The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1939
Page 2
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BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1939 SIILL 15 HI rwenly Years Ago-And Today . _„, „„,, , rw ~ --vr"T> -,~™ -. - T. T—»«.' • • "^ r,7 "V i'A ( °^\ ,y ! >.»/ - - l/f 5 'It's Neutrality In 1939; ' It Was League In 1919 •'»¥,, Courkr News Wjshlnston Correspondent WASHINGTON, July 19.—Thev have"lived tlvrough 20 busy, eventful years since they led the Senate's "ba(lall9p » r death" in Its fight QO Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations, and the ycais ha\c left their mark on both of lncm Dul William E Borah and Hham John- Eon stand today exactly where they stood two decades ago, making the same kind of light-arid, fiom all present Indications, winning llie tame kind of \ictory. Borah was a black-maned, lion- \oiced stalswt In 1919, *lw« Woodrow Wilson came back from Paris and Offered his country n policy of International co-opeia- tton, and Johnson was like him (except for the black mane) They were in their early fifties then, a jear apart in age, and at the very height pf their powers. Trjday everything h different— except for whatever H is liiBlde o the heads and hearts of two stou fighters which makes tlwm set u ideal* and stick to them TAOTICS DIFFER TODAY , The' president they fought 1919 has been In his grave o Mt St. Albans for 15 years an more The League of Nations the fought Is moribund. The senator sourf, vihdlcthe Henry Cabot Lodg of Massachusetts, stout Bob La Follette of Wisconsin In thc places are men nho were not In the Senate then at all, men whom the public had not heard of—Bennett Clark of Missouri, Gerald Nyc of North Dakota, Arthur Vftiiden- herg of Michigan, and anothei Bob LaPollette The fight' Itself is dilTerent, In a way. In 1919 and 1820 the Leagua rmd the Versailles Treaty v>eie attack- ea from the Senate floor, day In and day out, In resounding otatoij This year the attach on the Presl- ~ dent's foreign policy is less spectacular It has produced some oratory, but it has been more a matter of quiet strategy, of ofl-tho- floor organization, of effective work in conference and committee 'There Is less bitterness to it, loo Both Lodge and Reed hated Wood jaw Wilsop wifcJ) a passionate, naming hatred That may not hiue influenced' their attitude in th.e League fight, but it colored their manner of fighting' Wilson, himself a bitter hater, struck back in tlfe same v.ay. The fighting oji both sides was tense and vindictive PERSONAL FEELING NOT SO HOT Today, although there are many senators who do not love Franklin Roosevelt, tins bitter peisonal feel x ing .Is.less in evidence Whcic the ' personal equation enlers into Iris fight, it comes m largely as a feel Ing that the President is temperamentally unsuited to thc task of exercising the delicate powers \\hich revision of Hie neutrality laws Wild give him , Last of a.11, Senators Borah and Johnson have changed The> are in tnetr seventies no« Johnson's l;alr Is v.hHe, Borahs Is no longer the blacK, leonine mane that enthralled galler\ \is- Stors in the old days Thp \ears have put their mark on them, hn\c taken them pa'it the time \\hen either man might dream. of occu pylng Ihe White House himself some day (eltner or both might easily ha\e done so, once, had luck been just a little different), have robbed their steps of their spring, and touched t)ie Umber of their voices Vet inside, nothing has changed. They stand now-where (hey stood 20 years ago, still fighting—and still the kind of fighters who are Ilkelj to win aiutlicisYlllc and Mr. and'Mrs.'July 22, before Jiisllce W. K, If. Jlerrell of Tyler. , Stclnbraker, The men are ullegcd Mr. snip! Mrs. M. s! Mlrlok, were fo have feloniously loaned $125 ailed to Haytl the latter part of belonging to the district .accord- ie week by ihe c|e.alh pf t,h,c little I ||ig to the complaint which was in-monlhs-old son of Mr. iind niftde by T. J. Erwln. Nick Downing. I The five are: Clyde Maloney, Mrs. J. P. - P»tl«rso)i returned'Bruce J? aC k, Earl Back, Frank Me- iinday f.fte'r a visit In Memphis Colliim Sr,, and Willis Burgelt. Ith her daughter, Mrs. Coy Joran, j».ml Mr. Jordan, . • Charles Dowlus of Lllierty, Mo, is arrived Jn Steeje where he Is 'aclior )n the high, school and Each made bond of $209 Iho hearing here Saturday. The information alleges the money was Illegally loaned on April 12, 1039, and the officers of the have been subpoenaed to LIBERTY CASK GROCERS Prices- Kov Friday Sal unlay and Hoi Prices For Warm Weather Prices For Friday 8alw<t»y and coach of girls tonskclbull. board Mr, and Mrs. Lee Ycnger anil bring the school board's records to ir. and Mrs. Conrad Finnic imd die'.hearing. 011, Kciinclh Joe, arc .spending a —- wn weeks vacation In ftcw.'Oile- ns, L',i., i||'d otjic.r soiitlierii points. Mrfi. Rutli Lawhon, Mrs. Jerry Hr-lly and Frank Harper spent cluy in Mcinpl)is with Mrs. J fl, ncno wlio Is recovering at tin Baptist hospital from an uppcn dec-loniy. Misses Alma Robertson mcl Dorothy Still of Memphis who nave spent the past week here wi)h Mrs, Holly, returned Dr. ami Mrs. J. R. Cropkctt have returned from OcheHa, .Okla., where they had alUmcled the funeral of their to-otlier-lil-lnw, Dr. B. J'. Rowland. Mrs. Tom Lewis IE spending lo- nlghl in Kennctt will) her hus- K i cve n toiul. . 'I \»v cerould R. Ooidncr, an Amur Mrs. S. P. Lee Jr. of Clarksdalc, h^,, • juifslonnry of Akron, Ohio, Miss,, who witli her daughter. I (llr $5|000 ra n.soin, authorities were niilch Ann nre spending the sum-laclviEcd May. mcr here with 'her parents, Mr.r u believed that Goldncr and Mrs. A. A. KClley. spent «>c 1 , ,•„- j ,, , (hc vlcinay pf latter part .of the week nt.Uie Bly- " B ° ' v - " • ' Air Force airplanes nnd Arab Rebels Arc Holding 'Akron Man For $5,000 Ransom JERUSALEM, July 2(1. (UP)-' Arab rebels are hold- PINEAPPLE Rosedale Sliced No. 2! Can 16c I FREE 16e Loaf Miss With Each 13 Egg Liberty Bread Angel Food Cake Pineapple, Dole or Libby 4$ oz. Ko, 2 Tin lie Can 23c side, against foreign policy of a Fieslclcut- oinla, left, and Senatoi League of ,—ls {0 years ago Lower, lib Uiey «ai on noasc\elts ncul sions today. alils, law will vacntion tour weeks. Mrs. Bob Crevs Jr accompanied them there to spend two weeks Mrs. 1 Rflwlelgli Casloll, of Marlanna Is spending Ihe summer with Mr. and Mrs. Haggard Crews, ami family j, I,. Bruce, ol Kc|scr, has been in Holl> Springs, Miss, Io\ the p.isl week Ihcvlllo hospital where she is"tafc- ng treatment. Miss AHa Hue Allen of Giirdon. Ark.. 1? spending UilB week here tllh relatives. Odls Rcn/ro pf \Yardell. spent ast weekend here with his daug'n- ,ers, MlBseg Rosctniiml and Vlr- ;inia Renfro.' Guss Allold returned Tuesday after several days visit with "'" lives in points of Indiana. . Mr. mill'Mrs. E. H. He'rrell and children were visitors In-'PJrcrs- luirg, Teiin., Sunday. Mrs. H, A. Eiience returned -ycs- tcrflay after a't«'o weeks vjslf, .with relatives In Jackson, Tenn. • • i • Mr. and Mrs. ( lipwen Travis pf OBceola Ark., arc spendinE ihis week here at tl)c bedside of their mother', Mrs." J. A. Travis, who Is I seriously 111.. Royal (itllce clogs.were K8;il out today to aid police In tracing the kidnaper.-,. aolclncr and his father, Dr. Jacob H. doldner. were kidnaped yesterday at Wadi Nar. Thc father was later escorted to Jeru- Ealem to raise the ransom. Slcele-Cooler Society—-Personal School Directors At Pascola Are Accu&ed CAHUTHBRSV.JliLE, Mo.,20 —Prcliniinary hearing for Mr. anil Mrs. Johnson and Mrs.' W. 'M. Tajlcr, Billy and 0(Ut ght<)r, Mis Hassle Dowell and board of Huth Tayloi and Mrs Maurice ], cr soll| BO!) and Miss HuiolyHB.Wln be hpia In tins ens. Little spent Saturday In Memphis McDonald all of M!Mko,,cc. Okln , Mrs. L. M. Brock left Sunday-for iiavofarrivcil for a. visit with .Mrs, Corning where she will meet her Johnson's t>istei,5, MI= G W row- niolhci, Mts nimci Jackson of | C i, nnfl Mis. W M Bnrkei A Dctioll Mrs, JacKbon Is \Isltlni; family reunion dinuei was held liei mother In Coining ]In their honor ru llic home of Mif Miss Frances Nail has been-vis- 1 Fowler yesterday when other guests ititig In Memphis with fi lends and Included nnotltcr sister Mrs As- rclatlve-i and at rorrcst City with ton \Viig\it 'and Mi, .ier parents.- r Mr.-, r i(iil Mrs'!: Varclainnn Olilsni, .Tom Oliisin and 1 two children, Dpylf, and Tom Jr, nil of Mnllicvvs, Mo, \isltcd friends nnrt rclatKcs lieie over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Bmce arc tl\e guests of Mr nnd Mrs G II Shinnarcl, Mr.- nnd Mrs. O. C. Frnzlcr and Miss Mildred Frhzlcr of Meniplils this week Mr. nnc) Mrs. Eel 1'age and family anil Mis Raimsivnll atul bib> visited Mrs. 'Until Ohilctres and family of Wanlcll, M3., Sunday. B H. Robinson attended the annual meeting of Arkansas rind Mli- sonri Ginners iissociation in Hot Springs Monday and Tuesday. Comfort 1'lus Economy! Air Conditioned UUle Pcabotl.v Hotel •\\\ V.. (Ui»l» I? BJy Kooms 75c or Weck-ly Ratos ', itome Like -Meals 25c ;' Ib, (J;in Sic 1 III. Can l!)c IHR1) SEK1) Uox GRAPEJAM QRAFEFRUIT JUICE, .l(i I)-/!. Ciins & SAIS'HOHN COF- 1'EB, I'ound EGGPLANT 1'0'ITEH MKAT 3 . For You'll like Black Eyed I'oimd Vicnnn Siiusage Can 14 oz. Bottle Men rate it "the Greatest American Whiskey'} Hcme Grown Each .' UN'ITKD •• I.IQUOll. Uui«V,il»<!!<i-. Forl' RITE PRICE STORES YOU SAVK MONEY" Kxtrii Discounts or Show 'J'iekefs Ask Details Funeral Rites Held For Mrs. T. C.Reese Keiser News EnttrUtos Club llrs. O.~S.- Battle entertained the Keiser two table bridge club and lour guests \\ith a party at her country home \Vednesday aftcrnocn Mrs. R: H. RoblnsOn received tiigh score prize, embroidered pillow cases, and Mrs. W. M. Taylor received low: so: re Prize, compact. » r » }s Hasless, to Club Mrs, J. H. Sullivan wa: to - members of the Keiser club' at her home Thursday atter- noori Mrs W. M Taylor v,as aAard- 'ed : high store prize Thc hcsttss Eerved a combination salad and sandwich plate ". ••» * f ' Mary Elizabeth Wilson, 'daughter of Mr Jand Mrs Harvey Wilson, Is visiting her grandparents, Mr and Mrs. W. E McClaii), of Con- Mrs colmah bre*s and children, Betty Jo§ jino; I!a Verne, left Saturday for Bella Vista where they TERMKN1X TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS GSOEOLA, Ark., July 19.—t-M'- ncral services for Mrs. Nnucy C. Reese. 7'l, who died nt liur home five miles'Trail of Osccoln Tucsitny adcrncvii following mi Illness of ERVcral weeks, were lielcl from thc Carson 'Lake clmrcli - Wcrtiiesdny allcrnooii by the Rev. J. Ij. SmHIi. Mrs. Reese was torn in Mississippi and came with lier hustauil to (his couuly around fiflcen years »go. She was a member of llie rfapiist- clmrcli. Surviving; arc licr husband, T. C. Heccc; five s:ns, Kc.y, Claurt, I'at, Earnest and Floyd Rcosc; one daughter, Mrs. Pearl Finley of Gcrniniitown, Tcim. Swift Funeral Home MRS In clinrge of arrangements with burial in the Bassett cemetery. Pallbearers were "J. C. Kirkpatrlck, R. H. Jones, Alec Goble, Elmer Faulken- bcrrj'. Allend Fiiulkenbsrry, Atas Mirris. SPECIAL TW'f) DAYS ONLY! Friday and Satyrday, July 21 & 22 ROA&T BEEF '••-.' .Vcribcsl 1C; C. Ham Salad We Make It Fresh Ib. 23c PHILADELPHIA CHEESE „ pkg, 7k SUNLIGHT CHEESE ...... 2lb. pkg. 39c SPICED LUNCHEON LOAF ..' Ib. 25c MACARONI LOAF Ib. 22k LJVER LOAF 'b. 22ic PICKLE PIMENTO LOAF Ib. 22V PIMENTO .CHEESE HAM Ib. 22ic BOILED HAM .'..:..i::.;:::: Slb^ 39c BAKED HAM Ib. 45c .-"•. Tliic| Rib (Juiiranltcd Tender It) 4 J • BARGAINS IN GOOD FOODS Swiffs Premium STEftK It. 28c VEAL Swiff's K. C. Chwis If). Ste;ik Ib. PORK CHOPS, Lean Cuts Ib. We Sliced COU) MEATS C'ota . .111. iioilcd Ilntn ; Ib. j'ickle £ P. .Mincori )b 22c Uolngnii, 1'iirc .... Ib. 15c •LXI^'Ouv Special • -H>. SALTMLftT •Strictly A-l Side I'ound 18 C NECK BONES OH EARS, Mealy Fresh, ib. BEEFSTEAK Family Style K. C. Tender, (Jnod, II). 20 Never For So BACON • Ilililtrr's Ilcal SUcccl or Vlcrr Ib. •' Kind oft Hi. ?Qn Tnni;iloes, 10 Z'/Jc Samhvlclirs FRUIT COCKTAK,, Libliy's Snlnd, Large No. 2 Cans HEANS & PORK, Excellent for Cold Lunches,- No. 2'/2 C»n 8 Geld Is found In a free, or pure, slate. . , . . j Man/1 Gets Pep FEELS 30 YEARS YOUNQER •Tra 71. Frl; *ren oMsr. go wrornMlut. cs'iaitMftt. ll« In onli- ttn-l. rwTUEX tKKtt I M»M Iv EGGS, Slrictly Fresh, Dm. ........ 1'Jc JBiJTTKR, iWccss, ..............Ib. 2lc TEA, Baiii'iuel or Lipton's, Individual Tcahags Pkgi_8c 4 oz. 21 COFFEE, Canovu or M. H. 11)... We Grind Fresh Hulk Ib. 12i/ 2 c 26 PURE LAUD, .100% Fresh 1 ib. Crl. Oc; .1 11). ;!5e; S Hi. ...... CHILI/ TONIC, Wash's Conditioner ?1.00 Si/.n Only; '. EGG MASH,-Winner, Conditions &_Payi? Profits. SU. : . HAPPY HOG SlJI'PLKiMEfNT Saves .|Q'.:{. time & 50^ Corn, SU. HAPl'V COW, : 24^. Dairy The Kccd Thai's Host in Test, Sk. Icidtn; N. Y. doctors. One 73-ceaf . rtr *iy*, "f uUltarrK." Sate, r>tcwjnl tth- .. Gtl tl.-paeXiftc wTREX today tor 6tc. I* noi d«l'c&CM with vim, rtK-v *ad MP (hit haV« * ' ailkcr TCfnnrts i!\Ls [>rl«. SO ANNIVERSARY SOAP SALE 133 For sale at Klrby Bros. Driig Slore. Complete Line o[ WEST1NGHOUSE ELECTRIC ; Ranges and AVatcr-Heater* WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 S. Second Phone 314 r.OUGATE-PAl-MOUVE-PEET CO. sn=~ ' "" PAL MO LIVE 3i» 2s, CONCENTRATED S U PER SUDS Th«B1w«B*Kl0rWaih[n|CI«tht« CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP SUPER SUDS 2t» - -• - 17c 1.7.C 17c 17c ORANGES Juicy, Sivcct, Seedless Calif. A-Real Treat, 2 Do/. LEMONS Lafge 'Juicy Calif. 360's 5 For lOc; Doz. LETTUCE Iceberg Crisp & Tender - Lge. Head MEAL Poscy County Finest White Cream Sli1.'2<l Ib. 39c; 10 U). 2lic; 2.) Ibs. EVERY DAY On Anything Our Quality, Our • Price Is HEST. Yea Sir! CAMBKIC-URESSWAY FLOUR The Best by Test For Less H Must Be Rood—19 Carloads Enter Ccmtcst-^Closes Se|i{. is!.Cash; 24 Ins. Shibley's Best 6Sc STQRE NO 1 Jll E. Main SI. WE DF.LIVER Phones ?34—167 Fancy Sliced, Lb. CHRESK V, Ib. Any Flavor, Each RIHS Ib. SAUSAGK . ...Ib. I2/j Shldr. Whole, ,.|b. STEW CHOPS LEG . Hlaek Hawk Rind On, . .lib. Rindless OS Thick Ril) Shonlrier Clod..... .11). 2:> Steaks. ...lli. 23c Homewobd ' .050 Sheets,' Roll CHOICE RICE CRACKKHS 1 ib. Hox FRUIT JARS I ICE CREAM LIFEBUOY 3 15ais 17 fi'nr S fl ANNIVERSARY 59AF SALE 133 IJurlaj) Choice 100 Ibs..-, ... 12 His. 30c 2-1 Ibs. DSC 4S Ibs. SI.35 ifj Si <j2.f>5 Ubl. . 55.25 PALM OLIVE CO N C E-N TR AT ED SUPER SUDS Page Protein 100 Ib. Sack ... CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP Stu '-J c SUPER SUDS 2te 17c STORE NO. 2 S20 W. -Main St.

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