The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1948
Page 9
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MONDAY, MARCH IS, 3948 •t/mnrm.L» Mac Arthur Popular in Native State But Citizens Fail to Get Excited Over Candidacy By Boh Brown I'nllcrt Trens Stuff Correspondent „„„ ,o,, s Yet, such possibility loomed Urn w « k whP11 O( , n ,„,,„, " True, MacArthur maintain.! hh« residence in Wisconsin, nut that has not kept Arkans.-is from consUleriiic him a native son. HR was born in J.C old Little Rock arsenal in 1880 "W which his father was Ihe commandant. Even ioday Little Rock keeps up the arsenal building where the general was born. However, native son 'or not, Ihe conclusion that .MacArlhur ml B ht be a Republican candidate kept his announcement fro,,, creil t mB loo Rreat a stir in Democratic Arkan- SBS. 'Hide w;is liHle indication that even the Republicans would RO all out for him. However, Republican State Committee chairman Ozro i Colih said the general is '•uniformly j admired" nnd hiulily regarded by! the Republicans of Arkansas and 1 they are "not unmindful" that he was born here. "We consider the general an outstanding ndminlstrnlor and certainly a man of presidential caliber " Col* said. "I am in complete accord with his statement on ihe basic principles of the Republican Wallace Townsend, national Republican commitlccinan. declined Io comment on the possibility that Arkansas Republicans would support the general In the national convention. "Naturally, we are tremendously interested in this new development " he sairt, ••!,„( we vvil! not know who we will support until district and state conventions have Ijren held." Democrats Cautious The general's announcement Activity Report Is Issued by 'Y 1 Blythevitle Program Reaches Large Group Of Boys and Girls ..A" smillal import of niythcville \ activities durinB 1947 showed (oday dial total attendance at all > events for u )f 12-month period was 46,!>03. Tills figure, i| ivns pointed out. does not represent a number of individuals but shows the number of participants in all activities In- cludiiiE persons who took part in more than one event more than one time. Tola! budget for last year was $10.J44.T7. the report showed. A total of mi Raines was played ill the boys' football, basketball nnd Softball programs nnd 1.108 players participated. r n men's softball nnd basketball events. 2,074 participated in 9!) games before 12.071 spectators during 1947. Twelve boys nod s ir] s clubs rithln Ihe "V" held a (olal of 167 meetings with a total attendance of 1.641. A total of 1.395 persons used the "Y" tennis coiirt.s last year nnd 0-12 attended the Day Camp at Walker Park, (ho report also showed. German Industry Produces Cars for Export V """ """ '• • I"--."..- !"- -t-t v-r.^r-:,.-,.-,-.™^. 'j*',,-^ >v" •'fT•• •],» >,V •- «•»« - ..,.,, two-door sedans Die pictured at Huesselshelin, ready for shipment to company ir also (uliillin: contracts with Holland and Swit/«rland. lrcrau rol11 ra<i - " l ° l(ll »™>»«'^ «»rt «l«cial an,, r , Arkansas. Gov. i events. 458 participated A to a! of ff riJk MieAT Verp , SaW " rd mh - '- 175 >-° u "SStcr S used'the "L"ay- W S t> J" cArtll » 1 'han several of ground at Wahiut and Division pottS? IV ' 10 h!>Ve bW " P "'- ldl "' i " B * six "«* S h ad'a;>a^ ld ^ f r p^Wonl'^i i^Z^^Z^ n ^ ^e'nid™ tlie^tale^'iev"'''' 1 " Dallils j c "' Twc " l J'-»'»c hUcrchurch da'rt- U 1 m. 1I ,ir hnB . r Jr n « 1? °' I °"" fl '^ ^,p C ^"TMal h of <1 3.-! 11 ^vtel 1 . 3 nd parties were attended by 1,070 two major l.r n *" IJHII.IUA \VI William H. (Colni Harvev sought .vonugsfers k-imn's {""'^ " omination !rn '" Ar-| The World Youth Fund, with n r« o« ; 1r '''" i 1 lii ' rlcrs «<• Monte Nc' (hroe-year EO nl of S500 reached n 932. He ran on the Liberty Party * 130.71 during the past year he ticket. Hcrndon recalled that the state's on the Democratic or Republican i party was the candidacy of the late' Sen. Joseph T. Robinson. Robinson was the vice-presidential aspirant on the 1938 ticket when Al Smith t of New York lost to Herbert Hoover.' report said. The human brain is 70 per water. Strike? For Five; Another Hurt CERRO GORQO. N. C., Much 15 IU.P.)—A lather and four of his children were dead today after kerosene lie was pouring on a stove ,exp]odcd r and engulfed the family's home in 'flames. " " Charlie Evans, about 35. and > son. 13-year-old Bill Evans, died today m n hospital from burn*. t>mi in the smouldering ruin.s of the five-room limisc were the bodies of Bobby, 9. Louise, S, snd Minnie. Neighbors found the tenant farmer, his wife. Gladys, and son, Bill wandering dazed in the yard their clothes aflame. They were rushed to a hospital where Mrs. Evans was reported in serious condition. INSTANTLY starts to BREAK UP of O. A. Knight, president of the Oil Workers International Union (CIO). h:,s sent a nation-wide strike vole to JO.OOO Sinclair Refining L'onipjny workns, nfler .» breakdown of ncgoliations. hc:«io.uarlers are in Fort Worth, Tex. CHESTCOUJS! In Upper Bronchial Tract, Throat At first sicn o[ a colrl -nib Mu^ieroJe on chest, throat and hack. H instnntly •tarf,i to rrlipvn r<Mi'<,iine ant! hoipfl brnak up pnintiil cotiKe*tion in the uppur brnnchisl tract, and thront. Musirrolc h.i* ,M.l. Ihn ailvantaKP-^ of • wnrmin^, sttmuhitin^ miislard plaster j-ot is so munh easier to apply. Just ruh it on tor mighty fasl relief! In 3 strengths. FLYIN'SFUN by m RICHARDSON YARBROUGH Tencmenf Dweller Challenged City 'From Swank Hotel i NEW YORK. Jlfm-ch 15. lUPi _ Richard Earl Cox, a veteran wiln « vvile and two small children, (.re'.v tired of his crowded, bathlcss SIC- I a-month tenement flat. So he moreil Ihe lumily into the swank Waldorf-Astoria Hole] engaged a SI2.30 a day room and told the maaaijcincnt to send the cliv the bill. If the riiy c.lll'l provide veterans with satisfactory housing Cox said then it u-.ll h avc , 0 take the con-' sequences. Cox's move into the 'note! Saturday caiiKhi even his wife by surprise. She had been visiting the doc, lor and returned lo their flat 10 find a ooic from her husband ex- plainu-.g that she could tmd him and the children at the Waldorf. The hotel management decided to adopt a wait and see policy until a meeting of hotel nrticials coold decide what action to take Meanwhile, the hotel gave the $63.50 a week civilian employe of the army all tht service it extends to Its other 2.(KO guests—wbic'i currently Include former King Michael of Romania and his mother. Cox said h* would he willinc lo Airport News The Bl.vthevllle Private pjiei* A.,- socijuion yesterday closed books on ihr brenkfnsl fll^hl, held bv 'he pilots club. The (light hi which 15 planes and 43 persons from Biytheville. Osceola. Manila and Kcnuett, MO., participated was termed a success and crcdli. was Riven oil Staulcup. operator o'( Oil) j>5ve Airport and Ihe Strala Chili operated in conjunction with Je«e Wright of Kenned. Mo was honored, after a fashion, al the breaklast wlieil he was awarded n splintered prop a.i a memcnlo o( a forced landing lie tn ade In Missouri Soft Coal Miners Take a Holiday Lewit Statement In Pension feow Idles Many Mine* . March IB (UP1 — Ihousnnds o( nail, coal miner)! ijnlt work today In support of John I, Lewis demand for a tlDO-n-monOi pension piuii. IJowiis of mines in (lie rich r en _ nslyviiiilu field wrr« cloMnn us miners refused lo work. A minor »l Ihe 1»IK Hobc.m pa of u, a. si MI coi-u M'lrt ^he Imd been notified to jiny Seatlercrt reports inrtlniied tlml ns ninny as -.5.000 of iho sn.OOO inln. cis In the iMItsbiirit dlslrlcl. mav h»ve Joined Dip vviilknul. The Robcnn pit Is n,,, | R , B pst ., 0 fl Conl m|, l( > I,, „,, W( ,,.,,, Clllplov , some 2,000 workers. ]L, ,., U |rf '„„.. l«ll KOO.S 111 |he bt K n ,|l| s n f y j. Hieel In tho Monoxiilitlu Valley Tin-re wus nu pU-k,.||n K ul '(],,. closed mlii,.*. A few miner., appeaioil c.hip In up In *4fl a month on tho hold bill, but government, agencies could figure out where, to set the rest ot the. money or find a decent place In lodge his family. He explained thai his two small children had never before had n bath In a bathtub until coming to the hol«l—that th* tenement /la: he was forced to live In iiad no bathroom. The Co-v.t. who cannot afford ihe hotel restnurunU' hi R h prices, ate out at a low-priced cafeteria For dinner last night they bought groceries in a delicatessen, carried them throiish trie, swank lobby in a paper bag and ate them In their room. •while Inking flying lessons here. | Hnlscll. Percy Wrluhl , um i«- I. Osborne .Jr.. Hew lo Port Worlh ycMerdny nfUirnonn In Mr llilholl'jt nnnnma. Mr. Hntxell a | 5i ; flew la St. IAiii, week. Transient pilots who landed here dinlnit lasl iveek ini-luded Ihe [ o |. lowln«: Jack tinnkhead of Kl U),ils Aeioncu; Mr. uml Mrs. Bill Ma.-iscv of Ik-nyvilh'. Dclliim-c; I'unl linr- fi'tt Jr. nml Ij'o W. Vuloodu of ! Memphis, CMSIIB; Cy Shot),. ,,,„] Hill Rolierls of Memphis, Ce.wna- Curios Hiuiili ol Kcnnett, M» rjul) : J Mel lliuig of Louisville, Kv,, HiinI son 1G5; u. D. SinnlldlmlBe ,,,,,i Hnrold Spclilel of .lone.slmr,, <>.«- i im MO; L. W. Cole and M| SS M,,,.,. vim-em of wm Memphis, i.m- ' combe; lloberl K. Taylor o( Kvnns- villc, Ind., Ercoupe. Pol nines are tubers, nullshes nre roots, onions nre bnlh.s. lonutloes nre fruits, cabluiccs me Iruves. nnd IfOnns nro seeds. coal O,H. I ,,I,,,.S ••dIMumo,,.,!" ami di-fiiiilled, •riKmsniKls of UMW members crowded union mcelinK halls yesterday lo hear Lewis' .Matemei.i re.ul. In II. Lewis chained thnt Hie mine ojieniinrji tailed l« coopni-atn In the M'lllnit up of a iienslon p| iul mH[fr Hie union's niyuKy-Kupporlrd wcl- 'i» iv fund. Tin- UMW president sonuhl pensions f,,r at) miners ,„.,.,- fi« ,,.| 1( , nave worked '<0 .veins. 1'reilicls 4'niiiptele ShlililiiH-il Some as.tWO miners In District S coverlnn |wo counties In tin, center of Pennsylvania's coal reislun voted H. .May away (rum work at II mines. a UMW .v|n>ke.\-innit said. The olflclal. who drcltiu'd use nf his name, said (hat by this afternoon -noi „ m| 11( . ,„ |)|( , ( || st| . |( . ( will be open." VVllllam tilf/.y.ard. president o[ Oistrk-l n. said in Olmrlrvd,,,,, W. \ ».. that a tlo/en locals In n,ni state had plniinnd lo stop work "lin- III Ihi- conl operators Ihelt- eonlracl." carrv out The ri«hl whale Rets Us name from Ihe fad. that whalers consider it the "riRhl whale" ID catch for good whalebone. Iii the Orleiil, bnniboo and elc- Iihant gross are used In pnpcr iiianlifactiire. I Rnclnr spelle.d backwards iRdar. \Mldnil sirlkes were M-lu-dulcd In ho other eonl prortiiclng slides but Held leporl.s Indicated n |!i-n<'i»l strike would Inku some time Inilldliiff up. fn Illinois, 360 inhiers nt Ihe III He sisli-r Conl Co. and Trims I'rnyi'r nillle.-i In Pn|| o , r Couoti were ordered by local officers not t report tor work. Union oirie.lul suld another 1,500 miners would 1, pulled out of ciRhl other Kultol County mines, _ In Ohio, Adolph I'ncifiro. |,, New, privileges for Veterans! Specfaf choices for non- Veterans^ Never before ha, there been such a variety of opportunities for travel, adventure, good pay, and advancement, open to men who enlist for three years or more in the U. S. Army. OPEN TO V1TERANS %^ " fc " ovors«os jarvics If you can meet lh« n«* Army slan or s on^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ou|f|K since S« P ». 2, 1945, yo, coo enhst ™ J ^ ff „ wlrtl »h. un«. Halioned right here m the U. b. °"° ^ ^ ^ ^ aJL*.*"'**" 4 ^^:; s .c. ©SEE. ft. J,4 H . Word.*. In*. Olv. t. J«ckl»« t. KM*. Ky- a iiw-i • , ,. rit( . d ,„ 7lh M. R.C.1. Prioiil/ to '»' m " ; "'""r <n " " <tuo"» lor °' htr V' 1 """' "' " W OPEN TO VETERANS AND NON-VmHANS ENLISTMENT IN GRADE - i > nW 0 D. ! pampWcll2-16^ DON'T FO«CET fxr«A ON OVHSEAS There ore many other benefiti you should know aboul. Get all th* ot your Recruiting Station-then decide. But do it now, while there are itill vacancies in the cheices you want. «. I. ARMY AND B. I. AIR FORCE RECRUITINfi SERVICE CAMCEHS WITH A FUTURE U. S. Army and U. S. Air Force U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION City Hall - , _, Second Floor PA61 KIWI «I*iit of Ohtrlct «, covcrlHU th o. Mid h to report, for work. ' ' 0 '" 10 " hls Uww nil Ohio min- ™"'« ct ,'J- 1 ' »"'»"'« Ihe ,,™| 0 "c- • ' ""'" tho "I'^'ntoi'* Jm<l Courier Nou . a Wllll4 A(|3 GIRIS!! after entering WOMANHOOD BLESSED RELIEF Ft»M PAINFUL MONV 9f LUMBAGO AND RHEUMATIC PAIN «r«im, v ui«m-lM Iccl M p »i,, ru | mna wr . M ' STUFfyAfOSTK/tS? jnotsa job for '&w/^"and Afi/rty" ^±^\i^!^ ENTH 0«-ATUM TWINS k.w/mWftM... Mif .',*,„ /pKS^-'® ' •&* '^vp^JW^. ^-3SJ^M .y° u , breathe Qe//ck MENTHOLATUM Iliol, (wo r»iiiQiM. f«s(.»ctmii i K»"l'"i.t.H Una help tl,ln Ollt Ai VVlKm rlojsj'rd - u i> BSM^S i llf?;S^S Wcnthol;,lu ,;^7o,,V,;- ~. k . <!l 'l> Monlllol " lum Iwnay. »"• c - •»»;«: ^l^^&S®®? ^^••^^••H Draughon's College of Mechanics Post Office Box 835, Memphis, Tenn. and . Ca,, SMSATIONAU THIS HEW PHILCO > _ A* Co**i $119.95 An ,nn.i7.inf> value trom I'liilco—the Leader . . . Model •JH5. Here is Mipcrh tonu and nc\v beauty in a console riidio ;H a .sensationally low price. Powerful supcrheter- oilync circnii. 'I iie pcnn.uient m;ij;nct-speaker assures clear, life-like (ones, niuiMially rich bass and brilliant IrcMc. COMTS llie full stanilarcl braaikasl ran s e. Larg* easy-to-rea.l tlial. c:onsolc cabinet in herringbone m»- lioj;iiny \viih Zebra no overlay. HU6BARD & Furniture Phone 4409 SON BlyHierffU

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