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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 107
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 107

Rochester, New York
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1 I JiiPfY PThe People of ROCHESTER' (m aiirtiif iiiiitiiiiitfiiiiiiiififiitiiiiftiiiiitiiiiiifliiiiiiiitiiiirif itiift tit tit iiiiEiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiTiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit iiitf iiiiiiiffiiiiiiiifiiftiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiif itiiiiififfiiitiiiiiis Who Never Finished HIGH SCHOOL I JHBT The Water Is for Swimming I IlilllilllM MM am New YHr Reqente CqvlvalMey Diploma AT HOMS In SPAtf TIMI St Mewttily bichiaee look. i mmmmsFLJ -tax I IS: 1 irJ AMERICAN SCHOOL. Dip, fl-tt SOI Highland New York 14221 Send me your free 55-page High School Booklet Name Age Adrlreee Phone I W'-Y "M-a Stat. City By J. MICHAEL SPARR It's swim time agaln-It will be when the weather warms up.

And, It's time to check out some swim rules, especially those dealing with the show-offs one of the most dangerous public enemies around any puddle of water. Take this test and see where you stand: 1 Do yon check nnder the diving board before you dive to make sure the coast is clear? 2 Are yoo inch a good swimmer that yon go off and swim completely alone? Do yon and your friends hold races or run around the edge of the pool? 4 Do yon watch' oat for younger children when you swim, dive or Jump? Do yon play rongh-ln-water or out-of- water games, when the area is crowded with people? 6 Do yon wait at least an hour after eating before swimming? 7 Do yon surf in areas specifically set aside for this purpose? 8 Because yon are a strong swimmer do you attempt distance swimming without an accompanying boat? 9 Could yon help a stricken swimmer with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? lft Do yon ever dive Into water with which you are not familiar? If you answer "yes" to questions 1, 4, 7 and 9 and "no" to the others you earned a perfect score. If you got one or two incorrect answers you're courting trouble. If you got more than two wrong you're placing yourself and others in jeopardy. Brush up on tho water rules.

WHY DID MANGURIAN'S INSTALL WALL-TO-WALL CARPETING ON THEIR HUGE PARKING LOT? Turn to page 1 1 A for complete details on a sale as big at all outdoors! 16TH CENTURY BOOK Miss Catherine at University of Rochester, Inspects the D. Hayes, assistant director of libraries one-millionth volume acquired by library. Millionth Book for UR Library 400-Year-Old Rare Latin Volume Sense and Lovely Scents angunans By SARAH SHAW There's a magio to perfume and you may find the following a guide to discovering the right msgio for you: 1 Apply different perfumes directly to the skin when yon are testing them. You cannot get a true reaction from the bottle. You can by applying a few drops to your wrist and allowing the heat of your body to develop the fragrance.

2 Don't make a final judgment until the fragrance has been on your skin at least ten minutes. This gives the alcohol time to evaporate and the blending of fragrance with your skin oils will give you an accurate reaction to the prefume. I Don't ehoose a fragrence because ts great on somebody else. It la your individual body chemistry that makes' a fragrance right or wrong for you. 4 Once yon've opened the magio bottle, don't hoard It If you save it too long you may be disappointed by discovering it has spoiled or evaporated before your eyes.

5 Take care when temperatures go op to choose lighter scents. This also applies for indoors use when you know you are going to be warm. Fragrance intensifies in heat and in humidity. Save the more exotic fragrances for cooler occasions. Dionysius of Hallcarnassus was a Greek historian, rhetorician and teacher who lived in.

the First Century B.C. The "Roman Antiquities," his best-known work, covers the history of Rome from the earliest legendary times down to 450 B.C. Of tho entire work, only 10 books and fragments of an 11th still exist. Announcing acquisition of the book, John Russell, UR director of libraries, pointed out that the volume is a second Latin translation by Sigmund Gelen, published in 1549 in Basel, Switzerland, by Hieronymus Froben, son of the founder of the House of Froben. Froben establishment on the title page and the verso of the colophon." The book was published by the House of Froben, a Swiss printing firm which wss established the late 15th Century and ranked as one of the greatest printers in Europe.

A bookplate shows that the volume was at one time in the library of the abbey of the Premonstratertslan Canons in Steingaden, Bavaria. Although the bookplate bears the date 1786, a manuscript note on the title page Indicates that the book was acquired in Steingaden in 1649, Just 100 years after Its publication. The University of Rochester Library has Just acquired Its one millionth volume. The book is a 16th Century translation of the "Roman Antiquities" of Dionysius of Hallcarnassus. It was pur chased for the rare book collection at the Rush Rheea Library from funds given in memory of Dr.

Hiram Olsan, an alumnus of the university's Class of 1903, by his family and friends. Library officials, describe the newly-acquired copy of the "Antiquities" as "in splendid condition with clean, crisp paper, a beautifully designed type, decorative intlUals. and the moas printer's mark of the Rolling Stones Are No. I BEAUTIFUL AND BREATHTAKING SIGHT Watching The Roll Of Lake Ontario The Beauty Of The Gardens And Bubbling Fountains While Dining At The CRESCENT BEACH HOTEL Where Delicious Food Is Served At Sensible Prices For Lunch, Dinner, Banquets And Parties. Music Nitely In The Vineyard Lounge By The Four Gales And Dancing Fri.

Sat. Nites To Kenny Unwins Fine Band. Your Hosts "THE BARRYS" Joe Gloria This Is 'Space Speak' By JOSEPH MYLER, United Press International Writer CHICAGO (LTD The Rolling Stones and "Paint It Black" shot to the top of this week's Top 20 Tunea In the list's most violent shakeup in year. Ten of the 20 titles are on the list for the first time. One of them made it to third, place.

Two others also finished in the first 10. Simon and Grafunkel loom to third with "I am a Rock." The Chiffons rank ninth with "Sweet Talking Guy" and the Beatles made it No. 10 with their new "Paperback Writer." The Top 20 (last week's position In parentheses): 1. (3) Paint It Black. Rolling Stones.

2. (S) Did Yoo Ever Have to Make Up Yonr Mind? Lovin' Spoonful. J. (0) I Am a Rock. Simon anf Garfunkel.

4. (4) Groovy KlnrJ of Love. Mindbenders. I. (2) When a Man Loves a Woman.

Percy Sledge. (7) Barefootta. Robert Parker. 7. (1) Monday, Monday.

Mama's and Papa's. 8. (11) Strangers the Night. Frank Sinatra. 9.

(0) Swt Talking Gny. Chiffons. 10. (0) Paperback Writer. The Beatles.

11. (IS) Love Is Like an Itching In My Heart. Supremes. 12. (13) It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World.

James Brown. 13. (0) Donbla Shot. The Swinging Medallions. 14.

(0) Dirty Water. The Standelli. 15. (0) Little Girl. The Syndicate of Sound.

16. (0) Green Grass. Gary Lewis. 17. (0) Let's Go Get Stoned.

Ray Charles. 18. (0) Yon Don't Have to Say Yon Love Me. Dusty Springfield. 19.

(0) I Love You a Tbonsand Times. 20. (18) AH These Things. The Uniques. nominal compound like "girl friend" or "driveway." The thing that makes "Space Speak," as Prof.

David McNeill calls it, differ-ent in a way from ordinary language lies in the number of words apace engineers cram into their nominal compounds. The thing to worry, or at least think, about is the extent to which "Space Speak" is getting into general use. For some reason, according to McNeill, engineers of all kinds are under compulsion to create a body of technical WASHINGTON (UPI) In this ninth year of the Space Age you probably are aware of the system that controls the attitude of a spaceship by ejecting gas through nozzles. But do you know the space Jargon term for it? The term, which functions grammatically Just like a one-word noun, is: "The nozzle gas ejection ship attitude control system." Cnmbersome as it may seem, "the noizle gas ejection ship attitude control system" is just an ordinary FT Modern California tl LIVING ROOM 1 Compare of $250! Includes tofa, lounge chair, cofft table, 2 iep nd tablet, 7 lamps! IniniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinij 1- II His Problem: Jealousy When She Dates Others By DOROTHY RICKER "Teen-age Mail" comes to you each Sunday on this "Under 20" page with the 3 Then weekly er monthly! PAY ONLY $10 DOWN answers to questions which concern all young people in school and their personal lives. Yon are Invited to send in your questions.

Address them to Dorothy Ricker, co Readers Service, P.O. Box 1582, Rochester, N.Y., 14603. Watch for the answers In Jargon with which to express themselves. Space technology has produced a lot of words and terms which may have some influence on the general language. For some needs, the space engineers have resorted to metaphor, as in "pad," "abort," "umbilical." On occasion they have coined words, such as rockoon (a rocket launched from a balloon).

"Countdown," "space probe," and "launch vehicle" are genuine space jargon, along with "separation and destruct system ordnance equipment," but "A-ok" and "blast off" are the inventions of newsmen or press agents. The longest nominal compound known to McNeill is a 13-worder he ran across in the Congressional Record oxygen liquid hydrogen rocket powered single stage to orbit reversible boost system." SPACE JARGON APPEARS to be having some effect on the general language. Words which went through a metaphorical metamorphosis when they joined the space program appear to be undergoing additional change Is- they return to the general language. Take "pad," or example. The pad of a launch pad was a considerable departure from the pad of a saddle or a tiger's paw.

But people are beginning to talk of starting something or other from a "launching pad," meaning from "a basis of. "Our descendants," McNeill said, "may talk abont the pad of our democracy being free speech." But It Is the engineer's nominal compound that offers some of the juiciest possibilities to laymen, particularly those who want to impress others. "By overusing the nominal compound," McNeill said, "one can pretend to possess a degree of technical knowledgeability in fact, one does not have." He invented a "pretension Index" for measuring this kind of doubletalking gobble-degook as used by non-possessors of technical knowledgeability. The worst offender he found was a space magazine which he did not identify. "However," McNeill said, Here at Ruben's you will see living room and bedroom suitei in their original packing cases, still unpacked, not set up but at prices that are unbelievable! So follow the real buys end save 40-60 on your furniture purchases! Stock cut illustrations.

I 1 column. this RUBENS WAREHOUSE 292 EAST AVE. Open Daily, 70 A.M.-10 P.M. 1 HOUSEHOLDERS' Dear Mixed Up: You are mixed up! You should realize that Jim is not interested in you as a person since he has no respect for your wishes or standards. According to your letter, even while he says he knows you are a "good girl," he keeps trying to change you.

What you should is tell him flatly, If he wants to continue dating you it will have to be on your terms. Otherwise you will not go out with him again. However, if you can go on liking a boy when you know he has just one objective in mind breaking down your moral standards then advice from me or anyone else is useless. SPECIAL! Dear Mrs. Rickeri I am a 16-year-old boy and I have a problem which seems Important to me.

I like a 16-year-old girl. We are not going steady but recently another boy has begun to like her, too. The first time I saw them walking together at school I was a little jealous, but I decided to trust her completely. Later she told me she liked me 1,000 times better than the other boy. I believed her and figured it would end right there but it didn't.

He sits with her at school games, when I'm not there, and I found out he plans to take her to a school play. Some of my friends tell me she is "putting me on" when she says she likes me and I should tell her off. Others say I should "wipe out" the boy. I don't want to do either of these things because I don't want to hurt anyone, in any way. MICKEY Dear Mickey: First of all, I suggest you Ignore the advice of your friends.

They probably mean well, but their advice is off base. I believe your main problem is to get your thinking in line with the facts. You and the girl are not going steady so you have no right to expect her to avoid other boys. If she says she likes you best, she probably does. However, this doesn't mean she should not dale the second boy or that she should tell him not to sit beside her at school games.

My advice? Don't be too possessive and jealous or you may turn the girl against you completely. Date her when you can but date other girls, too and give her the same privilege. Dear Mrs. Rlcker: I date a boy I'll call Jim. Every time we date, he tries to break down my moral standards.

Mrs. Ricker, I'm not that type of girl. One night I asked him, "What kind of a girl do you think I am?" Jim said he knew I was a good girl. Well, if he thinks so, why does he keep trying to get me to do as he wants? I'm not going to give in but please don't tell me to forget him because I like him too much to do that ALL MIXED UP be repeated (like the skating party) I believe an exception could be made ft studying is all caught up. It seems your parents are inconsistent.

If they want you to be in bed by 10 p.m. on school nights, the rule should also apply when there is baby sitting to be done. Dear Mrs. Ricker: I am 15 but still considered the 'babyv In our large family. All the others are either engaged or married, but my mother won't allow me to go anywhere unless I'm with a girl of my age.

Lately I have been seeing a boy real often at school affairs. About four weeks ago he offered me his pin and I accepted it. It's sort of a friendship pin. I've worn it to school and to social activities but not at home. I haven't told my mother about seeing Mike so often because I'm almost sure she will say I am too young and for me to give Mike's pin back.

She might even restrict me to home base, and I think that would be unfair. Come to think of it, I guess I'm being unfair, too, by not telling Mother about Mike. I am so confused, Mrs. Ricker. Please answer soon so Mike and I will know which way to turn.

MIKE'S GIRL Dear Mike's Girl: You are too young to tie yourself down to one boy but most 15-year-old girls are allowed limited dating privileges providing their parents believe they are trustworthy. This is where you have let your parents down. You have been seeing Mike on the sly when you are not even sure your mother would object. If Mike is a nice boy, she might surprise you and allow you to date him occasionally. sk PARENT-TEEN RELATIONSHIPS Do you and your parents "play fair" with each other when you have disagreements? The "Fair Play Family Quiz" can help you answer that question.

To get a free copy of the quiz, mail your request and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Dorothy Ricker in care of Readers Service, The Democrat and Chronicle, P.O. Box 1582, Rochester, N.Y. 14603. Call 454-4200 Through our "HoujeholderV special" yon may place, arv "ALL DAY WANT AD" (1m bo1h The Timej-Union and Democrat and Chronicle) up to 15 words, 7 timei or let for just $3. 16 to 20 words, $4, etc cash, or paid in 7 days.

This Householders' special Is offered private Sdividuals specifically, for furniture, 5 appliances, clothing, eameras, fawn-mowers, baby merchandise and the many misceU laneous household articles generally found in er around the home. All Want Ads must contain price of each item i advertised and home address or phone num ber. Cancellation should be made as soon as results are obtained. No changes or ad- ditions permitted. May delete articles already sold.

Dear Mrs. Ricker: Last week my brother and I wanted to go to a skating party which the senior class was sponsoring. It was to raise money for their class trip, and we would have been home by 10 p.m. Our parents said, "No, it is on a school night and it will be too late." But, the -week before we had to stay up until 11:30 p.m. on a school night to baby sit for our sister.

We are students and work hard for good grades and we have good reputations. We are getting tired of this go-to-bed-at-10 o'clock-bit. Our parents pull this on us every time we want to go somewhere. WIDE AWAKE TEENS Dear Wide Awake Teens: Except for rare occasions it is not wise for growing teens to go out on school nights since medical authorities say teen-agers need nine to 10 hours sleep. However, when something special comes up which will not "those who dread the influ Here is your opportunity to turn no-longer needed household items into eh.

Miss Want" Ad will be happy to serve you. Vr your convenience vHen rem Went Ae1 nni tfane ence of engineering jargon may be heartened to learn that newspapers, outside their science columns, show little Indication of adopting the nominal compound." 1.

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