The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1949 BUTIIEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1 Interest livestock Group PDB Suggested Meet Monday ^^ VVMV ** v *^*tT«W*«n MM TrT*«PVnMHBII|imi^l«|IMBH«p^MM r H|H VW Missco Association Seeks to Improve Pastures During 1949 The Mississippi County Livestock Improvement Association will hold its His 1 , regular meetitiR nl the Manila High School at 8 )i.m. Monday. Stanley FYailonburg of Manila, president, announced today. Mr. Fraclenbvirj! said that the ] peacli-tree Inner ts rccomilzi'd Dy nvcliiis would lie conjoined chielly { sitm thrown inn :i] '.lie base ol the with cfoL-UAsion, from i'.\iJi-riei]iv<| l«e. This shows Dial the l»ri> us- farrrlers in the area, relative lo es- iif.liy works at. or .somewhat below, tablishing year-round pastures. I the surlace or the soil. In annDiincir.g the pmjjriijii, Mr. I h'lmilR.itiii:; in few led Uw-.s with Pi-frtciihuni iminlei] on, that if tlv> | paradichlorobenzene leommouU Peiu-h Irees nui\ r be heated for IXJiPi-s ID earlv April il they were not treated last lull, according lo County Apelit Keilh J. Bilhrev. Early October is the beat lime fur treatment. IJm mast of the Ixner.i call lie killed in April if (lie October treatment was nli.s.sed. Next to the Sari scale, the borer is Die mast important insect enemy of peaeii tiee.s. Injury by Ihe peach-tree borer ts recognized by Hondless and Legless, He Farms pastures were to lie successful llicy need lo be .staru-d now, .so farmer^ interested in .startitiR pastures .should allend the meeting. Mr Franenbtn K said that anioiii- who would direct di.scu.s.sion, on a basi> of their own eNnei'ien'.'e with establishing year-round pastures, were Karl Wildy of L"ach- vitlc. H. C. KnuppenbeiKCr of Blytheville .and O. O. Stivers of Ma.",''"• 'jpnt «'a.s abo indicated that the. initial plans for a livestock show and sale would be made al llic meeting Monday, The livestock a.sMK-iation was organized m Manila on March 22. when officers were elected and e»als ] Trcc Bo ''c'' s " of the association set out. The "'r. County Ag know n as r»UB> ts very effective kiJ.'jn^ ()ir hortrs. at'c<,'j'din;; l<i Mr. Uilbrey. other advantages are that it rarelv (-ause.s injury lo the trees and i 1 : rvjiitively inexpensive. Consequently, ihis method Is now be- iiiR u.-efi in all peach s;rowiii^ regions PDB is a white m.slaliine sirh- stance with a sickly, sweetish'odor. U[Jon e.*;n<i.sure to air, it cvaiKitate.s slowly. The yAs ts heavier than air. Tills treatment is i;t)oc! only lor (he peach-tree Ixirer. the a^ent wiirtis. It .should nc\er be vised for ijorers in other kinds of tree.s. A de-tailed leaflet with pictures and illustrations on "Control Peach- Tree Borers" may be obtained at. . Rroup organized since they sharod a belief that development of regis- f*. . , lered stock for sale now would take I V<hlCKGn care of the demands for Kooit live- I • -• stock Dial is expnctcri to increa. c 1 In St'flfrl* with Ihe prospective crop cont. j, «"wiw programs. Ijeaders of the project have chosen Ihe e.stablishmcnt of pastures as one of their first steps in producing belter livestock. ents' office. No Divorce Cases Heard Holy Week in Ohio Town HAMILTON. O.. April 8—UP)— There will he no divorce cases heard in Butler County next week—Holy Week. Common Pleas court judges for several yars have declined to hear Divorce cases either the week be™ re Christmas or the week after. They decided to observe the same policy during Holy Week this year. $57,392,000 in '48 MTTLE ROCK. April 7—(A 1 ) — Arkansas chicken misers grossed 557,392,000 from eggs and chickens including commercial broilers, in 1948, the crop reporting service has announced. The total is i\ record lor the state and at 23 per cent iru; over 19-17, Last year's product ion of commercial broilers reached a record high of 24.0l57,CGn for a record S2S.- 923.000 income. The broiler income was f>6 per cent almve that of (he previous year. Arkansas now ranks fifth among stales in broiler production. Eastern Arkansas Livestock Facing Attacks by Swarms of Buffalo Gnats A Ihouglr lie losHioll. hands and boll, le BS in Ihc war. Wed Hemel successfully works his farm near Birmingham. Ala. He bmirliV Uie larm with part of a fund, more llwn $40.000. Riven Inn, try admirers. Here he and Ills wife admire their pet duns Farmers Urged To Clean Tractor Breathers Often Rend courier News Want Ads CATERPILLAR DIESEL ENGINES 35 to 500 H. P, for Rice Pumps-Cotton Gins-Sawmills J. A. Riggs TRACTOR COMPANY Little Rock - Fort Smith West Memphis - McGehee Air cleaners and crankcasc brealher ol tractors should be te- Jliovert and thoroughly cleaned bc- lore heavy plowing gcLs under way. according to County Aiient Keith Bilbrey. Tractors rc<iuire about 5.000 sal- loil.s ot air to properly vaixirizc each gallon ol Inel burned. That is why all tractor air cleaners have in- -stt iitrlum.'; on tlioin to service once daily and more often under ex- tn juely t'.usty conditions, he ex- In the course of a 10-hour day. air passing through Hie clcaner U'ili coniain one-half to one |>OIHK| or more of dust. A dirty cleaner \vill allow some ol this dust to puss Uiroupl-, i;ilo the combustion chamber, tins causing excessive wear In tile engine and more \\ort- for the oil /liter. Tlie crnnKfase ol a tractor actually breathes, Mr. Bilbrcy explained. If the crankcasc breather becomes clogged, pressure that is built up will force oil up the niiRS or out throuch tile, oil seal on the front and rear main bearings. Oil dripping out of the clutch housing is a good sign that the breather i.s stopped up. If the breather clement i.s readily removable, it. .should tic serviced each time the air cleaner Is serviced. Some tractors are so equipped that air for the is taken in through the air cleaner. Some rxnale through a vent pipe which is equipped with a mesh strainer that should be cleaned several times during (lie year. A lew of the new model tractors are equipped with crankcasc breathers that take in the an- through tlw- nir cleaner and exhale into the intake pipe leading to the carburetor. should j-erjmce jeii-ice ly. LAND COMPANY DISTRIBUTOR — Ark an • HIGH YIELD • EARLY MATURING • DEFINITE WILT RESISTANT STAPLE I 1/lfi" t « T 1/8" COMPARABLE TURN OUT BY HAND OR 10 °- Wilt to be 1/32 inch lMn S* r tlla " other simil ilar GIVES HIGHER LOAN VALUE During the month of September, 1948, we had a difference in loan value of $4 to $7 per bale in favor of Coker 100-Wilt ginned at our one-variety gin as compared with other cotton ginned at out- two custom gins. a- 14 > 14. PRICES: )per 100-lb., Bag. i SEND THIS COUPON I B. C. LAND CO. $255.00 per ton in Ton Lots. $240.00 per ton in 20-Ton Lots. l< > I/cachvi!lc, Ark. . Send us Cokcr's Cotton Catalogue I ) Ship us 100-lb. bag» Coker 100-Willl ) Cash Inclosed ( ) C. O. D. I i; I Nemo | Address 600,000 Entries Expected in 4-H Clothing Project Nearly otic-third'- of the 1.800.000 4-H Club members tliroimhoul the nation are expected to participate in the 1949 National 4-11 i;l<ithlni> Achievement program, according (o the National Committee on Hoys ami Guls Club Work. This prediction is based on the annual increase in enrollment during the nine years. Arkansas reiwrtcd 17.172 enrolled In the 1!)48 clolhinr; program .and hopes to loi that figure. The economy of home sewing phi.' a jilpiminl supply of intriguing designs and fabrics will attract many mure 4-H'crs lo complete the 1919 clolhinjr project. Not only are members taught to make new garments for a can-fully planned ivimlrolie but they ab'.o learn to niciiil. altci and remake old ones. Many of the chls sen- for the family as well as for themselves They berime adept nl making hal.s bags and other ncci-.ssorle.s. Dem- onslratinp sewing skills is cncour- ased by their 4-H Club lenders. Examples of onI.stiinrlinK achievements are the 1,440 garments made by last year's 12 nalional clothing winners. Jn addition, these girl; lestyled hundreds of worn dresses suits and coats. The 12 national «-H .scholarship, llnvc bern increased from $200 t< MOO by Spool Cotton Educatioiia Bi'reaii. donor of all clolhiiit achievement awards. State winner.' will receive an all-expense trip u the lfM9 National 3-H Club Congress, while a gold filled medal o: honor soes to county winners. The Cooperative Extension Service supervises the program. Arkansas named IS county win. ileus last year, liiu-b.ira Joan Gill- leoi^c of Ashley county won botl county ami stale awards. Young U.S. Farmers To Live on Farms in Europe This Summer W a s h i 11 K t n n. April R- (,i>,_ Twenty-seven American farm bov nncl clrls will spend the summer o. , rnnns abroad under an Intcmation al youth exohanee program. An equal number of farm yni by Ark,.-- -Uvesluck III \ mixture run be miule Uv piililrm on,. Avkunsus limy poimrt ,,[ pnlnsli fish oil soup m , Nwiirms iif jffulo gniits In Ihe next few weeks Several days of ivnrin wealher. oupled with hlKh wuters thiil send Ivers. creeks, and bayous out ol heir banks, oflen cause severe ont- Ji-euks ol small lilai-k insects, :plnltis Dr. ('hailes i.lncnln. Kx- •nslon ent.imnlngist. They keep attic (roni grn/lng nonnnlly. nnil lave been knmvii to canst- their lenth. Simulge !s a ^oud way to protect illle and workslock (roiii these esls, stales tin- ™lolllolr))ilsl. A ow file Is satisfactory, mul n heav- •i- smoke will icsnil If dried cow nnnini- or damp h-aves an- nildivl iflcr the fne is goini; well. Dr. Lincoln says an oil pn-puiii- loil can be used to proli'i-l Jnirsi-.f ,lld nmli-.s while they nir In hill-loss. A clu-ap. safe, and effective ri-land. the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Svv li/erlanl. The American list includes Hon- lle I.on lleln. Stult Switzerland. t»'i>-Bulli>ii Imekel. '1'heii add one Imlf iilnl of lubrlc'iillmiB oil urn! stir until romplelely mixed. Keep iHlilliiR oil i,ml mlxhiK unlll direr <|iim-ls huve been nctdori. Orunknise oil may lie used If not too ilhly, 'I'hU mixture nuiy then he .stored until needed. Wlien rendy lo (rent unliniils, add one pulton <tf \\nler ami mix. Then spniy or swab only Hie temlei poi- Huns of (he imlnml. sinro KIIIII.V seldom bite the buck or lower IIIKK. II. enn be used safely on Ihe soft ftesii ubnul Ihn nye.i, nnse, nimilli, and behind II ars. '1'hr rlonuiltiKisl warns Mini, a ii'orMni: nnlnm/tl mny Ijec'onie overheated 1( Hie on Is applied to Ihe biH-k. nud siiKm-sls Hint. II not In- IIMVI Hm-p. If worksMi'k licronies rn'ivmis bemuse of cmilx, lie mills, they sliould be tnken out of Imrn- ev, mid iimlecleil with n smudge. Although only 1 [wo or three met, ••"Mies i> year are seen to (all, Hie Ark., lo i nnmbei strlklni; Ihe eiiiih unmmlly probably Is ul least I On. oilier coiinliirs cuoprrntlni tills country will spend thpl siiniriirr on Alncrli:nn farms. Thn olijccllvc of the cxehnni>r program Is In broaden inulrrstnnd- nf inrrn proWcms in various 1 cfifin tries. Thn Anipric-aii ynuth were selcct- fil by the AsrLniltniT ncpuitmenfK Extetisicin Service from a list nom- aialnd by state Innd-Rrnnt npriclll- turat npencles. They will sail in .Imir. Tiif ccitlnlries In n-lilch they will to include BclKium. Detiinark Kinlnnri. France, Great, Britain You Can Pay ANYAMOUNT . ANYTIME When you have an Equitable Society FARM LOAN This famous F.irin Income PriviJege is written into your agreement In save you ninney and to hplp you ov, n your farm free and clear, snoner. See i/t for fmi--co$/, amortized Jo.mj. TERRY Ahslrarl X Itcjillv Co. 213 \V. Wnlmil Ph'nne 2381 How, here is a CULTIVATOR that really knocks out weeds Some folks say n rullivulor duclit <n "k-l nil- into tin M>11." "help n-lftin mnislLiiu" etc. We .say you cnUivrntu In xt-t rid nf \vce<K. Tlio oOu'r Oiiugs are liilliin tant, lull kiHickiii^ uul v^'uuils is iiunlljor nut-. Anil wu'll hlniw you iho cuUivxlor thill dons H. Wlml'n miii-c, Iliis culllvnlor c • ttnchrd to tlic Kord Trnrtor hi a mi mi I,-! Now. Hint In » Mg nilv „„ . . . especially when changing friiin rultl- li tn innwinjf anil Imck liitel.l' la motley tunv. Sillily Hie iiictnrus! See how »»y valiiic U with Foul Ilyili-Hiilic Tomb Contri)l. Let us ileinon- Klrnlc IliU culllvnlnr lor y-mi . . . Hig\A or spring .slmnkA. Time f Tnnrh Control i Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Allen Hardln, Mgr. S. Division SI. 1'lione 2171 belong on every bag of CHICK / STARTER... Which is Most IMPORTANT? How do you buy chick sfarter? Do you look at the ingredient tag and try to figure out what it contains? Or do you look only at price tag and buy the the cheapest? Or do you a«k"which fe«d will help ma keep my chlckl living and growing th« best?" Whan you'ro buying fe.d for d«]!cat» litllo baby chicks, the "result*" ar» the most important And when you buy Purina Starlena, you know you're buying results. This Year PURINA CHICK STARTENA is Better Than Ever for Life and Growth YOUR STORI WITH THE CHECKERBOARD SIGN 4493—Telephone—4493 L. K. Ashcraff COMPANY H Block I..U, w Dcpo4 Sec the MASTER MOWER today at Blytheville Machine Shop Dealer ARKANSAS GROCER CO. Distributor BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIM OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Scoll Alley SIGN & NEON SERVICE • lleltcr SI,,,,, • Hrtler Service Km No. franklin 1*110110 31!03 A new .sole to your worn solci If applied liy us IIIMIIIK (luublc weur Ini.^Ulr.s lootwciir IhuL I* I'rnlly noocl looklnu. H-HLT€RS OUflLITY SHO€ SHOP lit W. MAIN ST. PRESCRiPTiOiis Fresh Stock Cimrnntccil Best Kfrby Drug Stores Fresh Dressed Hens & Fryers Fresh Country Eggs For Sale at All Times We Also Pay TOP MARKET PRICES For Live Poultry Commercial Dressing Solicited Johns Produce Pho. 4107 W. H'way 18 I Have At All Times For Sale <i:vi!i;U tiaclms anil iri]iilpllleill both llc^( and uu-il I have .Jnlin (Jcerr. FurnnjJl tma jml oilier m<ikt:& I ;inv% have IU-H Kuril Intelur* ancl cilllltiiiurnl rcad> loi ilellinrv al dr.ilrrs (irtrc I will trade Inr mo'.l mvlliini: vnu have.. Terms can be arrangctl Sec F. C. CROWE I mile iniitl, 1,1 ,H>jECTdonn ,>lo FARMERS LOANS K ?» m rnu-iors, I nicks At Cars and Fiirni Kiinipnu'nl lo ro- sjioiiKi'Mo iiuoplc. Also Koal Bshnc I.oiins and on Farm i D.P.L. NO. 15 i COTTONSEED i Dclintcd, treated j and Sacked • State Certified • —^.—^^.^ J 85% Germination ! 1 Yr. from Station ; A Ton or Carload I Also Good Alfalfa Hay J for Sale i Magers&Gill Dell Ark. Phone 2272' UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY r'irsl * .Muin—Injram Hlilj. "Friendly Service" Our Insurance Rates Arc Low Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Onolor - . And fleniomlier Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451

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