The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1930
Page 7
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Mniiry, It de- M'li.iiN, U I In; mail iitu> IIHX 1-Jta k licurt. At ^IfilK u( l>va .Miiury folurs niu! hurries nvvny inn) Uvn iiluiciil fnlnla. Collier CihrM her huiuc. l.nlc thnt nlrr'il A line \S iiilcr tvleiiEiunrt ItorEnier in mini* rlslil iivcr. - .MlXV <:<J 0,\ XVITJI TUB ETOIIV I please? 1 think jierliaiw we'll all need It," and she turned at onco and went to Iho kitchen, with Paul following. Anue had slipped Into a dress hcforo their arrival, find Mora Inil lluiiB a roho nbout herself, she did this now for Eva, wlio continued to struggle feebly asaliiit Kori- mcr'b strength, mitklng no sound beyond an occasional jjasnlns Intake o( breath. Tlicre was no light on In Oie, rooni, hut lislit came in at Ibe oiien door, tuifl l\v.i Ihuloy's faco was stiockhiK to ECO. .Mona sat on her other side, with an arm around ler, murmuring bootlilmjly in her ar, aud while Ihcy sat thus the loctor came. •*• fit JIM 1 1923 Ford Touring 1 1923 1'ord ' 1 10M Ford Tudor 1 l!ll!9 Cncvrolct.4 Door Sedan 1 1829 Fwitiai: 4 l)oor ' Scdau .;... 1 1027 I'ontiac 4 Door Sedan 1 1923 DeSoto Uoadstcr LEE MOTOR COMPANY 120 East Main Street ! ULYTHEVILLli, ARKANSAS j FOK bALE—120 acres timber land; within 10 miles of Blj'thcville. Sacrifice for cash. Taxes 51.25 per acre. P. O. Box 124, Blytlic- ville. '•iSpkl FOR SALE—Small casli at Cross Food Shop. . . register ' 25ck29 FOR. SALE— (For few: days only). Dr. .McCall has moved p St. Louis and lias- placed hiS' home in lay hands for sale. Choice location and rare bargain. . Let me' show ic to you, it interested. G. G. | Caudill, Oilice phone 797, residence] phone 186; • , • . . 28c-tt CHAPTER XX \ NXE hoard him drive- up, nut] sho opened the door lor liini. "Paul's Mailing in tho car," he told her. "Just In case—" She nodded, only half licai him. "Eva tried—tried to lake poison." she said, anil bc^an lo cry . Ifcn's arm went around her "Come now, Anne, bear up. She's all lislit. isn't she? Did you cal a doctor? Where is she?" Anna pointed to Hie closed bed room dcor, heyon'l which he coi:l< Lear a iniililcd sobbing and another voice, placating and soothing— .Mona, trying to (juicl Eva. "The doctor?" Dan repeated, rind Anne toltl him that she had sum-i moi'.ccl one and he was on Ills way. "But when I called you Eva was . desperate. Slie lient struggling vdlh .Mona and fighting her off, and 1 was afraid." Anne was shaking, lie talked to her Etcauyingly end she became calmer, and he asked her to tell him what had bapiicucd: but before slio coulj he- gin Mona's voice cried out and there was a scuffling noise at the door. Dan glanced niiestloningly al Anne and she nodded mutely. "Cal 1*311! in."'he said, and lie sprang towaid tho doar and opened it. Ik saw Mona holding on desperalcly to Eva, who was tryius to gel out (ind be seized the strutting gir ty her wrists and forced her gently back to her bed and made her si down. "You must be nulet, Eva," be told lier^cepjii:; his hold on her wrists. AiulViia said, "You're frightening Mona.; 'can't you sea what you're doing to Mona? Please bo quiet." . Paul appeared then In the door- 'way,' wilh Aunc close behind him, lier faco twisted with worry. brought him to the room nt once. Mona remained with ilm and Kva, but Dan, relieved 01 ils duly there, joined Anno and Paul lu Iho lillchen. And he got Anne lo tell him wiiat had happened. Mona, who occupied tha sauio bedroom with Eva, !iad hoard Eva get up duvlut' tiie night, had followed her to tbc bathroom and there, had seen her with a hottlo In her hand. "And tho wildest gleam In her eyes, Dan. Mona dasJicd it from her hand and Eva strupslcd with her, trying to yet it again. And I woke up then and came out. and wo managed to sot liva to her room." Uut Eva had continued to strug- Ion, something like this had been Inevitable becauso of Eva's silcut, hroo.llng ways. "I'vo always been afraid of it." lie questioned her, then, as to va'a attlludo mid behavior, mid 10 considered her nnaweru gravely, H might be dangerous, bo thought, 'or Eva to bo alone; In her present unbalanced btato sho intent bo dangerous to others; ho did not nt Anno or Moua to run unnecessary risks. Ills advice was that Kva should bo taken lo a hosiiiMl. n-hcro aho could be kept usidrr careful observation for a few days. ATONA and Anne \voro appalled, - •*• ant] MOLKI made sotne protest. "linl. Doctor—" Un Interrupted, smilingly but lirnily. "Then a mn-::o, at least," ho said; "but 1 advise the hospl- il." He elaiicnl at Dan and i'ruil i tnru, and Dan nodded and said; "It's best. If Kva l-t really— iclt, -Moua, you'll want her lo have glo furiously, to cry out that she was goiiiK to kill herself, aud holh Mona and Anne \vcrc desperately frightened. "So 1 called yon viglit away Dan, and (lieu I called tho doctor I'm sorry I caused you so mucl [iroublC; hut I was so worried ardly knew what 1 was doing." "You did exactly right," Da aid. patting her shoulder. "\Vha ^re your' friends for if you can't all on thorn? Slop worrying now; Eva will bo all right." He said, smilingly. "How about bat coffee. Anne? Isn'i it ready vet?" His complaint brought an an- FOR RENT "It'll bo nil right," Dan told them, ami ho thought that Anno must not stand around like that, sbo niuit have EOinethiui; to . em* ploy her hands; so lie saiil, "Will percolator was bubbling and slie poured coffee for them, and Dan prevailed upon her to take a cup herself. .Mona came out while they were and Dan poured some for her; and some iniuutes later Hie physicirin joined them. Ho had given Eva an emetic, atid un opi ate. "She's sleeping now," he said offered him coffee, which h< declined, and she thought It bcs' to explain tho presence of Ilorl mcr and Collier. The iloctor nod ded, and ho began to question her nt length about Eva Ilarley. He Kol the whole story, excepting Frank Maury's name. lie asked, nfter some Tuomeuts of thought, whether Eva had exhibited similar emotional disturbances before this. Mona said, "Xo, Doctor," and she bo best of can.'. Tho doctor salil encouragingly hat Eva might be all right In the novulug, but Dan understood that was concerncil, am! be accum laniecl him to tho telephone, wbcro ho doctor called the hospital and uailo arrangements foT'an tuvnlld car EO that Eva's sleep should not ? disturbed. Dan asked frankly: "Is there •my danger ot Eva losing her mind? Is that what you're afraid of?" Dm the physician shook his head and frowned. "I'm not competent to say; but I don't care to trust person wilh a suicidal w.nnla, however temporary, in a house with two girls. I'm going to have- a psychiatrist look at her." Ho talked to Dan privately for somo minutes, ami Dnn was eatis- llcd that ho was entirely right in wanting lo relievo Mona and Anne I Eva's care. Dr. llowson re- naincd until Hie Invalid car ar- Ivcil, U'hc-n It departed Anno cried igain, and .Vona. even; was utterly cheerless. The two young men re- naincd for. a white .yltli renssur. ng words, and then they led, and :liey were thoughtful and silent on .be ride home. ami It Eoumlcil tearful. Kin? »uld: "Aw, set, Uan. you don'l kisuw how j;c<>il Eva's been to me. . . . Hut 1 t.ifss yon'ro rlglil. Only, I'd bale 10 see her «o—she's Ilia best (vic-ml I'vo j;ot," "1 kimv ii. Monn," Dan Inlil her miKitlu'llcally. "but I'm thlnkhiB o( wiijfs tu'sl for Kvii." » • i W/HKN Collier camo l:o:iic lliat nltmioon D;iu tbouulu ho looked !iko the cat Hint had swallowed ihe canary. Ilo sal down nt onco at Ills tyiiewrller, im' when bo l:ail Ihrnsl a slircl of |in per uhilor-iho [ilaton, and iwlileil II, ho siit mid Blared ill II: mid Dan saw lilin t;rln rattier foolishly. "\VI:ar« Iho mailer?" Dan "Onl with II." Collier turueil n blnnd ease on Him. "Out with wlialV 'ThoveM Bonic-Uilns on your mli'.il. you I>!K cliff; you can't fuol me." Bill Collier denloil Ibat thi.t was so. "Tlic only ibhi£ PACE SEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE on my mi::<l is llila story—Iliiil anil Hie lat-i llial you anil I huve a dule luiii.iv- row uli;lit to c«i to tho npeiii-'i;. Anne's still Bulug. '>>• Iha 'vay Isn'l the?" Dan mid she \vai! t niid 1.2 r-tiui'i Micro and l<H>!;ctl at <!olllcr sits- plciuii^ly for runic lime. "Vnn'\o been up (o something." he s.-i'.c! linnlly. and lie turned nway :nnl left Paul to his work. Ills s'.isplrkin proved lo l>? ivrlt- foiliuled, Inn ii waa uol iinlll tho nc.\t day that he hearil Ihc btoiy from Johnny Kiddle. Joliuny. who soimcr or later heard ntionl everything, siilrt lhaC Collier had [lul'eil Frank Slaury's nose. "No!" Dan Bald. "I'm lelllng you," Johnny lnsl?t- cd. "Theio wero witnesses. The slory's all over Hollywood now." Tho Incident lost linlhini; la Johnny's dramatic version o[ It. L'his wns snbji i -\o t .laily eori-cctr bit colored. Dan U^rncd (hat ev«-. niug n-licu lie accused Paul Collier is they were dressiiig for tho opcuiu;;. "Holding out on mo, ch?" Collier Erliiiieil tiilltily, "Whai do you mean?"' "Yen don't know, ch?" P.'.ul «nid, "1 run Into him over Anno had to work the next day. but Mona, who was free, called on Eva at the hospital and'found her calmer, though penitent and tear fill. ^lona called Dan to tell him ."And there's nothlus'to woro about. Tlic dcclors Eay It's more nervous shock than anything, am as soon as Eva has rested from i she can come home. I'm sure glad." said he was, too. Put he said bluntly, "Mona, don't yoif i calls- thin!; that il would Lo bpU for Eva II Eho left Hollywood and went back wbero she came (rom? 1 mean, considering her failure to get along in picture work and her —and Ibis thing alwut Mniiry. Don't you think so? She's terribly unhappy here." "I know it." There was silence from Mona after that, but In a rev: on t!it taw-son, brothers' lot. and rnskiil liini lur.v cumc all-tin- cm- bi>rfa«i!ie:H tho' other attcrnnoii. Frank sot insulting, so I pulled bia nose for him." •Rorimcr lauslied at the tersu na'rialiou. "What did be do nliont FOli RENT—2 or light housekcepin; Phone 348. 3 . rooms for: '. 1020 Hearil ! FOR you ir.a^e sonip, coffee, Anue.vwont on lo say that, in her opin-1 moments lie heard her voice again s." Paul was struggling Into a win^ collar. "You knew d.irn well you'd inn into Maury over at 1-awson Lirotli- crs, didn't 'you?" "N'olhing ot Hie kind," Paul d,v ulcil. "I bad bustr.c^ over Ihere." "You're an awful liar," Dan said. ••Well—" and 'he llirnsl out hi.i land, and Panl gralilicd It and grinned. VUid It hurl?'" Dan ask'jd. 'Jljow do I know?" said Paul. "Il wasn't my nose." (To He Contlnni'd) at RENT—Seven room houcc at REMT—Five rcom house 1321 W. Holly, Call 087-W. 28pkl baths. ijacant 981-W. Sept. 1st. Call: 28pkl | FOR REN'T-Nlce front bedroom for rent in private homo, one I block of high school. 811 Walnut . Mam ' pl '°" c street,. 28 P kl lFOB -I •OR KENT—Two furnished rooms. Mis. Ted Green, Phone GoG- 25pkl RENT—Two large bedrooms, convenient io bath, 1122 West. ial. 27v>kl RENT—Light HcjiisekeepiiiE For Rent Two sforcs on Second street,' also cotton office up stairs with north skylight. Grant! Leader building. Apply on premises. !. ROSENTHAL rooms, furnished, nut. 7CO West Wal- 26c-tf Funiislieil aijanuenl for Jiinn)ie Lodliclter at Store. i _ rent. See SaniKler's 20c-tf JFOR RENT—Large bedroom convenient, In • bnlli. 214 Davis, New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 29 (UP)—Cotton closed easy. Open High t,ov: Close Oct. <old) noli Oct. (new) 1133 Dec i old I 1172 Dec i new I Jan iclcli Jan (newI Mar May New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 23 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close 1138 "1130 1115 1132 11-12 mure. When yon fee me cryini now you don't ask me why. HUSBAND: I'm awfully sorrj my dear, but these cgiiestions hav alread'y cosi me such a lot o money.—Pnfsing Show. . 3 All Mg T CALL. FOR UP AMD I TEAR -THeifMS IS AT HAMP ^^6rO I MOS-f HAWE -TJ-lew ALL- UP, KIP; YAUK loPAV BV RADIO 1 rusk's, OUT LIKE MOUTH 15 A CQRM POPPED. ; A5 A CbtlLP, SCARE EGAP ~~ AMP gk, I PRBAP IDx' 1 ^ A POLICE wriis-Tte rlOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HOOTS STAKTED SOMETHING! NOTICE From May I to September 1 :u r dental offices will be closed Each Thursday afternoon. Dr. L H. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. Phone 983. 2Dpk3 WANTKI) WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 70-1 S- Lake St. I7ck-tf WANTED TO liouse or 598. RENT furnished apartn\cnt. Phone 2GpMO V. It \VASHAM—Transfer Daily trip's' to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memuhls Phone 3-9315 WANTED—Reliable man between ages of 25 ami 50 to supply old established demand for Rawleigh Oocd Health Products. Surety Contract required. Company Jurn- ii-hcs everything but the car. Gocd profits fn r hustlers. Wtitc the W .T. Rawleigh Company, Memphis, Tcnn-. or see me. G. w. Matthews. Luxora, Ark. 2Cck9 WERT He Makes 'Em Set' Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phono K tnjjram Bldg. Blythovlllc, Ark I WANTED—Sleeping room in private home. State price per month. Address "G" Courier News. 29pk3 Cloying Slock P ices A. T. & T Aviation Chrysler Cities Service Ccca Cola Fox General Electric General Motors Grigsby Grunow. ... T. T. & T Montgomery Ward 33 Packard 12 s-R Radio 41 3- Simnfons 2G 7-8 United Gas 37 U. S. Steel ni'i Si-vtral fuccessf'.il (lishSs with airplanes iwwcred by outboard ir.ot ors have b'e'en inciclc recently. Bids will ce received on til x>no Oak school building at, th office of tho Coun'.y Suporintcn I dent at 10 o'clock a. in. Septcmbe Spots quiet nt USD, off 38. KXPENSlVi: QUESTIONS Spots qiuet at 1140, off 30. AND HIS FRIENDS BUT AIRPLANE FLY OJtfC AH' ' T1IIW6 IT'S NOTMIrt THAU OLD NEWSPAPERS f. D'.DN'T e 1U. GK'E HER LOAD FOO. 60CXJ SAY'- DID Y*J WDS SES W,iO PUT THIS THlhlG OH THE IT THAT DOS NME'LL SCX)M FIX. OLD fWSTER BONSB...I. M6MEEJ. DID LIUE TV THAT V4EK£ SY THE . THAT CZEDDIUG FELLA HAD ib Do \NITU TW1S!.' 8OWB BE6M PLAIJTED DM THE RAMCH? iU DOWG. DOVJM 3E HB THC UlLf^C MINUTE AGO CH.CK KNTJ OvOu VltXT DCOO THu TUt 1

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