The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1948
Page 8
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EIGHT Two-Way Probe Of KKK Starts Georgia Newsmen Report Abuses by Hooded Members COLUMBUS. Oa.. March IS. iUP> —Ststc and Federal investigations were ordered today into charge. 1 ; by thr« Columbus newspapermen they were roughed up, drugged and forced to drink excessive amounts n( whiskey while covering a night meeting of the Ku Klux Klan. The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, emplojers of the three newsmen, pressed for Die investigation :n:-S opened a campaign against 111-; klan. The Enquirer won n Pulitzer prize in 1926 for an o[ the hooded order. Georgia Governor M. E, Thompson said he would dirert the Geor- 6ia Burea'ii of Iiivcstigiiltoii to took into the charges made by the newsmen, reporters Jim Hellows ami Carlion Johnson and rhotosraiiln : Joe Talbot. In Washington. Attorney Con;ml Tom Clark Indicated that Plil sgetUs would Uf ns-signcd to clHM-k civil liberties violations in the incident. The three newsmen .said ihi-y «crc .sent to give routine coverage In a X'lan meeting and cross-b'.iin- ing atop E'ine Mountain near Man- che.uer. Ga.. 30 miles from ncre, ou Friday ni^lit. They said they made no sc-ciet ol their presence or Ibeir acliviue.s, Including snapping pictures of the llaming cross and of Dr. Siuui'.'l Green. Georgia klan grand din?,on, who wore a green robe ami was umn asked. Klansmen sei/ed tliojn, (he newsmen said, manhandled them ami handed each a pint of whlskcv with instructions to either drink it or have it forced down. They drank the whiskey, they said, ami then the klansmen injected them in the ariiw »nd legs with hypodermic sviiiujes apparently containing drugs, Under the influence of liquor ami drugs, the newsmen charsod. 'h.;y were photographed in viil^nr and compromising positions by Kl:u:s- inen who had tnken Tall>.v. s camera and smashed several of the plates. Klansmcn (hen left them, siu'.ie- ftod, to be arrested for by Manchester Police. The three were under bonri of SA.75 each on drunkonm'is cii.-ir-^i-s but Manchester police i?;,;se;l ic discuss the case pending trril winch has not been set. BLYTHRVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Parcel Post Spreads Its Wings Rolcj voty according lo to Bcimudo, coit il 76 CCnU toi luil fouf oii.ices and 13 c*nti lor each additional lour ouncOJ, lo Belgian Congo, cost ii $1. 38 for fiiil four ounces and 79 ccnli foi each odd* ttonot faui ounces NCUTSI service of the \wsl nO'iro rJc[>;u Iment i$ tntcrnntionnt air psirci'l, which begins March 13. The U. S. liiis cnlci'cd into .iMiermrnls \vilh Lhc '21 nnhnrjR Miov/n oil the map by diagonal shading. Ovoi seas-bound parcels ran be m ruled ftvaji ;my post oflko. Rale intnrmiilion is given in Inc. map jnscl. Faithful Mongrel Dog Didn't Know His Master Was Accused Murderer Regears Draft nRANCHVILIJE, S. C., Mar. IS * <IJ|1> Rover. n faithful mongrel doff, noiiliin't have known that his mnster was nn accused murderer Rover could realize only that Iherr- was a lot of shooting B oin" o:l In the midnight blackness early yeslcrdny and lie hnd belter trv to i Bel I > Ills owner, Ilerborl L. Kdvvlus. ' Edwins lay deep In a ditch near I tils fiuin, cornered by a pu.sse seeking him lor (he kllil'nu or his nep- lie\v. Sam McAlliancy. 46. a:id the sliootiiiB ol his sislcr-ln-law Mrs Ida McAlhanry, 75. I Edwins ••cpt low In the cullcy retitniins the fire of the orilccrs and trying to escape : c glare of llii'lr probing searchliBhts nnd their I bullets. Hover, who had been Inseparable Iron) (lie 4»-ycnr-old fanner for years, spotted Edwins In the ditch where the scnrchlt|?hl s (ailed I3arkln t - excitedly, the dog streaked for the gully muicr a ruin of bullets. "We kep! spotlights on the dlk-h " Sheriff GeoiRe Reed .said, "nnd the (log run back and forth on the bank. We figured he was trying to keen close !o Edwins, so we fired where (he dofj was." Otic bullet, wounded Edwins bove Hie heart and he was cnpturcd. Officers said he liad ber-i, looking for his wife after an argument nnd hnd shot III.? nephew and sister-in-law because he Ihougllt they were hiding her. Edwins wa.s taken to a hospital where attendants said he was not In serioiLi condition. Rover, who i vied 10 go lo his beloved mn.stcr, fared worse. One of the shots killed him before Edwins gRVC Up. Large Chlorine Plant Created in Louisiana 75 Firemen Injured In Lumber Yard Fire NASHVILLE, Term. Mar. 15.— fUpj—Fifteen firemen were Injured slightly in flBhlin R a (ire yesterday n/lernooii thnl badly riauiased a lumber yaiii and LWO residences iiiul destroyed another resilience and live private garages. Oamasje was estimated at $25,000 to SSO.OOO. A brisk breeze fanned (he fire and sent flames shooting loo feet into the air as a crowd of 1 500 watched. Fire Department ofllcial.s said the lurgc number of Injuries was because flicmen had lo advance Into the wind to fight the fire. Ed Crump Denies Attempt at Truce With Sen. Stewart MEMPHIS. Tenn., Mar. 15 (UP) -Political leader E. H. crump k>- rfiiy labeled ,s » n untruth report* unit he had made overtures for a truce with u. S. Sen. Tom ttwarl Crump, re/errlnu (o the j-enoit by Joe Hatcher, political writer lor the Nashville Tonnessean had tills to say: "I have Just returned from Hot Springs. I haven't thought about the senatorial race. 1 have never known Joe Hatcher lo write (he truth about me. No matter what (he subject Is he Wa(oher) endeavors to put me In • false position." Hatcher's article said that the overtures to Stewart were marie through authorized spokesmen. Two Men Killed in Plane Crash in Tennessee CHURCH HILL, Tenn.. March 15. (UP)—Two men are dead today as the result of n small plane crash near here Sunday. They are Henry Lee Pyne 22 Ro- gej-si<We and James Herd 24 Church Hill. Witnesses said Hie two-seated yaii craft had been doing stunt? before the crash. The flyers took "ff yesterday afternoon from Kings- mil. Sst. John Davis of the state Highway Patrol at says the plane was owned by Walter Miner of Rogeravllle and was kept at the KiiiRsport Flying Service field. Democrat* To Select Delegates NASHVILLE, Tenn., Mar. 15 _ (UP;-Tennessee Democrats today began selling up official machinery tor selecting their delegates lo the Democratic National Convention i and determining their stand or. the Southern "revolt" against President rruman and his civil right,, program. The Slate Democratic Executive' Committee wa.s to meet lale this morning to select dates lor hold- Ing county nnd Congressional district, meetings and the state convention, it lias been reported that the committee will pick a mid-April (late, probably April 15, f or the j stale convention instead of the' usual time In mid-May. Negroes Attack South's Plan For Regional Schools WASHJNGTON. March 15. (UP) —A Negro ori>ani7.ation Saturday attacked a plan for Southern re- ( Bioual colleges as an unconstitutional "prop for segregation" In i schools. The protest was made to a Senav Judiciary Subcommittee by Thur- ' good Marshall, counsel for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The subcommittee is considering a bill sponsored by 29 Southern and border slate senators to approve an interstate compact to establish regional schools. Marshall said the plan was "a prop-vial for federal action to bolster federal education, which the individual states of the South cannot afford to maintain." He .said it was not made in good faith but to Set the unwitting approval of Congress to segregation in schools He testified that the supreme court had held that White and Nc- KIO citizens must be given equal educational facilities. He said that, segregation inevitably leads to inequality. Hence, he said. Congress was being asked to aprove a practice declared unconsitutional by the supreme court. "Although tilt -proposed compact , on its face makes no mention of j either race and color segregation of the races. Congress cannot De be blind to its underlying purpose of perpetuating segregation of the races in public education," Marshall said. MONDAY, MAIiCIT 15, 1«M» First National Insurance Agency FOll COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone yyil 108 North 2nd St.' BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNEK Read Courier Neui Want Ads INSTANT RADIO SERVICE ' ALL AUK US We Specialize In F-M Latest Models of fftw • Wt'sfinghouse • Crosloy BLYTHEVILLE SALKS COMPANY 13S E. Main Fhoiie 3616 Maj.-Gen. Lewis B. llcrshcy National Director of the Office of Selective Service Records, says the system is being rcgearccl to provide "reasonable preparedness" in case of future cmcrgrn- >ies. Some regions, he an- eounced, hrve reorganized World War II draft boards LAKE CHARLES. Iji.. March 15 IUJ>)—Tlie H. K. FVl-Rlisoii conuw- ny announced yesterday that it h.i.s completed conversion of a war SUL- plus magnesium chloride plant here into one or the nation's Inrgc.-.!. chlorine nnd caustic soda plants (or the Southern Alkali Cor|»ra- lion nt a cost ol over SIO.IXM.OM. The new [aciiity will produce over 200 tons of liriuid chlorine daily, ,\s well as over 225 Ions of hiph-sradi- ciuistic .soda, the announcement slated. HARD OF HEARING YES! It's n Good Idea to Get YOUR Hcnring Aid from the World's FIRST nnd OLDEST Manufacturer of Kleotricn) Hearing Aids I aceusticon Hearing Aids Acousficon of Memphis Honjamln p. Curry 51I SI rrick iluHtllntf I ' ArniisllcoH <if .MrmphU j i All Stcrirk Hidg. I fMME | ADDRESS. ~ I ctn 1ONE STfTt —SAVE YOUR TIRESH To gel the longest Ule iron, yol.r luc*. Mo,, un,,rn «,,, b y having them changed around. Lee Motor Sale., *,u rio „ ,„ • JWy. No vvaiUn,. Ul „, chock „„ 0[ your ^ ^ ^ for satety, 5ake . Wc can .save } m,r life ,.« Wo save vomit res. 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Representatives of the Czech na- nallzed Industries came lo the S. to place orders for new equip- tit. The v made some dmls The echs needed dollar., , p nv f or s equipment. They tried to ^'t le of their luxury export items on the American market to e Uiem the needed exclianjje. In- tlon Ifandicapiwd both countries From the end of the war to the 1 of 1947, Czech exports to (lie S. have amounted to S48.000.000. S. export,? lo Czechoslovak^ minted to another M3.000.000. deeds Got Surplus War r«oorfs nn Credit Jzcchoslovafcia also got $11,500, ECKER AT YOUR SERVICE HELTON •OR ! t r'est Ash St. COMPANY Phone 4438 I'honps: Day 1(>77 2<)8B FARM (J| LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. .!. CALL. WHITE OK StS .. WORTHINGTON »'S S. Third St., Blylheville. Ark, Serving This S-rlinn ?.-, Ve; <r s Aniboritea f,lar llln ,. ,.„„„ s«IMtm-'t»r THK KUDGNTIAL INSURANCE COMITY OK ASIKRICA IF YOU SUFFER WITH DIABETES Try this natural aid-. 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