The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) CX)UBIEB NEWS HUE BLYTHEVJ14UE COURIER NEWS TH« owmttR Nnm co, pofujuoats - - • O. (t; BABCOOK, Miter H. W. EAINC% WrWUsat thaifer 8de N»Mon»] Advertising RcprueataUvM: Aftinaa Dttitei, toe., New York, ChlcafO, Dt?Mt.'flt. louis, Dollu, KSVEM City, Memphis. .Published, Jfverj; Afternoon Exapl Bun«»y. EnttrM fcs second clsss matter at the post office «l B:yt!tevUle, Arkins«S, under act of Conpws, October 9, 1917. Served oy the United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By csrrlci In live Oily or BlvllicvUle, l&c per week or 16.50 per year In adtttlfc. 1 By msll within a radius oT 60 rolles, $3.00 per year, I).SO for six month-,, B5c for Ojce months; by mall In postal rones two to elx, Inclusive, $6.00 per year, in zones seven and eight, J10.00 per year, payable In advance. Two Amendments 'Prom Little Uock it is iT|x>vtal llial Governor Fiiti'ull, in the niiproadi- iiig campaign, will devote much of bis time to advocating adoption of two proposed amendments tu the state constitution, designed to prevent recurrence of the financial plight in which the state found itsulf at the close of the I'amcll administration. One of the proposed amendments limits biennial appropriations by the legislature to ?2,500,000 "excepting monies raised or collected for educational purposes, highway purposes, to pay Confederate pensions ami the just debts of tlie state," and provides thai "none of the rates for properly, excise, privilege or personal taxes now levied, shall be increased by the General Assembly except after ihc approval of the qualified electors voting thereon at an election, or in case of emergency, by the vote of, three-fourths of the members elected to each house of the General Assembly." The oilier proposed amendment provides that except to refund existing indebtedness the sUitq shall issue no bonds or other evidence of indebtedness except on the vote of the people. There are enough loopholes in the first proposal to make it of doubtful value, even if it is conceded that such constitutional limitation upon the power of the General Assembly is/du- sirable. The second, however, thai' requiring a referendum on proposed bond issues, is wholly commendable and should receive the overwhelming endorsement of the people of tlie state. The danger of debt, public or private, is one lesson ttiat the depression should have driven home to every properly owner and taxpayer. The people of Arkansas for generations will be paying debts contracted in their name by elective representatives who recklessly, abused the power and responsibility that was entrusted to them. The people should reserve such powers to themselves for the future. Need for Protection A New York judge the other day called attention to a glaring flaw in the legal machinery which is sii|>|K»ed lo protect citizens from financial loss as the result of automobile accidents. His warning was issued after a New Yorker had slrnck a man and his wife with his auto. The couple sued him and won a judgment of $0,500. Tlie motorist promptly filed a petition in bankruptcy, tiling the judgment against him as his only liability and his assets as nothing. As n result, the motorist got oil' scot free, ami the people he had injured were unable to collect a red cent. To the judge, this case stood as a warning of the need for a compulsory liability insurance law; ami the judge's viewpoint looks very sound. No man should be permitted to drive a car unless it is certain that anyone lie may injure will be able to get financial redress from him. pros- relx-l- The Patient Rebels II Is H paradoxical (act Ilisil the more perous business becomes, the ^iratei 1 ils llon against tlie New Ui-al. Dully this Is Incoming mme apparent. ,Jusl one yi'iir iigit. with factory wheels utmost slop- |>cd, Itadc stagnant. ;in<i banks cltwci, business would hint- accepted any program mid l>cen grilled!]. lint ivllli every breath of new Me pumped Into ils .supine cairass. business Li-came inoie confident, .sUiWxirn anil rebellious. It Is the old r.lory of (hi- patient \vlio threw Ihc doctor's orders away as soon its ire (jot. hack on his Iocs. The effect Is noticeable on the president. He has not exactly pulled his punch, bnl he has become more cautions. Where once he was vigorous in his iirlvnU: suppoil ol the stock markel bill, recently lie has become publicly reticent. When 1 onci- he directed Professor Tngwcll lu write tlio controversial f<wd unit drug:; ncl, recently he lias .said nothing about Us passage. Huosevclt's aim Ls clear-ciil inul delinitc. it Is lo keep economic; recovery on an even balance, guide Hie climb steadily upward without Hie hazardous tii.s and starts, the I'eaks of pros|>cilly nml tin: depths ot depression ever n |Kirt uf the old order. To do this requires (lie most masterful hand in history— ;\ ham! which does not let, business gallop ,,[i i,, ., sllrsc O f pros]x-rily, nnd yel does not sllllc business with unwarranted restrictions. On the course which lioosevoll now directs, will depend the nc.u decade's development of the imllon. — Washington Meny-Uu-Uoiind. V SIDE GLANCES By George Clark THUHS.DAY, MAttCH-sg. 19H4 March 13* States st>e- cafur and. Barrou fthfcadufil. CHURCH EXCUSES' Bj Geo. W. Barbam "You needn't eomc in for a lilting today, Mrs. Wells. My husband is about your size." Amebic Dysentery Requires United Community Program 11V UK. MOHRIS MSHKEIN Kdllur, Journal of the Amerli.m Medical Assocladnn, and of lly- Aria. Ihu Health Magazine Your eominunhy officials can proleet you and yonr nelghlmrs against amebie dysentery in .several eljecllve \rays. -Much deiKnds oti linviny a prop- eily yuardLtl water supply, a proper disposal nf sewage, protccuon ol food Irorn flics, and suitable examination and treatment ol waiters, cooks, dislnvushprs juiti oilier food handlers in public cat- Ing places. Clilorinalion of wilier will steii- inucli used in lias condition, is especially valuable In controlling the symptoms of (lie disease and usually Is given early to bring about prompt recovery of Ihc patient. Since the diagnosis ol tliis dis case is made \vitu certainly only atlcr the excretions have been examined under the microseope, to determine whether entameba liis- lolyllca is present, it is not safe lo make the diagnosis until such microscopic study lias Ix-en made. At the same time, the man who makes the laboratory suuly must, make certain thai the amcba is the Mother says Joe is of tlie inovon- b ty[K>. especially when he is talking baptism and she believes that all who ayreo \vith him should have the attention oT a brain specialist. Slie says that there is no 1 , enough of the socialists to look | after all of them. She sard when she read in some paper that they iad set so many thousand as their 5oal for membership this year that it seamed to her- that quantity and not tiiralily was what the leaders *wj after :nu! that their aim was more production and tbat, would 'iiln any church on earl hand waste 11 lot of water. Joe says Mother is always harping about his church iiMiie; so much water but !~c thinks hat. It is much better than .so lit- .le water and so much air. He says Mother's idea of baptism is a sort o[ a dry cleaning process. 1 .impose that all churches are bur- THIS CURIOUS WORLD " Our peaceful country needs a (leacelnl na- lionnl anlhem. like "America Ihe Beautiful." —Piof. David Mu/.y.ey, Columbia University. * * t We do not nerd investigator's snooping around tn determine what is good and what is bad lor Ihc public mind. It is not iiossible lu make people good by Imv. — KcpreicnUuiM; William Conrrery, ol Mass. =» * *• lllghl now I'm just, tlie mama of n baby thal 1 hope will IK a swell brat. — E!sk- Jnuls. * * * How many boys and girls I have? Oh, about 20. I r.o count them any more. I like babies. —Kavlli, Eskimo mother. » * 7 The craze lor contract has done away with the art ol conversation. — Octuvus Hoy Cohen, famous short story writer. * * 9 Itadiu is the universal sewer of sill the arts. —Gilbert Stifles. Journalist and p'.ayurighl. r- » f There was no single act ol my entire political career which wos not made In the best, interests of my oHice. —James J. Walker, cx- tr.ayor ol New York. Ike if against baclerln, but- il| rcal emaineiw htsiolylica r.nd not lakes 100 limes ns much chlorine I" ' orm uf tllc Dthcr ""icbas Hint to kill the cysts of the cntameba liUtolylieu as it. tioes lu kill bacteria in water. In fuel, Ihe addition of this amount of chlorine would make the water unfit for drinking. Therefore, whenever water is contaminated heavily with entani- cba hlstolytlca. the only way lo make It sale is lo boll It. obviously a difficult mailer for any city water supply. SLEEPS IN THE. TREETORS, BUT HE HAS NO FEAR. OP FALLING, FOR HIS HANDS AOTO/WATICALLy LOCK THEMSELVE?; TO THE BOUGHS WITH A VISELIKE GRIP. fliE U.S. PATENT OFPICF. (3EGAN IN 1836 TO NUMBER. ITS PATENTS SERl- AUY/ IT IS ESTlMArEDTHAT MARKWILLSE- REACHED BEFCKE K)36 CAPT. ALFRED JOHNSON SAILED A 16-FOOT OOftV FROM GLOUCESTER., TO LIVERPOOL. ..ALONE/ ...1876... The flexor muscles in the palm of Ihc Orang-utan clench the L-o lightly lhat museum collectors, when skinning one of the animate.j'J find it necessary lo ctil Ihe muscles before llicy can straighten].! out th? lingers. NKXT: Hiuv mai ^ ^tars there in UK- nilky way? Stole Tral nPoud ; ; MOSCOW (UP)—One reason for |, Ihe high cost of food on Soviet forging hills. Nineteen were arrested. pcr-,f . f'.l dened by a lef. of mothers and Joes i dining cars recently was uncarlh- and il they don't argue-about bail-led by the OdPU, political police, (ism they argue about something jThcy found lhat some employees equally as wasteful as to real of-1 were systematically stealing food. In England there are about, lO.-'.-l WiO accidental deallis a year. Alioul'f/j fort. I raiting prices without ROMANIC thought. Noycs was sure to need I him and the thought o[ Noycs 1 misery eclipsed hla own. the narrow streets tiri'iiuitri. • lartlJTC Mhi-n *|« from Klorliiu to Caha ivllh II I-:A II I nnij I.On 1H, nvo thlrrr*. lolliin- 1nn (i iMnnmicrml? t'.irly »l tkr- I . home oi rich jlji l-'ir:!,!). llrnn | were tcemrng with thc-cxcitcnienl hn* klllril Ti;i> Jt:tT'UI !•:> live In the bowels without causing ' symptoms. Te also must disirngubh bcvvec'u ;he dysentery eauscd by Ou aninba and the dysen'.cry wiiieh lollows infection with certain bueteria. Jn controlling 'foal handlers, ttiey should be exmnlned at . fairly Iici)iieiH intervals, and their cx- crclions should be lesieil in the laboratory to rule out the presence oi the organism. Following Die outbreak ttlneli occurred in Chicago. n;o.-i large cities developed a series of rules regarding examination o! tootl handlers. Fortunately, several inclhoils ol tieatmcnt have been established as useful In coiilro'.lini; amcbic itiscn- tery. All the remedies co[:cvrne<t lire powerful. Therefoie. thny are dangerous if taken ir. excessire dcwigc, and never should !»• i.iken except, under advice and amiro] ol a physician. OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams Among the remedies m,,^ co]1 ,_ nmnly used today, ami p:;>iri to or valuable, are chiu-otoi: car- biirsone and vioforin. -~: reuie- BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO | From the Bin of the Dully Courier Saturday. .March K, IS'ii. Mr. Uranson, architect with the B. C. Robinson Lumber Co.. says n lot oi building is underway. Among tlie new work is an efficiency bungalow on Chickasawba avenue, of which he is the architect. A like birnyalo.v on Main slrcel is being erected for Dr. II. A. Taylor, dentist, while the Goll hotel Is gelling an c^ni-room addition, w. w. Holliiwter ato is remodeling his residence in his new subdivision, making a handsome eight-room home with stucco finish. Mr. Ebner of the Chicago Mill r;nd Lumber Co. is erecting a flvc- rooni bunsalow on West Ash street. Tlie F. V._M<-Briric home on Walnut i.s Hearing completion. The linimr loll £}V GOLLY, VOU NEEU A WECK SHA.VE BAD, WORRV WART' dies will control the rnia!::Hi : , niid' wns annoi| neeri at Junior follows. eliminate it from the lnxh The drug called emeliu. tt'i au- ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Ne*s bs-i-n llrorlzcd to announce the Iniloving as candidates for public oflicr subject to the Democratic pr-aiary next August: For Member r.r Cnn;rr» CLINTON L For Shtriff and follrctor CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-election for Second 'T Fur County Treasurer JOE S DILLAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Cltrk HUGH CRAIG . ADDIKON SMITH For County four! ( IrrX ITIKII FLliEMAN' For lie-Election for 2u.j 7<-; R. U UllLIA') GAINK3 Vi. C. (IKE) HUDSON For I'onslalilr or Township JACK ROBERTSON High with knn.T IK!., or that tr hi IUTIIM-I! riC Ibr rriiue. Hit lnrorrccllT> Ihnt a hloir rrtini lj]» H>f lin* killrd a ninn nntl rhnl thlj* ffift csilrw him Torcvrr from IJSTM.M; KIKI.II nin>t> he r<i>c> ufiH tvho lore* kin. • In flnvrLnn he kflrm fo nirrl .VUKIIIS NOYKH. VThn hf 1'nlitltn nn a ehllrl. Nnyc* nl!*t, U n lu^irlvc, wanted for a t:rimc jtMirji bi-rnre. S1.MIL1A TllF..\r>\VA Y knn^t^ rnhllln I* limurt-iil *im rcnr* <-i-:i>LiJnl If *ho tcIN Ihc- trmh. Sti«- triic^ 10 llnvnitn, hiutint: to lint] rnlililn thfrr. >rcnrwhlle Sin AUnilKY. n iltlril KiiKl[Hhni:iTi nnil I'JIMICK'M fnthrr, ljc»ini a ftcnrch rnr fala ot a holiday. Shrill sounds crept «Mf i» the shrill colors whieb somehow never seem inlinnnonlous in Cuba. Beau, In the next room, stretched and yawned. He liked this place and he end Lottie should be able to do a nice lot of "cleaning up," he thought. A holiday crowd was always easy to "pick." lleau was finite sure that lie w.ns going lo enjoy himself. He lay thinking of this nnd of how satisfnciorily events were working out. The night before t.otlie Jratl come to his room. closed the door Irchind rrer and "Ain't yoa quired scatlilnglj at fleau ad- hor. Tben. trer vuke ' | mitted Ml\V CO OS WITH Tun STOltV CHAPTER XIX Olll A UUR liY'S agent discovered lire name of the ship's doctor eyes on Hie boat on which Mary Marriage gave birtli lo her son. Tire doctor was now on a shiji sailing from Philadelphia for Naples an;i Genoa and lire ship happened, at Urc time, lo be lying in the Delaware. Therefore Sir Aubrey ami Hillings, his agent, journeyed To Philadelphia anil lo Ihe dcriinmtod. "Wlinicha plannm do with him. IJcau? Come clean.; If yon do hh:i dirty, 1 warn you I'll fix you! Understand?" Her were threateningly and brooil'mgly Used on him, her jaw set. He hail changing to a tone of hushed am- lety, she said, "la he up? 11 "Klnda go for him. don't yon. Angel Eyes!" Beau asked, his j hard face softening In a grin. ! "Go for him!" ehe echoed.,i smiling uncertainly. Then she. 1 1 added honcslly. "You big bob, I'm in love with him!" Beau laughed. Lottie said slowly, almost Gatlly. "It's God's truth. That boy's the first decent guy 1 ever met." To which Dean replied will) hb customary, harmlessly belligerent, "Oh, Is lhat so?" * • * J^EAll liked the situation. If tha answered evasively but kid would only fall for Lotlre 10 1 Ibere would be peace In Hie camp. Meantime Beau would have tn Uo considerable hinting lo Pablilo ot his danger nnd thus keep hlai aware of tire fact that he must dance to any luce Beau cared to play. Pablilo would he "a good wi;ii some measure ot triuli. He knew ['ablito's value and intended lo n:n!;e use of it. Pabtito bad an honest look that should help In disposing of itnlen goods without 11 guy." Rcau thought. If h» "handled right." He bad courage. A youth wiih less courage ,'-| would have been knuckling under to Beau, placating him nnd - nr docks j n aronrln; he lurt too eager to hear his assurance where, alter considerable waiting, "'an wtio bad bcau.-n the child, they met the doctor. suspicion, nen.1 fell tlialj nf protection. i firm hold on Pahlilo. | T1>6 thrcc a£ic ,,, tl |cd tn I'nb- ofi lbe||ji_ 0 - 3 rooo] lo cat | lre akf:i3! from undents listed in the order ol heir scholastic standing; Eva Ruth Stevens. Delia Purtle. Kalh- criirc Grear. Margaiel Cross. V\r- ginla Keck. James Terry. Eunice Collier. 'Juhu O. Haistead. Edson Biomeycr, Willie Trotter, ilnrzee Stewart. Ciiark-f. Kay Newcomb. MIL KliMbeth Briscoc. Kllrabcth Haley. Mary lilanch Gay, James Thompson. Artie Eaton. Frank Santy. Hilda Holland. Garland Slaughter. Malde Craig. Oracle Porter. Murray Smnrt. J. W. Adams. Frances "u.imoti, Albert Hamilton. Helen Alice Stcrn- a , ablc sc , ,, c[ore aa " i ., - ... «., ... ..... bad done his besl. and God was ! i "', fq ln kl " Juries. "Uul aiiy- • body ivinida rtone It," he told wiine?3 of this, but— "Cirl or boy?" Sir Aubrey' fc put in. "A Iviy. A fine hoy." Sii Aubrey drew a deep Vur a second hla cheeks had whltriieil: then they became n-,yre florid than usual. The ship's doctor reminisced vaguely. The baby bad l,"en .. • ,, U v cr and over in gi:.Ui lie.-ird a r.oisc in the nest rnnm ;md slifl from his bed to open lite door between the rooms. IVIiiitti. having bathed, was get- liliK ln:o hia a:nn After he had gulped » subslanllil hreakfasl Hcau picked up the newspaper he had onlerert ihe waiter to bring. Ha' glanced casually at the headline 1 ^, he turned a quick, sly look Pablilo. It had heen dnmh. Ronu renl- iKcd, to leave lire ne'.vspapsr amazing blue suit. J around before ho had looked at he said shortly. i u Ulll ,,, 0 kiri nnrt ne( , n cven dumber. Ucau folded th<! sheen ado|ited by two Unban or South American girls, lie did r.'jt remember their names. The captain might, because be had taken ....„ ........ _____ icrg, Carolyn Hulcy. Reatrice . Ray, ! res°pousiblltiy in lolling them take ' arnyc Blythe. THKECUESK FOR CITY OFFICES Election Tuaxlay. April 3 For City (Strk S. C. CRAIG L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVERS Vot Cily AUorue; BAM MAfs'ATT ihe baby wilbout any legal luler- fcrenrc. The captain bad been troubled by this responsibility, hci.ive. see? "Lo, Kid," fleari answered and, iunsiu:; against (ho dnor. added. 'We're r,oin' lo the carnival. 1 , with tlie first rage lusiile ' clgarit, anu then—hamming — lit-nrd Ins' nisl-.t where 1 can rent; made >-ls way to his orca room. nnd I'm i;nin' around to gel 'oin after breakfast. We'll hate the chow srn't np here. itr nice." he muttered when ht> was alone there, reading thought. No. the doctor could not remember anything more about the young ladles who had adopted the baby, except lhat they h:i:l much money nnrt llury had traveled with ;V, aunt, or c;>::;m. Billings wrole down the mm« ot the ship's captain. The doa-ir j your nr (n.:r,d. Ijeau." did not know «h"'rc thr> carMlul "<^an I?" \vas imv, "Perhaps with f;nd,"j be suggcstM cliicrfully. Alarm n=ahe<l In Sir Aubrey's tnr _ Klvin 1 me a slur like that!" eyes. "Wo ^ill hope for besl," salil Billlugs heavily. lire Uctler oi tlio escape of Pahlito Sinlih. not T: ,ake too rnsny public an-lwauteii foi the murder of Then- near.iiices till I know bow ihlnsJ dor« Jeffries and fur the Ihefl o! ' lire famous Jeffries 1 pearls. Heau tiad hoped Hie newspaper report would read like llri!. b-ji of course he hadn't been sure. The boat tn which Smith had escaped bad been totitid, he r«ad. Then followed conjecture. t)ui! [ on the fact that the murderer might have escaped, leaving tns empty bunt a? n hoai. Mensurej cover every escape, ilia newspaper report concluded. "Ye 5 —' "Whatjr, want for broakfast? 1 "Cofieo." "Is that Pill" "Vc,=." "l'iri poin' lo Innk mil for yon, "I. Hc.M-51 In (In,]. yi>l| l.lll trllil n ... '' : empty ooat a? a noa 'j.. ' :;rij ' : " T- 1C ".'her slnoil crcet. were being taken to "Listen. I doim in tiiorc'n ono man- possible nvcnnc of I'ahlito went on tying bis tic "13 iirnl so?" Beau IJABLITO woke nest mornin; to 1 Sud sunlight ou the hlshly polished llle floor of his room strd » languid, caressing warmth In the nlr. For a moment he Ftudied the tinted plaster walls. riic* tie remembered where he was anil that he did col know R'USi'e N'tyes was. and Itc.iu's anger cooled quickly.: softly. He leaned from n <v!u- He rc.ill/cil that frgliling among dow, letling the newspaper blow ihcr.isehcs would he disastrous. tor ID the wlud. Pnblito must "I won't say no more about that' not see that newspaper, to be now," i le confided, sgrlavedly. i urged by his conscience into con- "birt some day you'll he sorry (or j tessing what he knew ol lhat those nurda. Honest to Ood you; night ind ot Ihe three whc bad " escaped together. No. Pabllto Pahiito m?.de no.answer. must not eee it. And oow Beau A tew moments laler Lottie, and Lottie irer* free as the »ir trieil to opeu Ijcju's dor.r. touud'and Pablito wi» moire tliau ewr, , it lo^isd a^d bEDj<:d on H an-. in Baati'a po^er. 1 fl got to Had ilu:." Pdblno.srily. i ^ 0 u c coBlluuttl)

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