The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1951
Page 12
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THUHSDAY, AUGUST », 1951 Two Ways to Make Iced Coffee Listed Bj CECILY BROW'NSTONE i Associated Press Food Editor How good i* your iced, coffee? There are two good ways to make It, and both give fine results. If you like the pre-coo!ed method make coffee of regular strength using two level measuring table.spoon- fuU of coffee to each three-quarters of a measuring cup of freshly drawn water. Then cool the coffee In a non metallic container for not more than three hours; or cover the container tightly and chill In the refrigerator. Pour over ire c\ibff> in tall plashes and pass the cream and sugar. If you have sugar syrup on hand use it instead of the sugar. If you want iceri coffee in a hurry make the coffee double strength, using half the usual amount of water to the usual amount of coffee. Pom" hot coffee over ice cubes In tall places. The ice that melUs will .dilute the extra-strong coffee. Or if you want to use the extra- strong coffee in a special way try this recipe: Maple Icril Collet Combine 1 tablespoon maple- Dish Luncheon Is Hot-Day Eating Special flavored syrup, 3 tablespoons heavy cream, fi teaspoon artificial maple flavoring in a tall glass; add ice cubc.s. Fill glass wilh freshly made double-strength coffee. Got any guava jelly in the house? This delicately flavored, preserve makes a special filling lor cream pastry. Just try these delicious little pinwlieels to serve with iced coffee when guests are coming. Giliva I'lnu'hfrlfc JnjfrertKnls; 2 lhrri*-ou/)ce pack- ases cream cheese, i cup butter or rnnrpnrine, 2 cup.s sifted enriched flour, \'t cup guava Jelly, v» cup finely chopped walnuts. M^lhori: Blend i-ream and butter or margarine. Cut cher.sp mixture into flour with two knives or pastry blender. Knead into soft ball; wrap in waxed paper; chill sever«1 hours. Roll out thin in roc- tanple. Beat jelly with fork to .spreading consistency,^ f-prcfld on doiKsh. Sprinkle with walnut*. Roll up like Jelly roll, starting from long Irie of rectangle. Cut In hin slices. Bake on greased cooky el In hot t400 degree F.I oven 15 minutes or until delicate brown. Makes abovit 3 riov.en. we]- Tor hot-day eating, you'll come thlj special: Luncheon In • Dish (12 to 15 sri-Tlngs) Four tablespoons iinflftvorerf gelatin, 1 cup cold water, 2 cans condensed tomato soup, 2 cups water, 2 packages cream cheese (3-mmce packages), 4 tablespoons lemon Juice, 4 teaspoons prepared mustard, 1 Clip salad dressing, 4 cups chopped boiled ham, 2 hard-cooked eggs Soak gelatin In one cup cold water. Brlni tomato soup and two cups water to coiling point in saucepan; remove from heat. Adc gelatin to soup and stir until dissolved, Blend together cream cheese lemon juice and nmstnrd; add t hot soup and mix until smooth Cool. Fold in salad dressing and chopped ham. Grease a two-quart heat resistant utility dish and arrangi slices of hard-cooked eggs aronnr Bide of dfsh. Pour soup mixture Int dish; chill. Cut and serve on lettuce leaves. Oil ic known to He under Hi Chinese provinces of Shensl v anc Szechwan, Sunday Brunch Is'Special 1 Hearty Midmornlng Meal Eases Work Sunday mnrntnj? breakfast with the family oaH« for social fare. jMnke the rnonl a hearty and tcmpt- liif? hnt[]"h—thru you can spent! an afternoon of leisure before preparing hite dinner. Here's .1 JJttJe-work menu .sure lo plonse the family. Spicy coffere eakr» still warm from the oven, sizzling ramiflri skinless fia usage links, pap rika-tonpod scrambled eg(fs, tart, urn pe[ruil Jnirc, nnrt plenty of cold milk and hot coffee. The "con versa If on piece" <:offee cake \vnlch Ventures a currant anrt nut fillitiK, Is made just like a jelly roll. Place in a ring, then clip the outside crises and Iny Ihe cut edge open before bnkina, This is an easy ami ef/rrtlve trk-k you ran use f&r other pastries or lo dress up leftover meat, dishes, The flavorful sausaRc links are {.'finked slowly and tnrnrd frequently, For brown per fret Ion, s learn for 5 minutes In a few tablespoons of water and the.n drain and cook uncovered until thoroughly done. As in all mraiF. when it's Mustige you're niiyhiK. insist on well known brand naniPR- The careful "Just right" combination of pork and apices makes the quality product yoit like U> eat, Teen-Agers Like fro Experiment With Cooking, So Give Them Hand (By NBA Srrvlre) Mi»l youngsters like lo experiment with cooking. They like to cal something they havt fixed themselves. So try giving them Ihe Ingredient*, simple Instructions, and lurn the kitchen over to them. But if they are very young, keep your eyes on Ihe stove. Cheese Is O n« of children's favorite dairy foods, so let, them Mart on some easy-to-do cheese rookery. They'll he Betting Bound nourishment, too. The nutrients in ime ounce lone serving) of American cheese, for example, are equnl to (how In a glass of milk. Crttkm A I.a p|u» IMakr* 81 One-hair cup grated American cheese, u cup chill same, g salted crackers. Mix cheiwe and chill same thnr- qugiily and spread on crackers. Arrange on cookie sheet and broil until cheese begins lo melt (aboui 3 .minutes). Serve with soup. carroj| stripIT Smiling Salad (Serve* «) One cup cottage clieeRe, slices, raisins, green pepper «ttuce, Form the cottage cheeue Into 4 llR and arrange each on a lettuce leaf. Let. the youngsters decorate their own salads, using raisins for eyes, carrot slices for a necklace and a no.=e, and green pepper strips for mouth. Spice Spread One packaj-e <3-ouncei cream cheese, 2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons brown sugar. 1 teaspoon cinnamon, M» teaspoon ginger, bread. Cream all ingredients together. Spread on hreart; hake on rookie sheet in modcraU 1 oven <3r50 degrees p.» for about 10 minutes. Wise Use of Meat Will Help Supply Wise use nnil purchase o{ meat, not controls, Is what will really determine the present- and future stale of our meat supply. In these day* when It Is important to make the most o( meat, the variety meats are good buys. Variety meats include such cuts is liver, heart, kidney, tripe, brains, and tongue. Tongue is a thrifty and versatile meat that can be .served In many different Next time you bake pared po!a- IOPJS sprinkle them with paprika nnd baste with butter or margarine until they turn a beautiful golden brown. Ask Your Grocer for B&B SAUSAGE Pure Whole Hog Sausage Seasoned Just Right! A BLYTHKVILI.E PRODUCT dishes- Beef Tongue Cover beef tongue U'ith cold water <to fresh tongue add ] fe teaspoon fait for each quart wal>r) i . Add 1 bay loaf, l onion slice, 1 teaspoon peppercorns. Bring to boiling point; simmer 2 ! i to 3 hours or until tender. Allow i-ntll cold enough to handle. RemoT» outer skin on tongue; trim larger end. Slice and serve hot or cold with Barbecue Sauce. Orange and Raisin Sauce, or Horseradish Sauc«- YIEL.D; 4 servings per pound. Travancore Is a popular vacation tongue to "stand In stocX aiea in India. KREY »*NCI 1t*l Try the new Krey Teenie Weenie Wieneri servings to a 10 ox. package. OUR PRICES ARE HOTTER THAN THE WEATHER OLEO ADAMS Orane Juice JEWEL OIL •• pi 19c JEWEL - - 3 ft. - 78c DUZ-T1DE-R1NSO Cxydol Powders L >- 29c ib.79c MISS LIBERTY COFFEE None Better THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES COCA-COLA - - - case 89c JEWEL SHORTENING '- 73 JEWEL SALAD OIL pint 23 tf FRESH STEW BEEF Ib. JUICY DELICIOUS SPARE RIBS Ib. 39c GOLDEN BANANAS Ib. lie Grade A Fresh EGGS Dozen U.S. Graded Battery Fed FRYERS --lb.49< Chuck Roast Ib. Fat Tender COCA COLA Per Case 75 C CALIFORNIA JUICY ORANGES dozen COOL REFRESHMENT UPTON TEA i Ib. 29<Z MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE pound 81 < PET MILK 3 Honey Dew Red Band HENS - - Ib. 49c BACON - Ib. 45? BOLOGNA - - Ib. 39c Slip the' tines of- a [ork under » button when cutting it off » garment to keep from cutting tht material under it. BALLARD'S Mountain Valley Mineral Water Gal, 75 CLOVERLEAF DRY MILK 7oz.pkg.15tf PRICES GOOD FRIDAY & SATURDAY! EBERDT'S GATEWAY STORE 2101 ROSE ST. Swifts Cresta BUTTER Pound 69c GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLES Biscuits • 2 cans 25l RED GRAPES - 2lbs.29< LARGE CANTALOUPES • • • each 12lc FRESH SHELLED PEAS * - pound 360 HOME GROWN TOMATOES - Ib ICEBERG LETTUCE -2 for 25< ALL BRANDS Cigarettes pkg. 23l Liberty Cash Grocery's RECIFE OF THE WEEK Sakid Mir m ba*r[ *A\t lemon juice, ult And m^ar. FeW in finely cut manhmAHow*. Chili 1 hour; air 2 of 3 rime*. Ar •erring ntrtt arrange drained pe*r hftlrea on Ucnic* leaves; s prink I* with eocontn. Whip cKiltrd milk wirh cold rotary b**wx Hnril fluffy. A<{d 2 reajp. lemon jute*; whip until stiff. Fold mio dr»««nft. Serve on pean, Mnk« ^ vervinffft, *Us* thr kind ihnc totnm rn a jar, AM P«t MHk, ftotad , Canned F^or*, Cocomit r Lemons, Ml or »hm oB o m m, Lettuce, Pi- Shop & Save In Air Conditioned r i li Comfort!

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