The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1939 .BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK,) 1 COURIER NEWS Take Time Out ) 7 or Amuse- menl In Mitlsl Of- Ton• sion , ,., , FACE THREE' Guardsmen Relaxing At Harlan BV KYLE WfriTEHKAl) NEA Service Staff Correspondent HARLAN, Ky., July 18.—The Nn- lionat Guard came lo Harlan Town like Caesar lo Gaul—lliey came, saw, conquered. nut filler nearly two months' Stay, it is prclty clear that what they saw was the pretty girls of Hflrlnn, and that Is • w ha I Ihey conquered, too. Up and down the streets stroll the guardsmen with their new-found girl-friends. In the restaurants and drugstores they sit with townsmen with whom they have struck up acquaintance. About 700 remain of Ihe J250 who 'came lo Harlan lo " tection to any man who \vanls to v/prk," Because many mines not members of the Harlan County Cos) Operators' Assn. have been signed lo Unllcd Mine Workers contracts, and because Ihe union lias'stopped, picketing even Hie unsigned mines, Ihe Ilarlan situation has 1 relaxed. And though Hie troops remain, they have made themselves at home with the local people. Nearly all the guardsmen are from other parts of .Kentucky. The threatening situations which developed on their arrival, ivJien they came within an 'ace of armed combat has nopiicd. Hopkins, Wallace, Jnckson—uoi one has shown any stan of iwsscsslng the driving, volc- gelling capacily Hint the < 11)40 candidate bus got to linve,' I'OUTIOAl, DOiini.i: i-iuiv .The McNull ncmtlnnllon gels around both of those illfflcullles. It makes 11 pill' out of McNiilt— and li gives him nn unrivaled chance lo strut Ills stuff. If lie (Iocs a good Job in his now position, mid iilsu sells himself both to (lie Inner circle nnd to (he country at large us n ilyeil-ln-lhc-woul New Deal literal, It is taken for granted Hint he becomes Ihc olllcial crown prince. If he flops he can Ije more or less painlessly droiiiied; If lie doesn't Hop Ihc long hunt for n vote-getter wiio can carry the White House blessing cuds. Hill If Hie nentness of tills political maneuver lock uomocrutlu politicians here by surprise, the liter imi'.vpeclednm of It 1ms the altruistic, r/:e!ally-inlnded section who la udmlllcdly a man of great i executive ability and who may do! a line Job, but whose appointment 11 (despite soil denials at the Wlillo House) wns (micllcuUy 100 |x?r cent political, I Kroger & Piggly Wiggly w(th massed evaporated. picket lines, Imva ' ' Guardsmen and Eirls i\l Harlan. Dixie's Negroes Sing Blues For . Fabulous John Henry oi' Sonlhlaml j nv .JOJliN A. I'ARRIS .7r. mule goes 'round and 'round— 'cause Uiiilcil Press Stall" Correspondent my name is Jnwn Henry; hcy-hey!" MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP) —John; John Henry was a "conjure" man Henry— »• sleamboalin' mun from 'and a b;ss vocdoo. He could make n sleamboalin' clan— has vanished an<l his people are singing Ihe blues. He wandered off lo New York Several years ago. It look him fair generations lo migrate from the' green pastures of, his youth to Hie catacombs of Manhattan.. John Henry— he was born with a cotton hook in his, hand— is the Paul Bunyan of negroes. His race had no Thorcr Hercules or Alias, so it created John, lest his people have no voice in Vallmlla. Studenls of the strange slory of John Henry agree he came Into being on Ihe levee lands of the gumbo dominion His exploits were lold the sick well and casl a spell over Ihe healthy. His powers were nn- limiled. His race fell at his feet and worshipped. On Ihc mighty Mississippi and In Ihc collon fields they shouted his -name, for John Henry was their god. Until the turn of the century John Henry was ns much a p.irt of the deep South as the mules and • mud nnd 'mortgages. An< Ihen, John Henry, who could coon- jine on a gangplank with a bale of cotton on each shoulder, jail vanished. But n few ycar.s ago authors look ui) ills mythical troll and he wa? iculy in ballads. ' nl ' n( j e a hero" of books. Some writers Ifc weighed 44 pounds when he was born and his voice boomed ike surf on Baralarla. Over the land he roamed, doing- good for even Insisted he lived and was a "steel-driving man who died will a hammer in his hand." The radio eventually heard hi Willie the guardsmen on their arrival received tiic usual verbal abuse that goes with their appearance in a labor dispute, within a month they had begun fraterniz- ing'with tlie members of both sides of the mine labor controversy. Harlan quickly gets used lo the presence of troops—after all, Hie Guard has been In Harlan six limes In the past eight years. Governor Chandler has indicated that they will remain this time HS long as the mine dispute remains unadjusted, and, members of the operators' association have not settled their dispute with the DMW. for as long as lliat persists, the g;od folks He underslocd hound • BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON Driver drove New* Mrs. Dnlsle Void, of ncnr lieccc, spoil I lust week wild licr nlccc, Mrs. I Kdna llniwey. Mrs. John 1'lkkens, who has been 111 nl her home here for the pust three weeks, Is unimproved. Mrs. Iriua Wlncliesler of Ciipo Glrardeau, vlsllcd her sister, Mrs. 1 O. P. WmUcliu, Monday niijlu. Mrs, Sarn Mosley nnd daughter, )5dim, visited Mrs. Ivon Duller nnd family of Tomato last weok. Mrs. Moillc Curler of Clinton, Ky., Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Noble Sparks, nnd Mr. Sparks for u few days. Mr. and Mrs. 'I'. J. Wilson vlsllcd relatives ill llly(l>i>vlll<! Saturday nliihl. of Hie Nr-w IX^il fairly gasping -fat I Mrs. Mildred l.ucy and children breath, , 'of Forty nnd Klglil spout the w'c» . The bead of Ihc Social Security end wlllr Mrs. Lucy's mini, Mrs. "right of men to work -who .-want to work" will be protected, Governor Chandler insists, even if Ihe Guard stays as long as his term as governor lasts. Now It's Egg Bustlers ; PETAU7MA, Cal. (OP) — This city, known as the "egg bowl" of and mule lalk and when he sang the Khipi^Mrwills ceased their walls and the rains ceased. Lillle negro boys taught the ballads to little while- boys in swaps for Barlow knives, fishhooks and wart cures. II mattered not . the exploit, wlerd nTlKS^^l^tocopcd.^W™}^ '» «>« , * ! songs on Ins, ventures.. Casey Jones. its owrtv'criijrinal problem. Qf the old cattle rustlers of earlier days, it no\y has "egg rustlers." The last 'one "rustled" oil 10 cases. "Rustlers" merely back up a-thick to the entrance of an egg storehouse and get away with as iiiany cases as possible. ii/rottle of the nnon .;In :spite of Its carnivorous habits towards Insects, the praying mantis is harmless to man. Express, ' John Henry was the fireman. John Henry sat on the safety valve of the Robert E. Lee when it. washed the Natchez in ils wake. The while folks planned the bridges, John Henry drove In (he spikes. The white folks owned llie cotton, bin John -Henry planted it and bellowed as he did: "'Oh, de moon comes up and dc moon goes, down, and me and my strange ballads and aired Idem. That brought John Henry lo New York. And so they began singing his chants down in Harlem and even in theaters. Then John Henry disappeared again. . . His folks of the gumbo dominion are singing the bines and wondering what has happened to Johu Henry. He • Isn't on the river, lieMsn't iri .the* cotton ••fields: Ti)ey can't find him on Bcale Street, that avenue cf blues,- and -they know because HY BIUJCE CATTON Courier Nd\vs Washington jCorrespojiilenl WASHINGTON, July '20. — The miming of Paul V. McNutl as head of the new Federal Security Agency wns two kinds of politics in one. Prom the -practical, lel's-win- clectlons standpoint it was about as smart a piece of politics ns (lie capital has seen In a.-long time.' ; Prom Ihe .more idealistic viewpoint, which thinks In terms of statecraft rather than Immediate political advantage, It wns something eke again. Take the first angle first. The McNntt nomination was smart politics for two reasons: First, McNiilt is an avowed and active candidate for Hie Democratic iioinhiallon in 10-10. He lias a good organization already built up nnd lie goes after what he wants'With lols of energy. Potentially, he wns a distinct threat lo Ihe New Dealers' desire to put, n man of their own choice In the White House after 1940. Second, the New Deal has tried to build up various candidates for Agency will be one of the most Important men In the government. Under dim will te the Social fic- curlly Board, the Public; Health Service, the Civilian conservation Corps, Hie National Youth Administration and the U. s. li'mploy- mont Service. These agencies arc, and have to be, 100- per cent nAipollllcnl In nature if they are to be worth whiU they cost, It lias been taken for granted here thai Ihc mini who wns pul in clinrge of Ihem would be of Ihc "public servant" lie 'and not a politician, Arthur J. AHmcyer, head of the Social Security Hoard, was considered for the jolt, but preferred to slay where he was. Prances Perkins boosted Oscar Johnson, assis- i Innt .secretary of Hie Interior. Josephine Ifloohe, ,'formor assislanl secretary of the Treasury, wns favorably considered. The Jol> wns finally offered /orninlly lo Clarence Dykstra, president of the University of Wisconsin. Oykslra considered It long and earnestly; al-lhu moment when McNuli was named, |>cople around Ihc Scclal Security Bo:ml understood that Dykslra still hnil the offer tinder advLscmciit, although in other .quarters II is said lie lind finally decided to turn 11 down. . ; . In nny case, lliat was the sort of person originally considered. Now Ilia, job, goes to Charley Springer, mid fnmlly. lilll Skcllon and 0. l,. Richardson have KOIIO lo Michigan where lliey expect lo te employed. lielly llntmey, who has been ill, Is much Improved. . Mr. and Mrs, Hoy Hall vlsllcil Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. tl. A Hall, of CiilumiH, Saturday. 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