The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1948
Page 10
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i" *AG8 TEK jTTnKv. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION for coiu««ailve In- 1 llm* jwr llm "," J5c i LlUM pci iln« p*r dftjr J2c I tlno«fi p«r line p« day i/c f time* p*r ilu« p*f day 7c U tlmec per Jlue p*r day Jc Mouth p«r lint Me Count five trer»8e worti* to lh« line Ad ordered for three or *is llnu'S ttiici »topp«d before eiplratiou will be chart;•d for [h« number oi t Suits lliu »<1 »p* p*&r*d and ftdjiutinmt of bill made-. All Classified AdrerllsSug copy tub- •iltt*d by persons residing ouisld*. ol tb« city must b« Accompanied by cast) A*t«c may b* •&&)!? computed from rlie Abort t»bl«, AtiT«itltlug order for irregular truer- ttoai takes the otie (line rat* SO responsibility- will b* take, for Sftor* thsa one Incorrect inwnion ol Alt »di Are restricted to llieti yroiici •Uull tent Ion, Btylfl and Lyp*. The Courier re««rf«i th« rlEfct 10 *d(t oi f«J*ct Any ad. Household Goorft Venetian blind* now m Block R«dy- 10? E Main SI, pJiau« 4409. Now's the time In install"" A UKMING WATEB SYSTEM WA-reil CONDITIONER Kl/JOK PttRMACK Oil ATTIC KAN~ Nothing down—up to S(> HU1WAKD iiARinVARKC'O 213 W. Jlain LLB CARK.y COtmiKR Apartment For Kent Two room furnished cotuur-. No Children, no peu. 1708 W. Main p'ion ' Tftrc« room home furnished. 3'^a N •Uth St., Phone -1336. 3,!5-pfc-ia Small furnished spftrinieiil tor rent No children, 213S Hc»ley St. cttr. Ojwil *y*ri, 3.15-pk-lB Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN EERVICJC STATION Miln & OITlslon Phoiie 25RI! Don't «ndMlK*r your In tly with faulty tires—DUY I,EE Tinrs 12118-ck-tl Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W* cAn flu ill your needa G«t gen.itn* p«rt» from our com- Jlett line. ELLIS POOL* OWNER A- OPKflATOIl South HlRhWRy «1 »t Rleclf. Mo Phona StMlfi 40 Ilin-r.k-tl We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKJNSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. «N I 1IAIN PHUNK 22t.t iiia-cn-u 7OR SAI.K X.w KXU1B— in-ply Uoortj'eur 'Mre^ WEUlrnr tread J23. Tubes 17 50 Ni-w |TOxlS-«-ply MUD ,t SNOW OKU' DONALD CHEVROLET COMPANI JENN1NOS LOUISIANA I __ 3;15-iik-16 Beauty Services Pre Easter Special AH permanent wnvm are «L tliclr »wrt Kftpr sfvera! wrpkly shRiiinnos To look your best rturlntr ttn- simiiR |Bd Rumniir montn«, apt your now P«rra»n«nt NOW at Su«'i Beauty Shc^pe 110 DougRB Phone 2SHO _ __ ' 3J3-CK-27 Building Material Foods for JIflrt'« Bronri. 3 l-ck-U Insurance On I'AFIM AND SimiJKIIAN l'rO]>r>rly hjucml Jrw rule premium*. Klre. wind- Blorni, lornnclo. All rovcrniir l>y Ar- knnsii* Irsnl irsrrve companion Bale. Aim fiay io.'.sc* quick Write nlythe- vlllo Auonty. or 1'IIONE FlKl.ll 2S01 2 2«-l>k-3 2<j Protection against ;il! INSURAm.K HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance ULKNCOE HOTKL ULUU 121 W ASH 8T J3.7-CI-H Laundry IIOMK I.AUND/iV. r,rr Mmirtlo llur- "ss. lllntiwly 61 N. Ucriliid nvirliun- tins (.injury. j I9.,n. a i|9 Loans PKHSONAl. I.OANn Alltomortlle-Mi;. imtv:rr--rciMin!(cr-nirnHilro QUICK prl. Tnle Rcrrlre lvr«on!»!l/rd attention Come In or mcpKonr W2H HCNKHA1. CONTRACT PURCHASE Coni'ORATION 122 W A.ih St Blytherllle Ark 12 21-ck-lf Money to Loan [>o von ncprl ft loan to repair or re [Ktilel? No ttown paynient, no nior Rgc. no red tape FIIA Ari'JlOVKD OATR )«, AKK FOR nETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phone SOM |,,n c)l Bulldlni BlytlieHlle, Ark. Real Estate Loans H A. 1.0AN3 6'- IIOMK LOANS fAKAl J.OAN.S COMMERCIAL LOANS T H A ,-Ci. I. LOANS TKRRY ABSTRACT AND RKAI/I'V COMPANY ' 213 W WALNUT PilOMK J.1BI 1.2a-ck-3 28 Money To Loan On farm hind or city properly. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Gkmcoe, Jlotul Mattresses INVKST IN HKST ., »K. n. LUMBER For Sale ££AW.^M,-^ , e AlAllKhbh CO, or Hlytllevule now If .von own your lot, have """" a littl« money, will furnish you luniuer to build your home. At mill, Camp Moul- bri« Drive. 0. S. KOLL1SON Phone 3309 2-l8-ck-3-18 ./'? ' '" '!'»"'•>•- 5»-»l> With IIS * S '*" I> Sllnn - 1»" E 1 Sporting Goods Bo your own work and save Rent, a coiu-rel<> mixer. wheelbarrow and shovels. Any other tools vou mnv need. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4439 Blytheville, .Ark. 3-3-ck-ti j ITS AVI I.SOX TODAY IN SI'OKTS I-.CR-11'MKNT 3 U-rX-4 12 '•• I1IKIUP.W l the ion- cost o( only J8..W """'•'' "" »""«)>"»(( i,,«<lc «"»». W« M'lll do M VV GOOEY FOOEY HOOEYlfBLOOET 5th at Wnlnui COTTON PLANTING SEED U. P. I: -14 (ified. nine THR, Dclinlcd j 100 Ib. new haifs BRYAN FARMS For Sale, City Property NK\V AND MODKRN five rooms and bath equipped with automatic hot water boater floor furnace, beautiful hardwood floors, .scTocncd-in ) )a ek porch. Located in new dcnlial subdivision. Can b<> financed :>l -I'-'-. N'KK.imORllOOl) GHO- CKRY, Cow steps off Main Street. Will soil fixtures, inventory stork. Hiiildinjf fan be Ifiiisod at fair rental. A j?o- injf business, A-t jiroposition for ambitions man F1VK R(K)MS AND BATH in jfood condition on Missouri Avenue. Can be financed. DUPLKX located in hi(fli class nnijfhborhood. Low tax anil insurance rate. Will net 8'&. Medium down payment will liiindle, can finance balance «t 4"'. MODKUATK . PRICED house on two large lots. Rent. «1 properly on rear. .$;i5()() cash. Can be converted into good payinjf rental property. See or call: MAX LOGAN Realtor 1'honn 2 3,4-ck-tt For Sale, Misc. BuiToujfh'.s CASH KEGIS- TKR. Practically new, call «0- 2-2V-ck-tf motor blk,. complr rlpr. !J>1 Walnut. a. F^or Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFK1CB P. I: -14 State Certified. Mine THR, Dclintcd and Treated. 100 Ib. new hau-s OBCEOLA, ARK. PHONE Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Hoy»). ainlth. Corona and ftemlmr loii 1'ortnbl*. DON EDWARDS .... y in Typcwrltftr Man 111) N. Second St. l>han» ?M2 l«'rt tl Typist •J'VPlN'Ci, l-honi- «Z3 or 2MH. Dogi, Cats, and Pets HEABONAlVl7Y~prirtii rrRlst™! coc For Safe, Cars & Trucks f'llir ft. Frlgltltiln. 211 Lilly st 3 lU-pw-IV Help Wanted, Female j StoiiDfrraphcr wanicd for Icgul woi-k. Call S272 or 29:17 3-ll-ck-18| 1.AUIKS: ja.-i, \vpov.]y nsintr i-our i |.honc nyhc nt hoin^. Rush El " fc.r innnunl .TIKI siart today. Tclonlionc Atl- vrrtlMn E -Sr.vlre. Monrac, Nor.l, Cnr- oun "' ,1 l.S-pk-16 Help Wanted, male NO MORE WAITING! PHONE OK \VRJTK Poole Motor Comiiany. We'll • Shop store assistant man- iigcr for ncv.- exclusive family shoe si ( r,-e. Must be capable of selling and fitting. Address all replies giving full panicu- We 'Junk' Junked Cars Any questionable automobiles are sold to "junk dealers/' Our cars carry a 30 day guarantee. Financed through G.M.A.C. Preferred Plan. To our knowledge the lowest finance charge containing the full 11 coverages to protect you. We ask your patronage. Remember, price alone does not constitute a bargain liMfi Chevrolet 4 l>ix)r 1JI46 Plymouth 4 I)w»r Sedan 1916 Vord Tudfir Sedan 1!»42 Huk-k Sedanelts 1!)42 J'onlhic Si-flan 1912 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan 19-11 Chevrolet 5 Pass. C'»up« 1»41 Dod K e 4 J)«,)r Sedan 194(1 J)od K « 2 I),,,,,- s Mosf of these ears havt radios and h.oters Trucks, large and small, i/, ton, % Ton, 1 i/ a ton, 2 ton. Som. with body. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Successor to Lay Eich EASY G.M.A.C. PAYMENT PLAN We Never Close til 8 p.m. 30) W. Walnut 578 Sales Dept. Open Phone 578 Brer lor Schnl>n< In tlie time of the Egyptian pharnohs, beer was so important n food item Hint it wns customary I for mothers to bring beer to their : sons in school, according to the Encyclopedia Britannicn, i ^.^.^ i.i^wu v>uiii(Jiiny. n e IJ ' " ll ^-HIJ.:.^ x lv "lj^ IU1J palllCU- come by for R demonstration j >ar - s l o Box 17 Caruthcrsvillc> _^!" today af the Willys Jeep, the Hn- 3-13-pk-lG '• > ' C Fi,J; ilt p 0A J Pan \ (:nr - , ;»*~^oi^^-^^ a ri^. : Cariii tMUS 1 OOle. Ot^Tler ntw time \vork ajnoriK rallrnnrl nn.n K,,I^,.. ; .. . c°"rk-r News want Ads. Poole, Owner and South Highway (il "AILROAU MAN for nrrmnnptlt S|>arr i.<» «nr k a]IlotlK fniiroacl men s.ili ' illi for Rnbsti\nHfl[ rni at Sleele, Mo. Phone Rteele '!!! ! T." R ! "2 : o V c"'M s p v "i B \"^ inSr""""' • Ca ' ovvilct ' 8 who tuts Hm B ..'Deuoit '26. MicWisVn" 1 A '" j m ° nc - v an <' not gEttinjf proper „„., J 'S-PK-is i milea^o due to over-rich mixtures >* pleased to learn of a Trade Ins on Carburetor Too Rich Makes Motorist Too Poor wasting Reliable man \vlth car u^ntprl lo cr.ll \ r.'qmr.'d. ,...„,. ,-, : — "I'ltfriiils is li"i'u"V,'; j Uo, : ». Mill" "m/'t'liimu. n« tiitlril n.u"ui r P'' 1 "" iu "-" sspa »•'"' s ' a > K - J1 °- Stlcft. Ph. nlwtl. "I'llojiV "ll«9 A oll W r[nffi!""» I .-•„, « . --„ ;JRP TO SNMTn MATra K °S "oM AL -°-- ^"•••..BOMOU «c .^NJ,. Of.NKR^I. [lKf,I^ERY J.-TJPP .'.^ 1 ?.M r AN " OKI.IVERV Kaiser-Fi-azcr Automobiles '•• ^^^^'^ ? ^M ' ™* "g^oLeTJ "^ ' hiU h *' p * Late Model Used c ars COMPANY. »•*<•- A. ^.^r^. ii, - , Jt js auton]at , yanc , Oc ™'' ng - r ' aoor^Mnn" wit 01 ""' 8 '* 11 Roy "' '°" r ' I the supercharge princ" !e ! ^^'^"^^™*""^'™J Losf Onrf Foun rf i ln f tal "=1 ii a few 'mimrtes^^ l-'or Snl L .. o UVJ S. 21st St. .. "ONK DAY S10RV1CK" Notice R1U. GODWIN UTINC coons »•'''" fi-nmle rMJlstorcd rollh 550. 227 r. I'honr Farmers Column ' ""PS nntl nntliUshiMl Innr room • "n HIBhway 61. l>, ,nllr. 5 Sn.ilti 'Wit. Attractive trrms with pos - . 'floor SMnn with radio, hpalrr ' drliavc ' ' vcV5? C "c|Jn Ver vo,''- l ' th '" W 1: ''"' c "f e »' 1Kl I lil^y model Foir.. two door U-ari 0 ^^-^"^;;™';,r^ s, if (llllo.icr. New Urn Enra clc'.'n car THK "fil" MOTOR (JO. Your KaJser-Fraxer Dealer N, Highway (H. Phour 2Mi For Sale, Farm One pair o in black cay ~ Nlrp hpriroom. 10 W minutes. .Fits an d tractors. The yn-'piT-'iS , Carburetor Co.', TSU-TOo'Vv'sTaU St.. \Vauyvatosa, \Vi s .. are offering f y ac »-matic to anyone who will .114 N Ninth. P.ronTT^ ' ", '' ' l On hi ^ ™r R , ld he| J.n-i.k-3'19 .introduce it to others. They will " IPtodly scn<t full free particul'ars if i™. W T"! U ' em or *» l «"" ^ur Private Rooms ATTENTION JMR. C L. PERRY, formerly of the Blytheville Sales Company, is now with us is General Radio and Appliance Repairman For tht best In Radio Repair and Appliance Main- tenance call us at 3450. HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY Kodronms, Bls'thnvlllR Ho'pl clo<f In M^n kltchrn prlvil r ;rt. BIT c;»lc«n- 3 a-px-4 R 1.UTIIKK <iRAY. Itcallor 120 t: Sycamore or . 241) ACRKS KW,<\ j;u,d.j^ | ^jl'\nir houses, Ihrnp liarns on! n'l.irood gravel road. Five niilps^" "'" from Blytheville. Price J210 K\T" " acre. ' j c 1 " v Johnny Marr Real Lslnte L™ tht """"""i' .112 S. Second I'lione <ll | I : - • ' to Buy hodroorn for rent cull 7 ls-rk-,1 IS card today. /'irnlihrd hpclroom. i . 21H E. Davis. I .Inn room Phoiin . 3 lS.jik-22 i Here's How to get farly Spring Delivery on a New Co.. 7, Business Property For Rent URGEOFFrCESPACE :otlon [nrm near Manila srliool hn.i roinr v .^'»""l.: On/ bl.olTT.W ,,.;„-„. I'^^lr'^r'prl^r',^;" ""' ""^ ^ .Mill ,.(»,>. liou pounils OU-IIIT mav ! ' lv<! 'OOm lionsr n.ul l,n It, \,,,,,,,, I 1 '"' ' Hot*"' l' 11 ) 11 ^ this ail and [^ P( ] hlH.s j Svc CHAl'IN" or TII'TON ->f}'>~ ^° > rirj. Hriuc I.lne. 3]:i-pk.]7 Mii.llft i ^' '*' ' F'AIIMS \c\vi-t.^i^ .— • .. ' ^^'I'^-IS F'AHMH WAN'IKU »„>• 5 i7t in Monti "'A' Soul " EnM Ml»-.M '! )lrtcn to K lle Aiirncy. plione Personal svu< ^H.\T""YOU" ...., \SA.NT i Ta-o hrnnd no,. M-57 -plan,,.,," (< ". AM) MY WHAT YOU 1)0' '••^'<-,"i'^,'"' n£~$? <% ^'" < Vv'ANT M-l"-fJi.,J' l ro" n 'i *"* "s"rt"iMr"mo,'iM Courier News Classifieds ! 1> '"'"' n '"™ r0 ? l "' 1 "c n slo r ; Kr,"!"'i" V"" i;;, <fl ACKKH s n V p r y rlnp far within tvo miles 'o( ri, rl ,i ro«l. « „,„ rive ,,s.m ho dlnsK ,, U | n , rl , u ' ,;, ™ -:— Louncr i\ c \vs Classifieds :'""""" co - rl>c " c ™' Rr,,,,,,.. M O : ' 3i 5 .,, k -i R ^RGE OFFICE SPACE -»«*«»-,*. ,„„„-,. .. UH , m - l '- } - "'^ F <» Sale—city Property net si,- -, , l.i^' |.."l7 a u'""M '''""^ I'^ru..,, «,ir. ' „."';;. ' ;<lr: ^» »-»nn»ll oil rvllibpr -.. ' i ;! '" '"'"' l )l »l<lillB[''-'l"-'- Sloic H,U ^"j,,';!!";!, 1 ""' ; la "- *'-,,' i»'o''ca*"''mv V ''o t alrr! > " ! " < ' r " W "- ' "''':'"m '"onditl"™' 8 ''' pl< '' rtrlc Mnv ' 'n ipany. Can bp divided into'" I "»""'ii'»'«"'»D' : .sii,. r ' ) " "''• !ry '-"''"V 1 ^'•""r S cm'iin™.'f?'i'r '"" Kr ''' n ' '"'•'• °" "''* c " ra '-" s ' tri '»>- -t j"™,*!^ ^ral small rooms. 1 ( !,, ;1 ] i, )1 -i'i_:^ ' ' " M ?%.<•*-% > '•'•'•''"• "IS-I^VMIP. " '"'' S ¥W°H*J \ "<•» ""Her Mir,,, ro r »,it Sf , H A ««.!w^«srcs — -~"»^~ ~l >orS£ " e -c«r7*T«C*,-- jr-: D ri. r± nt. 'te 10 SUlt |, ,.„„ „;„.--„ --.-.-. ! _ M"J "„''.'? I'""" 1 ' C1 "" »"•! drar j Get in ahrari of the spring rush .. -— - ] when there nvc never piioueh Evln- Used baby play pen with Irndes to go around! Cull and choose ' in good condition. I'hone'your motor now. A 20?t, deposit 3-l3-ck-l7 will ?iv c you priority tlclivrry on a Wanted to" K ent~ ?™^ ^'1^"^ ^ | proved makes at fair tratic-ln nl-i <:»n "d.( fid: or f ""»:"""' ro °"' iT 3 -cT.','r lmn "«- w » l«»-c In stoek for im-! - - — -.' ' meclintc delivery, n limited quantity' War Cpasrs of 5 -1-10 H.P. and 9 7-10 H P. Evm- i Filly-four different cnse.s were nides! ' in use during the early part of I j World War I Lalr-r. thU number McKINKfON'S iV. .M. IUWNS. Healt,,,- Blythcviitr. -,., J -•-- -• --..,,,, miv* nutllUVt J is-pk-in n,vindlcd lo 12. four of which were discarded before (lie end of the conflict. from Compa several s doctor, l aw yc,-, ,„• in sil| . illu . c business. \Vil| «rrai. K e to suit tenant. TOM LITTLE Realty Co. Phone 861 3-lS-ck-r Florists s, Trees and Sh7i7bs nra SmMI Fruit,. "' Chalin l.c-.vis Nursorv . P 'ER" 1 '. Arkansas Photography . chc.ip. " si six room HOUR." 1 ,. v I1n ''Ornr-r Clark nil.! i-^^r Il.iatl. M CC own! . r R ; ftlfi (.-laV^' 3 9-pk-l6 Onr A-mnrtrl Ford ' <:nll 79.1 i\fter 4:00 v ..,. nonrnlt ap'^ini Pin. Inr '••„„ t.lrnrop Ur,. r ] Servi , „ or 2-560 ,ricr „ "pot ,„„.,„,.,. J m-cit-3 in Vo ices '5. 1.. KHKKM\\" r.illlt ami Panrrnsnulns. |,l. n ,,, C!tx.'.l llrr?. l''«'i-d Tudor, radio and ''.^"^.TS^oWSSl! !n\s r , 0 "W'* > V«l"' S1 ?«' I , l f, l<>r1ii ^ like rent - mom uoi^fl oti CUrV S|. p r , ce Sewintj ^lvp rontu house on llnvU 1 n ™. >inrr jot. '•**«* • • • • • •• • 1 wo rha:r bail]IT *hov> on \\" Mam i;:;;«'^ i-w i«....t j,.b. c 00 ,i, K• S-";,.^™ -•>-^ ! , ! mmlM^nr'''!-, 1 , 1 ; C " V P '°"" l> ' ° r '"'" . I nil C.MC tliroo-imarloi-' "'i.'i'THwi'dHAY. H,..i tot :'"" i>u-knii n-uck. Cattl,. rack 20 Er J' vf "T 0 -,"' OIP i with it. i rnc,ne 5n ,,., ' !- Mrrciiry four d,,ov so- ~ 'S.Srt iS"r'. £""1'"'"*• Wifh fhe Courts ler, Ainu B 3539. W5 W. . i.r-.'K MOTOR SAI.KS 8-3-ck-tf Be»,r»r Reynolrts vs. Reynolds, siw f,,r riivorre VirKima M O « vs . T . j. M for ditor<'p. Manlla, Ark. COTTON FARMERS Chemically rirUnlril rullon .tffd trrmirt.'tte quicker, i *nrt plow thr ,s;tme werh. Rtriitce choppinjt e*r»fn< tri>w mort coiion. STATK CKRTIFIEI) VARIF.TIF.S AVAILABLE I>. * r. 7,. \». 14, pcr .M Ih. h** Slfl.M StontYhlr 1-B, ppr .SO Ib. hag Rowrtrn 41-H, p« f* Ih. bait.. Other \ariftir* Half A Half Hlihrrdl p«r -%0 Ih. h,\(c , ^(nnevllle 2-f, prr S* Ih. bnp (;okem 100 \\ ill Resistant, i*rr Ml Ih. Kijr.. ^ PauU, prr 50 Ih. hag Kmplrr. prr Ml Ih, h*jc .,,.....,, i and placr your ordrr nr (tel ynnr supplj- today. BLYTHKVII.T.V: SOVBKAN CORP. ,' Phont R.'rf Blvlhcvlllr. Ark. Thone KM Branches: LfAchvillr, Ark. ('Arriwell, .Mo •rsviH*, ami Srnalh, Mo, l(|.0« H M 10.1?; 10. SO ](..>o Com* s ^&4k WE DON'T MAGNIFY YOUR TROUBLES- wt FIND THEM AND FIX THEM/ T.. and w« put your ear in per- fect thapt for spring driving! Our mechanics will go over your car with an eagle eye and you may be sure that your au- to will get service "p| u ," when anyone of our experts cheek It! Drive in today! GET OUR REAL BUICK SERVICE IT COSTS NO MORE!

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