Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 24, 1940 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1940
Page 8
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8 B OAKLAND TRIBUNE, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1940 ICE ON WINGS BLAMED FOR BOMBER CRASH THAT KILLED 4 Two Fliers Parachute to Safety; , Squadron's 'Perfect Record' Smashed SHATTERED REMAINS OF PLANE THAT KILLED 2 OAKLAND MEN MARCH FIELD, Jan. 24. (U.R) The 191h Bombardment Squadron's perfect flying record was blemished today by the crash of an ice-burdened dual-motored bomber in Which four Army airmen were killed. Two fliers parachuted safely from the plummeting craft and dropped in the brush-covered foothills only a few miles from March Field, head quarters and destination of the hugh craft t. The squadron last year was awarded the U.S. Air Corps Daeda- Dan and Columbia Safety Trophies 'I - I ' Thurtday, Friday, Saturday Permanent WAVE IIND CURLS with Shampoo, mm mm Fingerwave and na V Haircut. IHAMPOO PlflTOEHWAVK MA1VIOIIHI0 . , . 35c HENNA PACK, WAVE. ,25 1 Com In Now Student Work BRING TIIIS All IDDANIE BEAUTY 474 12th St. ACADEMY HI gate 9474 ASTHMA -CATARRH Hay Fever, Colds Got iitf of (hut mean eonistion. Rtop tht wiHilnt. Oct breath of olnnn. frnh lr. Genuine Aratnne In the pant ten run has brouiht aulck relief to soundest sufferers Ilk yourself. You hsTt never used medicine like Your llriiKKlut ftftlla Arnlone ARATONE coveted emblems of jrecognition of many thousands of miles flying without accident. VICTIMS RECOVERED March Field oficiajs announced that bodies of all the victims had been recovered. One of them had been hurtled 150 feet down a canyon, one was thrown just clear of the ship and the other two were in the cabin. The victims: Lieut Raymond M. Sumi of Nashwauk, Minn., pilot; Lieuf. Benjamin G. Holloway of Columbus, Ohio, copilot; Sgt. Gerald D. Wilcox of Bennett, Iowa, and Private Leonard E. Riley of "Wichita Falls, Texas. Sgt. Cecil Purvis of Glennville, Ga and Private Frank Carroll of Hyde Park, Mass., leaped from the ship at'a' "bail out" order from Pilot Sumi, Army officers said. The fliers told field officers that the plane had gone into a spin. TWO LEAP Purvis and Carroll made the leap, but their companions apparently were unable to get back -from the nose of the plane, the exit of the ship being in the rear. A heavy coating of Ice on the wings of the,, craft caused it to crash two miles northeast of Riverside, March Field officials believed. The plane was flying to March Field from Monterey, scene of joint Army-Navy maneuvers. Four Killed, Two Saved As Plane Falls in River BUENOS AIRES, Jan. 24.-(P)-Four crew members were lost and two saved today after a Sikorsky amphibian fell into the River Platte, 25 miles south of Buenos Aires on a test flight. The two were seriously injured. , , . Girl's Screams Rout Snatcher of Purse Screams of Crystal Allen, 835 53rd Street routed a purse snatcher who leaped to the running board of her car and struck her so viciously she suffered two black eyes. Mist Allen had stopped at the i Grove Street arterial on 53rd Street at 2 a.m. when a man ran across, the street and vaulted to the running board. As he reached for her pure on the seat she screamed. The bandit, struck her several times and then fled without loot. An hour earlier, two men whom Hanford Wiley had ejected from a tavern at 4140 Telegraph Avenue for disorderly conduct returned, beat him and "took $25 from the till. Mrs. B. Melchonian Dies Suddenly Here Mrs. Barbara Melchonian, 545 Mira Vista Street, wife of George Z. Melchonian, died suddenly yesterday at. her home. She was 65 years of age. A native of Bavaria, Mrs. Melcho nian came to the United States when she was 6 years of age, and has resided in Oakland since 1904. She also is survived by three sons, Erwin F., George Z. Jr. and Aim- stead; one daughter, Mrs. Celia M. Normart, and two brothers, Fred erick Hirschman of San Lcandro and Christ Hirschman of Oakland Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow from the Chnpel of the Chimes, IS AMLE FADS Mde to Meniure to Fit Anr dhape Table SPECIAL TIIUHNIJAY, Fill DAY nn.l SATURDAY ' Si ONLY Hood Grain Pattern) Nllihtly Higher sffl-79 re i Wanhable White Top Green Back Heat and Mould Bealitlnr PHONE CLENCOURT 1174 WB CAM,, R1IOW SAMPLER AND TAKE EXACT MEASUREMENTS WITHIN HO MILES NO CHARGE ROYAL TABLE PAD CO., 608 KM II STREET miMaaKVIiMNO CAIXN II V AII'OIVI"tll''..VI' rsM v Mil w" siHjaj fa's Wet FEET? . 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PORTLAND PHOENIX . . 2.72 4.90 . 9.0016.20 . 12.55 22.60 tHitn to "Ronwnct rf the Hlehwiyi" t 10:15 A.M. Sundayi, Mutual Don Ue Network Wreckage of Bay Plane Is Probed Oakland Sportsman, Pilot Became Lost In Fog, Is Theory Inspectors for the Civil Aeronautics Authority searched through the wreckage of Paul McMtfllon s private airplane today to determine what caused the crash that killed the capitalist-sportsman and his flying companion, Paul Delaware Smith, last Sunday. Authorities presumed that Mc- Mullen became lost in the ense fogs that have blanketed the Alta-mont PaRS hills for four days and flew his plane up a blind canyon to crash into the hillside at 100 miles an hour. Meanwhile, business associates and lodge brothers of the "two Pauls" proceeded sadly with funeral arrangements, at the Albert Brown Company for Smith and Grant D. Millers for McMulIcn. Bdth men were widely known in the Bay region and the West. EN ROUTE HOME They were en route home from Boulder Cily, Nev on the last lap of a combination business-pleasure trip, when they crashed. Both men were killed instantly when the little yellow monoplane drove into .the hillside, 30 feet below the summit. Their watches were stopped at 2:l.r) p.m., leading authorities to believe that that was the time of the crash. McMullen, 55, was part owner of the Richfield Oil Building at 13th and Franklin Streets, and president of the Building Owners' and Man agers' Association. He is survived by his widow, Edna; a son, Foster, and a daughter, Phyllis. Smith, 48, is survived by a widow, Margaret; a son. Paul Jr., 16, and a daughter. Patricia, 15. He wa manager of the Insurance Building and a former president of the owners' and managers' association. Both he and McMullen belonged to the Athenian-Nile Club. BODIES DISCOVERED The bodies and the wrecked plane were discovered on the Egan Ranch, half a mile off the old Altamont Pass Road, yesterday by George Elliott, a farmer, who chanced to look up at the hill as the fog rolled away momentarily. Elliott notified another farmer, Edgar Mohr. who climbed to the scene whil..- Joseph Serpa, ranch caretaker, notified the sheriff's office. Families of both men were prostrated at word of the crash. They had refused to believe the men had crashed, preferring to think they had landed at some remote field to escape bad weather. A State-wide search was under way when the wreck was discovered. Harold R. Flaharty, secretary of the Building Owners' and Managers' Association, barely escaped death with them. He was to have made the trip to Long Beach, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Boulder City, but decided against it Wednesday evening, the night before McMullen and Smith took off. BRILLIANT FAIR IS A brilliant Exposition on Treasure isiana was prenieu-rt jor mis year today by Marshall Dill, president of the Golden Gate International Ex position, at the Fair victory luncheon of the San Francisco Advertising Club at the Palace Hotel. Citing advantages of this year Exposition, Dill said, "We have the advantage of being much farther along in construction than in the corresponding period preceding the idj!) opening, rue buildings are up and require very much less recondi- tioning.than we had anticipated. "The gardens and trees and lawns were nevermore beautiful. The ma jority of 1939 exhibitors will partici pate again in 1940, manv of them with entirely new exhibits. In shor it should be a new Exposition, on scale which will attract manv thou sands of visitors from all parts o! huge1 United States." TDill told the members of the Ad vertising Club who were present that it was their job as much or morr than any ones to see that the Expo sition was widely publicized between today and the opening on May 25. Yord Eighteen wa ited it, reports ad vertiser, when five-room cottage, yard 1036 48th Street appeared in want ads. It's rented. WASHING p machines Kepaired LARGEST SHOP IN OAKLAND PROMPT SERVICE PAUL MORRISON 278 12th Street TW inoaks 0700 TUB WASHING ktfACHHVB MAN" '!" " mm. timWS f Arson Suspect Held To Answer Charges Joseph Calonico, 73, of 1730 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, was held to answer to the Alameda County Superior Court on a charge of arson by Police Judge Chris B. Fox yesterday. Calonico is accused of setting fire to a building owned by him at 9610 East Fourteenth Street. He pleaded not guilty and was freed on $5000 bail. Enrico Forcello, of 5620 Filbert Street, San Francisco, testified during the preliminary examination that he had purchased for Calonico 15 gallons of kerosene, a mop and a quantity of roofing oil shortly before the fire broke out. Calonico was arrested by Fire Marshal Fred Carlson and Police Inspector Clarence Covill after the fire on December 30. AIJVKHTISI-'.M KV1 WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel-And You'll Jump Out ol Bed in the Morning Rarin' to Go The liver should pour out two pints i of liquid bile inio your bowels daily. If this li e is not Ilowins freely, your food may not diKest. It im ist decay in the bowels. "Is bloats up vnur stomach. You get constipated. You feci sour, sunk and the world '""it'tS''those Kood. old Carter's Little liver Pis t Krt Ult-!'c two 0f b'5 p Ama7.ini: in makim- bile flow freely. A,'k for Carter's Little Liver Ml. by name. lOf and 2.',((. Stubbornly refuse anything else. With Nationally-Advertised LASCO Brake Lining 4-Wheel GUARANTEED Job Complete labor and quality lining Any BUICK, $4 gh IE Any FORI), Of f Cfl OLDSMOBILE or tpflMO CHEVROLET or $HliUU PONTIAC car . . . I 0m etc PLYMOUTH car IV etc Expert Brake Adjustments $1 'i Official Certificates Issued TRIPP'S BRAKE SHOP 593 20th Street, Oakland CARQUINEZ BRAKE SHOP 920 Nevin St., Richmond Laher Brake & Tire Service 2324 Broadway, Oakland FREE Ill'!lkf lllKIH't'Uoil These photos show grimly what searchers found on an .Altamont Pass hill yesterday when they located the plane wreckage in which Paul L. McMullen and Paul Delaware Smith died Sunday George Elliott, farmer who first sighted the wreck, is shown standing by it in the lower picture. Tribune photos. Storm Delays Air Maneuvers 130 Planes Grounded; Only One Flics Through To March Field Army n i r maneuvers over California were delayed this morninfi because of poor XlyinR weather. Officers said that safety dictated that, the 130 planes of the GUQ First Wim; remain on th' i;round for the present, since there is no emergency that makes action necessary today instead of later. ' A battalion of soldiers, carried aloft in tlie Army's fprsl mass transportation tc.sl, was grounded at Kakersfield. Thirty-seven of the 38 pianos that took the .'iS4 men and officers up from Hamilton field yesterday mornintl landed at Bakersfiold yesterday afternoon because of heavy weather. One plane, carryinj: 10 soldiers besides its crew, wont lliroui'h to March Field, destination of the entire group. Althotmh but one piano wont through to the destination. Army officers fell the test was a succos.s. for tlie men and equipment were transported some 400 miles without difficulty. The landin,'! short of the destination was a safety measure that might not be considered in wartime, they said. Berkeley Woman, Ailing, Hangs Self BERKELEY, Jan. 24. Illness was blamed today for the suicide of Miss Soph i;i A. Godfrey, 52, who hanged herself in her home at 3148 College Avenue. Her sister. Miss Cora Godfrey discovered her body hanging in a closet. Police said the dead woman was nearly blind and partly deaf and had born mentally depressed. She and her sister had lived here for If! years, since leaving Hawaii. lnnrrspring; Mattress and ( oil for the price of one. Suvp mi to '2 duriinr our January Salpl BE EUKNITUKE CO. 5.S0 Kith St., bet. Wash. & Clay DOCTOR'S FORMULA QUICKLY RELIEVES ITCHING, BURNING OF Tribute Paid to Wallace Alexander j Tribute was paid the late Wallace ' M. Alexander at the annual dinnor' of the Japan Society in San Fran- Cisco last night. Alexander, Piedmont capitalist, was the society's president for 10 years before his recent death. Those who praised Alexander's life and work included Dr. Kay Lyman Wilbur, president of Stanford j University; General David Prescott1 Harrows, former president of the University of California; Mrs. Leonora Wood Armsby and Consul General Toshito Satow. 20 YRS. CONTINUOUS SUCCESS! If hire, lefts, iirms or hands are covered vh h red, sraly Kczemii forsppedy relief from Iho terrible itching and burning use powerfully soothing, liquid Zemo. This famous prescription brings quick rt4it'f from even intense itching because it contains TO different, speedy-acting, cfTirtive mpdicants long valued for helping nature to heal pimples, acne, eczema unci ringworm symptoms and similar annoying surface skin irritations. Stain-lc.-M. invisible 35, 60r-, $1. One trial convinces! Heal severe eases may need ifl.'Ja KXTRA strength. All drugstores. nnn1 mm? 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