The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 29, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUME XXXV—NO. 9. Blytlicvtlle Courier Blythevllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTIIKAST MISSOURI ARE MILES Mississippi Valley Lender Dlytluivlllo Dally News Once Coast Is Readied Loyalist Territory Will If Be Split __ By Xhiited Vicss Spanish insurgent armies fought toward Die "key" Cntaloniiin city or Lai-Ma today against .stiffened but unsuccessful resistance by loyalist government forces. On the rolling Catalon frontier where Casear's hosts once defent- .od tlie legions of Pompey. the Italian am! German supported nationalists advanced relentlessly toward (lie Mediterranean and Hie end of Spam's long civil war. The Insurgent front, spread over 15 miles, hud three spearheads at liarbaslro un the north, Lnrldn in the center ami around I'alanqques In the south where the advance was reported only 40 miles from the sea. When and if the sea is reached loyalist territory will be split. The govtjnm)ent at Barcelona charged that men and munitions from both Germany and Italy were pouring into Spain anew and called npcn sist again." "Our fight is no longer n civil war. it is war against foreign powers." Premier Juan Negrin cle- f'-f clared, charging that many Gert ' man families had arrived in Spain "preparing to remain." On American Front Meantime developments on the American front emphasized the importance of coming congressional General Franco's Reply Considered Unsatisfactory LONDON. Mur. 29. (UP)-The British government cannot regard General Francisco Franco's reply to Its protest against the homblni- of Barcelona ,« "adequate Jiisll- lleatlon" I'rlme Neville Ohumbcr- laln told t|iieslioncrs In the House i of Commons today. the people to "resist and n\- The exceptional civilian tits in the catiilonlnti casual capital, Chamberlain saiil, nullllled Vruu- co's pxpluiitiliun Ihm the |»uii>- Ing was u matter of military ne- icsslty. BLYTII15VILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MARCH 20, IMS UILEY M. This Shave Is Not Cooling SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS House Rules Committee; Action Virtually Assures Proposed Investigation WASHINGTON, Mar. XI. (UP) —The house mlcs committee today reported favorably the senute unproved resolution for a joint con- Bresslonal investigation of the Tennessee Valley Chairman Authority, O'Connor (Dem., ., N. Y.) said the resolution to create an investigating committee- of five senators and five representatives would uc called up in the house tomorrow. The committee amended ihe resolution slightly to make certain that there would be authority for investigation of every lupect of TVA and its three member directorate, which lost Its chairman, Dr. Arthur E. Morgan, by expulsion order of President Roosevelt. T " C ° COimillt- H— ,.- - , U m,,, s cui, BreS3IO ,, a , . debute on President Roosevelt's I eC was . "'ought virtually to us..... -sure « joint house-senate inquiry nto the TVA, along the lines pro- hlllion-dollar naval bill and Its international implications. They included: 1. A warning by Senator William E. Borah (Rep., Ma.( that America's hope of saving Democratic government lies in avoiding alliances and curing economic ills at home. Borah, ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee, criticized over Indulgence in armaments and said that Austria's seizure by Germany was the logical result of the Versailles treaty. . 2. Disclosure that Senator Arthur Vandeuberrf (Rep., Mich.) plans to propose a- jlew international peace -conference plan In connection with the naval bill. . The Michigan senator declined however to discuss his plans. Negro Girl Is Seriously Hurt In Road Accident . Endia Sumrall, 19-year-old negro girl who is a senior at Harrison litvjli school, received serious Injuries In a highway accident late yesterday afternoon, four miles south of town, at the Dogwood school. Her right arm was broken, her left leg broken and her body cut and bruised. >: She was returning from school to her home near Dogwood, when the car. in which she was riding, went into B ditch, according to reports. The three other i»oplc with her were not injured. She Is at the Blythevllle hospital. Dangerous" Cri.min- ...aj Sought Fbi- Big Rock, Term. Holdup BIO ROCK, Tenn:,;-'. Mar.f'aa- (D!>)— Search for Ldnnie'.TaJ'lor, Tennessee's most daiigerous Erim- nal, was shifted to tire; '.•XimljiOky- Tennessee border wrjrf'n ••$ ibank was robbed of $8,400 J f j cash 'early today. J ' Egypt Enters Sponge Industry CAIRO (UP)—In future no foreigners will be allowed to sponge on Egypt's sponge Industries. The government has decided to work the sponge fisheries along the coast for the benefit of the country as a whole, steps toward nationalizing certain industries. To speak with a- pleasant voice, you must give full ami correct value to the vowels. A theatrical producer states that of 300 girls interviewed, he found only that could say "no" properly. two W€LL 111 T€ LL BY ' BOB — BURNS __ Pref near any job would be a lot easier if a fella'd just think about what he's tryln' to accomplish Instead of how much work he's do- Ing. The reason an old man can walk five miles around a golf course Is because he keeps thlnkin' about what he's gonna do to that ball when he gets to It. If he had to get out and walk five mile.'; down a good paved highway, it would probably kill him. I know an old man who ran an elevator for 35 years. Finally one day he went to the boss and he says "I'm qulttln'—the elevator inspector told me today that that thing weighs 4,000 pounds and that's too heavy a load for an old man like me to be liftln 1 ." Dosed by the senate. House sentiment wns generally •egardcd as favorable to this type of Investigation. Authorities me •otbery said they we're convinced it was the work of Taylor, two- lime murderer, who has a string of bank robberies and holdups on his prison record. In Nashville Penitentiary Warden Joe Pope said lie wn-s sending men Immediately to Big Rock. about 40 miles to the lorthenst, on the state line to concentrate Ihe man hunt for the desperado In that section. Also To Sign High way I 1 nnd Transfer Bills: Governor Explains Bills JITII.E ROCK. Mar. 31. iui')~ Oov. Carl U; Unlley today .111- ncunccil that lie would sls-n Ihe Ifcmipv loll brid"c bill niH two oilier measures apnropiluting money for hiirhway maintenance not later than Thursday. In a press conference this uflcr- ndon the chief i.'xenHive sulil that repi-cfenliUlvo.'i or (!»• stale's band- holders conform! with him (his morning lor explanation of Ihe enactments of the recent special liv'islnllvc sessli'-v "I told them thai t am coin* to sign Senate Dills six. nine and it not later (ban Murch :ii." lho B ov- ernor said, "anil I explained the various cuaotmenls and my views of tlie practical necessity mid legal (lualliications of tile bills." He said Unit the representatives of the flimnclcrs would confer with their advisors and convey his explanations of the legislation before any definite step U taken by them. "T did (ill the talking." he said. "They merely listened. They raised no objections to the bills but J. II. Pcnlck, representing the state bankers association, urged that I veto Senate Bill 24. which 'freezes 1 auto license revenue nt the 1937 standard, and House Bill 31, which reduces gasoline tax by one cent per yallon. Slerely Listened James P. Quigg and I. A. .. ..„. both of St. Louis, representatives of the Arkansas Bondholders Protective association, conferred with the chief executive but after the meeting they said they merely had the bills explained to them and that they would lake information back to St. Louis for conferences with others before any action Is decided upon. "I think the whole thing will be worked out all right," the chief executive said when asked if h« believed the enactments would result in litigation. Bailey said al\ other bills subject to controversy would be held up until the bond' holders representatives had time to consider them". Controversial .measures to be withheld tor further consideration were those •povldinjj for stated capacity rather than ;ioad of trucks as basis .for'• fixing-license- fees, •"freezing" of auto license revenue, gasoline lax reduction, ', appropriation of $1,500,000 for. bond tenders, raising aujo in transit tax. from SI.50 to-$3.00. .providing for state payment of obligations in various Improvement districts and appropriation of $300,000 from certain highway funds for relief of bridge Improvement districts. Yes, He's a Real Prime Minister Stock Prices NEW YORK, Mar. 29. (UP) — Americans and foreigners dumped stocks overboard today, lorcing prices down toward 1032 levels Trading was active. A - T. & T U 2 ].8 Anaconda Copper 22 3-8 Associated D. 0 4 1.3 Beth, steel Boeing Air Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric. General motors Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward .. N. Y. central Packard ',, Phillips Petrol "... 2S Radio !_., 5 ' Schenley Dist, '..', 18 3-t Simmons 13 Socony Vacuum n Standard of N. J W Texas Corp ?3 3.3 U. S. Smelt 45 U. S. Steel jg 3.4 43 1-8 21 5-8 37 1-4 1 100 20 £7 1-2 63 1-8 25 1-4 10 3 5-8 May Jul. Clucaffo Wheat open high low close B6 1-2 87 7-8 SB 1-8 87 1-4 82 1-3 83 3-4 82 1-8 83 1-4 May Jill. Chicago Corn open high low close 61 5-8 01 3-4 60 7-8 61 1-4 G2 5-8 62 3-4 62 1-8 62 1-2 livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III. Mar. 29. (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 7,500. Top, 8.80 170-230 Ibs., 8.75-8 85 140-160 Ibs., 8.00-8.25 Bulk sows, 7.75-800 Cattle: 2,000 Steers, 7.85-9.35 Slaughter steers, 6.25-9.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 6.00-8.25 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-8.75 Beef cows, 5.25-6.00 Cullers and low cutters, 1.00-4,75 If you men think shaving Is u painful process. Just consider the .•Irons elephant whose chin Is de-whlske,rd every spring w l,|, a blowtorch And from the expression on the pachyderm's face In the picture above' the event is just ns unpleasant as you'd think It would bi>. Folhwlnc this operation in Ix,s Angeles, the elephant was given a rulxbwn with steel brushes to prepare him for (lie circus .season ahead oil was his uftrr-jijiuve lotion. Meutsfoot Damage To Lange School Building By Toniaclq' '"Around $10,000 I Work is expected to begin soon" on repairing of Hie Lunge elementary school, which was ;dainagcd in Hie tornado several weeks ngo, it \vas announced today by \v. D. McClurWn, superintendent . rf ihe city schools. For ((!(• remainder of this school term, students of Din six .grades there will continue to attend das-* ses at thp senior high, juutor high and Sudbiu-y elementivrjr-'Schools. Betiveen 30 and 40 studqiits; who attended Lnnge school, have not yet resumed their work, Mi- Mc- Cliirkln said, Blylhcvillc lias no truant officer ™ lie is making n public appeal for those boys and j-irls to return to their school work. Classes are being continued without interruption except for two days at DID time of the tornado, when arrangements were being n-.rcde to hold school elsewhere. SIX 1 Fl Vlaniln Residents Convicted Here In Smashing Of Alleged Riii|; Two ill HIP six Mnnllu moil n nd women, who were iirraluiu'd in immldiml court here this afternoon iin chariies or muktng Illegal .sale of ([iiull, pleaded guilty. Mrs. Kiln and Carl Newton were each lined t'.iO but theli 1 linos were stiii- lendrd utter limy hud oiilm'd Men ot ciillty. Olile Asliabi miner was lined $7fi, Kllilo Crow win'.itliied $100 on euch of llm'c ('minis, and Mrs. Klble Crow wns lined $50 on each ot two counts alter (hey hud entered pleas of not iiullly. They look iipjieuli. L. V. HU'ViMis v,-iis- lined $•>!, on one The cases, slnled to bo hetud this moriiliiit but whtdi wci'o postponed nulll one o'clock, were heard before in ovL'i-llowtng court room. Among llioso who attended (he trlnls wore D. N. Graves,- secretary ot the stale gmnQ and fish commission, mil several federal agents who assisted In the arrest of these men and women, part of a wholesale 'round ,up" of aliened commercial game killers mid sellers tirade Friday and Saturday. All or the 12 from Manila arrested on federul charges have innde bond lor their appearance In federal court at Jonesboro. noiids mngliig from $1,000 to $1,500 were miido by: Juke Rice, 07 years old; Leo Carter, 45; Ernest liedwcll, 48; Elblu Crow, 41; Charles Carter, 20; E. D. ovcrliirf, 25; Murray Uay Hnllon, 2it; 1'ctu lllcc, 24; Joo l?lcn, 17; Charkw Newcomb, 30; Herman Nr.nce. 25; L. V, Stevens, 57. Tills group will appear before federal court which convenes at Jancstoru May 2. Charges Imilmlo violation of (he migratory bird laws, killing; and possessing wild ducks out of season, nml selling, killing and possessing tiuall out ot season. | Olllcers a n n o u n c e d .following i i 11 court here today that the federal tons, LlOyCljand stale authorities would con- Charley Earr "Tootsie" r 1 n i- If D!rri w rv Li g Way (Jut at Paragould lllmc Uleh <lrlvo Ark., Mar. 29. • % Ihrongli.lhe ' PAIUaOULU, (Ul'i—Three,iiieii,. wnll of" the' Grceiia" county •'jail early today nnd escaped. ,'J'lic trio was listed as chnrley Karroos. 24. Mack Cooper; 23, and .Clark; 17, all of Greene county. Eilj-rwis nnd Clark were held on charges of passing worthless checks mid Coojicr was charged with grund larceny in connection with theft of hogs. Arrested Last Week Enrrons nnd Clark, both of the Manila community, were arrested at Mnnlln Inte Friday nnd removed to the Greene county jail nl Paragould. They were nccuscd of forging n check on J. M. Roach, who resides live and n half miles cast of Leachvllle and cashing It nt Parn- gould. Phillips Dillon and Elbert A tentative settlement has been! Lomflx ' Ulc !nttp1 ' a son-in-law of offered the insurance coinnany on J ' M ' Uoach ' wcrc a ' 50 n «csted In ••-••-• - connection with Ibe nllcgcd forgery and removed to Paragould. Dillon lives ticjir Lendivllle as does Itaich. ills adjustment for damage to tin' I building but the company lias not yet notified the locul'school board whether or not the proposal would be accepted. It is estimated that damage to the building, which cost MU.OOO when new, was about 510,000. After an inspection of the two-story and basement brick building, it was decided that the damage,was not so great as was Ijclieved. U- S. Branson, architect. Is working on plans for repairing, which will include the tearing away of the lop three feet of the walls on the/secoiid floor and which will be rebuilt, a ncsv roof, new floors In the second Mary'nnd extensive repairing to the auditorium and the room above it, the floor of which fell into the auditorium. Pew York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 29. (UP) Cotton closed steady. open hlph low May 863 370 Jul 874 Got 679 I Dec.' 880 883 (Jan I Mar 875 879 880 8S3 855 861 865 866 810 872 close 855 882 865 866 868b 872 ministerial" raiment to you but it's just the thing j n the British province of Madras in India. Pictured m the queer clothing and footgear is c. Hajagopa- Inchanar, prime minister ot the province, population of which is . a P pr " ima ' e 'y one-third that' of the United stales. M inisler Raja-etc. was taking his budget to the legislative assembly When Pliologranhed Spots closed quiet at 861. oil 18. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 29. (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady today in the face of 85 to 95 cents per open hlph low close Stiy Jill. Oct. . Dec. I J;VI1. Mar. 882 882 883 892 834 896 899 892 694 896 899 868 874 877 878 881 884, 868 877 879 831 884 S|X>ts closed 878,'ofT 19. The Hudson valley was ancient Iwfore the Grand „ Canyon was nen started. Mrs. Elizabeth Wilfred Succumbs At Age Of 75 STEEXE, Mo., Mar. 29. Mrs. Florence Rtlmbcth Wilfred died last night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Dewcy Kcnlcy, of Holland, following an Illness of 13 months. She was 75 years of age. Funeral services were held at the Kenley residence this afternoon with the Rev. M, A. Massey, of Stecle, otuctating, and burial was made at Mount Zlon cemetery. Mrs. Wilford was an early settler of this section, where she had become well known. Besides Mrs. Ken- lev, she is survived by another daughter, Mrs Clem Kolwlck, of New Madrid, and two sons, Jim, of Holland, and .\tlke, of Michigan. Reading Gadget Devised For Indiana's Governor INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (UP)—Gils Ropp, oov. clltTord M. Town- senn's chauffeur, has solved Ihe governor's notes for problem of speeches in reading dlmly- llgbled halls. Ropp. while drivin? Indiana's chief executive around for scheduled appointments, finally came upon the Idea of devising a "miniature pulpit" which the governor now uses constantly. The device is contained in a small box with a slantin* top to which Is attached a reading light. Two dry cell batteries inside the box provide the light. Notes arc held by the slanting lop. Prune Standard High SAN JOSE, Cal. (UP)—California prune growers removed from the world's markets 10,000 tons of the 1031 prime crop Hint were not up to standard quality. lho smashng " of commercial hunter nnd llshcrmcn nnd tlinl wnmmUi for buyers would probably be sworn out within a Khort time. Three Clubs Hold;Joint Luncheon Before Canvass The new slmllum being- erected at the city high .school was the reason for (be Business and .pin- fCKsloim! Woman's club, the Lions club and the Holary elul) huvijig « luncheon meeting together nt the Hotel Noble today Immediately following which the men';; clubs divided Into two lenms for a concentrated canvass of the town to raise funds for the stadium. James Terry, who Is In chagre of the slmlliiin drive, conducted the program on which a trltf of lilgli school girls, Miss Jessie Miller, Miss Dorothy Foster, and Miss Jean Bourlnnd, .sang "The Old Apple Tree." They were accompanied by Miss Kathryn Oiccr. Fallowing the musical number, W. D. McOlurkln, C. W. Aflllck and Marcus Evrard talked on behalf of the stadium. Mrs. S. S. Slcrnberg made a brief talk hi which she Invited the members of the three clubs to attend th meeting of the Forrest City district federation at the city auditorium Tuesday night to hear Mrs, Edwin Bevlns of Helena, ''chairman of the committee on Urban Rural Corporation of the General Foundation, who Is In lie the principal speaker. There were two visitors picscnl at Ihe' meeting. They were Bert. Lynch jr., of St. Louis, and Mr. Glngerlch, of Stuttgart. Expect Out Of Town Buyers At Auction Sale A number of out of town buyers will be here Thursday for the first of (lie weekly auction sales to be conducted by the Mlssco corporation, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce for the sale of farm products. TJie sale, which will begin at ten o'clock, will be held at the site of the old Chicago Mill at the end of West Main street. Cattle and hogs will be featured In the first sale, It has been announced. G. O. P. Women Distinctive SALEftf, Ore. CUP)—Every woman who has served In the Oregon slate senate has been a Republican. Mrs, Charles H. Snauldlng, recently appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the death of her husband was the fourth. Rooster Has Horns EL CEflRITO, Cal. (UP)—Satan Is Ihe name of a White Leghorn rooster owned here which has two perfectly formed horns on Its head. Experts who have examined Salau believe Uie horns are tha result of misplacement, as the rooster's spurs arc much shorter than those of the ordinary fowl. Police Radio Station Fund Is Increased • Police Ciller K. A. Hlcc, State Policeman I<AI<||L> n. navW and C. I., l.lntwnlch, owner of Kl.CN, were In Memphis yesterday afternoon, wheni limy li]»|>oel«l die 1'iullu lower which hus been pur- msi'd for Mm new xhorl wiive iHir I'lidla Irmismltler local olll- 'i.s hope to liavu coon. Two more donations have l«cii roci'lvt'd, milking u total of $400 of II" 1 $1,100 wlildi in nceditcl. The .ImnitloiUi of $50 cncli were given by Slalhm WMU; Memphis, anil a ]|, "Mi nnd company. Invited Nations A y v c c Political Mmigrcs Should Have Havens WASHINGTON, Mar. 2D. (Ul>) -•Nine foreign governments have Wipomled favorably lo Secretary of stale L'ordi'll Hull's proposal hat u special Inlmmllonnl nlttee bo up to uld political Brc's from Austria nnd tier- miny, tho .sliilc driwirtniont 1111- loiuu'Cd today. Helgluiii and France \\vro the only two Eiiroiiean governments Mich .so fni 1 have responded lo he Kiiggusllon. Hoth wti-o fiu-or- ible. 'Jlio seven Latin-American gov- .'i-imielils which havo responded were IJninll. Dominican vopubllc, El Salvador, Haiti, Mexico, Peru uiul Uruguay. The Invllnlloii.'i to imrllcluflto 111 cstabllslilni; an liilematlonul rcf- commllleu \vcro sent to 29 governments, nine Kuropeiin and American.. The replies received wore favorable generally toward tho proposal, itlthotigh one or two governments made some reservations regarding quotas and other details of the proposed plan. 'Hie French government, re- oiulliii; nt length, .said It "Is fully In accord with the American government concerning l.he utility and the deep hiinumltnrlan significance of an Initiative which can be expected to relievo widespread material and moral , uilirerlng." Tim American' government had imgeMcd 1 " in Us -Invitation Ilial ll|u..llrst meeting of .the proposed coininlltce'shbiild tnkc pluco In u Swiss city foi; Switzerland IL< ccu- Irnlly located; fn Euro|)c. France agreed. • .':; Child Hurt; When Struck By Father's Automobile Ciall Godwin, 20 inonllu old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Ootiwln of Aniiorcl, wiis broiighl to the Blytlieville liaspttal todaj fallowing an accident last Thursday In which the baby's pelvis was fractured. Mr. Clodwm backed his air'Ink the baby, who was playing lu the driveway. At (lie lime the accident was not believed to bo serious but complications developed and she was brought here to be placed in a cast. She will probably be returned home laic this afternoon. Mr. Mussolini Minus Uniform Much less formidable than usual, and certainly with a less belligerent lilt lo his jaw, Benito Mussolini Is pictured above In one of his rare photos in civilian clothes. The Italian dictator nearly always wears uniforms, and never permits photographs except from anjas ot which he approves, The above picture was taken at Uuidonia, model cily near Rome. KILL IT LESS! FI •STUB Score Or More Injured In Louisiana Arkansas and Oklahoma At lensl five persons were killed and n score of moro injured In. tornadoi'H Hint struclf lu Arkansas, Loulsluiw and Oklahoma, last nlghf, llireo persons were reported killed Hcnr Ferrlday, La., and t»o near Texnrkann, Ark. Father, Two Sons KUIfd PI3RHIDAY", La., Mar.' 23 (UP) —A father and two sons were killed, nine were known Injured and mio.stlimital property damage was wrought today by a. freak, "twister 1 ! which dipped down on the Turtle Lake toihinjlnily near liere^ The dead were: Hnnswi Oureo, 3D, nnd Jolimile, 12,.and Clifford, 1C, HODS. Nine persons were hospitalized, lu Pen-May. The tornado dipped suddenly, about 3;30 n, m,, bowled over a' down houses then disappeared. It struck in only one s|»t. Turtlo Lako community Is In Concortlla parish, three miles-from Fcnidny, on the Perrlday-Jones-. 'llo highway. lilts Near Texnrkaiui TEXAKKArjA, Ark., Mar. 28— At least two persons were killed- and u. dozen injured last nlght : when a tornado struck a farming community four miles northeast of liere. . The storm, accompanied by heavy rain, dipped Into the community and cleared n path a half- mile through the section and 300 feet or more wide. The death victims were: I3llHc nay Drwls, two year oW son of Mrs, Vemia Davis, . arid, dharlcs Barnelt, four year old son of Mr. nnd Mrs. o. P. Barnett. Other members of the two families were .hint and eight persons, Including seven students, were injured when a tornado struck the western 'edge of Wilburton, Okla. A twister also blew tiiroj^h tha farm community of' Purtie, Okla., six miles cost of. Durant. '*' ..' . i-j. , • i ,•.- • , . Heavy Damage atiGurton QUHDON, Ark,,..Mar. 39 ,(UP)— A tornado that demolished all in Us path of about it block wide and a mile long here lost midnight resulted In damages of J300,000 au- thorlllcs estimated.-today,. Approximately 3» homes were jemollshed. . : The several hundred, peopls who were In the path of the twister miraculously escaped^ with a few mstalnlng mln'c/i" NO one was ; killed: Initiated Act Petition For Pensions Is Filed LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 29 (0P)—. Secretary of State C. Q. Hall today announced approval of a petition filed by A, L. Rotenberry lor ; initiating an act to provide for old age per)slo.ns In Arkansas. Rotenberry had the required number ot signers from 19 counties In the state wltli 15,279 names affixed to the petition already filed. State statutes require that eight per cent in at least 15 counties sign for permitting an act to be voted On In the general electton.-- A test case on the proposal probably will bo taken Into Hie stgta supreme court in order that any clause might be corrected before It .s too late was Indicated. Rotenucrry filed a similar petition before the last general elt-ctlon but It was ruled Illegal shortly before tlic matter was to come to a vote. Halsell Infant Dies; Mother Is Improved The Infant son of Mr, and Mrs. H. L. Halsell jr., died lale yesterday afternoon at th«~ Blythevllle hospital after haying lived only ona hour. Mrs. Halsell, who has bsen critically ill for almost a week. Is slightly better today. Funeral services tor tlie baby, who was sn only child, will be held sometime tomorrow and burial will be made at Elmwood cemetery. Cobb Funeral home Is In charge of funeral arrangements. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday, probably showers in east portion Wednesday; colder In norlhwest portion tonight and Wednesday. Memphis a:id vicinity — focal showers and thunderstorms with continued mild temperatures tonight and Wednesday; colder Wednesday night and Thursday, The maximum temperature here yesterday was 65, minimum «, cloudy, with 1.69 Inches of rainfall, according to Samuel F. Morris, offl- elal weather observer. : -

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