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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 15

Rochester, New York
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chappy! Librarians Hear ft (tX CHI' I' 1111 ll it a High Divorce Rate gHti, Poet in Closing Session Teaching the people of the world to read and think intelligently is a life and death matter, Mark Van Cited in Address At Eastman "America's rededication to God must start at home," Dr. Walter A. Maier, veteran radio evangelist and writer, told an Eastman Theater audience yesterday, as he scored "divorce rates which are sinking to unprecedented depths." Dr. Maier spoke before 2,350 men and women of varied denominations at the second annual International Lutheran Hour Rally, sponsored by the Genesee Zone of the Lutheran Laymen's League. "In Los Angeles the ratio of divorce marriage is 71 to 100," he declared.

"In conservative centers like St. Louis County, the daily application for divorce have often exceeded the requests for marriage licenses. A Chicago judge sets a new figure in the decline of decency by granting 4,240 divorces in a sin ALUMINUM CLEANER PADS 2 in Box 3 Steel wool pads impregnated Hl-SPEED VEGETABLE PEELER Pares all vegetables In a jiffy. Shreds cabbage too! 4 poet and critic, told an audience in Cutler Union last night. Speaking at the closing session of the New York Library Associa-" tion's 52nd annual meeting, which opened here on Thursday, "Van 1.

Doren blamed the present world -chaoa upon lack of popular ability -to accept the responsibilities of "Democratic government. Only a "public which reads and thinks in--tellteently can have the knowledge politics which is necessary for successful government, he maintained. "While I do not contend that another war can be avoided by reading, I believe that democratic living cannot approach any degree of success when the rank and file of people are incapable of the intelligent thought necessary to guide their government's actions," Van Ioren declared. Moves were made earlier yesterday to appoint members of the NYLA and its Trustees' Division to co-operate with research workers from the state education department in conducting a proposed gle year, opening his court an hour and a half earlier to accommodate more divorce applicants and insti tuting a dissembly line, whereby 30 seconds are saved on the aver There'll be a Merry Christmas for a good many of Roches ter's soldiers overseas if the pace set yesterday is kept up. Picture shows line at one time before parcel post window at the Postoffice, armed with gifts for kin in the service.

DIVINITYSCHOOL City Flyer with 10.6 Sorties survey of library service in New York State. Both groups passed motions recommending appointment of representatives to the survey group, and the Trustees' Division asked that the NYLA's executive council request the State Education Department to make such a survey. 1,000 PACKAGES MAILED TO GI'S ADDS TEACHER Against Japs Marries Here Rochester's only member of the most exclusive club in the world was married here a few daj's apo after completing 106, fighter missions against the Japanese. lie is Lt. William II.

"Wanamaker, 6f) Falmouth who yy-TVTTriJY Ykl3 Tast Just wvlll f) JjriVJJ Chos.abyU. S. KjTi rY- JTfi Antarctic xpdi- jlrmJ t4'fat6JitjLS tion.Soldin2-2.. 3rmr Rochesterians yesterday mailed approximately 1,000 Christmas Children's booke and libraries were discussed at afternoon sessions yesterday in Memorial Art Gallery, where Lillian J. Bragdon, Prof.

Frederick H. Willkens, Ph. of Pittsburgh, one time director of religious education of the Rochester Federation of Churches, will conduct classes this year at Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, it was announced last is a member of the Century Club, editor. Borzoi Books for Young s.ib.. lo.ib..

mi 25.1b. papr fV age time required for each witness." Speaks of Colleges The speaker noted that only one-third of American colleges are controlled by the church, and any are characterized by a shocking degree of religious illiteracy." He added that "Even worse is the outspoken opposition to Christian faith in many tax-supported schools." "As never before, Christians must understand the anti-religious forces that surround the church," Dr. Maier warned. "They must keep in mind the 4.500,000 past and present criminals in the United States; the 17,000,000 spiritually ignorant youth, the 65,000,000 unchurched Americans, and they must redouble their missionary efforts to reach these groups." Choral Union Sings He urged that Christian forces concentrate particularly on "infiltration of atheistic Communism from abroad, radical circles in our own country, atheism preached by high government officials, and modernistic pulpits." "High figures in Washington have repeatedly and publicly sought to discredit the early Scripture and deny the historicity of the Bible's first pages," he said. The Rochester Lutheran Choral Union, directed by Paul J.

Klopp, sang during the service. an organization composed only of packages to servicemen overseas, Postmaster Donald A. Dailey announced last night. This was seen as extraordinary in view of the fact that only the one parcel post window open on members of a frghter squadron of AREA BOY ADDS People, and Louis Slobodkin, artist and author, were principal speakers. the 10th Air night.

29c Force who have Sundays was available. Clerks re The school will open ite 125th fall term this morning. Dr. flown 100 or more missions against the Jap 2-lb. Bag .2 So 5-lb.

Bag 55c 10-lb. Bag SI Local Major Willkens comes to Rochester from the pastorate of St. Peter's Evan anese, lieuten ant Wanamak- Greets 25-lb. Bag $2 Pope gelical Lutheran Church in Pittsburgh and from a teaching position in the University of Pitts- er, who is tne ported mailers were complying with regulations in packing and addressing pretty well but they urged careful scrutiny of instruc-tfbns issued by the Postoffice last week. Christmas packages can be mailed to servicemen overseas up to Oct.

15. son of Mr. and TO POLIO ROLL A four-year-old boy from Dans-ville yesterday was admitted to Municipal Hospital as a polio myelitis case, raising the total of hospital cases in Rochester to 127. Dr. Arthur M.

Johnson, health officer, said the admittance of the latest case sets the non-resident total at 66. Sixty-one Rochesteri-ans thus far have been reported stricken with the disease. A private audience with He succeeds Dr. Frank Otis Mrs. W.

K. Erb, who retired in May as pro- Wanamaker of the Falmouth Street address, was married in ressor of religious education at the divinity school. Dr. Willkens and his family moved to Roches ter a short time ago. Another new member of the Doctors, Chaplains Lake Avenue Baptist Church I.t.

Wanamaker teaching staff is Prof. William A. to the former Needed by Navy, Miss Maris Stappenbeck. Hone to Meet After War I Recruiter Says Most of the members of the Cen CAPT. GROOMK DEPARTS Capt.

John P. Groome, member Nurses Aides Train For Polio Duty Washington (GNS) To help fight the worst infantile paralysis outbreak since 1916, Red Cross tury Club, which now holds Its meetines in a bamboo hut In a of the Army Aviation Cadet Selec recently-cleared Burmese jungle, hope the organization will continue The Navy's need for chaplains and medical corps officers is "extremely acute," Lt. Com. F. F.

Moore, in charge of the Office of Naval Officer Procurement, Gene CAMAY 3 Pius XII was described as "the most memorable occurence of my life in Italy" by Maj. Michael M. Karlene in a letter to his parents, Hr. and Mrs. Michael G.

Karlene, 14 Glasser St. The major described being guided through a succession of chambers "with considerable ceremony and with many of the colorful Swiss Guard present" until he reached the Pope's quarters. He was accompanied by the commanding general of the 12th Army Air Force Service Command and Jive other staff officers. "The Pope entered the room," the letter recounted, "and those of us who were Catholic knelt and kissed the Papal Ring. Then the Holy Father spoke to each of us, asking about our homes and our families.

I mentioned the great regard Roch-esterians have for Archbishop Mooney. formerly of Rochester and now of Detroit. He remarked that Archbishop Mooney is truly a brilliant man. The cordiality of nil volunteer nurse's aides are taking tion Board here for the past three months, has left with orders to report at Ellington Field, to meet after the war, the 2-year-old fighter pilot said. According to Lieutenant Wana extra training In modern treat ment of this disease Basil O'Con see Valley Trust Building, reported Mueller, formerly of the faculty of the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, Pa.

He succeeds Dr. Conrad Henry Mochlman, who also retired last spring, as professor of history of Christianity. Dr. Mueller was a visiting professor during part of the session, but only recently moved his family to Rochester. Thirty-four new students are in the group beginning studies under the accelerated theological program.

Among them are four V-12 student, chaplains for the Navy. Dr. Edwin McNeill Poteat, school president, conducted a communion service for entering students yesterday afternoon. for further assignment. The AAF nor, chairman of the American maker, the American fighters have office, who completed 53 combat yesterday.

Commander Moore said the Navy Red Cross, announced yesterday. about an eight to one chance against the Japanese who, he said. missions over Europe before he came here, hopes to be sent to the Pacific war theater. Using a training outline provided could use 500 additional chaplains immediately. Need for clergymen depend mostly upon trickery and deception for their successes in by the National Foundation for In fantile Paralysis, Red Cross chap from civilian life who will be com' missioned officers in the Navy cov aerial combat.

Most successful of ters in California, Colorado, Con OXYDOL 2ior45 IVORY SNOW IVORYFLAKES25 2 45 DUZ 25 2 45 IVORY SOAP 3,29 Medium 3 for 23d necticut, Illinois, Indiana, Ken the Jap fighter planes is "The Toio," with a one-member crew, tucky, Michigan, New York, Ore ers numerous denominations, but greatest numbers are required from Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopal, Congregational and gon, Washington, and Wisconsin report they are qualifying nurse's aide who choose this work to members of the papal staff that we Cnnf hir Wlvnr Met was remarkable." UtUiitA Uy I lyCl HOTEL RESERVATIONS Everywhere, Anyplace No tus, no bothor wo do th work THIS SERVICE COSTS YOU NOTHING. No ration loo small. KALBFLEISCH TRAVEl AGENCY Lincoln Atliant, STONE assist with enre of patients who he said. No Match for Mustangs "Although these are the Japs fastest planes, they re no match for the Americans' P-51 Mustangs," he declared. Although Lieutenant Wanamaker has had his plane badly shot up at times, he is proud Presbyterian churches, he added.

Physicians up to 55 years of age are eligible for commlMslons, with waivers now being granted for cer Krlcn staff officer for the have passed the isolation period. Even in hospitals where aides Mark Opening Of Hilton Airport tain physical defects, particularly do not actually help with the care of infantile paralysis victims, their Guest ........4 for 18 fl in vision, which formerly disquali- service in the general nursing pro-lfled applicants, he said, commanding general of the 12th Air Force Service Command, designated as aircraft maintenance and engineering officer. He enclosed in his letter a Rosary and a picture of the Pope which were presented him at the Vatican. Rink BUt. S7f LOCAL 10 AUTO nmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gram gives nurses more time for these cases, Chairman O'Connor added.

Buffalo has 65 nurse's aides at GET OLE) CJIVCKI CLEANS 69 MORE SINKS PER CAN of the fact that it was never beyond repair. A graduate of John Marshall High School and former Kodak Park employe, he entered service 2'4 years ago. After being commissioner at Eagle Pass, he was sent overseas last November. Mrs. Wanamaker will accompany her husband to Atlantic City when he reports at the Air Corps Redistribution Center there next week.

tending infantile paralysis con-; Regular 9c 3 for 23 Rex High Test Lye 1 2 for 25 Residents of Hilton and other area towns visited the new Hilton Airport when it was opened yesterday by its owners, Harold I. Silloway and Evcrson Rusho. Among planes which arrived at the field during the afternoon was The Gannett Newspapers' ship, piloted by Lt. Com. Russell Holder-man, and another piloted by Thomas Byrne with John Kendall as a passenger.

Ray Hylan of the Hylan School of Aeronautics, West Henrietta Road, made a spectacular entrance by circling the field with an exhibition of stunt flying. Mayor William V. Newcomb of Hilton visited the field during the morning. The airport, started by Its owners as a hobby, has received per- valescents at Children's Hospital. Portland, and New York City also are using nurse's aides to help stricken children recover.

Course Planned In Refrigeration A new course in refrigeration will be offered at Vocational High U. of R. to Assist Curriculum Study Egg Ceilings Set Somewhat Lower Than Last Year Ceilings for eggs slightly lower than the comparable 1943 seasonal prices were established yesterday by OPA for the Sept. 21-Oct. 18 period, according to an Associated Press dispatch.

The new order provides for a table of ceilings for every county, described as so "simple that any handler of shell eggs can instantly find hrs selling price for any type cf sale." According to the new ceilings, Educators in the Rochester pub lic high schools, working on a post-war curriculum, will have the Send ITour Picture fo the Boy Overseas A Full Lint of PICTURE FRAMES 250 $5.00 Beautiful fram in leather, plastics, glass and wood. All riot. School, 2 Saratoga beginning; Monday at 7 p. m. The new course will cover sheet metal and air conditioning, leading up to advanced refrigeration.

CALL lts)k 1 FOR MY Pi BLANKETS Roy Bruce, veteran sheet metal mission from the Civil Aeronautics Authority for use as a landing field for small planes. It is intended for ultimate use as a commercial air- teacher, has been appointed in help of the University of Rochester's School of Liberal and Applied Science. Supt. of Schools James M. Spinning has announced that the University School has made available the service of Dr.

Cyril W. Woolcock, curriculum specialist, for twice monthly with the public school committee beginning Wednesday, and next summer will set up a curriculum work structor In charge of the class. which will be held Monday, Wed New York. Boston, Los Angeles! Port Its owners said and Seattle would be 69 cents aj nesday and Friday from 7 to 10 FOR WALLS and WOODWORK p. m.

Roy F. Johncox, principal Youth Dance Series Vocational, said classes also will be opened Tuesday and Thurs day if demand warrants it. Regis shop for teachers and supervisory DUPOIIT ONE-COAT WHITE ENAMEL tration will be accepted at the October, "compared with 71 cents for the same week last year. The price schedule replaces a system which set prices by base cities and freight rates, and the number cf grades bought by consumer is reduced from 22 to seven. These To Start in Armory A step toward providing a wholesome program of Saturday night recreation for Rochester area youths was taken last night when Col.

Fred E. Wegner, commander school from 8:30 a. m. to 4 p. m.

daily and from 7 to 10 p. m. Monday through Friday. staff members. The high school curriculum study, looking to postwar needs at the secondary level, is headed by Elmer W.

Snyder, principal of John Marshall High School. It grew out of suggestions of the Secondary Principals Council. gallon Reg. $3.95 Chili Grange Slates YOUR a ot the 21st Regiment, New York double certified large Grade 4 I double A. extra large largeGuard' announced that the first in Grade medium Grade largea serics of vouth dance, will be Grade and large Grade AlLheld Saturday, Sept.

30, at 9 p. m. Meeting Tomorrow Chili Grange will meet at 8:30 other grades and sizes, includinzi tne Main iasi Armory. p. m.

tomorrow in the Grange ungraded eggs, may be sold at the price of large Grade eggs. Hall, Chili-Scottsville Road. Rob ert Hendrickson, master, will con AIR RESERVE ENLISTS 3 Three Rochester area boys of 17 were sworn into the Army Air Corps Enlisted Reserve Saturday. They are Herbert W. Austin, Brockport; Edward M.

Melder, Hilton, and Merritt R. Kennedy, Avoca. GLAZING HEW COMPOUND This now product will tlay on th sash in somi-plastic condition Indefinitely. Doss not skin oror or bocomo hard and crack. Sots firmly, forming a permanent bond between qlass and sash, which normal contraction and expansion can't break.

Bob Lang and His Musical Military Cadets, a dance orchestra organized by Bob Lang, popular area dance orchestra leaders, will provide the music. Lang is also a member of the cadet corps. duct the business session, which will feature plans for a series of Gallant Only Whit Only winter dances to raise funds. Under the direction of Mrs. Clayton J1 tin tail ocretal Potter, there will be a "Music and BLANKETS CAN LOOK NEW, TOO! Impossible, you say.

No, not if you send them to Star Palace today, to be reconditioned and cleaned by our special "Mill Process." This gentle cleansing method prevents shrinkage and keeps woolen blankets as bright as the day you bought them. shades with ail colors. Fun Night," with Chili Grangers Rope Twirler Taken to Malone furnishing the talent. Luncheon will be served in the basement T( Face Grand Larceny Count diningroom. Red Caps Schedule Free City Delivery Free Parking Opposite With $1 Purchase eui STONE 1500 iiAin 7900 First Annual Dinner Ma Auto Theft Count Faces 2 Youths Two youths were booked on charges of grand larceny, first degree, yesterday morning when a Joseph Avenue Station policeman halted an allegedly stolen $1,200 automobile in Clinton Avenue North.

The pair, taken into custody by Policeman Henry Zobel, were identified as Charles Watkins, 21, of 302 Central and James J. Tali-ferro. 1S, of 2454 Ormond St. Tali-ferro, alleged to have been driving the stolen machine, also was charged with driving without an operator's license. The car, owned by Jack Weinstein, 54 Wolfert was reported stolen from a yard at 631 Clinton Ave.

Saturday night. The Rochester Red Caps Local: affiliated with the United Transport Service Employes of America, will hold its first annual dinner Thursday in Pythodd Hall, 159 Because of the long memory of a couple of masters of ceremonies, Thomas U. Turner, 32, departed for Malone yesterday under State Police escort, leaving unfilled his spot as rope twirling artist on the Embassy Theater stage bill. Turner was arrested on a six-year-old charge of second degree grand larceny late Saturday by Detectives Irving Engemann and Henry Van Auker and Sgt. Oecar Lazaroff of the Henrietta State Police Station.

He is wanted in Alexandria Bay, Lazaroff reported, In the 1938 theft of $350 from the Crossman Hotel while employed there as Claude E. (Bud) Dalle. The tip leading to the arrest came from two former masters of ceremonies whom Turner met while visiting local bars and nightclubs during his stay in Rochester, Lazaroff said. Turner, who gave his home address as Eagle Pass, maintained he was not the wanted man, Lazaroff said, until confronted by troopers from Malone with pictures oX the long-sought Dalle. I l(A No C.OD.'s on Purchases Under SI Troup St.

Chairman Albert S. Jamason said that to enable all members to attend without interference with work the dinner will be served from 11 a. m. to 2 p. m.

and from 5 to 8 p. m. The Rochester local was organized three EXCHANGE STREET LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS years ago..

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