The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1936
Page 2
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BLYTHKVILLK, (ARK.) COUHlfiR NEWS fcsfdics. Entertain. ;:Leachville'C. of C.; Stunt Nislil __ IXEACHVILLE, Ark.— The ladles of-the v Leachullc Civic l<eague, Die »J$bodist and Baptist Missionary t«xeUfs, the' Order, of Eastern star arid! (lie ''Home Demonstration club e{J£ertilned the Lcachvlllc Cham- b«rol Commerce with a slunt ntght. Methodist and Baptist MIs- >ell, MO, \illl bo flic giicsls of Mrs.. J.*L> Williams .tomorrow viWle al- cudlng'.Uie sesvfons.of tlic tlislrlcl iV.SM.'.U. meeting here, at wliich Mrs. McHniiey Is [o. si rig,-: Bruce ivy, Bruce Jr. and fJ. G. Cartwrlglit hre In Cruighcad and reenc counties on business tills week. ' , - Hilllc Nicholson relumed tills societies look the of Chamber of Commerce ofliccrs and numbers, ns follows: ''president' v. Pj&Tsher, Mrs. O, O. SLires; secrc- tnry, O 0 Stifes, Mrs. Buck Gutim; ViW-prcsldenl, milier Glbbiiis, Mrs. Tjff Rogers,; directors, P. A. Alexander, Mrs W. M. Fields, and J. W^Cox, Mrs C. C. Cornice; Mem- lxJ5 Dr 'Applcby, Mrs, W.' H, ; BI- 6li»ff, Ted, Rogers, Mrs. Lelmul SWyarl, Bud Howard, Mrs. Osboni, \\pler Hipp 'Mrs.. Jim Ferguson awl Louis Wclhberf, Mrs. Ro> •'••• ,32ia JarUcs „ ol;. UiCk Eastern; Slai Bare a tiis ride around Lrachville \tgUng_ \^itbus industries' and PjSA projects. •flie ladles W Hie'.Home,'Demon- bfftllon club 'gave a baby sliow. ,5lie Indies of the Civic Lenyi rsrn esen ted tl ic nrc • dcpai I me n t - ii fipnting a fire. . <: • . i£!ic proceeds of the progran Vjtjft lo support tho Leachvllle llr department. it- . Huffman News Die Smith T,\ ilrnckln k In Little Rock Tor treatment at Veterans hospital. ' \V. H. Loflln ha:i returned from the lilythevillc hasjiltal, \vliere lie received .treatment (or a hand In- for .several days. THURSDAY, JUNR .-11, ,1930 Inscriptions Found STALIN BAD, IT. 6. S, U. (UP) —Four .undent Inscriptions In the Norm | i|. all | an innguagj have been found on liic rocks of the Mogol-Tau Mountain, In Northern Tadjikis- tan. One of these, inscriptions week from Nishrllle, Tctin., where! Mr.' 1 urnl'Mr*.. E, M. Huffman of lie foils recently completed n commercial course at Draiijihti'.s Business college. !Ic hus accepted a iwsltion with his uncle, Erf Nicholson, at Driver, as bookkeeper and assistant manager of his farming Interests.•'- •'' ."•• ••' - ' i '•-• • Miss Gencviot'c HolhilmiR'h of Marshall, Ark., and Jcv l.liidwy of Poplar Bluff, Mo., arc Kiii'.sls of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Griesby this \vcek. ' ;t! Osceola !»-' „ ''.'.' ;~; Sociely — Personal ///// Farm News,:- Gene > J 'Kvelyn' ; yiijos, year-Old daughter of Mr. .'nnd: Mrs. ; ',c, ; jf. Yates, died June a of colitis. Besides, her; part.nt-'S; shr. Js.- by three brothers and live sLslers. Burial was imiilc at Mrmette: >i Mr. and -Nir^Avlliiir;; Calkins of Driver'Grove, spoilt la^lAvcek with Mr-. arul'M'rsVlI.'O.i'Moslcy. Marvin and C. L. lUchardsou Elient .fnc week ' end 1 'With' frlendi near Driver Grove. , Mrs. W. F. Elleclgc'. .silent tilt \veek end with ! rclatIvps Y 'm Sai RMsje. '.; ;• ',;;.; ; ••. Mrs. Sarah Mosley and children spent. Hie week end" with relatives near 'Ulylhevllte. •'' • ; -'••"•••' Mr. and Mrs.'ilcrcliel Hale vts- llcd relatives near Dye^s iS)mday. Sim Hnzc.lwood. o'f .ncar..Dyc?s spent, Monday nlglil wl(li his sister,. 1 Mrs.' clarence Yates, and faiii- dates back to Uie year 803 of oui era and constitutes the most ancient inscription on rocks in Central Asia. . - . niylhcvlllc , vjsitcd friends 'Here Monday. Mr. and Mis. Mason York tlie •; Ci'ockctt community were Hovell W O ,, ( I C I- B of the World al>nui of ----- Antlpater of Palestine Is thought 01 to have made the selection of the LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Save Time and Money hy 'SlumrjiiiK at y ( »i r Lihoftv Sfhr,, . . . Thn ,\i»«( rnmnini,, yi,,,.i,.,,i n,,,,., y (n ,.,. ;„ 4»-l •-,,--: ' •• • ,.-i jjrank Chiles \v«s taken to 'flic Bjmtist hospitn!,'- Memphis, Tucs- tfy' morning suflerlng , ! [rom an a$ttu; attack of a))peii(llcills. ills Wdition is favorable today, • liMrs C B Pcrrln is visiting in Bgne Sock nnd Hot. Springs (ills •^ffk Sne will spend several day,s IrvMorrlltdii with her brother. Mid-' djijon Semmes, and family before rhyming home. • tMr nnrt Mrs. ; . a. c!'Bryan were hjgjlness' visitors, in Memphis ycs- feflay • . • uJJorothy Dyess, Mnry Catliarino Rgie and Lin .Willfams are vlslt- to^ Nancy Snow >yl!soti In Ullis Rock this week. lt Among those'•attending t'ne Os- ceola-Luxora-BlythcvIllc b r .tdgc (tab at the h'ome-of-Mr.'-anrt-Mrs Hftjand Green in Blythcvlllc 'l^ies- 9W night xyere; Mr. and Mrs. S. k. (Hadlsh, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bry »it' Mr and Mrs. D. H. Blackwoosl. W.. and Mrs. -L-j'w.l Walters land Jfc. and Mrs. W. C. Mason. irMlss Martha .lane Cartwrighl lia Jrturned from a week's visit in Memphis wlfh the family of Mr. w»d Mrs. Wils DayU. : • • "; •*Mrs BcUa'. Martjiy and daugh- }|r, Mrs Hal McHaney of Ken' friends here Sunday. Miller Forrester, of llaytl and Ty ler. Mo., ••. was he ru S mid uy. . • Mr, and Mrs. A. \,. Heavers left W«liiC£(la'y.'«r lust .week for New Albany, ' Miss., \vliere tlicy will ake' their hotnc. | Mrs. Slccle Peei")', who was bitten about three weeks u%o l)y what.'.WHS.-believed lo lio a black widow spider, .shows HtlJe If any Improvement. ,' •jMtss: Mabcli••nrackln has been cbnnner) ''to her home Hits week by llhjes'b. ;,•. ;',»!,• jvnniber 'Nine ~NewK •,iMr. aiid Mrs. Tom llatton spent (lie week end'near Slcele wlt'n Mr. Hatlpn's , paruiils, Mr, and Mrs. .Moss" nation. Alice. Collins and America t.ewls spent Saturday nlglil with Thebna Mask. ' . Mr. and Mrs. lilll Hall and family attended the funeral of William Hull, 1 . Mr. Hall's uncle, at Slcele', L\ila r i\nd A. J. Caraway arc spending the week In Keiscr with tliclr sister, Orn lux Rogers ; Mr. inniV.Mr.s.i'G. J. Whittle, ofi i'uxlco, spent ^'unday nfienioon and Mrs. U. It. Collins.' 200 B. C. Save Time ;ind Money J>y Sliopiiins at Your ],ihcrtv Sltirc Jilyfheville - -- Price's Thai Are Consisteiilly l,(':\v<!i'; The Most Complclc Storiiud Cirocery Store in SI'KCIALS KOU'FRIDAY & SATUHllAY CORN Lihhy's " No. 'i Ciin C SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES ..... , : . .. Charles and Harold Robori-son of Ridgeland spent Hie week eriil with Hornev- Mosley. • .: Ab Emery, of Half Moon, vls- llcd :frlcmls here Sunday night. The Home Doinuiistratlog club met Friday nt the home of Mrs. Carman Jones. 'I'lilrtcen members unct- three visttorg wci'e present ThU Old Treatment Often L : Bring. H*ppy R«Uef <M : Many BUffcrorK relievo nnpfjhi^ biickuuho quickly, onco lliey dlncover tlmt tlio'rcal CHIIHO ot their troutilc in:i>* l)e tlrotl klilnoys. •> The kldnoyn are one of Nature'^ clilof wuva of taklm," Itm aclilsj nnt) \vanlo out of Ihc blood. If thoy don'l pri^H 3 pintfl a Any nnd no get rid tjf inoro than 3 pounds of \vastc nmU(T, your 15 miles-of kidney lubes niuy need llUHhltifi". If you have trouble wlih frcfiuu. Madricr jtiiK.siigCB \vltti scanty amount vrlilch oflcn «tn;irt and ljurn,.ttie 1 miles of kidney lubes rn<iy ncetl Hunli I/if mil. Tills danger slg;ml may |>o ilia liofiinnlng.of niifcglhg backacliv. IfK pulns, loss of pcpiiiid cpergy, Bet- iltit,' up nights, HU'Olllny; pnlllno.SH tnj- dcr tlio eyes, licadaclics arid J|7.nlnoK« Don't \s'iilt forKorlouK iroiiljlc,'Asli your dniKKlsl for DOUH'K IMHs which have been nsf<l Hncrpyliful (icoplc. They Klvu hiiiipj* relief atjt htJncy lulnis. Get Donn'a Fills, , B1TE.PBICE GROCEBY SPECIALS FOR WOMEN SURPLUS POWER,. Dependable Cold on Hottest Cfioose trie re/n'serdtoi with tfie Prcjs/cti'pn Laii- /alcfi * Combi'nalfon Bottle and Dairy flack * Slicing Utility Basket *. AJjuti- able Shell * Improved Automatic Flood-Light'* C/ose/y Spaced ShilkBan * Many otfier improve- menti andrefintmenti. ' June 12, RITE PRICKS DAILY 111 K. Main In Old 1'. I a, 14, 15 and Ki - - BEST MARKET O. lihlK. I'lione 231 IN TOWN! \Vc Deliver] Again 'I'hIK Week We Will Give With Kadii . ?II Purrhiijic or More a Premium Vsiliicd uli 25« Io ,$1.50! Come-Hiirly Before Supply is (ione! PORK Fancv STEAKS, Leim. ' ,,,22° ijonic STKAEtS, '.Killwl. i Lh. 2f Bxtrii "Fey. 1'iirilan Ik'cf. Loin of Hound POTATOES, New Red. Lh. 3! TOMATOKS, Fancy TIC IAI.-2 flllBBN BEANS, ' Kxlra Fancy. Lb. SI EXTRA FANCY 1 ' uritim Urandcd K. C. liecf Koasls. Lh. 15 C UP : Fancy K.C.'I ,BACON Sli., Mi. ... 'k'cc, Lli. .., line lll.c EARS,". SNOUTS or NECK 'HOiS'l'jR. Lh. Rl'AUK KlliS. KRAFT'S PUODUCTS i Always On Hand - ] ; Always Fresh ] Rliracle Whip, PL . . 25ej Jlaip-N-Aiiise, Glass . . 2. r u'! .^LEMONS/ Fancy : Sunkisl. Do/.. 21 C HENS & FRYERS mUSSSBI) OU ON FOOT SALT iMK-AT, lioii- injr, He; J ii- IHIC ,h. J.1 2. KGGS, 18° SHORTEN INK, •J Lhs. .J7c; S Lhs. VIIRK -I Lhs. LARD, 5(lc; H Lhs. BANANAS, Beauties. OAI15GA or MEDAL. A'ellow Do/,. 12! (JOLI) f 20 Lbs. i -Lb. Can -Lh. Can 20c S9c 'SYRUP, Sunny. Qnarl 15e; >/ 2 Gold f)7C ««!.• SHORTENING Jewel or While Kihhon 48 Lhs. Net Can jsa umuiiiivs, uraui. Lorn/'tu Large No. 2; Can 0.2 CRACKERS, Fresh ICC Soda. 2-D). Bo.\ 13 Tinlli Rice, Navy, G. N. £.C or Pinto [Jeans. Lh.'-> I'l.uuu, So-o While O^C 48 Ihs. 51. RO; 24 lha. Oi FLOUH. Maple Leaf f)AC 2.1-Lb. Sack t)U FLOUR, Old Trail ore 48 Llis. Si. (if, ; 24 Lbs.OJ PURE LARDs Laclede. Snel Added Summer Blended. 2S-lh. Can <j {H) of the most important- features in modern refrigeration were originated by Norge. THli ROLLATOR £SU-making mechanism. ..introduced in 1926.MODHKN STYLING. -..introduced -in 1932. COMPLETELY SEALED ICE COMPARTMENT ... introduced in 1926: And 27 other outstanding features. Norge set the pace i» the past.' Norge sets tbe : pace today. Norge will 'set the pace-in the future. Stop in ,to see the Norgc today CUEAMO SALAD OH- Pt.'t7c;:QI. 35c; Gal. $1.0!l COFFEH,. Canova or ^JfTC 'Max. Hou.-e. Lh. bo BULK COFFKK :' (ironnd l'"rcsh While Yon Wail l2'/j, 15, nVt, 20, 25- FUHIK, Blair's Ccr- nrc tilled. 24-Lh. Sack !w MEAL, Fresh Creahi 24-Lh. Sack •47 (: FLOUH, Goo • Sai-U Bite LARGE 18" x 36" CANNON TURKISH TOWEL f0 g V.M.UD ^ ^ WITH 10 WRAPPERS FROM " CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP ASK U S' FOR DETAILS i Giant Bars Palrao|ivej3 Bars 15c Super Suds, 3 Boxes 20c Pounds Soap Chips 33c , Haxdaway Appliance Co. in!) S. Second Si A-l Yellow Soap, fi Giant Bars 25c Peets White, 6 Extra Large Bars 25c SHRIMP Iff Polit No. Pois 2 Can M MATCHES 1 CATSUP LarKi! O/.. Koitte H ;lfl c MUSTARD BEETS 2%. Can ^^ : I7 w CHERRIES"" 1 i'-lf SALMON Chum Tall Can OYSTERS™ 1 !21Q C CO«N Pride of III. No.- 2 Can Kvaj). Lh. APPLES Evap. FBENCH " ir " Sg 13° VINEGAR (Juiirl Bottle SODA SPAG" A. & II. a-picgs. 10 C IIE'ITI Sterling 3 Boxes 10 C MAC ; (VKONI Sterling im L'S i\J. fl^ANGE JUICE fw Lihhv'H. Can 10 C MOPS Special : . IJiich. W BELL PEPPEIJS L,;,10 ( GrqciitMi ..."InC •• IJ ..Ears 1U BEANS (Irccii Lh. 5 C CUCUMBERS..,.. 5 C 20 ( Frcsli Lh. T- Ueiul ,5 C CELERY Stalk iir CBACKERS ^ W APRICOTS. " :v T117 c C'' ALUnlKT-Biik. Pow. <VjC Lb. Can-iil HOT ROLLS J)0 , F MEAL (Jold Aledal 5-Lh. Sack 21 l POTTED AIR AT ( 'i Canst Ulack Hawk ; ( Fcy. Sliced ( Pound 3k Flhui*^ 1 "^ I lUUI 2.1-llTsk.- »c|s(. PI. orS, K. Broom ..Free Willi{1 Jir'oom Limil) Neck Bones 5c [es (,'iilif. .l.tiity ; 1)07.011 (« 'Sun Pound ' L lUe Tomatoes Hoil Itipi- 1'oniul & alt Meat PPKBB.AINSn.15" mm Chuck 17 H i. IL-i BOLOfiNA_ ,jJ2i c PIG EARS nc. Lh. i Xil nc. Lh./ SAUSAGE "hi 10 c; Shihlcy Btsti • 2J.fl). Sk. ( !2 C D Shiblov Besl §•< ^ 'IS-!h. Sk. i VIENNA SAUSAGE Cant & HKAiVS C'iinip. rOiUATO .IU1CK ' Sfokelv's. ...Grecii-JJciuilj Sour or 2 Limit. 2(j-(n. jar PeanutButter Ice Cream Powder 1'hff. Thick Rib Pound 15 Milk Briilon'H Grade A SaHilary '['ops s\vcei, qi. . .:r Sweet, Pf. .... Buttermilk, ,(JI. Hie 5c fie Sausag SAUCIO No. 2 KRAUT Stnlidv's 2'j Can HOMINY s i? c gS:'7J Can 1C Brnokfii'ld'; i.'onnd ^saaaassssaKSKsaagsasssz iARGE 18" x 36" CANNON TURKISH TOWEI, with 10 wrappers from CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP ASK US FOR .DEJAIl.S OATS Pk K ,8 l CORN FLAKI'.S TOASTII-S Pk 71C ,Tf VEAL •OAK I.ihhv hy's IOC Can 1(C , W •vi V/i Can J i; (! 15 MILK Tsill Cans 5 19c f£*f&F$££5St~ Pekoe Lb. Can Max well: House Coffee "GOOD TO.THR; t,AST • ' .POUiS'n : DR01 NAVY BEANS ,.,4' ; 3r : Small Can .,,,,^0 Can i LCT TISSUE Fort Howard. Roll 6 C C I LARD Pure S-j I!) 8-Lh. Pail -I LARD Compound 1><>C 8-Lb. Cnrlon JtJ LARD Compound 4-Lh. Carion 4? t: Snow King IS-lh. IIIR SI: Sk. 1. 'I (I O'mcfta 20-lh. Sack §r Ramer JLOUK White Bifcuit 5175, •IS-lh Sk 1 sasse

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