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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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HETRIBUNE nritVFPY crpvtrc ic riiiDAkrrrrft titUd.1l TREASURE ISLAND TOWER 11 If your Tribune does nor arrive, phone TEmplebir 6000 before 7:45 p. m. (Sunday, Paper wiii be tent at once. EXCLUSIVE ASSOCIATED PklSS WlfcEPHOTO UNITED PRESS VOL CXXLX OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1938 13 'NO. 128 AND COURT 1939 EXPOSITION DENIES CHARGES WAIT CHANCE TO INSPECT BLAST-CRIPPLED NAZI SHIP Woman Held By JACK BURROUGHS v.

-wjO The works of Beethoven, Bizet, Schubert, Rachmaninoff and many other celebrated composers have it 's 1 On Divorce Mill Charge Alcatraz Trial Is in Recess For 4 Days Testimony to Resume Wednesday; Guard Tells of Battle eeen drawn upon for the program to be presented at the first pre-ex- posion concert to be held on TreaS' ure Island tomorrow at 2 p.m. The massed chorus of 300 voices to be heard at that time will represent the Former Cleric of Butte County Colled Mail Order 'Judge' OROVH.LE, Nov. 5. (U.B A iAiT-day recess in the murder following musical organizations: Oakland Orpheus, Maynard Jones, director; the Loring Club of San Francisco, Paul Fadden Ralston, director; Orpheon Club of Burl-ingame, Olive Golden, director; Olympic Club of San Francisco, Henry L. Perry, director; Kiwanls Club of Sahrrrancisco, Howard Mil-holland, director.

Charles Kullman, Metropolitan tenor, will be the tured soloist The program In detail follows: PART I Br the Combined Choruses 1. Worship of God in Nature. Paul Padden Ralston, Director 4 1 'v SO mim trial of two Alcatraz Island con number of Butte County residents wondered today about the legality of their divorces as details of an asserted "fake divorce racket" were victs began today after the "inside story" of last May's escape attempt was detailed by a prison guard. revealed. Mrs.

Clara Osborn, former county clerk, was indicted at a special ses The Interval will be passed In sion of the Grand Jury on two counts "altering and falsifying pub the County Jail in San Francisco brief change from the routine of lic records and forging and coun wirf "-v x. A t. Hymn to Night Beethoven Howard Milholland. Director I. a.

Flower Song from b. Border Ballad Cowen the Federal Prison for incorrigibles terfeiting in order to defraud a Xs complainant. Mrs. Osborn was ar -by Janres C. Lucas and Rufus Mr.

Kullman AccomDanist. Benjamin Moore Franklin, on trial for their lives on 4. Glory Cadman rested at a neighbor's home and was held in the County Jail, unable ney Earl Warren and Captain E. W. Moessinger, skipper ol the crippled vessel.

(Story on Page 1.) Tribune photo. a charge of the hammer slaying of A pause in the probe of the S.S. Vancouver explosion gave an opportunity to watch salvage operations to (left to right) Chief Assistant District Attorney Ralph Hoyt, District Attor- to raise $2000 bail. Henry JU Ferry, Director I. Sylvia Speaki Olive Golden, Director t.

Omnipotence Schubert Guard Royal C. Cline. The charges were based on testi The jurors were free to go about mony before the jury that Mrs. Tenor Solo. Mr.

Kullman Mynard Jones, Director PART Osborn acted as attorney, county their usual business, carrying in BiT11 Miss Harriett Hamilton, 29, former Oakland woman who branded charge In a $150,000 alienation of affections suit, filed against her In Los Angeles, a "frame-up." Tribune photo. mind the warning of Federal Judgi clerk and Judge in a divorce conr Harold Louderback that they must plaint brought by Mrs. Maxine See 1. a. Blind Ploughman Clarke b.

Cosi Cosa Kaper and Jurmann The Orpheon Club f. a. Bedouin Song Foote not discuss any phase of the case. against her husband, Tony See. b.

On Great Lone Hills Sibelius The entire transactibn, Assistant It is not customary to lock up District Attorney P. M. Barceloux Federal juries, even In murder The Loring Club I. a. The Wind Blew Over My cases.

said, was carried on by mail from Mrs. See's residence in the State Arr. by Marshall Bartholomew b. Morning Speaks The long trial recess was taken because Saturday's court routine Sonoma Chief Loses Fugitive Suspect Escapes By Ruse From Three Officers in Cafe Kiwanis Club 4. a.

Dance My Comrades Balm Suit Is of Washington. He said the divorce complaint was there were irregularities in the record of hearing and that the Interlocutory and A Hussion Folk Song does not permit trial sessions. On Judge Louderback must sit with a three-judge court, and Tues final decree were invalid because b. Rose of the world from The Rose of Algiers" Herbert e. A Song of the Forge Harris The Olympic Club B.

a. Love Went a'rfding Bridges b. In the Silence of the Nftht RachmaViinoff day is election day. GUARD TESTIFIES the courts had known nothing about the case. Held 'Frameup' The jur6rs heard a first hand ae The asserted irregularities came c.

Lo Donna Mobile from Rlgo-letto" Verdi to light, authorities said, after an count of the escape attempt from Harold B. Stites, guard who other woman seeking a divorce wounded Franklin and killed an found the attorney she believed representing her knew nothing of Mr. Kullman (. a. The Long Road Satrln D.

John Peel Andrews Oakland Orpheus T. Prayer of Thanksgiving Kremser Combined Choruses other convict, Thomas Limerick, in the escape attempt. Former Oakland Woman Denies She Stole Affections her complaint. Under questioning by U.S. Attor Mrs.

Osborn arranged it, the woman was quoted as saying. ney Frank Hennessy, the Alcatraz guard told how hfr.emptied his .45 revolver and then used a Spring' An unpleasant surprise, In the field rifle, firing at the three oon form of a $150,000 alienation of af victs who fled the carpenter shop and climbed to the roof, hurling fections suit, greeted Miss Harriett HIGH SCHOOL GRID GAMES INJURE. pieces of iron at the guard tower SANTA ROSA, Nov. Federal Department of Justice agents were called in today to aid In hunting a fugitive whd tricked and'-es-caped from a good-natured smalltown police chief and two California highway patrolmen. The officers said the hunted man was believed to be Hulton Mosteller, 31, Colorado ex-felon, under Indictment in Grand Rapids, Mich, as fugitive from justice in a robbery case.

Chief of Police Boyd Miller of Sonoma said he and two highway officers went yesterday to a restaurant where the suspected man was working as a dishwasher waiter, under the name of Bob) Grabshaw. They told him they Hamilton, 29, Whittier, secretary when she arrived in Oakland Weather If the Weather Man provides fair weather tomorrow concert will be held In the open1 air. If it rains the program will be presented Indoors. The arrangements committee promises ample accommodations for the audience in either case. The only charge for the concert will be the regular admission fee to the expostiion site 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for children Under 12.

Motorists may drive to the island In vain, Defense Attorney Harold yesterday to visit her sister, Mrs, Faulkner tried to block this testi Jeanette ol 1830 ttign mony, on the ground that Guard Street. 7 PREP PLAYERS Cline already had been killed be Today she was laying plans low, and "what happened on thn against the charge filed in Los An roof has no part in the Prep football in Metropolitan geles County by Mrs. Marian Mathis, Faulkner has indicated he will 1. t- I 1 JLIJ bit player, who firviauu uui seven iijkii Btuuui gnu tjii.j players in hospitals today. Some rf make no attempt to deny his clients accuses Miss Hamilton or 'Having nartlcinatlon in the escane attemnt them suffered serious injuries.

Albert England, 18, Albany High stolen the of Otis 'Mathis, rid lng master, by means of a "sys btlt will Contend "that" netfher one killed Cline, and that both learned ever the Bay Bridge and park in the 80-acre parking space at the north end of the site, driving around the Island either before or after the concert. A 25-cent charge is made i Mis xX UljlT' Ai i 4' 1 yiK tematic campaign." School fullback, of 638 Cornell Avenue, went to the Albany Hospital or nis aeatn only arter iney were The Mathis couple separated last back in custody, BAR HURLED for narking. May. They have a son, Richard, suffering a possible fractured shoul der and ribs. wanted him to go with them to the police station, i-t a "But I've got a couple of customers inside I've got to serve first," said Grabshaw, "All said Chief Miller, Vwe'U wait." The officers waited outside.

Grab Ferryboats are scheduled to leave 14. The suit alleges that Miss Ham Guard Stiles told, of hearing the He was injured during the Al i 1 1 infliifnfl IMTathia riacoif fits bany-Alarheda High School contest family after 18 years of marriage, sudden smash of the glass as a shop window was broken, of seeing three adds that an "affair" between prisoners coming toward bullet shaw left by the back oany injurea in me same game the two gtm continues. proof glass tower, through; a barbed was nooen uannon, ii, Aiameaa iwofhi. womm. Chief Miller said he had recog wire barrier.

He said one hurled nized Grabshaw as Mosteller from DacKiieia ace oi loo t-acuic Avenue, tn.w Mr Mnfhi Alameda. He was taken to the an FJB.I, circular. an iron bar through the tough glass, and that he fired one warning shot I would say it was merely a speak- Jackson-Lake Hospital suffering ing acquaintance. have ridden in "The next man, Limerick, threw back injuries and then went home. some of his equestrian classes.

But piece of iron through the window. ALASKA HUNTER he said. "I fired a shot at him as for these charges they are nothing more nor less than a fremeup. arid he fell." 'I hardly know the man. I have San Francisco at 12:30 p.m., ana 1:30 p.m.

Chemicals "Chemicals are comical," iaid my jnan Thursday today. "I bought my young nephew a chemical 'aet last Christmas and I've been using it off and on ever since. The directions-bored me so I began branching out for myself, trying all sorts of combinations. You should have died laughing at some of the results I got. I developed several cocktails and when I served them to my friends and asked them if they noticed the difference, they said, no, they tasted Just like my famous Thursday Special.

"But I'm going in for this chemistry business in a big way. The Western Chemical Congress is slated lo meet on Treasure Island August He told of firing twice at Frank seen his wife once." In the Berkeley-Hayward High School John Blaney, 17, substitute center, of 2808 Delaware Street, Berkeley, was injured and taken to Berkeley General Hospital. He incurred a possible fractured skull and was held for observation. Two Richmond High School play lin, hitting him in each shoulder. Miss Hamilton has been employed (Franklin was in the prison hos DUE HERE TODAY IN DEATH RACE in Whittier for the last seven years.

She is the daughter of the late Dr. pital for some time after the escape attempt.) The witness said Franklin staggered back into the barbed Jo Hamilton. The suit was filed in the south after she loft by car to wire and collapsed. ers, Ed Spaulding, 18, an end, and Bruno Banducci, 18, a tackle, were injured in the Richmond-Piedmont game at Piedmont. Spaulding suf make the Oakland visit.

Henry L. Walther, young Chicago Stites said he shot twice at Lucas. hunter called from the Alaska wil too, but missed. He said ho tossed As pumping out of the Vancouver, so that it might be moved from where it went aground in the Estuary, continued, authorities, blocked from entering flooded holds, inspected the exterior of the ship as shown. Tribune photo.

fered a dislocated right knee; Banducci a dislocated shoulder. away his cmnty revolver and was using the rifle when other guards derness to rush to the side of his dying mother, was jdue to stop in Oakland today on'rhe last lap of his race with Walther, being ferried from Alaska swarmed to his aid. By that time Injuries incurred in the Univer Limerick was dead, Franklin hang sity-Oakland High School tilt sent 7 to 11 and I've those dates down in my datebook in invisible ing limp on the wire, and Lucas to the Alta Bates Hospital, Leroy Berkeleyans Harvest Tomatoes in Street After Truck Wreck on the Coast Guard cutter, Alexan to give him an opportunity to die? Faulkner asked. Ink so I won forget. Sherman, University High back field man of 1705 Ward Street, der Hamilton, will leave here by plane tonight and expects to be at "I don't quite follow you, Thursday," I said.

"Why the invisible "No, It was not my purpose," the Berkeley, and Joseph Leubbert, 16, his mother's bedside in Chicago to Ink?" University High guard, of 544 63rd mentioned by Stites in his testimony, was the hammer the Government contends was used to beat Clin to death. Stites said Franklin "raised up with a hammer in his hand and he was going to throw it at me or strike at me." That was when Franklin was shot "That's because I never look at morrow. Street. guard said. Stites said he did not see Lucas throw anything, and said when The mother, Mrs.

Alice- Walther, If he was attempting at the time to throw a hammer at Stites. "I shot at the nearest part of him to me," Stites testified. "I shot him In the shoulder, or in the back." The first time Franklin was shot in the back, when he was further away, Stites said "I aimed at his right shoulder just as he, whirled after throwing a piece of iron through the window at me." Sherman incurred back Injuries, Leubbert suffered hip and pelvic 65, suffering from numerous ail BERKELEY, Nov. 5. Berkeley's socialite "first night attire scrambled wildly over the Lucas was searched, nothing was Jay datebook," Thursday explained.

"Sttop interrupting while I tell you all about the chemical congress as the secretary of the arrangements injuries. cowed and quick to surrender. IRON EXHIBITED Before Faulkner began cross-examination of Stites, he objected unsuccessfully to introduction into evidence of seven pieces of iron, the alleged weapons carried by the convicts. The pieces, some of which looked as though they might be sections of a shaft, varied in length up to 10 inches. The prosecution said some were found on the roof of the building, and some came through the window of the guard found on him.

Tunnel Road in the chilly morning ments, was given a few days more of life, in which It was believed the almost impossible would be achieved In bringing to her side the son for committee, told it to me. Dances for Youngsters hours today in the vicinity of the Berkeley Tennis Club retrieving tomatoes after a truckload of them "The congress has two aims to explain chemistry's place in modern whom she cried. Yotme Walther was far from the SAN LEANDRO, Nov. 5. Alter life, and to study possibilities ol Im overturned on the pavement.

a second time in ine pbck, me witness added. Franklin was only two feet aWay from the muzzle of the rifle when the shot struck his shoulder, the guard said. HOW IT HAPPENED Faulkner asked Stites to explain nearest outpost When short wave proving and expanding chemical Chokes on Popcorn BELLINGHAM, Nov. 6. (JP) Arthur Hanson, 2, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Joseph G. Hanson, choked to death on a mouthful of popcorn today. The truck driver, Anthony H. nating as chaperones, the San Le-andro Roosevelt Dads Club and have inaugurated a series of Saturday night dances to be held Faulkner asked Stites how long Franklin had remained on the wire after being wounded, and the guard said "I don't know." "Did you leave him on the wire radio brought him news of hie mother's condition and her plea to Leon, 40 of 449 63rd Street, Oakland, was taken to the Berkeley General Hospital but refused treatment He tower.

see him again. Not introduced In evidence, but how Franklin was shot in the back process, industries hete in the West. There will be scientific and chemical exhibits, with new products, new applications of various chemical materials, machinery and scientific apparatus on display." said he lost control of his truck on the grade, and it overturned after in the Washington School Auditorium to provide supervised recreation for young people. Rollie O'Neill and his orchestra will pro caroming against three trees. TRAIN BECOMES TRAVELING U.C.

ROOTING SECTION Tdmatoes spattered the landscape vide the music. for a radius of 150 yards. The sound of the first impact awakened Mrs. I -n Janet Ellis, No. 38 Tunnel Road and INDICTED she summoned police.

r- 5 Meanwhile, neighbors converged ii on the scene In wrappers and pa Orders The little incident which occurred In the1 Court of the Flowers on Treasure Island, when Leland Cutler, exposition president, stopped in bis car and was ordered by a guard to move on, reminds me of a somewhat similar story told me by a Civil War veteran. "Orders were orders in those days," the veteran said. "One day I was guarding a shipment of ammu jamas and began gathering up to matoes. nition on a wharf when who should come along but General Grant, him self, smoking a cigar. "You'll have to throw that cigar TANKER DAMAGE SET AT $15,000 Damage surveys were made today on the oil tankers Los Angeles and Svenor, which collided In a fog outside the Golden Gate.

The General Steamship Company, agent for the Norwegian owner of the Svenor, estimated damage to the v0 4 away. Sir, I told him. The General looked kind of surprised for) a second and then says, looking me straight in the eye, By whose "Your orders, I said, and he threw his cigar Into the water." bow of the motorshin at between $10,000 and $15,000. The bow of the Los Angeles also was damaged. but no estimate of the cost of re-' I I Auto Victim Sues For $30,000 Damage Injured in a collision between a pairs was made.

Both vessels were able to com Into the Bay under their own power bus and an automobile, Ell Marenger, after their collision at noon yes terday. i W) I 1' I i The Svenor continued to its des tination, tha Southern Pacific dock in Oakland, where ft discharged creosote cargo. Tha Los Angeles, owned by tha Union Oil Company, went to Oleum to discharge the cargo it had just loaded for Seattle. Co west Street, a truck driver, filed a $30,000 suit La Superior Court yesterday against the East Bay Transit Company. Marenger all he was permanently injured in the accident between the bur operated by Daniel SL Franklin and toe auto in which re was a pescecger on October 22.

He suffered a fractured pelvis, fractured hip and injuries of the bead and body. according to the com-pi int. tics' was drawa by At-lemy Wilbur S. Pierce. The aeddeet ktrpeced at rort'rOi Vast tUraata.

injuries to crewmen were re ported from either vessel. Tbe fog bampered operations at Tha Ball County Grand. Jury indicted! Mrs. Goto Oabora, former canty drk. lor crsMTtsxCr the San Francises ManiciraJ Air perrtner eUi scree i la 0 cr port yesterday, bot left Oakland Airport crn.

Kin of IJ The trip South meant no lnterrupSca la the rocErg emi good fan of UkJ-Tn2r cl fader's who went on a facial trxLi ta 1 UrJTrIT et focierst teAry. fZsn Iii: rj or. a tx i' '7 ecborfuled r- or from fr Sa J'ran-.

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