The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1938
Page 6
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.;PAGE SIX PILOT 0'DOUL IIHIHILS Manager of Seals Recalls Mow He Won League Batting Crown BY JAMES S. SIIKKHV United Pros* Stair Correspciitlrni SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — Now that baseball Is nigh you may be assured Frank <Lcfly) O'Doul will steal his share of signs that aided him a few years ago in winning the National League batting crown. The successful. HJceabie manager of the San Francisco Seals learned with the New York Giants that every little movement of a pitcher. catcher or base-runner may, nnd usually does, have a .significant meaning. O'Doul ,md his chief aide. Larry Woodall,- former star catcher of the Detroit Tigers, Insisted many ball games are won through ability to. detect signs and mannerisms of opposing players. "I remember big Flint nhem. the •Cards' right-hander," reminisced Lefty. "When he threw his curve he looked at the ball as he drew his arms over bis head In bis windup. When lie threw a fast one, he brought his arms up naturally over his head nnd let 'er fly. Tongue Ilclniycd Dodger "There was a pitcher name:! Wnlson with Brooklyn who had a habit of slicking bis tongue out the corner of his moiitli when he threw a curve." The Information was mighty- helpful, nnrt added jwlnts to O'Doxl's batting average. He was smart about it, too—he didn't tell anyone I I knew If r did the word would get around tho circuit mid nhem and Watson would cover tip their giveaway signs. And I wanted to— tint! did—win the batting championship." Woodall—who still is capable of playing major league ball If his work is spaced—recalled catching Dutch. Leonard during the fiery regime of Manager Ty cobb. Praise for Pcckinpaugh "Roger Pccklnpnugh, Cleveland shortstop, was one of the toughest hitters Leonard ever pitched to. "Leonard was pitching against Cleveland and he had a world of stuff, pccklnpnugh was not in the game, due to injuries, but coached at first Tlie Cleveland hitters •were cracking Leonard and Cobb was raving. He opened up on me about,'the'fourth Inning. " 'You've been around Ibis ilcaguc long enough to get irise lo yourself and hide your signs,' Cobb filmed. 'They'll steal your glove before the game is over.' "We had plenty of words, for I knew the Indians weren't gelling my signs. "The: next day in one of those general talkfests that ballplayers have, we discussed Peck's ability to hit, Leonard and commented that he was coaching on first, during the game. We learned inter ihfit Peckinpaugh discovered Leonard dipped his knee a bit in tossing his curve and that he passed the word along. to ttie Cleveland hitters." Wlf-wag Catcher Spotted Catcher cooper ot last year's Sacramento club—a Cardinal farm —was the particular'wig-wa^ man who delighted Woodall and O'Doul. They got Ins curve and fast ball signs to the pitcher regularly and the Seal hitters laid'for the fast ones. Cooper unwittingly 'held his glove BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Chinaman Wrestles Tonight 'Knuckle Down'! Spring Is Here! If there is any doubt' renaming that spring has arrived iho sight of the earnest young gentleman above should provide tho final and clinching argument. It uiV ye J tf ? f<l Duke Barne * ot Medtord. Ma«, who ^ geU1 his »quuiUng muscles and his knuckles In form for the season of glassies, cat-eyes," a bcltmtet, donto, whlUel. Citing Lee, above, Chinese' wrestler, will exhibit his wares in a match with Raul Lopez of Mexico on the American Legion ciml hero tonight. The Chiimnfan Is reputed to be n versatile performer and Lopez .isually does pretty well by himself. with fingers pointing doivn when a curve was being thrown nnd gave lis target for iv (nsfone with fln- ers pointing upward. The wink of mi eye, shifting of the coacher's feet, slight turning ot liips or a glance at a cloud are among the signs that touch off the hit and run plays and steals In organized baseball. ''How auoul. word signs—nrcn't they used?" O'Doiil was asked. "They won't work," Lefty said. "Bucky Harris tried them lor a ivhlte at Washington, but he gave them up. It's tough getting over verbal, signs when 20,000- fans are riiiff in a tight clinch. If n ballplayer missed such n signal, wliut in alibi he'd have." Perry Charges Amateurs Find Wagering Pays HOUSTON, Tex. (UP) — Fred Perry of England, professional tennis player -and formerly world champion amateur, charges that some so - called amateurs make more money at- the game tlinn some iirofessionals. Currently engaged in a cross- country exhibition tour with Ellsworth Vines. Perry charged that some amateurs get most of their money through wngcrs. "For example," the Englishman said, " u man desires to promote a tennis tournament nt n resort. He doesn't deliberately hand the amateur player a check for $500 or so, but he mnkcs him n bet like 1 this—" Perry tossed a keyring on the floor of his hotel room. "The promoter bets the player he can't jump over (lie keys. The bet runs to $500. "The player promptly hops over the keys, the promoter says, 'shucks, I lost; and the money is handed over," Perry said. He advocates a "house-cleaning" among amateur tennis ranks nnd believes that there will be no such tiling as professionals and amateurs within 10 or 15 years-bill tennis players receiving straight, salaries. Nantucket Whaler Visited Disputed Islands in 1918 NANTUCKET. Mass. <TJP)— The nineteenth century Nantuckel whaling captains should be credited with supplying the basis for the United States' prior claims to sovereignty to, certain Pacific Ocean islands, valued principally as airbase sites, according to Adouard A. Stackpole, author uiul historian. Stackpole hiis presented to the State Department a list of 25 of these Island discoveries, result of 10 years' research, hi this country's claim over tbut of Great Britain. In 1818 Nnntnckct whnleshlfx; invaded a region of the Pacific on the Equator, among the Caroline, Gilbert and Phenlx groups. They were the , flrpt whalers from any country to visit that locality, Stackpole said. From 1818 to 1828 New England navigators charted and named more than 25 islands in that section of the Facinc, lie contended. Expect Capacity Crowd For Cards' Exhibition CARUTIIERSVILLE. Mo., Marc! —Van Johnson, in charge of advance sales for the St. Louis Cnr- tllnals exhibition baseball game here Thursday, April M, today stated that sales of reserve .seats indicate a capacity crowd. About half or the (500 reserve seals hnve been already sold, with the garni almost three weeks niray. On< permanent row of l!00 seals ha:, been built across (he entire front length of the grandstand, aiu. seating arrangements are being completed by the Legion Park officials to care for approximately 3,000. The CaruthersvIUe Pilots, mem hers of the- Northeast Arkansas League, and farm club of Hie Cardinals, will begin training here April 8 for the Rnmc, J. H. Wood son, field executive, said today, ii. order that the Pilots may present as strong a lineup as possl- ble. England is the greatest apple- catnig nation in the world, import- lug 18-fOOO .tons more annually than Germany, which country milks second In this respect. FARM LOANS "••• 1500 and Vf Arkansas and Missouri l-owrst rates—lowest upeiuc Also city properties DON H. KASSERMAN Thomas Land Co. Office P. O. Box 470, phone 521. WtlGHMIFIER Strong Man To Perform Between Matches On Mat Program An exhibition of weight luting and oilier reals of .strength wju lie Blven between wrestling mult-lies tonight tit tile American Legion nvcnn l>y Arthur Saxon, former circus "strong man" and claimant of tho world's championship tor weight lining with arms alone. Saxon will be presented by Kc-f- cicc Mike Mcroney ns an adiluil attraction to scheduled bouts be- tween-Clilng Ix;e and Raul LOJICZ nnd Gorilla Dugan and Eddie IMri- lone. One of the .spectacular feals to be performed tit tonight's show by Saxon will be that </ lifting two 175 pound men with one arm, other nets of Saxon Include lifting MO pounds with both arms above (lie head mid lifting 371 pounds above the shoulder with one arm. Euxon, who is the last of three brothers who formerly traveled with Rlngllng Brothers circus 1 giving exhibitions of their stentilh, claims the world's championship^ for; Ills feat of lifting 2,250 pounds with anus alone and holding the weight off the ground for eight,seconds. He was scheduled to lm've,glvrii a free exhibition on the 'streets here today In which he lies on the ground and allows an automobile to !« driven over his body. Ruin today forced cancellation of ibis act but Saxon said he might return here later and give this act. Special Introductory Offer To Acquaint You With Our New Polly Gas 74 Octane With the purchase of 7 or more gallons of this new Gasoline A 2 Gallon Can of Hi-Grade Motor Oil For (All Taxes Paid) SAVEON GAS CO. Holland, Mo. Highway 61 The PAYOFF BY HARRY GRAYSON Sports Editor, NEA Service LAKELAND, Pla.,'March 28. — As though things weren't tough enough In the Detroit Tigers' camp, what with the Schoolboy Howe nnd Mickey Cochrane problems, some filbert had to figure out that the battling Bengals stand little chance of outslugghiff the Ne\v York -Yankees. .> . Here are the comparative he.ivy artillery figures which comprise the two clubs slugging averages . (or 1937: YANKEES O. A.B. H.Pct. Joe DiMagglo 151 621 215 .(173 Lou Oebrig ., 157 509 200 .043 George Selkirk.... 73256 84 .629 Bill Dickey 140 630 11(J .570 Totals 526 1070 675 .031 TIGERS G. A.B. H.Ect. Hank Grcenberg.. 154 59-1 200 .663 Rudy York 104 375 115 .651 Charley Gehringer H4 564 200 .520 Pete Fox 148 628 208 .476 Totals 5502161 732 .571 Tin Hopes on.l'ork 11 is plain that tlio Ruppert Rifles led by .OfiO points in the fence- busliiig business. York alone can contribute something toward clos- Ing the gap, but to do it the Ignited Indian must make good at catching or finding another place for himself, play n complete schedule, and bat better thnn the .307 he turned in last trip, when approximately hall of his socks went for extra bases. Although Gehringer led American League macemen, neither the peerless second baseman nor Pox are properly in (he class of long range swatters. Pox had one of his finest seasons in 1937, but his slugging percentage wasonly.476. which was excelled by many junior loop combatants. Giving the Yankees an even WHEW!, School This training comp business b far trom a bed of. roses, accord-, fng to Rudy York" Detroit Tigers' slugging' catcher. Rudy Is shown hitting the water .bucket for a brief moment under the sun at Lakeland. Klo. greater bulge Is the fact that Selkirk participated in only 78 engagements in 1937. With his shoulder healed, nnd barring accidents, the clouling Canadian will go the entire route this time. High-Powered Trainer Dr. Richard Bloom formerly nibbed Walter o. Briggs, so the automobile body builder who owns the Detroit franchise shipped the Swedish masseur to Lakeland to assist Denny Carroll in training (lie Tigers. It Is amusing to see recniits like Alton Benton and Carl Doyle having their arms mauled and soaked In Eucalyptus oil and oil of wintergreen. No one other than a surgeon has touched Robert Moses Grove's sturdy left arm In 18 campaigns. Mickey Cochrane never has bothered a trainer. Billy Petrolle, the great lightweight, never had a rubdown in his entire career. The late Knute Rockne didn't have a trainer for Notre Dame football teams until he considered it necessary to take one on to be fashionable. 'They get hurt when there's a trainer around." the immortal Rock used tq say. Carroll Cures "Em Denny Carroll perhaps is the most competent trainer and bonesetter in -baseball. Members'of other clubs come to Carroll, who in 1934 reluctantly declined to treat Vernon Gomez's arm because be felt that it would not be fair to the Detroit club Inasmuch as Lefty was the backbone of Ihc Yankee pitching staff. It was Carroll who yanked Tony Lazzcrl's knee back in place some years back, when the solemn signer feared that he might be through." Carroll has a remarkable back- GRANDDADS Peaberry COFFEE Always Fresh Buy a Package Today THIS WEEK ONLY! Compare These Prices Before You Buy Was '36 Oldsmobilc Coupe, R;iriio & Heater ..$335 '32 Chev. Coupe, new paint, motor good ISO '33 Ford Fordor. 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""" 5277 99 M6 187 70 167 223 159 199 258 29 99 MONDAY, MARCH 28, 1938 ground In sports, nnd some day I'm lo tell you more about him. lie ran on championship relay •jiins lor the Olympic C!ub of San Francisco years ago, and .was a i' k 1 n g amateur featherweight tor until knocked out one night he moved lo sliake hands. Ha all Hie famous 45 and 20-rotimi In California. Carroll, a keen student of all •undies of athletics, learned oste- jathy the practical way—through practice. He was the highest-paid trainer in the minors for years— ii the San Francisco Seals—be- moving to Detroit. Schoolboy Howe's arm trouble, If Is .vlill there, is in good lifmcls. tea boxer fights with fore Recess Granted For Rabbit Hunting SWEETWATEK, Tex. (UP)—The tradition of a raliblt hunting hnlf- Tiollday every time the snowfall reached" half-a-hand was upheld 'ast whiter at Sweetwuter high icliool. Principal ,1. ii. Williams, acclaimed "principal rabbit twister" - hunt master by his 500 stu- ts,-issued these orders: Don't tnke any unnecessary chances with an angry rabbit. If dents you can't handle him by yourself, call for help." Jackrabblts frequently grow to be vicious giants In this West Texas plains country. "Don't become over-enthusiastic and ram your head Into a hole or a hollow tree until you are sure you can withdraw it when you locate the rabbit. "Catch all the rabbits you can; work off your surplus energy; keep your feet dry, and report back here at 12:45 this afternoon for a half- day of honest work on your books." The student body theii deployed In every direction from the school in pursuit ofi their rare sport—and hundreds of bounding jackrahblts. Olri Stuilen(s Work Way NEW YORK (UP)-A Saturday nleht date moans nothing to a Hunter College girl, at least not If she thinks she can earn money by watching the neighbor's baby! Ivfore than half of the students work anil go to school, too. GLENCQE BARBER SHOP Earl E. Parker, Prop. Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Hand or Electric ManicurlDj WRESTLING MONDAY NIGHT. 8 O'CLOCK CHINGLEE vs. RAUL LOPEZ GORILLA DUGAN vs. EDDIE MALONE American Legion Arena, North Second St. Owl Trapped In Stove ' \ BEAVER DAM, Wls. (UP) -/A'' complaint of "queer noises" in a combination coal and gas range was made to the local power anci light company by its owner, service men investigated, found a small owl that had entered through the chimney, continued through the stove pipe, and had lodged In the back part of the stove. WHEN YOU WANT: Quick Service ' be sure that you come to Phillips. Our staff of attendants Is trained to wait on you quickly and always efficiently. • •-•, Real Mechanics ; are renrty to put your car In 1 running shape again after': the hardest trips. . . . you can be sure of real work ' with these efficient rim. Low Prices always.Interest the man who lias to be sure of always getting there! 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A new rug may be the prescription that your home needs. A new lamp can . light more than a corner—it can shine into the hearts of all who see it. Glassware, a new table, porch furniture, all can enter into your home's face lifting. Look about your home as if you had never seen it— and follow the advertising on these pages! N 1

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