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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 1

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 1

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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WEATHER MM tome PikiaABWA OAKLAND AND 'VICINITY-. Fair and mild tonight and Tuesday; light variable wind. CHBOT TEMTEBATUBII Maximum 2Mlnlmum BAINFAIX Lut 34 houra I.J8 Seum l.KUut ur 1J4 CLU WmUct Brt Fm St, cn TIAM LLVI I IU EXCLUSIVE ASSOCIATED PRESS IKE PHOTO UNITED RESS 70LCXXDC NO. 130 5c DAILY OAKLAND, CALIFORNIAr MONDAY NOVEMBER 7. 1938 10c 36 PAGES $30 Pension; Ship Blasf Here Is Ruled Murder Plot LEADER MOURNED .1 Protest to F.R Downey Backs Supervisor Hamilton Is Mourned U.S.

Arnjing To Defend Latin America Democrats Wire Flags at Half Staff Over County Today; Rites Tomorrow District Attorney Says Only Miracle Saved Many Lives CALIFORNIA FACES CRISIS TOMORROW G.O.P. Raps Politics in G.O.P. Gains In Congress May Reach 86 By the Associated Press Picture on Page 19 Flags were at half mast over Alameda County today in tribute to William J. Hamilton, member of The blast which sent the Nazi Editorial- steamer Vancouver aground In the 1 V' 1 A crisis faces California tomorrow. Voters, irrespectivi Estuary Thursday was "a muraer-nn Bttpmnt" to sink the vessel in the Board of Supervisors for 21 years and its chairman for 18 years.

Hamilton, 63, died early yester Relief Work Other political newi en Fifes IS 14, IS and 16. By WESLEY E. BOBBINS the deep waters of the Bay, with Candidates for office wound up their campaigns today while casting State Department Aid Warns World Against Aggression WASHINGTON, Nov, (U.F9 The United States speeded its rearmament program today to assure this country, or any country in th Western Hemisphere, protection. In a radio address last night to Latin-America, rebroadcast in the United States, Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles reaffirmed th principles of the Monroe Doctrine In effect, served notice on the world that the United States' defense program was preparation to preserve, if necessary, the New World Nations "from any threat of attack." In recent weeks State Department officials have contended that this of party, are charged with the responsibility determining whether the government of the State shall be turned over to a group of extreme radicals led by the same men and consequent heavy loss oi nie. Thl statement was made this an axious eye at weather reports.

day at an Oakland hospital where he had been a patient for two Party workers, taking over the afternoon bv District Attorney Earl Sheridan Downey, open praise of fv yriTn sUanr wore Warren as the criorled vessel was weeks. vital task of getting out the vote, aimed at a turnout of 40,000,000 men and women voters tomorrow, to es towed to the Grove Street Pier to the $30 Thursday pension unsuccessful in' a similar drive. Culbert Olson was the County official, and members of the Order of Moose, in which Ham start discharging water cargo. tablish an off-year record. Accumulating forecasts of disagreeable ilton was the highest ranking mem' Declaring that "it would be diffi weather, however, made that pre ij male Ui.

LI lull mv-iaii. nicy nun auvcuivc a new fiuuvau orl-. evenmore radical, the Thirty-Thursday scheme, which has marked the windup of California. made California the butt of National ridicule, and which ber In the State, will pay final honor to their associate tonight and diction shaky. cult to conceive a more dastardly attempt upon human life," Warren called on all persons, who might William Hamilton, longtime chairman, of th Ala mda County Board of Supervisor, died ysterday.

Almost all the Nation was wet tomorrow. with snow or rain today, and, except Afterwerk. destrov the present old-age pension system "Ham and Eggs" acheme which he I and threaten financial ruin to the State. The menacing pro- have valuable information to communicate with The Moose ritual for the dead will be given at 8:30 o'clock tonight at lor areas, the prediction was for cloudy or worse weather to made the basis or ms primary eiec- an(j radical candidates must be defeated, BLAST ON OUTSIDE i morrow. JJXEtSSLvK hu mass Most conspicuous and vociferous in backing thts group are the Chapel of the Oaks, 3007 Tele.

As he prepared to go aboard this country's foreign policy for the immediate future would deal primarily with increasing cooperation among the republics of North and South Amid the valedictories which graph Avenue, by members of Oak meeting of pensioner, in the. Holly- Harry Bridges, Tom Mooney, the U.I.O. extremists, and tne wood Bowl and gave It his last min- California organ of the Communists, The People's World. afternoon for a further examination, the district attorney issued a formal statement telling of pre ended months of political turbulence, the belief, prevailed In both land Lodge No. 324 of the Moose.

America. A half hour earlier a rosary will ute open endorsement Leading Democratic consistent supporters of Presi- major parties that Republicans would make congressional gains for be said. WELLES WARNS That policy coincides with th -til Z- ta tot Roosevelt, like the Sacramento see ana tne can j-ran- liminary probe findings and theories which were being developed by authorities. Tomorrow morning a requiem the first time since 1928. ance and the opportunity for youth, cisco News, have repudiated Olson and others of the trio naval building program underway.

G.O.P. PROGRESS SEEN The statement said: "The Vancouver sank as the result mass will be said at 9:30 o'clock at St. Joseph's Church in Alameda. The cortege will leave the Chapel of the Oaks at 9 a.m. Interment will be lor new nope particularly, iur WuD nave XinKea ineir lunuiica uic piracui loiuaigu, retired citizens of America will be I greater air equipment and reopening of long disused armament plant.

Not even the most optimistic Re U.S. Dissolves N.J. Gag Rule Federal Injunction Holts Campaign to Ban Street Meetings NEWARK, N. Nov. 7.

P) of an explosion occurring on the outside of the shin immediately ana navai yaras. in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. SSI-S'tiWl fia, view the present situation with the same alarm and wdience. misgivings, and unless all signs fail, will again join defeat- Welles' address was one of th publicans, however, hoped to overturn the huge Democratic majorities in Senate and House. Their avowed goal was to cut them down as much is possible.

They forecast BORN IN CHICAGO opposite the engine room and approximately eight feet below the waterline on the starboard aide. It regular weekly series of inter-Americant broadcasts designed to A native of Chicago, where he counteract German. Italian and was a terrmc lexpiosion, tearing was born in 1873, Hamilton came west at an early ge and engaged Japanese propaganda similarly dis PKOTEST BENT FJt. ing the candidates masqueraaing unaer tne party uues. Downey, last-minute attempt to During the past few days there has been an acknowl-toiidify the pension vote drew im- edged drift toward Governor Merriam, Franklin and Ban-mediate fire from a large group of croft, reflected in the latest State-wide polls and shifting conservative Democrats ana resunea Democratic losses of a half dozen or more Senate seats and of 75 or 80 in the House.

seminated in South America. hole approximately five feet square in the side of the ship. The flood into the engine room was great Welles warned that the United Democratic Chairman James A. that the men who were working Farley called such a prediction ab States does not expect world peace to continue if maintained on the present basis, Federal Judge William Clark putting into effect his decision upholding the right of the C.I.O. and allied organizations to function in in a telegram being sent to President celling oaas.

Rooseyeit protesting "against your Governor Frank F. Merriam is a man of high character, being put in the position of endors- whose honesty is unquestioned. He has made a good record, ing a man who is filling to jeopard- navin balanced the budget while other commonwealths are the future of our; Stat. nd is entitled to re-election. This will the doctrine of hatred 1.

there were barely able to escape with- their lives, The ship sank so quickly that the crew scarcely had time to turn out of the narrow channel into shallow water and drop the anchors. threatening civilization," he said. 'How can there be peace in the surd, although he said it "would be idle to deny" some Democratic House members would lose. Most prominent Democrats figure the House turnover at 25 to 50, and concede two or three senators and as many, governors to the opposition. make vote.

for SRUroa continuation of stable. State government. William ACCIDENT DISCOUNTED himself." Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, alarmed over the coalition between Olson and the C.I.O., has Jersey City signed an injunction today granting them the privilege of holding meetings in the streets as long as others are allowed to do so. The injunction--finale of a 10-month-old suit against Mayor Frank Hague and fellow officials arising out of Hague's self-styled "war on reds and radicals" and the jailing of 13 C.I.O. organizers IrWwhat he in the millinery business in San Francisco until 1906, when he moved to Alameda.

In Metropolitan Oakland Hamilton had a rapid rise to prominence in civic, fraternal and business affairs. He was president of the now defunct Securities Investment of Oakland. Appointed to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in. 1917 by Governor W. D.

Stephens, Hamilton served continuously on the board since that date, and had been chairman since 1922. He was president of the Alameda Social Service Board from 1921 to 1933. i' Hamilton was secretary of Oakland Lodge No. 324, Loyal Order of Moose, since installation of the charter tn October 27, 1910, and was a member of the Supreme Council "This Dhysical evidence so far as Altogether the voter, in 47 States world if the reign of law is to be replaced by the recurrent sancti-fication of sheer force; if National policies adopt as a deliberate instrument the dispersion all over the world of millions of. helpless and persecuted wanderers with no place to lay their heads; if men and inom J.u AnvcoA Rrtuernnn Morr m.

-l 1 UrtlAnA will choose 35 senators 432 represen lUViSClf UUUliblT we have been able to view it under difficult circumstances, all points to outside explosion. There is rhh io CarriUo. PhUip ynr Uputenant covernor. Dr. Walter5cott Franklin, tatives, 32 governors and host of State and Maine voted in- September, re-electing its no, available evidence consistent J.

ray, Henry R. Wiiiiar, Thomas retired professional man of ability and character, is opposed M. Jarbqe, -Albert Eleanor Ellis Patterson, whose' legislative record disclose BUCh witn an acciaent ana we -r pro women-are not free to think their own thoughts, to express their own Sannmg McFanana, a aw ri menace to l.nvasion'Vdio not, -however, establish the absolute right of any one to use the public streets for meetings. ceeding" tt "the theory" that It was a murderous attempt to the Republican uovernor and three Republican NEW DEAL AT STAKE Kern, State treasurer oi cAuiciuc iuu.wm feelings, to worship God?" cratic National tommiiwe, tne Dtate. LAUDS CONFERENCE division.

ship in the deep water. Of San rran- cisco In the noisy and colorful National It forbade the State Democratic In the United States senatorship contest, Downey, who captured the Democratic nomination, utilized He paid tribute to the "good If the explosion had occurred neighbor" policy, emphasized the ENDORSEMENT Hit. "We feel that your announced P-i nt Sheridan Downey for Campaign, both Jlde. have acknowledged the New Deal to be the principal issue an Issue, on which the 10 minutes later, the ship would leader and his co-defendants from refusing to grant the plaintiffs permits for meetings in the streets and ot the Moose, and ex-officio director of the National home of the order the Thirty-Thursday scheme as nis paramount issue, ana nas oat dared to repudiate the group upon whose shoulders he senator is giving hundreds of thou- have sunk in the vicinity of the Bay near Goat Island, and according to the experts, so quickly votr. the impression tht rode to obtain his primary victory, rour years agg iu Democratic party rolled up ever-increasing victories In the last three, elections.

you are not against the Downey- on the EPIC ticket Tomorrow it may be some other craclc nonord Ham and Egg. pension 4 at Mooseheart, 111. MEMBER OF ELKS In addition Hamilton was a member of Alameda Lodge of Elks, No. 1015, and of Alameda Council No. John L.

Lewis, declaring that that it would have been impossible to lower the Ufa boat. "Had it occurred there, there would have been a serious loss of labor stands firm in suDnort of the New Deal social legislation," ex other public places "unless and until the defendants adopt and enforce the- deliberate policy of forbidding meetings of any kind on any of the public streets. The C.I.O, American Civil Liberties Union and co-plaintiffs were granted the right to use the public parks for meetings in Judge Clark's decision of October 27, which also gave them freedom plan. and. that VJJJl Philip Bancroft of the neighboring county of Contra bdngTro CosteX Republican nominee or senator, is supported by economic chaos should such a fan members of his party, Progressives led by Senator Hiram pressed the argument of Roosevelt supporter, when he said last night: "Tomorrows election decides 1658 of the Knights of Columbus.

He is survived by a son, Richard W. Hamilton, of Alameda; a daughter, Mrs. Charlotte Weger, of Alameda; four grandchildren, Richard W. Hamilton Mrs. Helen Morrow, of Oakland, and Joanne and Carol Weger, and by two sisters, whether the substantial social gains written on the law books in the past life, not only among the 78 crew members, but also among the men, women and Children who were on board as passengers.

1 DASTARDLY ATTEMPT' "It would be difficult to conceive a more dastardly attempt upon human life and every good citizen "outstanding importance" of the inter-American conference to be held at Lima, Peru, December 9, and praised the trend toward increased cooperation among the New World democracies. He warned other Nations that: "As a Nation we will assure observers that we are in a "position to defend ourselves from all aggression, from whatever source it may arise, and to be prepared to join with our fellow democracies of the New World in preserving the Western Hemisphere safe from any threat of attack." "But the Nations of the world can do-- still more," Welles declared, 'Hhey can guard and maintain inviolate the freedom of men's souls and intellects by the preservation and strengthening of the spirit ot tolerance and the Democratic institution, which are instinct in the Continued Page CoL I six year, are to remain and be ex from "deportation" by the police! tended. LEGISLATION PERILED' Mrs. Ruth Campbell, of Sacramento, and allowed them the right to distribute leaflets on the streets and carry placards. These rulings were given legal effect in the injunction.

unworKawe uiopian Johnson, and many independent uemocrats wno resent me S4J be dopt-J'y TuM- seizure 0f their party by extremists and opportunists. 'protest ISaTamst yourbe- A vote tfor Merriam, Franklin, Bancroft and the two Ing put in the position of endorsing congressi6nal representatives from this county, Carter and a man who is willing to jeopardize whose candidacies are discussed on today's editorial the future of our State and pMpi- Issures the maintenance of sane, stable and economical 25MdE AS JSStaCtStUta and the re- stablishment in Wash-and against our loyalty to the infjton of the constitutional concept of National Government Democratic party being questioned thg maintenance of the independence of the executive, because of our inability to sponsor ti and judicial branches which our forefathers so such a candidate. i -4 "Underlying the campaign fanfare who has any information that might and Mrs. Esther Evans, of Oakland. is the fate of such New Deal meas- lead to the solution of tne crime His home was at, 3025 Gibbons Contlnned Page 14, Col.

1 Continued Page 2, Col, 1 Drive, Alameda. PALLBEARERS NAMED Active pallbearers for the rites Russian Prince Dies NEW YORK, Nov. 7fV-Prince George of Russia, 35, son of -the late Grand Duke Constantin, Russian poet, died today after a two months' illness. Royal Kin to Visit The attempted regimentauon oi wisely pioiuicu. HfatH in the present campaign Five Hurt in Crash ay Mean Family Reconciliation wa.

bitterly assailed by Harold Pomeroy, State relief administrator, who said in a Los Angeles address he "would not have the effrontery to try to tell the needy how to vote." He rtrongljfc defended Governor Of Bus in Utah itIGHAM CITY, Utah, Nov. 7. F.R. Sends Wishes To Soviet Chief WASHINGTON, Nov. 1.

UP) President Roosevelt sent a message of good wishes today to President Michail Kalinin of the Ail-Union Central Executive Committee of the Soviet Union, on the anniversary tomorrow will be George A. Jans-sen, Thomas E. Caldecott, Clifford Wixson, and George P. Hellwig, members of the Board of Supervisors, Daniel C. Reed, treasurer of the Oakland Moose Lodge, and A.

J. Donovan, deputy county assessor and past dictator ot the Moose Lodge. Honorary pallbearers will be: District Attorney Earl Warren, County Surveyor Burnett Hamilton, Chief Assistant District Attorney Ralph E. Hoyt, James C. Holland, chief clerk of the Board of Supervisors; County Clerk G.

E. Wade, Sheriff M. B. Driver, County Tax Collector Edward T. Planer, County and break their Journey In the LONDON, Nov.

7. The pos -Five person, were reported re- Polish Refugee Shoots Nazi Embassy Aid as Vengeance French capital. sibility of a reconciliation between the Duke and Duchess of Windsor "It is probable that they will make this visit the occasion of a meeting with the Duke and Duchess of and the British Royal family was seen today in the assertion In well- ef the creation oi tne soviet union. The telegram said: PARIS, Nov. 7.

P) A young "Uron this National anniversary, were the fact, behind an Bddress of covering today from injurle. uf-Harry Hopkins, WPA administrator fered last night when a Union Pa-last Wednesday. cific bus a parked truck and "Hopkins Jit unmindful of the Hh vere truth whenhe classe. the present north Governor of California as one whose The Injured included Ernest John-mind ia closed to the ever moving son, 50, Butte, A. B.

Jager, social reforms necessary In our j7( Woodland, Earl Reno, 25, economic system," Pomeroy said. Snyderi Coi0 Manda Reno, on Untied Page 14. CoL I 87, Snyder. nlease accent mv felicitations and Windsor," this informant said. If the meeting occurs, it will be the first between the former King and any member of his family sihee his sister, the Princes.

Royal, and her husband, the Earl of Harewood, visited him in Vienna February 7, sincere good wisnes lor tne weir informed circles' that the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester probably would see the Windsors in Paris Friday. The former King Edward VHI and his American-born wife are being of the people or your coun Treasurer Roger Coit, County Recorder G. W. Bacon, County Auditor ter Horace P. Ross, County Superin (More en ra-e I) 1937.

a Herschel Grynszpan, 17. formerly cf Hanover, Germany, was captured by embassy attaches after a brief scuffle and handed over to the French police. The embassy spokesman charged that the youth was "excited by Jews in France." One bullet entered Rath's right shoulder, the Other the left part of the abdomen. The youth carried a Polish although born in Hanover, t.n embassy said. tendent of Schools Edgar E.

Muller, Coroner Grant D. Miller. County Polish Jew, declaring he had come to avenge hi. countrymen who have been expelled from Germany, today shot and gravely wounded a secretary of the German embassy. The Ernst von Rath, .12, nephew ot the late Roland Koester, former German ambassador to France, was taken to a hospital where he underwent an operation for removal ot bullets from his abdomen and one shoulder.

The assailant, who gave his name That was nearly two months after hi. abdication and four month, be staying in a Paris hotel while a new Paris home is being prepared for them. fore his marriace at Monts. France. THE TRIBUNE RECOMMENDS CANDIDATES Assessor Louis J.

Kennedy, and Superior Judges T. W. Harris, Lincoln S. Church, James G. Qulnn, Edward to the former Wallia Warfield The Duk of Gloucester, the ex- Simnson.

Kins', second younger brother, and Word of the possible meeting in J. Tyrrell, John D. Murphey, Frank Continaed Page CoL 18th District Congr, Sixth District Governor hi. wife are returning from an East African hunting trip. They will fly from Marseille to Paris on Novem Paris led to speculation In London JAMES K.

PHILLIPS as to whether it might be a prelude FRAN! F. MERRIAM ALBERT E. CARTER to the Windsors return to England. ber 11. an informed source said.

19th District TODAY IN THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE Lieutenant Governor Conor, Seventh District GARDINER JOHNSON G.O.P. NATIONAL CHAIRMAN CHARLES WADE SNOOK WALTER SCOTT FRANHJN SUPREME COURT TRIBUNE TO FLASH ELECTION NEWS BY RADIO AND SCREEN Stat Senator Secretary of Stat Chief Justic ARTHUR H. BREED JR. FRANX JORDAN WILLIAM H. WASTE HAMILTON "They (Republican congressmen) will fight to bring about a sound and lasting revival of American industry and business because only by this means can farmer get fair price, for their crops, worker job.

at living wage and consumers a better standard of living." Page Stat Controller Associate Justic First minute election news, com ASSEMBLYMEN 13tli District HARRY B. RILEY WILLIAM H. LANGDON mencing with the close of the vot-inc at 7 pjn will, be flashed to residents of Oakland and the Bay area by radio and creeq bulle CALVERT BOWLES Associate Justic DISTRICT ATTORNEY EARL Stat Trasurt JESSE W. CURTIS WHERE TO FIND IT Subject Page Amusements and Plays 25 Qcissmed Advertising 32-Comic Strips 20 Crossword Puzzle 22 Daily Knave Column. .21 Editorials and 36 Editorial Features 21 Financial and Stocks 30 Geraldine Column 22 Marine Weather'; 32 Martha Lee's Cocking 22 Radio Schedules 23 Society Cubs 12 Sports and Sportsmen 25 Theclers: Wood 25 Vital Statistics 35 GEORGE E.

SOKOLSKY. "Trouble Seen Ahead of Japan in "Governments do not govern in China. If there is peace and ordr-, and if money is good and taxe? reasonable, the opposition to Jsr s-. will be less bitter. If the pe suffer too much they will the Japanese rule." First 1-1 -xine Pag.

'SUMNER WELLES. Under tary of State "We will assure ourselw are in position to ourselves from all whatever source it Page georci tary fer.eml of the "Nothing can Tr irfre r' Acttve cr is rf-'y-nry 1 tr.d f.t: cf WARREN, after investigating explosion on German ship Van tin, tomorrow night through the service of the Oakland Tribune. CHARLES C. JOHNSON 14th District GEORGE P. MILLER couver A staff of more than hundred Associate Justic FREDERICK W.

HOUSER Attorney General EARL WARREN The Tribune's radio station KLX will broadcast these bulletin election returns as fast as they art received, commencing at 7 p.m. and continuing until the result of the election have become certain, Augmenting the radio service. large screen will be installed on Franklin Street between 12th and 13th Street for the benefit of those wb wish to Join the election throngs downtown. Bulletin return, of the various local and Stat contests, including results of the snost important Of the 25 propositions appearing oa the balk tomarrew. will be threw on the creen as fast at they are received in The Tribune' central office.

Tribune employee will -relay information from the voting booth, and from the nerve centers of the election system direct to the Tribune 15lh District BERNARD SHERIDAN 13 1ST. COURT OF APPEALS "There Is no available evidence consistent with an accident and we are proceeding on the theory that it was murderous attempt to sink the in the deep water of San Francisco Bay." Page CARDINAL FAULHABIR of The Associated Pres win furnish Associate Justice) instant new of tb election re 26th District ARTHUR W. CARLSON Board ef EquallzaQea (J rRED E. STEWART BBBBBBBBaBeBBBBBBBBBBBB UnSd State Saat PRUJ? BANCROFT turn, from every section of tb State, and will also- suppl? returns from the election held in ether Germany LOUIS H. WARD (The Trfbrae'l iM.ewest4Mne ba.Il vrepeaal will ke fend Pag 114 17th District State simultaneously with the gen "Your personal righU mu oe defended at all cost." Page S.

HENRY P. MEERAN eral election ia California. PPM A ORROW POLLS VOTE TOM.

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