The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on November 30, 1954 · Page 26
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 26

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1954
Page 26
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PAGE TWO INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE, INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA, TUESDAY. NOVEMBER SO. 1954. Last Act For Ellis Island For62Years, ItMeantTears Or Hope To 20 Million Aliens ROME l^)—U.S. Ambassador Clare Bootlie Luce is flying to Naples today to enter a U.S. Navy hospital for treatment of a sinus condition. \ IN ITS IIKYDAY. ELLIS ISLAND was host to seven out of every 1ft immigrants scok- injr a new life in Hie I'-S. Here you see some lOIJ.'f hopefuls at lunch as they await approval. Italian Communist Reports To Police FROM STERN OF LITTLE GRAY FERRY that made hourly trips between Ellis Island and New York, a workman waves a. final salute to the buildings that were "Americas Gateway" /or 62 years. NEW YORK —(NEA>— Alter 62 drama-packed years, the notorious "Island of Tears" has been quite- ly closed for keeps. So have "America's Gateway," "T h e Threshold to Freedom" a n cl "Heartbreak Hotel." Those are nicknames for Ellis Island, the droplet of land in New York Harbor which ranked until During the slack-off period, the recent years as the busiest im- staff and station had gone to seed, migration depot anywhere in ;ind .the "evils at Ellis Island" the world. And because of a lack .soon were a national scandal. Welo£ business, the island has now f al - e and health officials called the been abandoned. • depot "a hotbed of pestilence." The last of the aliens there al-i As many as 500 immigrants were! ready has been removed, endinglcrammed into narrow rooms with^xtramarital love, ,n the land JhTfinaT chafer of a world-fa! seats for but 35. Toilets were a where the act was committed, was rnous institution where melodrama! few and filly. Water wa.s so ,on-lhard y considered immora . Ihe was strictly routine. By shutting! laminated that officials refused loicounless got through the gate, but H Hnu,n mr .nnH. the U. S. will Wink it. Guards stole the imrni-'her play was a cos ly turkey and l,, s t!she went back to England broke. in cle- 1 • ~~~ , ju • . _i i ,,,»-iitmn The biggest haadachp of all was gration took over the island in; poilation. H .>P 1890. It had served before that as As attacks continued lo grow, si- i-siyiea "' ince « picnic ground, a site for the a cleanup eventually came. The -oil, the Hollywood hanging of pirates, a fort and a fileamin^ly-tiled immigrant qu ° lei-s soon wore models of cleann- "•"•""•-"'•"" •-'•'•'• »-"••"••• country, but during thei cred a pair of cliildr'.-n there. Tlu. 1 list of island "celebrities," however, must bu headed by Countless C'atlicart, whoso, now-famous "moral turpitude" cas-> made IU2(> headlines. The couiHe- came here to star IJ " lm Ker in a play depicting her past — a past which immigration officials found to be somewhat lurid. Her second husband, the Karl of Oath- cart, had successfully sought divorce whe i the countfss and thp Earl of Craven ran off together I to Africa. Her lawyer soon pointed out that IMO's he slowed away lime and! again on the host translntlantir! liners .claiming lo be it Hus.sian.i While being investigated, Mikei went to Ellis several times anclj chalked up a record of two! mis ai umcn as iney awau ROME tfft— Communist Giuseppe escapes. Once ho swam to the Bat-j approval. Sotgiu, central figure in Italy's lei'.v, a Jfi-minule ferry ride. And 1 newest sex scandal, has come out once ho eluded a guard on a tour million. But in recent months only of two weeks hiding and reported of Manhattan speakeasies. 200 to 300 people have been de- to Home's public prosecutor. Other Ellis alumni have included 1 tained there. ' Sotgiu, 50, who a few months ago K/io Pinza, the singer, who was On Nov. 19. the little gray ferry held as an enemy alien in 19415,; which P uffed back and forth bl "woman in red" of the t w ^ cn who stayed there wade its last trip. .From now on, "America's Gateway" will be a celeb- P 1 '° sa i t: building at a the case who stayed while being deported. But for every so-called ' lecturing Italy on public morals, is charged with "contributing Ellis Island and Manhattan ll) tne corruption of minors." rity," there were tens of thous- appropriate ands of small fry — garden-vari-!Avenue. ely immigrants who merely want-; —. ed a chance. In all there were 20' Road the He and his wife Liliana, a 42- year-old artist, went into hiding nevertheless Nov. 15 after the scandal broke. Columbus' At the Sitnne time Sot S' u quit a- s . i president of the Rome Provincial •_ | Council and was suspended by the Gazette Ads. Communist party. ; address H down for good, the U. S. willdrink it. Guards stole the i * ifi--mf<: mi.npv anH freniipn11 v save every year some $900,000. giants money ana rtt-.quemo The Federal Bureau of Immi- his papers, which resulted Navy arsenal. Mike Roman-j restauranteur.! really was Harry Gerguson, at tors soon were models' of cleanli- native-born U.S. citizen entitled to! ness, and guards became more ef- enter Then, it was only three acres., ficienl. Today, it is nine times larger, thei result of the dumping of ballast 1 But the by ships flying every flag. Ohio Juror Quits Because of Salary COLUMBUS. Ohio I/W—Chief Jus-| lice Carl V. Weygandt of the Ohio! role of the island itself ! had undergone drastic change. The Right from the start there was'n»ota laws of the '20s, and stricter trouble. The first buildings f o r, entrance exams, cut down the flco- processing immigrants took fully i of immigrants. Most of the ones five years to build, at a cost oil admitted got their inspection on S500000 — and one day after com-jshipboard. And during many de- »UUV,UIAJ <"•" «"= i i „____:„„ .,...,,.„ o,,,im.nni= nninnm Supreme Court has announced his pletion, the whole works burned to pression yeais, emigiants outnum- . .. „ , . , the ground 1 bered immigrants. . resignation. He says salaries for The station was built again -| Ellis became a detention base ( J"dges are too low. this time of fire-proof construction! for gale-crashers, ship-jumpe»s.! The 66-year-old jurist, serving anc ( the ugly, sprawling, old-l criminals, subversives and aliens his fourth six-year term, earns fashioned building still are a New'of doubtful status. The spot which d 12,600 a year. had long been a welcoming cen- \ n a prepared statement, he ' ter quickly grew into a symbol of s; .jd: (being unwanted by America. --jt seems incredible that the ;' But as business continued to salary .1 am drawing was fixed by !drop, the small island's notoriety! the legislature 27 years ago. . . slowly began to fade. With only a; "i n the meantime, the salaries [rare exception, its name dropped rt f || le governor and the other ad, out of the news. ministrative officials have been i In World War It the station be-.doubled, and legislative salaries came a prison for hundreds of on-|| lave been increased four times (••my aliens, later sent to intL-rn-,; tnc i moru t han tripled." merit camps. And as recent as 1950, the McCarran Internal Se- Vcurity Act suddenly swamped thej with so-called "security risks," including a batch of war 'brides and high-pneed opera singers. Most of these were later admitted. When can I look sit the most beautiful road ? York landmark. They were opened in 1900, which proved to be just in time. From then until World War I, the flood of immigrants reached its peak. Of 13,000,000 potential citizens embarking on U. S. shores, seven of every 10 ivere processed at. Ellis Island. H sometimes handled as many as 5000 newcomers a day. Gaining admittance then was easy. You didn't need passports or visas, only the money for P as ''i s i anc ( sage. The official entrance exam lasted but two to three minutes. It consisted of 38 questions and a medical check so rapid that those who could see and hear and walk to the end of the line usually got the green light. _AT YOUR MERCURY DEALER'S THURSDAY, DEC. 2 (Sign up with your dealer—you may win a 1955 Mercury!) As to who had the longest stay, the nod apparently goes to Ger- With the coming of World War man-born Frederick Bauer, a I, the tide dropped off to a trickle.-naturalized U.S. citizen deported In one year, the number of aliens! in 1950. While trying to win an admitted dropped from more than appeal, Bauer extended his visit 1,000,000 to 326,000. But after the to five years and eight months. war, it zoomed again -- and this He married an American girl, set time the island was not prepared, up house on the island, and fnth- I been thinkin* CHEOP'S SOLAR SHIP UNCOVERED DISCOVERED tsafiy this yebi, the Egyptian Pharaoh Cl.i-n|, s suiar vessel U uncovered near Cairo for the first lime in 4.700 VIMIS. Th« rewel, built to carry the ghost of Cheop in the flc-et of im- •JorUOt accompanying Uw sun god Ra on his eternal round of tile h«aven% W»* twind tt th« foot ot Cheoj)'» pyramid by Kama! •i M&UlJih, /MMif Egyptian about you ... . . . mostly about how nice it would be if you — right in your town — could try a loaf of my bread—baked from my own County Fair prize-winnin' receipt. To make it easy for everybody all around, I went ahead and give your good baker my receipt so's he could furnisb you with bread you just can't help find joyful eatin'. There's lots of good reasons why every loaf of Aunt Fanny's Enriched Bread is good from end to end. Every'one of 'em is pure ingredients—just like we use to home. And every one of them makin's add up to a loaf a 1 bread that you won't see much of once you set it on the table — that's how fai-l >our family'll go for it. You just go ahead and ask for Aunt Fanny's Enriched Bread—once your family tastes it they'll be askin' for it. Every time—and in between times, too. haked far \ou fry G REINER BAKING CO. INDIANA, PA. Save Time! Save Steps! Buy these Famous Favorites at your A&P! O-Cil-O IS HERE, RAGS DISAPMAR! 0-Cel-O Sponges ' U 13c 2t[ '19c kEl 35c MAKES HOUSEWORK AMAZINGLY EASYI AND DISHWASHING FASTER! BRIGHTENS TEETH AND FIGHTS DECAY Kolynos Tooth Paste *\ Law Tubii £Qj« Anacin Tablets "••• fs *69c "•••""98c CONTAINS THE MIRACLE INGREDIENT-GARDOLI Colgate Tooth Paste Lirgi *%*]** Giant Tube Economy rub, LEAVES NO DULLING FILM ON HAIRI Halo Shampoo Lirji Sin Want Sin CLEANER, CLOSER SHAVE ALL DAY WITH . . . Palmolive S! Cream WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY IN THE BIG JARI White Vaseline Giant Jar ANTI-ACID LAXATIVE Phillies Milk Of Ma^esia 12-oz. Btl. Tablets ONE BRUSHING. DESTROYS MOST DECAY AND ODOPCAUSING BACTERIA GLEEM TOOTH PASTE Msd. Tub* O"TA Lar &« Tul11 Giant For Relief of Pain and Discomfort in Simple Headache Bayer Aspirin '' ' M0 ° 62c LEAVES HAIR CLEAN AND EASY TO MANAGEI Lustre Cream Shampoo Mad * Med Tub, U* Jar QQ Lustre Cream Lotion Shampoo DISINFECTANT - ANTISEPTIC - DEODORANT LYSOL '•"• '"• 59c 14 "- "'• 99c GROOMS HAIR . . . RELIEVES DRVNESS Vaseline Hair Tonic Urgi Size Plus 5t FOR THE SMILE OF BEAUTY! Ipana Tooth Paste Slant Tub* Ecenemy Tub* FOR THE SMILE OF HEALTH! Sal Hepatica Medium 6 or Size 4MIIIC* i KHIMOtT M0» MUIIM . . . (INCf III* tl

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