The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1936
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THEVILLE COURIER NEWS TK8 DOMINANT NEWSPAPt.'rt OH NORTHEAST AUKAHHAB AND tSOUTHEABV MT3SOUIU VO), XXXIII—NO. 7.1 BlythtTlllt Courier BlyliievUle D»Uy Newi BlytbeYllle Herald Miuiulppl V»Uej Ltuta C; AHKAX8AS, THURSDAY, JUNK II, IMG B1NGM1 COPIRS FIVE CENTS Heavy Do\vnpouv Brings Relief lo Farmers Easl of Blylheville rinln which followed yesterday's wind nnil dust storm brought welcome moisture to farm crops in Uiis vicinity. In and around Biythcvillc, where only .54 of nil inch fell, the rain, although of beijaflt, was insufficient to overcome the deficiency of previous weeks. East of here, however, find at some points to the south, the downpour provided all the water needed. Apparently the wind caused no Eorlous damage. The roof of the big grandstand under construction fit Walker park Fanner, Pinned. Under Dead Mule, Seriously Hurt;. When William Oliver ' Rogers' mule dropped dead the loss was bad enough but- when ihe mule's body fell on Hogcrs, knocking him down and . pinning him • against the side of his b;u;i In such ft manner that lie sustained several fractured, ribs and a possible lung injury his misfortune wns serious indeed. Rogers, lives two miles Bunues-s Men Support Proposal to Brmt> Substantial Factory Merc A decision Hint Hie achievement of n sound economic situation for Blylheville requires the establishment here of a major Industrial plant and that the property owners and business niul professional men of Ihe community miist put ui> the money necessary to induce such nn Institution (o locate here was reached at a meeting of about 25 business men at the Chamber or Commerce office this morning. After 13. A. Lynch, Chairman of the chamber's Industrial com- Repiibl can Presidential Choice cast of Hlylhcvilte, victim of the unusual accident Monday, was removed to the Veterans hospital at Memphis yesterday in ft Cobb ambulEilice. Rogers wns harnessing his mule, preparatory to returning lo his plowing in the field, ifler the noon hour rest, when the animal _ dropped dead. Rogers.. wns pinned i initlce, had reported that the I against the side, of his barn ,un- community could not hope to ob- til members of Ills family extricated, him wllh some difficulty. flt Walker park was twisted 1 n n R I fl P O somewhat, due to the fact that U U IIIL L L not all of the supports were in I f 11 H I j| f 11 position, but U. S. Branson, arch!-1 "f'luuu III tect, said this morning that 'It could easily be pulled back into position. One man was slightly injured at the park when lie received a cut on the head from an object blown from one of the buildings. Chief sufferers as a result of the storm probably were the housewives, who found themselves faced with ft cleaning job of considerable magnitude after tile wind had subsided. Dusl Darkens Sty OSCEOLA, Ark.—The \vorst dust storm within (lie memory of the oldest Osceolan swept into this city at 12:15 o'clock yesterday afternoon on a 35-mile wind that stripped limbs from shade trees and did other minor damage. The sky was so darkened that noon' meals were \eaten by elec- Roosevelt Delivers First Texas Address On Historical Battlefield .HOUSTON, Tex., June 11. CUP) —President Roosevelt arrived here today lo participate in the Texas centennial .celebration .-and made the'first of his 'addresses in the states., at the San Jaclnto battlefield where the war for Texas in- dependcnce was won. Tne'.presidenl reviewed tile events which made Texas a republic IOC years ago anl lauded Sam Houston and the men who fought with him. He did-riot discuss current /)'»".tics. ' / • • • ncs were out for about three hours. A porte-cochere at the D. L. Ohlcndorf home, south of town, was blown down. A glass door in the law offices of J. T. Costou was brown out. A cotton shed at Tal Tongale's gin and a tool shed at the J. L. Williams home were blown from their foundations. After about '45 minutes the wind and dust were followed by a heavy rain. Hy United Press Thundershowers which moved swiftly over Arkansas and other mid .south states on a 20 to 35 mile an hour wind yesterday added thousands of dollars to the value of growing farm crops but Ihe rain in most places was insufficient, to break an eight, weeks drouth, a survey .showed tcday. Thc rain was irregular over a wide area in northeast. Arkansas, liatesvillc had .68 of an inch and Blyllievilie .54. Helena anl Clarendon had only .C2 of an inch and Joncsboro .0-1. Wynne had .38, Newport .30, and Wilson .20. A heavy dust storm and lightning accompanied thn rains. Lightning killed a. mother and her two-year-old son near Driim- inonds, Tcnn. Several persons were injured as the winds unroofed housetops, unrooted trees and crippled communication lines over a wide area. County agents in Mississippi, Ciaighcad, Phillips St. Francis and Crittenden counties, Arkansas, reported further rains are needed, especially for corn, le- Kiiminous crops, fruits and gardens. tional commemoration," said. Masons Meet Tonight The Chickas-iwba Lodge. No. 134 tain a substantial industry without providing n building or offering other Inducements at n cost of perhaps $50,000. the group authorized him to offer up to i that sum, lo be raised by public subscription, to secure the location here of a factory that would j guarantee regular employment for! several hundred local people. J. Mell Brooks, secretary of the chamber, Is In correspondence with agents of a number of northern concerns, seeking locations In the South, and negotiations with one or more of them will be cnlered into at once. Mr. Lynch said that competition among cities for industrial establishments had reached Ihe point where any business interested in a hew location can obtain n building free of charge or other comparable inducements. If Bly- llieville wants additional industries, it must meet this competition, he said. lie declared that i: his judgment $50,000 in an would provide mcnt for 400 in the investment of establishment that! full time employ- persons would be money well spent. The 'question, lie said, is whether the people of the community want to r uiakH'^lhe immediate sacrifice necessary.- Sentiment of Ih6 meeting was that the money could be raised for nn enterprise of demonstrable soundness and the Industrial committee was directed to obtain details of proposals which hove already been made in a general way by northern manufacturers. Gene Timncy Wil) Take "Speed. Traps" to Matj STAMTOUI5, Conn, June <UI')—Cleric Tumu'y, former heavy- wi'ig'iit cliampl6n, announced iodiy llial ho wns prcpnvd lo go lo the supreme- court of llic unllnl Simps In an effort to crudlcato "spo«l Imps" In which motorists tiro lined by Judges who depend on fines lor : Tunucy was fined $10 for falling to heed u stop sli;n near Woodbury, conn., June p, Ho disputed | I'.io tliu' mid has ii]i]ic;iU'd to this j Mlclifli'ld county court of conmum plens. llo will ciiiildid In- did mil Bel n lair trial. i "Just like the Hcotlsuoro boys,"! ho said. Dclc gales Band .Wagon As Other Candidates Withdraw' rUHMC HAM,, Cleveland, .Innc 11 till 1 )—The Itepulillcan inilliiiml I'unvcniton recessed lit :t:08 P. M. imill 7 o'clock"(o-J nielli, wlicu It will reconvene to ailoiil n platform and acclaim div. Alf M. l.rmiloii of Kiinsa^ as 11)30 Republican presidential nominee-. By I.YI.K 0. WILSON ! Ihillod 1'ros-s Slaft Or'rrsuomlc'ul PUHUO HALL, Cleveland, June' . II. <UI>)—ciov. Alt M Lindon is I'lelcl! '"° Hepubllcan national couven- f. . , ... . lion's choice for president and onlj 10 UppOSC Italy, Minis-! one Ihiimteilng shouL tills alter i ,. o 'II ' > 1110 » "r tonight remains to make lor bays in London | it, oincini. His rivals willed today mid re- 25,000' Men Now In LONI3ON. Juno tl."<Ul')—Ellilo- jilun forces arc ussemullng In tines ureas, to oppose Ihe Italian conquest; Blallen Gcttu Hcroiiy. Ethiopian foreign minister, said today. Ten thousand men under the acting Ethiopian iiweiT.niunt urc iu the'Clare iiron In the mountainous west,- lie asserted, and 15,000 more are -In the smith under Emperor son-in-law, Ha? Hallo Selassie's Dcsla Dcmtu. llliwodod. V/altlflr Tsadik, Hcrouy •said,: is acting heml of the govern, incut as regent. In the emperor's absence. "Men fought here for principles they loved more dearly than their own lives. Liberty loving people will always do'battle for principles they believe to be right. "Civilization, alas, has not yet made it unnecessary for men to die in battle to sustain principle. It is however, my hope that in this :eneration the United Slalcs by its own example can maintain and help to maintain principles by „ . means of psace rather than by I. T .™ mcmbc « have been added means of war " - ' I to the staff of the Blytheville hos- In I'm audience was Andrew I','!* 1 '., ll . h ?? I"* 11 , announced by 81, the only liv-i ing son of Hie military hero of the ns . the Republican national con- While bands blared and his name was on every eager delegate's vention at Cleveland prepared to nominate htm for llic presidency, Oov. Air Lamlon ~of Kansas"wiil'lc'd quietly at Topcka. 150 miles away. This new camera slitfy shows him at ease amid informal surround.-' daily recrcalldx ir.js following a horseback ride, his almost, Hospital Adds Surgeon and Interne to Its Staff Texas revolution. Oregon Beaches Harvest Clams After Thin Years ASTORIA, are back! Since Clatsop Ore. (UP)— The clams 192D fertile clam b2ds on and Ilwaco beaches in Oreeon and Washington have been yielding fewer clams eacli year. with many experts predicting that the beds were being "dug-out." Tills year, however, the shelled Ma-animals came back in larger numbers than ever, definitely disproving thc contention that clamming was a doomed Industry. Six hundred professional diggers are working the b;achcs at eacli Sow tide. )r. J. M. Walls, surgeon, will be associated with the hospital and Dr. Maja Skaller, of Memphis, will Interne there this summer. The new surgeon, who is a graduate of the University of Arkansas College of Medicine, was with the state hospital for two years and later with the city hospital at Litlle Rock. For a number of years lie has been a surgeon at the Searcy, Ark., hospital. Dr. Skaller is a student at Washington University, St. Louis. Mob Activity in China jht Leave No Alternative Say Editorial TOKYO, June 11. (UP)—Japan may be forced into military intervention In China, t'ne said In an cdi- j\7^. . f\ j I\€W \J} leans P. & A. meet at eight o'clock tonight in stated communication. There will be work in the master's degree. NEW ORLEANS, June 11. (UIM —The cotton market was very active from start to finish today and prices advanced as much as $1.30 a bale. New crop months were In most demand. May gaining 28 points to close at 11.15. Buying was general from t'ne speculative element on what was considered to be an unsatisfactory crop outlook. Another factor was good outlook in the cotton goods industry. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 11. (UP)— Stocks continued their advance today for the fifth successive session with prices reaching new liigli I ground since April 18. Trading was I light. Steel and automobile issues \ led the advance in which nearly all groups participated. A. T. and T ......... no 1-2 Anaconda Copper ..... 34 3-8 Beth, steel ........... 54 3-8 Chrysler ............... 97 3-4 York Coiton NEW YORK, June II. (UP)Cotton closed very steady. open high low July [Oct. DSC. I Jan. Mar. May July Ocl Dec •'an Mar May 1105 1092 logo loss 1089 1002 mo 1116 1113 1112 1116 1117 close 11G3 1109 10D2 1115 1088 1111 1088 1089 1092 1112 1115 1117 Spots closed steady at 1119, unchanged. open . 1160 . 1090 . 103G . 1086 . 1091 1088 high 1167 1111 1109 1108 1110 1115 low close 1160 1161 1090 1110 1086 1103 1086 1108 1091 lllOb 1088 llllb Spots closed steady at 1187, up 7. f Livestock Cities Service .... , Coca cola Gen. Am. Tank . Gen. Electric .... Gen. Motors Int. Harvester McKesson - Robbl ns Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard Phillips Pet Hadio Simmons Beds ... Standard of n. J. Texas Co U. s. Smelting .. U. s. Slesl Warner Bros. 4 5-8 100 1-2 50 3J3-8 65 1-4 89 5-8 8 7-8 45 1-2 36 5-8 10 5-8 41 1-8 12 1-2 30 3-4 58 31 5-8 90 1-2 63 3-8 10 1-4 "Japan need fear no organized front against her despite atiti-Jan- anese sentiment expressed by the ccnlral and Cantonese government.'!," said tho newspaper. "Thc worst lo be feared is the possibility thai local mobs may be silrrrd against Japan and get beyond control'. "Then I'ncrc would be no alternative lo intervention with fore:." Finland Plans to Meet War Debt Installment WASHINGTON. June 11. (UP) — The government of Finland, only war debtor not in dsfaull. loday njffiitred the slale department U would pay thc $104.31550 installment on its obligation due June 15. Previously Great Britain anj Italy had Informed this country they would not meet thslr payments. Negative replies also arc expected from other debtors. SEEK HENE!BF SOITW America Willing lo lixlcnd Lxislinw Trade,, Agreement With Russia Rrlllsh Gunhoals Rcndv CANTON, Ohina^ June 11." UJ!>> -British naval authorities or:Icr«l the gunboats Cicala and Tarantula to abandon their normal routine patrol duties today and stand l;y at Canton. Reliable sources reported Mint n WASHINGTON. June 11. (OI'I — ConvcrsaUcm.s looking loward a renewal of (lie Soviet-American Irarti agreement of last July have begun between 1113 U. S. embassy In Moscow and Ihe Soviet foreign office it was learned today at the state 'department. ; American officials were undcr- ftocd. to be willing lo renew t'.ic p "'agreement, which expires July 13 vjallg j on n le 0 ][[ (jn.sis—,, promise by Kus- Avo' '^ *° P urcna5e $30.000,OCO worlvi of c . ... ' \T i -11 • 'I poods here within a year provide;! JeiZCd (Near INasllVllle ! il c "J°ys for Its. exports the same ! tariff concessions given ttiosa na ompanion NASH VII IE. June li (UI'i- Lclancl Harvey. Georgia's No. On? tad man. and Robeit William-, who escaped from n chain near LaGiange, Ga., May 18, have been recaptured near here, department or justice agents sniil today. I Weapons carried in the fiifi- grcat anti-Jaoaness demonstralbnl lhcs ' slo ' c " aulcmobile proved tho was planned here tomorrow cl " v wl ' icl) trapped them. A state hlghwny patrolman anil Davidson county officers spotted thc . two men Vacation Bible School Enrolls 314 Students A total of 314 have enroilrcl in the Vacation 'Bible school at thc First Baptist churc'n, it was announced today. The school oneuert two days ago and has a faculty of in a , roadhouso; ficcrs slipped 01 f.d Ihcir antcmobile. Boastin;; that no jail or gang is strong enough him, Harvey made «ood nnd escaped penal lions wll'ii whom tho United States lias negotiated reciprocal trade treaties. There are now: H of these. Officials said today Russia al- rcady had purchased more than S30.d30.OM worth of United States goods and is expected to buy between $8.000.000 and $10,000,000 more before flis agreement, is rs 'noucd. T 'in i r 1 Transcript Prepared I'or Issuance of Poll Tax Receipts Still Drags With llic period for payment of poll laxcs as a mmllllcaUon of voters in tho '•: August primary, general' elecllon In November and city election, next tprlnfi, culling on .. MondayTCJiinc is,- only alioiil . 1,800 poll Inx Issui'd through here today. receipts had the sheriff's office No accurate check on the number already Issued, nt the Osccola office- was iivulhible litre today but It was understood Hint about ',200 had been Issued through noon yesterday. This, however, Is not believed to include receipts Icli; according lo reports, are being iMiicd ul Wilson, where a deputy has been soul with a receipt book. Asks Double Indemnity on Dyess Insurance LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Mrs. Margaret Juckson Dyess. wife of thc laic W. R. nyess, WPA adailnls- trator, nlcdi suit yesterday In Second Division circuit court for $107 alleged (luc''a's 'monthly Interest payments from the Equitable Life Assurance Society. Thc suit recited that Mr. Dyess held a $10,000 policy and n $5.000 policy with tl« defendant company at the time o[ Ills death bath providing double Indemnity in event of accidental (Icalh. He was killed In the airplnne crash- near Goodwin January 14 Thc suit c'nargcd thc company ha;i refused (o pay double indemnity but had agreed to keep on deposit the amount of the double indemnity claim and pay a bass interest of three ]>cr cent to Mrs. Dyess In monthly, installments. She charged (lie company ha<I failed to car- ( ry out the agreement. 3.-Quietly the of-1 Appeal to Supreme Court "on on the stalchoiiso grouni .rtsidc and Inspect-1 lr l _ • j The rork. one of the six tlw ' Little Rock Moves Big Rock of History LITTLE ROCK. Ark. (UP) — Workmen have completed thc moving of the huge rock from which I'nls city gets its name to a locn- Icnswl their delegates who began to plump lliclr votes into the Kan- snn's basket. H may not evctrbo necessary to.ballot for .t'no-dele- gates were In a mood to put Lmi- don across by acclamation. Tho nominating started tills afternoon. Most delegates consider llic issue.closed. Landon's managers ceased lo work .for his candidacy and hurried to llic hotel room of Senator Arthur H. Vandcnbcrg of Michigan In an attempt lo diaft iilm onto tlic ticket as the ilce- piesltlenUal nominee. Kuox May Get Second I'laco Prank Knox of Chicago lelcascd his delegates nnd there was inuclv talk that he would he Linden's running mate, yandenbcrg, \\lio also cut loose his support, \\ns le- iwrtcd to have .dona'so on t'ne understanding that:knov would gel second plncc. .Senator William E. Boiah, Senator Lester,. j. Dickinson, Robert Taft awl.other .candidates chopped out of tlic fiiifil."' Bbrnli's withdrawal ivas flat unless csrtain unspecified "contingencies", should arise. , ^ At Hie same time John b.'.M. Hamilton, Landon manager, Indicated last minute platform difficulties were being amicably compromised. Tills required .additional work, • however, and thc convention schedule was revised lo provide for platform consideration and nomination later today and vlcc-prcsl- dcntlal selection tomorrow, llorah Gets His Way Tho platform suli-cominlttce agreed unanimously on n platforin suitable to Landon. and carried -it to tlic full com'mltlee for ratification. There' will be no minority, report. Bora'n, who had demanded that his vle\vs on money, foreign [KJiicy and monopoly be! included, appeared satisfied Thc platform makers rejcctc.4 'a plank colling for a constitutional amendment to permit states to legislate on thc hours and wngcs:._of. women and minors. It was anoiti"-' cr victory for Borah, who rages at the idea of promiscuous tinkeriiijj with the constllulion. Decisions on other important (S^ sues tliat will come before the voi- crs in November included; - OmLi-'on of the wortts "gold stnn- dard" and "managed cnfrcncy, A plank calling for repeal of tlic New Deal's reciprocal trade program. A refusal lo endorse the St. Lawrence waterway. A plank committing the United States to stay out. of the World Court and the League of Nations-- anofhcr victory for Borah, the iso- lalionist. Trans-ript of tile record in (hei " th = «>""' . - J ll.lll.-* i HJl. ui vlll; |(.V*JIU [Jl IIKJI... ,, \ cln j 'suit brought by Mr. and Mr.s. Wil-I Rker ' ""' c:>rl - v (iri >' « tll " s «*: ; 'lini WricM against Dr P I Hus-' ns n crossi "S euide in fording fe lr T^i^ll i 1 '''" 1 >'l'l>"L l" rt tn,l.1v IJi . (. 1,. 11M3 I , ... I..!._.] .. a _ . . i ll.lill NVIIl;,IL H^.MII.-IV Ml . r. 1,. 1IUS- j utlons •") i '""'' a1 "' Arch Lind ? c S' has b=en' often he won himself the nam.'! <n:11 "''' le '' '':• "' c •" l '- al ~ clcrk ' 5 ° f - "Hctidlni of Ilia Georgia n.nin! liri '- !>'< Paratory to .tne filing ol Zonite 63-4 Spol Average Is 11.7S The average price of 7-8 inchj middling cotton on the ten spat markets today was 11.78. according to the Blyt'ncville Board of Trade. Producers are entitled to a subsidy of .'22 of a cent per pound on 1935- crop collon sold by lliem loday. EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (UP)— Hogs 5,000. Top 10.23 170-230 Ibs., 10.00-10.25 140-160 Ibs., 9.50-10.15 Bulk sows 8.65-9.00 Cattle 2.500 Steers 7.00-7.85 Slaughter steers G.00-8.50 Mixed yearlings and heifers 6.00-8.00 Slaughlcr heifers 5.50-850 Beef cows 4.75-5.50 Cutters and low cullers Chicago Wheat 85 7-8 Chicago Corn close 61 3-8 58 3-1 Tlic school will continue dally until June 24 when a ccnt?n- pageant will be presented li> auditorium as the climax of I'ne the school's actlvilics. At iliis time Ihe school's exhibits will also be on display t n the educational building of the c'nurch. Opening at 8 o'clock each morn- Ing thc school is divided Into four periods consisting of worship, Bible dramatization, Bible study or story and handwork or recreation lillS old 5 gang." His last break which end- i ed In Ihe G-men's net today his tenth. anp.Ml in t!ie- state suprcm? >v thc Wrights, from an or- uuls. at lin: of tho Arkansas ised. file more than fivs It has been placed on the site of a Civil War prison thai was constructed by the Federal Army ani I di'r <UstiiissinK the suit. | The Wi'isftls sought about, SS.QOOt!" ; j from the defendants, alleging Hut ' r^tr. o'.vm'd by Mr.s later used by t.':i Confederate Ar- Miss Minnie Foster Is of Hie school. principa Humane Snare Made T« DonU.n Ci l "T i wrongfully attached in a municipa 1 I 0 KepiaCC Steel 1 rap i „,,„-.. ac iion azainst her son by Dr. PHILADELPHIA. (UP) — A flat' llu.-.!).ind and that Undsoy. -deputy chain trap which will replace jfhcrili. acted in such a manner In fhe vicous steel-Jawed lype has I anaci'.in? tlir car that Mrs. Wright been invented by Vcrnon Ilailcy ! sn!l>ic\I 'a nj-rvous breakdown as a veteran naturalisl and employe ofirrmli. 'I'.ie suit was dismissed'by the U. S. Biological Survey. ! circini Judsc G. E. Kcrk aller a The ^Irap has been designed in d: mirror lo> UK complaint had tn^'brrn sustained. >car| -k -fl llratton of 'Paragould and )i liiv.-i of nlythcvillc represent Wrights, and Holland and hnm and Uradiey and Svidbury aro defendants. mg 10 uaiiey. To support his lli> Wriohls. an ial claims before nn audience, nalley.hnm and Uradli I placed 'his finger In Ihe. trap '. counsel for the was rc-caplurcd I'.ie last days of the war. Divorce Suits Filed Tivo 'divorce suits have been filed In chancery court here recently. Mrs. zclma Poland is plaintiff In one " Disabilities of Minor .. -;• Are Removed By Court Sillier Barksdale. is, has had iiiJ dbabilitlcs as a minor removed by order of circuit Judge Neil Killough on a-petition nicd in lijs behalf by his mol'ner, Mrs. Lucy Barksdnle. Tlie order of- the court removes Us disabilities generally for all purposes. John Vnrdcr Brucgge. Memphis attcrney, represented the pelHian- - WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonight and Friday. Warmer in north and ,. ,. .•- -— -- central portions Friday, action, asking a divorce from Memphis and vlcinlty-Partly C. It. Poland on the ground of rt;- clolldy toni , ht . scrlion. Reid and Evrard are attorneys for tire plaintiff. James Lawrence is plaintiff in another suit, seeking a divorce from Mrs. victoria Lawrence on (he ground of tiidignillcs. Ed n. Cook is his attorney. slighlly warmer. Friday fair and Tlie maximum temperature here ycslcrdoy was 96, minimum. S7. partly cloudy with .57' of au In'c'h rainfall, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weather observer, i.

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