The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1930
Page 6
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"ACK SIX NT,\VS BRUSHING UP SPORTS Four Teams Closely Bunch- eel As Stretch March nears; Me:ks Beaten. NEW YOnK.—Turning into Ilic . stretch four learns In the National 'caguc arc fighting dcsiiaratcly Tor ; '>ie pennant with Ilic Ilnilni. still maintaining a sizeable advaniagc •iespite yesterday loss to ihc Cards •s the Robins gained. The Macks lad another game trimmed oif heir almost psrt'ccl lead yesterday iy the lowly Red Sox ns the Washington Senators won. The Cards bent the Cubs 8 to 7 km it t-jok a gigantic 20 iniiini :.nlest to decide the issue. Andy's I •Jigh's single soul Daiiih!', scurry- • .ig across the plolc with the winning tally. The game was the long- •sl played in the major leagues this ' eason and brought to a climax a :-iies o( over time games for the. jading Bruins. The victory was \ he nlnlli straight • for the Red ' ",irds and cut the Guns' lend over lie Bruins to five games. Tlie Robins scored five runs in big six Inning to defeat Hie New "ork Giants 6 to 3. Dnzzy Vance •cut ihe route for Ihe Dodgers and '.though his hand managed to con- "ne the Giants' scoring U> three ome runs. Wright and Finn hit j'.ir play swats for Brooklyn while , "it. Llndslrom and Jackson did the | .'.irty work for Hie Giants. In n hlllliuj mood the Pittsburgh ''iMlcs smashed tlie offerings or: ve Hed hurlers for 30 hits in two 1 nine's and'a double victory 16 to , :? and II 10 12. Harry Heitmnnu \ ! the Cincinnati club proved the ; titling tlar of the day with two 'tamers in ihe flrst game and sev- ; 'n runs batted in during tlie games j •.ml scoring three himself. Tlie Braves -evened up the ser- 'es with the Phillies by winning! '3 lo 10. The Braves hit hard for ( heir victory and forced the Phillies : , Lo use five pitchers. . ! Hoiacc LibCiibce gave the chninp-1 'on Athletics but five hits yeslerciuy ind the Red Sox won 2 to 1 In a 'hrilllng pitcher's battle. Earnshaw,! Mack nee. opposed Lisenboe and j jave the Red Sox but seven liiis.! Roth teams scored all the runs In ' the teventh inning. The Senators jumped on tlie ol-- ferings of Pipgrass ot Ilia Yankees! for a- 0 to 3 triumpli. Crowder! held the .Yanks In hand while his! mates- hit opportunely, A Yankee' rally In the eighth was nipped In the bud by snappy fielding. Wes Fcrrell won his 23rd victory of the .season as the Indians-beat the White Sox'lO'to 5: 'Forfeit was hit freely at times but. his mates gave him a five run working mar-1 gm and lie kept the gome saf- ns they continued to score. The St. Louis Browns won an I easy game from the Detroit Ti°c'rs' as Upholder and Kimsey licld'°the I Tigers to four Silts, a to 1 Blae- I holder, who started was (greed to! retire when lilt by a batted ball : Kimsey did not 'allow a hit. niter; the sixth inning, FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, 1930 Loads Foreign Promoter? Ijeff Dickson of Nalchc/. Miss., Is Big Shot Amoii« ' Memphis New Orleans Biimingham Atlanta Little Rod: . Chattanooga Nashville .. MfibiSe i'omoievs. 11V WH.I.IA.M liiiAl!<:m:il i NT:.\ Service Kpm-fs Cdi'iir NKW YOilK. — JCffCM:!) Davi- I):i k.y u' as you may hav; i;uev;ed . .s a big man from Ihe o^utli. Jnas- ' i:n:ili :is American fight lans ire ' lo receive the blo.siiis o-:' :ii;^ about heavyweight chum- r-hij> jirl/s fights being held in i/H', Jeffei-soi) Davi; D:ckv)n | mr.s ;<n important IXTSUII. Jef- | :i Davis Dickf.on know.-; all MI s' too:'no cue lias tr> tell him. i(k>on is fruni Naichci! v.iu.n )ic cnnic out oi tlie .autii s ago, he not ally hud :i bi'j ,r in his month but a Ic.v xvc- 1:1 75-ceni Vi-or&s on a:>y .sub- yc;i eared to incnlion. After '•var. lie remained in l'n:is. •4 to promoic fighls in a \vuy at en? of the boxins 'j-.ibs. Step by .step lie 'limn-lf and his bouls in tlie p'.ib- :;• favor, until he branched cut in l.u.dcii and reached the dignity o! !/.;n;f tailed "ihe Tex Richard of I'.'l: Opv." as a promoter, gave ilvj weld I'l-imo Camera bin atoned for that in a measure by removing from tiie picture Philip Pliolding Hrull. It war, under Uickson's r,u3- llial Camera got iis fir;; (>'•; •-Ilic tv.'i battles against Will jHiiIWi:.?. bath of which ended in j owns a tidy acre or co ol the Italian ! cciiMdenble : >!ic foul-. Dickson promoted i Alp. ; Jacobs .eld Jl'ii t!ic bcul in which Slrib erased I Ulckson was quoted in New York j L <a to fujin the sheet the Pliaintiii!! ,as laying thai Sduneling had dc- Phhrnijii. . ! cidetl tc remain in iiurope lo fight because lie had not liecn Southern League Memphis at Birmingham. Little Reck at Atlanta. Mobile at Chattanooga. New Orleans at Nashville. American l.rague Chicago at Cleveland. Detroit at St. Louis. Only games scheduled. of When Mil) VOll KNOW THAT— lliiuf Miller. Ihe A's rlgh: flfld patrol, was M yj.irs o!il the otner day . . . on the Alii- le'lics' recent trip tliroiijili tin- west, Uing coiiJcin'l ^leeji thir- IIIR the ho! nights and lie lo;;!. 10 pounds . . . IN:i picked up 12 paints in balling average . . . . two hours before the first game of the 1921) world series in Chicago. Blutf was in tod. medicine-soaked cc'lJii stuffed imo Ills ncsirils and towels on his chrsi lo break n cold and fever . . . when they called "Play Bnll" there was Ulna, bii; ns life, In right lield . . . Uing'L name has been in eveiy bo> Ecorle'llijs season . . . Jimmy Fosx "lias missed only our game. . . Al Simmons has miss-. «1 n tew genii's, but he h:ib broken up five times ar, mnnj as lie missed. if Sclimelin;; fights in Europe during tlie winter, as it is planned. Ihe bouts no dougt ivill be engin- eneA hy nickfon. The young man JOHN: There's nothing like, mcntly came to America, for Hie I owning up to your own mistake.-:. I pu:iiose. it is said, of collecting i \MTC-. MI- , ,, - som e of the inlcrrst that has been JAMES. No n-e always felt j , >:iin ,, „„ „„ a chaUel knov ,,, .,, lliat way about my wire.--Answers, i Camera. Dickson, the slow is with his treatment at the hnnds of American fight, followers. Hut o! Ihe pieces, he hastcn- Dickson and after a short conference. Jeffi and Joe agreed , (hut .surely Jeff inusi have been pk'ustd i misquotd. National League Boston at Philadelphia. Brooklyn al New York. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. St. Louts at Chicago. it was all Bribes, just as explained to the cmoollily and co c-uurse IIP was misquoted, as point-, vinclngly as your rid-man elea ed out by Joe Jacobs, American manager of tlie Teuton biffer. . Several of the New Voi!: nev:v- jia|X!i- bo.vs grabbed the tidings that Maxie up the mystery of hi;- belated toil until 3:15 a. m., after the office seven limes had re|x>rted liun "not lieie all day." It's all Ihe fault of S Read Courier News Want Ads, N. - Ark-Mo ToPlay Lilbourn Tne Ark-Mo Independeni base-1 ball team of this cily will play Li!- f. 01 ""-. Mo -.' Sunday afternoon al the Chicago Mill park M^i* Y^ shl ' star hurl « o' the Manila club, has joined the local "hicks Aopcar Up in Air While Birds in Hard Finish ; Pebs Win Two ATLANTA, Ga.—There Is still a chance Ihat Ihe walk away the Memphis Chicks have been been staging in the Southern league this rcnscn may be turned Into » veal ! right after all. The Birmingham _ . „ ..' Barons added more, misery to the •season and his defeat i league lenders, who have been in . at Cape Glrardsau was ; :he tolls of a losing jinx, by taking teammates '° """* by hi5 ' :hc Mem »hlans ( °r two deleats yes- T"ne ir i t ' >?rday as the second place Pelicans nviiroihT.. . , a nllml >er of won from the Vols. As a result of hneun ami V s f * ™* y ^ Us T ' h '-" ! ^>" s 8 amcs thc c!llcks w "<> cro=liino ,ih i i 'i ey nave becr tnjoyed iy margin of a whole gross "ashing the horselnde consistently. ! ol gLes only a very few weeks ago themselves but six games last weefc' "Dcinpsey Game" Ts All, The Talk Osccola _ OSCEOLA Ark-Pr^ lions are that between l persons 'from this state and Missour «U attend found themselves but six ahead of thc Pelr. yesterday, v.'hlch however is stilt a splendid lead. Tciichslone. ace of tnc Baronial trcu]je. let the Chicks down with a ~ -- J -• •• 2 to 1 defeat hi the gnme that ! n ^ ui ainaleurlsm.^ As gave ihc fans real pitching battle between thc ,,, belOTen tllc Barons and Waller 'ooo ^ " ^ CWcte ' M " IMEcr Pr °' llro sprung n sllr l m M by starting I5crk neuin ln Ulc scconct E'mo »»« ? ! Cl ° SC !T in l " C Brst """ " k managed to E ct along fairly we " whcn thc chicl " cnlsllMl lluc " 8h wilh six " ! " 5 '" the llllrd Iml '" S ' BUl th " Mcm l* ls iron "'• an bavc ll " ll!e tnsk '" thc nilh lnn ' " lg and Kclly lnadc cvcn n wo: ' s - iol) of " ln lllc sixt1 ' *° tlm lhe Tensdiy afteVnoon. a-n when Jack Dempsey ex-heavvwoM champion, will umpire the eH™ Happy Foreman, promoter of the "Dcmpsey game." as it is beinr f-T miliarly referred to is dai'v re" ceiving inquiries from all section! ; , o) o of the counlr>' and fans in towns i Barons I™"" 1 a «»»« out of she over the territory where bills are ! firc Ior nnolhcr tril ""Ph. 8 to 7. being posted indicate that lar KC j ! " tl:c '"eanwhilc the Pcik-ans numoers from every point within w °n about ns they pleased from the moiormg distance of Osceola will Nashville Vols as Lefty Lee held drive here for the game Tuesday " Dempscy will be introduced to the itms by Governor Harvey Par rielK and Dwlght Blackwood, state niuhway commissioner, will also attend the game', which is scheduled for 2:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon --—~«..j »»1 ICI iluvll. In order that Dempscy may be rc- l^ased to Memphis promoters in time to referee a prize fight there Tuesday evening. the enemy to six scattered hits while his males amassed 11 off the hurling ot Zumbro. Powers boosted a homer in the melee lor t!ie Uirds. The Little Rock Travelers, who just completed a disastrous jeiles with the Barons, fell on the Crackers for two victories. 5 to 1 and 8 lo 6. The wins placed the Pcbs but three games behind the Cra.-kcrs i | and the first division. 1 The Chattanooga Lookouts i W k Strictly speaking, the Kin? of I a double header trom Mobiles or- England Is not a layman. He holds \ » lla » Bears. 11 to 1 and 10 lo 8 a clerical appointment as Prcben- | Bi "y Bnyne won another victorv hi dary of St. David's Crfhedral, which j the opening lo,continue leading"the i-niiii«< him t« preach in t i lc league and nn old fa.slnoncd .slue- ging match marked the i-rroml entitles him Catliedrsl. to Tins Hypocrisy llenjainin Franklin, who wilh Ccnnje Mack, di:l a great deal, man a.'.d toy. for a town named Philadelphia, didn'i take In rnaugh territory when he that ciack n'ir.ut the only csvta'in things being deatli and laxc.s. Ben should, have inldcrl lo those Uo oluinxbus habits of the race the "atnaleur problem." It. begins to appear we're going to have lhal,vvit;i us a while, uxi. It was Mr. Franklin's wont I., have a bit of fun with a .subject now ami then. Wlial he v.ou|d Imv produced in the way of paiaRi'aph< about the tcnnis-jjolf-lootball amateur .situation is beyond calculation. Mo:e darn fun! A couple of years a^s. Hollby Jones, the kingllbh of the golf Misters, refused lo accept a beautiful new home with double garaye. on !lie grounds thai his ama'.einism might thereby be impugned. Tlie other (lay Helen Will? Moody, the Madam Queen }f the tennis courtiers, announced s!^e positively would nccc-pt a SVO.OOO bequest from a wealthy California!! whose will expressed Hie desire that she accept it for havini; done so i much in thc advancement of tennis nnd her home state. The Junior Chinulicr of Com- j ;ncrce of Mncon, Oa.. came to bat \ i few days after Helen's pronuunce- , incut, o.iying something had to b? ' lone at once in a bi^ way about i lilrin^ fco'.bnll players [cr di-nr ol:l ( Mercer. | Now You Teironp : Which brings us ri^lK down , smack dab to the question. "What | is an amateur?" And th? answer ! is: "An amateur Is a Tom Thunil: : ^clfcr who refuses to accept one of j ' bantam anto'.noblc.s lor Iv.iv- , :ng led hii neigliborhuod lor I 1 ' years In the consumption of .small ! beers." Probably yon know a bet- ; tor definition yourself, bu: don'; j I let the children hear yo:i it . I cut. I There is Just this. It serins 10 me. ..Mill amateurism. As r.^on ;:s ilie amalenr reaches the stauc wiievr ])cople will pay to st'e him or liei go tlirongh Ilic molions of lii^ ncl, he ceases to become an amateur. Is that loo radical? Wlicn a play- • er In any sjxirt can command n I profilnblc gate, is lo pnvenl ' Ihat player from slinrin". in the i proceeds? I Otherwise. Isn't it true thai only j rich younK men and women ever can attain the heights af amicir: cliampionsliip? Should the bur-ine.» of being an amateur bj confined lo those who are !r.dep"t,i!™tly wcalthy? Thp Tennis Uarkrt Especially in tennis Is C-.e liy- pociisy of • amaWurism fUiunt.'O Good minis players file expense accounts after participatiiig in tournaments. T.f the player can file siu-h an account, icimbursiiij! him for his pains in playing, what Is to prevent his acceptance of any sort of a gift, offered lo him? George Lett announced the olhe- day there would be no mare Davis Cup tennis for him. He didn't want to rudely awnken In a few more years, lie said, and find himself a confinned "tennis bum." In what ' T.cil of light does thai throw am:i- | tcurlsm? However. Ihe word "amateur 1 has its charms and advnitagrs It is pood for n laugh once in a while And Hint's something. at Hi and made ! the tariff, and everybody's happy. — TEXACO MOTOR OIL TEWACO Goodi/car , Tires HI (tin and Fifth MAIN SERVICE STATION — Phone 235 Car Washing and Greasing Texaco Products Road Service

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