilmin!" nnct Raymond,Cllv* Hammond—" "Kill Tally am) Cllro v.'cio 111 tho olarlmu together nil ll:o Ilinc-" objected. "So Uicy stild," Dundee ncrecd. Cut II Is n. very sliori tvln from ho solarium by way ot llio sldu porch. Into Mta's bedroom. And plthcr I'olly licnlo or Cllvo Iliim- iioiul could Imo made Him trip, un tho pretext ot speaking lo Nlt.i iboul Hiilnli! . . . Mollvo: murder o end blackmail. Naturally Biicli n theory would not Inrludo both ot hem. hul It one ol (hem was belns jlnclmiallod nnd made use ot ibc pretext of warning Mia ot Ilnlph's overwrought condition—" "Spragiie's your man!" Snndcr- son Intermixed with relief. ".Votive: jealousy because- Nlla VV.-H duelling him to marry Ralph. . . . Aa for llie gun and silencer, U sccins prctly clear to mo that Nlla hertolf stole it from J-.i-Jgi Murshall, and that Spnuue i;ot It away from her. You say tho nnhl. l.ydhi, went upstairs lo lell Spracuo 'lie had to inck Ills things and nko Ihcin away—for good! . . . Very well! Sprap.uc goes down the backstairs ivitli the gun In \:'.n jinrhct, throiiiOi the back hall him Nlla'a bedrooni. shoots her, buniiia Into Iho lamp, goes out by Hie back door, and comes around Iront to join llio party. . . . You sny youioclf Jio has admitted to cverylhing bin i>io lrl|i lo Nlla'3 room and the shunt- Inn—even to sncakhiK Lack to nci his b.ig. which 1 believed also contained Ihe gun unlll ho had a chnnco lo dispose of It ou his way to his hotel Into Hamilton." . BuiKlco shook his head. "I'd Ike lo agree, chief, hut 1 ncllevo ydla U tcllliiK tho tnilh. She says he was In :ho upstairs bedroom vllh Spraguo and remained behind inly jtM'o or three miuutoa ut most, o put his shaving l:it Into ilm inckcil l)3i;. and lo clean m> tho jatlirooiu bnsln. On her way dn\vn lid backstairs she rays '_<li9 lit.nd -ols Diiulap's second ring and vveni o.answer it. Spramiu nnd .lanut tayni'jiiO. wllh whoin Janel saya do >loppcd/io talk a .miuiilo on tliu front porch, \\ero : !n [lie dining 'oom before Lydln entered it. 'Tin convinced l,ydla hr.tca Sprague and would be glad to he- idfo III ill gullly. . . . No, Mr. Sar.dersnn, I don't believe Sprnpti3 it. hut 1 do believe il «as Snfaguc'a revenge lhat -N'ltn was tfralil of when slio made hor will t'rjlday nifibU Naturally slid ng- THE Til.ACK CAT COFFEE SHOFPE Now announces new monthly rales for regular patrons. ! •' 3 regular meals daily— . S30 per rr.onlh. Single Jleal—50c. ' I'latc Luncli -SOc HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, sluick en, 88c bu. Shuck off, £6c ]Ki bu., in car lots. Col Ion Slntcs Sales Co., Tne. Biytlicville, Ark. 1 Phone 171 or LD 1806. 1'AVINO TAX Time to pay I'aving Taxes is retliiif; short. The penally is :oo bijii for anyone (o, neglect jajin-r before Ihc hooks Close— Uctlcr Pay Xow— C. J. EVKARD. "TJ'AIRLY open-anil slmt, isn't it?" Sanderson asked, obviously surprised. ".New York gets loo hot for this Selim baby— probat-y either cnjelope or contents. ' mixed up with some raek»t*»r. eitfii-r' Vo 1 cKRIS-fMAS To 7 paoT? KIDS r(6Al4 1M -fit POLL A LAS' ROM If UP l^i A GAME OB -DID SMEATJEP UlIF J.UCK LAS' ?LAVW A6A'lWSf SOME PoPfe.PS.~AU' COULP'MAk'e DEM Pice P u? A vuaHf OB At\\ LAS' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WORRIED By Martin;' i^VOU see, sir." Dundee repeated at i^st, "Iho list of possible suspects Includes Lydia Carr, Dexter Sprague, John C. Drake. Judge Marshall. I'olly Ilealc, Flora Miles'. ui^d slic'd have tlmo lo lell llio person she was hlacl;iiiiill1:ig tl;at sh'i was tliroiiRh with lilm—or her, IH{( I believij.SiiraBue and Mln.wcrj.. lovers, cvon p.litiiers in iilaclUKLill, aiWl : lhat">ihe'feaicd ho would'kill • heV wl'en"i;o knew sho was solus to marry Ilaliih Ilanunond and givo up liieir source of income." Sanderson cons,iilcrpd for a long inlpute, piilllH^ at his full [nwer liftj^ "Weil, ihnnk tjcd lor Ihnso precious foolnrluts Suawu u building on! Don'l thluk I tall 10 follow your reasoning lhat tho crime must have, been coEuii.ilied in the bedroom, and not frmn [he window sill, l,ut fcioso rooi|irini3 may save us yel, and will ci'Malnljr yet us through the imjucsl. VIJH asree, of coinse, thai none of all this you've lol'i me must ove;i no Isintcd at the inquc-slT . Hood! Lei's bo goinr;. It's nearly 10 now." (To He Continued) New York Cotton NEW YORK, D?c. 19. (UPS- Cotton closed bareiy steady. Open High Low- Clos? Dec. neiv 959 Black Powder Bomb ' ins p!aut nt the cdge cf tllc imiou ^' IFE WILLS ui>:c 'TO "WIFE" D . . _- i stockyards, ripped away part of a| OXFORD, Enj., (UPJ---Mrs. EH- iflCKing riant; loading platform and shattered' zabcth Yys, wife of n profesr-r, letti . : windows in the ncighborhccd. ! her diamond rniK "to ills wifo if CHICAGO, Dec. 10(UP)—A black; Officials of tlic plnnl could givej lie uvcr marries niter my dentil, as powder.bomb exploded today at the] no explanation. -1 I hope, he will." HIGH TEMPERATURE J VI&U..TO t COQWct'EC' FAQ8AR » i-ioese ££ -ALA. P1GMF -V DAY Ok? SO . SCrt- NN'rIAT li.S IS TUS T HAD CMS OF TUSIS UP... A HUtJDRED AfJDli TWSG6 AVJD FDUB. ... V/AIT IrLu L CSAO THAT ACA»J... THAT SE6IAS PRETIV MAUlll WHS 1C-L1_ WE f- Spots quiet at 975,, off 5. THAT ME ltoQS6 n-fo STUFF. W6 ->IAS VX1UEM THEM THE FIGHT THAT'S _.. . f> ^'' GOT New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 19. IUP)- Cotton closed steady. Open High LOTV close 054 964 932 OG4 350 975 359 970 936 1000 982 992 1010 1030 1030 1052 1052 1008 Spots sleady and unchanged at 934. LOT,' 952 959 982 1007 1030 1052 Dec. Jan. Mar. Mny July Oct. CAUSES OF A GREAT frNV THINGS -IT'S RESULTSfi^T COUNT"- WASH TUHJJS HOW HK 1,0VKS i , StSoR, OF WPING. J V CIO WAWS FICKLE, ROM^TlC W?AC.T, TUt C«i\RM\HC» StSORViA U IS THE MOST PSIU-&CT CRErVrutit IN W.L M-SO Mi-THE REST r\RE LOH& SINCE fORtiOTTE.M, emreD I\NP HINPPY TOBB5 TORTONt SOON TO ES. UMKEO ViEEW trie CiftrNW tvi\t-\& OF VM.OM^ BV LEAPS f\«V) BOUNDS, LATIN OF EV'ER-PRESEHT WANI A THING FROM Local anl | flng flistance hauling. Special rates on carload lots. Tram for local hauling. V. R. WASHAM TKAXSIEK UOO Plionc Call WAlPOLE l''or Klcctric Work I'hoiie 31-1 Why Pay .More Than Half 1'rirc For Auto Tarts? JACKSON AUTO PARTS U020 Main Phone 66

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