Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 14, 1940 · Page 40
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 40

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 14, 1940
Page 40
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BUILDING DEVELOPMENT &ak1anb2&3rrUf une NO. 14 f VOL CXXXH- 10-D OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY. JANUARY 14, 1940 AERIAL VIEW SHOWS GREAT OUTER HARBOR GROWTH Heraty to Build One Hundred Homes A MELROSE HIGHLANDS PLAN j sis ' r 'Kf'?-,'v4 ft'::'i ?'v"t 4-'' "'' "i''-Pr"''' '' ' '' '4 IS '' ' - ,..v.,feavl.fe.w,...-o ....-.v.,- Important Improvement project! In the Oakland port area were carried out during 1939 under direction of the Board of Port Commissioner!. A. H. Abel, port manager and chief engineer. In a report for the year states that the Improvements totaled more than $564,009 In cost. Marked with arrow, Is the up-to-date plant of Rosenberg Bros., largest packers of dried fruit and operating throughout the world. The activities of Rosenberg Bros, -extend to all fruit-producing districts of California. When in full operation, the local plant gives employment to approximately eight hundred Bay region residents. Rosenberg Bros, recently added a new almond shelling division to their plant at Oakland Outer Harboi. ? 1 ATLAS for Economical j ,, Heating Comfort V : nV!ATUIl1n Hl S4M ,Pay j UWt tater ATLAS J HEATING CO. i 1431 82nd St (J Osklsnd Mi j; TWlnoalu j 1343 Ji tw yiwimmnniii 564,000 Improvements to Port Facilities Made During 1939 Widespread Improvement project totaling morw than $504,000 in cost were carried out by the Board of Port Commissioners in the Oakland port area during the year just closed, It was revealed in summary released yesterday by A. H. Abel, port manager and chief engineer. Cooperating with tht Port Commission in this development work, Abel reported, was the Works Project Administration which provided approximately $236,000 for harbor projects and $85,000 for Improvements at the airport, or a total of more than $321,000. During the six years that the Port Commission has sponsored Federal projects, Abel pointed out further, more than $2,-142,000 has been received from the various Governmental agencies for 0U a 2-Bed room Home for Only FHA Terms $21 A Month A home with two! spacious bedrooms . . . large living room . . . step-saving kitchen with tilo sink . . . hath . . . hardwood floors ... for only $2985 on FHA terms of $21 a month! "Impossible" you say? That's what experts told us when we first discussed these new-day homes. But we proved i it can be done . . . and today we invite you to come to . Melrose Highlands and see the results of careful planning and skillful workmanship. You'll find these new-day homes beautifully designed, ..conveniently arranged and. packed, with the eT5a values that create luxury-living in a home. You'll find them dote to schools, stores and transportation, with future valuea safeguarded by the protective restrictions in force in Melrose Highlands. Put these homes on your "must sec" list today. And remember, you can choose your own location, floorplan and decoration scheme! Direction! Drive out Hopkins St. or Foothill Blvd. Torn north at Seminary Ave. to Moun-" tain Blvd. (opposite nursery). Phil HERAT.Y 7943 Mountain Blvd. SWm two o d 6 9 2 0 Ivanlngtyf ho n -SW cetwood 5728 port area improvements. This figure excludes mriouhts received on contract projects financed through the Public Works Administration, Principal waterfront improvements of the past year were carried out in the Outer and Inner Harbors. Along the western waterfront, streets in the port area were generally Improved, miscellaneous buildings and structures were painted and port railroad trackage was rehabilitated. In the Inner Harbor, general rehabilitation work was carried out on wharves, warehouses and other structures at the foot of Webster, Clay, Frederick and Livingston Streets, and in the Ninth Avenue Brooklyn Basin area. Nineteenth Avenue was extended through from Dennison Street to Livingston Street, and the yacht harbor at the foot of Nineteenth Avenue was practically doubled in size. Existing berths were also improved, and structures painted. At the Municipal Airport the largest project undertaken during the year was the expansion .of the Administration Building, which was more than doubled in size to provide adequate office space for the various aviation agencies located there. The runway system was also extended and improved, Abel said. The Board of Port Commissioners consists of: James J. McElroy, president; Eugene W. Roland, Dr. George C. Pardee, Claire V. Goodwin, Edward J. Smith. Improvement Club Seats New Officers The Montclair Improvement Club recently held Its first meeting of 1940, the occasion being celebrated vith a dinner, held In honor of Paul Pause, retiring president, and C. C. Cook, incoming president. Pause has been president of the club for three years and during his tenure of office the membership of the club has increased substantially. Important progress recorded under Pause's leadership Includes the new park on Moraga and Medea; the crystalizing of plans for the new super-highway, and increased transportation, scheduled to start In the next few weeks. Guests of honor at the dinner were Councilman Herbert Beach and Supervisor Tom Caldecott. New officers and directors for 1940, as well as the representatives from other clubs in the Montclair-Piedmont Hills section were introduced, including R.F.D. Le Mon, and Dr. J, W. Hagan, chairman of the Le Mon Park Improvement Club. A new home-building program which will add 100-moderate-priced ences to Melrose Highlands is announced bv Phil Heraty, under whose direction the homes will be built and sold. Construction on the first unit or six homes, all of which have been sold, is already well under way. and construction is to start immediately on six more homes, which have been sold within the last few days. Although there will be slight variations in selling prices, Heraty announces that the average price will be under $3000 and that FHA terms will be approximately S!1 a month. Prices are for the complete home, Including the lot, and buyers are allowed a wide selection in sites, floorplan and decorative schemes, Heraty announced. He said: "For many years our organization has specialized in the building and marketing of moderate - prized homes. The homes we will build and sell in Melrose Highlands will offer, we believe, outstanding values in the lower cost brackets. "In Melrose Highlands we have a location that is particularly desirable, as it is close to schools, stores and transportation, and is fully restricted. The homes, themselves, are care fully planned and skillfully built. Buyers are permitted to select their own sites, floorplans and interior and exterior decorative schemes. "Each home is being sold on the long-term FHA loans, and monthly playments include interest, taxes, insurance and payment on the principal." "y!' fllTj J )m i nj ti t EaDHo U ckR i 1 p t t r ff ?OftT J CUP- I C LO m II .. m MOW the rate is INTEREST on new and modern jllOr.lES FLATS APARTMENTS in preferred areas Monthly Payments include principal and interest only WESTERN SERVICE CORPORATION 0Ufrala Mrtrw Lb Crrwonlrat METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. SAN FRANCISCO 41 Sutter DO. 6300 I OAKLAND iliM maklla HL 1M4 BUILDING PRICES ARE RIGHT-RIGHT NOWl If you doubt It, look below nil don't overlook this. These are not mere competitive houses huetled out In wholesale groups. Not by nny means. Each Is an individual HliMH built to rlKld F.H.A. Title 1 "owner occupied" requirements and to your Individual Ideas. Ile-ruu.se every care and precaution Is taken to hold down cost, we call them PLANNED ECONOMY HOMES Their cost under F.H.A. Is well below comparable rental. Seriously, can you afford to pay rent? Look: 2 bedrooms, Sl-foot. living; room, kitchen, dining: alcove, breakfast nook, bath, tfifl laundry, garage 03U I (1.08 per mo., plus Ins. & taxes. 3 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, dinette, e r T 1 c room, laundry, bath, (t3rtrt garage .4OOUU SI .06 per mo., plus In. & taxes. Building- sites available at reasonable prices In all major Bay areas. Fred E. Grut singer Licensed liuilder 4127 Broadway HUmboldt 0155 Carefnl Better WorkmsnRhtp for Mors Than IS Years! Office Open V a.m. to 0 p.m. Every Day The 'Home' and Its revolution By A. E. GOULD Gould & Kane Company (This is the 17th of a series of articles tracing the development of the "home" throughout the ages.) From 1485 on, Britain made great advances in home refinement and architecture. Henry VI founded King's College in Cambridge, and Henry VII built the beautiful chapel which enshrines his tomb in Westminster Abbey. While Henry VIII made his court the center of new learning for craftsmen, musicians I and artists, nearly 20 years of peace brought great prosperity, and A program of one hundred new homes of moderate cost In Melrose Highlands is under way by the Phil Heraty offices. One of the typical designs is shown above. The development is in the $3000 home bracket of the FHA, with monthly payments of approximately $21. The tract is lefcated on Mountain Boulevard just beyond Mills College. homes took on new beauty and refinement. Health seems to have improved a great deal, but more from change of diet, than from better sanitary conditions. The Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean periods contributed real beauty to English architecture, starting in the latter part of the 15th century, and showing progress in the following 150 years. The churches were by now well established and the Bible was read not only in the church but at home as well. The result was a new type of home in England, the "country parsonage," combining some of the best elements of the manor and the cottage. With the birth rate apparently in creasing, and the death rate de creasing, three generations were normally found in a home during the Elizabethan and Jacobean daysv The old fortified residence, orj castle, that was a necessity to the medieval baron, was now discarded or rebuilt by the Elizabethan lord or squire. British oak and stone were still the mainstay of English construct tion, although brick was now mak-i ing its appearance. It was made from local clays, slow baked witbi wood, the fumes of which beautified the glaze, resulting in 11 famous Tudor brickwork. Most of the fine homes of this period employed the use of stone of brick, IBIEWIEm ffl(D)lUJIM(B MUE&IEAHJ a Let the members of the FHA Better Housing Bureau, whose names appear here, ) help you build your new home! IIIIIIIIIXIlHIIIITIIIITTITIIttTtTTTIIITYTgTTTTT- g PAINTS AND WALLPAPERS tIIIIIIIiriIIIIIIITIlIIIIITIlITTIIItIIIIITITTtT-r "For Beauty That Endures" MORWEAR PAINTS IMPERIAL WALLPAPERS M.Priodittati feint Cb. Stores and Dealers throughout California 5-ROOM HOMES Strictly Modern $3500 Built to Order Call at our office and see display of over 300 individual plans. F.H.A. FINANCING Open Kvenlnas and Snndays .10 Venrs or l eadership PACIFICi HOMES BECHTEL CONSTRUCTION Authorized Builderi for Northern California 3810 Broadway HUmboldt 7531 FULL2Q PAINTS QUALITY PAINTS (PLUS) A GOOD PAINTER (EQUALS) SATISFACTORY RESULTS! MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY PAINT SINCE '49 MERRICKS Featuring Premier Lead and Oil Paints, and Exclusive Wallpapers 14th and Jefferson Sts., Oakland HI gate 3613 CIIXXIIIIIIIIIIIITIIIIIITTIIIIIIITIIIIITl-HTITTT ROOFING AND SIDING 8 CXXTIIIXIXXXIIIIITirilTTITIIIITTtTTTIIIIIITTTTTTT MARSHALL SHINGLE CO. 608 16TH STREET HI GATE 7123 Distributors of HAND SPLIT RESAWN SHAKES CREO-DIPT STAINED SHINGLES AND ZEPHYR SIDEWALL SHAKES Recommends the Following State Licensed Applicators: Steiner Bros. Roofing Co. 1101 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland TR inidad 2868 Yosemite Roofing Company 3700 Creenacre Road, Oakland AN dover 2624 Frank Primrose 2907 Grove Street, Oakland TE mplebar 8867 W. L. Ridout and Sons 642 Pacific Avenue, Alameda ALameda 6844 llIIIIIIIIXIIITTXITTtTtTTTTTTTTTTTTHIIIlIIlXn TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTtirilTIIIIIXXXXXXXXXXXIIXTIXIirrrl jj HARDWARE AND FIXTURES f , rr t 1 1 t 1 1 rrrxnrxxxxxxxx xxxxxx x x inrrxxxrxxizxixxxj SHE Oakland Builders Hardware Lighting Tortures . Sherwin-Williams Paint Berkeley ILSfllOMl 800 TO 824 BROADWAY, OAKLAND Build and .Modernize Now with PABCO Roofing, Shingles, Paints, Linoleum, Building Materials Foot of Powell OLympic 8400 IXXXXXXXXXIITIItIIIlIlTTTlIIXmTTTIlIIllXXXXXX3 rimHiTmTHiiTmimiMHiiHin'""" 3 FLOORING CONTRACTORS g TTTTITTTTIIllITHtHlllITlllIlllIXXXXXXXU PAUL SAMPSON FLOORS LAID AND FINISHED OLD FLOORS SANDED AND REFINISHED LICENSED APPLICATOR OF "DURA-SEAL." A LIFETIME FINISH ANdoverl348 2615 HOPKINS ST. CLencourt 1174 riiiiimmiiiT"mMnimillliiimii" PAYNE & CRAWFORD Specialists in T) Linoleum, Border and Cement Work Venetian Blinds, Shades, : Curtain Rods 813 East 14th Street Estimates Given Oakland CLencourt 8891 THE RIGNEY TILE CO. ' Tile and Linoleum Office and Showrooms 3012 Harrison Street 0ak,?n(l Established Over 50 Years eating. Sheet Metal, Ventilating UXIXXXXXXXIIIIirTITIITTTTTTTTTTTTTITTIIXXXIlXXTX: IDEAL HEATING CO. SHEET METAL WORK VENTILATING FURNACES F. C. BUSHELL 5673 SAN PABLO AVENUE HUmboldt 7234 Oakland, Calif. ) HOME FINANCING PrTTTT,.ITTIII'""M"UUll,, I -Towle-Willouqhby Corp. CONSTRUCTION LOANS REFINANCING LOANS V, CA rf ield 3634 TE mplebar 4825 FHA LOANS 600 Mills Building, San Francisco 372 17th Street, Oakland

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