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The Courier News from , · Page 2

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Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHBVJLUB, (ABK.) COUBIBB THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 193.1 Social Calendar FRIPAY'S tVEKTS Woman's, ciub !i»vtna meeting at dub house, j:30 p.m. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. J. A. Leech hosiess lo bridge luncheon conipliincnlliig Mire Ruth Whftworlh. bvldc elect. To Hive Suffer Chib Mrs.. Rilcy B. Jones will entsr- lain members of the Young Matrons Bridge club mid tlicir for a supper nnd bridge party Friday evening, • • • • Miss Whliworlh Gl«n Bridjc Party and Hhowfr Miss Rutlt WhiUvorlh, whose marriage lo Robert Clifford Joyner will be solemnized Easter Sunday, was the guest of honor at n bridge parly and shower given last evening by Misses Minnie Matthews, Warf'enc Brownlce mid Clarice Kennedy al the Matthews home. The 4* guests played bridge hi two attractively decorated rooms. SnSp dragons, Jonquils and double, slocks were in low bowls anil a large while wedding bell was susbendcrt from' Die central . light Ttny gold weddiiig bells dangled from the bridge tallies. Miss Whltworlh, who . shojildcr corsage of Talisman roses vind yellow 1 treslas. assisted h receiving Ihe guests which Included "Mrs. John Whlhvorlh of Driver. I Miss Mnrjorlc Doyle of Osw- otaAliis Pearl Wllks of Cnrulli- Mo., Mfss Dorolhy Whlt- Icn'ot Memphis who Is the houseguest ol Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Mc- Intesh, ami Miss Kalherlnc Davis ol Amory, Miss., who is visiting ML«p Brownlce. Mrs. Rives Allen won the first priae, a bronze' make-up box with attached mirror, Mrs. Jesse While received a hoUnflll lamp for second high, a luncheon set was Mrs. Chester Calctwell's em for cut prize', ihd Ihe brlcic elect was prfc- stnled a waffle Iron. Gifts from the 1 other guests wfre n miscellaneous assortment. Bcfrtsliments of Lady Baltimore cak* topped with whipped cream and, fruit, punch and salted nuts iveie served and favors bprtys of Primula and (cm. Osceola Society — Personal Miss Julia Craig was chosci Miss Osceola ol J9a< «t the He-view ol Kevues In which n glrb, .-hos- ?n Tuesday evening In u pielim- Inary revue, were lonic.stanis al the Gem Thriller here Wednesday evening. ', Misses Dorothy Wllllanis. Virginia Dun.u-iint, Lucy Margaret Dunavant and Nora lluckauy were chosen as allendants for Mt* Osceola. The five will represent Osceola In the floral parade which will be an outstanding feature of the Memphis Cotton, May 16, 17, 18 and 19, and Miss Craig will compclc wllh other Arkansas benutics for the Illlc ol "Miss Arkansas" and with princesses from Arkansas, Twinf-sHr niul Mississippi lor trl-statc distinction at the beiuity rcvnc which will also feature the Cnrnivnl. Following Ihc Judged' svlectlon Wednesday evening Ml!s Louise Hale, who wa-s "Mi.^s Osccobi o 1933," presenlcd her sucr'cM-or with a sheaf of roses and lilies ol Ihc valley, Ihe compliment of (he Clem Theater management, which cooperated with the. city council mid Try for Top Sc< Making Ha Today's Contract I'roblcm Souili l« dcnl^r. llo\v ^honlil lh<> Ijiilding pr.ncc-l li«'lvvcr!i Norlli ainl ^nutli, 10:1^-1 ami U'chi alway.-i pass- lii«; A 1 » K 1 V In :! « K .s 1 :: A K S T, A A V >' V (mind) «' K (niiua) * s , » ^ llrnlrr • A A K V A K (J I V ^ * A n * A ti 7 £nli](imt in nuxl Etsiin. "J Solution to Previous Contract Problem ItV \V.U K. McKKSNKY Jusl bucinsr you nave folsl [or umnll slam. <lon'i Iw contcni \dt Just making yom- r.ontruct. Gel In I diamonds, except (he MC, and then j the lire ol spades, u | s immaterial what Hast discarded. j Click (hen led his last heart—the j deuce—and West was helpless. If I he discarded (he ace of diamonds, j dummy's king was good. If he let ;«o n club, then Hie clubs would • break, lie Mnaljy deckled lo re- lea^ t!:c queen of spades. Click (hen p'.aycd his ace of (•padcs. which caught Weil's klijg and Ihc seven ol diamonds was discarded from dummy. The Jack of spades was played and again West v.*s squeezed of course he had lo let yo a club IGlic-k discarded t!:c king ol I monds from dummy. The last Ihree tricks Ihen were von with the three good clubs. Thus icven-oitd was made, giving Click top score On the board. Curulhersville Society — Personal dia- Chfbt Amblsndors Hrel 'line Christ Ambassadors of the of God ChUfch met Buu- ila>; evening. Th<! prograi?, opened with songs and prayer. Mlsi Millie Ahii Weaver Miss Lois Akin reported that they \isited two sick honies this week and visited the hospital. Mrs RoSalie Cunimifigs, Mrs. Catherine. Trantham, and Leonard Hum- bert'reported they aiso visited the hospital. Bits of Ntits Mostly Personal ocal business men In staging Ihe levue. The Revue was directed by Mrs. Cccellc M. l°xuin, riireclor ol Trl-State Rwncs. Judges wcru II, j. Adkinson ol Jonccboro; D. M. Clncald, Cenlrnlln. III., nnd H. L. LVllcox of Oak Park, III. Mrs. E. B. Driver and Mis-b Catherine Harwell entertained in Ihc 'regressive. Club rooms Wednesday afternoon at the Ilrst big par- ly o( the spring sesson. The spacious club room, recently redecorated, was dimming with u piofuslon of Jonquils and pussy! v.'illow branches in great baskets and In low bowls. The 18 tables of players Included the following out! of town guests: Mealtimes Holiind Green, J, S. Dillalmnty nnd JK Pride ol Blythcvllle; Mrs. W. i;.. Dunlap of Marlon; Mrs. Jack Uz-' zell of Evadale; Mrs. Herrick Norcross of Tyronzii; Mrs. JOT Hires of Luxora; Mrs. Fred Crocket nnd Mrs. J. .T. Polk of Kclscr; Mrs. Miss Hick lo the habit ot [laying every hand lor the maximum mun1x?r of Irlcics —thai is. after the safety of your contract is assured. It will aid you If you ever play tuurnami'nl bridge. A BCD;! example Is given 1" today's hand, w-hk-h helped Jet- fortnn n. Click ol Cleveland and Ills- partner win Ihc Akron con- Irnct pair city championship recently. Qto. Coleiiian ,of Memplih; Vlrglhln'-Bliicksfood ot Little and .M?&. Bclvit.Martin of Kenncii. Mo. ( SW) are vlsillng relatives Iwio and Mrs. A. C. Duvldson of Uniontown, Ala., who is (he guest ot her daughter, Mrs. C. J. Lownmcc- Jr. The spring color tchcinr nmt A A .1 4 !' t. K3 4 llll]lln^i=—NiMH' Vlll. U|iuninr. ifail—*:;. JrtlUll M'l-st Ntivtll L.^l Pa*s l + t uouiiie, ! V INihJ 'i ,V. T. 'Pas; I V PlU 4 V Pass "The Proper Thine" McCaij and Mrs. Klplila Bond or Hajil left Tuesdsy for Decatur, Ala., where they were called by th« 5ti:ous lljness of Mrs. Rlkard's aitd Mrs. McCaig's sister-in-law, Mrs. Djclc ^fcCalg. who has pneumonia, inonia. Mrs. w. H. Wright o( Kentvood, La., Is here visiting her sister, Mrs. J. H. McLaughlln and oll:cr relatives. Mrs. R. R. Marshall is seriously ill at her home here. Mr. »ntt Mrs. c. P. Howard were called to Cooler Saturday to be at Ihc Ixdside of their llll!e granddaughter, Mary Anna McCann, who v:as III with measles. She is now Jinicli better. Mrs. Beulah Blzjell Is recovering froin pneumonia. Miss Geneva Carter of Blylhe- a man Is obliged to pass vllle spent Ihe first part of the week •,',<i!:i:m wlwu taking his wat in lend here with relatives. She came 1 iM',^ a man precede a womun hen going down it theater iitsle?" 'I Ins dciicnds upon whether me ither lakes the checks at the head [ the aisle. If this Is the case, K' woman goes down first. If the iii>[o starts down the aisle lo eel the usher, the man goes first nd hands the checks to llic ush- ile then sinnds aside while Hie laket> her place and Ills." then hi ihcutiT. should he her or in.v uidi his back to her?" A person crossing in front of Kr.uhcr when laking his seal •n:ld always face Ihe from ol - theater. This mi'thod . t x:cms rausi' the least inconvenience (hose already seated. Sl.celc-Cooter Society — Personal Mr:-. Eugene Kellcms, who belorc her iccent marriage was Miss Kalh- c::r:e Frukcs, was guest of honor Thursday al n miscellaneous to atlend Ihc funeral of her grandmother, Mrs. Ida Lee Earls. Mrs. J. F. Vick, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vlck. Mrs. Oarven May, and Dean Vlck spent last week In By- lialla, Miss., as guesls of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Jones. They returned by way o[ Memphis and spent two days with relatives there. Mrs. w. C. Reid was called to Little Rock lo be with her sister Mrs. E. J. Bou-den. who was seriously Injured when (he car in which she was riding overlurned. other teacher lias been added to the primary MUs Dorinne Coulter Awarded Scholarship Another ol the scholarships being awarded by the Jewish Ladles Md society has been given to Miss Dorinne Coulter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Coulter who received the scholarship in dancing. Miss Coulter, who Is a student at the city high school, plans to study at the McDonald-Terry siiidio at Memphis this summer. Eajle Appears With Companion on Visit CLEVELAND. (UP) — For seven years, at about this time of Itilc winter, a giant eagle has soared over B.*ry, a westerly suburb, and come to rcost for 10 days or two weeks on a tree in the yard of A E. Williams' liome on Lake Erie. Keeping a lonely vigil on the tree top, the huge bird has left Us perch during these annual visit? only lo swcop down to the lake for a meal of wild ducks. Recently, the eagle arrived, sual, for his slay. But not alone This year he brought with him a Round Lake News The Hound Lake canning club met Friday with 26 members pres- Sood News for 1 Kidney Sufferers! rut. first Ii was decided to meet cnch Tuesday. Mrs. Worslcy oul- briihil slower at the home of Mrs. lined the year's work stressing T. I), llolloman ut Mlcoln. Mrs. yards, gardens and canning. Mrs, Ciarden Club Meets The Carulhersviilc Garden held Us inonlhly meeting nl Ih home of Mrs. T. J. Collins Tu«, day afternoon. The program was given by Mp Amy aiiel'ton ol Kansas City, wl: visiting relallves here. She ga\_ an Interesting talk on "The Wl Ham nockhill Nelson Gallery of Ail," n Kansas Cily, which was finished in December ot last year Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wilks and I-re W. Hood ol lh!s clly nnd Miss Hiilli Cownn uf Slkeston, Mo., left Sunday morning for Kullon. Mo., where they were called on account and inotil was carried oul covers, lally cards nnd table covers, lally cards nnd in the moulded ice, .which with individual cakes, coffee and minis, was served at Ihu conclusion of tlie afternoons games. | High score prize vvus awavCrd Mrs. Davidson. Mrs. Milton I'ope won second high score. Mrs. J. L. [Ward Ihir-.i. Mrs. \V U. Johnson I cut consolation fnviir and Virginia Blackwood pre ihe low Ecore lavar Miss Miss Katherir.c Davis, of Amory, Miss., is the houseguest of iMiss V.'arrene Brownlce for ten days. E. J. Heaton attended to business in Memphis yesterday. Miss Dorothy Whltten, of Memphis, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Mclntosh and family. Braggadocio Mibs Jewell Lewis si>cnl the week end with Mr. and Mvs. 3ill Pettlgrew of I'ortagcvllle. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Jnck Wilker.'-on of Osceola visited Jtr. and Mrs. F Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Elder, j c - "o't Sunday, and a party of friends, of St. ^' l55 Bealrlcc Holt, accompanied Louis, were guests ot relatives iindl^' - Mi: alltl Mrs - Hudson of Sikes- friends here yesterday. | t(J "' * l °- visited her varcnts. Mr. Mrs. Roy A. Dean and children. I ancl Mr5 ' r - c - Holt. .Sunday ,il- Elajne, and Roy, ol Monroe. La., 'ernoon. arrived last night to be the guests T' lc n. Y. P. U. iissociatioini' of Mrs. Dean's sisters. Mrs. Lcon- nieellns was held at (he ard' W. Holt and Mrs. Samuel F. church Monday night. ,\ Nor>is, and their families. Tney i ill PPer preceded the came up especially lor the wed-1 rtlnj of Miss Ruth Whltworlh and o'. intfr Tin I'lay Of cour>c. ir West lends the ace o[ diamonds, the contract will be ie!d to six odd. but yen seldom will tnd a good player opening an ace ii?atnsi u slam ronlracl. Wesl. in his cnse. elected fo lead the three ol cliilxs. Olick went up with the Jack In (lummy, which held the trick. He now slartcd to run ills heArts. He played six straight heart (ricks. From the dummy lie dlfcaided three spados and n diamond. West of course had to make flvo of (he death of Mrs. Wllks 1 Miss Cow LIU'S mother. Mrs. w .V. Robinson and children and Mrs. Lucy Doriol returned home Sunday evening from at. Louis where they hod spent several days with relatives. Mrs. Hurry Farrar of SI. Louis Is visiting her parents, Dr. and Ms. H. T. Byars of this citf. Mrs. Sloan Oliver ol Websler Groves. Mo., arrived here several days' ago and is visiting in the | home of Mrs. Hugh Tlsladt'iiiid other friends. Miss Mildred Byars, who is teaching school at Blodgett, Mo., spent the week end In this city with her parent!.. Dr. and Mrs. ll. T. Byars. Mrs. Byars and another (laughter. Mrs. Farrar of St. Louis, accompanied MKs Mildred to ] Blotlgelt Monday. | Mrs. M. D. Amburgey has as her i Siicsts 'this week her parents, Rev. nnd Mrs. L. D. Nlchol of Flat River. Mrs. C. G. Ross left Cubj Hlgdon and Mrs. Hollomau wire hostesses. * * • Mrs. Joe Russell, a recent bride, MIS honored with a stiofrcr Saturday night at the home ot her sis- Icr. Mrs. Rucl Asbcr. Mrs. Asher and Mis. Vclmcr Campbell were hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Russell moved last Thursday to their new hon'.e at, Cooler. • t * Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Rcbbiiw ai'.d children will leave l!ic latter part ol (hh week for an Indefinite stay ill Hot Springs, Ark., for Dr. Rob- •b:i!V heallh. Mrs. Rex Hughes jr.. who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam McAdams at Tyler, and Mr. and Mrs. Rex Hughes sr. lluflman, left, Tuesday morning 10 join her husband, who Is employed on t!:c government fleet at Helens, Ark., where they will make their borne. Lloyd Booker of Ark., was here Wednesday night for the federal inspection at Ihe armory hall. . Mrs. J. L. Rikard of Sleele. Mrs J. w. Blackwell of Gibson Bayoi Mrs. Edna Fitzgerald, Mrs. Jack Down [old of the recent meeting at Osceola and urged women ol this community to carry out the Live-At-Home plan. Much inter- l was expressed in making the aiming project permanent. A imber ot husbands attended tho celing. Mrs. John Wagrion went- lo Bly- icvllle Monday lor several days sit with her mother, Mrs. Titch- lor. The liound Lake canning club ict Friday afternoon nt the school The Continental Gin company I taking plans lor the erection o new gin in this community. Lem Stanford and family, of Till i, Okla., are visiting Mr. Stan ord's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George lanford. Tlie P. T. A. is planning lo sc ul (rees and shrubs. School will open Monday afte lour weeks suspension because o he remodeling ol ihe building. An- WINTER'S "HANG-ff/% OVER' A STUFFY HEAD robs you of sleep ..... ^. u. m» s teit, '•• S P°' |S >' nurda >'' Monday afternoon for Siivaimah. I To dear your head Tciin., where Mr. ROS.S was called discards. He discarded ;ill o! his I of Ills falher. 0:1 account of the serious illness quickly, use the convenient new VlCKS Hose&Throat DROPS -Mr/ Clifford JOyner which will b-J Eolermiized Sunday, April First. Miss Berllc Mae Miller is a pa- tieilt at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Tho peculiar wnr cry ot a liec can be heard M-VCIU! away from .the hrtc. i[-.iccn yard.'. CARI) OK THANKS The family nf the laic Kobcit Misses Mary Catherine Marlm| Fowlcr ls vpry Sralelul lo cvery- and Jayne Barnes. Henry IJavis' 0110 "', _ was so klllci <turltiv; and! Slerling Mariln speni" ycsler- ' day- In Memphis. Mrs: J. n. Ijltzelfcmer and son.! of Caruthersvllle, Mo., arc guests of Mrs. Lilzclfelncr's parents. Dr.! and! Mrs. S. P. Mariln. for several! days. ! R: W. Parrish of Laku Village. 1 a candidate for the Democratic! nomination for auditor of state : visited E. E. Alexander and other friends in Blythevillc today. Mr. Parrish has been clerk of the clr- tuil-' and dharicery courts in his home county, Chicot, for 10 years. Cucumbers way be forced to grov slrsi&ht-by Bliprring a glass I tube; over them..when they arc LAST CHANCE] ompanion, whether wife O r mi he Williams are unable to decide Lose Fat Safely and Quickly Kruschen Suits-.fa perfect combination of !ne tix mineral .sails your body should pnsscss to lunc- ilon properly) pmlh >our blood ot Inrmful acids, ard aid the k!d- s and bo\vels lu throw oit sle material—thr continual formation of winch | 6 probably the cause of your fal But don't worry JIB| as long as jou. have Krusoht:-. SMt.s. Take a half teaspoon cveiy morning te- lore b'reakfas'. In a glass of hoi ".flier—little ty iH(] c that if4ly lat disappear-;, you II Ice) hclirr i.fiiin ever before jcjirs younger, more energy. Yoiri: soon possess (hat enviable beauty, clear skin, ™rkllng ey*<i, snp.rb figure which only perfect health can impart. An 85c bolt'.u HusU, 4 weeks) at :.--y |)iogreS6i\e dniggixl in America. Money bacr. If Krusrhcu I'oesn't convince ;.ou that it is (he safest, qultkefl, easiest way lo I:EC fat. —Adv. 8 hreli rdirf Ihit fait riibt into the imUUd B«y and bltdder omna w> Quickly, ym TAB ttully SEE rnolls <rilU»rewhoun. fliatt. *. poUooi, neutfaliit* buniio« at:<ta. brftM protnpt*oothini coffifori. No mere teWtui b»ci, »<f«k blxldtT. »or« p»inlul JcJoU Trom lick d ixijj<r activity. Alk drjoilt (cr Foley Pilb— Uk.motb«i MonyUektuuutw. O1933 GRADE A Raw Milk Fbone 14 Craig's Dairy Final Clearance Of All Spring Coals-and Swagger Suits Every Spring C'ual aud Swagger Suit must gii of price to make room for advance simmuT m Buy i^ow far Easter. New Economy Shop I Ingram Bid;. Phone lor BILIOUSNESS m Spwt* •ipmacn g^ ji ^f * tnd headache ffi B ; duit J*> m m CONSTIPATION 1 lotab; 554 WEEK-END SPECIALS Women's [troadi'lulft PRINCESS SLIPS Sizes Up lo 29;c 1! —Just Arrived— I-alest Sprinjt -VANITY DilTURMV I'S.c; BEN FRANKLIN ' STORK Cor. Alain & Kroadwav BEFORE WE QUIT WEEK-END SPECIALS Roller Skates, ball bearing $1.49 Electric Mixer Electric Hair Dryer EASTER CANDY Whitman's FOR THE CHILDREN I-'OU GROWS Mae West Perfume . Hundreds nnon liundicds of atticlcs arc being Mild unl al a fraction of Iliuit diiKin;tf cost . . . nicklcs uiul dimes «i|| lm v (ui c( , U 1(; j r worth dining Ihcsc l;tsl tlajs at Ucrger's. \Vc slitl have lirokun lots of rciidv-to-wcar for mm, women nnd i-hildrcn, picre goods, shoes and other merchandise. Kvcrj penny's worlh must 150 iK'fiirc wv cliwe Ihls store. Hurry if you want your share! BERGERS 210 W. MAIN ST. Ponds Cleans. Tissue, 200 count 18c Cocktail Shaker, with recipes $1.19 Electric Irons Travel $1.19 3 Pound $2.00 6 Pound $2,25 Playing Cards New Gibson Double Decks 75c - &1.CO SYFO Makes Syphon IJoltlc Oiil nf (limber Ale Bathroom Scales Lime Squeezer, with strainer 50c Coly Spring Offer Perfume Free With Powder $1.10 Whoopee Cocktai Eve. In Paris Perfume, Lip Stick — Powder $1.10 Tray THREE LITTLE PIGS Kach Sl.1',1 .Set of 3 • - - S3.00 Infra Red Havs ELECTRIC TOASTER Double Sl.:t!) 4 Slice --.- si.5!) K I R B Y DRUG STORES Eve in Pans Liister 1'crfumi! Filled Sl.UU ADLKRIKA PINKHAM'S . Compound GLOVER'S Mange Remedy $1.00 Gem Micromatic Razor With Blades BISODOL 25c 50c $1.00 35c Size . 65c Size $1.25 Size Wwidlinry Klc Palmolivc t«c Life ISnoy Luminal Tabs 50s - $1.50

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